Announcing the Winner – Six Word Wonder 2024

Six Word Wonders hardback book

The 4th Annual Six Word Wonder contest announces Bentley Brock as the overall winner, with winners in story, poem, memoir, and joke categories also revealed. A special anthology, Six Word Wonders 2024, features shortlisted entries. For a limited time, five books from the series are available for free as e-books. The contest showcases talents in writing succinct, powerful six-word narratives and will return next year for its 2025 edition.

Long list of Six Word Wonder 2022 / 23 contest entrants

Six Word Wonder 2023 Long-list

Below, you will find many of the entries to the Six Word Wonder contest. Enjoy this treasure trove of fascinating stories. The copyright still belongs to each author. You can find out more about the Six Word Wonder 2023 contest shortlist here. Note: A number of entries had to be removed for not following the … Read more