Long list of Six Word Wonder 2022 / 23 contest entrants

Below, you will find many of the entries to the Six Word Wonder contest. Enjoy this treasure trove of fascinating stories. The copyright still belongs to each author.

You can find out more about the Six Word Wonder 2023 contest shortlist here.

Note: A number of entries had to be removed for not following the entry guidelines, but I’ve included here as many as possible.

Trigger warning: This list has been filtered for obvious errors but I can’t promise you won’t find offensive material in here. If there is something you think should be removed, contact me.


. . . What? Only six words!?! How? . . . Oh!!! – Izumi J.Y. – United States
Top pots opt to stop spots – Angela Nwachuku – United States
Made in seconds and threw in centuries. – Manaswini Rina – India
Ignoring facts is what killed them. – Pat Bonner Milone – United States
It is never “out the back”. – Kathy Szaters – Australia
The baby sat, alone in darkness. – Ava Cowden – United States
Don’t Give Up Yet, There’s Hope. – Jomarie Shaine C. Macario – Philippines
“He is far”, Sunflower turned again. – Jincy P Janardhanan – India
“She Can’t Escape from Her Thoughts” – Ariane Bueno – Philippines
Lived my dream…on my bed. – Odelia Chan – Canada
Must have hope in the battle – Dragos Cojocariu – United States
Meows, scratches, hairs; Silence, tears, ashes. – Denise Athena – United States
Less twinkle, more inferno, little star – Jen Emery – United Kingdom
The animals, two by two, bickered. – Zoe Arena – United Kingdom
Zipped up, locked in, forever doomed. – Charlie Leigh – United Kingdom – England
Rhyme time, subtle, silly and sublime. – Arthur Dusoe – United States
Be with me until sun fade – Jenie Bhabes Muesco – Philippines
Can you feel that? Love hurts. – Thato Polilane – Lesotho
We bottle sunlight up for dinner. – Nel Maria – United States
My bag is full of happiness – janina grace andrade – philippines
Love so big mistaken for anger. – Stella Neville – United States
The doctor smiled and killed Dad – merlin flower – India
Stains on satin, the aisle empty. – Wil A Emerson – United States
Death, birth; opposite sides, same coin. – Omobola Osamor – United States
Henry whispered happiness into Jude’s life – Raheem Omeiza – Nigeria
Blissful ignorance always seems to shatter. – Hailey Ann – Guam
Your name alone gives me goosebumps. – Ashley Brandt – United States
There was talk of disaster imminently. – Kathryn Flannery – New Zealand
He never knew Love. Only Desire. – James Patrick Focarile – United States
Sometimes love will tarnish and rust. – Lindsay Belsky – Canada
Fear: Just drop it to run. – Malia Hopper – United States
He battled for love and lost! – Rajagopal Kaimal – India
A scream. A thump. Everything red. – Sajal Metla – Canada
From the depths, you’ll heard us. – Xiolante B – United States
stop smiling. I’m not that funny. – Matea Gebala – United States
On a Chicago summer they met. – Mojo Pepper – United States
She stored tears deep ; in dimples. – Isbah Tariq – Pakistan
Tears like raindrops; heart like glass. – Aster Rogers – United States
Fate deceived me, we are soulhates. – Rebeca Maynart – Brazil
Hope springs vulgar as a daffodil – Jen Emery – United Kingdom
When I exhale, one nostril whistles. – Steve Lodge – Singapore
She wept and hugged her mother. – Hassan Kishabi – Tanzania
Global Warming : Result of human’s act – Jerome Jay Legaspi – Philippines
Her house was not her home. – Naomi Reed – United States
In her palm, the world folds – Azrul Hafiz – Malaysia
The grass is thirsty, so cry. – Folu Amao – United States
I can’t think of anything else – Naomi Nweke – Nigeria
It’s so LICE to see you. – Elizabeth Martin – United States
Can’t think. Senses gone. I’m falling. – Lila Urogdy – USA
Oaths, promises, collected by your hand. – Clove Morgan – United States
unsigned letter at the mailbox – itay merlis – israel
They all left me here, alone. – Alexandra Devereaux – United States
Don’t run, just dance with me. – Ella Lurixe – United States
Can you Google something for me? – Gin Gillece – United States
I’ll meet you at Café Lavender. – Jia Lee – United States
Filled with love, empty with care. – Roxi Cox – England
He stepped out, then came peace. – Lee Serna – United States
Hardest to love. Hardest to lose. – Isabella Bankstahl – United States
I walked on alone, so scared. – Valerie Stilson – United States
Don’t throw stones. They kill birds. – Shes AlWriter – United States
Suitable for exorcisms, baptisms and laundry. – Yvonne Adams – Barbados
The storm came. My roof went. – Leslie Roberts – England
City lights caressed her bruised face. – Jillian Abshire – United States
Plans are dreams brought into action – Dani Radel – Nigeria
Who’s listening to those who struggle? – Denise Cepe – United States
She cast a spell at herself – Vykha Nair – India
I’ll should be braver next time. – Ellie Bradley – United States
Famous last words: Black Lives Matter – Harshita Lall – United States
Never a dull day in Cannabis – Shanan Sabin – United States
one project. ruined. god, curriculum vitae – rotem zamir – israel
Getting ready in my sister’s shirt – Hannelore Reichenbach – Germany
You fight like a girl. – Thanks! – Sannidhi Patil – India
To restore your relationships, start listening. – KC Maynard – Canada
Strange land, no graveyards, beware cannibals – Paul Carpenter – Spain
Death doesn’t scare me , life however… – Laila Ritter – United states
He doesn’t know my last name. – Bri Lynn – United States
You never liked my rat tail. – Nick Alfano – United States
She died. Then her cellphone rang. – Elinor Bar Yehuda – israel
Pandemics? Wars? Better than my ex… – Elaine Midcoh – United States
hello world java how are you ! – Ohgirl Ohgirl – United kingdom
Gentle fist hits harder than soft. – Glenn Mark Ormega – Philippines
New York. Once, my own prison. – Colm O’Shea – Ireland
Love is the most brutal sport. – Austyn Ray –
Fairies tiptoe parallel to their captors. – Abbie King – United States
Rely on yourself first before others. – Cian Steele – United Kingdom
Where do souls go to die? – Essdee Dhevan – Australia
You need me? As I you. – Avery Blond – Australia
Together we made up the cosmos. – Krisanto Blanco – Philippines
Family is love until it’s not – Jacquelyn Luby – United States
Eyes are okay, heart sees better. – Lexi Simpson – Canada
Puppy and I saved each other – Shanan Sabin – United States
Shame for me, blame on you. – Nancy J. Fagan – United States
Memory is sometimes tainted by convenience. – Kasie Huffman – United States
Spreading bed sheet. Spreading my wings – Shely Priya – Israel
Oh, to be a mindless caterpillar – Iliana Grace – United States
She was never alone in hope. – Angela Engnell – United States
An empty cot, the only evidence. – Linda Evans – England
Entered the room. No lights. Trapped. – Gracelyn O. Daniels – United States
Nobody knows what I’m made of – Jeandre Swanepoel – South Africa
His eyes were shining like stars. – Shammel Dhwane Manzano – Philippines
Blood-encrusted lips still whisper your name – Stephanie Meador – United States
So what are my survival chances? – Israel Shamay – Israel
The wind danced with her hair. – Ruby Black – United States
What keeps you up at night? – Unusual words – Pakistan
He dreamt of being a woman. – Fiorella Ruas – France
I leave nothing behind going forwards. – N. O. S. Naorow – United Kingdom
Receipt: sixteen litres bleach, one barrel. – Wila Murray – Australia
The notifications are getting too personal. – Keshav Pathak – India
Enter with caution, the World’s fair – Erica Tenney – United States
Africa has offered me no welcome. – Mduduzi Khumalo – South Africa
Your heart’s gold in my garden – Richard Spencer Jr. – United States
We don’t talk, you know why. – Aristeia Rayne – Philippines
Night slips through sleep glued eyelids. – Kay Richards – United Kingdom
pick stars, bend moon, shoot thunderclap – Eliza Cuihua – the People’s Republic of China
He knew she was only eleven. – Tobi Thewritingrayol – Nigeria
Art: a therapy that heals people – Shruti Sinha – India
You want to stop me? Adorable! – Sannidhi Patil – India
If your lost, look to heaven. – Miles Distad – United States
I play hide and seek alone. – Saranya Menon – United States
Bowling blues. No tears to spare. – William Bianchi – United States
Doctor: “Height?” Me: “Five standard rulers.” – Regina Davis – United States
The chameleons played hide and seek. – Kelsey Meddles – United States
Pebble on seashore. Older than yore. – Peter Itanka – Nigeria
Blood stains my shoes. Do better. – Isabel Ingersoll – United States
Their first dance was their last – Hazel Bateman – United Kingdom
Once I left. They remembered me. – Ritika Tyagi – India
Disembowelled by your death my love – Suzie Wilmot – United Kingdom
Counting houses open this Christmas Eve! – Sofia Bikidou – United Kingdom
The screen lit up. Absence stared. – Meera Dandekar – India
“‘Books burn best’ – awesome slogan, Sir.” – Norman Julian Blair – United Kingdom
Peoples words and action should match. – Yana Fischer – United States
Black or White? Neither and both. – Misty Rae – Canada
Your smile hanging from the stairs – Tania Pagés – Spain
Life is one letter, one lie – Musa Khalid – Nigeria
White fire gleamed like silver reflections. – Grace Wright – United States
Route to success: hell and back. – Mateus Puttock – United States
Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold – Abigail Brown – United States
The name she always wanted “GMA” – Linda Rowland – United States
She chased fantasies and died dreaming. – Anoushka Mahajan – India
Pop-star hits charts–charged with assault. – K. S. Dearsley – UK
It was such a tiny coffin. – Taryn Martinez – United States
Inside exists when outside takes exit – Muyeko Mwenifumbo – Malawi
Wedding bells chiming, it’s finally happening! – Stephanie Reeder – United Kingdom
Hey aphasics, can uoy raed tihs? – Phil Temples – United States
Every touch feels like the last. – Carrie Lovett – United States
After lockdown, sound of church bell. – Oluwasegun Oluseyi Adesina – Nigeria
Perspective is just Spot the Difference – Crownarcher . – United States
Sea salt in her laughing eyes. – Roxane Llanque – Germany
Call me, but don’t call ever. – Cassandra Wright – India
As she writes, practicalities fade away – Maureen MacLennan – Canada
Purple hyacinth petals crushed by green heels. – Gia Alistair – United States
Cast a line, it’ll be a minute. – Russell Smith – United States
The ghostwriter uses white bed sheets – Cesar Noordewier – Netherlands
Being keelhauled was such a drag. – Amalie Wad – Norway
His mouth curled in enviable satisfaction. – Clarissa Santa – United States
I was born. But never lived. – Tresha angel queen Guabong – Philippines
In death we part. Or not. – Tamari Lewin –
My wish: Time machine. Save you. – Sakena Washington – United States
Her presidential campaign is faltering. – Ndaba Sibanda – Zimbabwe
The stars stare at each other. – E. R. Valenzuela N. – United States
The red sky falling on earth. – Jaley Owen – United States
Goal: stop procrastinating. I’ll start tomorrow. – Liliana Lawson – United States
She hesitated. One drop or two? – Lynne Thomas – United Kingdom
Anorexia Nervosa is a huge bitch – Elise Powell – United States
Three little words mean nothing now. – Elizabeth Mendoza – United States
He kicked chair away. Left hanging. – Valerie Fish – United Kingdom
To-do List. One: Write to-do list. – Antoinette Fung – Hong Kong
“Dear diary, we finally escaped safel… – Nandana Rajeev – India
The state failed from the citizen. – Grace Olukoya – Nigeria
Between the lips there is me – nuphar bar – israel
Political rally, snarling traffic, miseries untold. – Chandrika R Krishnan – India
her board carried her troubled heart – Nicole Aponte – United States
Made love. Made child. Made history. – Ian Coombe – Australia
Was it hospice, or hospital? – Max Merbaum – United States
Cupid’s arrows only hit the ground. – Otilia Nastase – Romania
Visiting grandparents, binding my new bust. – Christina Nordlander – United Kingdom
I wonder if she’s seeing this? – Kevin M – Canada
Aren’t we all just happy now? – E. R. Valenzuela N. – United States
Is it cheap? I’ll take it. – Katie Grant – United States
Swimming Against Rogue Waves No More. – Ali Osman Uysal – Turkey
Small imperfections, examined in my mind. – Charlotte Emery – United States
I still bring her red roses. – AudraKate Gonzalez – United States
Five minutes more is never enough. – David Mears-Jones – United Kingdon
Illusions of a before, torturing me. – Cassie Li –
They want to minimize my world – Joanna Alferez – Philippines
Night gives beauty to the day – Morrbinta Khan – The Gambia
Without pain she has no existence. – Hanishree Vichare – India
Your eyes shine bright, like stars – Elizabeth Kearney – United Kingdom
Shhhh. He’s here. Shhhh. Lay down. – Rohana Chomick – United States
Light we shine illuminates the darkness. – David Hutton – United States
Drugs? No thanks – make me ill. – Susan Wickham – United Kingdom
Hiding in the attic, smelling smoke. – Christina Nordlander – United Kingdom
The dogs that never had Teeth – Michael Michael – Nigeria
my darkness can light up you – Anushka Amin – United States
You I will love, only you. – Adaora Odogwu – Nigeria
Hemingway’s shoes. Second hand.Now used.. – Boakesey B – Isle of Man
He laughed. She shot him. Twice. – JJ Courtney – United Kingdom
The heart will heal … in time – Stephanie Reeder – United Kingdom
Thinking of six words isn’t easy – Jaden Pierce –
Love is everywhere. People are nowhere. – Stephanie Silvio – Philippines
The pumpkin spoke with a growl. – Kayleigh Kitt – United Kingdom
Beautiful face with an ugly heart – Bintou Kaba – United States
Magic speaks to me, urging me. – Breanna OBryan – United States
Mushy Peas: a British Grinch story. – Milton Ceita Da Costa – France
Found haven in midst of chaos. – Angel Mariah Mondejar – Philippines
To love her was the end. – H. E. Lewis – United Kingdom
A rising sun devours tender mist. – karen Baker – United Kingdom
Not enough sparkles in people’s eyes – Sayle Hoffmann – Germany
Said detective was the criminal itself – Farihah Maryam – India
I fell in love. With me. – Favour Lawani – Nigeria
Imagine the stories never written down – Lucille Caspian – United States
Chaos in dim light. Your lover. – Cristina Stegaru – Romania
Gunshots, fired: the elementary school reality? – Katarina Jovanovic – Serbia/Canada
Born: Female Life: Abused Died: Thankless – Shailey Bellamkonda – India
British rodents dancing a jingle song. – Lyn throne Nantongo – Uganda
Tonight only: grandma’s circus is back. – Ana Reisens – Spain
Galaxy. Single Movement. Use; be used. – Your Planet – United States
Forgive, the last thing I’d do. – Sepida Sepida – Philippines
My broken teeth killed my smile. – Judy An Duque – Philippines
Torn pages, turning pages: I read – Alexandra Fijalkowski – Canada
I’ll kneel so you can climb – Willa Belsham – Australia
What are you? Racial identity unmasked. – Kimberly Barrett – United States
I’m gone, don’t come looking please – Hyacinth Bradbury – United States
In a flash, Sarah was gone. – C.S. Griffel – United States
He’s never received flowers…until now. – Jane Arella – Philippines
The beautiful demons; leeches biting patients. – Marvin Aga Marvin Aga – Uganda
School, College, Work, Marry, Children, Repeat – Lucy Smith – New Zealand
The angel lost his beautiful wings. – Raluca – Gabriela Bucsoiu – Romania
Bath overflowing, they float like dolls. – Angel Whelan – USA
I realized… Butcher Knife is Missing… – Dorian Green – Poland
Baby Bird dropped from it’s nest. – Elizabeth Marvin – United States
Between the spectrum is worth celebrating. – Jabachi Nwaogu – United Kingdom
Meta jokes do not belong here. – Jacob Putsky – Singapore
colorblind. i cannot see my depression. – Beatriz Bayona – Brasil
I was fun, but never happy. – Angelica Agbing – Philippines
Mirrored glasses watched his last breath. – Rebekah Lawrence – Scotland
Alone but not lonely, with myself. – Nam 16 – India
Unfortunately, my nightmares quell my boredom. – Tan M – United Kingdom
Pupils asked: what is a tree? – Nashat Zaman – Malaysia
Forgive me for the time past – Edith Sani – Nigeria
You, me, our phones. Modern love. – Monica Wenzel – United States
Mom’s magic. Her sight is enough. – Indika . – India
You have bad breath, Mr. President – Gerrit Wood – United States
Six Word Wonder – Entry 6 – OPTIONAL – Michal Cohen – United States
With no phone, she looked out. – Yair Alon – Israel
Villain tells hero, “I’m your father.” – Kevin Ayre – United Kingdom
The smile worth a thousand kisses. – Cedric Meuse – Belgium
Superman is dead, but Batman’s okay. – Lindsey Burton – United States
She was ointment, healing my wounds. – Wei Qi He – United States
His heart stopped, but hers died. – Hassie DeMuth – United States
I’m not mad I’m just crazy – Buudy Van Buren – United States
The wisest king; foolish at dusk – Emmanuel Adebobuyi – Nigeria
Saying words at the same time – Jakob. T Kearns – United Kingdom
I lived, felt dawn, and wept. – Joey Chan – United States
learn to listen, listen to learn – Rutvi Surve – United kingdom
She smiled as Death walked in. – Hajra Amin – Pakistan
time tied knots in tiny turmoil – James Mathias – United States
“2. So hungover. Still… must move mouse. – Frank Crawshaw – United Kingdom”
Dance in the rain with me – Bryn Gatz – United States
Trouble meets man, he becomes religious. – Leona Pillay – South Africa
Six words would’ve saved his life. – Netanya Brittain – United States
Dollops of red on pale faces. – Andrew Pilet – United States
We fell asleep together; woke alone. – Danielle Mikals – United States
Why call them chillies? They’re hot! – Paul Jackson – England
Second chances are meant for yourself. – jawan aloraifan – Kuwait
Tangled with grief, dangling on hope – Ana Matola – Mozambique
Active shooter. Please remain very quiet. – David Patten – United States
Cracked lips can utter only regrets. – Ethan Yeo – Singapore
Six words! The perfect amount to – Bella Nerina – Australia
The world waits for no one. – Adriana Robinson –
Marriage between us, two temperamental lovers. – Romilda Rumlow – United Kingdom
Still confused. He said, “makes sense”. – Ferrous Copper – United States
Coffee for shits. Tea for constipation. – Adrian Mario – Jersey
He befriended. Snared. Snarled. And unfriended. – Martin Nyondo – Malawi
Writhing tendrils pulsed beneath rotten flesh. – Ashley Gonzales – United States
Her expectations fell behind her reality. – Julia Wang – United States
It was meaningful, but never love. – Forest Forest – Zambia
Forest deep, her cackle still echoed. – Kali Kuzma – United States
Expect and accept the unexpected and unacceptable. – Honelyn Delacruz – Philippines
Saturday nights with Pearl and Dean – Barbara Wojcik – England
Went abroad. Finally felt like home. – Shourya Pratap Singh – India
I think of what might still be. – Natasja Rose – Australia
Obituary posted yesterday. Job listed today. – Amber Wilhoit – United States
I’m crying dammit, give me sympathy – Karin Eaton – Canada
Savoring fragrance of wildflowers. Suddenly, BEES! – Julie Bobzien – United States
Sunday’s afternoon baking cookies with Mom. – Shawna (i only use my first name as pen name) Barré – France
Where do all the monsters go? – Penelope Titus – United States
Remember being born? What a ride! – Ashleigh Campbell – Australia
Pain, tears, scars. Am I okay? – Avery Blond – Australia
I lived. I loved. I flew. – Kayleigh Mccarty – United States
Clothes off, smile on, feet waterward. – Victor Pereira –
The trees grew towards the earth. – Molly Edeburn – United States
A story about life and death – Lolo4real Jide – Botswana
I screamed, but nobody heard me. – Oghenekevwe Agbadudu –
Bacon bagels and upcoming heart problems. – Aidan Hassmer – United States
My flowers bloomed when he left – Nicole Valenzuela – Philippines
I swallow white and regurgitate color. – Reem Elmaghraby – Egypt
Sorry, you’re too valuable to promote. – Gianna C – United States
Cover, pages, cover. Supper, breakfast, supper. – John D – Taiwan
She broke my heart … and nose. – Jake Toodles – Canada
I held his hand, nothing else. – David Cather – United Kingdom
We meant to crash a wedding. – Zack Powell – United States
Maybe you could pretend for me. – Sondra Cappuccio – United States
Immortal plastic will make Earth mortal – Tejas Hapani – India
Six words make a tiny world – Andreas Ghilardi – Switzerland
Every night, I reach the end – Ifeoluwa Khrystalz – Nigeria
Soulful wishes comes, True One day – Thamarai (Sparking Lotus) Selvi – India
All that which might have been – Natasja Rose – Australia
The dream. The Promise. The betrayal. – Mary Ekpenyong – Nigeria
Never believe in love until her – Dossy Bossy – United States
He sang us love – we devoured – ellie ilieva – Bulgaria
“Actors Only. No real people allowed.” – Rianneth Summerlin – United States
Stop all the clocks: It’s time. – Pigeon Wilson – United Kingdom
The door is open. Find it. – Fatima Madni – Australia
Purity of a mother’s touch. Oedipus. – Indratapa Routh – India
Last stand? Not for Sitting Bull. – David Silver – United Kingdom
Ma, it really hurts down there. – Izzy B – India
The world is not always beautiful. – Saturn Lee – United States
What they couldn’t deny, they justified. – Jordana Landres – United States
He boasted no regrets. He’s mine. – Lynn Bey –
Ripped white robe. A mental patient. – Hudson Neleman –
Hold on! I can’t any longer. – Oghenekevwe Agbadudu –
Baptized in her own mother’s blood. – Isa Forte – United States
They are refugees. Who? Us. – Daniela Dragas – New Zealand
Wasted sun on my hungover face – Isuri Jayasinghe – United Kingdom
Life was a wrongly beautiful thing. – Tess Roberts – New Zealand
I trace thin air- picturing you. – Shreyashi Sharma – India
My depression is my only friend – Adetunji Adeogun – Nigeria
Water’s Tasteless, But Tasty, When Thirsty – Nirmit Chaurasia – India
She left, it left with her. – Jenna Thirtle – United Kingdom
Damn, I am out of cheese – Kristóf Szabó – Hungary
Nothing bad ever happens to the – Mustela Erminea – United States
Voids heard the voices of stars. – Shaswat Shivam – INDIA
blooming roses waft through lovers breath – Deir Daugherty – united states
“I am Sergeant”, She joined Heist – Ilma Naseem – Oman
I was arrested. That’s true love. – Sumana Begum – United Kingdom
all in all, hole in one. – Olivia Burgess – United Kingdom
Mother, I’m no longer your mayfly. – Chengye Lin –
Ah! Self-desired and self-absorbed is Man. – Rami Little Shakespeare – Iraq
I found myself. I wasn’t home. – Misty Rae – Canada
Where you read, my traces lie. – Septna L. – Malaysia
Clothes torned, painted red. Beauty unparalleled. – K. A. –
Little hands held. “Please adopt me.” – Laura K. Ito – US
Would this be her forever family? – Jenny Worstall – United Kingdom
How could you let him in? – Camaa Pearl – United States
She seasoned her reasons with salt. – Lehlogonolo Thokoane – South Africa
You promised you’d never let go – Kaitlyn Smith – United Kingdom
When I awoke, mountains had moved. – Christine Heinz – USA
Entered as two; left as one. – Emily Fenner – United States
Dad cheated. I don’t blame him. – Atlas Uwem – United States
Twists and turns, swirls and spins. – Gia Alistair – United States
there’s a wishing-well between her collarbones – Deepti Aksharra – India
Yes sir, I have no family. – Bruce Daniel – United States
Ignorance isn’t bliss, sometimes it’s survival – Linda Ajlo – United States
Money talks—but not always truthfully. – Linda Maxwell – United States
after “i do”, i lost him – susanna finn – australia
A smell can take you anywhere. – Charlotte Emery – United States
Power is corrupt, honesty is weak. – Quinn Bailey – United States
I am not your mother, Luke – Eunice Young – Germany
The sky did fall, just backwards. – Misery Businesswoman – Germany
Your teacher is your second mother – Jancarl Punay – Philippines
They will call my destruction art. – Rachel Jones – United Kingdom
At the hospice, Nne still smoked. – Ben Jazz – Nigeria
Will I ever finish this book? – Dawne Monigle – United States
and i was never as good – Olivia Burgess – United Kingdom
Nature howling into an endless vacuum. – Elizabeth McGinty – United Kingdom
I can darken chapter labelled ” US ” – Words Servant – Morocco
Happiness: where, when, what, why…how? – I. Reese – Canada
I gave you my all. Why? – Jack Quill – United States
wedding was cancelled: the bride sneezed – India Hollway – England
Destined to become an old myth. – Bella Nerina – Australia
Dove off lust fell in love. – Jennifer passionpursuit – United states
Grandad hugged us close. Bonfire blazing. – Linda Evans – England
Many simply don’t undestand, I do. – Zakariya Kamali – United Kingdom
Damn! Horse bolted – groom, the door! – Kath Kilburn – UK
Piece by piece, I will win. – Christine LAW – United Kingdom
High flying majestic beauty deadly talons – Donna Hinkley – United States
World a riddle without an answer – Brian Sluga – United States
The older I get, I forgive. – Sharika Nair – India
Put the money in the bag. – Debra Doonan – United States
When it hurts, my pen bleeds. – Stephanie Silvio – Philippines
i’ve been beaten, destroyed by love – Kacey Gonzalez – United States
She was happy until it ended. – Chiamaka Nwankwo – Nigeria
My earnest desire; my eventual downfall. – Mubarak Hassan – Nigeria
Your call could not be delivered – Neo Thomas – United Kingdom
Warning: Do not contradict the mongoose – David Wilson – United States
Her smile disguised her tired soul – Leen Ben. – Canada
Lies tangle a web, unimaginable within – Aich Shez – Pakistan
One absorbs light while casting shadows. – Olivia Wells – United States
Flowers of snow. Sparkling and wet. – Lauren Curtis – United States
If only you knew my pain – Sacha Shimmer – Netherlands
She touches the mirror: no reflection. – Elmedina Hota – Bosnia & Herzegovina
The light is brighter in darkness. – Dhanyhel Gardener – Jamaica
Rain cleansed sins in the city – Jaycee Kohrt – New Zealand
The diluted memory keeps its sense. – Naila Buckner – United States
But what happened to her shoes? – Amanda Nicholson – United Kingdom
She wanted to stop. He didn’t. – Larissa Alexander – United Kingdom
Sure, I could be God too. – Rose Rao – United Kingdom
First one naked. Hope they follow – Niko Zoltan – Austria
Standing room only what a man – Maryrose Montemayor – philippines
I shalt fly high, heaven dominates – Eliza Cuihua – the People’s Republic of China
Losing a thoughts cannot keep anymore – Jillian Sayson – philippines
The bin loaves feed the homeless – Moussa Mama – Cameroon
Surrounded by friends but still alone. – Nathaniel Kiehm – United States
A final breath, he said goodbye. – Maddie Rowson – Australia
Clock ticked. Glass cracked. Magic faded. – Shana Chaile – Canada
Cried, Laughed, Laughed then cried again – Miacara Agu – Nigeria
A cheese sandwich was my weapon. – Damon Yeld – South Africa
Born and died. In between, nothing happend. – Robert Marazas – United States
True healing magic is your smile – Tania Pagés – Spain
Road to heaven, destined to hell. – Rahul Nanda – India
Our Life Is Full Of Ink – MD. Imjamul Hoque Bhuiyan – Bangladesh
Snowflakes descending as they waltz graciously. – Sabina Tampa – Romania
Feel the euphoria overwhelm your senses. – Cassandra Wright – India
eyes closed, mind searching for euphoria – Iulia Tanvuia – romania
I shatter into a million pieces. – Romilda Rumlow – United Kingdom
They kissed and stopped believing priests. – Andrew Osborne – United States
Death inches six words- feet- down. – Isaias Bement – United States
Sunsets, bats, owl songs and wounds. – Muhammed Olowonjoyin – Nigeria
Only ghosts listen when he weeps – Jessie Azlyn – Canada
Prince Charming kissed a “dead” girl – Sajal Metla – Canada
Familiarity breeds content, and sometimes, offspring. – Maggie Feeney – England
Pencil is sharp. Mind is not – AJ Walker – United Kingdom
Self-inflicted virus meant Cyber-attack couldn’t compute. – Stephan Mount – Canada
Majority is unhappy for prosperous people. – PREETI SHARMA – INDIA
I’ve imagined dying more than living. – Arantxa Mathapersadh – South Africa
Still today, I haven’t grieved you. – Lisa Bittle – United States
His disgrace was her final triumph. – Linda Juliano – United States
The world crumbled beneath her feet. – Aaya Radi – United Kingdom
Earth is suing us in court. – Rabi’a N – Mauritius
Believe, live and defy expectations, Love. – Elizabeth Cumner – United Kingdom
Don’t worry, folks, we’re halfway there! – Annie Bashaw – United Kingdom
It hid behind the door what – karen anthony – United Kingdom
Then she heard it again. Louder. – Angie Canonico – United Stated
Why do monsters hide from me? – Mystic CatDragon – United States
Fireflies’ dance. Your eyes’ vivid glow. – katrina dybzynska – Spain
Balance is the secret of life. – Jenni Hall – Australia
Centenarian Pharaoh: Marry me. Me: Murderer! – Dextiny Show – Nigeria
Fear has made the world hungry. – Sam Tembo – Zambia
“Long story short…” It wasn’t short. – Mary Louise Kay – Philippines
First one to see the sea – Wendy Calvert – UK
Dream? Nightmare? What’s the difference anymore? – Isabel Ingersoll – United States
I’m the darkness I found myself – Kayleigh Brasher – United States
In her mind, she was alone. – Jenna Thirtle – United Kingdom
Do you like women? just girls. – Mohammad Mousavi – Iran
It started with my cracked mirror. – Melpomene Leblanc – United States
Garage sale: Everything under $10, hurry! – Jemmela Cucuta – United States
Garbage stinks.Death smells.Life alive. – Valerie Tyree – United States
Ice cream, chocolate, chips. Balanced breakfast. – Paul Wilkins – New Zealand
Yellow sodium light outside my house – Harsimran Kaur – India
A dream worse than a nightmare. – Aleena Kuriakose – United States
we can have peace on mars – yaniv feldman – israel
Nuha loves Doha, people say haha – Nuha Riyal – Sri Lanka
Pathetically, uncontrollably, unstoppably cry over nothing. – Mirai Oliver – United States
Gramps always said, don’t eat grass! – Arthur Dusoe – United States
Purring kittens are better then xanax – Tammy Brown –
For the last time, he wept. – Hilary Heffron – United States
Heart aching ,Brain working, Emotion≠rationality – Vani Orla – India
World’s largest organism stopped growing today. – Merin Jacob – South Africa
could tomorrow be the beggining story – Seth O’Connell – united states
Flash, your picture has been taken – Ath Kingsley – United States
when I see Infinity, I change. – J.R.R. Smith – Italy
Lizzy hacked the demons from them – Lane Parmley – United States
Where do you go from here – Harriet Malinga – Uganda
Beware wolves. Red cloaks. Old women. – Jacqueline Rose –
I am drastically bored, yet grateful – Khushi Rajpurohit – India
In the dark my shadow waited. – Martyn Sullivan – United Kingdom
I thought you liked my singing? – Sarah Lowe – United Kingdom
Watching the moon rise each night. – Evelyn Rose Van Der Westhuizen – South Africa
Wait, only take how much? Fuck. – Lou Brosna – Ireland
Obit (title): “Once upon a time, he was . . .” – James A. Tweedie – United States
She gave a grunt. He died. – Lee Engdahl – United States
Cara opened immortal vampire eyes; reborn. – Rosemary Gemmell – United Kingdom
Shadows always hide in the light. – AudraKate Gonzalez – United States
Her violin sounded like dying cats. – Purple Nicolette – Nigeria
A Mother hugged the ugly child. – Flaviana Boricean-Neacșu – România
Portrait smooths wrinkles–wipes away life. – K. S. Dearsley – UK
The clock, ticking. My heart, yearning. – Jada Figueora – United States
He couldn’t fly. She couldn’t land. – Gayane Vardanyan – Germany
A jaundiced view for gruesome souls. – Gray Sinton – Ireland
Wispy grey hair and hollow eyes. – Hannah Morgan – Australia
Dew looks like Diamonds on Cobweb – Shamaro Smith – Jamaica
His eyes opened. The pathologist screamed. – Shamim Chowdhury – United Kingdom
One day here – and gone tomorrow. – Malcolm Hill – Wales
She stayed awake waiting for him. – Annabelle Smith – United States
They said six words, why not seven? – Ellie Bradley – United States
Waiting for winter,our promise in december -Story – Ma.Elaiza Emalyn V.Ibañez (Darkside2427 for pen name) – Philippines
Sometimes it sucks to be right. – Reagan Rehbein – United States
Creeping fog. One scream, cut short. – Greg Schwartz – United States
Mistaken , abused , tortured , left…CRUELEST EVER!! – Isbah Tariq – Pakistan
I’m the unveiling of a masterpiece. – Ayomide Omotosho – Nigeria
And he still refuses the offer. – Zakariya Kamali – United Kingdom
Rest assured, my friend, I know. – Hilary Heffron – United States
Turning left continuously eventually ends right. – Ignatius B – Malaysia
Have we disappeared beneath the sea? – Kiara Rose – United States
I am crying, and that is ok. – Soso Readings – Egypt
Eat this chocolate now or die. – ER Castaneda – United States
The future always comes after. – Genevieve Mathis – United States
Why did you do it Why? – Titobi Olufosoye – United Kingdom
Brothers bicker, neighbors gather, all scatter. – Ikeoluwa Ireoluwa – Nigeria
Lived and died. Enjoyed in between. – Matthis Degree – France
My life story: birth….death. – Sen Masek – Australia
Fire: lifebringer. How the tides turn. – Orion O’Connell – United States
I trust you, Sheep told hyena – Tonny Onwonga – Kenya
Walking the stage, leaving behind ghosts. – Amanda Battista – United States
Grey fingers trail across pink flesh. – John Albertson – United Kingdom
Born , bought afterwards returned to God. – Murat Shaidanov – Kazakhstan
Fill me’ hole, thein boulder holder – Vedant Kumar – India
Pride is just another word: fear. – Royal Pleasures – United States
The invisible man is not transparent. – Jackie Hindmarsh – United Kingdom
Strang girl love a wired guy – Chhivyi Tang – Cambodia
Hospital masks obscured pretty smile lines – Jaycee Kohrt – New Zealand
The spoon slayed her tough will. – Tara Rowland – United States
In my darkness, I saw you. – Sylvestina Yeboah – Ghana
I walked away, free at last. – Cassandra Stinger – United States
Pay the price of breath. – Zareen Tasneem Athoi – Bangladesh
He buys drugs and rejects immigrants. – Terrance Owens – United States
Your hand near mine. Shall I? – Peter Pool – United Kingdom
Everyone was trapped withing the catacombs. – Elizabeth Summerhill – United States
Where’s the fire? Oh…right, sorry – Abby Voss – United Kingdom
My sister and I, watching t.v. – Bhairavi Patil – Canada
The last thing she said was.. – Marysol Alape – Puerto Rico
Gradually, cats went extinct. How curious. – Mallory Owens – United States
He Climbed Up Then Jumped Down – Hazel- Anne Rymell – United Kingdom
With the winds of change. – Arha Saha – India
Wishing my Christmas to be warm. – Angel Mariah Mondejar – Philippines
Sitting on the pavement drinking lemonade – Celestia Whittemore – United States
Her golden heart got herself wrecked. – Isabelle Anastasia – Indonesia
Testing the limits of human syntax. – Mike Omoruan – United States
One question: can an iPhone swim? – Astrid King – United Kingdom
Your face, fading from my mind. – C. L. Ayres – United States
The squeamish vampire requested Kool-Aid. – Mike Scott Thomson – UK
Hop, skip, jump, AND a leap. – Mickaela Leach – Canada
She loved him to death. Literally. – Shamila Rafat – India
They never wanted you to live. – Meghan Franky – USA
Drowning in life, not in water. – Claire Preston – England
Why is it okay for them? – Alaunee Johnson – United States
I’m out of words! Suck my – Renee Ricevuto – United States
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wedensday What Next – Deena Sefersteine – Israel
“Wait for me.” Am still waiting. – Rabab Zaidi – India
They were busy envying an eccedentesiast. – Hareem Saeed – Pakistan
Morning, weather, meeting, email, commute, death. – Jaejun Kwon – United States
Mama always knows best; doesn’t she? – Nuha Naleem – KSA
I was peerless with no peers – Jessica Desai – India
Arthur sighed. Leaving them wasn’t easy. – Jamie Steele – United Kingdom
Hands gripping too tightly – my favourite. – SL Moran – United Kingdom
Keep nothing, be a lotus leave. – Sashini Iroshini – Sri Lanka
Strawberry seeds. Yellow on red. Eaten – Alexandra Netbai – Romania
“I quit.” She extinguishes the cigarette. – Roxanne Bowser – Canada
Life like a firework. BANG! Gone. – Archana Ceraman – Australia
“Pig blood” he said. The liar. – Mary Azubuike – Nigeria
Toddler shouts “surprise!”, mother looks horrified. – Nihara Perera – Sri Lanka
Space: drowning in blissful silence eternally. – Jyoti R Bhatt – India
Together we soar. Apart we’re sore. – Tierney Mueller – United States
I know it will get better – J Flowers – United States
Wake up! It wasn’t a dream. – Marquita Young – United States
Find me here, find me everywhere. – Elle Swin – United States
Grandma missing: found walking a dog. – NmaHassan Muhammad – Nigeria
To be a star, you must burn. – Martha Zarkantzia – Greece
Was a werewolf; am alright noOOOOWWWW! – Mark Blackburn – United Kingdom
Mind says no, heart says yes – Robyn Lianne Cheng – Philippines
Saw my mama smile, what else – Tonny Onwonga – Kenya
I’m safe but was found running. – Kim Benton – Canada
A bright rainbow gave us hope. – Leslie Perez – United States
The rope snapped. Her heart dropped. – Lindsay Belsky – Canada
She realized her reflection wasn’t hers. – Ashna Singh – United States
Yes, it’s spelled the exact same. – Ashley Mundy – New Zealand
She raised her sword in farewell. – India Johnson – United States
Fathers are just like their daughters. – Cheyene Weig – Germany
Give yourself a home within you. – Justine Bea Bebanot – Philippines
The miner surfaced gulping the nectar. – David Patten – United States
Cinderella demands divorce. Foot fetishes stick. – Angela Panayotopulos – U.S.
Behind the sea where the mountains melt. – Icarus Taiyo – Lithuania
Suicidal magician makes himself disappear forever. – Margarita Alexandrou –
Friend’s stab reflected in the mirror – L Aydin – Turkey
Lovers intertwined with a simple glance – Victoria Price – Wales
Black is White. White is Brown. – Muhammad Farhan – Pakistan
Falling feathers, sun and sea – “Dad!” – Healy Lior –
Thought I married Lou, not Loser – Gale Carnevale – United States
Blue washes over me like rain. – Ava Andrew –
Experiencing love: a warm security blanket – Gina Wash – United States
I murdered my depression, not myself. – Letexia Jabasa – Philippines
I’m no robot. Or am I? – Rodney Bartlett – Australia
The scars of an old butterfly. – Marquita Young – United States
Too many beards. Dwarf shortage shortage. – James Davies – United States
“Gay? We were five feet apart!” – Kira Wallace – United States
Summer fans unceasingly spin and spin. – Terri Fox – United States
all shadows have a body – Ella Kanegarian – Armenia
Yeah, she screamed a while ago. – Alexie Smith – United States
Pain Bites Hard, When Vengeance Blooms. – Dribble Drip – Nigeria
Blood like wine; colour and taste. – John Albertson – United Kingdom
Vultures circle above me. I stumble. – Trix Niernberger – United States
‘Never again’, and again and again. – Florit Shoihet – United Kingdom
Next time you come- do not. – Gayane Vardanyan – Germany
You said: “Until death”… You lied. – Jack Quill – United States
What if we re-wrote our story. – J.O.O Grafi – Germany
Some girls just need an alibi. – Sandra Tsar –
Dyslexic, But; i Luve to rite. – D. W. Wolf – Australia
Space is not final, it’s beginning. – Ari Covert – United States
Did my roaring twenties start screaming? – Sheryl Deva – India
All her life. Lost in strife. – Lauren Curtis – United States
He loves me and my flaws. – Maryam Nababa – Nigeria
I wasn’t enough, but she was. – Violet Beaufort – United States
Engagement – the honeymoon. Disengagement – the marriage. – Anne Wilkins – New Zealand
His voice was a thunder unearhtly – ellie ilieva – Bulgaria
Choice is yours Meditation or medication – phil stubbs – Canada
Death waited for me at home. – Salem Miles – Zimbabwe
Live to die, read to live. – Sofia Chavez-Lujambio – United States
Oh. She forgot who I was. – Amita Ganeshkumar – United States
Right is true. Left is false. – William Owen – New Zealand
I should’ve never got faded. – Kyla Elec – Philippines
Hearing the final applause was enough. – Samantha Ryan – USA
Gifted with talent, cursed with apathy. – Sophie Kim – United States
Pro-Choicers fight for Pro-Lifers, as needed. – Lisa Dash-Grimes – United States
God’s secret: carved on dragonfly wings. – Brynn Lacey – Canada
Yes! Dye and cut your hair – aelfrun waitherero – Indonesia
Red snow dotted the barbed-wire border. – SULOGNA MEHTA – India
Begging her to hold me tight. – Esther Hammett –
What he paid became his prize. – Jaina Peveto – United States
Calm air, so be my heart – Sam Bell – United States
I thought I loved you then. – Jonathan Pett – UK
Rather than on rent, a lonelinesslord. – Nur Uğurlu – Türkiye
Work Hard, Life will be good – Rameez Ali – India
Sleepless nights, chaotic days. Baby’s here. – Phil Temples – United States
politely queuing. then took my receipt – denise mc donagh – Ireland
Clap! Stomp! Swish! Medals, Congrats! Win! – Minha Syed – Canada
The love of Death never ends. – Eko Jayden – United States
She then transformed, as one would. – Elinor Bar Yehuda – israel
Angry summer cocktails, rimmed with treason – Leslie Hix – United States
Empty headed man dead? Obviously, no-brainer. – Maggie Feeney – England
One shot ended the war. Hiroshima. – Sebastian Babatunde – United Kingdom
Everyone has a purpose in everything. – Robert Balonzo – Philippines
My silhouette dancing…from my wheelchair. – Kimberly Karcz – United States
Hanging from trees, skipping on puddles. – Oshwin Dang – India
the air smells just like home – kat tadesse – United States
Her nails rewrote, her teeth undid. – Sarah Peploe – United Kingdom
Failure isn’t an option for me – Ayomide Adefila – United Kingdom
Alive in hades, tilling infertile earth. – Henry Onyekachim Dancing Pen – Nigeria
Publishing more suicide notes than Plath. – Miguel Bravo – United States
He said, “She’s pregnant. It’s mine.” – Audry Spade – United States
Life is a puzzle, play it! – Chiamaka Nwankwo – Nigeria
The beauty of the last sunset – Adonia Holden-Dunivan – United States
His lies turned into their reality. – Jude Page – Sweden
As she jumped, the world erupted. – Jo-Anne Marais – South Africa
Despite fears, let the dream live – Okatakyie Minta – Ghana
Stairlift broke. God withheld his hand. – T. Ante – England
Ours becomes mine. You’re my memory. – Aliyah Safdar-Ahmed – United Kingdom
Really hard to use six words – Kristóf Szabó – Hungary
He touches himself. Yes, he’s beautiful. – Sneha Bora – India
Crochet hook and yarn. Vintage Christmas. – Yvonne Lovejoy – United States
Innocence left after the first encounter. – Barbara Harvey Carter – United States
Love can be black and white. – Peter Watson – United Kingdom
Arrival. Travelling. Arrival. Death. Who’s next.? – Carl Palmer – United Kingdom
Election night. I’m not in denial. – Maria Ilona Moore – United Kingdom
A white butterfly, fluttering over death – Aaron Yu – United States
Snail slime never looked so sexy. – Ashley Mundy – New Zealand
Tuning life with a broken signal – kanimozhi ashokkumar – India
Walk tall to reach the height – Johannes Sello Mosomane – South Africa
She wrote fairytales with the stars – Abbie Barsness – United States
Love and loss– the greatest bittersweet. – T. M Bolton – Canada
Tears are the aftermath of emotion. – Fahmida Fariha Muna – Bangladesh
Welcome back to Love or Murder! – Annie Bashaw – United Kingdom
Suicide , said to be cowardness nowadays. – Khushi Kanwar – India
She now has peace, at last. – Horror Studios Horror Studios – Slovakia
Room spins, whirl-a-gig. Too much wine. – Laury A. Egan – United States
Life brings exciting little things merely. – Afia Shahid – United Kingdom
I finally realized I deserve better – Kelly Mulery – Kenya
Race, teak weak, bail; aft craft. – Joe Cyr – United States
The apocalypse was actually pretty predictable. – John J. Lovett, Jr. – United States
Drowning. At sea. Gulping salty tears. – Wendy Markel – United Kingdom
save your tears for the flood – Hugh Gately – Ireland
Lay the foundations, I will finish. – Royal Pleasures – United States
Clothes hanger for cheap. Treadmill included. – David Stearns – United States
Shirt became sleeveless after dating skirt – Sally Manpaul – INDIA
A Final Breath Ends In Death – Felicia Waggoner – United States
The beast wilted in the sun. – Thom Atkinson – Australia
If you gamble, expect to lose. – Alexander Young – United States
Chef’s special: Wealth marinated with greed – Alina Guillemain – Australia
I remember when i wasn’t void – K Kour – India
Euphonious lies. Painful compliments. Young forever. – Ria Descartes – United States
The princess eloped with the dragon. – Joanna Hoyt – USA
Let Your Truth Shine From Within – Romiel Deldacan – Philippines
Timing is everything. I’m always late. – Eric Sabiston – United States
I said I’d change. I lied. – Lolo4real Jide – Botswana
This autumn brought a bittersweet harvest. – Jackie Juno – UK
Here lies a man lost his wolf – Jalal Rezek – Jordan
It’s hard to cry without eyes. – Athena Pallas – United States
Economy is required, said the Chancellor. – Lloyd Scarsbrook – United Kingdom
The stars have still not returned. – Derek Smith – Guam
Sunday morning coffee and dewy grass. – Peyton Wright – United States
Push mower, people ask me why. – Sharon Black – United States
Lies, deceit, desire, control, obsession…murder. – Tahera Janoowalla – United Kingdom
Cry=lost water,drink water – Kingsun Lim – Malaysia
Despised her mother. Became Her, twofold. – Cynthia E. – United States
My death is not fixed, yet. – yuval sasson – israel
I’m leaving tomorrow, tell her again – Mary Ann Sidlacan – Philippines
Boys have become girls; skinny jeans. – Peace Muchiri – Kenya
Honesty, with myself, then the world. – Neese Parker – United States
Life’s complicated, took time to realize. – Dr. Cookies – India
One dino, One rock, Who wins – Forgotten Gem – Ireland
When all seems lost, hope rises. – Elaine Wedlock – United Kingdom
I’m afraid I can’t love you – Igor Novak – Croatia
When will I figure it out? – Hejhon Arle – Philippines
Money talks, but I am deaf. – Milo Peeta – United States
Fool me once… once is enough. – Sylvia Oosthuizen – South Africa
For sale: graduation dress, never worn. – Judith Balumaga – Philippines
Can I see the sky again? – sonam pelden norbu – Bhutan
Being pretty is not your job. – Adrian Obejas – philippines
Creator, you just turned off gravity. – Thai Su – United States
Hit the sack never got up – Sophie Neal – United Kingdom
Life. Force. Defenestration. The Villians Demise. – Riley Strickland –
Alien comes, cow dissapears, alien goes – Deiu NoLastName – Romania
Adieu, from the quantum of love. – Stefania Grosso – Italia
She loved, he lied, what’s new? – Laila Ritter – United states
Said “Bloody Mary.” Saw the skull. – Sarah Totton – Canada
Can a poet be a lover? – Mehak Vijay Chawla – India
Desperate thoughts of giant little things. – Thomas Wyllie – South Africa
The witch cackled whilst boiling me. – Dolma S – India
Dazzle with brilliance, baffle with bullshit. – Pauline Faller – United Kingdom
black poured as the world burns – isabel Gammon – United States
I screamed. The voice slapped me. – Jan B – Philippines
Nobody knows Marcel Marceau’s last words. – Gordon Williams – United Kingdom
I mourn those I never met. – Anna Ryan – United States
We were perfect till we met – Bella Aldama – Kenya
As the world decayed, they cried. – Tess Rossi –
Head over heels after guillotine’s chop! – Diana Davison – Australia
His head was just like this.. – Chiamaka Nwankwo – Nigeria
Death is certain for all uncertain. – Villa Fe Ycot – Philippines
Life, you know you did this – Harriet Malinga – Uganda
Door opens. Monster jailed, Julie saved. – Glad Phory – Italy
Awaken the fields inside my skull. – Andrew Slimp – United States
The depth of spirit is immeasurable – Daniel Zeikle – United States
Sunset surfing. Behind, a gliding fin. – Sandra Lassen – United States
Her birthday was “under the hill”. – Jessica Dickenson – United States
Meeting in between is not middle – Thao Fantaske – United States
Gasoline chasing after an open flame. – Monique Peterson – United States
Wars change people, people change wars. – Malcolm Turner – United Kingdom
No shit sherlock, i knew that. – Pauline Faller – United Kingdom
The monster was alive. In her. – Aishwariya Laxmi – India
Breaking News: He’s Alive. You’re Next. – Hedaya Peterson – Qatar
Thoughts became reality. Anxiety killed us. – Laure Dorsemaine – United Kingdom
What is love if not death? – Sanvi Mehtani – India
Jessica Rabbit. Original hot cross bun. – Viv Rustom – United Kingdom
Dog for sale: can’t breed anymore – Jason Gray – United States
Love found me. My spirit rests. – Henry Vinicio Valerio-Madriz – Costa Rica
There is always somthing beyond existence. – Afia Shahid – United Kingdom
She walked home alone last night. – F. H. Morgan – United States
In the light, darkness festers quietly. – Yokel Zephyr – United States
I wish for your happiness, dad. – Hanna Slams – Sweden
Unfolding Prisms Displaying Dancing Vibrant Colors. – Paul Petrescu – United States
Wise minds? Meh! Big jugs? Yeah! – Vishal R. Devi – Nepal
What’re Spanish avocado shops called? Supermercados. – Emma Picolo – United Kingdom
Silence reigned upon the deadened world. – Izzy Rutherford – United States
Dog don’t bite, but wife does – Linda Rowland – United States
Plant seeds, harvest winged rat pie. – Cindy Hossain – United Kingdom
To crown it all, she grasps… – Hassan Kishabi – Tanzania
Afterall, it was just a dream. – Renie Rastogi – India
A pretty perfectionist loses their pretty. – Gregory Di Filippi – United States
Smells like Axe and regret again – Katie Nelson – United States
Dog mourned Master. Cat savored him. – Andrew Osborne – United States
That cheese is not your friend. – Sarah Lowe – United Kingdom
Believe lies, they tell beautiful tales – Aashita Sood – India
She begged the rain for ablution. – Sarah Al-saad – United Kingdom
Watch, sometimes inanimate things have souls. – Jessica Dickenson – United States
Peed on stick. Positive. Pregnant . Panic! – Valerie Fish – United Kingdom
Rhyme? Reason? Needn’t bother quiziing him. – Karen G Ridings – US
I’m innocent I told the court – Maisy Foster – England
She broke her word and returned. – Elzbieta Pik – England
Gun or Coin, not your land – Shiva Srinivasan – India
We launder and dye. Help wanted. – R Bromfield – Canada
“He’s dead.” It was a lie. – Libby Lee – United States
Salty breaths, swells submerge, fully alive – Rebecca Josephine Mendoza – United Kingdom
The noise drowned the rap music – merlin flower – India
Found a liar. Mirrors don’t lie. – Alexandra Rickert – Australia
Your kisses sustain me always – Josie Parrelli – Australia
I only have myself at home – Mariel Belmonte – Philippines
The moon: no more, no less – G.M Rega – United States
Offensive banners seized. Punishment? Suspended sentence. – Mark Perfect – United Kingdom
Bloodied Flag. Emptied land. Insurgents prowled. – Chioma Victoria Iwu – Nigeria
One fish swimming through the blue – Ath Kingsley – United States
Cut into bite-size pieces, my heart. – Iraj Toosy – Pakistan
They borrowed our courage to stand – Matthew Jones – United States
My mind’s a well. Don’t drink. – L.E. Wraith –
Cold Rain. Deep Inhale. Cigarette Glow. – Hudson Neleman –
Every fall, we evacuated the wildfires. – Shilpa K – US
Polydectes’ skeptical laugh froze in marble. – Stephen Harold Limner – United States
New door open new life – Kheanu Jay Argame – Philippines
Reaching out for the left traces. – Raiden Cool – Iraq
I thought. You thought. We thought. – Alish Xaidi – Pakistan
Watch out for you have eyes! – Moussa Mama – Cameroon
But everyone lies, you’d defend, lying. – Lynn Bey –
My celestial body dehiscing into nothingness – Adetunji Adeogun – Nigeria
Divorce Court. Frankenstein vs. The Bride – Gregg Chamberlain – Canada
Nobody came to the temple today. – Moyosolaoluwa Olowokure – Nigeria
Sadness, failures and lack of accomplishments – Joy Odoyo – Kenya
No worries, it’s just life – Writer X – The Netherlands
This is a sentence you know. – Tom Cherrie – United Kingdom
I want to wander the world. – Daniel Markov – Hrvatska
Face the challenges with full force – Lydia Toal – United States
To die is to have lived – Kinley Cline – United States
In her storm she became hangry. – Daisha Wilson – United States
Currently alive not much time left. – Linda Wallace – United States
Wild orchid wilt in concrete jungle – Zeidan Naqeeb – Malaysia
She cheated on the pregnancy test. – Joshua Ritter – United States
“Close the drawer!” said the Devil. – Widad Solace – Malaysia
17 seconds. And my world collapsed – Sajal Metla – Canada
The last leaf will fall tomorrow. – T.E. Fahlstedt – Sweden
a care giver who loved me – Beks Rabecca – United States
A worm lives when you die. – Chase Cartwright – United States
His control over her eventually died – Julie Shackman – United Kingdom
Help! I’m trapped in this sentence. – Chase Cartwright – United States
Birth, family, affection, care, responsibilities, death. – Prabh jot Kaur – India
Siren song. Shipwreck. My drowning heart. – Luna Yin – Canada
Same old story: biting my tongue – Mihaela Doschinescu – Italia
Hell’s angel and heaven’s devil coexist. – Ekene Benedict – Nigeria
Lost, forgotten, yet found him. – Katharine Fleetwood – United States
Captain’s Fishcakes: 87% cod. 13% plastic. – Sally Curtis – United Kingdom
Love ain’t baseball. Only one strike. – Johannah Simon –
Sunset Pink, Midnight Blue. Zephyr blows. – Kairis Xena – India
Finished the script of my life – Emilia Mart –
A wreaking havoc, loud and angry. – Farooq Ahmad – Pakistan
These blank words need painting over. – MonPoin(g)t. MonPoin(g)t. – United Kingdom
Muses, money: they come and go. – Medeea Maria Drăgan – Romania
The ants ate up the hill – Damak Damak – Nigeria
Bitter teeth stained the alabaster coffee. – Armand Diab – United States
Lego blocks. Bare feet. Agonizing pain. – Laverna de Plume – India
She sighed, maybe in another life. – Julia Starr – United States
Fear watches with an unfathomable gaze. – AudraKate Gonzalez – United States
Horribly undercooked – A funeral home review – Nyxed Rumor – USA
Well, Jay says, that was Hoboken. – Sarah Holly Bryant – USA
My glasses could be somewhere, anywhere – Sadie Fruci – United Kingdom
Words fed her the magic elixir. – Elora Canne – Australia
Chaos created new friends, never forgotten. – Tia Ball – United States
Hangman’s game. Noose tightens. No letters. – L.E. Wraith –
Mom , Dad , Brother , Sister , Me – family. – Murat Shaidanov – Kazakhstan
“Welcome to Canada”. Life could begin – Zoe Leeds – United Kingdom
A little noise, that started small – Michelle Hoover – United States
Stretch marks and tummy roles, goals – Kiki Geo-Needam – Nigeria
Sometimes my fingers turn into wings. – Briti Bhattacharyya – India
Lost you like those unfinished erasers. – Indika . – India
Monsters? They’re all I have anymore. – Laverna de Plume – India
Midnight was good for the evil. – Scott Adamson – United States
Music had never sounded so painful – Lily Rekow – United States
Surreal Eyes. Misconstrued realities. Tainted Skies . – Farumbo . – Ireland
Stumbled again … gravity’s on “High,” today?! – Wendy Kaminski – United States
Peace cannot be broken by storms. – Nellie Johnson – United States
His life was great but short. – Noya Muiz – Pakistan
Spring rain coats the winter’s depression. – Cassius Seybert – United States
Hunger makes me think of you. – Dale Santos – Philippines
I swear it was washable marker. – Cary Lucas –
Rivers have no ends nor beginnings – Shivangi Patel – Kenya
The letters burn. With our love. – Harshita Kori – India
Where the map stopped, adventure began – Crownarcher . – United States
Long hair. Handsome prince. Pregnant. Blind. – Jacqueline Rose –
Remember the stones turning into birds? – Hannelore Reichenbach – Germany
Alas, we march blindly into perpetuation. – Aaron Clifford – United States
How to grow a power plant. – Kathy Szaters – Australia
Six Word Wonder. Entry 4. OPTIONAL – Ella Riley – United States
My faith is based on conviction – Rhiann Lour – United Kingdom
Everything changed with that one email – Liyana Iqbal – England
Holiday break fails after brakes fail. – David Silver – United Kingdom
Love had perished from her heart – Tarannum Chowdhury – Bangladesh
I kept it away from God. – N.K. Jeremiah Pelumi – Nigeria
Am haunted by memories of you. – Ojingiri Hannah – Nigeria
I had hopes, dreams and youth. – Michele Lagoy – United States
Too sacred. Untouched. Set to dust. – Melvin Eapen – India
We kissed. Then I woke up – Ella Sharpe – England
It cannot go right, goes left. – Naina McMatthews – Slovakia
i am poor, black and good – Lidya Eskinder – Ethiopia
Before relationship,we can friends together – Meluchie Lenciano – Philippines
Eyes see colors, heart recognizes gray – soup. and rain – Philippines
heavy is the face wearing frowns – ladygodiva clothed – england
Don’t bat eyelids at vampire bats – Dean Moriarty – United Kingdom
Moving on. What to do next? – Victoria Feller – United States
Missing the people that were junk – Emilia Mart – Romania
She gestures: Language will not suffice. – Lo Waldorff – Switzerland
“The red wire. No! The blue.” – Ferrous Copper – United States
I still hear your lovely voice – Mariel Belmonte – Philippines
What creates ash, words or silence? – Geo Moon – South Korea
My voice is the last one. – Merin Jacob – South Africa
The Devil liked my vegan sacrifice. – Otilia Nastase – Romania
I awoke to long, menacing growl – Obianuju Jane Ebubeoha – Nigeria
This whole time, plants felt pain – Lucille Caspian – United States
Love like candy, sweet and bright – Hailey Smith – United States
A freckled face the sun paints. – Robert Takarautio – Finland
Leaving you behind was downright liberating. – Esther Hammett –
Obeyed others-lost; loved myself-won. – Fazila Nowshin – Bangladesh
It was a lot harder this time. – C.L. Olsen Olsen – United States
Iran deserves better. Woman deserve better. – Sierra Sophia – United States
Review. One star. The carabiner broke. – Emma Picolo – United Kingdom
With a whisper, they were shook. – Amellia Hunt – United States
Cracked fingers have forgotten the pen. – Prerna S. – United States
Fog reshapes landscape with soft mist. – Joan Leotta – USA
Underneath the skin, there’s no difference. – Aiyana African Rose – United States
“I’m still single!”. Look at yourself. – CM Goodtidings – Nigeria
Your sweet poison quenches my thirst. – Alyssa Kindred – United States
Sometimes, you can waste your time. – Aeviel Yoon – Philippines
You aren’t acrylic and soft anymore – Soleil Lopez – United States
Boxed up. Penned in. Mailed it. – Lynette Teo – Singapore
The beautiful Sea knows no admirers. – Shaktal Iddi – Ghana
No sunlight strikes without getting dark. – Sepida Sepida – Philippines
My emotional support dog needs therapy – AJ Walker – United Kingdom
HAL said, “Let there be light”. – Yaron Parnes – Israel
Buried the body. Forgot the head. – Albian Seo – Malaysia
Warning, this story, dead end limit. – Dianna Woodlands – Australia
The wall thy created has crumbled – Happiness Shauri – United Republic of Tanzania
My dreams keep coming true. Help! – Evan Gillespie – United States
Live a lie, die a liar. – Malcolm Turner – United Kingdom
“Don’t touch my hair it’s expensive – Nnenna Njoku – Nigeria
Sometimes the curry could be black – Abimbola Oyinloye – Nigeria
Parted by distances, connected by souls! – Black Widow – Pakistan
I laughed and he cried continuously. – Jessica Portrey – United States
She wasn’t mad. Simply consistently tricked – Shell Sherwood – United States
I remember when I first died. – Natalie Tokita – United States
Tomorrow’s at your feet, red carpet – Lakshmi Vankayala – India
Big questions disguised as small talk – Hannah Tracy – United States
I knew Patience because I waited. – Eti-eno Ntuk – Nigeria
curtains closed, there is only sorrow – kendy kendy –
Ants crawled over my city’s remains. – Sofie Devlies – United States
Only love can hurt like This – Adrian Obejas – philippines
Your issues, now mine to endure. – J Moon – United States
“It’s plastic surgery,” said Dr. Frankenstein. – AJ Henry – United Kingdom
He left the entire world behind. – E.E. Hipps – United States
Simply nod. I have no patience. – Aleta Nolan – United States
I didn’t know I’m my enemy. – Mariel Ogabar – Philippines
Celebrities, the bioluminescent insects! Sure thing… – Kyriakos Efthimiades – Greece
WHO was it created the world? – Peter Craig – United Kingdom
cleanse the planet, disregard the natives – Maryrose Montemayor – philippines
she left me, farewell to thee – Ryan Diaz – United States
Death smiled; and she smiled back – J. Harington LeMay – United States
You were indescribable in a good way – Mademoisselle Reina – France
Broken glass on the school yard. – Carley FitzGerald – Canada
His hair famished, died, then vanished. – Armand Diab – United States
Honey and Venom makes love. – Zoya Annu – India
Let’s forgive and let them realize – Rose Ann Labahan – Philippines
Stop drinking, I need your help! – Sean Galbraith – Scotland, United Kingdom
Pain changes man, love changes everything – Michael Kwesi Mensah – Ghana
Unfair, unscripted challenges thrust upon us – David Hutton – United States
The haunted always have attitude. – Şevval Akgül – Turkey
Exhausted I ran the wrong way . – Michela Malone – Uk
Sit stand repeat sit stand repeat – Diana Lazar – Romania
She gathered her books and left. – Jill Piantedosi – United States
To smile roses, sealed sour secrets – 18Marg 18Marg – Nigeria
Mother still stands in the doorway. – Hibah Shabkhez – Pakistan
That moment, killed all my dreams. – Fatuma Huka – Kenya
The benevolent boy with everlasting reverie. – Yola Khodja – United Kingdom
Coffee, morning dew, ravens cry. Today! – Hannah M – United states
I’d like people to respect words. – Prachi C – India
Big reduction: one coffin. Barely used. – Jacky Jolley – United Kingdom
Truth is our perception of reality. – Tabea Elfa Giese – Deutschland
Falling isn’t always bad, rainfalls too – Mahero Kosmos – Pakistan
Rainbows of life, colour me white. – SULOGNA MEHTA – India
They never saw a dog again. – John Andre – Portugal
Crushed pointe shoes and falling angels – Lily Marcovich – United States
She has it all figured out – Fadilah Abubakar – Nigeria
Our folly. Our wisdom. Our world. – Iyanuoluwa The Air Jr. – Nigeria
Each life is its own universe. – Laurie Doyle – United Kingdom
The more desperate the more malleable – Isar Joshi – United States
Your smile deeply evaporates the pain.. – Adaora Odogwu – Nigeria
Her soul never left for long. – Mojo Pepper – United States
She was afraid; of herself. – Nuha Naleem – KSA
river deep mountain high middle bit – julie dron – UK
That serial killer ruined my eyeliner! – Rose Rao – United Kingdom
The blind man saw me bleeding. – Robert Takarautio – Finland
Mother, when would everything be okay – -Amami H. -Amami H. – Nigeria
That unfamiliar scent bothered her often. – Celine Beige – India
Black eyes under makeup and shades. – Hikmat Quadri – Nigeria
We have it all, still miserable – Rose Greenwood – England
I am a quite funny person. – Unusual words – Pakistan
Tell me, where has life gone? – Megan Luis – Singapore
Peeling the dead skin is invigorating – Lane Parmley – United States
Eyes speak words tongues refuse to. – Patwant Rhodes – South Africa
Flammable and inflammable are not opposites. – Abdulrahman M. Abu-Yaman – Nigeria
Little black cat biting my feet – Casie Bazay – United States
I just wanted to need again. – Emily Rojas – United Ststes
To Ent-ropee or to Not-ropee? Siddhartha. – Yaron Parnes – Israel
I age, my dog never does – Daniela Magana – United States
Your smile was never more beautiful. – Hannah Carlson – United States
Those are my six words! … oops … – eyal polack – Israel
When work ended, she came alive – Carrie Ellwood – United States
Six words isn’t enough to writeafullstory. – Kate French – Canada
Blood ties are crafted with barbwire. – Quinn Bailey – United States
Shattered heart, broken soul. Heal me. – Anne-Marie Kofoed – Danmark
Cottons silky-soft. Wherefore fabrics graze skin? – Hong Kong – United States
Truth under lies, underlies the damage. – Lee Serna – United States
Even the stars lost their glow – Ava Kane – United States
The killer passes the dead sentence.. – Chikezie Onwumere – Nigeria
Two clowns. A baby cries. Discomfort. – Melanie Bokstad Horev – Israel
Crocodile teeth shimmering in the darkness. – Adina Frank – Germany
What glossy feathers! Drenched in oil. – Mariella Michael – United Kingdom
I should’ve listened to your exes. – Lynn Bey –
iMac. iPod. iPhone. iPad. I broke. – Nancy Krier – United States
Rain fell on the wrath’s sprouts. – Fatemeh Nasiri – Iran
Night lamps, amid silence, effective romance. – SANKHAJIT BHATTACHARJEE – India
Son, you’ll never know: we’re siblings! – Ofra Offer Oren – Israel
Staining— dull vanilla, crushed rose hue. – Katelynn Budzyn – United States
My tequila has a traitorous flavor – Leslee Peñaroyo – PHILIPPINES
My family is my only inspiration. – Rosemhel Aquino – Philippines
The eighth day: guns and war. – Hannah Wu – United States
Doing homework? Not in this economy – Ocean Karim – United States
There are no rainbows without rain – Lara Jade – United Kingdom
From a Graduate to an Analyst – Shruti Sinha – India
She was the one to meet – Stefano Susini – Spagna
I’d rather go naked. Go America! – Mariana Dynasty – Kenya
I’m too old to wear disguises. – Sharda Mishra – USA
I must re-capture her. I must. – Ava Bogard – United States
Defeat is another Chance for success. – Chaudhari Pritibala – INDIA
You are your biggest fan, Narcissa! – Patricia Leigh Walstad Stankovic – United States
Fresh dough. That’s what I knead. – Alex Humberstone – United Kingdom
Time is limitless; not for us. – Eian Mickens – Unites States
Her smile made feelings into magic. – Judas Van Halen – United States
And then the planet exploded, silently. – Shruti Pandey – India
I’m a tired yet exuberant personality. – MJ Freeman – United States
Aging and love can not avoid – Roise Roise –
You can recover in the epilogue. – Emma Boyd – United States
i took your love and ran – Avalisse Darkanal – UK
Land rights for gay whales now! – Paul Blanksby – Australia
Living in the cold without warmth – Blessing Attari – Nigeria
Mud swallowed my rain boots whole. – Molly Edeburn – United States
I love you. My reflection grins. – Nicoletta Ferdenzi – United Kingdom
Shower: endless inspiration. Desk: writer’s block. – Antoinette Fung – Hong Kong
To change the world, I change. – He-Benny He-Benny – Nigeria.
standing alone ; in rain; in pain – qwertyvil ash – india
Going my way…any day now. – K. Lee – United States
What does the red button do? – Angela M – Kenya
We never know where love goes – nareeta martin – New Zealand
I’ll get you a pencil sharpener! – Russell Smith – United States
No word is ever truly wasted. – Melissa Sharp –
That neurosurgeon bored him to death – Ben Pluck – England
Staying is feeling, not a verb – Musa Khalid – Nigeria
Why is it so cold…Anyone? – Margaret Wolfzorn – United States
Buy one shoe, get the other free! – Sumeiya Ali Sheriff – Kenya
This is how everything loses warmth . – Abdulrazaq Salihu – Nigeria
I swear to never swear. Its cursed – Kylee S – United States
For what reason are people cruel? – Angela Ebbings – United States
I killed my mom this morning. – Fayette Jutt –
Most vandals come from broken homes. – Gordon Williams – United Kingdom
Ready, Set, Go! You are alive! – Anca Pintea – Romania
How was the walk, Spot? Ruff! – Antaeus Balevre – United States
The Majesty of Love in Life – Clarissa Binsol – Philippines
Listening to music, brings me peace – Ivory Chen – Malaysia
Ancient creatures remained. Hidden. Watching. Ready. – Sharyn Grimes – Australia
Aurora: experienced dawn tailor since creation – Samantha Pinazza – Italy
Victimless Crime, But The Cameras Snitched – Parker Eric – United States
Fame is draining, even for porcupines. – Tess Dowling – United States
Read Mom’s diagnosis. My heart sank. – Jane Druzhinina – United States
Open your eyes , the music boxes – Marwa AbuRaida – Palestine
He came. Won the war. Left – Emmanuel Adebobuyi – Nigeria
Can we ever escape ourself? – Alexandra molina –
Read stories to forget your own. – Trevor Thompson – United States
In an universe scourged by misgivings – Arha Saha – India
I cling to space between stars. – Cadie Lee – United States
only your smile gave me epiphanies – Iulia Tanvuia – romania
Don’t look for life, live instead. – Nelsine Bisley – Philippines
The entity caressed his trembling hand. – Katie Farrell – Ireland
Swaying trees don’t dance to jazz. – Mark J. Towers – United Kingdom
Greed curdles fine morals. – Marcus Freeman – South Africa
” I’m a father, don’t kill me.” – Fariha Jahan – England
I’m the smoke to your fire. – Meghan Franky – USA
I miss your Friday-night challah. – Rachel Cohn – United States
You’re the last of my dreams. – Niki Bonifacio – Philippines
In darkness, the Lighthouse Keeper drowned. – Lucas Hockley – Canada
I hid myself in my loneliness – Yuwinn Krau – South Africa
I’m not jealous. I’m never jealous. – Sour Dame – United States
Jane Eyre. Jane Fyre. Jane Water. – Karla Herrera – USA
My lover, my killer, all mine. – Borlen CHONG – United States
I don’t know man that’s life – Sofía Kennel – United States
Earth’s latest review: “It’s too hot.” – Patrick Tompsett – United States
I kept her from disappearing completely – Artemis Cooper – australia
I worry about the wrong things. – Alyssa Brocker – United States
Looking the horizon , makes me homesick – Athina Panteli – Greece
I was your most favourite victim – Qwint Illin – United Arab Emirates
Let’s talk about other things instead – Deborah Aanu Adenyi – Nigeria
Under the box, a tiny meow. – K.R.R. Lockhaven – United States
Love became surreal, he passed away. – Ankita Kureel – India
I meet your eyes. I’m home. – Maddie Rowson – Australia
Gold will dim at day’s end. – George Townsend – England
Snip snip, now she’s bone thin. – Mia Jubril – Nigeria
Smoke slowly silenced students’ strained screams. – CL Tucker – United States
Kansas had never been the plan. – Kathryn Borobia – United States
Guess we weren’t meant to be – Leen Ben. – Canada
Gleefully, I visit you in jail. – Wila Murray – Australia
Be yourself and love yourself more. – Rose Ann Labahan – Philippines
Fallen stars howl on the asphalt. – Michal Zielinski –
Fail to think, fail to live – Okatakyie Minta – Ghana
Quit dentistry to write, can’t write. – Zayd Sulayman – Kuwait
Do stuffed angels respond to prayers? – Maria Stroe – Roumania
Up, down, over, under, all around. – Michele Lagoy – United States
Nothing but resonance between her ears. – Jenny Worstall – United Kingdom
Everybody tries something nobody has done. – Jake Blank – Poland
Second marriage – white dress not compulsory – Barbara Glavota – Australia
Wheelchair for 3-legged dog, immediate pickup. – Steven Antalics – France
Bute never forget what I lost – Jerimie Marcial – Philippines
The senses are fountains of deceit. – Brynn Jackson – United States
He bought, you, the artificial sunlight- – Marek Cheung – China, Hong Kong
Live, love, break a few hearts. – LizaKriss LizaKriss – Nigeria
Death is inevitable so live unapologetically. – Sylvia Oosthuizen – South Africa
I never, ever saw it coming… – Dan Brook – US
His smile, made of my agony. – Aslı Ecem Polater – Turkey
She loved herself when others didn’t – Mary Ann Sidlacan – Philippines
Hate to love, love to die – Light Penn Light Penn – Nigeria
First time sex — what a feeling! – Peter Craig – United Kingdom
Only six words, sevens too much. – LongLive CornBeefTaco – United States
Meet cute. Got married. Now what? – Sharika Nair – India
No one will mourn his death – Deepti Yadav – India
Running in a maze to nowhere. – Jamilen Johnson – United States
She left me. She left me. – Elinora Westfall – United Kingdom
Never let adversities conquer your willpower. – Asha Gardener – Jamaica
There’s nothing super about superannuation. – George Aslanidis – Australia
My bathroom floor knows me best. – Layanthi Tennekoon – Sri Lanka
Just like that he had disappeared. – Mackenzie Geiger – United States of America
Her eyes? Stars. Their sight? Nyctalopia. – Shreya Jain – India
Don’t speak! Let our eyes talk. – Tasleem Mulla – India
I am stuck in infinity because – Daniel Gibbon – United Kingdom
Trapped in Paris, learned loving myself. – Eileen Tull – United States
me like cheezburgers – hedgehod slopdog –
You left. I stopped breathing. Satisfied? – Nafisah Tabassum – United Kingdom
Freeing fastened fox tails unleashes ruin – Ink Makhosane – Lesotho
Why pretend? I choose real happiness. – Nathaniel Kiehm – United States
She Arrived Right Now Then Left – Hazel- Anne Rymell – United Kingdom
He smelled of desire; delectable, damning. – Sarah Al-saad – United Kingdom
I was enough the world wasn’t – Liyana Iqbal – England
Play with your fears and win! – Elisa Onica – Romania
“The fish are mine,” explained Jesus. – Connor Thornley – United Kingdom
All Of Her Dreams Were Dejavus. – Luciana Baptista – Portugal
“Help!” An unanswered scream from below. – Angelica Blake-Lawson – United Kingdom
The world is full of danger. – Jihan (Evan) Lim – United States
“Bri’ish” guess they had enough tea! – Ben Pluck – England
He rants on, she quietly crumbles. – Elaine Wedlock – United Kingdom
Till death we fight, then die – Sadia Shafique – Pakistan
Drowning words float above the water. – Gregory Di Filippi – United States
Tried and failed, but never derailed! – Melissa Sharp –
How dare you think of me. – e.m Wallpaper – United states
The ocean waves break my thoughts – Lydia Toal – United States
What should my last words be? – John Pearce – Australia
Mother cried that night; father lied. – Alexandra Botero – United States
HIs hands lay in her lap. – Daniel Harwood – United Kingdom
Behind her calloused, lonely, heart: pain. – Bramley Maclean – New Zealand
Vows proven true after pairs expire – Jessie Azlyn – Canada
Found a bag of hair, cha-ching! – Dilinna Nwabueze – USA
Unsinkable luxury in Davy Jones’s locker. – Vanessa Horn – United Kingdom
I broke him, before I broke – Pakhi Srivastava – India
Dark Night, More Shine, You’ll Shine – Surbhi Joshi – India
Be what you pray for. Holy – Beth A Roberts – United States
We hopefully dance in our quicksands. – Burak Dal – Turkey
Eyes closed permanently. I call hospice. – Leah Mueller – United States
It wasn’t honestly that bad. *Dies* – Raiha Fatima – Pakistan
Count life by experiences not seconds – Jacinta Fuentes Rocha – Argentina
“Someone’s following me.” Her last words. – Ren —— – United States
She was lonely within a crowd. – Susan Grant – United States
Liberation took ages till the end – Ines Acevedo-Bakx – New Zealand
Love cut the noose for him – Albie Gwen – United Kingdom
Roses are red … I love mi’bed. – Favour Lawani – Nigeria
Give life everywhere you set foot – Monicah Michelle – Kenya
No am not dull i grow. – Emmanuel Emmic – Zambia
The knife wasn’t in her back. – Jessica Rodebush – United States
Falling. Loving. Killing. Cleaning. Faking. Falling. – Ayah Bar oryan – Israel
The dinner party had no guests. – Kim Benton – Canada
Her husband never kissed like this. – Bela Erekson – United States
They sold their home, left homeless. – Noya Muiz – Pakistan
Is anything worth it any longer – Misa Amane – United States
The hero fell. We all watched. – Elyssa U – United States
Civilization deteriorates while preoccupied with sincerity. – Matthew Homan – United States
Rise to Fall: Fall to Rise – Dare Dare – Nigeria
A predator never underestimate it’s prey. – Glenn Mark Ormega – Philippines
Not all stories have happy endings. – E.G. Simmons – United States
Jim lost his job. Who cares? – Daniel Sanchez – United States
Sink my fingers into your land – Paloma Riedel – Chile
Martian dinosaur occupation ended by meteor. – Larry Hodges – United States
“The world’s flat?” I cried tears. – Debra Plucknett – UK
Kidney for sale, special BOGO deal! – Ilana Bogomolny – Israel
We fight. Be each other’s light. – Tatin Bravo – Philippines
Constant debate. Can’t we have peace? – Corey Garcia – United States
Don’t leave me to the dinosaurs! – Florit Shoihet – United Kingdom
The world is ending and I- – Cristina Stegaru – Romania
Nature’s flames begs for a quietus. – Capricorn – – Malaysia
Walking frantically, panicking about harming her. – Sabina Tampa – Romania
I have grieved you for centuries. – Gwynevere Hyde – Portugal
Living is what takes true courage – Ty Tan – United States
my happiness? he messed with it. – Marissa Lyons – United States
lost my memories, help me find? – Andrew Lu – Canada
Frustrated, regretful, eventually laughing: I dream. – Brian Chen – China
“I shall return.” But, he didn’t. – Aiza Mangaya – Philippines
I woke up in a nightmare – Rutika Jadhav – India
I woke, cold again, alone again. – Martyn Sullivan – United Kingdom
You looks NICER with yor SMILE – _ SIOW – Malaysia
Smiling, even with red puffy eyes – Adhiya Azni – Indonesia
I want to win this money – Paul Perkins – United States
God Is Not Your Family Member – Mubanga Sampa – Zambia
Wanted: New Love and a Family – Ana Carpenter – United Kingdom
Tenuous, impetuous, chaotic mortality whispered: Jump. – Damon Yeld – South Africa
Angels wept, the day she died. – Avami Avami – Nigeria
She was home alone. “Bless you.” – Ashna Singh – United States
In a library, unable to read – Matt Stone – Ireland
Your forehead kisses worth the world. – Sadiya Ansari – India
You talk, and I lose words. – Ana Tiffany – United States
The tempest rises, an unbearable ache. – Emerald Storii – India
“Ssh….for.. Matured! Now, you are!” – Black Widow – Pakistan
Let’s rise from grass to grace – Monicah Michelle – Kenya
Crash! The statistician became a statistic! – Ivana Bogoeva – Bulgaria
Vowing I wouldn’t, I did anyway. – Kerry Howington – United States
Humanity is dying. Zombies don’t exist. – Ina Seidel – Australia
Cold knives cutting the soft bread – Iulia Musat – United states
Everything’s cake so I baked him. – Roy Clyde Belleza – Philippines
The sun went dark on Thursday. – ER Castaneda – United States
Work hard for those before us. – Chanelle Calderon – United States
The seven oceans, beautiful and deadly. – Ava Cowden – United States
Heimlich him before he passes out. – David Patten – United States
She didn’t know she was drowning. – Zea Bowman – United States
Stuttering, boldly, finally. “Hold the pickles.” – Brian Parisi – United States
nosebleeds cause by scent of death – Isaac Olaleye – Canada
The relation toxicity ruined her mentally. – Gazala Saifi – India
She died, we cried, life continued. – Brenda Onowanlan – Nigeria
This: sore bones and ethereal scents. – T.M Redding – Israel
My son just learned to walk! – Campbell Chamberlin – Canada
Everything but nothing. Always but never. – D.S. Michelson – United States
3am. The closet door creaked open. – Shazray Nauman – Pakistan
She never went home after that. – Jonathan Pett – UK
Have my cake and yours too. – Jelani D’Aguilar – United Kingdom
for I’ve mistaken love for joy – Noam Noy – Israel
Inspired by Jesus, three days MIA. – Rebeca Maynart – Brazil
He thought about his unfortunate situation – C.L. Olsen Olsen – United States
Go outside while it’s not lethal – Patrick Tompsett – United States
mask slips, most beautiful girl ever. – Robyn Woodward – United Kingdom
Heart. Eyes. Now they’re mine forever. – Arthur König – United States
Where is dad? on thanksgiving table. – Atefe Kiani – Iran
I’m getting bored again — what now? – Sidney Élio – Canada
Her lips tased of ashen chocolate – Teresa Barber – United States
Moosie crosses Rainbow Bridge; sun’s out. – Juley Harvey –
The sun can’t be brighter Mama – Reham Emam – Egypt
Hoping my dreams become my reality. – Ebunoluwa Oluwaga – Nigeria
Empathy and Pessimism together define humanity. – Aswen Goldwyl –
Lost from lust. Heart in dust. – Sumlina Alam – United States
Here stands a girl who dreams – Steffie Lan – USA
Flowered with kisses he seethed, “liar!” – Jennifer Young – United States
Do you miss it? Sure, sometimes. – Alfonso Maravilla – United States
Petals burst forth from deceitful lips. – Minjoon Ryu – South Korea
We bury Jim today, not tomorrow. – Christopher Frew – United States
“Sorry, you are not the father.” – Oluwafemi Onifade – Nigeria
Before you live, learn to die. – Ananya Lodhi – India
We rise; we fall. We rise. – Xiolante B – United States
The cat told me to hide. – Levona Tamir – Israel
Wind, only seen, through another’s guise – mark masters – United Kingdom
Love And Light, Peace And Quiet – Abigail Johnson – Nigeria
Isn’t cruelty basically a human trademark? – Beckton Simmons –
Blind couldn’t see the brightest sun. – Tshewang Norbu – Bhutan
But sir, the blood is gone! – Hollie Lemons – United States
Look – truth – shot, understanding – grief – shot – Joanna Tulo – United States
time traveling. You too can go – Joseph White –
Laugh with her, I don’t care. – Nafisah Tabassum – United Kingdom
How would the world ever recover? – Cathy Miller – United States
“One word, I’ll kill you” “Promise?” – Lela Housing – United States
Friction freak, sell a bit blood – MayzE Segal – ISRAEL
Goodness will find it’s way eventually. – Lisa Dash-Grimes – United States
Wisdom always appears in unexpected places. – Saturn Lee – United States
Baby became a doll. Stopped moving. – Pusapati V – India
Rest in peace; tumultuous, vociferous despair. – Lee Derium – Malaysia
King of knockouts: thanks, Gastric Disturbances. – Farumbo . – Ireland
Murder she wrote. From personal experience. – Talli Carr – Canada
Weariness sets bone faster than plaster. – Pinka PopsicKle – India
Tucking your tag back in kindergarten. – Penelope Titus – United States
“I love you, Jennifer… Allison. Sorry.” – Zack Wilson – United States
She hangs leaves in her cubicle. – Jérôme Plumier – Belgium
That pencil joke…it’s just pointless. – Liberty Pope – United States
I am but a traveller here. – Shaktal Iddi – Ghana
The Glaciers of beauty filled scenery. – RoseMaryS Makengo – Tanzania
It’s other’s problem, till it’s yours – Lucy Smith – New Zealand
I loved him. It wasnt enough. – Maycee Wahl – United States
Sold to slavery; became a governor – Emmanuel Adebobuyi – Nigeria
Everyone lies, especially those most honest. – Nina Novella – South Africa
Was it worth being your secret? – Ema D. – United States
No hands. No legs. No problem. – Teah Te –
Couldn’t find courage to ask her – Tamari Lewin –
We keep getting attacked, but why? – Timothy Olufosoye – United kingdom
All your words spark a fire. – Ana Tiffany – United States
Fake love triumph when discussed. – Chisom Umeh – Nigeria
Soon, there was only plastic everywhere. – Andreea Meteleciu – Romania
scalpel slices through the marred flesh – Bee lily – India
Kindness is key to friendship – MIRYAM Taouk – United Kingdom
This man has the blue lantern. – Jia Lee – United States
So the earth mourned with him. -story – Atticus Atticus – Canada
Without their hosts, all shadows disappeared. – Anita Turner – United Kingdom
These are my apple bottom jeans. – Sage Gates – United States
Don’t know when everyone turned grey – Megha Gupta – India
You, let it be – Lidya Eskinder – Ethiopia
I woke up and began dreaming. – Liberty Pope – United States
Cold raindrops mingled with glistening tears. – Grace Wright – United States
“See you soon”. such a liar. – Anushka Shukla – India
Yesterday, a neighbor’s death tomorrowed me. – Carlos Manuel Eusoya – Philippines
I was young. Monsters weren’t scary. – Gray Fader – United States
Azure eyes reflected the glittering stars. – Grace Wright – United States
Mittens melted Dad through sheer proximity. – Summer Austin – United States
Who buys presents for God’s birthday? – Lyne Jackson – US
He died happy, knowing he lived – Dabalos Michelle – Philippines
candid pictures WILL be my death – Lex Chamberlin – United States
Sweet society killed his all dreams – Sanskar Saini – India
The Underworld’s the corpse’s dance floor – Len Vasilache – Romania
Sacrifice, curcial, but not yet crucified. – Z MK – Hungary
The wind blew away her worries. – Rohana Khattak – Pakistan
I fall and rise everyday – Ukamaka Nnenna Ugwu – Nigeria
I have kids, just not mine. – Hikmat Quadri – Nigeria
My eyes in my grandmother’s picture. – Yvonne Lovejoy – United States
Walking through the dark night scared. – Lillie Bookout – United States
It’s me or her: you choose – Nikki Little – United States
Death came before her last breath. – Linda Juliano – United States
Let undue expectations pass us by – Bramley Maclean – New Zealand
Her name chose her destiny: Karen – Vyna Tagal – Philippines
I can see from far away. – Ballpoint Shaheed Rashid – United States
Hoodie stays on in summer crowds. – Monique Peterson – United States
We are slowly dying to live. – Gokul Nathan – India
Horoscope was wrong – she died – Elizabeth Henderson – UK
Proud of the life she fabricated. – Jadyn Schoenberg – United States
Like night with the stars gone. – Benedict Phillipe –
Lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, panthers. Cockroaches. – Daniel Tamarakro – Nigeria
Licked the stamp, jumped the gun. – Paul Blanksby – Australia
I’m yours, she told the world. – Josa Keyes – United Kingdom
The sun set. I faded too. – Orion O’Connell – United States
Love is a four letter word. – Ava Andrew –
Your soulmate has got another soulmate. – Ali Osman – Ghana
Talking chickens, don’t keep secrets well. – Leeyannass Leeyannass – Jamaica
Life is death, death is life. – S A Fatmi – Pakistan
I want you to be mine – Rex Gazzel Ajero – Philippines
We’re a pebble, balanced on a sunbeam. – George Townsend – England
Her laughter died. She lived on. – Coji Senanayake – Sri Lanka
A tapestry of Israel and Africa. – Peace Muchiri – Kenya
Took a bullet for my love – Sanskar Saini – India
Garden plants eaten by hungry animals. – Michele Jones – United States
she couldn’t grasp his heavy words – Teagan Bobst – United Stated
You won, because I lost myself. – Jennah Dean – United Kingdom
Apple reads thoughts. Imagine the chaos. – Sushma R Doshi – India
Is love about falling or crashing? – Katelyn Wascavage – United States
The spiders danced on his bones. – Sarah Guan – United States
Perfumed thighs, business conference at 6. – Belle Green – United Kingdom
I’m pretentious, sure; but imagine God. – Daniel Holst – united states
“No, She Will Never Be Okay.” – Ariane Bueno – Philippines
Bullet in face. Pocket of posies. – Raiha Fatima – Pakistan
‘Full-blood sapien mince, just 60 lumens’ – Anthony Levin – Australia
Only wise birds feather their nest. – Alan Lehrer – United States
“Please forgive me.” She never did. – Barak Friedman – Israel
In the end, we’re all human. – Genevieve Hong – United States
A simple handgun? Is that all? – LJ Southgate – United Kingdom
Wailing wall, weeping moms, wearying war… – Ikeoluwa Ireoluwa – Nigeria
Camp meteor showers with lost friends. – Rachel Cohn – United States
Our policy didn’t cover alien invasion. – Jennifer Gent – United States
Gone, and you will finally cherish – Celestia Whittemore – United States
Family, home, sanity. Fire engulf all. – Cintia Abigail Bonilla – Honduras
One gun, one deer, dinner served – Selina Spartini – United Kingdom
Postmortem, she wasn’t all that bad. – R James Hughes – United States
I didn’t think you wanted me – Nikki Little – United States
The sun catching my fire within – Lakshmi Vankayala – India
one two three four five six – kala dunnihoo – United States
In sleep we wander, awake we stay. – Nelia Tad-o – Philippines
Trust me, I will love you – Clarissa Binsol – Philippines
The body was drained of blood. – Megan Guthrie – United States
The chips almost filled the void – Bridie Hetherington – Canada
I broke free, but now what? – Tanush Kulai – India
Without you, I am nothing – Jada R – United States
“You’re my past” he said jokingly. – Josephine Josephine – Nigeria
Lips, pink, red, sealed, fluent, crisp – Amber Ray – United States
Our Family Isn’t for the Faint of Heart – Nicole Luongo – USA
She’s art; but she wanted masterpiece. – Amielle Tarriane – Philippines
Gutted hearts out of love’s desperation. – Luna O’Reilley – Germany
Adults get away with almost anything. – Aristeia Rayne – Philippines
Hoping my dreams become my reality. – Elizabeth Oluwaga – Nigeria
The future past is today’s choice. – Paul Clark – United Kingdom
Thirty’s hand too scary to shake. – Oteeyho Iro – Nigeria
me.you. you.her. me. you. – Alyssa Brocker – United States
The Beauty Saw The Ugly, Love – Abigail Johnson – Nigeria
Earthquakes are music for the Deafs. – Matthis Degree – France
But please, don’t let me go! – Katelynn Budzyn – United States
Baby born. Identity deconstructed. Race transcended. – Kimberly Barrett – United States
Suck in. Tighten the pretty corset. – Mia Jubril – Nigeria
Red hair. Red cheeks. Red flags. – Bator Toth – Canada
Beyond your eyes , there is benevolence – Marwa Tahiri – Morocco
Love is just a shared secret. – Samantha Ryan – USA
A desert’s cliff. Shaded swallows rising. – Yair Alon – Israel
Time sat still while life marveled. – jawan aloraifan – Kuwait
Doomsday came by our own hands – Pritika Vas – Canada
Letter ‘f’ is important in life- six word story – Srividya Subramanian – India
Started as strangers,ends with memories. -Memoir – Ma.Elaiza Emalyn V.Ibañez (Darkside2427 for pen name) – Philippines
Even in her cruelty she nurtures – Shona Ellen Connolly – Ireland
“She has everything”. except true happiness. – Marissa Lyons – United States
Wings to stir, of golden weight. – Kathy Bahr – United States
The unsung melodies found in silence – Emmanuel Adebobuyi – Nigeria
Forgotten memoir under the anarchic ruins. – Burak Dal – Turkey
Happy little accidents are my speciality. – Tyler Sayre – United States
Help with my shoes please mister? – Cameron Pauken – United States
Grandma’s hands grow cracked with wisdom. – Talia Padmore – United States
He was dead. Now he´s not. – Fiona Reynolds – United States
Mother’s asylum was my personal hell. – Reviera Amreen – Bangladesh
I looked back. She was gone. – Christian William Alava – Philippines
Love’s poison. But she loved her. – Faraghta Hossain – Canada
The beach. Two shoes. No-one around. – Simon Kewin – United Kingdom
Only death brought him absolute peace. – S A Fatmi – Pakistan
The truth is never the truth. – Christopher Frew – United States
You’re Romeo, but I’m not Juliet. – Kaylee Faulkner – United States
Chilly air escaped the dead body. – Meera Dandekar – India
She cries but doesn’t tell anyone. – Ariel Walters – United States
Timmy tommy took timber yesterday alone – Ohgirl Ohgirl – United kingdom
Looking at the sky through leaves – Clare Mills – Norway
Door open, no tears, just laughter. – Chanelle Calderon – United States
Stars shine brightest in the dark. – Zoe Erickson – United States
We loved. We raged. You left. – S.B. Ward – United States
silence between our breaths – heaven’s opera – Astrid Birdmann – Canada
At midnight, the predator stealthily hunts – Obianuju Jane Ebubeoha – Nigeria
Another face on a milk carton. – Ella Jade – Australia
To have courage, faith and truth. – Jesanya Sinclair – United States
Finishing important moments, don’t take long – Xiao An Bing – China
Wipe off the blood and fight. – Laurie Thompson – United States
Abandoned young mermaid died of dehydration. – R. P. Melo – Brazil
The new guy must have quit. – Allison Dillon – United States
I died last night. Not again. – Isabelle Curtis – United States
Note to self: knives really hurt. – Jack Arnold – United States
Entered with child, left empty handed. – Violet Beaufort – United States
Your feelings will always be valid. – Sepida Sepida – Philippines
Little lovely moments, necessary in life. – Pooja Pandey – India
Salty nostrils, sandy toes, sun-kissed cheeks – Tim Kirton – United Kingdom
Home and sinking sand are same. – Sophia Gabriel – Nigeria
Soul destroyed, no words, just empty – Helen Velikans – Australia
Tell Without Mouth, Fight Without Mercy – Abeeb Mutalib – Nigeria
Back of the net, beautiful goal – Timothy Olufosoye – United kingdom
Despite dying, they all lived again. – Jackie Szeszko – United States
Hold together steadfast, the worlds seething. – Abbey Linsley – Australia
Genius! Until someone realizes the opposite… – Kira Meng – China
Waterfall drops touched her nose – Yoeri Stak – Spain
The odd one out. Never you. – Neo B. – United States
my ink, and words are black – Lidya Eskinder – Ethiopia
Only I could witness me grow. – Steven Stone – United States
It’s such a frightening word. Love. – Katie Whitehead – United Kingdom
My goldfish drow under the water – _ SIOW – Malaysia
Everything went when the glaciers came. – Sanja Klišanin – Austria
River of happiness, I’d still sink. – Gloria Ochai – Nigeria
I cry, died and was reborn. – Jacob Milner – United States
Kelvin and Lucy. More than friends. – I.R.I Precious I.R.I Precious – Nigeria
The world was on drowning, she wasn’t – Princess Blueberry – United States
The danger of being an teenager – Madison Cooley – United States
I shouldn’t’ve died on that day – Morongwa Colleen – South Africa
I finished. Bowed. Waited. Utter silence. – Rina Olsen – Guam (USA)
“Empty eyes, full pockets.” I cry. – Natalie Fenoff – United States
The life of a miserable god – JD Roberts – United States
As one spoke, I simply listened. – T M – United kingdom
Is Cat, Humans? Or Human, Cats? – Sasha May Priest – United Kingdom
The cup broke; I kept drinking. – R. K. Emerson – United States
The room was dark, cold, empty. – Chowa Chikumbi – Zambia
Mother’s couch. Stiff-backed. Tear-stained. – Brian Pilling – United States
Last dollar. Picked numbers. Now penniless. – Maryhelen McCarthy – USA
Definitely no. Well maybe. Okay then. – stuart mcdowall – United Kingdom
My grandpa likes his chicken raw. – Aylar A –
I’m not lost. I’m with you. – Patsy Collins – United Kingdom
Is light pure or just bright? – Amanda Martinez – United States
First Christmas alone…always the worst. – Carson Rebel – United States
A hella pansexual, a hollow (pants)exual. – louie (the little lost kid) – South Africa
Doors locked. Set alarm. Into bed. – Jonson Craig – United States
Break down — move like a sin – Gwen Keller – United States
Never kissed, never touched, never loved – Nicole Oraegbu – United States
Coffee’s hot, but the mug’s cold. – Amanda Fox – United States
Recurring dream of the candle moon – Cherise De Lambilly – United States
Leggo meets foot. This is death. – Daisha Wilson – United States
Searching – Rana Aibike Karjy – Kazakhstan
Christmas, when loneliness sparkles and shines. – Debbie Harris – England
The moon knows when to hide – Amiel Guyçois – Canada
Pick up your soul- we’re leaving. – Katrina Love – United Kingdom
“I’m not a robot”/ I lied. – Roy Clyde Belleza – Philippines
Engrave “Mark” on an unmarked grave. – Mahdison Desbois – France
Dream. Try. Fail. Try. Learn. Live. – Essdee Dhevan – Australia
She almost finished her bucket list. – BreadandPepper BreadandPepper – Philippines
Yet the night stood the stillest. – Mackenzie Geiger – United States of America
The runner never bought new shoes. – Sumlina Alam – United States
The Giant-King reclaimed his crumbling throne… – Emmanuel Caxton – United States
“Marriage reclamation project, you might say.” – Mark Rhodes – United States
Opened my heart, let it bleed. – Sam Williamson – Chile
The sky is not the limit. – Sarah Stook – United Kingdom
The world floods your eyes incessantly – Thao Fantaske – United States
Kitten wanted. Must love time travel. – Andrew Rodgers – United States
broken hearts never recover. they reshape – Ella Kanegarian – Armenia
Weep for us, the people lost – Steffie Lan – USA
Panic builds as the coffin breaks – Adam Kelley-Jorgensen – United States
Books entwine fabrics of musings and reality – Dane Wary Dulnuan – Philippines
Morning clouds swallowed yesterday’s shooting stars. – Ria Mavinkurve – United States
A barking dog does not bite – Praveen Jayathilake – Sri Lanka
The vast space wears your cologne. – Peter Itanka – Nigeria
if animals could speak they woulden – Emily Sarez – United States
my heart cries from the lies – Ryan Diaz – United States
Really? Is it love or bellyache? – Aisha Safarova – Azerbaijan
A mermaid with feet, mermaid indeed. – Sanvi Mehtani – India
Instead of wine, it was gasoline. – haldissen haldissen – Philippines
Never felt same after Covid-19 era. – Mohammed Wasif Umair – Qatar
Hands to never wrinkle in age. – Catherine Moor – United States
The Final Battle: Start the Countdown. – Kimora Stewart – United States
Resemblances, coincidences or maybe just twins? – Ricardo Imaeda – Brasil
“Humans vastly insignificant narcissists,”reports alien – Sushritha Adari – United Kingdom
I believed and you still left. – Sondra Cappuccio – United States
Spacesuit failure became imminent. Serenity embraced. – Roxanne Barbour – Canada
Yes, I knew him. A shame… – Bramley Maclean – New Zealand
The trawl of the citizen teaches. – N. Flaherty Kimball – United States
Religion lost me, not me it. – Rachel Silvestro – United States
Your love will light my world. – Jerald Topacio – Philippine
Long distance can build stronger relationships – Lesego Prudence Maluleke – South Africa
I have finally found my people! – TheO.G Agboke – Nigeria
Look under your bed, I’m there. – Arpita Padhi – India
Life is a kite; Fly High – Surbhi Joshi – India
Eyes met, I loved, she judged. – Dipen Jallan – India
Wounds are gone, but rotten inside. – Margareth Lee Asuncion – Philippines
Through the Window, the whole world. – D Suiam – India
Sharp knives; yet words cut deeper. – Kaarhunyaa Sivapalan – Canada
Trees sang as water drifted away – Madison Tarlton – United States
Dad jokes weren’t funny; dads were – Crownarcher . – United States
Character not gifts, define the soul – Ikechukwu Okorie – Nigeria
Will rock the award show, honey! – Sunitha Muralidharan – India
Stars are the staircase to dreams – Jenny Pay – Canada
My hands rubbed raw from sanitizer. – Emily Rose Allen – United States
only on fridays could we meet – Francis Hui – United States
My wife: witty; irresistible; funny; emotional. – Campbell Chamberlin – Canada
I fell in love. Stood up. – Zion Owolabi – Nigeria
Huskies: the toddlers of canine kind. – Amy Coles – Canada
Woke up today. Terrified the mortician. – Dawne Monigle – United States
I don’t like it. Erase. Backspace. – M. J. Holmes – United States
I burts in tears. It’s dry. – Jan B – Philippines
I was too lazy to rest – Sakina Habib – United Arab Emirates
But I love you : message received – Selina Borji – United Kingdom
Give it unto me, the cut – Zachary Herman – Poland
Dreams aren’t free in the USA. – Rory Moores – New Zealand
A deep sadness lived within her. – Daniel Poland – United Kingdom (England)
The Sea hid under the waves. – Otilia Nastase – Romania
It was falling out in clumps. – Libby Lee – United States
The mutt called habit, swallows hard. – Brian Pilling – United States
Kaleidescope’s of colours filled my eyes – Danae Beven – Australia
She was water, he was oil. – Salem Miles – Zimbabwe
Push petals, open-palmed, promenade praise. – Clove Morgan – United States
Stress devours the seedlings of joy. – Miley Neilson – United states
I said abuela was my grandma. – Kiara Pacheco – Canada
Judge not with a single story – Iyanuoluwa The Air Jr. – Nigeria
Gap between my teeth, incomplete smile. – Abdulrazaq Salihu – Nigeria
Blind man wins big sightseeing tour! – Elke Wandersee – Germany
Bubble popping without a needle touching. – Xiao An Bing – China
Everyone’s opinion defines & changes my life. – Xaria Amoroso – Trinidad and Tobago
I held the power all along. – Jessica Rodebush – United States
One lie was all it took… – Aishi Mitra – India
I’ll settle for, “I love you.” – Alyssa Brocker – United States
“Go die” jokingly, head rolled off – Ilma Naseem – Oman
Reflection – sammie Daniels – United States
American lullaby – bullets on a chalkboard. – Jillian Calahan – United States
Be resilient and think radiant thoughts. – Saturn Lee – United States
The universal remote: It changes everything! – Adam Kassner – United States
Videogames lead to more beatings. – Jordan Fuentes – United States
“I do” whispered against dead lips… – Alice Keating – United States
Space ripples, time unclenches, I fall. – Mariama Wurie – United Kingdom
In a hurricane with am umbrella – Taylor Heywood – Canada
She felt caged, but also free. – Mark Joseph Dadios – Philippines
Love doing my taxes. Said nobody. – Nyxed Rumor – USA
Always remember circles don’t have ends. – Aashita Sood – India
Sleep with Demons: Dream About Angels – Dakins Akin – Nigeria
And everything that came after nothing – G.M Rega – United States
Dancing on the hammock is easier. – Amritha S – India
Ghosted and unmatched. Tinder ruined dating. – Sarah Seymour – United Kingdom
Tears and seawater salt my face. – Veronica Shreve – United States
Wait don’t [Message was not delivered] – – Anonymous –
Only the Spirit knows the way. – Penni Trikon – Ghana
Abused.Got hurt.Made her mute – Juliana Mae Chumacera – Philippines
Summer, sweat. How do I smell? – Valerie Stilson – United States
Today, I’m taking exam by prayers. – Jan B – Philippines
Exhausted because my brain hates me. – Eliza Rodriguez – United States
The end of the long beginning. – John David Magno – Philippines
First dance, or the chocolate fountain? – Jeannie Armstrong – United Kingdom
“Monsters or men?” “There’s a difference?” – Archie Balo – South Africa
If only there were seven words – Buudy Van Buren – United States
Good knowledge serves people, not power – Michael Kwesi Mensah – Ghana
Forgotten birthday, I hate my twin. – Kendra Jackson – Ireland
He is surrounded, but lives alone – Christopher Mbakwe – Nigeria
Emily died. No one knew yet. – Mina Amar – Nigeria
Dead, she will stay young forever. – Laure Dorsemaine – United Kingdom
Date. Chaotic and naïve had a drink – They make a promise, and then life. kreiter – israel
I can’t wait to get away. – Sierra Sophia – United States
Adopted white boy of Ecuadorian family. – Jordan Zuniga – United States
Walk a book like a dog – Chhivyi Tang – Cambodia
Hakuna Matata. All will be well. – Mayowa Owolabi – Nigeria
Whispered history suspends like drapery upended. – Wes Ryan – Canada
Never loved you, teary eyes said – Rameez Ali – India
She had eyes of expired Pepto-Bismol. – Lindsey Burton – United States
Romantic movies are setting by crews. – Carol Bee – Indonesia
Loss – Matryoshka with a big belly. Empty – Adi Peled-Sarig – Israel
Mother Nature is grieving out loud. – Rabi’a N – Mauritius
Moving on but looking back – indecision! – Ruth Nott – United States
Insecurity made me learn the ukulele. – Steve Lodge – Singapore
i eat myself, and am bitter. – Diya Mohan – Canada
Use insta, get bored, login agin – Ashwani Singh – India
You matter simply because you exist. – Kyly Wright – United States
Three simple words, I love you – Akshay Manchanda – United States
It Rained It Poured It Stopped – Hazel- Anne Rymell – United Kingdom
No one could ever love me. – Romilda Rumlow – United Kingdom
Flying or dying? – Kasey Whitney – Australia
We are vessels of potent desires. – Isabel Nowemigisha – Uganda
Make a dream become a goal. – Vora Wong – Hong Kong
Family, Lost, Kidnap, Sacrifice, Love – Hannah Sado – Hannah
ouch The screen hovers – sarah malul – israel
Tomorrow’s history lesson: polar ice caps. – Steven O. Young Jr. – United States of America
The only problem with censorship is – JJ Courtney – United Kingdom
lost nights glimmer in the light – Deir Daugherty – united states
Agathokakological; that is what you are. – Everett Sparks – England
The worst enemies know you best – Hannah Rissler – United States
I’d like meatballs in my coffee. – T.E. Fahlstedt – Sweden
Terrifying screams, guns blazing ,death staring. – Tashy Chinos – Zimbabwe
Estranged strangers changed their blood. Strange. – Ari Sugarplum – Croatia
Where are you going? It’s midnight! – Tamara Bosak Đorđević – Serbia
Water drops are water being born – Muyeko Mwenifumbo – Malawi
I missed it? Man, I did. – Janine Anabel – United States
Protective bear continuously seized the Canadian – Jenelle Worme – Canada
Chose suicide, in hell we unite – Bemebeyou 1805 – Mauritius
Now, imagine, sincerely, your last breath. – Alexander Young – United States
Full of nothing. Taken as prescribed. – Brooke Hamilton Benjestorf – United States
SOUVENIR — ring, aisle, child, postern, scab. – Everest Udochukwu – Nigeria
“I do,” the graves echoed back. – Caleb Crumpton – United States
For Sale: Handgun. Only used once – Steven Hampton – Canada
Devil, many faces. I have more. – Ema N. – Japan
I ran from the past, fast. – Carly Searcy – United States
He danced through life without rhythm. – Jessica Going – United States
Losing my first tooth at four – Livie Killion – United States
Disgraced paladins. Sinful overlords. Ravaged realms. – Kyriakos Efthimiades – Greece
Stone-cold angels; a brainwashing shine – King – – Malaysia
The bee can betray the nectar – Abimbola Oyinloye – Nigeria
Amidst Amoire Among A man begotten – Ari Aisha – United Kingdom
You are what you eat, child – Kathleen Falconer – United Kingdom
You and I, the Universe lied – Rishika Srivastava – India
I’m here. Do you see me? – Kathryn O’Day – United States
Sail the thoughts. Today, we fish. – Başak Kılcı –
Palm tree panic makes everyone manic! – Maddie Logemann – United States
I don’t have kindness to spare – Ramona Gore – United States
I Am Black, Bold And Beautiful – Chioma Cynthia Chidobelu (CH O Mmy Chomzy) – Nigeria
Rustling leaves, he is getting closer – John Ordinary – Philippines
He broke his teeth on bony-sky – Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan – Nigeria
My Heart Sings in Pained Beats. – Caesar CM – Philippines
Lone candlelight can unlock foreign worlds – Palisha MKG – Malawi
I caught the faithful’s plague. – Mia Murdock – United States
Trees: SOS! Humans gone nuts! SOS! – Chukwuebuka Uzochukwu – Nigeria
They have the same eye color. – Saturn Star – United States
Slave to Social Media, No More. – Ari Covert – United States
I have lived, because I survived – Sacha Shimmer – Netherlands
Only mimes can show their feelings. – Karen Brown – United States
I loved him.He didn’t understand. – Layanthi Tennekoon – Sri Lanka
Alone again, searching for soul again. – Naina Mehta – India
He breaks away from routine breathing. – Joseph Babalola – Nigeria
The frightening limitlessness of man’s mind – Ikechukwu Okorie – Nigeria
I forgot about my Alzheimer’s disease – Alona Kharina – Ukraine
One day I’ll finally stand up. – Lucia Reed – United Kingdom
Horrific skull eating my exposed organs – Colt Henderson – United States
But you said you loved me. – Teresa Corbett – United Kingdom
Pants too low. Incurred several fines. – Sy Field – Japan
With the moonlight splashing its wishes – Angeline Palumbo – Shanghai
My mom is a plant lady. – Suri Yau – United States
He was kind till his death – Tarannum Chowdhury – Bangladesh
Time is the most reliable companion. – Kallie Hart – United States
black is beautiful, so is white. – Abraham Israely – Israel
Pacing feet tame the wicked mind. – Ash Hines – United States
Your eyes filled in the blanks. – Suretha Badenhorst – Australia
I found power through possessing weakness – C. Simpson – United States
Something broke between them forever, forever. – Sarah Al-saad – United Kingdom
Geography makes the world go round. – Gloria Ochai – Nigeria
Jet fuel cant melt steel beams – Amaliya Dray – United States
Are you gonna ice a cake? – Taras Allistone – United Kingdom
I thought I was absolutely beautiful – Georgina Way – United Kingdom
broken heart is all I have. – Zarin Tasnim Zahra – United States
He forgets today, stuck in tomorrow. – David Nightingale – United States
Her eyes were fixed upward forever. – Saranya Menon – United States
You love who you wish I was. – JK Morgan – United States
Their heart called, my own answered. – Carlos Abainza – Bahrain
Happy memories plus agony equals nostalgia. – Nico Morales – USA
Cease to love at second sight – Alona Kharina – Ukraine
Once upon a time, creativity died. – Mike Omoruan – United States
Brother’s sword is in my back. – Lucas Hockley – Canada
Cried out laughing, then just cried. – Tamara Ciric – Serbia
It sounded easier in my head. – Clara Leder – United States
“I noticed!” he said, looking around… – SL Moran – United Kingdom
Rich shop while the poor starve. – Amna Bajwa – Pakistan
A husband, a sidepiece = bloody mess – Selina Spartini – United Kingdom
She’s diet soda to fat bellies. – Lucky Lamante – South Africa
Everyones perception differs from each other. – Bilqis Qadir – United Arab Emirates
Weathered souls drove their weathered soles. – Virginia Crow – Scotland
Hurtful things love its terrible taste. – Gregory Di Filippi – United States
Fact is, E.T. decided to stay – Arik Levi – Israel
Mummy and Daddy are absolutely delightful. – Lukundo Choonga – Zambia
Blinking fireflies, trapped in preserve jars – Erin Jamieson – United States
The abyss is laughing at me. – brendan odonnell – United States
Open the freezer to see her. – Niko Zoltan – Austria
Immortalizing the essence of father’s legacies – Ibrahim Moshood – Nigeria
I painted the snow crimson red. – Stephanie Lyn – United States
A bruised knee. A tougher exterior. – Christopher Jacob Canady – United States
She wrote the world she wanted. – C.A. Evans – United Kingdom
They burned granddad then got drunk – Ros Weaver – United Kingdom
Packed suitcases and a oneway ticket. – Mateo Illias – United States
His shoulders slumped. “Great. Another note.” – Munachiso Chiedozie – Nigeria
Built on lies is marriage brutal – Judy Bo – Kenya
She kissed her behind the altar. – Roxane Llanque – Germany
Life is hard. I am harder. – Ellie Loescher – United States
The Magi encounter’s Easter’s Holy Gift. – Becky Parker – United States
My dog makes my darkness dissipate. – Amber Reinhart – United States
Devastation! Reality show canceled— no Survivors. – Kenzie Lappin – United States
The boy found resilience in despair – Rosie Baquie – United States
By the ocean with small cup – Damilare Damilare – Nigeria
But without depression, I am nothing. – Kaylee Cadieux – Canada
Free parachute, never opened, slightly stained – TERRY Miller – United States
Home. Safe. Birdsong in the garden. – Tracey Maitland – England
Hardships as lessons in becoming Divine. – Rook d’Bay – United States
Stigmata. The screams of his parishioners. – Tracy Davidson – United Kingdom
Jump – and take moment of euphoria – Suzie Wilmot – United Kingdom
Afterward, the veterinarian returned Finn’s collar. – Mike Williams – United States
Someday I’ll get around loving myself. – Sherynn Looi – Malaysia
What’s Seventh wonder? Successful suicidal cat. – Adèle Rossiana – Russian Federation ????
Hy Why Shy Cry Try Bye – Farhan Qadir – Pakistan
The pig wept. The wolf laughed. – Kim Galovich – United States
Pint of ice cream kinda day. – Tia Batten – United States
He looked back. I kept walking. – Jada Figueora – United States
Haunted house, frightens people, burns down. – Michele Jones – United States
The trees had tried so hard. – LC Moran – Japan
Pretty blue veins keep spraying red. – Trisha Barr – United States
While he built tomorrow, today fell. – Chad Elliott – United Kingdom
she died before her grapes fermented – McKenzie Campbell – United States
He leaves. She waits, another day. – Libramoon Poetry – United States
The sky sleeps; drool dripping down. – Aparna Rajan – India
The stars shine brighter with you. – Aidan Kaczynski – United States
To Give Away. Werewolf. House Broken. – Gregg Chamberlain – Canada
Thank you for killing me yesterday – Queen Ernest – Nigeria
The pain of existing meets hope. – Linda Wallace – United States
A Dead duck is outta luck. – Mark linsky – United States
Flat-footed dodgers saluted phantom limbed veterans. – Justin Fellows – United States
The well with a big bell – Damilare Damilare – Nigeria
“Why?” “I wanted honey.” “But bees…” – Leona Smith – United States
The mirror held a dangerous secret. – Jackie Juno – UK
Art’s the sum of the artist. – Mike Spearz – United States of America
we all wait , it comes late – purna naga sai tejesh – India
“Kill the dog,” said the cat. – Phil Temples – United States
Drowning in the utopia of freedom. – Greta Bonati – United States
Six word life? Just an instalment. – Daniel Gibbon – United Kingdom
In the ocean, I dove deep. – Pete Goddard – United Kingdom
Sirens filled the streets, wretched bells – Iulia Musat – United states
I never got to say goodbye – Samantha Stillman – United States
Lighthouse keepers are not ideal boyfriends. – Kevin Broccoli – United States
O! Queen of heaven rejoice. Alleluia – Sandra Ogochukwu – Nigeria
In my stilted smiles, I drowned. – Hailey Ann – Guam
Keep the clock away from her. – Fiona Tay – Brunei
Desecrated, nature evicted her humanoid parasites. – Lily Bailey – Australia
Can’t wait to win this contest. – Gokul Nathan – India
Helping the downtrodden is heart warming – Carol Ferguson – New Zealand
The choice has always been mine – Joy Odoyo – Kenya
Mask for sale. Still in package. – Peggy Gerber – United States
Cemetery flowers still make good honey. – Matthew Wenger – United States
The Goddess cried; a lake formed. – India Johnson – United States
He loved her, you did not – Toyosi Ajiboye – Nigeria
Grow gratitude, while focus on manifest – Zoya Annu – India
The perks of being highly depressive: – louie (the little lost kid) – South Africa
i truly hope your christmas is gingerbread – precious makazha – Zimbabwe
Goats are on the roof again. – Shilpa K – US
Franz looked back. Future was yawning. – Mohammad Zivdar – Iran
Irony clatter of blood for water – Chinaza Agomuo – Nigeria
Oh No! Is this the world? – Tyler Sunday – South Africa
She went the way nobody knew. – Manaswini Rina – India
Pharaoh, Will you spare me? – SHIRA Ben arzi – Flom – ישראל
She measures herself me in spoonfuls. – Keren-happuch Garba – Nigeria
Wedding gowns and dreams made fearlesslymo – Mariann Groshans – United States
“Help!” “…your call is important…” “Help!” – Deanndra Kidd – United Arab Emirates
Why? What? How? Where? Who? – Nuha Naleem – KSA
searching for happiness that never existed – salwa onto – Bangladesh
Love yourself first then your neighbours – Damilola Olowolayemo – Nigeria
She alchemized the gold into hope. – Victoria DeNey – United States
For you, I’d accept foreshadowed heartbreak. – Alexandra Rickert – Australia
As we die new generations start – Archana Bharathwaj – United States
French, Crinkle Cut, Waffle, Crispy. Fries. – Gianna Faith – United States
Live like there’s nothing to fear. – Charlotte Rutter – United States
Tomatoes thrown with gusto rarely miss – Jane Doe – New Zealand
Never eaten zebra – well, just once. – L. M. Graves – United States
Once upon a time, it was. – Nadia Dabul – United States
blade is a person deadliest enemy – shane cedrick nunez –
Call me mom when you come. – Ulla Saraiva – Canada
Feigning normalcy is the safest hobby – Briana Craig – United States
Tell cops nothing. Tell paramedics everything. – Valerian Xavier Beaumont –
Be alive as if dead – Len Vasilache – Romania
Pearly strings and ropes of gold. – Emerald Storii – India
Milk carton fame never brought paparazzi. – Steven O. Young Jr. – United States of America
Five, four, three, two, one, lift-off! – Holly Crawford – United Kingdom
Try as he might, he couldn’t. – Louisa Greco – United States
My flowers bloomed through the drought – Nicole Valenzuela – Philippines
Shoes that never fit last long – Damilare Damilare – Nigeria
Why can’t I hear you anymore? – Amber Pineda – Guam
Laughter that slithers like a snake – Abby Writes – Nigeria
Mom’s lullaby made the sky cry – Muskan Ditta Afzal – England
I wasn’t fast enough to survive. – Gillian Moran – United Kingdom
My womb is a neglected tomb – G.M Rega – United States
Love or Hate, You Control Fate. – Ethan Yeo – Singapore
Writer’s block? One hundred blank pages. – Kay Lesley REEVES – Spain
Take me out, she said. Bang. – Anushree Sahoo – India
My expensive experience was lost today – Maria Gustafsson – Sweden
I traveled time. There’s no future. – Thomas Stewart – United States
Bravest? Dragon slayer or driving instructor? – Katie Deland – United States
He haunts while he’s still alive. – Pusapati V – India
Fortnite Despite Almight Alright Good Night – Paigh Riley – United States
Sisters, oceans apart, I cry for – Star Puerum – United States of America
Truth lies in every lie told. – Duaa Hashmi – Sri Lanka
Borderline personality disorder – my hungry demon. – Cristina Mirevut – Romania
The nature of the universe is…. – Felix Tellez – USA
Every atom holds its own universe – Lucille Caspian – United States
Toddler found gun. Parents buried son. – Karishma Krishnan – India
Sun rises but when will mine – K Kour – India
Breakdown on the highway. Car’s fine. – Emilitsa Michael – United Kingdom
All giving returns doubled in value – George McLaird –
Six seconds is all it takes. – Kimora Stewart – United States
Student-Teacher bonding event: comparing body counts. – Sabrina Guo – United States
Last stroke of the last clock. – Michael O’dell – Australia
We all knew it wouldn’t last. – Ariel Walters – United States
Family trees, faces carved in wood. – Doug Jacquier – Australia
“See you tomorrow!”. . . . on the news. – Joshua Marucci – United States
Stolen from the cookie jar? Crumbs! – Kathy Szaters – Australia
It is Love that unites people – Shruti Sinha – India
Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. – Helen Van Dongen – Canada
Girl? Boy? Other? Neither? The Spectrum. – Mateo Illias – United States
Eccedentesiastic. Who needs a life, anyway? – Eliza Snow – United States
Women’s delight, men are never right – Giovanni Incaudo – United States
An oxygen addict ever since birth. – Karishma Krishnan – India
Blood, tears: the canvas of violence – D Pembe – Romania
Fell? Life’s a game. Play again. – John D – Taiwan
Ever loving, caring. World never ending. – Chisom Iheanacho – Nigeria
You left, but i am healing. – Abdulshafiu Wando Muhammad – Nigeria
Promised me forever. Not a gravestone. – Isa Forte – United States
Endless winter nights pray for light. – Ariana Hagen – United States
Vultures eating me. Death seems wonderful. – Priyakshi Bhattacharyya – India
You promised this time was different – Stephanie Meador – United States
Two Dungeons Deep And Caverns Old – Abigail Brown – United States
Go on and laugh at me. – Jiyul Lee – South Korea
Ballroom, gazes, chances, tries but alone – Ricardo Imaeda – Brasil
Silenced, chained, yet I’m still dreaming. – Lee Derium – Malaysia
Doorbell unanswered due to a rushed goodby. – Wil A Emerson – United States
Bad day; a toothpaste stained shirt – Samuel Thygesen – Netherlands
The next pandemic will be worse. – Juliet Wilson – United Kingdom
Were fathers swaddled like boys? Held? – Oliver Bisky –
Oh how society educates against education! – Indratapa Routh – India
Only love can hurt like this – Maribel Binajbaj – Philippines
My dog, your shoe, shredded laces. – Belle Green – United Kingdom
You deserve that crushing, uplifting love. – Gabriel Lyannas – United States
She called the police, shot him. – Rathin Bhattacharjee – India
You are not that guy, pal… – Deiu NoLastName – Romania
Your soul osmosed into mine, entwined. – Toni Wade – United Kingdom
Pitter, Patter. Raindrops or spilled blood? – Amelie Sadler-Hill – United Kingdom
To see yourself the way I did – Pavithra CP –
You fell first, I fell harder. – Kylah Noelle – Uruguay
I TRUST {GOD}, AND LOVE {REVERSE} – Rashmi Khanna – India
Everyone after falls short in comparison – Red Balloon – Philippines
No place like a beaten home – Carol Bloomfield – United Kingdom
Watermelons and sugar are not tasty. – Kelsey Meddles – United States
There is no place like home. – Wadith Van Wyk – Namibia
What a life I almost lived. – Cate McLennan – Canada
Breakaway carpentry students form splinter group – Lilly Pad – United Kingdom
And when I called, you answered – H.M.Shaikh The Prince of the Pen – Canada
Enlighten a soul, isolated in dark – Thrimali Basnayake – Sri Lanka
Awoken, Sweat, Darkness, Red Eyes Watching – Makala Schnablegger – United States
“I love you, too.” Another lie. – Lycel Lagrada – Philippines
Father?! I am your son dad. – Atefe Kiani – Iran
Cooking With Relatives – Thirty Cannibalistic Recipes – This Person – UK
The color blue made him violent – Isabelle Auman – United states
Fake it. Break inside. Forget. Hide. – Jacqueline Rose –
Branding always propagates capitalist-consumerist fascism. – Shainin Pillay – South Africa
Internal wounds boiled beneath rancid bandage – Dave Jennings – United Kingdom
He always visited her. Comfortable coffin. – Jaime de Andruart – Brazil
Atheists prayed as the plane plummeted. – Norman Julian Blair – United Kingdom
Being mean doesnt equate to anything. – Eryn Gibbons – United Kingdom
I was born and then died. – Kevin Oneil – United States
Behind her beauty, there is evil. – Carla Ward – United States
Immortality cannot exist without conscious memory – Sophia Raines – United States
She saw magic in the stars. – Elora Canne – Australia
Last breath: “I’m proud of you”. – Jaley Owen – United States
After we slept, the trees spoke. – Anubhuti Jain – India
Buzzing, your words in my head – Maria Tria – Philippines
Promise you won’t forget about me? – Aidan Kaczynski – United States
We cancelled everything, saying ‘sorry’, simultaneously. – Carl Palmer – United Kingdom
Pain is silence, Can’t find words – rona lev – israel
Strawberry breadcrumbs made nightmares into delicacies – Thomas Diehl – Germany
My therapist cried after our session. – Diana Beas – United States
Ghosts? The dawning embarassment, not fear – Duchess Wade Dulnuan – Philippines
Life is a merry-go-round of haunts. – Halia Hassan – United States
Eyes speak when lips can’t move. – Suretha Badenhorst – Australia
“Stahhhhp, baby,” but your eyes sparkle – Mirai Oliver – United States
Sunlight shines, death rots, water flows. – Ellie Kennedy – United States
Yesterday, all dogs turned on humans. – BV Lawson – United States
All that glitters…reflects the light. – Simone Lopez – United Kingdom
“Books: Her Only Escape From Reality ” – Ariane Bueno – Philippines
The house stood silent once again. – Elaine Russell – United States
Me and he is a liar. – Rupam Mahmud – Bangladesh
she lived, she laughed, she loved – ava lee – United states
His mask couldn’t disguise his love. – Bri Tellez – United States
Mother nature grieves over straying earth. – Gloria Ochai – Nigeria
Sleep, wake, work, sleep, play, repeat. – Michelle Csergei – United States
You’re dead. I don’t forgive you. – Samson Mark – New Zealand
The unsung beauty that died unpainted. – Sonora Charles – Nigeria
He’s aggressive, she’s calm, together mesmerized. – Anushka Dsilva – India
your eyes — the language of Eros. – Sodïq Oyèkànmí – Nigeria
Live for me because I couldn’t – Hanna Lénart – Sweden
I invented a new word.. Plagiarism. – Nitin Pasalkar – India
“I love you” she never said. – Amanda Brophy – England
All my poems are for you – Huma Fatima – Pakistan
Hiding scratched knees under her frock. – Ruchita Vasudeva – India
The trumpeter kept to his post. – Olivia Waters – United States
He’s about two seconds too late. – Saturn Star – United States
Dragon opens maw. . . .ringing? Hit snooze. – Joshua Marucci – United States
he looks sad. no he’s fine – Beth drinder – United States
The mural is alive and awake – Alexandra Fijalkowski – Canada
In memoriam of my dead darling. – Judas Van Halen – United States
I got used to unpacking alone. – Gayane Vardanyan – Germany
A boy. Crippled. Pastor. Prayed. Healing – Psalmuel Benjamin – Nigeria
Sometimes Spring wishes to be Summer. – Naomi Reed – United States
King Jeremy. One beast. Two forms. – I.R.I Precious I.R.I Precious – Nigeria
Why do the rich get richer? – Denise Cepe – United States
“Grandma said we disappear one day” – Jaycee Kohrt – New Zealand
Scraped my knee. Watched it bleed – Karly Honeycutt – United States
I’m only superficial on the surface. – Tony Elston – UK
Stained scar engraved on my heart. – Blue Heavens – India
God of love, a waiting furnace – Anifa Kanyiginya – Uganda
Unmarried female carer wanted. Good pay. – Caterina Baldi – Italia
Psychic fair coming. You know when. – Mike Murphy – United States
Little birds sing the saddest songs – nareeta martin – New Zealand
pain strikes as hard as ice – isabel Gammon – United States
The safety was engaged too late. – David O’Keefe – United States
She came. She saw. Didn’t conquer. – Oluwafemi Onifade – Nigeria
Travel the madness to find yourself. – Jayce Frame – United States
The gun used me to kill. – Jacob Putsky – Singapore
Tried again. Failed again. Failed worse. – Rayne Nash – United States
Love knocked, trauma did not answer – Forest Forest – Zambia
Betrayed. Worst part, I knew beforehand. – Amaya Lilith – Nigeria
Awaken me. It’s only a dream. – Angela Mahilom – philippines
Brake lights. SMASH! Blue lights. Ambulance. – Laury A. Egan – United States
He kissed her, then his partner – Alessandra Faith Tan – Philippines
Bootees. Trainers. Stilettos. Courts. Wellies. Slippers. – Jackie Juno – UK
A baby smiled; she smiled back. – Dave Lignell – United States
I was there. You never noticed… – Aishi Mitra – India
The mind races cars on racetracks. – Zoe Shoulak – Canada
Imagination land hidden inside Nanny’s closet. – Steven Lee Hann – United Kingdom
The horse was sold, trailing tears. – Amy Magnuson – United States
Bittersweet partings beget words long lost. – Avaiyu Rays –
Surgery done. I’m not a doctor. – Esther Byrne – United Kingdom
My cat: a fuzzy alarm clock. – Joyce Jacobo – United States
First date. Awkward smiles. Rewarding kiss. – Shourya Pratap Singh – India
“Talk to you later” *bad liar* – Mythili Krishna – India
Tinny melodic sounds; casino hymns singing. – Lorraine Murtagh – Portugal
Fate is inevitable, so is hope. – Ivana Bogoeva – Bulgaria
Naked, Barefoot, and Dying Unafraid. – Zayna Maria Francis – Trinidad and Tobago
Like parallel lines, desperate to intersect. – Bex Havko – United States
Fireflies dance, frogs sing, evening ballet. – wimsy miths – United States
The buttercup only knew hatred forevermore. – Kit Katriel – United States
Five kids later. Thanks “alma mater”. – Elizabeth Beller – United States
This body has never been mine. – Cassius Seybert – United States
After dad died, we got pregnant. – Dillan Smith – United States
born, played, married, begot, aged, died. – lior harish – Israel
Axe for sale. Will need cleaning. – Sasha May Priest – United Kingdom
This mall is big but cute. – Anita Limson – Philippines
Silent treatment falls on deaf ears. – Tiya Kastiro – Lebanon
Darkness was there, until you appeared. – Kelsey Kottapu – United States
I live in the cloud castle. – A.E.S. Shen – China
It was easier in my head. – Isa Forte – United States
The rain kissed its long-awaited leaf. – Abinaya K – India
I heard silence say, “Do it.” – Abimbola Writes – Nigeria
The devil creates chaos and confusion. – Yana Fischer – United States
Just six words? Why not seven? – Paula N. – Kenya
Blinding light, silver stairs. Death’s embrace – Selina Spartini – United Kingdom
Yet, my hand couldn’t reach yours. – Jennah Dean – United Kingdom
Memory played me or my heart? – Noriana In The Sky – India
With the silence of a cloud – Nikhil Srivastava – United States
Rare Creature! Last Time Closing Eyes! – Kiersten Harvey – United States
Her favorite place to be; alone. – Christine McDevitt – United States
Universe knows nothing, nature only shows. (Poem) – OLVENS LOUISSAINT – Haïti
The world is splattered with gray. – Kelly Song – Canada
He inhales life and exhales death. – Halia Hassan – United States
seasons come and go for what – Ethan Pefanis – unitedstates
In the dream, it was alright. – Faith Moore – United States
*Knock knock.* Jeremy! Open your closet! – C. Tindall – United States
Absolutely, positively, no excess words allowed. – R James Hughes – United States
Remember: Your Nature is your Future, – Nicola Esteves – India
Naked and triumphant, left arm aching. – Caterina Baldi – Italia
Alone, he grieved, alone till forever. – Pen Miller – United States
your fingertips then make me tremble – The Night Writer The Night Writer – united states
Where do I go from here? – Nadia Dabul – United States
Susan waited for George for days. – Kelly Morgan – United States
She was killed, out of love. – Ella Seers – united states
A poison kiss, a deathly embrace – Rebecca Richards – United Kingdom
Baby was fine. I’m still not. – Crystal Isaacs – United States
Full stomach. Empty Heart. – Muhammad Taha – Israel
Love. What a thing to behold. – Sam Bell – United States
And then, He broke the skies. – Swol Swol – Sénégal
His loving made her hate herself. – Jamie Steele – United Kingdom
Intense banging, inside the body chute. – Kaylen Soriano – United States
Donkeys bray, monkeys imitate, humans sabotage – Tejas Hapani – India
The mountains embrace the green valley. – Ojingiri Hannah – Nigeria
Rose red, Violets blue. Cake yummy. – Joseph Morazzano – United States
Darling. What a wonder you are. – Adriana Robinson –
White petals float down flowing waters. – Jennifer Whitener – China
Math was never my strong suit. – Mike Omoruan – United States
He walked through her, hastily; indefinitely. – Reema Hamza Yassin – Iraq
The chasm for them, equals forever. – T. M Bolton – Canada
Wet socks, empty matchbox, endless sleep. – Compass Poetry – Canada
I was a hero, then not – Dwayne Deer – United States
Mother said nothing even when dying. – Mohsen Zoka – Iran
There is magic in the pot. – Samuel (Kwesi) Umah – Nigeria
I was, once, I am not – Ahmad Olàwále – Nigeria
But the ground came too soon. – Sarah Nassar – Egypt
Many lives. One destiny. Same hearts. – K. Darbey – United Kingdom
Things will smile. Up there. – Joy Stephens – United States
Are you pretending to be foolish? – Elph Zales – Philippines
Windmills outside of my car’s windows. – E. R. Valenzuela N. – United States
Sinking into bed as I melt – Shahriar Ahmadi – Iran
Blink.Blink again.Again.Still dying? – Thazin Win – Myanmar
As unloved as a Brussels sprout. – Josa Keyes – United Kingdom
Predetermination lamented Judas to his silver. – Kevin Owen – United Kingdom
Forgot to shower. Although, it rained. – Zack Wilson – United States
Amidst the madness, sanity still prevails – Jaymeli Tan – Philippines
Afterward, she’d wish she hadn’t looked. – Alison Schiller – United States
Moon and me! companions without complains. – Karthika Venugopal – Canada
Fifty-one Fish-sticks eaten in three days. – BelaJane Crilly – United States
sometimes hurting me is my changes – jayzel bote – Philippines
Goosebumps stung. Butterflies ate his insides . – Jennifer Young – United States
if you arnt dead ur alive. – kala dunnihoo – United States
Loaf to crumbs, being to loam. – Dolma S – India
Not everywhere can have local kale. – Tess Dowling – United States
moving too fast. lost sight. goodbye – Arran James Grant – United Kingdom
Bought lottery ticket. Our last hope. – James Raymond Dunn – Canada
The golden seed father gave me – Dakins Akin – Nigeria
On Friday night, a party night – Keith Venice Durog – Philippines
Oh, so that’s why I’m here. – Lawrence Kessenich – United States
Ribcage grown with flowers in between. – Emilia Abbott – United States
This is the future me’s problem – Kensi A –
When singing, check your audience’s reaction. – Josa Keyes – United Kingdom
Birth, family, affection, care, responsibilities, death. – Prabh jot Kaur – India
Family isn’t always bound by blood. – Karina Colagreco – United States
Raise your voice, for its yours. – Kripa Varghese – India
Asylum cell, with bars of bone. – Jillian Abshire – United States
Amazed at how beautiful you are – Angelo Alga – Philippines
When snow falls, I remember you. – Anna-Marie Lake – United States
Nobody knows where Sweet Gold went. – Manaswini Rina – India
Grandpa, did you have snow days? – Aiden Kim – South Korea
Travelled the world. Didn’t find home. – Fathima A – India
Friends text me. You can email. – Valerie Erickson-Husemann – Costa Rica
My house, no rules. Homeless creed. – Luis Arevalo – Brazil
In these words do I live – Chisom Iheanacho – Nigeria
Who Am I? I Am Me. – Karen Richards – United Kingdom
The destitute stranger uttered my name. – Chase Li – United States
Dogs can’t ask for freedom, yet. – Srikanth Kundeti – United States
there’s even wonders, I lost count. – Abraham Israely – Israel
Wishing to stars I could fly. – Ali Larson – Australia
i saw and i stayed quiet – Gean Rose Calles – Philippines
Cause once there, it never goes – Michelle Hoover – United States
Dark, heaving breathing, feeling my soul – Leland Luckcuck – United states
“Sorry”, he said. Then she knew. – Ginger Tea – Argentina
Hope your ready because he’s coming. – Brother L. – United States
Breathe in. Breath out. Stop breathing. – Noor ul ain Sheikh – Pakistan
drowning in flames – burning in water – ella rose – united kingdom
Chicken crossed the road: Quesadilla Time – Daniel Butler – United States
Wallet? I’m broke. Give me yours. – Nathaniel Mellor – Italy
Silence… the tune I loved the most. – Leeyannass Leeyannass – Jamaica
Intimacy of being under the same sky. – Pitamber Kaushik – India
Everything is for sale. Even drugs – Mick Nash – United States
Screeching tires, crunching glass replaced laughter. – Maggie Gigandet – United States
Ending Is Nothing, But New Starting – MD. Imjamul Hoque Bhuiyan – Bangladesh
She slaughtered my flock. Nothing’s left. – Thom Atkinson – Australia
“Where’s my ‘Surprise,’ Senators?” Caesar demanded. – Tom Swifty – United States
That amount of ego is self-inflicted – AJ Henry – United Kingdom
Her Tears Fell Silver and Gold. – Zayna Maria Francis – Trinidad and Tobago
No service. Dark night. Leaves crunch. – Ella Riley – United States
Hungry gambler. Casino took my chips. – Jonathon Manning – United Kingdom
Pro-Lifers deny Pro-Choicers, as directed. – Lisa Dash-Grimes – United States
Show yourself! Shine brighter than stars. – Gift Ehigiator – Guyana
Difference between humans and animals: Chins. – Jovnira Ravnjak – Austria
Went on World tour, returned poor – Mahero Kosmos – Pakistan
The little girl drank my poison – Lucy Smith – New Zealand
Storm struck we found common ground. – Amber Reinhart – United States
Hey! I’m dead. Killed by Dad. – Jeah Grace – Philippines
At the end, we’re left alone. – Charleszel Martinez – Philippines
She swore eternal pacts with grief. – Daphne Ayo – Nigeria
Once upon a time- the end – Katrina Love – United Kingdom
Strange how fast a body dissolves – Analia Kaufman – United States
You are slightly deranged, have you forgotten? – Andrea Perez – United States
Determination only deters in weak minds. – Dhanyhel Gardener – Jamaica
Never do it again. Don’t forget. – Beth A Roberts – United States
Morning concerts are played by farts. – Karen Brown – United States
Our hearts are made of glass. – Nicole Mbaeri – United Kingdom
Understanding is better with a drink – Bee Spillett – United Kingdom
Splat! Splook! Splosh! “This it?–AAAAAAHH!!” – Bella Minyo – United States
Dogs and cats fly on walls. – Flaviana Boricean-Neacșu – România
Mind: Positive things inject, negative, reject! – Sapphire Rose Williams – Trinidad and Tobago
I forgive you out of sight. – Charlie D’Aniello – Sweden
Pen to paper, letters then words – Karen Richards – United Kingdom
Remember who you are. Love, mom. – Jane M – Nigeria
What last words were left lingering? – Abbie King – United States
Wake UP! What was the ANTIDOTE? – Alan Dale – United Kingdom
Depression is frostbite for the soul – Anthony Badroe – United States
Father turned my dreams into Reality – Damak Damak – Nigeria
Smell of home and burning flesh. – AJ Richards – United States
Fish School requires net access. – Jamie Moore – United Kingdom
Time machine worked. I’m alive again. – Jamothy Dracity – United States
Learned about everything, but know nothing. – Ainsley Bartleby – United States
whats wrong with me ha ha – Seth O’Connell – united states
Biscuits were done, our mouths watered. – Jonson Craig – United States
She smiled. I braked. Screech. Blood. – Raven Renee – Bangladesh
Feelings don’t die when memories live – Denise John – South Africa
Life is short, don’t waste it – Heidi Ng –
First date. Scrabble. Praying: No Q! – Kelly Sargent – United States
You’re the sunlight of my life. – Prince Robert Ocampo – Philippines
Is it debate when spittle flies? – Jonathan Pratt – Canada
Be Yourselves No Matter The Situation – Twilight Rose – India
Fungus lives centuries underground: you can’t. – Josa Keyes – United Kingdom
They drowned like divers without air – Alberto Lopez – United Kingdom
The last time i married a tree – Bade Fuwa – Nigeria
Today the sun rose without her. – Amber Gold – New Zealand
“I love you” lost in translation. – Bex Havko – United States
Half of her was a lie. – Jillian Fontanilla – Philippines
Careful,First impression has no seconder – Joshua Ofor – Nigeria
Cold winds carved the mountain’s top. – Shaswat Shivam – INDIA
Six words isn’t nearly enough to- – Brenna Anne – United States
You had the belt. Why punch? – Oussama Brik – Algeria
Even taut threads oddly come undone – Richard Spencer Jr. – United States
The phone rang. Her pain’s ended. – Steven Lister – United Kingdom
Are you still alive? – Laura Koppenheffer – United States
Sixty years gone in a blink – Angela Ebbings – United States
Joyfully and impatiently waiting for revelation. – Nadia Case Nadia Case – Nigeria
They allow sharks in this pool?! – Mara Murphy – United States
“Please…Daddy! Daddy! Don’t Leave Me!” – Sascha Ealey – United States
We killed ourselves trying to live – Archie Balo – South Africa
Reincarnation: twenty-ninth times a charm – Katie Deland – United States
To be as alluring as petrichor. – Ree Mahnoor – Nigeria
Brake failure. The atheist exclaims “Jesus!” – Oluwasegun Oluseyi Adesina – Nigeria
A little girl with a beautiful life – Catherine Comawas – Philipines
Trees carry the knowledge we should – Julie Shackman – United Kingdom
Everything ends with a new beginning. – Fahmida Fariha Muna – Bangladesh
Teenage girl; watching mom’s last breath. – Patience Weir – United States
I believe in: Peace, War, & Guns. – T’JK T’JK – United States
I don’t remember my name. Yet. – Caitlin McDaniel – United States
Somehow, he still smells fresh, alive. – Alexie Smith – United States
Its amour-propre not my conceit – Megha Gupta – India
Witch with no claws, guilty pleasure – Bella Aldama – Kenya
Insightful intuition into future Super Science. – Rodney Bartlett – Australia
My lovely tormentor, leave or stay? – Srikanth Kundeti – United States
When my stomach churns, I poop. – Avami Avami – Nigeria
Money comes with thousands of friends. – Ugyen Chogyel – Bhutan
Vitriol and violets when grandma visits – Wendy Calvert – UK
Your words echo my voice sweetheart . – Theodore Amahle Ndlovu – South Africa
She hated who she had become. – Abigail Preston – United Kingdom
Reported Missing Today: Kisses. Promises. Her. – BreadandPepper BreadandPepper – Philippines
She gathered the stars into constellations – Janine Gonzales – Canada
God is the truth and light – Maisy Jason – United States
Music falls silent on closed minds. – Madison Stahl – United States
Yes. I’m sorry. If that hurt. – Maryam Nababa – Nigeria
All pieces of my heart, lost – Areesha Khurram – Pakistan
“Hold me”, I smiled through tears. – Jincy P Janardhanan – India
A family dinner with expired meat. – Angela McCann – United Kingdom
She sealed secrets in conch shells. – Vidushi Roy – India
Even you can see through me. – Jessi Knipp – United States
Found you crying on the edge – Princess Ann Beligan – Philippines
She ate, but hunger never left – Laura Bordón de Armas – Canada
“I love you.” “Okay.” Heart broken. – Ava Rast – United States
She lived a song never sung. – Dave Lignell – United States
Shit was going crazy last night. – Stephanie Curry – United States
When will we humans ever learn? – Atria Lumen – Republic of Korea
Recipe for peace: just add love. – Shes AlWriter – United States
Divine Winds fanned the mushroom cloud – Antony Crossley – United Kingdom
Cuddled in my mother’s safe arms. – Payal Khosla – United States of America
She murdered him. Why? He snored. – Carla Ward – United States
Silhouetted hearts surrender luminosity under dust. – J Roanoke – United States
“We all like you, don’t worry!” – Paterson from Paterson – India
Is it kind, true, helpful? Speak! – Onsi H – France
The pirate and the mermaid’s romance – Julie Shackman – United Kingdom
My life is a trial – Ukamaka Nnenna Ugwu – Nigeria
Reality just refuses to live here. – Dawne Monigle – United States
Flushed with the life of something – Skipping off in search of immortality Roman – United Kingdom
Born with love, died with hate – Sanskar Saini – India
It had grown back overnight. – Kay Richards – United Kingdom
Yes that’s nice but you’re wrong – Isabella Thompson – United Kingdom
Demented, fragile,lonely,impaired,assisted,non existent. – Sharon Stone – United Kingdom
My heart is with the Ukraine. – Jennifer Mccubbin – United States
Flowers blooming out of the blue. – Gul Bashra Askar – Pakistan
Be kind to yourself – MIRYAM Taouk – United Kingdom
I’m so sorry for loving you. – W. Miles – United States
The stars blazed like little fires – Valerie Robinson – United States
Dejection is a risk I shall take – Annette Etim – Nigeria
Autumn leaves. Pumpkin spice. Cool breeze. – Navineeta Gunabalan – Malaysia
The sun shines like we’re alive – Mykyta Ryzykh – UKRAINE
coupled with tiredness and exhaustion – Wildanita Risna Anggi Aisyifa – Indonesia
your eyes don’t sparkle like before – Bryn Gatz – United States
i voluntarily exhaled my last breath – shane cedrick nunez –
His love feels like I’m floating. – Joyce Raiza Santos – Philippines
He died on the seat of her car. – Elle Emji – United States
Your mindset translates to your relationships. – N.C Sunday –
Friday will always be the best – Ivory Chen – Malaysia
Something worse than death happened.Survival. – Ivanova Nono Fotso – Cameroon
The dogs knew – I smelled wrong. – Angel Whelan – USA
He’s my hope. I’m his doom. – Kaylee Faulkner – United States
Blue, yellow. Stained by red, white. – Elya Atlas – Israel
Wire barbs spring shoots. Leaves return. – K. S. Dearsley – UK
So nobody really forgets bad memories – Mademoisselle Reina – France
“you promised” were her last words… – Alyssa Lua – United States
Kiss your hand remembering a parent. – Mihaela Raileanu – Romania
Searching for her curls, got lost. – Glad Phory – Italy
There can only be one you. – Penni Trikon – Ghana
This is the face of everyone – Ogechi Njoku – Nigeria
My son is not an alien?! – Merin Myth – United States
At the entrance. Standing together. Apart. – Yair Alon – Israel
Our effervescent bees surf nature’s breath. – Brenda Abou Khalil – UK
Can’t breath with all this pressure – Leland Luckcuck – United states
Fire burned and cherry blossoms melted. – Tess Rossi –
Offspring, my name lives on forever. – Colleen Millsteed – Australia
You can catch the flying moment – Balasubramaniyan Venkataramani – India
Too hot to send it today – Bridie Hetherington – Canada
Holiness lies dormant in human hearts. – Safa Omar – United States
Start, go, and don’t look back. – Mina Kim – South Korea
His beard seemed full of butterflies. – Roxane Llanque – Germany
The oceans drowned my fears; alive – Favour Chibike – Nigeria
Little Marlie : last seen eating blueberries. – Aylar A –
Idle wishes vanish before purposeful plans – Grace Olukoya – Nigeria
My wrongs are mine to write. – Samuel (Kwesi) Umah – Nigeria
Drank to numb the pain. Didn’t. – John Cooper – United Kingdom
A spark might ignite a blaze. – Megan Guthrie – United States
Knock knock? No thank you. – Sarah Brown – United States
Someday, magic would become her forever. – Anoushka Mahajan – India
Expecting you tomorrow, tomorrow never came. – Anisha Dutta – INDIA
heal and yearn for better person – Mark Eacarial – Philippines
Baby girl, mama’ gone. Now what? – Misty Rae – Canada
Actually, stars are gone like you. – Bril Peterson – Turkey
Hit man- “No. A divorce isn’t cheaper.” – Sudha Yadav – India
This is totally not a joke – Nick Rodriguez – United States
Did I teach you enough? Absolutely. – Cynthia Baxter – USA
Blood dripped. It was all over. – John J. Lovett, Jr. – United States
I held Satan’s hand. Surprisingly lukewarm. – Daniel Holst – united states
It’s Christmas; only the best clothes. – Jane M – Nigeria
Say this, that, say my name – Abigail Barbag – United States of America
How to sleep? Well, you see… – Julia Wang – United States
Her smile is seldom of delight – John Ordinary – Philippines
Balloons popping, the schoolchildren innocently assumed. – Matthew Yap – Malaysia
They came at night. They stayed. – Anne Schultz – United States
Unhappily married – widowed. Happily married – divorced. – Allison Dillon – United States
Warm embraces never felt so raw – Kirsten C – United States
Missing you more than miles meander. – Audrey N – United States
Morning sun glowed through clouded panes. – Reagan Rehbein – United States
I match my accent to theirs. – Sarah Holly Bryant – USA
No feet here, only abandoned shoes – Yaron Malka – Israel
thank you lots, mister doug weller! – Kayla Ling – United States
Said I do. Wish I hadn’t. – Karen Rymarz – United Kingdom
Isolation. Sending smilies. My jaws ache. – Ciarán Parkes – Ireland
Wanted the wedding, reluctantly a husband. – Prachi Raizada – United Kingdom
Family means nobody is ever alone. – Shaquille Ahia – United Kingdom
All that glitters IS really gold – Annette Etim – Nigeria
Her eyes had sparked the fire. – Maggie McCalliog – United Kingdom
“Oh No!” screamed the forgetful parachutist. – Andrew Newall – United Kingdom
In the mirror, a memory laughed. – Vera Wright – United States
His touch till today, I remember. – Athena Amor – India
His red hands decided his fate. – Diego Moncalián – Spain
I woke and walked to death. – Catherine Kokorwe – Botswana
I want to trust you again. – Jessica Dickenson – United States
Undertaker wanted, only *living* references accepted! – Steven Antalics – France
Overdue: How to return books punctually – Shes AlWriter – United States
You don’t use gas for gaslighting. – George Aslanidis – Australia
Both a hero and a stranger. – Xin Ye – United States
What’s new besides the apocalypse? – Merida H. – Israel
The serendipity that killed my destiny – Iulia Tanvuia – romania
John, don’t go to Dallas Friday. – stuart mcdowall – United Kingdom
I can; these are just words – Valentina Gheorghe – Romania
Mystery, between Sense and Fate, echoes God. (POEM) – Átila Rua – Brazil
Stars gave glimpse of infinite love – Khushi Rajpurohit – India
The fairies applauded as humans disappeared. – Kerry Howington – United States
Today the rain burned, melting flesh. – Shane McShane – United States
Let them all eat their fill. – Tara Keh – Singapore
Oh you’re talking to me? sorry – ESTHER MWAPE – Zambia
Scars are my only best friend – Rutika Jadhav – India
A character dived into another universe. – Nurain Nor – Malaysia
High, low. Come, go. That’s life. – Suretha Badenhorst – Australia
Choice: Judas Iscariot or Jesus. Choose! – Eti-eno Ntuk – Nigeria
mind must be stronger than feelings. – Teodor Darie – Romania
Why am I in a coffin!! – Ricky Franks – United States
Aesthetic café yet coffee tastes icky. – Aiza Mangaya – Philippines
Classifying emotion a dimension freed her. – Eric Burgess – United States
He loves. She dies. He lives. – Melanie Fitzgerald – United States
the trick is to roll the skirt. – Violet Fitz – Australia
“Put it on my tab, princess.” – Pohifallie Rautho – Philippines
Money is the root of discontent. – Daniella Idogho – Nigeria
Warmth, sleep in full moon dreams – Wendi Beck – United States
She changed his identity for pleasure – Giselle Vilca Sagastegui – United States
Why did we have to flee? – Lara Barnard – South Africa
Dark clouds orchestrate cats and dogs. – Krishnanand Boolaky – Mauritius
Mozart played the best armpit tunes. – Michael Brandon – United Kingdom
Life is a game. Play nice! – Ruth Nott – United States
Wish, gold, wish, power, wish, loneliness – Joanna Tulo – United States
How cuddly could a bunny be – Khadijah Weaver – United States
You! My voice full of cacophony. – Maimuna Muhammad – Nigeria
“A cry rings out. Life begins.” – Summer Psalm Enriquez – Philippines
Baby for sale; shoes not included. – Ejaz Momen – United States
Their embrace so cataclysmic it unnerved. – Richard Jenkin – United Kingdom
Submit, server, voice, actions, ears, noise – Amber Ray – United States
Life had other plans for us. – Sage Gates – United States
Cat sees mouse. Mouse chases cat. – Vannessa Bulan Raja –
In an alternate universe we loved. – Alaina Schneider – United States
We are the universe’s recycled stars. – Meredith McKee – United States
Shadows danced across her twisted heart. – Lilla Down – United Kingdom
Only the stars captured the conversation. – Alexandra Devereaux – United States
Forgetting, better than knowing you forgot – Jaysee Jewel – United States
I was there, you were not – Gage Cole – United States
Do it while you’re capable – D’Righteous ????️ Pen????️ – Nigeria
Put them on. You’ll be seen. – Peter Pool – United Kingdom
Another false piety, another stomach hungry. – Marie Langlois – Canada
Death was upon me. Finally, escape. – Sarah Brown – United States
“Hey, remember me…? Anyway, I’m pregnant.” – Milo Peeta – United States
Brown clouds soon buried the sun. – E.V. Araith – South Africa
Clients don’t trust me—I’m Nigerian. – Frank Nkem – Nigeria
Pregnant. Again. But not with child. – Chi Nenye – Nigeria
Children kept dancing through the war. – Melanie Fitzgerald – United States
I’ve never noticed I’m ugly, unfortunately. – Hillel Benjamin Rosen – ישראל
Go where you want to be – Nadia FARACHI – Morocco
Many are alive, few are living. – Daniel Tamarakro – Nigeria
Only takes one-step _to step up – REBECCA NABUSE – Uganda
I heard dreams in his music – ellie ilieva – Bulgaria
Let me make my pen cry – Reminiscence Remydi – Philippines
There is gravity in my space. – Vedika Patil – India
Your spouse will die at birth. – Caterina Baldi – Italia
Queen asks mirror who is the prettiest. – Svelte Draconian – Philippines
Muffling masks mute my muse momentarily – Karin Eaton – Canada
“You are lost.” Ouch. Thanks mom. – Emma Bedell – United States of America
Shh…don’t struggle – you remember ME! – Wayne O’Connor – UK
I remember the raven’s dark warning. – Rachel Joyce – United States
Burnt candles. Sleepless nights. Flying colours. – Oluwabukola Olabode – Nigeria
The dead cat befriended a fly. – Shayana Swopna – Nepal
Home alone. Windows shattered. Wasn’t me. – Gracelyn O. Daniels – United States
Letter to my dearly lover affectionate – Abdulroqeeb The Eminent – Nigeria
Cats watch them with human eyes. – Karlie Hall – United States
You’re making me deeply uncomfortable, stop. – Maria Lazare – United States
As time flies I’m left behind – Mitch Edatil – United States
Chef sighs, “should’ve been a baker” – Lauren Back – United States
Remembered nothing ever comes so easy – Tonny Onwonga – Kenya
The star strangled banner confused everyone. – Aerin Bernstein – United States
Gravity (title): Apple clunk. Idea thunk. Slam-dunk. – James A. Tweedie – United States
Poppies spring in autumn of life. – Muhammad Farhan – Pakistan
Optical illusions? or glimpses of reality? – Drew Rindler – United States
Onion rings for my ferret, please. – Ava Rast – United States
Thyme’s never late… Basil’s just early. – Carlos Abainza – Bahrain
never thought water would turn into our feind – Eraj Rehman – pakistan
I return to church a voyeur. – Bella Silverstone – United States
He barks at leaves and thieves – P.J. Reed – England
Painted sunset: Spacewomen breach the canvas. – Susan L. Lin – United States
Not everyone’s cup of tea. Alright. – Joanna Alferez – Philippines
We compare children to animals freely. – Stacey Robertson – United States
Fell head over heels. Heart broken. – Karen Evans – England
the cabin lights were very dim – Jacob Chauvin – United States
I have trouble writing a complete – Sophia Raines – United States
Where is God? The basement, decapitated. – Anastasia Jill – United States
bossy brain braided brandished blunt swords – James Mathias – United States
Ping pong, the internet loads so long. – Vannessa Bulan Raja –
As you freeze, ice is fire. – Ari Sugarplum – Croatia
A sinner saved by His grace – Jancarl Punay – Philippines
Hah! They said cyanide was p_ _ _ _ _ – Kim . – India
She stood still. But nobody bothered. – Kohila Gengatharan – Malaysia
Reminiscing: Catastrophic Life and Luminous Death. – Aries Cygnus – India
Named after a flower, she bloomed. – Viktorija Furnadjiska – North Macedonia
“Almost” means I almost succeeded – Deena Sefersteine – Israel
I never felt so immortal before. – Maurício Coelho – Portugal
Passivity is much less covert participation – Faith Nantumbwe – United States
Then all the chapels were silent. – Belle B. – Australia
Reality versus my mind . Noone wins – Athina Panteli – Greece
Her smile never reached her eyes. – Liyana Zaman – United States
Beat the drum. Tell the world. – Brian Mackinney – United Kingdom
Picture perfect; But hollow; breaking inside. – Liyana Zaman – United States
Ensure all material disposed. Participants included. – Sarah Singh – United States
Earth is dying! No one cares. – Mohammed Wasif Umair – Qatar
They found the cotton candy clouds. – Angela Engnell – United States
So I learned to stay quiet. – Felicity Beach-Thomas – United Kingdom
A letter to my parents, Reconcile. – M Liebrecht –
To save you we own you – Kevin Krahenbuhl – United States
Seeking an existence unaligned with pain. – Mijah Jay – United States
Come together and we are one – Abigail Barbag – United States of America
The world ended at her grave. – Sarah Utomhin – Nigeria
“I love you” blackmails into reciprocation. – Michal Zielinski –
Human verification test. Harder each year. – Ciarán Parkes – Ireland
Wanted: Compassionate hitman with gentle hands – Henri Hart –
A bullet. A soldier. A widow. – InkStainedPaper InkStainedPaper – Australia
You don’t see my blind love. – Soumya N/A – India
She lost when she prided herself. – Amielle Tarriane – Philippines
Looking within freed my inner child. – Cacey Harper – United States
Scraped knees. Lost breath. Forgotten memories. – Connor Thornley – United Kingdom
Mistakes remain my greatest guilty pleasure. – Alyssa Kindred – United States
I came, I saw, I faltered – Ifeoluwa Khrystalz – Nigeria
Let you go, in shattered storms! – EVA TORTORA – United States
Your death painted my heart black. – N.V. Devlin –
I don’t know who to be – Ranime Brihmi – algeria
Seeing it for what it is – ANA ALADID – SPAIN
Together, – to get her…fighting later. – Srinvanti Pal – India
Stop crying, wipe, wash, touch, wet – Zarin Tasnim Zahra – United States
He watched them starving in HD – Jake Findlay – United Kingdom
her knotted hair/ and mother’s scissors – Vivian Pollak – United States
plans for greatness started at conception – Beks Rabecca – United States
Teenage Suicide Pact: Ready? You first. – Frederick Dahl – United States
Memory stayed reflective like mirror shards. – Harvey Comer-Heath – United Kingdom
Lost dog. Needs map or directions. – Kristen Van Kampen – Canada
Rising tides muffled his whispered apology. – Jiali Ye – United States
Can we sleep in the restroom? – Cielo Santos – Philippines
The goverment can suck my dick – Abigail Mbula – Kenya
Love so sweet yet so sour – Rachael Ibemere – Nigeria
Why does nothingness seems so heavy? – Judith Balumaga – Philippines
Remembering His promise, God chose fire. – Sam Spinelli –
Your touch ignites my broken heart – Saskia Griffith – Guyana
Enemies to lovers. Slow burn. One-shot. – Otilia Nastase – Romania
Sometimes I wish I weren’t dead. – Mustela Erminea – United States
Her force brilliant. Delicately, beautifully, flawed. – The Cale Princess Emily DeFalla – United States
Small eyes, crying tears in fear. – Patience Weir – United States
Fear of failure is greatness’ death – H.M.Shaikh The Prince of the Pen – Canada
Estranged dad found. He died yesterday. – Jenny Thompson – Australia
She was sugar, laughter, and spring. – Sandra Tsar –
“Forever”, He said, ” was never promised”. – Unusual words – Pakistan
Ate the silence, not sour words – Mahmoodah Oyeleye – Nigeria
The newborn remained still and unresponsive. – Sarah Seymour – United Kingdom
Your organs that cries like orphans – Angeline Palumbo – Shanghai
He said Pause? She said Goodbye. – Wendi Beck – United States
We oscillate in taboo space, nervous – Katie Hall – United Kingdom
Stick to me like a tick – DrThembieTanya DrThembieTanya – Zimbabwe
Scream. Bright red, her dessert fork. – King .. – sri lanka
Scribbled picture of my dog. Labradoodle. – Wendy Markel – United Kingdom
Spoiler alert!My scar is bleeding. – Tashy Chinos – Zimbabwe
Is Captain Scarlet, due to gas? – Elizabeth McGinty – United Kingdom
His life fit into six words. – Jude Page – Sweden
I always love; what am I? – Sean Francis – Nigeria
With time, they trade their time. – Martin Nyondo – Malawi
Jambo! From the Motherland of Africa! – Mercedez Gonzalez – United States of America
He´s home. No bags, just wood. – Fiona Reynolds – United States
A pause. Some silence. Then continuation. – Hannah Sirgo – United States
Professional jellyfish diver stung. How shocking. – Nicholas Brown – United Kingdom
Petal drops. She forgets her name. – Flo Au – China
Like Orpheus, I always look back. – Aliyah Safdar-Ahmed – United Kingdom
Swept away with your whole world – Jerald Topacio – Philippine
Masks come off. Makeup goes on. – Jeanne Troncao-Heath – United States
The day I forget to remember. – Sheryl Guadania-Rosimo – Philippines
My biggest lesson, learnt from defeat. – Gloria Ochai – Nigeria
Taking the rust off my heart – Emilia Mart – Romania
For sale: my thoughts, no charge – Gerrit Wood – United States
Sign of coming winter: icecream vendor – Shadow Moon – Nepal
I can drive with my learner’s – Ocean Karim – United States
Bear your cross to the grave. – Nandinee Singh – India
Running away takes courage, so run. – Kerensa Yarde – Barbados
Blissful agony in the deafening silence – Alondra Equihua – United States
War ends so that nightmare begins – Azrul Hafiz – Malaysia
Only seven days. What about everyday? – Vannessa Bulan Raja –
With you, I felt lucky everyday. – Nathaniel S. Larsson – Danmark
She laid dying, I was next. – Kel Snow – United States
Emotions birth the meanings of words. – Sidra Hoosen – South Africa
A view construes partial absolutes true – Mr. GoodBye Matias Goncalves borrega 7866311070 text me – USA
Sailor waves goodbye. Wife wonders why. – Angelica Blake-Lawson – United Kingdom
A poor decision made; lesson learned. – Maycee Wahl – United States
Level three. Wrong floor. Going Down – Tessa Knight – Australia
The world went quiet without her. – Camden Day – United States
Made fortune. Bought family and friends. – Vishal R. Devi – Nepal
She tormented, so does her mirror – Kendra Hoffman – United States
It is common to underestimate friends. – Bilqis Qadir – United Arab Emirates
The moon, Mars, beyond. We’re drawn. – Ari Covert – United States
When humans left, we took over – Niko Zoltan – Austria
First time in city , felt congested. – Khushi Kanwar – India
Killed 30 people; ran stop sign – Samantha DeGennaro – United States
The smiling queen begged for love – Giselle Vilca Sagastegui – United States
It was encrypted in six words – Hilla Tzur – Israel
If I die, Nigeria killed me. – Mkpouto Inyang – Nigeria
She’s savage but ain’t a sadist! – Gargi Choudhary – India
Missing you is like missing home. – Zoe Erickson – United States
Alligator tears, crocodile lies, shattered glass. – MC Clare – United States
What is the nature of man? – Gabriel Lyannas – United States
Winners are those that don’t care – Gloria Penaloza – United States
Take me to heaven in absentia – Vlada Sukhovii – Ukraine
Life only separates us from death – Rachael Triglia – United States
The clown painted his smile on. – Kim Galovich – United States
She’s lethal with her kids involved. – Aishat Elusogbon – Nigeria
Three kids, back seat, no air. – Angela Moser – United States
Behind this smile lies bitterness untold – Chisom Iheanacho – Nigeria
He was female by miss-take – Royston Ellis – Sri Lanka
I was no one, switching faces. – Yvonne Adams – Barbados
His words cold, icicles replacing teeth. – London Harp – United States
Laptop battery low. Hope it doesn’t – Bubbah Bubbah – United States
Covid chic: Suit jacket, pyjama pants. – Torben Arnold – Germany
Be a good person, it’s important – J Flowers – United States
Lie – Because it cannot be otherwise. – Petra Hajdu – Ireland
MYSTERIOUS, a word come with CURIOSITY. – _ SIOW – Malaysia
I (have been) used to dream – Joannes Ich Bin – Argentina
A stroller. Headlights. A mother’s cries. – D Feliciano – United States
A collection of cells felt anxious – Jaejun Kwon – United States
I wish I had no soul. – Darling Angel Darling Angel – Nigeria
Worked for pay. Lost my life. – Odelia Chan – Canada
Gastronomy and astronomy? Hmm. Milky Way. – Mark linsky – United States
She dreams in hues of nothingness. – Gwynevere Hyde – Portugal
Fought six hours. Won. Didn’t save. – Antoinette Fung – Hong Kong
Love, faith… beautiful things create monsters. – Ana Maria – Romania
Angels… Secretly partying in hell tonight. – Ekene Benedict – Nigeria
Their empire had returned to earth. – Elizabeth Summerhill – United States
Art is bonded to the dead. – Jay Barrani – Tunisia
what? when? who? why? ah, fuck. – Angie Pollacchi – Spain
The night has broad shoulders, child. – Sebastian E.W. – US
Strummed the strings of spring’s heart. – Aleena Kuriakose – United States
Triumph lays silent, heartbreak runs loud. – Lucas Simpkins – United States
Can Jack, Jill, find water uphill? – KM Santos – Philippines
Dad “somehow” forgot my birthday – again. – Isabel Nowemigisha – Uganda
The car spat out all the passengers. – Ndaba Sibanda – Zimbabwe
I never knew I could choose. – Tamara Bosak Đorđević – Serbia
Seeing her, his heart fluttered nervously. – Cameron Lord – United States
Necessity is the mother of invention – Solomon Oyedokun – Nigeria
She lived hard, but loved soft. – James Patrick Focarile – United States
Your healing eyes sicken my soul. – Lucia Reed – United Kingdom
Hurts like toe hitting a wall – Mahero Kosmos – Pakistan
if it’s bitter, it’s a spitter – Alex Dyregaard – Denmark
here, dying: only if he replies. – Mhembeuter Jeremiah Orhemba – Nigeria
Bought for Golds; Sold for Penny – Damak Damak – Nigeria
The earth decays with human touch – Calamity Jones – United States
We return to dust in the end – E.L Franklin E.L Franklin – United States
Hand in hand, they ascended themselves. – Tanner Kern – United States
Nobody told me zombies could run – Cal Scout – United Kingdom
You became a god: my creation – Shiksha Dheda – South Africa
Only darkness root on the route. – Naina McMatthews – Slovakia
What one believes offends the other – Leslie Hix – United States
Prime Minister should be minimum wage. – Daniel Gibbon – United Kingdom
Live in pretense die in silence. – Oluwafemi Makanjuola – Nigeria
I am flower, watch me wither. – Tierney Mueller – United States
The Silence brought them here. – Langley Haftling – United States
While I mourned, your allies attacked. – Chiawonamokem Ifeakor – Nigeria
Hope, Ambitions, Warm, But Fierce, Burns – Minha Syed – Canada
Learn to learn to live lively – REBECCA NABUSE – Uganda
in silence, being. in solitude, joy – Astrid Birdmann – Canada
I loved you. You killed me. – Stephanie Lyn – United States
Barbeque in the rain. No picnic. – Fiona Bernhoeft – United Kingdom
Blood drip down from my sword – Bintou Kaba – United States
We’re one of many stupefied others – Chinaza Agomuo – Nigeria
Wooden “table” or a tree’s corpse? – Lauren Gonzalez – United States
Miracle is you because of you – Ceylan Koryürek – Canada
Last meal.“Don’t forget the fries.” – Sudha Yadav – India
Her shoes fit. I look good. – Lorelei VettieVenter – South Africa
the bag was loaded with crumbs – shane cedrick nunez –
His heart shreds dark dried tears. – Jan Pan – India
In the cellar, scream from below. – Likando Crefcoeur – Belgium
Dear you, keep your head up – T Tyjani – United States
Breaking, crumbling, crushing; my muesli bar – Lee Estaki – Australia
They became one with eternal darkness. – Kinley Wells – United States
The universe was born from chaos. – Gray Fader – United States
I can see Mom on weekends. – Robert Henry – United States
My bionic body’s awesome besides magnetism. – Susmita Ramani – United States
For the last time, they hugged – Phoebe Nortey – Ghana
The lifeless laughter coming from Mother. – Shirley Zhao –
She was lawless with her mourning. – Jessi Knipp – United States
For first place, win the race. – Deepti Yadav – India
Skin too thick, blade too blunt. – Wardah Madari – South Africa
Bubblegum cheeks and remnants of yesterday. – Chloe Wang – Taiwan
Paper kites dance. Puppeteers, my hands. – Sharika Nair – India
Job Opportunity: Border Patrol. Locals only. – Moh Afdhaal – Sri Lanka
It’s Always the Pain that Comforts. – Elianne Bondoc – Philippines
Old scars reaching deeper than skin. – Maddie Rowson – Australia
She made me dream life away. – Rodrigo Ortiz Vinholo – Brazil
He sought immortality. And found loneliness. – Chad Elliott – United Kingdom
sinking into her blue mirror, sunset – Iris Berger – Israel
Mother is the best poem ever – Mugilesh Shanmugavel – Srilanka
Incendiary man, words fall as ashes. – Kathlene Riley – New Zealand
I think; therefore, I suffer tremendously. – Claire Muscat – United States
Closest thing to a dad hug. – Carl Palmer – United Kingdom
A good friend is worth everything. – Leutrim Beka – United States
She flies with invisible angel wings. – Grace Beckish – United States
The chewing woke me. Son of- – J.D. Donner – United States
“Another dose!”, screamed the overweight junkie. – Lion Ilay Gindi Kariv – Israel
Baby. Tea. Levy. Dry cleaning Brother. – Alexandra Huertas – United States
I killed her. Unfortunately, she survived. – Salem Miles – Zimbabwe
He had cauliflower ears, mashed-potato brain – Andrew Lu – Canada
Let’s eat mother. Let’s eat, mother. – Robert Richardson – United States
Alive to keep my tales unspoken – JBuzor BuzorCr8v – Nigeroa
No money, no honey, no sweet. – Joe Katemi – The United Republic of Tanzania
Judicial abuse. Settled out of court. – Z Daniel – United States
No play, no pay, not today. – Armand Diab – United States
I Owed I Paid Now Broke – Hazel- Anne Rymell – United Kingdom
Wacky witches water willows with wine. – Chris Briden –
Flame eaters wanted, no time wasters. – Ash Hobson – United States
Ice cracks beneath, water is above. – Marko Ovčariček – Austria
Plans. Make ’em, they break you. – Axel Frühmann – Netherlands
I’m busy living my best life. – Naomi Adachie – United States
Oh, I’ll age leaving you behind – Ramona Gore – United States
The migrant trembled without his hat. – Sapir Negrea – Israel
He said lasciviously, “not all men” – Harshita Lall – United States
Broken, brittle, bruised. I’m impossibly alive. – Cora Jeppson – United Stares
Stepped into sunlight. Turned into ash. – Nandakumar Poonthottam – India
Her gun jammed; his heart didn’t. – Dhruvang Desai – India
Aliens favor cats. Spraying on catnip. – Susmita Ramani – United States
Government Simulates Alien Invasion. Earth Panics. – This Person – UK
I’m alive, no limbs, I survive?!! – Suzie Wilmot – United Kingdom
Life and Death. One endless cycle. – Ada Chien – United States
* love* Wild traincart on bike trail – Bat-Hen Shnieder – Israel
“You! Close the door right now!” – A. I. Wakidjan A. I. Wakidjan – Indonesia
The forest yawned: I was swallowed. – Jay McKenzie – Australia
My reason for trying gave up. – Kati Aiaru Lascola – United States
The sea cannot control the wind. – Rachel Cyparski – United Kingdom
I heard the news yesterday. Sorry. – Tondani Raluswinga – South Africa
Long short story: you left me – Princess Ann Beligan – Philippines
Stars lace the sky with wonder. – Nellie Johnson – United States
It’s a wonder, how you blunder. – Mickaela Leach – Canada
Dreaming When I Should Be Sleeping. – Luciana Baptista – Portugal
she runs, she flies, she falls – Atreyee Chattopadhyay – India
Existing in the aftermath of you. – Hannah Morgan – Australia
Like those American films in which… – Sara Marzana – Italy
I woke up in another dream. – Makayla Gubbay – France
That’s not how dogs bark. – Cedric Meuse – Belgium
OPENING: Broken heart needs mending. Apply! – Odochi Ohia – Nigeria
We all need that one person. – Emmy Scarboro – United States
Sinking slowly into Sleep’s somnolent sea. – Lee Derium – Malaysia
She said no, he undid her. – Rachel Cyparski – United Kingdom
Only the bird that Twittered remained. – Kaydee Arka – Malaysia
New adventures become old haunts quickly. – wimsy miths – United States
Mother’s success is an empty nest. – Janice Lantz – United States
Black, Undesired. White, Adored. Fault? System – Ola Akomolafe – United Kingdom
She lies…in a suitcase, waiting. – Meghali Banerjee – India
He sighed, chest heavy with gratitude – Shaktal Iddi – Ghana
Standing in the road is – *CRASH*. – Lucia Reed – United Kingdom
Burning fingers… Conjuring flames… Touching power. – Tan M – United Kingdom
I stumbled upon a fading hope. – B. A. Walter – United States
Your ignorance speaks about your ego. – Tamoghna Dey – India
Cup of joe on the go. – Ambler Lynn – United States
Make art, but first make money – Dominique De la Cruz – United States
Silence, the victory of the bully. – Jasleen Kaur Sandhu – Hong Kong, China
Without pain there’s nothing to gain. – Xaria Amoroso – Trinidad and Tobago
You thought I was the joke. – Brenda Onowanlan – Nigeria
Ignore the desire, just stay still. – V Kelly-Sibley – Australia
ICE took my grandpa one day. – Katelyn Silvas – United States
She stopped talking; he didn’t hear,. – Myrna del Carmen Flores – Mexico
Blood pacts, never forget your last. – Bjorn Wall – Canada
We were eager to reach adulthood. – Gemini twin Gemini twin – Nigeria
Trigger laws. Guns, freer than women. – Tracy Davidson – United Kingdom
I never dreamed I would fall. – Jennifer J. Coldwater – United States
A royal wedding. A royal tragedy. – Sebastian Babatunde – United Kingdom
I’d been erased but wrote again. – Sunaina Sharma – Canada
She likes dolls. He is retired. – U. R. –
The mouth, heart and brain coalesced. – Abi Llama –
Holding phone tight than my thighs. – Letexia Jabasa – Philippines
A forgotten soul, an upcoming ghoul. – Kyle He – United Kingdom
“Family isn’t everything.” “It was. Once.” – Emily Phillips – United Kingdom
Missed the puddles, missed the rainbow – Fiona Bernhoeft – United Kingdom
Her arms ached with archaic longing. – Miranda Wilson – United States
Toss old garbage into the ocean. – Alexander Young – United States
Oceans couldn’t finish engulfing the land. – Nashat Zaman – Malaysia
You held me like a breath. – Cadie Lee – United States
In the end there is none – Victoria Feller – United States
Why man? How man? Who man? – A person who writes And doesn’t know why – United States
Genealogy research or fast track insanity – Wendi Beck – United States
Nobody’s born a diamond, they become. – Gurleen B – Canada
With an AA you’re still sick – Idongesit Akpan – Nigeria
Papa, you don’t know. – Russell Smith – United States
Magenta heals when I paint to forget. – Shannon Hare – Canada
All you can say is cant – Bade Fuwa – Nigeria
I love this competition and you! – Connor Cuthrell – United States
I know I’ll succeed in life. – Henry Vinicio Valerio Madriz – Costa Rica
But I, never mind, I didn’t. – Thomas Wyllie – South Africa
That fur coat was never yours – Tanya Fillbrook – United Kingdom
With his every breath, she withered – Gwen Keller – United States
She was brave, like a dandelion. – T Cobb – United States
How wonderful life is… Oh, no! – Maurício Coelho – Portugal
Death is what makes life valued. – Vora Wong – Hong Kong
New teeth… Slowly becoming a dinosaur. – Susan L. Lin – United States
Shoe shop speakeasy. Fill your boots. – C M Prosso – UK
Love was never enough for me. – R Roy – United Kingdom
In truth, they trusted the liar. – R. K. Emerson – United States
Mother Nature. Humans evolve. The End. – Boakesey B – Isle of Man
As the bell goes, students come. – Praise-God Ukoh – Nigeria
The shot awakened her true self. – Laura K. Ito – US
Swirling designs frosted upon the windowsill – Rosie Baquie – United States
Infinite money=Write numbers on paper – Kingsun Lim – Malaysia
Obituary: Every day, she was loved – Noah Hamaoui – Brazil
A lifetime of letters returned unopened. – Brittany Davis – Canada
promises are what we see now – Victoria Gift – Nigeria
“You’ll be OK”. He paused. “Hopefully”. – Barak Friedman – Israel
She spun flaxen fabric and fairytales. – Laverna de Plume – India
Just realized it was never ‘us’ – Rutika Jadhav – India
We found solace in each other. – Liv Edwards – United Kingdom
Michael is alive. She lives next-door. – mahesh menghani – United States
Please believe my Facebook shop window. – Stephen Rebbettes – United Kingdom
Became the moonlight I once admired – Annette Etim – Nigeria
Fly that travelling pillow to Aladdin. – Aria Writes –
God. I hope he likes snuggling. – Liz Lydic – United States
Love consumed them. Heartburn soon followed. – Sharyn Grimes – Australia
secretly but unable to hide it – jayzel bote – Philippines
Whispered dreams swirled like sweetened clouds. – Ein Wolf – United States
A victim of love’s deepest promises. – Shell Sherwood – United States
My phantoms rustling at my downfall. – Chengye Lin –
as if the reader weren’t there – Mark de Rond – United Kingdom
Mind to mouth became less frequent. – Cynthia E. – United States
He’s cute. She’s cute. They’re cute. – Kyler Essen – United States
Terminally pretty. Opportunity dies with age. – Daniel Gibbon – United Kingdom
Dog Barks; The Shadow barks back – Rohan Turnbull – London, UK
Error! Error! Please try again later! – Lee Estaki – Australia
7 pm sharp. Time for dinner. – Rajesh Gupta – United States
Drifting memories always find a dream – Brielle Leiani – United States
Drinks. The best way to – Georgina Way – United Kingdom
Death chased her, still she ran. – Alice Keating – United States
It’s not simple to be simple. – Yael Asaf Goldberg – Israel
She lives on, shrouded in regret – Steffie Lan – USA
I hate exam season so much – Carolina Vlachakou – Greece
Heart beating louder. This is it! – Ellie Kennedy – United States
To you, I am but invisible. – Idun Månsson – Sweden
Love, love, love; and love again! – Kevin Conner – United States
Our love lasted even beyond death. – Ein Wolf – United States
Rose pedals in a plastic dustbin. – Burak Dal – Turkey
Have A Flip Through The Album – _ SIOW – Malaysia
I feared regret, I never tried. – Arran James Grant – United Kingdom
Liberation is not of this flesh. – L.E. Wraith –
“Money to burn?” “Yeah! Found it.” – Alex Morne – United Kingdom
Dried flowers scattered across the grave. – K.L. Flores – United States
I loved you, but you left. – Patrick Tackwell – United States
my everlasting devotion lies loyal – Deir Daugherty – united states
I snorted , belched , and embarrassed myself. – Alka Yadav – India
Red blooming dandelions, run away skyward. – Alexia Luna Obbens – Spain
My betrayal is how I mourn. – Marie Eliotte – Saint Lucia
he moved on, i did not – Kacey Gonzalez – United States
Everyone kills….they murder their dreams – Krisha Shah – United Kingdom
Nothing makes me fall but gravity. – Odry G – Ukraine
The whirring fan dried her tears. – Alise Leguizamon – United States
There was pain behind her smile – Prisca Muonaka – Nigeria
The postman? He has already knocked. – Jon Hunter – United Kingdom
She loved the idea of him. – Crystal Orser – United States
We never expected mice to rebel. – Michael Bronson – United States
Time moves in circles, like myself. – Hanna Slams – Sweden
Three exclamations? Somebody better be dying!!! – Jake Toodles – Canada
“Don’t scream. Don’t scream. Don’t scream.” – Rimmy S. – India
Mom was right, dad had left. – Katelyn Silvas – United States
He always loved the shaded figure – Demian Dark – Nigeria
A tear fell, she wasn’t well. – Kiana farokhnia – Iran
Freckling my fingers: a binding bedazzle – Sophia Nikas – United States
Should have read the warning sign – Wendy Calvert – UK
Pop goes the weasel. PETA sues. – Annette Taylor – United States
adulthood bites like a juvenile snake – Darcey O’ Hanlon – Canada
Suddenly, the light was turend on – itay merlis – israel
The door was unlocked this morning. – Derek Smith – Guam
Only to tame our disjointed hope – Ojo Godfrey – Nigeria
Buildings and trees falling, everything’s dying. – Miles Distad – United States
Poisoned, drugged, scarred. Earth is angry. – Rabi’a N – Mauritius
How does it feel to feel? – TheO.G Agboke – Nigeria
Needed: experienced exorcist with life insurance – Yvonne Lang – United Kingdom
Sundays were for family game nights. – Moira Espinosa – United States
Alas, my baby finally dozed off. – Iyonmana Adesuwa – Nigeria
I trusted, they lied, I cried. – Angelica Agbing – Philippines
Fear resides within outer space’s darkness. – Haydn A. – United States
Everyone feels like laundry is perpetual. – Eileen Tull – United States
Why don’t the stars reach back? – mbumblebuzz megregian – United States
The art of love and patience – Emilia Mart –
Smile and let it stay awhile. – Marguerite Prinsloo – South Africa
God’s a women. They never listen. – Archisha Singh – India
The wall between us, still stands. – Moon y/n –
Where did he go? Nobody knows. – Elias Barr – Canada
Bible is for studying not displaying. – M Santos – Philippines
A murder of crows is mourning. – Linda Crate – United States
A recipe recalled minus the leavening. – Catherine Yeates – United States
Free verse. All else for sale. – Karen FitzGerald – United States
Let me tell you a story. – Abimbola Writes – Nigeria
Yes. True. All my adult life. – Carl Palmer – United Kingdom
There he was. Red. Screaming. Perfect. – K.R.R. Lockhaven – United States
As the lies unfold, she trembles – Gurleen Benipal – Canada
She sought love worth the pain. – Elizabeth Son – Philippines
I’m so happy! So happy! Splat. – Kathleen Doherty – United States
Overcome with him, always and forever – Nadia Steeby – United States
Liars figure. Figures do not lie. – Glenda Brown – United States
You’ve gone. Deadline means exactly that. – Carl Palmer – United Kingdom
Wake up, eat, work and repeat. – Daniela Vincelli – Argentina
Newton Mukoya-kenya – Newton Mukoya – Kenya
Never let them break your spirit. – Miranda Wilson – United States
What century have I landed in? – Constance Contraire – Canada
I lived. I loved. I divorced. – David Coulthard – United Kingdon
There are sharks in the woods. – Dilinna Nwabueze – USA
I left first, never looked back – Pakhi Srivastava – India
Dad promised he will be back – Mazi Chima – Nigeria
Forgiveness is too rich a cake. – B. A. Walter – United States
Grifter’s lurk: A Bad Player Materializes. – Kayla M.A.J. – Puerto Rico
She walked away. He didn’t follow. – Sarah Bowen – Australia
Her hair smelted like my dreams. – Ulla Saraiva – Canada
There is love in whose heart is love GOD likes him – Eman Ul Eslam Ansari – India
Love can be multilayered like lasagne – Holly Crawford – United Kingdom
He deftly changed the number plate. – Jo Riglar – United Kingdom
The epitaph— Don’t walk on pebbles. – Naman Vaid – India
I lied at the altar. God heard. – Wilfreda Simon – Nigeria
I love you. Wish he heard. – Preethi Ganduri – India
Equal opportunity doesn’t create equal success. – Amanda Battista – United States
Don’t try confusing me with facts. – Steve Lodge – Singapore
White scrubs, scribbled walls, pill bottles. – sara sorbet – Malaysia
Mission Impossible Forty. Told you so. – Chris Tattersall – United Kingdom
Of all my loves, you’re last. – Lily Lalios – United States
You drew stars around my scars – Emilia Mart – Romania
His words stuck to my soul. – Melanie Bokstad Horev – Israel
Running away, she met herself again. – Alyson Faye – UK
Bloodshed stop! ;save us, pen’s blood – Favour Chibike – Nigeria
She unknowingly seized his cold heart. – Bri Tellez – United States
Her dady penetrated her bed again – Hilla Tzur – Israel
The jets just left, where’s mom? – Whale Whale – Hong Kong
The hero is never the poet. – Abigail Bates – United States
Enshroud… Infect; propagandize. “Aid”. Tyrannize! Rule? – Hong Kong – United States
Human Frailty – God carved by fear. – Petra Hajdu – Ireland
that one moment, was their last. – Valery Ortenberg –
We used to talk… a lot – Joanna Tulo – United States
The color doesn’t exhibit the power. – R.Gomathi Sridevi Radhakrishnan – India
On the other hand, I’m ambidextrous. – Arran Potts – United Kingdom
She chose love over humdrum immortality. – Summer Austin – United States
Remember, you once promised me infinity… – kendy kendy –
Jump ~ if you love me, Ethan. – Clare Marsh – United Kingdom
Raped Masked girl. Unmasked his mother. – Ugyen Chogyel – Bhutan
You used to look at me. – Delilah Maymon – United States
The chalice collected her first blood. – E.E. Hipps – United States
The nest is lonely after them. – Brendan Cadogan – Ireland
Alone and lost, he became strong. – Alayna Malhotra – India
False promises uttered, we said goodbye. – Norman Julian Blair – United Kingdom
One last hit; peace at last. – Brian Mahon – United States
Cannibals eating clown. This taste funny? – Robert Richardson – United States
Destined to love, separated by destiny. – Isabelle Anastasia – Indonesia
I don’t know. Why don’t you? – Stephen Goll – United States
Destiny. It’s your journey through life. – Cian Steele – United Kingdom
His Final Word to Me: Mercy – Dylan Farrell – Canada
All you need is self love – Katie Hall – United Kingdom
During riots penises get men killed. – Sushma R Doshi – India
WIDE Smile’s appearing. Hapiness already disappeared. – Hi Ba – Morocco
The happiness they wanted; everything’s perfect.. – Manasseh Sampana – Ghana
The beginning of everything is ephemeral – Len Vasilache – Romania
Anything with you is foolish…but fun – Brielle Leiani – United States
You seek what you have found – Vilasini Madhavan – India
Penguins and Octopus define human Pregnancy – JUDITH NYAMANGA – KENYA
Heavier yesterday, slit it, lighter present – Megha Gupta – India
Big words just have more nothingness inside. – Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk – Mexico
whispers still echo in my heart – Ayesha Khan – Pakistan
Ironic; I was wishing you dead. – R Bromfield – Canada
Schoolgirl’s alone. Footsteps follow. Parents mourn. – David Rees – United Kingdom
Smiling, he left three dead bodies – Henri Hart –
Thought its coldness, its actually affection. – Gelsomina R. – Philippines
Love Them, Like You Hate Them. – SACHIN SINGH SOLANKI – India
She’s single, but has a son. – Queen. Edmund. – Nigeria.
Finally got that raise, inflation happened. – Ginearosa Carbone – United States
Whats the point about pointing a pointer? – Laputa Carajoo – Indonesia
Find the truth behind my lies. – Jeah Grace – Philippines
I’ll give you one good reason. – Debbie Collins – United States
For Sale: Rings. She said no. – Aster Rogers – United States
Marrying dream partner is Life’s boon. – Thamarai (Sparking Lotus) Selvi – India
The secrets of the universe lie. – Lilla Down – United Kingdom
I’m atypical. But I’m happy, too. – Roy Barnes – United States
2016 and 2018, twins apart, how? – JUDITH NYAMANGA – KENYA
Hamlet’s mother: Happy birthday darling! Hamlet: Maybe, maybe not. – Patrick Makkink – South Africa
Grad school, creative thesis, gig work. – Andrew Osborne – United States
Now you are just a stranger – Emilia Mart –
This heavy feeling in my chest – Farooq Ahmad – Pakistan
Had she always been there too? – Hollie Lemons – United States
Sunset meets the sunrise from above. – Jennifer Whitener – China
Wake up, the world is ending. – Paula Henry-Duru – Canada
Here’s the gun. Hit, shoot, run. – Dice K. – United Arab Emirates
Imagine Laughing Loudest on Camera Toothless! – Yusuf Vandi – Sierra Leone
The season changed one last time. – Danielle Guerrero – United States
Made her smile. She is mine. – Naina Mehta – India
Day died because night stole it. – Nathania Smith – United States
Look, the people are peopling again! – Skipping off in search of immortality Roman – United Kingdom
Ironic – a vampire who craves garlic. – Cathy Bryant – UK
Listen tonight when the stars sing. – Felicity Beach-Thomas – United Kingdom
Remembrance: could i have avoided it? – Fadilah Abubakar – Nigeria
The differences is what makes equality – Ogechi Njoku – Nigeria
Lost two pounds. Devoured three doughnuts. – Patricia Good – United Kingdom
‘Defaulter’s business dinner?’ the cannibal drooled. – Erik van der Velden – Netherlands
He is strong, yet so tender. – N.C Sunday –
True happiness uses her inside voice. – Dejah View – Canada
One heart stopped. Two lives ended. – Isabel Ingersoll – United States
Very soon is better than Never – Dakins Akin – Nigeria
Not everything you feel is real – Rachael Triglia – United States
She is kind, but not blind. – Soumya Sadanala – INDIA
Two paths; one singular entwined fate – Rebecca Richards – United Kingdom
Trees and grass await us, hungry. – Eugeni Levin – United States
First came fear, then came freedom. – Moyosolaoluwa Olowokure – Nigeria
All I had was the silence. – Cole White – United States
We’re a generation of lonely people – Ankita Raghuvanshi – India
call my name one more time – Iulia Tanvuia – romania
it may puncture the vocal box. – Hnubcis Moua – United States
“Unlucky idiot! You burnt a phoenix.” – Jincy P Janardhanan – India
Love, a bittersweet cataclysm of contradictions. – Giselle Meléndez – United States
A pause. Then another paragraph begins. – Iraj Toosy – Pakistan
Love is ironic form of torture. – Gloria Penaloza – United States
Being vegan is a missed steak – Disath Peduruhewa – Australia
Laying in the grass, I dream. – Andrew Zhang – Canada
Calm waters purified her putrefied mind. – Elizabeth Yingling – United States
Conformists thwart hometown dream. Actualized elsewhere. – City Sunrise – United States
It wasn’t him. It was you. – Madison Stivers – United States
Notebook for poetry, filled with Zentangles. – Geethanjali Tanikella – India
“It’s pink,” said Emily. Gender revealed. – Gazala Saifi – India
Dance of flowers among the eyelashes – D Pembe – Romania
Fix yourself before reflecting on others. – jawan aloraifan – Kuwait
From space, earth resembled a fireball. – Jude Page – Sweden
Read the news, history repeated itself. – Robert Travitz – United States
Hired a barista, lost the trial – Ben Pluck – England
Palm to palm, soul to soul. – Ifeoma Enechaziam – United Kingdom
The dog, the tree, good bark. – Dianna Woodlands – Australia
Dearest future lover any minute now – A Lily – Malaysia
Being Seen Is Not Being Heard – Shalom Alangbo – Nigeria
Through laughing, my soul was refreshed. – Nadia Case Nadia Case – Nigeria
Life is beautiful lived in abstract – Mariann Groshans – United States
Thickest overcoat in a blazing Summer. – Hayoon Joe – Singapore
What’s a killer whithout a promise? – John Andre – Portugal
Beautiful words mend an aching heart. – Alan Lehrer – United States
Cold morning, hot afternoon, bloody harmattan! – Efe Ikhenaode – Nigeria
What journey is complete without pizza? – Genesis Solis Carrion – United States
She accidentally married the wrong man – Amanda Nicholson – United Kingdom
There is no way back now. – neverland X – United States
Never stop laughing, never stop crying. – Jessica Portrey – United States
We were not, we are apart – Ahmad Olàwále – Nigeria
The depravity of man transcends poverty. – Kerensa Yarde – Barbados
the tiniest caskets weigh the most – natalia-clumsy adkins – united states
Last weekend, I was killed… Again. – Charles JD Ijalana – Nigeria
Floating away, tears mix ocean’s salt. – Abi Odiase – Nigeria
Dad left to get milk… Wait. – Tom Fender – Australia
The End Is Where It Begins – Taytum Quinn – United States
Mouths filled, with what? Dreadful lies. – Alannah Pevensie – England
Are you mad? Or am I? – Sophie Neal – United Kingdom
Your love made me an addict! – Ilo Daniel Adeyemi Dilo_Artwright – Nigeria
She didn’t get time. I did. – Eileen Tull – United States
A rift between worlds, into Oblivion. – Daze . – Canada
Smoke billowing from your lips, repulsive. – Nicola O’Hara – Scotland, United Kingdom
Please just wear the dang mask – J Flowers – United States
Dawn: borne; Day: ventured; Dusk: forgotten. – SONNYBOY PACURSA – Philippines
He doesn’t appreciate me. He will. – Amelie Sadler-Hill – United Kingdom
“Hold your breath.” I did, awhile. – Clint Foster – United States
His hubris was an unforgiving jailer. – Coji Senanayake – Sri Lanka
Sixer King,Super King always blows. – Kirandeep Kaur – India
Plastic fruit taunts a hungry child. – Son-Ja Son-Ja – United States
His final dreams never came true. – Izzy Rutherford – United States
I missed your blue, blue eyes. – Niko Zoltan – Austria
I want all my insides, outside – Bee Spillett – United Kingdom
Hate is a byproduct of religion – Sophia Raines – United States
Problems would pass. The waves wouldn’t. – Cailey Tarriane – Philippines
Don’t come near with bloody lips! – Julian Summer – United States
It’s all just part of the trip. – Inbar Ben Moshe – Israel
just full wines, fling golds indemnify – Eliza Cuihua – the People’s Republic of China
Here lies my dignity, she said. – Andy Hamilton – United Kingdom
Colourful crayons scribble children’s desperate cries – Judith Wilson – United Kingdom
We are basically motive and movement. – Victor Pereira –
“This ‘silly child’ has grown old” – August Jones – United States
This broken leash held a beast. – Joshua Shuh – United States
Today is yesterday’s hope of tomorrow – Van Allen Kaye Daguplo – Philippines
Her poor mother. The tides merciless. – Nora Jennings – United Kingdom
No turning back, home left behind. – Cintia Abigail Bonilla – Honduras
Cigarette smoke, lemonade juice. That’s life. – Robyn Lianne Cheng – Philippines
“I’ll never forgive you” said God. – Jhoao Hernandez – Honduras
He only picked me dead flowers. – Jillian Calahan – United States
Look both ways while in haze – Ava Routh – United States
General and dragon’s tragic love bond – Anushka Dsilva – India
Her eyes are like an ocean. – Mariel Ogabar – Philippines
Once you fall,you ready give-up – Meluchie Lenciano – Philippines
Snowflakes softly alight on baby’s tongue. – Angela Moser – United States
Every moment without you is meaningless. – Aeviel Yoon – Philippines
Drink the poison, or I will – David Patten – United States
Stole the book, left the wallet. – Caterina Franks – United States
Fiery white webs entangle the trees. – Beau Bowen – United States
Sun and moon; forbidden opposites collide – Jia Yue Tan – Singapore
A smile on her grandparents face – memoir – Okala Saahinora – India
Dead old men tell no tales – Alana Zian – Uganda
Who’s a woman, human without bear… – Jonah Nasara Tahiru – Ghana
He loved the unlovable her, deeply. – Marquita Young – United States
Bed time poetry to drift asleep. – London Harp – United States
Memories haunt me more than ghosts. – Victoria Speziale – United States
It’s okay to not be okay. – Mina Amar – Nigeria
I overdosed on the red pill. – Anthony Sciuto – United States
They died, rose, died. We wait. – David Barry – United States
Islam is A Very Good Religion – Aisha Oloriegbe – Saudi Arabia
Promise to say goodbye next time. – Charlotte Emery – United States
Nobody had breathed the Martian air. – Manasseh Sampana – Ghana
She’s a million kinds of beautiful. – Candice Colebrooke – The Bahamas
I felt in love with myself. – Diana Hakobyan – Republic of Armenia
Leaving corpses like footprints, he travels – Sam Kench – United States
Swing your sword to bring peace. – Daniel Sanchez – United States
The love that anchored me lifted. – Breanna Campbell – Jamaica
Let go of your earthly tether – Mishael Kalota – Zambia
Quickest way to earn cash please? – ladygodiva clothed – england
Tomorrow a weary path to follow. – Chukwuma Okparaoyibo – Nigeria
Moderns are elites; Post-moderns are tribal – Kevin Krahenbuhl – United States
Darkside out like inside of me. – Bril Peterson – Turkey
I am alive, they are not – J.R.R. Smith – Italy
be the on to finish it. – Isabel Rodier – Canada
No dawn heralded the world’s end – Royston Ellis – Sri Lanka
Forgive.Accidentally stamped an ant yesteryear. – Amritha S – India
A sorcery skull stole his breath. – Solomon Guzali – Nigeria
Little to truth, much to lies. – Royal Pleasures – United States
No one ever visits me anymore – Alice Fairburn-Franklin – England
Time heals all wounds. Except gunshots. – Elliott Baas – United States
Even the training did not help – Lia Shield – South Africa
Dating and madness should be synonymous – Jocelyne Ngwane – Cameroon
Pet cat. Her joy. His torment. – Caitriona Murphy – Ireland
Why won’t the stars come down. – Evelyn Rose Van Der Westhuizen – South Africa
Sorry, broken wings. Had to jump. – Healy Lior –
I cannot… not again, not anymore. – Maia Karoliina – Finland
Power’s out! Anyone want ice cream? – Aiona Byuwek – USA
Live without worries, nobody will notice. – Elisa Onica – Romania
You will stay alive in rhyme. – Rami Little Shakespeare – Iraq
No love found was ever lost. – Jennifer passionpursuit – United states
Only dreams come to heavy sleepers. – Jennifer passionpursuit – United states
“Umm, will you marry me?” “Yes” – Siddharth Paul – Bangladesh.
I wonder how this moment ends. – Simryn Chiniwalla – United States
Truly living means truly giving yourself. – Sapphire Rose Williams – Trinidad and Tobago
“That said,…”–WHAT-said-what’s-“THAT”? – Anne Theriault – United States
love is a fool who’s blind – Willoughby Kipling – United States
Vengeance Is Quick To Become Violence – Jo Shaw – United States
Pick out a way for us- poem – Okala Saahinora – India
Even as Pope, I had problems. – Christina Nordlander – United Kingdom
Days disappear, into nights, into years. – Joseph Morazzano – United States
Vaccine refuseniks: Live free and die – Donald Ranard – United States
Convicted flasher sentenced to exposure therapy. – Elliott Baas – United States
Let demons roam and devils soothe. – Charlie D’Aniello – Sweden
We’re like 2520. We’re easily divided. – Imole Olusanya – Nigeria
They’re pretty, I’m the other woman. – Georgia Stubbe – Canada
Winston Churchill would have known better. – Kevin Broccoli – United States
Ask yourself, what would Caesar do? – Amy Mandayaya – United Kingdom
Under your gaze of engraved lifetime – soup. and rain – Philippines
Your wallet, your pleasure, never theirs. – Lynn Bey –
My skateboard stops. However, I don’t. – Jordan Fuentes – United States
Made love, texts stopped, keyed car. – Noel Cyraima – Canada
I never heard that cassowary coming – Lou Brosna – Ireland
I thought you hid the body? – Ernie Hummingbird – United States
Walked alone, now walking with angels – OPEZIBA PETERS – Nigeria
Black baby. White parents. Awkward moment. – Katherine Powlett – United Kingdom
Bread, wine, her, it was enough – A. J. Forget – United States
I’m still on our sunken ship. – Mia Murdock – United States
I compose elegies for my funeral – Bint Ridwan – Nigeria
Friends can be your hidden enemy. – Bilqis Qadir – United Arab Emirates
I began living when I died. – Mirabella Paulcia – Nigeria
Important people talking about unimportant things. – Alice Cooper – UK
A lie, and they became strangers. – Arpita Aparajita Sahu – India
She sang as the world sank. – James Birdsong – United States
Abandoned. Picked up. At last home – Alaia Simmons – e.g United States
Devil to egg is methodical – Amiel Guyçois – Canada
No dog collar, no cross. Flirt. – Lee NASH – France
She mindlessly swayed into the panopticon – Sayle Hoffmann – Germany
“You forgot the birthday?!?” “Yours?” “Yours.” – Sam S – India
I shiver thinking of cold thoughts – Isar Joshi – United States
He was crazy in the eyes. – C.L. Olsen Olsen – United States
Just one mistake away from immortality. – Anne Schultz – United States
Delay is Will; Action is Can – Dare Dare – Nigeria
Later, her date proposed the waitress. – Aktar Shamtally – Mauritius
My face learned how to smile. – Henry Vinicio Valerio Madriz – Costa Rica
Suddenly, they gifted me white flowers. – Juan Miguel – Philippines
What on Earth, are we doing?! – Zoe Arena – United Kingdom
When writing, try to avoid incomplete. – Erik Ross – United States
Healers aren’t medicaments , loyal friends are – Marwa Tahiri – Morocco
She packed hopes next to dreams. – Jenna Thirtle – United Kingdom
An angel fell. Needs help. – Merida H. – Israel
For sale: Baby diapers. Slightly used. – Ada Chien – United States
After hours the disco ghosts appear. – Caterina Franks – United States
“Daddy, I need you! Mommy farted.” – Matt Wester – United States
Dream, reality, failure, disappointment, hardwork, success. – Ankita Upreti – India
Life sure is beautiful when happy – Kristina Pudlewski – United States
Hark! The herald survivors fearlessly speak – Favour Julius – Nigeria
Laughter: it helped bury the body – Samantha DeGennaro – United States
Barbed wire keeps our hearts apart. – Kiara Pauli – United States
I can’t try to fit in – Ayomide Adefila – United Kingdom
After dying she slept no more – Sakina Habib – United Arab Emirates
Just like that, he was gone. – Ava Guillory – United States
Finally, my happiness lies beside me. – S A Fatmi – Pakistan
He drove away one final time. – Emma Bedell – United States of America
I speak words for other people – Ayomide Dehinsilu – United Kingdom
I cant sleep. Artificial phone beeps. – Sophia Nikas – United States
And cheers to a boring death! – Audrey Ifeacho – Nigeria
Seeking inspiration for writing a fantasy – Ava White – United States
It all started with that virus. – Sheryl Guadania-Rosimo – Philippines
Do contractions make one word or? – Alka Yadav – India
My first love. My best gamble. – Ethan Yeo – Singapore
I saw death in their eyes. – Nasana Bajracharya – Nepal
The lighthouse wasn’t open that day. – Miriam Tuesday – United States
They watched me from the shadows – Mina Star – United states
We build dreams in awaken state – Navya K – United States
One pen starts a great future – Nnenna Njoku – Nigeria
January sky peeling pine, peeling people – Erin Jamieson – United States
Russian oligarch sails off in yacht. – Joan Penn – United States
Sunflowers always face their bright sun. – Nellie Johnson – United States
Can i stand, no pain with – Lhea Magpantay – Philippines
Aged like wine, heart frozen ice – Dalton Smith – United States
They couldn’t move forward looking backwards. – Jamilen Johnson – United States
Tragedy, bay be thy sees tra-ge-die – MayzE Segal – ISRAEL
The food was getting cold again. – Otilia Nastase – Romania
Dream to extreme till not fulfilled. – Anisha Dutta – INDIA
Learning is just residue of thought – Kevin Krahenbuhl – United States
The cave echoed haunting whispers within. – Vanessa Morse – United States
We’re all kids in the rain. – Ruby Marine – United States
There’s nothing an egg can’t crack. – Indika . – India
Hedonist’s motto: you only live wants. – Joanne Bowers – England
The atonomy of love done and undone – Jacquanna Wilson – Uniter states
You best believe, she is alive. – Sangay Gyansapa – India
Leave. You filled me with somber. – Jelkänen Moira – Switzerland
Orange oranges. Aiding aids. Alluding illusions? – Anya Wardhan – United States
Feeling of guilt: worse than anger. – DaNi’ Fulmore – United States
Dogs howl at the sight – Chloe Anderson – Australia
The knife killed all 3 women. – Lauren Swann – United Kingdom
Emotions can only cloud your judgement – Sannidhi Patil – India
Till death do they fart: Toot-toot. – Audrianna Schneider – United States
Six? I thought you said sex! – Ginearosa Carbone – United States
Again, I failed. – Laura Koppenheffer – United States
Fails everything, even being a failure. – Likando Crefcoeur – Belgium
Alimony: Penalty for unerased text messages. – Adam Kassner – United States
Sweeten the bitterness as sugar does – Thrimali Basnayake – Sri Lanka
Light has no value without Darkness – Nanase Kunurugi – India
“You could have.”But she didn’t. – Amritha S – India
He suited his tux better alive – Vyna Tagal – Philippines
Over time the tide will run out. – Danielle Guerrero – United States
“I can’t love,” said the monster. – Jaina Peveto – United States
Rain will patter like gentle bullets – Alice Raison – United Kingdom
Home holds hearts, hopes and hurt. – Duaa Hashmi – Sri Lanka
“Good morning,” She told the night. – Rayne Nash – United States
Newspaper clippings in their bed frame. – E.G. Simmons – United States
Oysters for one: decadence or despair? – Elizabeth Mills – United Kingdom
Do the mends justify the means – Sophia Nikas – United States
In the sun, our shadows fled. – Salvy Snr –
Life was never meaningful after you. – Kaylee Cadieux – Canada
Your the ecstasy to my heart. – Jabachi Nwaogu – United Kingdom
You may die when death comes. – Afia Shahid – United Kingdom
I didn’t walk away; I ran. – Tiara Lewis – United States
Here’s where the dead things live. – C.S. Griffel – United States
It is okay, people are bad – Forrest Trenton – Myanmar
Life: freely given, greatly taken. – Kiersten Harvey – United States
Sometimes letting go means an iloveyou – Bugayong Cedrick – Philippines
Should I just forgive and forget? – Erisa Goddess – Albania
Subterranean cults aren’t known for hospitality. – E.V. Araith – South Africa
Our hearts: Bone fenced dandelion gardens. – Andrew Slimp – United States
Six words? That can’t be that~ – Rai Ray – Canada
All life ended with four horsemen. – Sebastian Babatunde – United Kingdom
Your eye’s shining like a diamond. – Jessica Mae Crizaldo – Philippines
Somber lullabies sung by beaten hearts – Gabriel T – United States
All was well. Then it came. – Georgina Woolfe – United Kingdom
My fingers taught me about Values – Damak Damak – Nigeria
Finally, Maggie puffed the last cigar. – Sophie Aay – Nigeria
The blue spoke of empty rain. – B. A. Walter – United States
I hate you, I love you – Jillian Sayson – philippines
Brain: Don’t fall. Heart: Already did – Judith Owa – Nigeria
Even the tiniest dusty dust is infinite. – Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk – Mexico
For live: Good dreams never born. – Jessica Bell – Brasil
Awake, they set it on fire. – Amber Kotwall – United Kingdom
I hope it hails in hell. – Trevor Thompson – United States
Mountain top, beautiful sunset, we fell. – Ese Oscar – Nigeria
She flew with shackles still intact. – Miss Valentina – India
Who am I? I ask again – Virgil Shroom – United states
No age seen, said slippery surface – Tonny Onwonga – Kenya
People can die more than once. – Fisayo Balogun – Nigeria
I’m one half but whole now. – Bertie Pennington – United Kingdom
The day she left he died. – Kriss Hash – India
Her existence was beginning of life – Morongwa Colleen – South Africa
Do today what you procrastinated yesterday – Kim Tennison – UK
The drowner continues to tread water. – Xin Ye – United States
Winter stole Summer’s breath away – Katie Simons – United States
What are we, if not enemies. – Lawal Rofiat – Nigeria
Her legs spread for his deathbed – Light Penn Light Penn – Nigeria
The birds reminds me of freedom. – Josephine Josephine – Nigeria
I try to speak, no words. – Tvisha Zatakia – India
A dozen donuts instead of roses. – AudraKate Gonzalez – United States
Isn’t mine to touch, or kiss. – Cajole Her – Bangladesh
Her gaze is like mind-killing lightning. – Manivannan Vinayagam – India
Mum once led a marching band. – David Thow – Canada
We couldn’t escape the fire within. – Lesette Heath – United States
A kiss. A night. A life. – Daniela Vincelli – Argentina
Drunk, sex, pregnant, solo, daughter, love. – Roxanne Bowser – Canada
The decorative lady’s smile was wrong. – Thom Atkinson – Australia
Tried to jump creek, fell in – Ashleigh Campbell – Australia
Polls agree, Senator Yeti in lead. – Mark Williamson – United States
Search history: where to buy ropes? – Juan Miguel – Philippines
I’ve never experienced loneliness like this. – Jennie Louise – United Kingdom
More lovely circles to talk around – Alboricah Rathupetsane – South Africa
Mail to tail,jail to bail. – Kirandeep Kaur – India
Does our world actually know Silence? – DaJaun Lomotey – Connecticut
Homemade cake, strange aftertaste. Wife’s revenge. – Bill Cox – UK
The sun borne above the moon. – Sepideh Rahmani – Iran
A tear falls. Lament is gone. – Daniela Vincelli – Argentina
She’s overflowing with nothing really. – Lucky Lamante – South Africa
Your fault! Didn’t knock before entering! – Thashi Gunawardana – Australia
Single to London please. Paying cash. – C.A. Evans – United Kingdom
Trigger warning: just deal with it. – Clyde Liffey – United States
Statistics never could’ve showed this huh? – Derrick Simmons – United States
I don’t want my heart back – Julie Shackman – United Kingdom
Divine Judgement : The rain won’t stop – Jerome Jay Legaspi – Philippines
Waiting for pizza. Excruciating impatience. – Ada Chien – United States
Once Upon a Time, The End. – Irene Bae – United States
Little red riding hood run faster – Ohgirl Ohgirl – United kingdom
Coffee. Meeting. Teach. Grading. Family. Repeat. – Monica Wenzel – United States
Waterfalls fed by their own spray. – Michael Brandon – United Kingdom
Took her hand. Crushed my heart. – Morla Bux – Spain
One more: just enough to kill. – Ria Mavinkurve – United States
I thought he’d said goodbye forever – Titobi Olufosoye – United Kingdom
I never planned to outlive him. – Aaryn Pierce – United States
Drinking coffee on fall’s sweet breeze – Khadijah Weaver – United States
Dream me a world with justice. – Marla Bischoff – Germany
A book changes worlds and minds. – D.W. Stein – United States
My mind weaved time and space – Favour Chibike – Nigeria
Above the sea, sinks a rose. – Solomon Guzali – Nigeria
Practice love, there will be love – David Hutton – United States
Moblinched : Reason, Religion, Self-interest, Animal-instinct. – Rahul Nanda – India
Ophelia learnt to swim, floated away. – Alison Manning – United Kingdom
“What came up? Nothing happened. Remember??” – Becky Walker – United Kingdom
Worked to survive, but never lived. – Anthony Sciuto – United States
I yearn for the king’s return – Dragos Cojocariu – United States
When in doubt, go and scout. – Nicola Esteves – India
Those who have, just get more. – Denise Cepe – United States
I support peace drinking Ukrainian vodka. – Joanna Busza – United Kingdom
Becoming A Part Of The Stars – Alizah Khurram – Canada
Knock knock, let that sink in. – Halcyon Void – United States
Mind as deep as the sea. – Brinda Kumar – Germany
Smiles beam, sadness hides in shadows – Kendra Hoffman – United States
Admire the bitter.Health loves it. – Anindita Halder – India
this puzzle pieces indeed, puzzles me – Rodas Negusse – Eritrea
Lights flicker, tears tickle, memories flicker. – Misbah Tariq – Pakistan
Why did you eat the penguin?! – ofek izraeli – Izrael
Where did the star go today? – Edith Sani – Nigeria
Knowing he’s dead, she slept snugly. – Angela Malaspina – United States
Hiding behind the mask she saw. – Nadia Dabul – United States
Last words before I die are – Joseph Morazzano – United States
Please mom, don’t drive, you’re drunk. – Tooly Bloch – Israel
With fuzzy feet come sharp claws. – Meredith McKee – United States
I’ve searched for happiness, now what? – Andrew Zhang – Canada
Shoes skid. Something smells. It happens. – Joshua Aaron – United States
I tucked time into my pocket. – Luna Yin – Canada
Old news, new faces, time wasted. – Andrew Pilet – United States
“Then run if you can’t fly,” – Nnenna Njoku – Nigeria
Fealing burried in the drenched Sea – Leland Luckcuck – United states
Oh no, he is gone goodbye – Timothy Olufosoye – United kingdom
Most populous cities have least humanity. – Ahnaf Ahmed – Canada
Calloused hands cradled infants during service. – Yaatheshini Ashok – India
The sea was never at sea. – Sylvestina Yeboah – Ghana
Your song holds beauty that pains – Talia Throne –
You never know where to go. – Afia Shahid – United Kingdom
His last words were, for you. – Christine McDevitt – United States
I lost my innocence so young. – Liv Edwards – United Kingdom
A silent cry, truth or lies. – 18Marg 18Marg – Nigeria
My heart felt but rarely heeled. – Isbah Tariq – Pakistan
Six words to change the world – sarah vega – united states
My nightmares could be your dreams. – Avami Avami – Nigeria
My last hope……could be you. – Darling Angel Darling Angel – Nigeria
Society coddles accusers, blame’s on me – Praguni Kumar – India
Thank you for being my home – G.M Rega – United States
Humor party turned into a freakshow. – Radostina Duleva – Bulgaria
Over promised. Under delivered. Not re-elected! – John Cooper – United Kingdom
Love made me know she lied. – Zekpo Destiny – Nigeria
I gazed into the void. It ghosted. – Claire Muscat – United States
Still a boy dancing among tulips – J. Grace Jewell – United States
Her husband still loved his ex. – Annette Taylor – United States
Insufferable in bold font. That’s you. – Jamie Shoda – United States
Chance choice rejoice sad life parcel – Aravindan.S.S Sambasivam – இந்தியா
A Fable Told in Broken Screams. – Phonsietta Cline-Williams – Sierra Leone
People need friendship more than romance. – Kae Henderson – United States
Wish i could live a little. – K Kour – India
Stars In The Scars. – Hanishree Vichare – India
If only there were more words – Mitch Edatil – United States
Friends are enemies, enemies are enemies. – Erine Gon – Philippines
Today I Know Who You Are – Romiel Deldacan – Philippines
Born. Walked. Grew. Loved. Died. End. – Nora Barkai – Hungary
soil, spice, sound, soul and shrines – Flower Writer – India
A one-man army; God’s the efficacy. – Daniella Idogho – Nigeria
“Traffic!” I text precariously, while showering. – Sharika Nair – India
Working overtime is less family time. – Ignatius B – Malaysia
A life spent slithering through time. – Patrick Makkink – South Africa
I’m so inlove with the old you. – Alliah Jhoy Baronda – Philippines
White clothing confession baptized eternal salvation – Meme Winston – United States
Her blood saturated the book’s pages. – Susan Grant – United States
I am always ahead of you. – Swol Swol – Sénégal
Sampled Tequila. Woke Up In Oz – Parker Eric – United States
He must escape. Escape it all. – Grace Naylor – United States
Came to Call; Calls for Conquerors – Dare Dare – Nigeria
Eyes disguise what truly is wise – Ava Routh – United States
The old girl wrote a story. – Sharon Black – United States
Falling apart like a granola bar. – Kira Wallace – United States
Let’s paint our sunset – Vlada Sukhovii – Ukraine
One… Two… Four… Forgot the rest. – Ari Sugarplum – Croatia
“5. Was a Marxist, now a homeowner. – Frank Crawshaw – United Kingdom”
He hit, he hurt. She left. – Marc Brosnan – United Kingdom
Tiny flame started the roaring fire. – Stephanie Lyn – United States
My soul is barren without you. – Grace Beckish – United States
Some soothing music welcome Sunday’s sunset. – Krishnanand Boolaky – Mauritius
I wish I hadn’t known you. – Alyssa Brocker – United States
Butterflies can taste with their feet. – Eliana The Writer – Australia
A butterfly. Flapping wings. Everything changed. – Simryn Chiniwalla – United States
The puppy licked her tears away. – Nancy Machlis Rechtman – United States
Warm, warm, hot! Game, I’m freezing – nuphar bar – israel
Clouds danced gracefully in the sky – Valerie Robinson – United States
Did you know? Did you leave? – Henry Shannon – United Kingdom
I want to Fullfill my dream – Bugayong Cedrick – Philippines
i carved holes he filled in – McKenzie Campbell – United States
To do: Beat cancer, End life. – Ahaa Jan – United Kingdom
No light… No sight… No life… – Matthew Clare – Canada
Her face says, her mouth denies. – Vanessa Mabaga – Philippines
Her body, not yours. Her choice. – Zack Zagranis – United States
Window panes buried beneath geometric shapes – Lily Marcovich – United States
Coffee waited for its writer’s return. – Lauren Back – United States
He said, laugh not with words – Ilo Daniel Adeyemi Dilo_Artwright – Nigeria
Humanity derives from humans, not now. – Fantas Jame – Myanmar
You linger endlessly by my side. – Andrew Pilet – United States
Music is my indescribable life choice. – Mallarie Reed – United States
She’s sparkling water, in human form – Dani Em – United States
my money keeps on rolling – away! – Ms. Myls Ms. Myls – Philippines
I wrote love, you couldn’t read. – Forest Forest – Zambia
They fancy me crazy, yes please! – Muhammad Farhan – Pakistan
It’s inspired by the director’s colonoscopy. – Angela M – Kenya
Without love, hope ceases to exist. – Lynnie Lewis – United States
Quit quietly? Not Roz. She unionises. – Wila Murray – Australia
Picture in wallet, it’s torn now – Hannah McCabe McCabe – United Kingdom
My wife’s email password is: I’veNEveRLovEdYOu. – Parisa Mousavi – Iran
Hearts reflect stories, eyes reflect hearts – Alyssa Steinfield – Canada
Feelings of love became no more. – Dorothy Justice – United States
Bleached coral reefs beneath weeping waters. – K.L. Flores – United States
I cried over words on paper – Deepti Yadav – India
My window couldn’t help my blind. – Ashley Dunn – United Kingdom
wound opened, blood dripping, heart filled – summer jacques – australia
“HELP!!!!!” “No one can hear you.” – Paula Lucas – New Zealand
Fact is a matter of perspective – Gareth Gray – United Kingdom
In chaos, calm yourself and worship – Shruti Sinha – India
Of course I love you, but… – Likando Crefcoeur – Belgium
Clear complete control carefully confirms concisely. – Marcus Freeman – South Africa
At the end, she found peace – Toyosi Ajiboye – Nigeria
Know that you’re redirected, not rejected. – Anna Jose – Philippines
Basic needs should not be earned – Duchess Wade Dulnuan – Philippines
Witness problem solved, suicide note attached. – Liv Strom – Switzerland
Where does the desert ever end? – Connor Wood – United States
Young. Pretty. Widowed. Broken. Healing. Light! – Chiawonamokem Ifeakor – Nigeria
Roses smell better than they taste. – O Lu O Lu – Nigeria
Love is life’s most amazing miracle. – RC deWinter – United States
Who broke your heart? Not me. – Karen G Ridings – US
Health insurance was expensive, should’ve paid. – Kendra Hoffman – United States
The sky leads everywhere and nowhere. – Audrey N – United States
He yearned for me, I ran. – Amy Griffiths – United Kingdom.
Burned alive. Hanged minutes. Still standing. – Drew Rindler – United States
7 years per year, 13th year. – Tara Keh – Singapore
Nose surgically sealed, mouthful of bones. – Eric Burgess – United States
Wife murdered yesterday. Already found another. – Tamari Lewin –
Fate favors none. Fate favors all. – Cayden Neystel – United States
Victory’s triumph memory. Kingdoms fallen tragedy. – Vivienne Wynne –
Peace without war, beef without slaughter. – Charlotte Banaszak – United States
“We command idiocy!” “Aye aye, sir.” – Elahe Nassr – Japan
Write “imperialism”. Write “a body count”. – Cadie Lee – United States
Secretly, the Gods shook in terror. – Tia Craig – United States
Sleeping Spells Never Work When Thinking – Daniela Magana – United States
Are you mad enough to risk? – Mademoisselle Reina – France
Eyes never validated my comforting lies – Moheerah Iftikhar – Pakistan
She loves me. I wonder why? – Jeff Kennedy – United States
The cat meowed. Bowl status: full. – Kaylen Soriano – United States
Friends share, best friends keep secrets. – Laura Miller – United States
Waterfall eyes when hearing the news. – Brynn Jackson – United States
Shorter stories: less reading, more rereading. – O Lu O Lu – Nigeria
Strings need waxing. Blood becomes rosin. – Angela McCann – United Kingdom
A living more than mere living – Paschal Obiamalu – Nigeria
He smiled; his last breath left. – Shaktal Iddi – Ghana
“Darling.” “Yes?” “Where did you go?” – Beth Robertson – United Kingdom
Secrets disappear when you dig holes. – Christopher Frew – United States
My life is my rife shit! – Davison Banda – Zambia
Children were returned to the clouds. – Na-Yeon Kim – Canada
Winning story cut short because of- – Margarita Alexandrou –
And that’s how you become unemployed. – Danijela Panic – Serbia
Death could have left a note. – John Pearce – Australia
Crooked smile spoke volumes. Brain tumor. – Robin Blasberg – United States
Nothing made sense, and everything mattered. – Christopher Walker – United States
Fire in my heart, cold feet. – Roxi Cox – England
Kisses, from my rose among daises – Kiki Geo-Needam – Nigeria
Her smile made everything worth it. – Arielle Lazarus – United States
The world: my stage. Star recast. – Christopher Jacob Canady – United States
Her kindness left a sweet imprint. – Shubhankar Reddy Maryada – India
Staring into you makes me blush – Igor Novak – Croatia
The gun was loaded, he said – Rod Martinez – United States
She ended it with 6 words. – Alise Leguizamon – United States
My crush crashed into me. Fated – Bella Aldama – Kenya
He achieved his goal and lost – Jacob Milner – United States
Eyes meet and giggles ruin church. – Aerin Bernstein – United States
A suicide note … in my handwriting. – Oghenerume Agbegbedia – Nigeria
Glimpse not but endure the process. – Jabachi Nwaogu – United Kingdom
Her fears ignite streams of tears. – Halia Hassan – United States
How much to rent the woodchipper? – R Roy – United Kingdom
Yearning Silence in room filled Voices. – Wise Grandma – India
Down dog. Up Dog. Flexible Dog. – Christopher Jacob Canady – United States
“Donald, duck!” He turned angrily. Ouch! – Victoria Fearnhead – United Kingdom
I’ve got a lot of memories. – Camaa Pearl – United States
The paradox of sacrifice eluded him. – J.D. Sparkes. – United Kingdom
The beast, I was the beauty. – Neo B. – United States
’Twas the best day of my life! – Dan Brook – US
Crying when the cause is joy. – Emma Eastman – United States
Shiny glass; Science class; Hall pass. – Paul Laughbert – United States
Trampoline made and broke: Just seconds – Manaswini Rina – India
My last word was his first. – SL Moran – United Kingdom
The man spoke through his pictures. – Ivavi Lekrel – United States
My six words were put here – Rod Carnahan – United States of America
All you need, I can’t be. – Septna L. – Malaysia
Love like lightening with accompanying thunderclaps. – Linda Okpirikhre – Nigeria
God’s love is purely,genuinely excessive. – Fisayo Oluokun – Nigeria
Love marriage house children infidelity divorce – Meme Winston – United States
Naughty friends are number one fear. – Kirandeep Kaur – India
I’m not intimidating. Wait, come back. – Lily Lalios – United States
OH! For the love of horse’s – Linda Rowland – United States
Her future dawned with rising Sun. – Nam 16 – India
The screams started sounding like lullabies. – Claire Muscat – United States
After you I stopped being young. – Brian Sluga – United States
And even the sun missed her. – Denise Athena – United States
The cryptids wake to warn you. – JD Roberts – United States
Beauty is dangerous, intelligence is lethal – Raffy Owos – Nigeria
I desire for aloneness, not loneliness. – Anna Ryan – United States
I wonder where the air went. – Amy Coles – Canada
They said don’t, so I did. – Genevieve Hong – United States
Walking and undesirable. Floating and trendy – Cynthia E. – United States
The bass player plucked her heart. – Elaine Russell – United States
Changing your thoughts, changes your life. – Kalliope Xpress – United States
Broken heart, bloody breakup, grieving starts. – Colleen Millsteed – Australia
Just an filler Melissa! Me right? – Connor Cuthrell – United States
Calamitous effect of a bullet indirect. – Anthony McMillan – United States
Love, hate, content, anger, temptation, fear – Areesha Khurram – Pakistan
She closed the door behind her. – Zinka Bilic –
Slayed the beast inside of her – Sophie Neal – United Kingdom
In the end, she preferred forgetting. – Melissa Sarnowski – United States
Moved out. Never been this happy. – Marafaele Mohloboli – Lesotho
Three star review: Too many scorpions. – Noah Edelman – United States
At nights, she sings, soul flies. – Kiana farokhnia – Iran
You wanted honesty, so I left. – Brian Mahon – United States
Pessimistic, lazy, tired, lonely. My definition. – salty potato – Oman
The toe of the statue moved. – Shruti Pandey – India
I missed the chance to say… – A.E.S. Shen – China
Love every child who never was. – Anna Ryan – United States
I was able to escape again. – Hailey Ann – Guam
Fire is good until it burns. – Zea Bowman – United States
Manly yet selfless That’s his love. – Asha Gardener – Jamaica
He looked suspicious, fork in hand. – Ambre Vanneste – France
I loved how you played piano. – Hannah Carlson – United States
mr gingerbread shall have gingerbread Christmas – precious makazha – Zimbabwe
For breakfast: smile behind coffee mug. – Annabelle Smith – United States
I wish I could remember you – Christian Panjaitan – Australia
Kaleidoscopes as brains. Hope as hearts. – Racheal Joshua – Nigeria
Live without me. Live for me. – Reese Neal – United States
don’t say gay, be gay yolo – Beth drinder – United States
moses: not a selfish in a box – Ran Shemen Sasson – Israel
Don’t underestimate the value of balance. – Angela Malaspina – United States
Against Your Truthful Lies, I Ran – Abigail Johnson – Nigeria
Surrounded by others, yet still alone. – Hannah Fiorella – United States
to whom does a writer belong? – Rodas Negusse – Eritrea
Fair To Say I Like You. – Dan Carter – Chile
Looking for love in the war – Fransisca Yulce Sammine – Indonesia
When life gives you lemons. Tequilla!!! – Joyful Mdhluli – South Africa
He smiled. Scarecrows don’t do that. – Sumana Begum – United Kingdom
He tried destroying me. Epic fail. – Kelly J. Sullivan – United States
Even so, life is quite difficult – Ahmad Olàwále – Nigeria
Immorality I saw in those eyes – Jennifer Jegan – Malaysia
Sometimes you seem distant, here now – EVA TORTORA – United States
A mask hid her lovely smile. – Naseeb Sidhu – Canada
She came from an adjacent universe. – Matthew Yap – Malaysia
They’re so afraid of the silence – Paschal Obiamalu – Nigeria
We already know how this ends. – mbumblebuzz megregian – United States
I know my stubbornness haunts you. – Sue Asupa – Kenya
It’s not what it looks like! – GTCT GTCT – South Africa
What time has honored, man respects. – Ella Chauvin – United States
Holding hands; they felt so alone. – Jessica Going – United States
Making friends are the great life. – Shaira mae San juan – Philippines
light listened lifelessly for dark queues – James Mathias – United States
I’m not afraid, I’m just hesitant. – Sami Portell – United States
Goodbye old home. Goodbye old memories. – Laney Norman – United States
Honestly, I never believed. Until you. – Yuwinn Krau – South Africa
recall reminisce weep heal smile forget – julie dron – UK
I’m soft inside, you can’t see – Jillian Canoza – Philippines
Nothing in child support payments again. – Katelyn Silvas – United States
Earl, you’re the worst llama ever. – Sara Manno – United States
Grills wear tongs on their honeymoons. – Scarlet del Pilar – United States
tomorrows another day to try again – Seth O’Connell – united states
Weekend comes and goes like lightning – A. ARUL ANITHA – India
Lion tamer required. New uniform provided. – Chris Cottom – United Kingdom
Rain drops sprouted green leaves oxygen – Susan Delgado – United States
The walls crumble, forgotten by history. – Miranda Wilson – United States
They swapped seats. I wonder why. – Denise Bloomfield – United Kingdom
Warm breath ghosts over my skin. – Blue Heavens – India
there came rain, then a hurricane – Eraj Rehman – pakistan
Her beauty’s the color of dreams. – Mike Spearz – United States of America
The kids are quiet… oh no! – Angel Whelan – USA
We spoke every day after that. – Leesha Coleman – United States
Hellcat and house cat–no difference. – Ace McLynn – United States
Cast flies, Trout rise. Fish fries. – James A. Tweedie – United States
I’m forever lost in your eyes – Denver Gier – United States of America
How can one fly without wings? – Bint Ridwan – Nigeria
Annie was so perfect, almost imperfect. – Nina R P – India
Flowers and obituary tucked between pages. – Sela Geraci – United States
Life is beautiful but deceives man. – Abdulhakim Jimoh – Nigeria
There’s nowhere to run, little children. – Ernie Hummingbird – United States
Crossing the playground was a minefield. – Susan Phillips – New Zealand
Rain collects, in empty eye sockets – Andreas Ghilardi – Switzerland
Cool as ice and cold too. – Kalyani Sharma – India
“Until forever falls apart” she whispered. – Alyssa Lua – United States
The calm ocean was unusually dark. – Celine Beige – India
The fake smile now felt heavy. – Shazray Nauman – Pakistan
“Sign Here” Marked in blood. Warm. – Hedaya Peterson – Qatar
Before you, during you, after you – Emilia Mart –
Love and live.Let others believe. – Anindita Halder – India
A sound you have ever heard. – Brian Sluga – United States
Plots in kitchens. Bones in throats. – Sarah Peploe – United Kingdom
Tender was the knight. On booze. – Nini Tevzadze – Georgia
Make each day a great day. – Ayomide Omotosho – Nigeria
Click your sorrows away, nothing’s changed – Daniela Vincelli – Argentina
let this world be friends forever – kate cozatt – United States
Crying silent when i miss you – Aila Mariz Roda – Philippines
Monotone. Drone. Snoring. Boring. Duster. Buster. – Kaydee Arka – Malaysia
Alone but your never really alone – Ava Routh – United States
Now everyone are turning into jokers – Sipra Gupta – India
Why should I give a shit? – Tom Cherrie – United Kingdom
Dorothy washed ashore a new girl. – O M N – United States
A familiar scent. An unfamiliar person. – Hajra Amin – Pakistan
We found him. We found Dad. – Natalie Clark – United Kingdom
Water is an essential worker, too. – Aaron Clifford – United States
Six words only are not sufficient. – Jeemson Anover – Philippines
wondering if you hear my woe – sonam pelden norbu – Bhutan
Had diamonds still ran after stones. – Celine Beige – India
She alluringly prowled her way over. – Bella Minyo – United States
Six better words I never knew. – Rachel L. Tilley – United Kingdom
How I like my eggs? Unfertilised. – Ken Towl – UK
We never lose friends, my friend ! – Clarissa Cervantes – United States
To numb: Vodka. To cure: Bleach. – T.E. Fahlstedt – Sweden
Mom’s eyes tell a thousand stories. – Alimot Salami – Nigeria
love has no past tense – Ella Kanegarian – Armenia
Families torn apart by “test before” – Katie Dasilva – Canada
School. A vicious cycle of procrastination. – Miley Neilson – United states
You’re cruel. Naturally—I’m a mother. – Ernie Hummingbird – United States
Manipulation is not love, only deception. – Kevin Conner – United States
I pretend that it didn’t hurt. – Christian William Alava – Philippines
Mocked. Bashed. Hurt… Abused to Abuser. – Captain Xantos – Turkey
There’s a man that i love. – Mehak Vijay Chawla – India
Draw The Future, Include The Foundation – Abigail Johnson – Nigeria
Because pain, shared together, bonds together. – Alvin E. M. – United States
Charity is no substitute for loss. – Brian Mino – United States
Loving for the sake of Love. – Nathanael Check – United States
I still know what you did. – Aishat Elusogbon – Nigeria
The frog jump on the grass – Princess kimberly Mondejar – Philippines
Feeling vengeful, she pulled the trigger. – Karen Rymarz – United Kingdom
Bloodless January fruits from godforsaken hands – Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan – Nigeria
Lawyer winks. Strange; snake with eyelids. – Artemis No last name for my pen name; just “Artemis” – United States
I see you but you don’t – Ngozi Nwaubani – Nigeria
Midnight vibes with books and wine. – Doris Gray – Nigeria
Deepest wounds, more grace to contain. – Dafny Angelic – Philippines
Be yourself, whoever you may be. – Mina Kim – South Korea
We ran until our lungs screamed. – Jude Page – Sweden
The pain overwhelms me. Damn legos! – Saarah H – Qatar
Would you say I’ve lived well? – Maimuna Adamu – Nigeria
With confidence and poise she fell. – Lisa Rivers – United States
Life’a to me, everything but reality – JBuzor BuzorCr8v – Nigeroa
Suddenly the astronaut wasn’t floating anymore. – Nandana Rajeev – India
Mailman proposes. She says yes. Postpones. – Maximus McNeill – United States
She’d gotten into the wrong cab. – Ashna Singh – United States
life is for living you know – Nyasha Brenton – Zimbabwe currently living in Russia
Oh god, they definitely heard me – Cal Scout – United Kingdom
I slept when the monsters came – Abbie Barsness – United States
Her diary is all that remains. – Mara Murphy – United States
finally called dad. he hung up. – Franklyn Onuoha – Nigeria
Can I help (please say no)? – Tom Fender – Australia
Soaked. Waiting on date. No reply. – Bri Lynn – United States
i never wanted to be friends – Hugh Gately – Ireland
I wish I could be myself – Lydia Toal – United States
Lies of greed poison the crops. – Lee Serna – United States
They’ll sing, they’ll beg for mercy – Lynn Onywere – Kenya
Silence is the most deafening part. – Amaya Lilith – Nigeria
Leaves must fall to sprout again. – Laurie Doyle – United Kingdom
The best thing I learned: Love – August Jones – United States
Thongs: a communist plot. – Gwendolyn Mansell – Canada
Vocational angst draws the monster out. – E.G. Simmons – United States
The window shattered again, and again. – R.S. Hill – United States
I think I’d survive this fall. – Natalie Tokita – United States
Another productive day spent doing nothing! – Mariella Michael – United Kingdom
Born. Loved. Betrayed. Hurt. Grown. College. – Kristina Sokolovic – Serbia
Babies are better when they sleep – Flaviana Boricean-Neacșu – România
Men Are Secretive, Wounds Are Unhidden – Mubanga Sampa – Zambia
She tried, but failed. Then succeeded! – Dan Brook – US
Immortality is granted only through memories. – Reem Hamraz – India
He died happy, I live empty – Rose Greenwood – England
Surely beauty cannot exist without you? – Emily Carlson – United States
Wayward lies tweaking my tender heart – Stephanie Burke – Australia
The cat landed flat. – julie Palmisano-LeBoeuf – United States
Under the blanket, the noises stir. – Tyler Sayre – United States
“Remember the reason why your strong ” – Genevieve Cabasares – Philippines
I love him. He hates it. – Venice Poggi – United States
Dad hit Mom and I hurt. – E. R. Valenzuela N. – United States
Klutz flashed approval: Ten thumbs up! – Tonia Kalouria – USA
Radio switches on. Electricity still off. – Cindy Hossain – United Kingdom
Sometimes I’m afraid, you are too. – Joelle DeVincentis – United States
Early morning. Birdsong. Peace. Email. Depression. – Leah Mueller – United States
Finally, the euphoric sense of epiphany. – Krisanto Blanco – Philippines
It’s the little things that count. – Niki Bonifacio – Philippines
Sesquipedalian’s sufficiently spelled six silent scribbles – Giovanni Incaudo – United States
Despair. Despondency. This pie! Oh well… – Adèle Rossiana – Russian Federation ????
my heart breaks, his eyes close – Kacey Gonzalez – United States
She loved her, him, herself, them – Susan Delgado – United States
It’s time to count our bullet holes. – Connie Carmichael – United States
Swords pierce body, words pierce soul. – Ali Ashhar – India
Sometimes, I just liked watching her. – Leesha Coleman – United States
Lacked them all: Time, money, energy. – Kaycee Grant – United States
You are beautiful in every comment – Liat Or Semel – Israel
Ah arrow so fast is dew. – Kathy Bahr – United States
Barefoot memories warm a stiletto heart. – Son-Ja Son-Ja – United States
WebMD: Panic attack or pulmonary embolism? – Gin Gillece – United States
Here we go again. Another day. – Adrian Ross – United States
Weathered hearts wrap themselves with hope. – Malulani Medeiros – United States
Remember to forget that you breathe. – Joey Chan – United States
I am a sarcastic little shit. – Kyler Essen – United States
If you won’t, then I will. – Neese Parker – United States
I plunge, grasping for a hold. – Grace Beckish – United States
We strolled blindly towards the end. – Sarah Seymour – United Kingdom
Red cannon balls fall, the maze – Matthew Telles – United Kingdom
Rookie’s first hit. Veteran’s last pitch. – Lisa Marie Lopez – United States
Peace is known after a war. – Eti-eno Ntuk – Nigeria
Saw their reflections, but not mine. – Emi F. – United States
Dazzle me Hope, with your irrationality. – Pusapati V – India
My grandma and her obsession:death. – Kriti Bhandari – Italy
The ravaged seas roiled in anguish. – Lily Bailey – Australia
Moon, she glows in night’s gloom. – Samir Thapa – Nepal
“It’s terminal”. “I’m still climbing Everest” – Zoe Leeds – United Kingdom
A merry day, dressed in white. – Alis M – Madagascar
Those who cursed death, hated living. – Brenda Onowanlan – Nigeria
Deeper into darkness, the forever journey. – Ready-Writer Emmanuel – Nigeria
He protects above, I stalk below. – Taylor Jorgensen – United States
“Don’t touch the dogs,” she said. – Julie Hollis – Belgium
Love, All it took to stay – Christopher Mbakwe – Nigeria
emotionally stable, birds can sing beautifully. – Glorious Obaiwi – Nigeria
Here we go! Let’s do this! – Aylin Balci – United States
My mother still does not smile. – Priviledge Manyandure – Zimbabwe
Princess, knight, dragon. Happily ever after. – Tia Batten – United States
The street didn’t match the address. – Arthur König – United States
Romantic movies are setting by crews. – Carol Bee – Indonesia
You deserve to be loved fiercely – Chidinma Ibemere – Nigeria
Transparency isn’t always synonymous with invisibility. – Toshihisa Nikaido – Japan
My antidepressants are working; I’m anti-depression. – Sarah Al-saad – United Kingdom
Promises are meant to be broken. – Jennah Dean – United Kingdom
Two hearts state behind the bodies. – Aisha Safarova – Azerbaijan
Shower clogged from clumps of hair – Erin Jamieson – United States
Genuine therapist barely crashed the coat. – Jenelle Worme – Canada
Truth is not being always wrong – Elanee Roth – Switzerland
Her soulmate’s bones became her tears. – Capricorn – – Malaysia
God’s pain is, his own game. – Venkat Y – India
Painted a pearl earring, timeless jewel. – L L Darroch L L Darroch – United States
I await the lions who laugh. – Liberty Hinds – United States
His love tore her wings out. – Rahabar Sekandar – Canada
Weaving memories out of thin threads. – Jessica Dickenson – United States
Superiority complex? I am just superior. – LoveLife LoveLife – United Kingdom
I heard yelling. They found out. – Mahdiya Choudhury – Saudi Arabia
“Remember, phone Granny.” Porcelain contains ashes. – David Rees – United Kingdom
I fell in Autumn; welcome Winter! – Imole Olusanya – Nigeria
Here I am, a husk of myself. – Candice Colebrooke – The Bahamas
The fire he brought never cleansed. – Catelyn Winona – United States
Carnage at bus stop; it didn’t. – Elizabeth McGinty – United Kingdom
The tragic villain lives in structure – S.C Hoppe – united states
We can laugh because we’re together. – Aeviel Yoon – Philippines
Where there’s humans, there is war. – Nic McIntosh pen name – WriterInTheDark_91 – Scotland
The stretched elastic relented and snapped. – Wayne Summers – Australia
Wondering when the world will pause. – Cindy Ngo – United States
They screamed; only I heared them. – Salma Ahmed – Egypt
She stood alone, a beautiful wallflower. – Odelia Chan – Canada
You can’t escape a raccoon’s wrath. – London Harp – United States
You can’t always see the bruises. – Micki Findlay – Canada
life is race; everyone is chased – qwertyvil ash – india
I didn’t replied. I didn’t lied – Beatrice Hearts – Brazil
Climate action is not a facade – Oluwatosin Akinmurele – Nigeria
The two worlds became just one – Laura Bordón de Armas – Canada
Love: Romantic glares and heartfelt insults. – Mateo Illias – United States
i only see daylight – Lidya Eskinder – Ethiopia
Took the left fork. Guessed wrong. – Debbie Collins – United States
I hated the dark and shone. – Stephanie Du Plessis – South Africa
Wants to talk to him. Leaves. – Emily Saurack – United States
Forever snuffs out before it begins. – Aditi Garg – India
Missing a limb that’s still attached. – Dilinna Nwabueze – USA
Four forgers forget four foreign forms. – Gelsomina R. – Philippines
Always dark now the sun’s gone – Analia Kaufman – United States
Behind the neighbors white front door – Chip Johnson – United states
Whales knew secrets and did tell – Reham Emam – Egypt
Outerspace message: Stay hidden. They’re looking. – Charlie Sørensen – Denmark
Waltzing through loathe our eyes emitted. – Isabelle Anastasia – Indonesia
The cat decided to be indifferent. – Omer Berkman – Israel
Olive-backed sunbirds, nest on my window. – Maria Tria – Philippines
Chasing perfection or running from mediocrity – Megan Osborn – United States
I have a spark inside me. – Fazila Nowshin – Bangladesh
The emergency sirens screeched like banshees. – Emma Picolo – United Kingdom
To destroy a monster, love them. – Mafalda Agante – Portugal
Beautiful home, only one family massacre. – Alison Sidney – United Kingdom
my mirror reflects an identity theft – Sol Alastair – Germany
„Hi there“. We replied: „Hi, Degger.“ – Predrag Mirčetić – Serbia
Slight hands caress away weighty burdens. – Daniel Staesser – United States
He was ugly. She loved him. – Ava White – United States
Deep breath in; one step forward. – Bentley Brock – United States
Memoir – Your December hymns, buried in July. – Olivia M.K.B. – Denmark
Independence something we must fight for. – Alan Lehrer – United States
Icy sidewalks, fallen pedestrians, thieves’ quarry. – Kay Rae Chomic – United States
Tiny spirit. Bold personality. Lover’s dream. – Ashley Hardin – United States
A life of misery loves poetry. – Captain Xantos – Turkey
The wind sings, consequently, trees dance. – Sami Portell – United States
Before: lost life. Now: inspires lives. – SONNYBOY PACURSA – Philippines
Why fall down when you can. – Nadia Dabul – United States
Why did you take my voice? – Beth Robertson – United Kingdom
Watch us morph into early graves. – Zainab A. Jatau – Nigeria
Oedipus Rex, please call your mother. – Alon Tertman – Israel
Remember when we kissed like breathing? – Mirai Oliver – United States
They discarded me, i cant stand – Lhea Magpantay – Philippines
The light, the light: it answers. – X Beattie – United Kingdom
Is love happiness, or happiness love? – Arielle Lazarus – United States
Without darkness stars will never shine. – Kayleigh Mccarty – United States
Hot summer backyard squealing, barefoot splashing. – Julie Hollis – Belgium
Once a sinner, always a winner. – Khadidja Douz – Algeria
Made plans. Gave excuses. Read books. – Naina Mehta – India
Lightbulbs flicker with melodies of terror. – Stephanie Germer – Taiwan
You won, I believed you changed. – Rhea B – United States
what is better sprite vs coke – Ethan Pefanis – unitedstates
People are messy, clean-up your mess. – C.N. Eddy Foster – United States
Water travelled down, she lay unmoving. – Aich Shez – Pakistan
Wild and wanted, like a flower – Carrie Ellwood – United States
Stray bullets hit everyone without exception. – Paula Carbonell Godayol – Spain
Musa drank an ocean in seconds. – Abubakar Yusuf Ado – Nigeria.
Waking, eyes gummed, “Morning!” But why? – Apple Juice Punch – United States
He was wounded, I was poisoned. – Mia Murdock – United States
Trend; Giving money for the fame – Ugyen Chogyel – Bhutan
Within the sea you are me. – Iris Cinder – United States
Oliver Twist didn’t need “some more”. – Nafeesah B. U – Nigeria
The blinds do not look back – Morrbinta Khan – The Gambia
Getting good will take a while. – Nathanael Check – United States
The reeds whistled. He’s found me. – Connor Thornley – United Kingdom
Life is valuable, so is death – Lily Johnson – United Kingdom
And then it snowed in Antarctica. – Georgina Woolfe – United Kingdom
Dog deceased. Family distraught. Puppy purchased. – Rainie Zenith – Australia
unexpected item in bagging area…again – Tessa Knight – Australia
The picture reminded me of home. – Lita Allistone – United Kingdom
I’m an only child, I think. – Alexandra Fijalkowski – Canada
April showers drowned the March tulips – J. Grace Jewell – United States
Worn-down wedding gown. Free. At last! – Linda Maxwell – United States
Just got courted. Just got ghosted. – Alle Ella – Philippines
Losing her baby deeply traumatized her – Juliana Mae Chumacera – Philippines
“Does anyone object?” “Yes, I do!” – Zoe Leeds – United Kingdom
Wrong number said a familliar voice – Maryrose Montemayor – philippines
In my life, there’s much strife – Christian Panjaitan – Australia
Dying is easy, living is hard. – Brother L. – United States
I walk alone with invisible angels – Nimota Dauda-Ajao – Nigeria
Chinese pedicurisis speak a tonal language. – slapdasch too – USA
Expecting the unexpected..was still unexpected. – Brenda Onowanlan – Nigeria
Clouds create pictures in the sky. – Jeanne Troncao-Heath – United States
When Silence screamed, the Voices quiet. – Feyikemi Olajide – Nigeria
write paths lead to paper roads – Gabriel T – United States
Live life like you’re a mayfly. – Malia Hopper – United States
Help wanted but no one needed. – Brother L. – United States
Steal feathers from your pillow. Fly. – Alexia Luna Obbens – Spain
It’s not rocket science! Marry me! – Râna Campbell – Canada
Smash Mouth songs are becoming reality. – Keonna Nelson – United States
Heart is for ribs not sleeves – Jessica Desai – India
Delicate, she was. Beyond that? Revolting. – Krisanto Blanco – Philippines
More one married. Eleanor forever alone. – Jessica Bell – Brasil
None of these words would matter. – Eugeni Levin – United States
Poetry the language of my soul. – Emmanuel Emmic – Zambia
He was silent, until he wasn’t. – Jadyn Schoenberg – United States
He fled with music as sustenance – Candy C – Spain
He dreamt a nightmare – his alive. – Nelsine Bisley – Philippines
My Girlfriend makes me very happy – Zachary Sherman – United States
These magic, careless nights are finite. – Hadley Dion – United States
Warm memories, in the cold winter – Pohifallie Rautho – Philippines
I ran fast until I walked. – Cynja Hill – United States
His kiss yielded love, then pain – Ink Makhosane – Lesotho
Everyone heard her howls of solitude. – Saranya Menon – United States
23, an adult, yet, a child – Makala Schnablegger – United States
Bubbles the clown never did frown – Ath Kingsley – United States
Shot, drowned, hung but still alive. – Norman Donquixote – Singapore
The end started a new beginning. – Kyle He – United Kingdom
She loves him, stockholm syndrome love – Ahmad Olàwále – Nigeria
Unmanned spaceship returns with four passengers – Rachael Hales – United Kingdom
Humorless Uncle, Miser, Berates Uninvited Ghosts. – Erik Ross – United States
The world writes; I merely dictate. – Renee Ricevuto – United States
Don’t move, Son. He is outside. – A. I. Wakidjan A. I. Wakidjan – Indonesia
He/him, they/them, she/her. – Sue D. Nym –
opposites attract. two worlds. one transformation. – Beatriz Bayona – Brasil
“We can’t go back”, he said. – neverland X – United States
I am defined by your absence – Ramona Gore – United States
The monster is me, not them. – Xaria Amoroso – Trinidad and Tobago
The meaning of life is love. – Anya Kanodia – United States
Open water in every direction. Fin! – K.R.R. Lockhaven – United States
My epitaph was a grave story. – Kay Lesley REEVES – Spain
At night, she imagined baby babbles. – Jérôme Plumier – Belgium
Together, we will breathe through this. – Hollie Lemons – United States
For years my snore awoke me. – Eric Sabiston – United States
within the light was a lie – Gean Rose Calles – Philippines
His dance could catch the clouds. – Cadence Murphy – India
Hear grass grow in deafening silence – Brian Sluga – United States
The abyss within us craves recognition. – Lynnie Lewis – United States
The weather always wins and gloats. – Joanna Busza – United Kingdom
She ran from unease and apprehension – Rosie Baquie – United States
Cupid need not steal the hexameter! – Isaias Bement – United States
How far is love from you? – Chisom Iheanacho – Nigeria
Eyes covered, sky above, Ishkur’s flames – A person who writes And doesn’t know why – United States
How can emptiness be so heavy? – Reem Hamraz – India
”Nulla dies sine linea”, said junkie. – Predrag Mirčetić – Serbia
Wish you were here, in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. – Jeannie Armstrong – United Kingdom
The bait caught rodents, not pigeons! – Johnson Matandi – Kenya
Don’t drag anyone down, don’t brag – Kimmy Groot – Sweden
love births religion with fallible gods – B Beatrice – Zambia
Our bodies lie, sweetly sun kissed. – Denise Athena – United States
Some doors open by different means. – Laurie Doyle – United Kingdom
My dentist hesitated over the hacksaw. – J.D. Donner – United States
Gone fishing. With stones in pockets. – Helen Tebbot – Uk
I know you like me and i like you – Rex Gazzel Ajero – Philippines
Trapped in glass, fish swam freely. – Aditi Kataria – India
Gave that AA meeting full marks – Dartdylan Delosreyes – Philippines
Onion salesman; next door, tissue salesman – Noah Edelman – United States
Love lies within water not blood. – Brinda Kumar – Germany
Was i blushing out of love? – Mehak Vijay Chawla – India
Don’t worry, “just friends” works too. – Izzy Searle – United Kingdom
She twirls. She slumps. She poises. – Dice K. – United Arab Emirates
No matter what, never look down. – Camaa Pearl – United States
We are destined to be together. – Luisel Galve – Philippines
Everything was perfect until the kiss. – Hannah Carlson – United States
You’re a museum full of art. – r1seee mooree – Philippines
Shaking I shot my injured buddy – Bea Ricci – Italy
Death brought me back to life. – Guélan Zaour – France
Snap crackle pop, bones no cereal. – Meme Winston – United States
Born. Grow. Learn. Work. Unlearn. Die. – Tom Cherrie – United Kingdom
Expected nothing. Chanced. Received the world. – Shell Sherwood – United States
Sleeping solves the most difficult problems. – Lydia Nickleberry – United States
They built monuments to ignominious victories. – Matthew Homan – United States
The world began anew without humans. – Hajra Amin – Pakistan
Villains are really just broken heroes. – Erine Gon – Philippines
Coal. Huge pressure and temperature. Diamond. – Bisma Nadeem – Pakistan
I don’t Wanna Live, Also die – Kim Calima – Philippines
Do clouds dream of touching ground – Mug Jacks – United States
The dog at the door, again – Carrie Ellwood – United States
The bride winked as I poured. – Ashley Dunn – United Kingdom
Like my cooked liver? Prefer fresh – Barbara Glavota – Australia
What is it about good girls? – Kim Benton – Canada
He’s dead, she thought and smiled. – Cooper Callaway – U.S.A.
Ironic how murders live to kill – Sebastian Robinson – United Kingdom
She requested her prayers answered in cash. – Jessica Going – United States
Bodies entwined, they breathed their last. – David Barry – United States
Making choices is a daring gamble. – Kyle He – United Kingdom
Corner of room; love bleeds mold – Lottie Hughes – United Kingdom
Never did soldiers cry until today. – Lis Youth – Russia
Try, try, try; whoops! It’s done. – Chukwuma Okparaoyibo – Nigeria
Skin like milk! Any bleach left? – Everest Udochukwu – Nigeria
Hours spent on the daily journey. – Eileen Koh –
I’m in pain, no one knows. – Lycel Lagrada – Philippines
Moth-eyes wide as allmouth smiles – Zoey Gard – Sverige
The stars had always screamed warnings. – Rohana Khattak – Pakistan
Actually living life, or just breathing. – Shiwani Upadhyay – Nepal
singing about love to a headstone – Francis Hui – United States
The final question: yes or no? – Christine Reeves – United Kingdom
Dad’s smile never returned, nor mine. – Andy Hamilton – United Kingdom
When do the fearful days end? – sarah vega – united states
A heart full of red blood – Chhivyi Tang – Cambodia
The skeletons in my closet vanished – Beatrice Hearts – Brazil
I was exceptional living, unsurpassable dead. – Z.Z Myers – UK
A beautiful forest full of feelings – Sayle Hoffmann – Germany
The future wasn’t so distant now. – Simona Stoyanova – Bulgaria
Somehow angels will lead me home. – Branimir Jednačak – Croatia
Engraving her skin gives her power – Victoria Price – Wales
Brother dead. Phone number sadly deleted. – Mutairu Wasiu – Nigeria
The occupied bed felt lonelier somehow. – Danielle Hall – United States
Live your life, Not just alive – Forrest Trenton – Myanmar
The basket that brought home water – Damilare Damilare – Nigeria
Sad? Eat. Happy? Dance. Horny? Sleep. – Cristina Mirevut – Romania
The new vampire opened his eyes – Adele Winston – United Kingdom
I thought you said “nettle pot”. – Cary Lucas –
Pulled to exhaustion, can never stop – Sam Heiden – United States
Crying… Expected paper bridges surviving downpour. – Shreya Jain – India
With each failure, she gained grace. – Hayley Hutson – United States
Fostered silence / Crusted sunsets / Crystal shame – Loren DeVito – Canada
He kissed her without saying goodbye. – Mary Ekpenyong – Nigeria
Mistakes are born from bad habits.. – Zoe Erickson – United States
Apply now, for Miss Outer Space ! – Rohith Bandaratilaka – Sri Lanka
Left left, right? Right, Left left. – Matt Davis – United Kingdom
Practice makes more improvements not prefects. – Kurt Russel Capellan – Philippines
“Happily ever after: The sequel” (edited) – Anahis Mancilla – Chile
Each step caused creaking, dilapidated moans. – Tess Dowling – United States
Vacated basilicas. Pried. Shucked. Forever scarred. – Brian Pilling – United States
For me there was no future. – Amaya Lilith – Nigeria
Well, at least my dog understands. – Abigail Preston – United Kingdom
She suggested spanking. He enjoyed it. – Katherine Powlett – United Kingdom
Instinct drove me home that night. – Kerri Merriam-Buckton – Canada
“Siri, call National Suicide Prevention Helpline.” – Rimmy S. – India
My ability to quit defines me – Ukamaka Nnenna Ugwu – Nigeria
Half of the bed: now empty. – Sarah Li – United States
Tired of measuring people in days. – Gayane Vardanyan – Germany
Nothing good ever comes from winning – Tammy Brown –
Bright birds preen on high branches. – Hannah Ray – United States
Before writing, Poe consulted his horrorscope. – Jim Courter – United States
Trauma is my bestie and enemy – Rebecca Tarullo – United States
Turbulence that’s high, touch the sky – Alexis Kyle – United States
Why do you hurt yourself so? – Idun Månsson – Sweden
Snails sail slowly slow and safe – REBECCA NABUSE – Uganda
Gastro – I’ll sneak a sandwich – disaster – Barbara Glavota – Australia
I always took the bus in. – Jevier Obero – Philippines,Bataan, Alasasin, Mariveles
A heart shaped gravestone stands proud. – Judas Van Halen – United States
Until he smiled, nobody recognized Satan. – Bela Erekson – United States
If we could fly, would you? – V Kelly-Sibley – Australia
Tango of limbs in redeeming lust. – Daphne Ayo – Nigeria
Have a run, exercise your demons. – Kay Richards – United Kingdom
Endeavour. Adventures. Calamity. Still the same. – Aušrinė Tičkaitė – Lithuania
Keep on dreaming, it gives meaning. – Tatin Bravo – Philippines
I knew the worst of us. – Mina Amar – Nigeria
Life began, it flourished then imploded – Deni Neighbour – United Kingdom
Frail Mom. Still loves to dance. – Joanne Helppie – United States
I was born, but never lived – Katelene Castañeda – Philippines
Nilu, wild night memories, love-smitten me. – Rathin Bhattacharjee – India
He took her picture. She screamed. – Jill Robinson – United States
I’m getting tired of this mask – Dom Monette – United States
I forgot I was on Zoom. – Ashley Mundy – New Zealand
blanket of bad gas heating mass – deekshith reddy – india
Purple rain paints desolate desert skies. – Amber Reinhart – United States
Earth keeps revolving, stupidity keeps evolving – Fabian Christoper Simanjuntak – Indonesia
I endure the pain with tears – Jillian Canoza – Philippines
The blade slipped, her smile widened. – Angel Whelan – USA
Don’t do things you cannot undo – Nyasha Brenton – Zimbabwe currently living in Russia
One glance, and the rest: history. – Z MK – Hungary
Turning fifty is not so nifty! – Ambler Lynn – United States
Beside myself. Looking at a mirror. – Aimee-Mai Davies – United Kingdom
A list of people I owe: – H.M.Shaikh The Prince of the Pen – Canada
Don’t hate us! We’re just . . . lanternflies . . . – Izumi J.Y. – United States
You have brandished knives for eyes. – Amy Savciuc – Canada
Live and die by your words – Hejhon Arle – Philippines
Menon often has salmon with lemon. – Shubhankar Reddy Maryada – India
His very last excuse was death. – Greta Bonati – United States
Calories burned: 2346; Calories taken: zero – Roy Clyde Belleza – Philippines
It had metastasized. Damn. Deadman walking. – Libby Lee – United States
The screens will connect/separate us. – Victoria Fearnhead – United Kingdom
He finally knelt, holding the ring – Kristóf Szabó – Hungary
Wind ravaged the island decimating everything. – Veronica Murray – Canada
Millionaires can’t afford a comfortable retirement. – Chanelle Lambert – United States
Wait for me to come home. – Jerimie Marcial – Philippines
Skin blue, eyes red, hair bobbed. – Larissa Gudat – Germany
Without dumb, is there still smart? – Ina Seidel – Australia
Ran from life; couldn’t afford it. – Rayne Nash – United States
I cried and cried, nobody listened – Muskan Ditta Afzal – England
A baby, a fork. Bad combination. – Crina Ațef –
We played basketball in the court. – Jevier Obero – Philippines,Bataan, Alasasin, Mariveles
Mind Hum, Heart Drum, Peace Come. – Leanne Fuller – united kingdom
Funny joke. Just like my life. – H. Keinstone – United States
The giant passes through the needle. – Renzwer Jane – Philippines
She realized it’s all in vain. – Chines Nwa-Echemma Sunday – Nigeria
The sun’s cloak trailed for miles. – Helene Kratz – Netherlands
Two universes wrote chorus, becoming song – Kayleigh Fraser – Scotland
Building empires off the donkey’s back – Shiva Srinivasan – India
Raindrops of rocks. He said no. – D’Nea Campbell – Canada
We had the time we needed. – Estelle Byrne – United Kingdom
Memories plucked out ; frozen deep forever. – Kriti Sharma – India
Once a bunkbed now two singles. – Bryce Easton – United States
Always bring your own common sense – Loredeen Calapan – Philippines
Hello? She stammered in the darkness. – Julia Starr – United States
The people we love destroy us – Rachael Triglia – United States
It suddenly felt off, didn’t it? – Hannah Sirgo – United States
Dragged his feet until six feet. – Andréa Darini – Brazil
I etched your name and left. – Morla Bux – Spain
Lord your name, call every name. – Chaudhari Pritibala – INDIA
The world you vermin call ‘home’ – LJ Southgate – United Kingdom
Note to self: don’t get attached – J. Grace Jewell – United States
Oh, how I loved our ending. – Orion O’Connell – United States
Bruised and beautiful like a sunset – Shona Ellen Connolly – Ireland
so many years pass us by. – Isabel Rodier – Canada
Most jobs are not real jobs. – Makayla Ray – United States
Not just a cry for help. – Elizabeth Ryan – United Kingdom
Stress, fear, sadness pseudonym: teenage years – Atalanta Quinn – United States
It’s exhausting, she’s scared to breathe. – Margareth Lee Asuncion – Philippines
People recorded videos. She was burning.1️⃣ – Harshita Kori – India
I wish it wasn’t a dream – aelfrun waitherero – Indonesia
Cold eyes were staring, found dead. – Ivy Gilliam – United States
Only dreams know why nightmares roam. – Elijah Enbom – United Kingdom
Dream Big Because Dreams Are Powerful – Twilight Rose – India
But, Officer, he kept clicking pens. – Marie Keiding – Danmark
I loved him, he loved blondies – Anastasia Guletskaya – Belarus
Thoughts of you only bring tears. – Sanjana Mishra – United States
Show me deference where it’s due – Ramona Gore – United States
Drawings everywhere – Andréah Berdecia – Puerto Rico
Only glitch is you’re a witch. – Julian Summer – United States
Valentines Day. An Introduction to Compromise. – Nathalie Reynolds – United Kingdom
Food. A connection like no other. – Daisha Wilson – United States
Last message: We’ll celebrate victory together. – Ahnaf Ahmed – Canada
Autumn is a symphony of colors – Sina Abbasiholasou – Iran
The core of beauty is subjectivity – Nefarious Naomi – India
A kiss in Ukraine. Love conquers. – Cathy Bryant – UK
70’s, yesterday; cocaine induced fever dreams – Jacquanna Wilson – Uniter states
Beautiful, its all been paid for. – Russell Smith – United States
eyes and lips telling different truths – Mariya Mavrova – Austria/Bulgaria
Can’t look back; don’t need to. – Dylan Cervantes – United States
Friends long gone, last man standing… – Captain Xantos – Turkey
She survived and showed them all. – Hayley Hutson – United States
You have one shot at life – Damian Savage – Nigeria
Fake Professor Arrested Before His Retirement. – Raj Kumar – India
The cat died in the box. – Srikanth Kundeti – United States
Hey, this doesn’t seem that bad. – Edwin Krang – United States
Grinning, gnawing on bloody corporeal flesh. – Scott E. Ross Jr. – United States
One Rule: The world is cruel. – Madeline Dorris – Canada
Simply The Best. Never A Quitter – Scholastica Uchendu – Nigeria
Some expectations kill your inner self. – Samira Tabassum – Bangladesh
Together we’ll bask in the sunlight. – Jessica Mae – United States
Because we will not, nature cannot. – Juley Harvey –
Dad is alive only in dreams – merlin flower – India
“Kind and beloved for two days.” – R.S. Hill – United States
Mentally drained, she flicked the switch. – Kathryn Flannery – New Zealand
I’m Monday. It’s not my fault. – Irene Bae – United States
I’m writing this for validation. Jesus. – Daniel Holst – united states
My family has always been wild. – Stephanie Curry – United States
She felt loveable staring at stars – Marwa Tahiri – Morocco
Bloodied massacred whales-stained ocean’s memory. – Oscarine Latoya Malabele – South Africa
Mother Nature is a beautiful murderer. – Langley Haftling – United States
Time machine failure: not yesterday yet. – Reb Elkin – UK
To think, there were once others. – Michael Mills – England
Of course! The flowers will blossom . – Iyin Praise Somuji – Nigeria
Seasons change. Love blossoms. Still lonely. – Kaycee Grant – United States
In our culture, we eat ourselves. – Mirabella Paulcia – Nigeria
Hard to laugh, easy to cry. – Brynn Jackson – United States
I am life, watch me die – Jemma Gettings – United Kingdom
Ever since, it’s been chasing us. – Ifunanya Chiedozie – Nigeria
Memory is a miserable consolation prize – Iliana Grace – United States
Mindfulness: peaceful presence. Quiet contemplation. Acceptance. – Jeanne Troncao-Heath – United States
Choice: Turn around or look ahead – Zulfa Yeekhaday – ไทย
Tin man army loses heart, surrenders. – Larry Hodges – United States
No one saves us but ourselves. – Theodore Amahle Ndlovu – South Africa
Her dress was stained with blood. – Chowa Chikumbi – Zambia
You are art framed in skin. – Jillian Calahan – United States
Human is like a beautiful nature – Loredeen Calapan – Philippines
His nightmares stung his burnt bones. – Akintoye Akinsola – Nigeria
An orphaned rainbow falling on us – Sara Marzana – Italy
His glass house survived her stones. – Rachael Agidee – United Kingdom
“Don’t come in last.” Said Death. – Carter Glass – United States
Level eighty-four. He loses his teeth. – Brian Parisi – United States
where’d she go? she went home. – Marissa Lyons – United States
From the heavens, what on Earth? – Susannah Stonebraker – United States
A wonderful night with beautiful nightmares – Grace Costantine – Tanzania
12:00pm. I blink. Darkness teemed within. – Keren-happuch Garba – Nigeria
Moonshine is for the lonely alone. – Adam Weisner – United States
Then these sheets cuddled my woes – Amarachi Igbokwe – Nigeria
Fight surveillance as if nobody’s watching. – Margarita Alexandrou –
Traumatized to death by birth pain. – Ashley Hardin – United States
Honesty, when you cook for real. – MC Aydalla – Philippines.
Born to fight – MIRYAM Taouk – United Kingdom
It’s fall, busy halls, falling walls. – Georgia Stubbe – Canada
The cupcakes burned as she bled. – E. R. Lyerly – United States
There’s always a duck watching me. – K.R.R. Lockhaven – United States
She wanted to love. but couldn’t. – Emmy Scarboro – United States
The vacant throne kept occupied minds – Shiva Srinivasan – India
Know that knowing actually means realizing – Musa Khalid – Nigeria
Said me, your arm around her. – Maia Karoliina – Finland
Is or was, the memories unchanged – Cole Camacho – United States
I wish it wasn’t still her. – Madison Stivers – United States
Today I choose to be happy. – D Feliciano – United States
“I’m watching you”, up he flew – Ilma Naseem – Oman
Tears can drown me to death. – Prince Robert Ocampo – Philippines
Dying gambler hedging his last bet. – Kerry J Heckman – United States
Spellbound, speak not! I would forever. – Alec Stenerson – United States
Running through trees, escaping the murderer. – Colt Henderson – United States
“We’re dead? Shame, we were important.” – Lynette Teo – Singapore
A cry from the pharaoh’s tomb. – Nandana Rajeev – India
Bread and butter, makes everything better. – Min Hee – United States
He didn’t know he was doomed. – Miles Distad – United States
Doorbell dings, domesticated dogs—disordered,deranged. – Caitlin Pratz – United States
Past to venture: Future to avoid. – Anisha Dutta – INDIA
Violin for sale. No strings attached. – Megan Liem – Australia
Valentine’s day, I expected something else. – Dona Mae Magdaug – Philippine
Here are scissors, cut me out. – Lauren Fuentes – United States
Your first breath, is my last – Maisy Foster – England
Martin, the man who made us. – Jemmela Cucuta – United States
Breaking bread, new ground and promises – Jen Emery – United Kingdom
Like the moon moves the pond. – Theodore Amahle Ndlovu – South Africa
Earth did not accept our regrets – Anastasia Cuniberti – Italy
The Beautiful Lady Smiled. Everyone Disappeared – Oluwatobi Gift’s_Pen – Nigeria
Home will wait for me here. – Moyosolaoluwa Olowokure – Nigeria
She was like the sun: old. – Artemis No last name for my pen name; just “Artemis” – United States
He was old, but died young. – I. Reese – Canada
Her once bandaged hands play again. – Pritika Vas – Canada
Child eyes stared back through seaweed. – Ian Coombe – Australia
Dipstick negative, still not a mom – J. M. Lowery – United States
Broken promise. Empty alter. Gown burning. – Melanie Fitzgerald – United States
No rain, no crops, hungry mouths. – Travis Yanes – United States
Authentic salvation, not waiting for salvation – Diego García – Spain
no matter what i’m not a girl – Virgil Shroom – United states
“I eat carrots” said the carrot – Haven Beck – United States
The monster in her closet beckoned. – Shane McShane – United States
The Panacea for all ills: GOD. – Nicola Esteves – India
The moon listened; the stars, too. – Hilary Heffron – United States
I inherited sadness from my father. – Hadley Dion – United States
Good friends are hard to find – Skye Katchers – united stated
Doth the mayfly live to die? – Isaias Bement – United States
Can’t be a polymath… failed calculus. – Gladys Strange – United States
“Slow down!” I left them behind. – Zainab Hassan – Pakistan
The world is a huge wonder – Keagan Lucke – United States
The wind howled as I dreamt. – Raine Evans – United States
Bumblebees buzzed their final battle cry. – Fernie Moore – United States
Why is vegetarian food meat shaped? – Paul Jackson – England
The peace spread in the world – Isaac Cohen – Israel
Ew! It’s sand (at the beach) – Olivia Clare – Canada
Date went well. I’m eternal now. – Maria Ilona Moore – United Kingdom
Freedom’s an unnecessary bondage humans desire. – Olúwatúnmiṣe Akìgbógun – Nigeria
Eightieth birthday. Clock ticks, ticks, ticks! – Sandra Lassen – United States
Only four more words left, done! – Alexandra Devereaux – United States
Worlds ended by wishes, not meteorites. – Emma Libair – Israel
Bathroom tiles cool my fevered forehead – Bree Elizabeth – United States
Kills memory. Forgotten “I love you’s” – Tania Pagés – Spain
Daylight savings time: manmade biological clock – Sushritha Adari – United Kingdom
The ocean drowned her flooding tears – Teagan Bobst – United Stated
Experience unlocks doors, keys open them. – Duaa Hashmi – Sri Lanka
Who needs the change for poverty – Leslie Hix – United States
“Does Feminism frighten you Mr Steve?” – Mkpouto Inyang – Nigeria
They appeared in dreams discussed dream – Rukhsar Ahmad – India
A disgusting toad, not adored prince. – Jenny Worstall – United Kingdom
Another day, another work to do – Ivory Chen – Malaysia
Lullabying Earth with its silent dirge. – Aleena Kuriakose – United States
He was wandering around the forest – Di So – United States
“Dragons aren’t real.” Then explain *this*. – Trevor Pratt – United States
Being human, it’s good, everything, bad. – Mickaela Leach – Canada
Life is a test, be strong. – Zulfa Yeekhaday – ไทย
Her heart melted at his words – Harriet Malinga – Uganda
The old man cried. He listened. – Olivia Waters – United States
Please don’t call it a day. – Jo Andersen – South Africa
Babies Walk Babies Talk Babies Cry – Paigh Riley – United States
Can one ever truly exist peacefully? – Cassius Seybert – United States
Is his blood on your sword? – Randolph Rowe – India
Crushed, empty, discarded. Crisps long gone. – Amanda Brophy – England
You can’t go to the cops. – Christopher Walker – United States
Everything that’s the same never was. – Helene Kratz – Netherlands
fate is just like happy coincidences – kat tadesse – United States
One love triangle, two broken legs. – Sanja Klišanin – Austria
I’m gone and it’s your fault – Isobella Hopkins – Australia
Laughed today, saw the doctor anyway – Verity Agbikimi – NIgeria
I’m everything my mother doesn’t want – Ofure Mediatrix – Nigeria
Someone always gets there before me. – Michelle Freeman – Nigeria
A broken glass mars my portrait. – Becky Parker – United States
Looking at you, memories play. Goodbye. – Dalenna Dang – United States
Gravitas above sensationalism: life’s true essence – Ikechukwu Okorie – Nigeria
It’s cowardly to kill a hope – Shahriar Ahmadi – Iran
Holiday’s slowly creep then leave desolation. – C.N. Eddy Foster – United States
Goodnight mummy. Wherever you are sleeping. – Sally Curtis – United Kingdom
He buzzes up to see me. – Robert Henry – United States
Take me in, this sweet parade – EVA TORTORA – United States
Did love conquer all? He doubted. – Rajagopal Kaimal – India
Her lover’s heart chilled her drink. – Princess Igwe – United States
Clothes wrap skin, skin wrap bones. – Shadow Moon – Nepal
Too many drinks, yet not enough. – Leah Mueller – United States
Curses are chickens. They’ll roost home. – Imole Olusanya – Nigeria
She chose not to choose freedom. – Sushma R Doshi – India
I didn’t expect you to Come – Shiela May Guban – Philippines
Your love leaves me emotionally crippling – Red Balloon – Philippines
The sky is a dreamer’s imaginarium. – Shannon Cummings – United States
Seeking happy life: Father figure *optional. – Tyler Sunday – South Africa
Dance mother, fire will go away. – Jake Blank – Poland
One day the sky will die. – Sushma R Doshi – India
Virus despair death masks vaccines life. – ROBERT DAVIS – United States
He felt alive, her blood pumping. – Caleb Crumpton – United States
Cold toes touch beneath the sheets. – Nel Maria – United States
Left the students unattended. Bloody mess… – Sumana Begum – United Kingdom
… And I thought she would reciprocate. – Ahnaf Ahmed – Canada
Morning—students leisurely walking to class. – K.L. Flores – United States
University, relationship, misunderstood, broken, reconciled, marriage – Aye Mary – Thailand
A new day dawns. It’s time. – Faith Moore – United States
Hesitation is the killer of dreams – Robert Cretu – Romania
She doesn’t rush from the airport. – katrina dybzynska – Spain
No one wins when jackdaws laugh. – Brynn Lacey – Canada
What you do every day, matters. – Elora Canne – Australia
I became the doll you molded. – Elya Atlas – Israel
Caged koel sings songs of sorrow. – Sharwari Challa – India
You stole my heart. Return it. – Denver Gier – United States of America
Love is the cure for all. – Kalliope Xpress – United States
Caravan’s not going to the circus – J. Grace Jewell – United States
Don’t kiss boys. Cats are purrfect. – Lyria Schwickerath – United States
The artist’s mind, tainted with sorrow. – Andrew Zhang – Canada
Green worms are eating my blackberries. – Kaylen Soriano – United States
“I do!” she took the AK-47. – Dhuha Shareef – Maldives
When will it all be okay ? – Thato Polilane – Lesotho
I only fail in failing, right? – Lolade Sanni – Nigeria
And the darkness is my home. – Ashley Brandt – United States
Wedding. Bride, twelve. Groom, thirty seven. – Karina Han – Kazakhstan
Be cheeky, be wild, be wonderful – Red Balloon – Philippines
There are many things I will learn in life – Smra Said – Yemen
Glance at once, but never return. – Ventosa Pluma – Philippines
Seize the day my friend, live! – Sannidhi Patil – India
You wouldn’t know if I told – Dean Moriarty – United Kingdom
Learning to love you was easy. – Felicity Beach-Thomas – United Kingdom
Have you seen my mind babe – Jillian Sayson – philippines
You made your womb my tomb – Oluwafemi Makanjuola – Nigeria
Torn Wings Gathering Faithful Feathers Inflight. – Paul Petrescu – United States
My father was never a dad. – Salma Ahmed – Egypt
She dissapeared like his loving car – Joanna Tulo – United States
Father time’s children: Truth and Change. – Shannon Vernieri – United States
Can’t sleep at night choke me – Jillian Sayson – philippines
My songs long for your mockery. – Rick Davids – Germany
She said. He said. Lawsuit settled. – Moh Afdhaal – Sri Lanka
Hush! Wombat…nope, it’s gone. – Harvey Lam – Australia
Love your nose! My angry bird. – Tasleem Mulla – India
Afros excite women, wait no! Aphrodisiacs… – Ben Pluck – England
Cat jumped with mouse in mouth. – Nam Raj Khatri – Nepal
The final memory slipped through unnoticed. – Cathy Miller – United States
Nothing. The problem is he’s black. – Munachiso Chiedozie – Nigeria
WANTED:The person who lost x – Damilola Olowa – Nigeria
Pushed out, lifeless tiny gray skin. – Cassie Li –
Baby can’t cure cancer. Mother could. – U. R. –
She’s happy, knowing she did everything. – Margareth Lee Asuncion – Philippines
Marriage is sacred, don’t be faking! – Sapphire Rose Williams – Trinidad and Tobago
The dark won’t ever stay quiet. – Karalynn Kajca – United States
“Scared of ghosts?” ” No, ghosting.” Smirk. – Dhruvang Desai – India
The pit is yours to keep. – Samantha Gouthro – Canada
I still got the last laugh. – Izzy Rutherford – United States
No one said, “rejection is fun.” – Julia Putzke – United States
Blink, and I’ll miss your smile – Tanya Fillbrook – United Kingdom
Her smile. His eyes. Their love. – Nikita Sud – India
“Don’t touch that! Was my father’s-” – Lady Azulina – Dominican Republic
All her songs are about me. – Amelia Harahap – United States
She reached the ocean, completely engulfed. – Halcyon Void – United States
Our elephant footstool makes this home. – Liv Edwards – United Kingdom
Prayer, a desperate stamp of approval. – Connor Donovan – United States
One will die. Flip the coin. – Nikki Little – United States
What breached the hull was unknown. – Julie McNeely-Kirwan – United States
Bright sun ice tea sweet lemonade – Mercedez Gonzalez – United States of America
The stars arranged, all nice and neat – Gersh Buck – United Kingdom
Romance, Never Really Lead Me Anywhere – Scholastica Uchendu – Nigeria
2022: Wordle, pandemic fatigue, the apocalypse – Joey Chen – United States
Why can’t I just be me? – Dianna Woodlands – Australia
Apples fell on the cushioned ground. – Wynn Lapiana – United States
The day you said good morning – Ariane Baronda – Philippines
He smiled, finally finding home again. – Tess Rossi –
Six words only. Please choose me. – Shannon Hare – Canada
love..Love!…love? Good Bye love. – Travis Yanes – United States
Which is better: Life or Death? – Luisel Galve – Philippines
Alcohol consumed him. Her vision blurred. – Sharila Surpal – India
Love couldn’t stand their last words – Jennah Dean – United Kingdom
Daily, she learned my name anew – Thomas Diehl – Germany
I live to die, idem dito – Sacha Shimmer – Netherlands
The Devil avoided shaking my hand. – August Murian – Australia
Who will win us or Earth? – Robert Travitz – United States
Poisonous mushrooms always taste so sweet. – Jaycee Lim – Malaysia
You turned my fantasy into tragedy – Rutika Jadhav – India
There’s no argument for happy couples. – Nick Davies – United Kingdom
The neighbor thinks I look shady. – JB Jeffries – United States
The green sunset heightened our hope. – Sylvestina Yeboah – Ghana
In the end, it meant nothing. – Storm Blakley – Canada
Beneath the abysmal cavity she’s baptized. – Lydia McCann – United States
Born cursed. Lived defiant. Died legendary. – Indratapa Routh – India
Music is medicine, medicine is magic. – Kate Melenia – Canada
The miracles of human source code. – Rodney Bartlett – Australia
Technically, we’re all under the weather. – Zack Wilson – United States
the paranoia of quarantine, descending guillotine. – Sourabh Bharadwaj –
Reminiscing on childhood I never had. – Gloria Ochai – Nigeria
Secret beach to secret sewage pipe. – Robert Henry – United States
It was great, my old friend. – Borlen CHONG – United States
Oceans and skyscrapers rose. Slums drowned. – Erica Fransisca – Indonesia
The music never stops playing here – Leyla Urmanova – United States
My only and favourite love story – Emilia Mart – Romania
Sweat dripping. Heart beating. Dead end. – Nygg Borgir – Philippines
Knowing magic, is simply knowing you. – The Cale Princess Emily DeFalla – United States
I am her, and she – me – Jemma Gettings – United Kingdom
It was always so suffocating, hope. – Aaryn Pierce – United States
Graveyard: a giant eternal slumber party. – Amanda Brown – United States
Intuition burns hell and waters oceans – Ana Matola – Mozambique
Are you the fool being genius? – Elph Zales – Philippines
They said “impossible!” I succeeded anyway. – Trevor Pratt – United States
Farewell beast–no money for leftovers. – T. Ante – England
Bloom in your gardens of glee. – Gul Bashra Askar – Pakistan
Mourning takes longer than he expected. – Abby Harding – United States
Where was I when it ended? – Zahra Abbas – Pakistan
Opposite of a kiss? Cold sheets. – Audrey Rose – Canada
Not contraceptives, antipsychotics. Everything working. – Katherine Powlett – United Kingdom
My silence doesn’t always mean acceptance. – Naomi Stamps – United States
The finish line was so close. – Elias Barr – Canada
I guess the Christians were right! – Talos ExMachina – Mexico
She smiled, and her cheeks dimpled. – Queen. Edmund. – Nigeria.
The cocaine bebpop fever dream: rehabilitated – Jacquanna Wilson – Uniter states
It vanished; that day, that love. – Fin Steiner Fin Steiner – Finland
Leave! If you can’t feel alive. – Maryam Nababa – Nigeria
She wore her noose like jewelry. – Petra Fenn – United States
Excuse me sir where is happiness? – Cara B – United States
Your fantasy world dies with you. – Věra Jahodová – Česká republika
It never goes away; you’ll change. – Alfonso Maravilla – United States
She was born, But never lived – Shiela May Guban – Philippines
Politicians are mind numblingly helpful – Gregory Buske – United States
When trying used to be hard. – Alana Russotti – United States
We climbed until there was balance. – Tara Rowland – United States
Full of love, I hate everybody – Diego García – Spain
They’re here. They’re there. Their hair. – Peggy Gerber – United States
I’m death-dealer, I live for it. – louie (the little lost kid) – South Africa
Coupled. Married. Separated. Divorced. Buried together. – Vaughan Stanger – United Kingdom
I feel him in the trees. – Ben Byrum – United States
He was the gas to my fire. – Patience Weir – United States
She outran him with her mind. – Pat Bonner Milone – United States
They loved him more in death. – Marquita Young – United States
Rumors and ruses of my beloved! – Krishnanand Boolaky – Mauritius
Face to fake. Fail to fade. – Sira Hoveck – Brazil
Love, pray, wait on God’s time – Hejhon Arle – Philippines
Owning my truth, renting lacks commitment. – Elizabeth Luczynski – United states
Aliens destroy earth, greenhouse effect prevails. – rani Jayakumar – United States
You want perfection. I want love. – Ivanna Contreras – United States
Playing the “Game of Life” alone. – Radostina Duleva – Bulgaria
Trust and persevere. Persevere and trust. – Anna Jose – Philippines
Hot popcorn, buttered. Soft couch, waiting. – C.N. Eddy Foster – United States
Yes, I am ignoring you. Bye. – salty potato – Oman
Soon your body will be earth. – Wardah Madari – South Africa
Love to rove as a dove – Nuha Riyal – Sri Lanka
I rather dream than become – Abby Brounts – United States
Show me why I adore you. – Esther Hammett –
Bare nails. Cracked lips. Day ruined. – Minjoon Ryu – South Korea
Pillow, as cold as my heart. – Samir Thapa – Nepal
Fragmented, his delicate heart cracks evermore. – Shirna Jiang – United States
How long till we eclipse again? – Esther Bella – Kenya
Strong can’t hate, weak can’t love. – Ali Ashhar – India
Chamber spins, good odds. Russian roulette. – Bill Cox – UK
His hair was knotted with blood. – Honey Ranking –
Strangers. Friends. Lovers. Married. Divorced. Estranged. – Jia Nan Jeng – United States
Go out at night and howl. – Zarin Tasnim Zahra – United States
I discovered my life yesterday evening. – Plamen Vasilev – Bulgaria
When will it all fall apart? – Hannah Wu – United States
Her dull eyes shone bright again – Jaymeli Tan – Philippines
Your heart – pendulum. Mine – the Everest. – Imole Olusanya – Nigeria
I Believe i could trust you. – Aljon Loreja – Philippines
“Release the Kraken – NOT LIKE THAT!” – Julia LaFond – United States
His laughter soon turned to weeps. – Carissa Lukan – Canada
Not all bleeds, some wounds stare. – Blessing Alade – Nigeria
The Grim Reaper let me live. – Tara Keh – Singapore
No goodbyes where memories live forever. – Mary-Ann Aondoakaa – Nigeria
You saw my hidden, naked soul – Noah Hamaoui – Brazil
show teeth; the crux of you – ishi – – Singapore
the utter silence flooded my mind – summer jacques – australia
“Seeing is believing,” Santa told me. – Vanessa Morse – United States
Stop forgiving me. You’re becoming weaker – Mohammad Ahsan – United States
We are same. Lovers. Haters. People. – Věra Jahodová – Česká republika
She wanted better. Better never came. – Jia Nan Jeng – United States
Relapse, noun. Unhealed and yet striving. – Sepida Sepida – Philippines
*eyeroll* i’m not an annoying teenager… – Kayla Ling – United States
life brings hope, death ends all – kate cozatt – United States
Her siren voice not attracted men. – Lady Azulina – Dominican Republic
The body, so still, so alive. – Alison Sidney – United Kingdom
They were frenemies, but also writers. – Gwynevere Hyde – Portugal
I’m coming.I hope you’re ready – Khanya Njoli – South Africa
Why care when people will forget – Ina Seidel – Australia
Bob bobbily bobbed, bobbing on cheese. – Eliana The Writer – Australia
“For dentures?!!!” The tooth fairy chuckled. – Dhuha Shareef – Maldives
Black or white? Grey I say. – Vanshika Mittal – India
Felt pain. Took pills. Feel good. – Guélan Zaour – France
Octopus chuckled.. He got ten tickles. – Lauren Snodgrass – United States
I’m different since you – better off – Isabella Thompson – United Kingdom
Honey stick mountain, hatred of innocence. – Yokel Zephyr – United States
Stranded on an island, feeling content. – Lucas Simpkins – United States
I just learned to read minds. – D’Nea Campbell – Canada
guess the what’s special word? YOU! – Artjom Ignatovs – United Kingdom
Remembering how to breathe is easy. – Eileen Koh –
Tryst Between Lovers Mending Broken Hearts. – Paul Petrescu – United States
‘Bottle of water , please.’ ‘Any allergies?’ – Maureen Taylor – United Kingdom
Among the dead, a finger twitches. – Debbie Penley – United States
She said NO! He performed best. – Kanika Gupta – United States
One day I’ll follow the birds. – Heather Bloch – USA
I fell; a cactus caught me. – F. H. Morgan – United States
What am I? But god’s grace. – Isaac Ting – Singapore
I gave you all I had – Robert Cretu – Romania
Deafening, as roars from a dandelion. – Isaac Olaleye – Canada
For Sale: Xbox. Looking For: Stroller. – Victoria Speziale – United States
Sick in the head, Silly Karen – Ajax n/a – Philippines
Birth. Copulation. Death. Resurrection. More copulation. – Daniel Harwood – United Kingdom
I feel; I think; I become – Ikechukwu Okorie – Nigeria
Of done deeds and afterlife unjust – Chinecherem Umeh – Nigeria
I liked coffee, you preferred violence. – Nafisah Tabassum – United Kingdom
Hairless doll resting on rotting cabbage – Erin Jamieson – United States
Be a hand amongst the fists. – Marie Langlois – Canada
The Brain is the conductor of body – Ruby Wilkinson – United States
You left and proved me right. – Donia Baioumy – Nederland
Despite or in spite, she loved. – Priscilla Kim – USA
For sale: heart, never been loved. – Provie Tiguelo – Philippines
Death had the flu this weekend. – Sarah Stook – United Kingdom
Night is the time of mystery – Acnana Ungureanu – Romania
“Have you tried pulling it?” “Nah.” – Kira Wallace – United States
Blue, she coughed, then a coffin. – Ese Oscar – Nigeria
House for sale. Never before owned. – Thomas Stewart – United States
You’re too late, the leash broke. – Yulissa Nunez – United States
Corona wave blowed wisdom and curiosity. – Rashi Gaikwad – India
If only someone could see me – Jeandre Swanepoel – South Africa
Give again from what I got. – Shaira mae San juan – Philippines
A window leads to unexplored adventures. – Terri Fox – United States
I won’t ask you about Joe. – Maria Lazare – United States
We are an element of nature. – Aaron Clifford – United States
“Who are you?” “Your grandson, Memaw.” – Chengye Lin –
Anesthetized, oblivious to pain; she burned. – Rachel L. Tilley – United Kingdom
It was beyond her to stay. – R Roy – United Kingdom
Who I thought was, was not. – Gracey Trey – Nigeria
Never knew. Never loved. Never chosen. – Aiza Mangaya – Philippines
Listening to the singing of triumph – Noor ul ain Sheikh – Pakistan
Our faces, mid meeting, screamed, “Sex”. – Ashley Dunn – United Kingdom
Tremendous shot, hit bar, love Tequila – Chris Archer – United Kingdom
Listening to our song, remembering us. – Raine Eguico – Philippines
“Frightened, her back hit the wall.” – Pohifallie Rautho – Philippines
Lasik won’t make the apparitions disappear. – Amy Coles – Canada
Dancing with you to old-school RnB. – Arantxa Mathapersadh – South Africa
Demons Rise, Angels Fall, Humans Rebel – Carter Glass – United States
Met on the train to nowhere. – Khristina Cabrera – United States
“He’s looking for me. I’m scared.” – Sarah Henry – United States
Existential Crises. Depressed, because life’s enjoyable. – Your Planet – United States
Cooks for all stays hungry Mom – Shamya Mukundhan – United States
Truth told, I’ve never told truth – Pearl Inci Corlu – Australia
Even family can make you messy – Darlene Berana – Philipipnes
You’re beautiful, just like the Moon – Katelene Castañeda – Philippines
After he left, I knew hope. – James Patrick Focarile – United States
Life is a road without signals – A. ARUL ANITHA – India
After chaos and growth, I’m home. – Cailey Tarriane – Philippines
Lost someone but I found myself – Anannya Tiwary – India
In search for: a new heart – Hanna Lénart – Sweden
Dark past. Dim present. Bright future – Judith Owa – Nigeria
Loving you was my favorite mistake. – r1seee mooree – Philippines
Dark Scary Monsters Who Love Blood – Nick Sheffield – United States
A bird unseen flying wihout wings. – Kriti . – India
Without resistence our freedoms sold cheaply. – T M – United kingdom
I fell in love with art. – Kevin Oneil – United States
Like Victoria, secrets I don’t say. – Winter Wrote – United States
The magus envied the runaway rabbit. – Giselle Meléndez – United States
Insane, a word for the boring – Taylor Heywood – Canada
Thunder pounding, scared dog, carpet gone. – Kylee Mascroft – United States
Death grip her soul wearing gloves. – Jeffrey Ogochukwu – Nigeria
I always liked the number six. – Dan Brook – US
She drowns fighting herself, her paranoia. – Henry Onyekachim Dancing Pen – Nigeria
Pennies where her eyes should be. – Gracey Trey – Nigeria
New jacket, to hide the colours. – Jérôme Plumier – Belgium
Death takes my hand and rejoices. – brendan odonnell – United States
John received, gave and received more. – Vaishnavi Shelar – India
Look around you, marvel life’s truth – Paschal Obiamalu – Nigeria
In fear of failing, I idle. – Mariel Ogabar – Philippines
Morning: She smiles. Night: She cries. – Moon y/n –
Imagery is how you imagine it – Daniel Butler – United States
Football is a game of prestige – Yembe Jude – Cameroon
Hello and welcome aboard the Titanic – Paul Carpenter – Spain
Humanity looking forward to climate change – Bengt Haell – Sweden
She couldn’t count to six.. erm… – Rachael Hales – United Kingdom
Sunshine, sand, shark alarm, panic, heartbeat – Jill Baggett – Australia
A warm storm partied all day. – Ballpoint Shaheed Rashid – United States
What is the point of this – Jaden Pierce –
Bound by no form till given. – Ivy Tolentino –
The light was always there. See? – Janine Anabel – United States
The streets, Walking alone, Two shadows – Forgotten Gem – Ireland
When they ask, I was here. – Marie Keiding – Danmark
Orbiting the breath of another’s chest. – Abbie King – United States
Silence! I scream to my thoughts. – Amy Griffiths – United Kingdom.
3-hour flight because Dad died – Rhiza Monterubio – Philippines
Left for school. Returned an alcoholic. – Stephanie Daich – United States
Missing cat. I made Chinese tonight. – Lisa Rivers – United States
I let her tears burn me. – Rhea B – United States
Can you answer the answered dear? – Demur Yusane – Nepal
Imprisoned by my own motherland. – Lis Youth – Russia
Purple orchid lei, jaundiced, mottled black. – Michael Dufresne – United States
It does not hurt to cry – Sadia Shafique – Pakistan
“Run!” But it was too late. – Kaylee Faulkner – United States
I always wonder why she cries – Ella Musgrove – United States of America
For Sale: Hemingway Novel. Never read – Edwin Ryder – United Kingdom
Windows watch life in and out. – Phoebe Timberlane – United States
He knew she hated silence still… – Quing VC – India
He caught my eye; it’s artificial. – Morgan Destera – United States
Your innards are amazing, slimy slinkies. – Lisi Slater –
She was not lost, preferably camouflaged. – Angelika Karalus – United States
She was beloved, and she knew. – Adam Bendel –
Cable television was the greatest heist. – Angela Acosta – US
currently taking my final literature exam – Carolina Vlachakou – Greece
A spin off: static fortune wheel. – Viktorija Furnadjiska – North Macedonia
The hallways sing to wandering souls – Olivia Clare – Canada
Be the best temporary. Nothing’s forever. – Ritika Tyagi – India
Poor scarecrows. Patchwork brains, stitched wrong. – Oliver Bisky –
Humanity is measured by the inanimate – Sophia Raines – United States
Sunflower in a field of roses – Kayleigh Brasher – United States
“Is someone coming to collect you?” – Nathalie Reynolds – United Kingdom
The running thief’s shoe is best. – Fareed Ahmed – pakistan
He talks about roots, I bloom. – katrina dybzynska – Spain
To live, to love, to die – John Riebow – USA
Once upon a time it ended. – Erisa Goddess – Albania
She died laughing, he lived crying… – Aishi Mitra – India
I jumped, and so did they. – Salma Ahmed – Egypt
He’s involuntarily swimming under the ice. – Anastasia Grigorieva – Russia
Two lovers die. Their ghosts embrace. – Rainie Zenith – Australia
“Help! The snake ate my baby!” – Christian William Alava – Philippines
“The moon has left orbit. Incomi-*****” – James Birdsong – United States
You can’t fire me, that’s arson. – T P – United States
Mom well, I am drinking more. – Marie Cavanaugh – United States
Watching the rainbow, walking through mud. – Mia Olympische – United States
Adversity illuminates the warrior within us – Vilasini Madhavan – India
Quench your heart, empower your mind – Tejas Hapani – India
The sun has forgotten my address. – Christian Emecheta – Nigeria
Windows turn houses into human aquariums. – Molly Edeburn – United States
hail mary, for she did not consent – rotem zamir – israel
Out of school pizza. Anarchy ensued. – Lauren Snodgrass – United States
She wasn’t allowed to love her. – Adrian Obejas – philippines
So away, she is far not – Joannes Ich Bin – Argentina
Too free, or not too free? – Hong Kong – United States
What’s your nam, sir? No matter. – eyal polack – Israel
“I kept the receipt!” “Birth certificate.” – Kate French – Canada
Doodles, droning professors and telepathic conversations. – Avaiyu Rays –
Why is the night dark? – Efe Ikhenaode – Nigeria
Loving you: wine, dine, laughter, conjugate – Zeidan Naqeeb – Malaysia
Breaking news: “Humans proven to exist!” – Simran Janoo – Mauritius
Multiple partners considered for mattress purchase. – Liz Lydic – United States
you the reason for my smile – Ariane Baronda – Philippines
Their remains were unearthed, still embracing. – Noel Cyraima – Canada
Loved, wanted, never held! Fly, angel. – Peris Wachira – Kenya
Last night saying our final goodbye. – Jessica Mae – United States
I kissed your ass it grew. – Linda Okpirikhre – Nigeria
He told me to try again. – Mina Amar – Nigeria
My dog Jesse bit my hand. – Roxanne Bowser – Canada
Vote! Unless I don’t like you. – Noah Edelman – United States
Nothing is safe in crowded rooms. – Connie Carmichael – United States
Parting faces is such sweet sorrow. – Amelie Sadler-Hill – United Kingdom
The small things that you do – Emilia Mart – Romania
Watching her breathe in the world. – Karen Evans – England
Twisty twisty thing in my hand. – Oluwaseun Badejo – Nigeria
Wanted: A heart…mine needs mending… – Cara B – United States
Skydiving: the last thing he did. – Eleanor Kraft – United States
Life is lived to acknowledge God – Abdulhakim Jimoh – Nigeria
True Love: Smile with your heart. – Lolita Beylina – United States
A bruised soul masked with smiles. – Farhah Dhamirah – Malaysia
Tranquil tweet. Noisy neighbors headed south. – Robin Blasberg – United States
She listened, she watched, she waited. – Kristen Moore – United States
Don’t say yes if it’s no. – Lisa Bittle – United States
I’ll never see your face again. – Kami Misch – United States
Yellow eyes that wander the dark. – Captain Xantos – Turkey
I’m free in an acceptable way. – Katerina Prokopiou – Cyprus
What pains me most is her. – Maimuna Muhammad – Nigeria
Christmas is coming. Turn off lights! – ladygodiva clothed – england
I became lost amongst the stars. – Virginia Crow – Scotland
The white snow blurred the sky. – Ava Cowden – United States
Sadness is the pearl of happiness! – Lyubov Mosley – USA
Her eyes, speaking eternity, whispering symphonies. – Ariel Niforatos – United States
The nightmares tell of my reality. – Kelsey Kottapu – United States
Who calls me from the darkness? – Ly Washburn – United States
For Sale. Hemingway novel. Too macho. – Simon Kewin – United Kingdom
Hospice rooms. Empty vases awaiting refills. – Kelly Sargent – United States
This could be the last one – Robert Bratton – United States
We clothed her with tiny frogs. – Rosamaria Nagle – United States
Free baby clothes, pink, never used. – Mariann Groshans – United States
Joined with a smile; bloody thread. – T. Ante – England
Grumpy cat. Ouch! Blood on finger. – Susan Wickham – United Kingdom
Love was unearthed, but slightly damaged. – RosiDreamsToo RosiDreamsToo – Philippines
Her soul shed light on darkness. – Mijah Jay – United States
Did I win playing Russian roulette? – Ricky Franks – United States
Forget the hate and leave it – Julius Montibon – Philippines
A voice whispered, “Don’t turn around.” – Saxon H. – United States
Rich man’s pit, poor man’s table. – Emmanuel Emmic – Zambia
Heritage lies in a hibiscus tea. – Ginger Tea – Argentina
Never go with your first draft. – Sour Dame – United States
My fingers are writing magic, love. – Lily Dragonhart – United States
Nose in salt, she finally walked. – Eliana The Writer – Australia
Eat the mosquito, it won’t sting. – Arpita Padhi – India
I ran. It caught me anyways. – Gillian Moran – United Kingdom
A single shadow under the moonlight – Lyle Jarren Dulnuan – Philippines
I blow the candle. Wish denied. – Jay McKenzie – Australia
Roof came crashing, he narrowly escaped. – Ready-Writer Emmanuel – Nigeria
Coffin for sale. Cure forces sale. – Marc Brosnan – United Kingdom
Even leaves from evergreens still wither. – Samuel (Kwesi) Umah – Nigeria
A brief history of Tasteless Shoes – Katie Grant – United States
I sent love, it never returned. – Madison Kearns – United States
Nobody searched for her after September. – Ein Wolf – United States
Let your fear disappear into brave. – Zulfa Yeekhaday – ไทย
Light is brighter in the darkness. – Noriana In The Sky – India
Hotel Door Sign: OUT OF ARDOR – Michael Michael Aloysius OReilly – United States
We had just been too careless. – Ella Whittaker – Canada
Birth: Moment of pain, forever loved. – Melissa Sharp –
And that’s my Beautifully broken secret – Rutika Jadhav – India
The smile was all she needed. – Kimberly Karcz – United States
She remembered everything; and everything hurt. – Keshav Pathak – India
Tears won’t turn back the clock – Morongwa Colleen – South Africa
Our ending made endings loath themselves – Jessica Desai – India
You screamed while I learned smiling. – Venice Poggi – United States
Kal-el, Clark Kent, Superman, Hercules. – Rodney Bartlett – Australia
baby bottles feeding his lovers killer – natalia-clumsy adkins – united states
His presence makes me really ill. – Joyce Raiza Santos – Philippines
I bleed, for you to live – Bemebeyou 1805 – Mauritius
I meant to tell you before. – Bettina Karpathian – United States
He’s into her luckily we’re married – Mary Rosary Serias – Philippines
Hip, hip, surgeray! – James Davies – United States
Only the bravest will stay forever. – Nina Novella – South Africa
Never, will never get you anywhere. – Yael Asaf Goldberg – Israel
The pandemic, spared almost nothing. – Fatuma Huka – Kenya
Tears sang softly, comforting my cheeks. – Tashy Chinos – Zimbabwe
Bullets rained, but his friend breathed. – Olivia Waters – United States
Loud silence, it spreads between us – Hannelore Reichenbach – Germany
But I, in my smallness, could. – Mark Rhodes – United States
“The cuts healed; her heart didn’t.” – Summer Psalm Enriquez – Philippines
Temple run, but snaps for coins. – Paterson from Paterson – India
Gregarious librarian. Patrons wag fingers. “Shush!” – William Bianchi – United States
From time to time, things happen. – Safiyah Azad – United Kingdom
She didn’t care the tea was cold – Meghana Sankar – United States
Stay!…please stay..don’t leave me – Hilla Tzur – Israel
The rotting skin; apple and brother. – Katie Hopwood – United Kingdom
The wind told me about you. – Keshav Pathak – India
Climate change is a greed effect. – Jelly Masinag – Philippines
Caged birds , chained dogs . Animal lover. – Anto Mario – INDIA
Leather jacket addresses old man’s vanity. – Brian Mackinney – United Kingdom
Pop snapped. Crackled. Became cereal killer. – Janice Egry – United States
In Tokyo, nobody knows of pasties. – Alice Cooper – UK
Only the map speaks to Sailor. – Shreya Jain – India
To beautify is to fool, makeup. – Nathan Meleki – Zambia
The night died in the morning – Mayowa Owolabi – Nigeria
Memories prance through me fiercer–unwanted – Aaron Yu – United States
She’s inside my broken heart bleeding – Shay Kol – Israel
The OCD latches on like fire. – Amber Kotwall – United Kingdom
No relationship can survive taxidermy. Period. – Elizabeth Mills – United Kingdom
Writers prefer having written to writing. – Isabella Blu Ptito-Echeverria – Canada
What decade have I crashed into? – Constance Contraire – Canada
Live and Love continuously, deaths final. – LongLive CornBeefTaco – United States
Brown clothes. Sunken eyes. Skeleton body. – Maria Mortimer – South Africa
Seeds are sown in unmarked cemeteries. – Emma Picolo – United Kingdom
My heart. My drum. Same beat. – Nora Barkai – Hungary
His love for her remained unspoken. – Nancy Machlis Rechtman – United States
Broken spirits cue. A discerning heart. – Leeyannass Leeyannass – Jamaica
Shortly I will divine the secret of it all. – Naomi Azriel – United States
Your name sounds ever so empty. – Luna Yin – Canada
He was twenty drinks to sober – jake Cosmos Aller – United States
Chubby baby fingers hold my heart – Ashleigh Campbell – Australia
Drapes festooned the pomp of fortuity. – Josh Isaacson – United States
They never knew what she did. – Marla Bischoff – Germany
For once there is a chance – Petri Coetzee – South Africa
Too late she saw the trap – Sheelagh Mooney – Ireland
Pondering requires effort which requires thinking – Kingstone Murima – Zimbabwe
His ineluctable rage, content with perfection – Soleil Lopez – United States
On Polish soil, safe at last – Zoe Leeds – United Kingdom
He opens the casket, comes out. – Karina Han – Kazakhstan
Coughing red petals, I discovered love. – Kit Katriel – United States
Look, small warrior. The sun rises. – Cora Jeppson – United Stares
I’m not throwing away my shot – Khanya Njoli – South Africa
Finally vacant, the house pondered retirement. – Brian Parisi – United States
Peanut butter: life, death. Ambrosia, poison. – Chloe Chen – United States
Illness defined her when we argued. – Andy Hamilton – United Kingdom
Never forget, I am your God. – Artemis Selaphial – India
‘Emotions are dimensional, so are memories’ – Shubhi Shukla – India
“Need, your help, I’m in trouble.” – Matt Stone – Ireland
Loot Gallery: Where Art Thieves Are Framed – Sumlina Alam – United States
Still, on a simmer, I bubbled. – Lina Jebara – United States
i imagine who you would be – The Night Writer The Night Writer – united states
Home screens, telecasting gunshots in speculations. – K. Asare-Bediako – Ghana
2 Fathers. 2 Sons. How many? – Glenda Brown – United States
A biography: Born crying, died laughing. – Ana Reisens – Spain
Six words tell a whole story. – Jelly Masinag – Philippines
The fox had nowhere to go – Adele Winston – United Kingdom
Suicide hurts more after you’re dead – Gregory Buske – United States
fishing at night by kerosene lamps – Angel M – USA
The stars aligned for her death. – Selea McKnight – United States
Working your magic to cast curses. – Lucas Simpkins – United States
My house is (not) your house. – Aaya Radi – United Kingdom
Cerulean hues tremble under the sunlight. – Isha Priya – India
Clouds play in endless blue sky – nareeta martin – New Zealand
A hug cannot hug itself alone. – Sam Tembo – Zambia
That’s appalling. Did someone say KFC? – Tom Fender – Australia
Some villains were heroes once too – Pohifallie Rautho – Philippines
Masks. I miss even yellow teeth. – Parisa Mousavi – Iran
She’s alone, or so she thought. – Victoria Speziale – United States
Hands forward, toe ball heel, chasser – Emma Rose – United States
they sailed around the flat earth – julie dron – UK
False promises for free, I swear. – Luna O’Reilley – Germany
Feeling low, so I got high. – Megan Liem – Australia
Loving you is already painful enough. – Celine Dion Santos – Philippines
He hurts- abuses you, fight back. – Jasleen Kaur Sandhu – Hong Kong, China
We met, we loved, she died. – Michael Coleman – United Kingdom
What’s love if not an inconvenience. – Tatenda Chigwanda – Zimbabwe
Lil Frank hadn’t seen Larry Bird – Lewis Rhodes – United States
Chicken Goes Back Into the Egg. – Ali Osman Uysal – Turkey
Hated her life completely to death. – Sarah Li – United States
Build me place, you simply reaches. – Naura Fasya Ghassani – Indonesia
Locked. Locked. Locked. Unlocked. Bang. Dead. – Keelin McCarthy – Ireland
Dreaming of wonderlands. Waking to wastelands. – Reem Hamraz – India
I burn bridges, just not mine. – Qwint Illin – United Arab Emirates
The sun rose in the west. – Tiffany H White – Wales
I woke up as Gregor Samsa. – Nini Tevzadze – Georgia
The pregnant villian in my backyard. – I.R.I Precious I.R.I Precious – Nigeria
6:00, eyes watch windows.Mommy’s home! – C.N. Eddy Foster – United States
She climbed down, they climbed up – Kenya Hall – United States
I like us better when distant – salwa onto – Bangladesh
It is the darkness of day. – Josefin Gustafsson – Sweden
How could I box myself in ? – Fiorella Ruas – France
Like Spring time, hope meets memories. – Lehlogonolo Thokoane – South Africa
Noah sailed. Unicorns missed the boat. – Maryhelen McCarthy – USA
Time changes, but love never fade. – Manivannan Vinayagam – India
Ok fine. I’ll tell her. Tomorrow. – Paula N. – Kenya
Earth relentlessly trembled, sick of inhabitation. – Abigail Frost – United States
Take care of her for me – Mia Jubril – Nigeria
Fingers interlocked, gasps inaudible, skin scorching. – Leah Onosato – United States
star-frog jumps into black-hole pond– nothing – Paul Engel – United States
Another sleepless night won’t kill me. – Sidney Élio – Canada
Then, the last flower was trampled. – Yuzhou Yong – United States
A woman walks into a bar. – Gene Marais – South Africa
Where moonlight turns sea to glass. – Bella Nerina – Australia
This: the recollection and the story. – T. M Bolton – Canada
Person now awake, yet no heartbeat. – Victoria Lưu – Vietnam
Just fifty, she’s cheaper than coffee. – Catcher Wright – South Africa
It is only sweet if least. – Joe Katemi – The United Republic of Tanzania
There is nothing at the end. – LongLive CornBeefTaco – United States
She hemorrhaged from an imaginary wound. – Pat Bonner Milone – United States
Story in six words. The End. – Cj17 Lion – Spain
Change my life-if you dare. – Cerulean Celadon – United States
Good murderers are never caught red-handed. – Iris Sage – Singapore
The wedding cancelled, the couple, dead – Ashleigh Heenan – United Kingdom
Hair cut, donated to cancer patients. – Michele Jones – United States
I’ll adore her, for all eternity. – Erik Ammon – United States
Believe me, I lie about everything. – TJ Theisens – Netherlands
Yo, is that the emoji movie? – Marysol Alape – Puerto Rico
The thought spiral effect was strong. – Katie DaSilva – Canada
They’re building now a moon hotel. – Simona Stoyanova – Bulgaria
We were magic together, until now. – Lawrence Kessenich – United States
Amity i demanded, Animosity they bestowed. – Hansa J – Mauritius
Do not drive during the storm – Kamili Mlay – Tanzania
But you never came to me – Robin Campiglia – Uruguay
I’m in bondage yet I orgasm – Vaney Deya – Ghana
Two little lost girls said goodbye. – Ashley Brandt – United States
What to do, what to do? – Cole Camacho – United States
I wasn’t always such a monster. – Miranda Wilson – United States
Simple feelings complicate the deepest relationships – Jyleel Cuthbert – united states
Heads, I win. Tails, global war. – Mark Williamson – United States
It tickled…in a bad way. – Angie Canonico – United Stated
You think you are. I am. – Jill Miller – United States
College is a dance with death – Samantha Stillman – United States
Six words written, can overestimate expectations. – Kevin Conner – United States
Me. A goat. The Sea. Violets. – Cj17 Lion – Spain
My seed of hope sprouted roots. – Madeleine Thomas – United States
She sings for herself this time. – Madison Stahl – United States
Three Years. Two People. One Story. – Hansel Gray – India
Mine weren’t the only footprints there. – Katie Kent – United Kingdom
When we crave, we are tired. – MonPoin(g)t. MonPoin(g)t. – United Kingdom
Dare them to own the sun. – Jelly Masinag – Philippines
I can’t recall her face anymore – Jaysee Jewel – United States
You looked at me that way. – Delilah Maymon – United States
Where gone, chirping birds of morn? – Deepshika Rathod – India
I see the universe in puddles. – hc mcnay – United States
Curly hair girl spinning my mind – Shay Kol – Israel
All nightmares begin with knock-knock jokes. – Nisa May Rose – United Kingdom
Why did you leave? Mommy? – Emmit Arlin – United States
be kind, brave, loyal and cool – kala dunnihoo – United States
Dream a dream if you wish – Princess Blueberry – United States
Love me or teach me indifference. – Michael O’dell – Australia
why do I sell my body? – brendan odonnell – United States
Childlike wonder a likeliness to shatter. – soup. and rain – Philippines
A trip to space for food. – Anna Isabella – Philippines
People so wicked yet very religious. – Ali Osman – Ghana
Enjoy the soup, it enjoys you. – Joe Katemi – The United Republic of Tanzania
The roses are dyed red, actually. – Jamothy Dracity – United States
Midnight diagnoses will kill by dawn. – Rachel Silvestro – United States
It’s just a game, I think… – Alex Morne – United Kingdom
Potatoes have skin, they deserve tattoos. – Audrianna Schneider – United States
Nevertheless, he stood there. Never left. – Yoeri Stak – Spain
Even death came to love her. – Hannah Morgan – Australia
“Please. Creek rise,” said the Lord. – Glenda Brown – United States
Still and blossomed, my dandelion grows. – Zoe Shoulak – Canada
crying, or was it the rain – Beth drinder – United States
One minus one: one falls down. – Vannessa Bulan Raja –
The writer warrior writes and rewrites. – Maria Sardi – New Zealand
Sugarcoating the pill killed the diabetic. – Amalie Wad – Norway
Messages I wish I never sent. – Janine Gonzales – Canada
It’s one am. Time is stupid. – Alex Blanc – United States
“Carl, the UFO beamed me back!” – Mallory Owens – United States
Beyond the frame of reference. – Arha Saha – India
The sky really was the limit. – Iris Sage – Singapore
“Maybe tomorrow,” murmured at Emilia’s grave. – Brian Mahon – United States
Heart and soul. Things you stole. – Tatin Bravo – Philippines
Books are boring except the Facebook – A. ARUL ANITHA – India
Nobody knows the fate of tears. – Fahmida Fariha Muna – Bangladesh
I never knew trees could scream – Christopher Froat – United States
Jeff Bezos: A Study in Sociopathy – Claire Muscat – United States
First date: asking about her genotype. – Oluwasegun Oluseyi Adesina – Nigeria
The kids are not mine. Maybe. – Hikmat Quadri – Nigeria
See—tornadoes hurrying into a torso. – K. Asare-Bediako – Ghana
A begging WATERMELON is SEEDY, getit? – Lolade Sanni – Nigeria
Do, wait, watch. Learn people easily. – Aisha Safarova – Azerbaijan
Each hurricane has a specific human name – Adi Peled-Sarig – Israel
The mirror did not reflect him! – Aishwariya Laxmi – India
Silence, once awkward but now terrifying – Archie Balo – South Africa
I’m home alone. Why’s there singing? – Lara Barnard – South Africa
When she smiled I felt real. – Judas Van Halen – United States
Government’s the cycle of eternal taxation. – Guélan Zaour – France
“Let. Me. GO!” she silently screamed. – Julia Tilson – Canada
An old candle with wicks unlit. – Andrew Pilet – United States
Salmon, dark chocolate and sequin blazers – Anamarija Gspan – Slovenia
Lifetime of journals, burns real fast. – Gia Civerolo – United States
Progress. America. Unstoppable force, immovable object. – Frederick Barstow – United States
For you, Spirits will come back. – Ajax n/a – Philippines
Truthful Lies Dance Behind Her Lips – Ciara Crider – United States
Know nothings. But plenty of them. – Likando Crefcoeur – Belgium
We smile, laugh. But in ink. – Leo Bland – United Kingdon
His shotgun lay silent, smoking, emptied – Tim Kirton – United Kingdom
Sally sleeps, world stops. Screams unheard. – rani Jayakumar – United States
She is haunted by her ghostwriter – AJ Henry – United Kingdom
Ideas are born at day’s dawning. – Julie Bobzien – United States
Executive or ExecuTHEIVES….Election or Selection – Adetola Jerry-Adesewo – Nigeria
Loving the Sun, my only one – Acnana Ungureanu – Romania
Indecision. Any Partition? Participatory gumption; responsibility. – Matthew Pierce – United States
Mind of slavery; art of creation. – Henrietta Amponsah Asamoah Henrietta Amponsah Asamoah – Ghana
He looked down. Hiding a smile. – Elyssa U – United States
Our eyes met, my heart stopped. – Iyonmana Adesuwa – Nigeria
Their mean words built her walls. – Darlene Berana – Philipipnes
Once upon a time: too basic. – Mr. Kjyakrvaxak – United States
Diplobrat demands masala chai from ayah. – Christine Payne –
When you say no hero, Ponzi. – MC Aydalla – Philippines.
Kings only bow for the guillotine. – Malulani Medeiros – United States
Emerging like a missing person returning. – Wes Ryan – Canada
Her mien was bright and enthusiastic. – Evelyn Woods – Australia
“Trust me,” she professes seductively, forcefully. – Hong Kong – United States
Soaring sky above all within grasp. – J Moon – United States
History became needlessly repetative. Future slumbered. – Harvey Comer-Heath – United Kingdom
Oh no, oh no, no no. – Ambre Vanneste – France
I probably should have said no. – Ariel Walters – United States
Shhhee never could keep a secret. – Kadie Emm – United States
love, for him, was about control. – Stephanie Curry – United States
What is. Why not? I see! – Glenda Brown – United States
Even a crown cannot shun crimes – King – – Malaysia
They slowly murder the innocent inside – Sanskar Saini – India
Yesterday was thinking, now we run. – Megan Straight – United States
I Invented a new word, Plagiarism. – Shaquille Ahia – United Kingdom
My Mother never let me speak. – Gloria Ubi – Nigeria
Somebody is in the hallway. Run. – Thom Atkinson – Australia
This is my slot, I win – Kimmy Groot – Sweden
Married Far Too Young, Chinese wife. – Marc Brosnan – United Kingdom
We don’t know how it happened – Timothy Olufosoye – United kingdom
Kid damaged by alcohol. Reason: parent. – Susan Wickham – United Kingdom
mind, explain my heart. anyone there? – Arran James Grant – United Kingdom
Mistakes I make. Consequences I reap. – Tatenda Chigwanda – Zimbabwe
He gazed after her. She glowed. – Susanna Kiernan – United Kingdom
Does my penis think for me? – Patrick Bruskiewich – Canada
Their got back together and married – Juliana Mae Chumacera – Philippines
He laughter died, as did she. – Ian Hamilton – United Kingdom
Loving you is a chore—necessary. – Scarlet del Pilar – United States
She mourned unaware I never left. – Ameera Rashid – India
If only the sky was closer. – Janine Gonzales – Canada
“Climate fallout’s too passé,” Pestilence drawled. – Io Carpiso – Philippines
Sometimes six words is too many. – Hassie DeMuth – United States
She smiled, as the car sank – Christian Freepartner – United States of America
Above him, the nest was humming – Cole Camacho – United States
The possibilities are endlessly restrictedly limited – Kylee S – United States
Nothing is YOURS but FOR YOU. – Misbah Tariq – Pakistan
Jesus is my God and Savior. – Paloma Arnado – Philippines
Flat tired. You jacked me up. – Steven Hampton – Canada
Pay. Push. Paddle. Sink. Swim. Drown. – Vaughan Stanger – United Kingdom
Her spirit caressed his frozen cheek – Yaron Malka – Israel
Sundowning. Hallucinations. Delusions. Psychosis. Dementia dominates. – Faye Gersh – South Africa
I was too young to remember. – Yuzhou Yong – United States
I spit up saccharine-tainted gospels. – Amy Savciuc – Canada
The simplest solutions… are sometimes silly. – Joyce Jacobo – United States
Trust: a two-way street… on acid – Milton Ceita Da Costa – France
Up, she looked, down, it came. – Lynne Thomas – United Kingdom
Burned bridges for light, found ash. – Reese Neal – United States
Moonlight dancing is prescribed for heartbreak – Nikki Lynn Patterson – United States
32 days after. Rescue mission aborted. – Zinka Bilic –
Weeping, she looks for the rainbow. – Laura Gene Beck – United States
Oceans for miles. Captain was delicious. – Jared Johnson – United States
‘So, what’s new?’ ‘”Sir” to you.’ – Maureen Taylor – United Kingdom
Sky lifted ocean off her feet. – Archisha Singh – India
Thanks a lot high blood pressure! – Lyne Jackson – US
His shutting eyes showed her reflection. – Ravali Mandavilli – India
Removes a nose and a smile. Medical clown – Adi Peled-Sarig – Israel
Closets are no place for living – Dom Monette – United States
Outside beauty.Nature’s palette.Beautiful memories. – Valerie Tyree – United States
I regret everything. Especially breaking him. – Sofia Chavez-Lujambio – United States
Lost senses. Kept searching. Data unavailable. – Jincy P Janardhanan – India
Flower will bloom when blood drips. – Judy An Duque – Philippines
Animals are more humane than humans. – Samson Mark – New Zealand
“If you hadn’t stopped then-” “Don’t.” – Hannah Sirgo – United States
The chaplain was handsome. Surprised her. – Elzbieta Pik – England
Her unanswered rage will haunt you. – Genevieve Hogan – United States
Like leaves; green or yellow, withered or blooming. – Henry Onyekachim Dancing Pen – Nigeria
Choose growth and change, overgrowing pains. – Neese Parker – United States
Writing creates worlds; minds open wide. – Jeanne Troncao-Heath – United States
save the world , be the grate – purna naga sai tejesh – India
The last physical book burned yesterday. – T.E. Fahlstedt – Sweden
He loved me, he hated me. – Delilah Maymon – United States
I wish someone would come along – Jillian Canoza – Philippines
I loved I lost I loved – Kayleigh Brasher – United States
Seven cities thrived, too soon gone. – Mojo Pepper – United States
roll mountains to stir whole ocean – Eliza Cuihua – the People’s Republic of China
I’ve lost track of my words – Mitch Edatil – United States
Sunday night sleeping with wolf`s girlfriend. – Suresh Pradhan – India
Suppressed darkness is what saved her. – Kalliope Xpress – United States
I forget what I’ve forgotten before. – W. Miles – United States
My heart shattered in your hands. – Lexi Ng – United States
Porcelain skin, now imperfect with cracks. – Everett Sparks – England
Sharing time. Holding hands. Touching hearts. – Monica Wenzel – United States
We all have our own secrets. – Nina Novella – South Africa
Lighting fires, burning down this planet. – Malcolm Woodstock – United States
He’s bald, portly, and middle-aged. – Shannon Vernieri – United States
Swan: black or white, you decide. – Kira Meng – China
It’s the small things that count. – A.E.S. Shen – China
Rain poured down on the desert. – Tracey Thornton – United States
Her body was a love poem – Gwen Keller – United States
Imagine! Wow! Epiphany! Share in six… – Shining Light – Israel
Log out. Contemplate. Log back in. – Prachi Raizada – United Kingdom
Looking in the mirror, not me. – Jessica Portrey – United States
Wisdom saves more , than power. – Daniella Idogho – Nigeria
He was gone before we blinked – S.C Hoppe – united states
An escape with map of scars. – Chesed Chesed – Nigeria
The radio’s blaring. It’s not on. – Lita Allistone – United Kingdom
Only the pink coat was lost. – Elizabeth Summerhill – United States
Oh well, don’t we all die? – Lauren Fuentes – United States
Allow your chaos to drive you. – Rose Mary – Nigeria
Her heart knew nothing but lies – Honey Ranking –
My mother is the undaunted one – Calamity Jones – United States
Belief creates the ghosts that haunt. – Kelly Kerr – United States
Happy but wondering, settled but wandering. – Nihara Perera – Sri Lanka
Strive to succeed against all odds – Oluwatosin Akinmurele – Nigeria
Rivers sing to the thirsty traveler. – Zoe Erickson – United States
The beginning of an end story. – chalise large – Australia
Lost in the river of life. – Viktorie Berger – Czech Republic
Close your eyes. Pretend nothing happened. – Sour Dame – United States
You lost your mind slowly, love. – Ella Jade – Australia
I wake alone. My teacher’s gone. – Linda Grierson-Irish – UK
I will forever hate Valentine’s day. – Bidisha Kashyap – India
Grief, heavy like boulders, swallowed whole. – Jessica Swafford – United States
I looked into the forest… blood… – Maggie McCalliog – United Kingdom
Still alive, how? You drowned yesteryear. – Pragun Pudukoli –
They smile politely. Some wounds heal. – Bertie Pennington – United Kingdom
Trains passed, lives flashed, I died. – Alannah Pevensie – England
Reapers cushions. Pillow fight. Death came. – CM Goodtidings – Nigeria
Sleep early. Train, death is coming. – Kudakwashe Chirapa – Zimbabwe
“Yes” he demanded! “No” she pleaded! – Jen Sinclair – United Kingdom
I always suffered fools fairly well – Shaina Sharafat – Uk
Has Lampwick taught you anything Jackass! – Keonna Nelson – United States
Chocolate ice-cream trickled down the sandcastle. – Nashat Zaman – Malaysia
Their first pride. Gunshot. Their last. – Indratapa Routh – India
The rhythm of life is causality. – Christina Parisi – United States
Experiments began; my straps wouldn’t budge. – Raven Renee – Bangladesh
My grief made the soup salty – India Hollway – England
What’s the bare minimum? 1 bear! – Oshwin Dang – India
Discovery’s glow brightens her child’s face. – Charles Bobbish – United States
It’s not about the money, Orphelia. – Yulissa Nunez – United States
I am vegetarian – only eat vegetarians. – Soumya N/A – India
Smile. After all, you’re gonna die. – Peter Coleman – United Kingdom
You were once everything and more. – Shivani Mistry – United Kingdom
I’m still locked in the basement. – Malcolm Woodstock – United States
You can chase the horizon forever. – Kasie Huffman – United States
Don’t hate. We are same. Loveless. – Aisha Safarova – Azerbaijan
A memory from the past. Fear. – Oghenekevwe Agbadudu –
Blue fingers arch in languid seaweed – Paul Blanksby – Australia
you are beautiful like a cloud – Ariane Baronda – Philippines
My phone sailed gracefully lakeward. – Hannah Ray – United States
Love freely and listen without prejudice – Sophie Neal – United Kingdom
He found hope, she found love. – DaNi’ Fulmore – United States
WARNING: Author thinks he is clever. – David Recksiek – United States
Distant stars beckoned with unknown wonders. – Jamie Shoda – United States
Waves, sand, and you. I’m happy. – Dillan Smith – United States
I still wonder why they left – Melisa Ercakar – United States
Catastrophe — will he come today? Tomorrow? – C. Tindall – United States
She was pure, he was evil. – Jamila Coleman – United States
No more rushing or feeling behind. – Kyla Elec – Philippines
Deadline looming. How about another book? – Wendi Beck – United States
Intelligence means drowning in dimwitted seas. – Ellie Bradley – United States
My suffering roots itself in you. – Andrew Slimp – United States
Morning Moon repeats “Goodbye, Fresh Eyes”. – Lina Jebara – United States
His dog licks a lifeless palm. – Adam Weisner – United States
One more and it’s a wrap – Naomi Nweke – Nigeria
May I bait your hook Lassy? – Megan Straight – United States
Grammy caught fat fireflies with me. – Gillian Moran – United Kingdom
Step back from technology, see me? – Emily Tampkins – United Kingdom
Back soon, buying milk – Love, Dad – Ash Elysium – Canada
Goodbyes is hard when you cry – Kamili Mlay – Tanzania
You were born blind, green fins. – Rosamaria Nagle – United States
The guillotine was not taught compassion. – Nandakumar Poonthottam – India
Pandemic may end, our laziness won’t! – Dr. Cookies – India
Inspiring words were heard at last. – Crystal McNeil – Canada
He was satisfied, she was not – Zoe Leeds – United Kingdom
Lonely, in a sea of kin. – Tk Khalemethe Khalemethe – South Africa
Object detected. Collision imminent. Accelerating now. – XY Wang –
Claim my soul, under the stars. – Vanshika Mittal – India
Don’t worry, I can stop anytime. – Carson Rebel – United States
Psychopath wanted for murder. Maybe more. – Beverley Haddon – United Kingdom
Joint pain at a young age. – Sour Dame – United States
Forgiveness, the past healing the future. – Joanie Ward Smith – United States
I count with my stolen fingers. – Andrew Pilet – United States
Making me fall in love again – Shiela May Guban – Philippines
Lonely greenhouses grow pretty, pink flowers. – Bertie Gibbons – United Kingdom
Who Is That Standing Behind You? – Dylan Farrell – Canada
Can you hear their echoes too? – Miranda Wilson – United States
Susan Berman drinks booze during sermon. – Manfred Klatt – United States
His flowers of fortune hummed cacophanies. – Capricorn – – Malaysia
Death had given me a present. – Anastacia OTanez – United States
And from Father: the family cynicism. – Olivia Wells – United States
Revival, the will to rise again. – Gracey Trey – Nigeria
New beginning, New middle, Same end. – Aaya Radi – United Kingdom
Poetic donkeys on anthills use assonance – Howard Osborne – United Kingdom
Their souls bellowed until they didn’t – Richard Spencer Jr. – United States
His bravery glistened in his tears. – Peyton Wright – United States
Where have the real Republicans Gone? – Paul Fein – United States
A dream, commonly conceived, rarely pursued – Mateus Puttock – United States
His mom left him alone. – Saturn Star – United States
I wish you loved me back – Joana mae Masungsong – Philippines
Missing you forever and still never. – Elle Swin – United States
I walked by myself that day. – Michael Freitas – Canada
5+ years experience. Master’s required. Entry-level. – XY Wang –
i swim and think of you – kat tadesse – United States
Lips touch. He sees us. Oops. – Maria Ilona Moore – United Kingdom
Does anyone read a book anymore? – Grace Beckish – United States
Billions around me, I’m still alone. – Himanshi N. Gothwal – India
Love failure is a beautiful pain – A. ARUL ANITHA – India
Africa has offered me no welcome. – Mduduzi Khumalo – South Africa
I wondered always, and thought more. – Alice Hossfeld – United States
She dug and filled the grave. – Z Daniel – United States
Too many. All around me. Goodbye. – Kathleen Doherty – United States
Sunrise is peaceful, nightfall is restless – Kimmy Groot – Sweden
What if time stops in photos? – Stephanie Leslie – United States
I saw a pigeon eating sushi – Isabella Thompson – United Kingdom
With a heavy sigh, she sat. – Cameron Lord – United States
I wonder why the sun laugh – Ilo Daniel Adeyemi Dilo_Artwright – Nigeria
Learned the word “no” at thirty. – Izzy Searle – United Kingdom
It was always you, always. – Madison Stivers – United States
“I’m afraid we’ve found your son.” – Simon Kewin – United Kingdom
I am smiling on the outside. – Soso Readings – Egypt
Only you can be you dude – Dartdylan Delosreyes – Philippines
Two Hearts, and One Hate Story – Pakhi Srivastava – India
Nobody listened when she first spoke. – Zahra Abbas – Pakistan
experts, the trees, at letting go – Angel M – USA
Mom’s eyes tell a thousand stories. – Alimot Salami – Nigeria
I am here. You are loved. – Toby M – United States
Fierce stare from man to woman. – Hudson Neleman –
attempting attempting: it’s life’s biggest failure – Gabriel Flores – United States
Time stands still for no one. – Shamim Chowdhury – United Kingdom
I was conceived in the fall – Carl Douglas – United Kingdom
Painted colors I wished for outside. – Heidi Pagan – United States
Whispering into darkness: I will rise. – Ariel Niforatos – United States
Play TV louder – Dad’s hitting Mom. – Elaine Midcoh – United States
They found the jail cell empty. – Rina Olsen – Guam (USA)
Whatshisname will be fondly remembered – Clive Henderson – United Kingdom
Dont Be Someone, Be The One – Nirmit Chaurasia – India
Euphoria: encountering a blooming Flame Tree. – Kayla M.A.J. – Puerto Rico
He won’t abandon his abusive wife. – Laura Gene Beck – United States
They whispered louder than a scream – Judy Bo – Kenya
Magnetic heart. Steel ribcage. Chest pain. – Jillian Calahan – United States
Just step on a different butterfly. – Angela Malaspina – United States
Everything’s harder when you could loose – Brielle Leiani – United States
At least the economy grew, right? – Rohana Khattak – Pakistan
Heard a knock. They have arrived. – Şevval Akgül – Turkey
Bernard’s jealousy drove Sarah to John. – Barbara Harvey Carter – United States
Benevolence is a god’s kindest lie. – Nisa May Rose – United Kingdom
Four plus one is high five. – Nathan Meleki – Zambia
Retirement: Corduroy trousers and vintage pearls. – Mateo Illias – United States
No one remembered who she was. – Cameron Pauken – United States
She drowned in her tears, again. – Janya Arora – India
All we have is a life. – Mademoisselle Reina – France
6 hours walking. The well? Dry. – Anthony Levin – Australia
We weren’t made to be ordinary. – Ariel Niforatos – United States
She lay awake, listening to angels. – Horror Studios Horror Studios – Slovakia
One drink, two drinks…handcuffs. Jail. – Dave Lignell – United States
I closed my eyes, I’m ready. – Sami Portell – United States
Baby’s laughter fades into screaming tandrums. – Ruth Nott – United States
ever caught between war in home – Anchal Sharma – INDIA
My story starts here. Read on….. – Anna (pen name “Te-Aroha) Rogers – New Zealand
Lump on the bed. Dead body. – Sarah Li – United States
Catholic and Bisexual, a near impossibility. – Camellia Goldfinch – United States
Gold: time. Sold out but abandoned. – Nurain Nor – Malaysia
Forgotten, unless needed for personal gain. – Jade Vaz – India
Smooth brows but crinkled minds… beware! – Imole Olusanya – Nigeria
I hear the night’s moans – Kikachi Memeh – Nigeria
The moon experienced its another almost. – Darlene Berana – Philipipnes
As always, im higher than everyone. – Kurt Russel Capellan – Philippines
Driving…a pothole. Boom! Car’s dead. – D.S. Michelson – United States
The girl weeps. Society doesnt care. – Eryn Gibbons – United Kingdom
Lone wolves cries pierce the silence. – Varsha Vimal – United States
Splinters surrounding gravestones… robbery? Or jailbreak? – Molly Nash – United Kingdom
Her eyes carved guilt into him. – Carley FitzGerald – Canada
Streamlets meandering, flow to the yonder – Harriet Malinga – Uganda
For sale. Baby clothes. Never used – Chowa Chikumbi – Zambia
The mirror reflected a story untold – Jennie Silk – United Kingdom
Venti. Steamed. Dolce. Coffee with adjectives. – Jenn Ferna Hall – United States
Past erased, make way for Death. – Cristina Stegaru – Romania
Oh time, stop stealing from me. – Stephanie Germer – Taiwan
Word,just one word,it was. – John David Magno – Philippines
Dawn can seem considerate towards Death. – Jay Barrani – Tunisia
If you touch it, you die – Chyanne Adams – United States
Gretest fact: I never lose courage – Reminiscence Remydi – Philippines
Lost innocence – Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.. – Ema Herciu – United Kingdom
The human brain is so feeble. – Zoe Faria – United States
Donald Trump let the dogs out – Lucille Caspian – United States
Tomorrow, we’ll be up in flames. – Genevieve Hong – United States
Her turned cheek another tear glistening – Ed Higgins – United States
I saw myself through your eyes. – Praveen Jayathilake – Sri Lanka
Love is dancing barefooted on ice – Ankita Upreti – India
Open. Close. Deep breath in. – Lynn Onywere – Kenya
My mirror shows my future killer. – Victoria Valdez – United States
Orange juice in my eyes again. – Amira Mohamoud – United Kingdom
Those who know refuse to share. – Maia Karoliina – Finland
Even breathing has become a chore. – Mary Louise Kay – Philippines
Hands up! Down, on your knees! – Nicolette Scardina – United States
I love you in my silence – Fransisca Yulce Sammine – Indonesia
Writing and writing to achieve immortality. – Sam Williamson – Chile
This is my slap happy dance. – Mary McNamara – United States
Love awakened from the hearts wellspring. – Jordan Zuniga – United States
Traditions are traps that trap adherents. – Chikezie Onwumere – Nigeria
Whisper your inner secrets on social media – Thao Fantaske – United States
A lover of all things beautiful. – Dabalos Michelle – Philippines
Arranged, broken, and survived for son. – Payal Khosla – United States of America
Poem (title): The vacuum Spelled doom For broom – James A. Tweedie – United States
My MRI results punctured my ambitions. – Frank Nkem – Nigeria
A mind at war with itself. – Samara Doumnande – United States
I can ignore people for years – Jillian Canoza – Philippines
She wanted passion. I committed arson. – Nancy Krier – United States
Remember my howls, for I won’t – Paul Andrew – Unitated Kingdom
Rain fell vigorously….her tears too. – Hephzibah Osunde – Nigeria
How he wore the invisible shirt. – Jan Pan – India
Midnight rendezvous on the bridge’s edge. – Torben Arnold – Germany
Love, at its core, was unbecoming. – Kimberly Hernandez Romero – United States
He bought shampoo, but he’s bald – Robyn Lianne Cheng – Philippines
Tear a petal, maim something living. – Kit Katriel – United States
“Why” is the meaning, not “what.” – Darling LaBelle – Canada
The rain revealed and the breakthrough – Keva Epale – France
Regrets come to roost past midnight. – Komal D – India
My parents seek help for me – Joanna Alferez – Philippines
It’s never too late to thank. – City Sunrise – United States
Murderer, friend—they’re both oddly identical. – Raya Jishi – United States
Another war. Another happy, happy war. – R James Hughes – United States
Love can be toxic as well – Howard Lee – United States
Her fingertips held secrets to universes. – Nyashadzashe Makwabarara – Zimbabwe
Gone. Dandelions blown in the wind. – Simryn Chiniwalla – United States
My heart glass, your ass grass. – Elle Swin – United States
The river is a spoilt kid – Overcomer Ibiteye – Nigeria
It’s so easy to spew hatred – Ramona Gore – United States
I wonder what I’ll write. Shit. – Alexandra Devereaux – United States
Listen you prick,I…like you. – Yonna Lockhart – United states
Her screams dissolve under my palm. – Hannah Morgan – Australia
“Hate is a strong word.” – Mom – Ava Andrew –
We seek wonders, we have within. – Rashi Gulati – India
Papa, the kids are kidnapping me! – Anna Isabella – Philippines
Old Age. I am a dinosaur. – Stephen Schwei – United States
Is this what we wished for? – Dossy Bossy – United States
Mardi Gras parade celebrate picnic elaborate – Karen Dillon – United Kingdom
Ideas: big. Paint: endless. Mother: angry. – Kenzie Lappin – United States
You died and my soul followed – Tammy Brown –
Coffee, my pacemaker, keeping me alive. – Vaishnavi P – India
Alarm bells triggered; finally, people woke. – Stephan Mount – Canada
Her bruised eyes tell a story. – Marafaele Mohloboli – Lesotho
Pretty thighs, heart eyes, told lies. – Yokel Zephyr – United States
His hauteur bundled with great dispare. – Josh Isaacson – United States
Eat first then get sick later – Adhiya Azni – Indonesia
Jilted at altar. Bride smiles. Relieved – Dan Keeble –
An unintended race for my heart – Tolulope Onayemi –
The dust-covered books sat unread, decaying. – David Rees – United Kingdom
Live laugh love, die cry lie. – Sebastian Robinson – United Kingdom
Describing a whale to her grandchildren – Lloyd Scarsbrook – United Kingdom
Fail to plan. Plan to fail – Aiwera_ Ended – Nigeria
I’m always in my own world – Gurleen B – Canada
Soon, the world will be faced. – Reu Dsouza –
Driving while drunk. “Hey, watch out!” – Scott E. Ross Jr. – United States
Broke Mum’s vase, grounded for life – Ashleigh Campbell – Australia
His world was changed forever. – Manuela Lattus – Austria
One word led to her loneliness – Maja Sonnig –
I am ME incredible, happy and curious, Yes I am very curious indeed , Not mischievious as I am not sneaky – Lilian Tum – United Kingdom
What a tough moment she experiences! – Hassan Kishabi – Tanzania
Her love, her pain; her beauty. – Ronni Bish – United States
She screamed. He did not care. – Bruce Daniel – United States
Read the fine print. You see? – Bettina Karpathian – United States
Consider every possibility before you answer. – Alan Lehrer – United States
Baby brother loses wings; finds me. – Brian Chen – China
Can the dragon skeleton attack us? – B. J. Thrower – United States
Flatulence is unheard of in space. – Tanush Kulai – India
“Why the tears?” snarled the clown. – Dara Naraghi – US
The void knew the noisy hole. – Zareen Tasneem Athoi – Bangladesh
Climbed a beanstalk. Killed a giant. – Kevin Ayre – United Kingdom
Grandma could make a wonderful pie. – Alexandra Mertes – United States
Fiery past burnt into my scars – AJ Henry – United Kingdom
Leaves are heard shuffling behind her – Chyanne Adams – United States
Words became her weapon against opposition – Rosie Baquie – United States
Your face like a beautiful angel – Jenie Bhabes Muesco – Philippines
Did you swipe my credit card? – Joan Penn – United States
Kissed her. She wasn’t for me. – Camellia Goldfinch – United States
I failed again, better try harder – Christopher Froat – United States
Downright wicked man plays upright piano. – Monty Gilmer – United States
Tears glue my desert days together – May Bar-el – Israel
My family on a screen, removed. – Sophie Rice – United States
No signal. No food. Beautiful skies. – Lucy Summers – United States
Crowds roared excitedly. My noose synched – Anna Hun – United States
Melt the sugar without any water – Plamen Vasilev – Bulgaria
Say what you want to me – Dwayne Deer – United States
Stop. Rewind. Breathe. Play. Listen. Sing. – Ashley Shiflett – United States
What better revenge than complete annihilation? – Au Zhengyu – Malaysia
Here little kid, want some candy? – Izzy B – India
Change of mind, Change of heart. – Christian Himaya – Philippines
Welcome to the land of Hobbits – Jane Doe – New Zealand
Dressed for work… remembered it’s Saturday. – Patina Malinalli – United States
The unhealed ill is being mother. – Sepideh Rahmani – Iran
The gift of life and love – Madison Cooley – United States
We owe it to the bears – Reham Emam – Egypt
Woke in hospital, read chart, unplugged. – Doug Jacquier – Australia
Mumble is but a humble grumble. – Elahe Nassr – Japan
The best among Ladies, No maybes – Kiki Geo-Needam – Nigeria
They really gave me six words? – Colm O’Shea – Ireland
(Don’t) breathe. The air is disappearing. – Charlie Sørensen – Denmark
We are torches that burn bright – E.L Franklin E.L Franklin – United States
Headed home, not in love anymore. – A. Gibson – United States
Time falls and rises in hourglasses – Tiffany Chen – United States
Shake,jiggle,stand ,stamp and Dance. – Shweta Mahapatra – India
We bloom when our love grows. – Keonna Nelson – United States
My heart went with your eyes. – Madison Kearns – United States
It’s water; it has to be. – Bri Lynn – United States
Two wolves inside me: both steppin’. – Chad Frame – United States
My paper boat sailed the flood. – Simran Janoo – Mauritius
Dream, follow dream, and love life – Sashia Bell – United States
Aliens came , left in eerie silence – Sreya KG – India
Death shatters, can’t you see? – Abdulmueed Balogun – Nigeria
The way she moved, talked, laughed. – Benedick Lewis – United Kingdom
Christmas came just once a year. – Debra Plucknett – UK
Genius is brilliance with some scary. – L. M. Graves – United States
The shooter prayed for his afterlife. – Ankit Raj Ojha – India
Dropping the bomb and getting caught – Colt Henderson – United States
Existing with your words, not you – Sneha Bhattacharjee – India
My dog is sleeping here indefinitely. – Victoria Lưu – Vietnam
How could you even do that – Khadijah Weaver – United States
I am ostentatiously minimalistic. Marie Kondo? – Octavius Tan –
Gen-Z won’t see a new century. – Sangay Gyansapa – India
Feigning solace in predictability of solitude – Faith Nantumbwe – United States
Always work smart, not that hard. – Glenn Mark Ormega – Philippines
The IT sitting on a table – Flaviana Boricean-Neacșu – România
Rest in peace. Don’t come back. – Ana Reisens – Spain
He pushed me into my grave – Leen Ben. – Canada
Other people get all they want. – Denise Cepe – United States
Breathless, she walked away for good. – Jo-Anne Marais – South Africa
Hiding under the bed- was her. – Ravali Mandavilli – India
You are my sun and stars. – Ana Luna – United States
Let the rain cleanse my sins – Angela Ebbings – United States
Unicorns probably didn’t get into Ark – Nwuguru Chidiebere Sullivan – Nigeria
Time changes Shadow fades Life improves – Pavani Paspunoori – India
Chair broke. Wall splintered. Anger ripples. – Maria Mortimer – South Africa
Honey, weren’t we out of almonds? – Sour Dame – United States
Begging you, stay! She picked Death. – Monica Burns –
And then I slipped away slowly. – e.m Wallpaper – United states
Time heals, yet time destroys – Dominique De la Cruz – United States
Honestly. I. Am. Not. A. Robot. – Kathy Szaters – Australia
Being for myself, brings me peace. – Sadiya Ansari – India
Dad studied Economics. Mom livedit – Juliet Ikegwuonu – Nigeria
I wonder about my tiny Universe. – Oana Gheorghita – Romania
1440 minutes elapsed time – Wildanita Risna Anggi Aisyifa – Indonesia
The sun came up green again. – Grace McCain – United States
“If only’s” serve very little purpose. – Susan Grant – United States
The winters are warm, start recycling. – Rajesh Gupta – United States
Wish I could ride a fish – Sara Katherine Lambeth – United States
Look there! No, your other left! – Lauren Fuentes – United States
Actors like fans, they`re often hot. – Phoebe Allen – United Kingdom
A collar so tight, I choke. – Madeleine Thomas – United States
Life isn’t fair, but death is. – E. R. Lyerly – United States
free wallet, free pocket, free mind – Ashutosh Mani – India
Death by eating another’s labeled sandwich. – Susmita Ramani – United States
Close your eyes. The illusion’s dissolving. – Brooke Hamilton Benjestorf – United States
Rain drops as my tear falls. – Juan Miguel – Philippines
waken your soul to daily beauty. – Kevin M – Canada
You said you loved me. Liar. – Laurie Thompson – United States
Im leaving=haven’t even left house – Kingsun Lim – Malaysia
Winter springs the autumn in summer. – Muhammad Farhan – Pakistan
The earrings meant it was over. – Lindsay Belsky – Canada
“No one’s coming to save you” – M.S. Hill – United States
The rocks on his closed eyes. – Benedict Phillipe –
Coursework deadlines due… time for cleaning! – Rhiann Lour – United Kingdom
Born here, lived carefully, died anyway – trisha Tavares – United States
The trees sprouted legs and walked. – Bella Nerina – Australia
The Smell of Puke Haunts me – Aubry Meyer – United States
Of all the places in Vienna… – Sanja Klišanin – Austria
In oceans, beware of dorsal fins. – Vanessa Horn – United Kingdom
Delirium is sweet, so is love – Pakhi Srivastava – India
Even birds have some homing instinct. – Aristeia Rayne – Philippines
I think death is a tide. – Iraj Toosy – Pakistan
Waited for eternity. Slept four seconds. – Audrey N – United States
There’s a cure! but for one. – Mohammad Ahsan – United States
Stick Sword Cannon Rocket Nuclear Doom – Nyre Grainger – Sweden
We travelled beyond home, beyond hope. – Henry Shannon – United Kingdom
The adversities led her to success. – Barbara Harvey Carter – United States
I do not remember your name. – Abigail Bates – United States
Once upon a time, the end. – Joseph Morazzano – United States
My milkshake brings all the boys – Nick Rodriguez – United States
Memior: Fix-er-upper, High Mileage, Good Bones – Tessa Knight – Australia
Letting go, I sink into darkness. – Lila Urogdy – USA
Outside, looking in at my babies. – Râna Campbell – Canada
Little to none; lots of fun – B. Grey Allen – United States
My time has come, take me – Ambar Marrero – Puerto Rico
R.I.P because you can’t live there. – Zahra Abbas – Pakistan
I will keep you from me – Jessie Chiko – Israel
Jam tomorrow at the food bank? – Kath Kilburn – UK
The abortion was the easy part. – Vicki Cohen – Israel
Nobody could have predicted his resurrection. – Ein Wolf – United States
they’re all lies. beautiful, beautiful lies. – Arran James Grant – United Kingdom
Overanalyzed perceptions that hold us back. – Kyla Elec – Philippines
Blood red suits you. Cut again! – Wayne O’Connor – UK
Slow but steady, self love augmenting – Bemebeyou 1805 – Mauritius
Not all rain falls straight down. – L. M. Graves – United States
The longest journeys are inside home. – Sharika Nair – India
Thoughts that haunt my doubtful soul – Daniel Fernandes – United States
I smiled. She took the bait. – Ria Mavinkurve – United States
Being Fat Is Never A Curse – Shalom Alangbo – Nigeria
Even in silence there is mystery – Kheanu Jay Argame – Philippines
You know what? You are right. – Swol Swol – Sénégal
Mummy, what’s “Arbeit Macht Frei”? – Iro Skapandi – UK
I knew my name. Not today. – Lyne Jackson – US
3 children somehow equals infinite laundry. – Jennifer Mccubbin – United States
Dad died. That just left me. – John Albertson – United Kingdom
Dog chases tail, runs into wall. – Elodie Stirling – U.S.
Wind whispers secrets if you listen. – Sundarae Jomay – United States
What’s the secret in the sauce? – Janine Gonzales – Canada
Urgent casting call; no heart conditions. – AJ Daly – United States
She smiled; when back touched coffin – Anchal Sharma – INDIA
Exhausted, annoyed, happy, shes a mom. – melissa odom – United States
Lovely me o’soul; Cushioned me o’loins – Quintrel Ray – United States
Before: lying alone. After lying: alone – Kath Kilburn – UK
His evergreen love. Her seasonal romance. – Maza Reyes – United States
Procession never stops for one’s deviation. – Fahmida Fariha Muna – Bangladesh
Parenthood is the school of love. – Jim Courter – United States
The Storm lasts but not forever. – Kittisak Kongka – Thailand
Their love felt like Venusian clouds. – Anastasia Grigorieva – Russia
The phoenix cried and she healed. – Jacob Milner – United States
You are unique, in your story. – Pooja Pandey – India
She was electricity. I was alight. – Elinora Westfall – United Kingdom
Sexuality? Bisexual. Ticked heterosexual. Next time. – Katie Whitehead – United Kingdom
His cause of death; rogue paperweight. – Michael Mills – England
Adulthood – The catharsis is postponed again. – Petra Hajdu – Ireland
I found my pet dog’s skin. – Katharine Fleetwood – United States
Dreams don’t work unless you work for it – Kheanu Jay Argame – Philippines
Wrist, swing on this insanity awhile. – Zainab A. Jatau – Nigeria
Walked towards him. Finally home again. – Şevval Akgül – Turkey
“I want to die,” said death. – Siddharth Paul – Bangladesh.
Their safety scissors couldn’t stop guns. – Victoria Valdez – United States
The cigarette dropped; all became fire. – Melissa Maresca – United States
“Where’s the water?” “Well…” – Zach Tarsen – United States
She wore his love as bruises. – Sheerin Shahab – India
Things happen,but why like this? – Honelyn Delacruz – Philippines
Mercy is not given to monsters. – Sandra Tsar –
For six words, they burned me. – Ana Maria – Romania
Those three words. Food is ready. – A. S. Raisa –
White four corners field with cries – Keith Venice Durog – Philippines
Spring was enchanting. So was she. – Safa Omar – United States
Had delicious lunch. Walked to noose. – Nandakumar Poonthottam – India
“Wendy,” said Peter to the corpse. – Marissa Snyder – United States
Tender hands heal my aching joints. – Amy Savciuc – Canada
“Again?” groaned Lazarus as he obeyed. – E. Clark – Spain
King was gasping. He needed heir! – Alex Humberstone – United Kingdom
Check that thing one more time. – Clyra Weiss – Germany
A poor diligent ; The ideal teacher – Shiela May Guban – Philippines
I fell from Grace, she complained – Gersh Buck – United Kingdom
Whelving the truth, subtrist sighs unfold – Stephanie Burke – Australia
You hurt but never broke me. – Hayley Hutson – United States
So sweet toothed yet acid tongued – Maggie Feeney – England
“The year’s 2084, Captain. Where’s Earth?” – David Rees – United Kingdom
Babies aren’t allowed in spacefaring facility. – R.K. Love – United States
Finally, home. In a sheathed casket. – Meera Rajagopalan – India
The church bell awakens dead souls. – Elizabeth Oluwaga – Nigeria
Empty graves lie in my backyard. – Shivali Yadav – India
He wished his kids would visit. – Sam Spinelli –
Broken wings can still be beautiful. – Charlotte Emery – United States
Liberty, once lost, rarely is returned – Kevin Krahenbuhl – United States
Laughter. Just add one letter. Slaughter. – Julia Tilson – Canada
She was alone, then saw shadows….. – Rashmi Khanna – India
You never regret, but I forgave – Hanna Lénart – Sweden
By then, the “pool” was “soup”. – Lindsey Burton – United States
The flowers dance in the sunlight. – City Sunrise – United States
it was dark, she said nothing. – Arran James Grant – United Kingdom
My will acquiesces to my father’s. – Rahabar Sekandar – Canada
Are we there yet? Noch nicht. – Dexter Tracy – Philippines
a peaceful heart is never bored – Victoria Gift – Nigeria
Mary had a little lamb. Mutton. – Arpita Padhi – India
The lamentation of an unborn child – Oluwafemi Makanjuola – Nigeria
Tears, smiles, a ring and forever. – Oluwatosin Olafisoye-Oragbade – Nigeria
Research subjects wanted: multipotentialite with specialization – Fausta Noreikaite – Lithuania
Life goes on no matter what – Mahero Kosmos – Pakistan
Does plastic from oceans taste good? – Nicolas Gamboa – Philippines
You know I had no choice – Damian Savage –
First memory— night rain. Wrong, somehow. – Daniel Kent Foley – United States
Your laugh makes it more funny. – Hannah Howarth – United Kingdom
Rain pours, mouth sores, he snores. – Lilly Rose – United States
With nothing but warm blue acceptance – T.M Redding – Israel
Give me the moon. He laughed. – Yoeri Stak – Spain
Birds are chirping; trees are swaying. – Clarissa Binsol – Philippines
She was beautiful, mesmerizing, and spurious. – Silkia Aviles – United States
Tomorrow is the your future present. – Camellia An – United States
Slurred speech. Weak hands. ALS. Gone. – Jordana Landres – United States
Hundreds of people, so much silence – Rose Greenwood – England
Passion? A feeling that brews freedom. – Lauren Back – United States
We are masons of our happiness. – Adesiyan Oluwapelumi – Nigeria
Look down upon the sky! Haha! – Kriti . – India
it is the performance that kills. – Hnubcis Moua – United States
Wind tousled hair? Avoid Scottish attire. – Ray Ryan – Ireland
Fields aflame, the farmhouse still stood. – Alison Schiller – United States
Live your dream, dream your life. – Kate Melenia – Canada
Hide the beer! Dad’s coming home. – C.A. Evans – United Kingdom
Distress is encased in glacial skin. – Madison Callaway – United States
Gravity brings you down to earth. – Kay Lesley REEVES – Spain
Sunrise over smouldering mounds of rubble. – Râna Campbell – Canada
Oceans deep. I feel like drowning – Joice Marie Caramat – Philippines
Lost in thought. He found direction. – Ferrous Copper – United States
The dogs bollock’s? Not at grammar – Matt Davis – United Kingdom
There is no son without flower – Abi K – India
A charming smile holds many promises. – Naseeb Sidhu – Canada
Poverty teaches a man to respect – Mmachi Offurum – Nigeria
First steps towards trail in creation. – Xin Ye – United States
The good dinner shortened the belt – Maria Gustafsson – Sweden
Society stops abruptly, but life shouldn’t – Aadi B – India
“Alive,” he rasped. “Don’t close it.” – Chad Frame – United States
Each Person Has Their Own Truth. – Midnight Eve – Serbia
Needed: an older brother for firstborn – Matar Gev –
The resort gave them happy tingles – Kimmy Groot – Sweden
I wonder what I wondered about – Paul Andrew – Unitated Kingdom
Don’t Give Up Yet, There’s Hope. – Jomarie Shaine C. Macario – Philippines
Be a good person for others. – Honelyn Delacruz – Philippines
Those cats and dogs , are pals – Queen Ernest – Nigeria
I point and he buys it – Efe Ikhenaode – Nigeria
Government sex scandal, a political mandate. – Chris Tattersall – United Kingdom
Made of steel, forged with love. – Albian Seo – Malaysia
decaying under broken nights of ash – Deir Daugherty – united states
How do we protect ourselves now? – Judith Wilson – United Kingdom
Capitalism can’t afford afford the earth’s funeral. – Ash Hines – United States
Joy of living. Peace of death. – Ritika Tyagi – India
Peanut butter is actually peanut jelly. – Chris Weber – United States
Scoreboard counting, sweat dripping… shoot… SCORE! – Biskane Thomas –
The war lasted for sixty seconds. – Luke Kingsley – Philippines
There can only be one 1%. – Cian Steele – United Kingdom
Like water in hand, thoughts dripped – Mable L. – Mexico
Bob and Fanny tired of jokes. – Holly May – United Kingdom
Kindness is the equivalent to righteousness. – Gwen Porter – Australia
Love can cause blindness, and some. – Kelly Song – Canada
Beep! “Hello. Earth is ours now.” – Alina Guillemain – Australia
Only the weak are completely silenced – E. F. Hurley – United States
Past doesn’t change but future do. – Hephzibah Osunde – Nigeria
Mother wailed for the daughter didn’t. – Şevval Akgül – Turkey
Anything but invincible – aching, organic, alive – T.M Redding – Israel
The sky, your eyes…stormy gray. – Doris Gray – Nigeria
Birth; hundred spent. Death; A million! – Mai William Bemsii Junior – Cameroon
I’m the loudness in your silence – JBuzor BuzorCr8v – Nigeroa
Your beauty outshines the stars above. – Alison Paige – United States
I said goodbye. He said hello. – Jocelyne Gregory – Canada
Wouldn’t you prefer something less complicated? – Brooke Hamilton Benjestorf – United States
Does God fear us? Forever distanced. – Sterling Grisso – United States
Is blood still thicker than water – Damilola Olowolayemo – Nigeria
The time froze, Why didn’t I? – Valery Ortenberg –
My life writes itself in verses – May Bar-el – Israel
Secondhand stories told by the poolside. – Anya Mapromme – United States
Unfortunately, I’d accidentally hit CAPS LOCK. – AN Grace – United Kingdom
Some are to prove the devil – Sina Abbasiholasou – Iran
Zombie apocalypses are cozier from inside – Thomas Diehl – Germany
A beautiful enigma, covered in glitter. – The Cale Princess Emily DeFalla – United States
Never ever fail Art in Vienna. – Bentley Lau – Malaysia
“Would you like to …?” “Oh, yes!” – Peter Craig – United Kingdom
Anguish uncaged itself onto the pew. – Connor Donovan – United States
“I love you”, he nonchalantly lied. – Sharwari Challa – India
The noose was my forever necklace. – Bisola Olusomiro – United States
I was in an endless loop. – Neo B. – United States
Safety you whispered. Why’d you lie? – Maddie Rowson – Australia
When you fail, why try again? – Ina Seidel – Australia
Where are eyes are never closing. – Jerimie Marcial – Philippines
This contest is but a mayfly. – Isaias Bement – United States
She hated it whenever she died. – Haley Pak – United States
I can barely remember tomorrow’s breakfast. – Bjorn Wall – Canada
“I’m full”. She poked her throat. – Roy Clyde Belleza – Philippines
Nights glow, sun shine’s and falls – Pearl Inci Corlu – Australia
Suprised? As with the bird too. – A.B. Berry – United States
Born, abused, stole, sentanced, imprisoned, institutionalised. – Lesley Anne Truchet – France
Your service is no longer required. – Ahnaf Ahmed – Canada
News; White man; AR15; Killed minorities. – Katelyn Silvas – United States
Yes master, says man to phone – Kevin Krahenbuhl – United States
For sale : Coffin. Never used ever – Farihah Maryam – India
distillation is where you distil something – Avalisse Darkanal – UK
Second. You were not the First. – Nygg Borgir – Philippines
My dog: a bed hog log – P.J. Reed – England
She felt tears on her grave – Deepti Yadav – India
My husband snored. Used feather pillow. – Kay Lesley REEVES – Spain
I’m sorry that I’m always apologizing. – Gray Fader – United States
The spider’s hiding. Burn the house. – Oliver Seneca – United States
Want to be happy? Stop wanting! – eyal polack – Israel
OMG! The Devil and You? Besties! – Ahaa Jan – United Kingdom
A graveyard. A garden of memories. – Nicoletta Ferdenzi – United Kingdom
She skipped the part knowing me. – Ms. Myls Ms. Myls – Philippines
I remember you in every sunset – Leslee Peñaroyo – PHILIPPINES
Perpetual darkness pocked with blistering light – Jakob. T Kearns – United Kingdom
Would we hear each other cry? – Jess Carey – Australia
I knew this place from dreams. – Gladys Strange – United States
Beetles prefer dung, rolled under galaxies. – Ash Hobson – United States
Who’s paying for this? Oh we are. – Russell Smith – United States
Me and myself in dis pair – Shely Priya – Israel
Let peace melt our stony hearts – Chisom Ndukwu – Nigeria
Food is my life ; not you – Rishika Srivastava – India
Mother Decides.. No Contact At 18. – Daviana Vazquez-Piazza – United States
Too many ideas, not enough brain. – Ainsley Bartleby – United States
Your silence scraped my insides raw. – Vincent Worsley – United States
Do trees mourn their fallen leaves? – Sidney Élio – Canada
You exist – only in my memories. – Kayliana Wilson – United States
No one will ever find us – Athina Panteli – Greece
I lived fast, I died slow. – Albian Seo – Malaysia
Please paint my new grave yellow. – Widad Solace – Malaysia
The stars are our nightly treasures. – Yvonne James – United Kingdom
Realising that we are indeed capable. – Nadia Case Nadia Case – Nigeria
Life is tragedy take as comedy – Noginy Selvakumar – Sri Lanka
Boys who cry silently at night. – Racheal Joshua – Nigeria
Only one way left to live. – Alish Xaidi – Pakistan
“I love you, let me die.” – Matt Stone – Ireland
“I love you.” Accompanied with silence. – Clio Cao – Singapore
Sweat stained suit, she said no. – Zee Mink-Fuller – United States
the flower field resembles my feelings. – Alex Dyregaard – Denmark
Pandemic brought people closer than ever – Ankita Raghuvanshi – India
I lost myself in the darkness. – H. E. Lewis – United Kingdom
Young soldiers died being John Wayne – Donald Ranard – United States
Intestines? What are you talking a-bowel? – Victor Pereira –
Drunk driver dead. Dog survives. Karma. – Deena Trouten – United States
Thirsty, under the shade of water. – Onsi H – France
I wonder what I’ll be like. – Analia Kaufman – United States
But I wear obnoxious so well! – Gianna C – United States
Depression is just happiness on pause – Mug Jacks – United States
“Silence”, the librarian whispered in graveyard. – Vaibhav Gilankar – India
Sam likes pumpkin pie a lot. – Haven Beck – United States
The hearse didn’t move, also dead. – julie Palmisano-LeBoeuf – United States
Thunder shakes me. I’m still sleeping. – Leyla Urmanova – United States
Life: Birth, the weird bits, Death – Alex Blanc – United States
Love: marry me? I becomes we. – Elizabeth Beller – United States
Airborn. Mom said flight was rough. – Amber Moisescu – United States
Pollution’s fake, they said after death – Gregory Buske – United States
Don’t tell me if you’re lying. – T P – United States
A good poem, a rare gem – Teyira Deekae – Nigeria
His semi-new jacket was tear apart – Abdullahi Abubakar – Nigeria
I do not know six words – Emma Osborne – United States
The candle to which she rebirth – Keva Epale – France
You laugh, yet I cry. – J Moon – United States
Last words: “You should smile more.” – Adam Weisner – United States
It’s just I forgot the lifejackets. – Siobhan Murphy – United Kingdom
Women, queens. Any difference? No. – Jasleen Kaur Sandhu – Hong Kong, China
Passion demolishes all in its path. – Mark Joseph Dadios – Philippines
Papa died and I was alone. – Chisom Eze – Nigeria
Catfight; no casualties, other than pride. – Dan Micklethwaite – United Kingdom
Ice cream taste’s better when melted. – Nanase Kunurugi – India
Living: the price for not dying. – Fearless pen Gift – Nigeria
Let me be your only one. – Valentina Gheorghe – Romania
Behind Curtain. Apocalypse. Before Curtain. Dentists – Zayna Maria Francis – Trinidad and Tobago
August 2016. Another year without him. – Mara Murphy – United States
P.S: Cyanide cookies. Antidote: Beg forgiveness. – Anahis Mancilla – Chile
Be careful, Kimchi burns your tongue! – Hayoon Joe – Singapore
Her mouth smiles, her soul weeps. – Debbie Harris – England
pillow fights, friday nights, smiles bright – kat tadesse – United States
Delayed mail. Billet-doux from deceased friend. – Madeline (pen name) Soulier (pen name) – Australia
I have been overdosed by you – Mugilesh Shanmugavel – Srilanka
The wind shouted, no one heard. – Cailey Tin – Philippines
Burn your ass. Sit on blisters. – L. Roberts – Canada
‘I’m proud of you.’ Said who? – salty potato – Oman
Live in their shadow – Eman Ul Eslam Ansari – India
Your sin will disappear with lies – Ty Tan – United States
Beet juice or blood? Who knows? – Joey Chen – United States
I must learn to forget you – Alaina Schneider – United States
Sealed up I scratch, nobody hears. – Margaret Haslam – Australia
The head’s bare, but the sink… – Hayley Schimaniak – Germany/Netherlands
Dozie sheds his skin before visiting. – Frank Nkem – Nigeria
Rose-tinted eye contacts, they’re priceless. – Ifeoma Enechaziam – United Kingdom
Older Thespians shout: “Break a hip!” – Tonia Kalouria – USA
Restless future of too rushed present. – Arabel Bondarenco – Romania
First Love became my First Divorce – Chirag Mahal – India
At the mirror, Anna remains Anna. – Caterina Baldi – Italia
Said, got ignored, lost trust, isolate. – Gelsomina R. – Philippines
Childhood innocence faded to adult scepticism. – Komal D – India
“I am a human being, “Murderer said. – Amenah Manzur – Pakistan
Use your mind not your heart. – Glenn Mark Ormega – Philippines
Chokes on food. First, say “help” – Christine Ann Ebreo – Philippines
The prettiest of flowers, bloom alone. – Lucshme Singh – Canada
Diarrhea? Don’t lug the big suitcase! – Barbara Glavota – Australia
Earlier days, resting in mother’s lap. – Saarah H – Qatar
Miss my mother and her daughter. – Marlo Brown – United States
My mother made a flowered noose. – Mary Louise Kay – Philippines
She died, he cried, she awoke. – Priyakshi Bhattacharyya – India
Storms draw closer and we wait. – Fatima Madni – Australia
Form, grow, become, end, repeat- Life. – Elizabeth Akinmutola – Nigeria
Can I grow older without you? – limeli limeli – Chile
Loquacious when acknowledged, but silent otherwise – Jessie Azlyn – Canada
happpiness must rise from honest expression – Alexandra molina –
Be better for you own good. – Janphol Sarmiento – Philippines
The boy. You took his hope. – Lily Bailey – Australia
Self portrait of scribbles and screams – Vincent Worsley – United States
A drink, a road, a curve. – ZECA NOLF – BRAZIL
The earth I stride will die – karryshh k – India
Newborns do not need a visa – Reham Emam – Egypt
I have big dreams at night. – Cynja Hill – United States
The worst torture was the goodbye. – Nadine Hamaekers – Germany
The last grave ever remains empty – Mable L. – Mexico
Lovely light turned to desolate darkness. – Sofia Chavez-Lujambio – United States
My bruises mark my own identity – Ayomide Dehinsilu – United Kingdom
I’d never met a talking cow. – Isabel Ingersoll – United States
A breath caught and, whistling, released. – Vera Wright – United States
Born poor, married money, found discrimination. – ALVARO DE ARAUJO – United States
I’m confined inside the world’s box – Nurain Nor – Malaysia
Silence, the doom of the bullied. – Jasleen Kaur Sandhu – Hong Kong, China
It rained outside, albeit not water. – Jaime de Andruart – Brazil
Dad taught me how to kill. – Cajole Her – Bangladesh
Life doesn’t stop, we do. LIVE. – Titania Tempest – Zimbabwe
The birth. The fervor. And then? – Emily Phillips – United Kingdom
Morning faery-jewels dotted the grass. – Apple Juice Punch – United States
Heading to triangle of no return. – Soumya Sadanala – INDIA
United our bond thickens like blood. – Stephanie Leslie – United States
I thought I could trust you. – Adrian Obejas – philippines
‘What time’s the party?’ ‘You’re invited?’ – Maureen Taylor – United Kingdom
Seeking romance. Rich. Widowed. Blue bearded. – Angela Panayotopulos – U.S.
Dreaming is harder with eyes closed – Christian Panjaitan – Australia
Alcoholic parents don’t exist, simply alcoholic – Anannya Tiwary – India
Really silly Philly, No climb hilly. – Linda Rowland – United States
She knew she was the favourite. – Denise Bloomfield – United Kingdom
I let my voice trail off… – Keshav Pathak – India
Words ceased to exist, emojis won. – Anita Turner – United Kingdom
Order and Chaos, harmony in life – Sonora Charles – Nigeria
Robots, swords, fingerguns, figurines. Reality warps. – Tof Meijers – Netherlands
Playing at home with my brother. – Ava Estevez – Canada
Writing helps us escape our death. – Mortem Angelus – United States
She watched from cloud with concern – Dave Jennings – United Kingdom
She loves me sometimes. Do I? – Ron Newson – New Zealand
In her luminescence, the asylum obeys – Ria Descartes – United States
She let her barriers destroyed—expectedly. – Diana Viñas – Philippines
Lives fell. We called it rain. – Eliza Snow – United States
Whisps of her being burned away – Lexi Cook – United States
I ran. It chased. I slipped. – Ishan Singh – India
Tuesday nights spent weaving a tale. -memoir – Atticus Atticus – Canada
Sale: packets of Altoids. Mint condition. – Gordon Williams – United Kingdom
I say tomato, you say tomato. – Larissa Alexander – United Kingdom
Charred lavender teddy found under rubble. – Sophie Price – United Kingdom
Keeping the nothingness where comfort is. – Rize Kamishiro – Philippines
Lack; not in luck, I am. – Shaktal Iddi – Ghana
I’m a flower, I will wilt. – Farhah Dhamirah – Malaysia
A CULPRIT OF NO WRONG DOINGS – Salvatore Lee – Ghana
The words on my lips untouched. – Benedict Phillipe –
Scribble scrabble – Andréah Berdecia – Puerto Rico
Strength is result of loss. – Shahnoz Omonova – Uzbekistan
Earth is sweating, let’s cool it – Tejas Hapani – India
Here or there, it is everywhere! – Plamen Vasilev – Bulgaria
stranger’s thoughts rob me my agency – Sol Alastair – Germany
There is power in her melanin. – Stephanie Curry – United States
My persona is a vocal mime – Andy Rice – United States
My windows always shut by themselves. – Breanna Campbell – Jamaica
Tomorrowland sometimes means one more grave. – Matthew Wenger – United States
Rushed toward the Earth,decision are. – John David Magno – Philippines
Bob Dylan is operated by puppeteers. – C A Berry – United Kingdom
Chair fell and the rope tightened – Ahnaf Inan – Bangladesh
I read to escape this reality. – Ana Luna – United States
Just do it or never start – Jaden Pierce –
One home, one lover, two beds. – Amber Pineda – Guam
She could be right for once – Bridie Hetherington – Canada
Quiet all over, no souls left – Sariah Thompson – United States
Wandering like a wind in vain. – Anagha Sunil – India
six words, six years, (Six Feet) – Lottie Hughes – United Kingdom
A free kitten causes financial adjustment. – Aiona Byuwek – USA
I’m happy, don’t cry. carry on. – Valery Ortenberg –
I never eat dollar tacos again. – Sara Manno – United States
You’re gone and i’m still awake – rivers lacy – United States
His son a priest, now Father – Akshay Manchanda – United States
I’m watching you like a Moon. – D Suiam – India
He requested approval. Then proposed integration. – CL Tucker – United States
Oldest child sibling free babysitting fees – (Simcha ) Joy – United States
I caught it! Didn’t you see? – Sean Galbraith – Scotland, United Kingdom
You died and your allies attacked. – Chiawonamokem Ifeakor – Nigeria
eyes close. for the last time. – itay merlis – israel
Feels like I’m covered in cobwebs – Allison McCoy – United States
I am embraced by catastrophic pauses – Ayushi Chandra – India
The people I knew, grew up – Dani Em – United States
Swimming with pegasi; flying with mermaids – Ellen Jones – United States
“I Gotta P; please ! Bladder’s fuming!” – Farumbo . – Ireland
My love do come and go – Ahmad Olàwále – Nigeria
I come; They go. Night Shift. – Cerulean Celadon – United States
How can crows know your jokes? – Tia Ball – United States
STOP PRESS: Martians enforce media blackou… – Sim Smailes – United Kingdom
Trees die standing, the last fight. – Zainab Hassan – Pakistan
She loved the idea of face-masks – Wilfreda Simon – Nigeria
Breaking news: God found dead downstairs. – Tamanna Desai – United States
The Ozonosphere’s craters surpasses the Moon’s. – Gracey Trey – Nigeria
Mathematics is more consistent than politics. – Rajkamal Kashyap – India
I am more than my weight – Olivia Rose – United States
Health insurance? Coffins are more affordable. – Chanelle Lambert – United States
Down the runway in her heels – Ath Kingsley – United States
The flowers bloomed on her scarf. – Evelyn Woods – Australia
Collect the petals. He loves me. – Jessica Rodebush – United States
Sanctified by tribulation! Nowhere to go! – Al Hawke – Australia
He wasn’t found, but nearly remembered. – Angie Pollacchi – Spain
Deep of night demands silence…Crunch! – Trisha Barr – United States
The madness drifted in his thoughts. – E.E. Karn –
Name please, any name will do. – Laura Miller – United States
Don’t promise live till life ends – Chirayu Writer – India
everybody! – Svenja Kerber-Strasser – Germany
Starry skies light up our dreams. – Chris Briden –
Close eyes ; here. Open eyes; gone. – Aaya Radi – United Kingdom
Six feet never felt so far. – Dalton Smith – United States
The End of the world, Ended. – Yaron Parnes – Israel
Flowers in her hair, empty coffin. – Charlie Bureychenko – United Kingdom
A dream is achieved through hardwork – Esther Ogundola – Nigeria
Mom’s lullaby is the softest tune – John Ordinary – Philippines
Upside down bowls make great hats. – Haven Beck – United States
She ate the poisoned sandwich yesterday – Rod Martinez – United States
She kissed him, he screamed, fainted. – Stephen Goll – United States
Everyone’s story’s beginning: Birth. Ending: Death. – Bisma Nadeem – Pakistan
I’m the capo of extra guapo. – E. R. Valenzuela N. – United States
I must win this crazy competition. – Claude Ikfingeh Tomoh – Cameroon
He watched. He could never forget. – Bruce Daniel – United States
The library is my second home. – Shivali Yadav – India
Waking to yet another nightmare — Monday – Mkpouto Inyang – Nigeria
The Calendar Thief Got Twelve Months – Rebecca Claire Millward – United Kingdom
Dad, what’s sex? Ask your mother. – Antaeus Balevre – United States
Shooting stars lost to heroine shots. – Jennifer passionpursuit – United states
Taste the frost of the unseen – Sneha Bhattacharjee – India
It rained. Floods came… glug… glug… – DAVID A JONES – ENGLAND
Lady Liberty plants legal marijuana seeds. – Joelle DeVincentis – United States
Shoot! I’m all out of bullets. – Oghenerume Agbegbedia – Nigeria
I wished! I prayed. I got. – Farhana Khan – Bangladesh
Don’t bury me we are alive – Lydia Lewis – United States
Christ is where find my worth – Danica grace Sanat – Philippines
No monsters hiding over my bed? – Sam Williamson – Chile
Gave a heart, received a piece – Salwa Talpur – Pakistan
We all want love, just differently. – Anna Ryan – United States
Cool, I’m on a bench, wine! – Sadie Fruci – United Kingdom
Castle was ablaze. “One final dance?” – Cait Spratt – Ireland
Me, her. or him, pick one. – Quinn Bailey – United States
“One at a time,” she wept. – Amber Pineda – Guam
A tale as old as time. – Erine Gon – Philippines
He is crustier than your hair. – Ava Estevez – Canada
“No loose ends. Eat the other.” – Ejaz Momen – United States
Sometimes pages stick and get skipped. – Petra Fenn – United States
If tears to pearls, iam billionaire – Fidha P – India
The moon boat drowned heavy heart – Marwa AbuRaida – Palestine
He was hers. She wasn’t his. – Caleb Crumpton – United States
Always trust the rumor mill. – Tabea Elfa Giese – Deutschland
Standing covered in flour and smiles. – Felicitous Fool – United States
Vulnerability begets growth, when properly acknowledged. – Heather Bloch – USA
I wish they knew I lied. – Crystal Orser – United States
Beach day. Tsunami took them away. – Karishma Krishnan – India
Summer lightening. Magic of my childhood. – Valerie Stilson – United States
When she left, beeping, then silence. – Peter Coleman – United Kingdom
The world was no longer peacful. – Camden Day – United States
Happiness: the snort in your laugh. – Viktorija Furnadjiska – North Macedonia
If only you had looked back. – Christine Reeves – United Kingdom
Blind boy dreams of monsters seen. – Hedaya Peterson – Qatar
Born sisters. Became enemies. Now strangers. – Markie Doczi – United States
Wandering through purgatory searching for escape – Erica Tenney – United States
Let’s give this infatuation, a name – -Amami H. -Amami H. – Nigeria
Brimming tears, End’s near, “Stay dear!” – F. F. –
“What if?” she said, and vanished. – Helen Van Dongen – Canada
I knew someone like you before. – Soba Noodles – United States
Tea in small cups encourages brevity. – B. C. Nance – United States
He waltzes with the winter chill. – Erica Fransisca – Indonesia
Act older, act older, where’s me – Ella Correll – United States
There are voices in my head. – Sue Asupa – Kenya
Shopping list: gloves, rope, shovel, bleach. – Paula Carbonell Godayol – Spain
Praise a soul ..before it departs. – Sunitha Muralidharan – India
Words hurt less when you speak. – Thai Su – United States
heartbreak is the currency of regret – Willoughby Kipling – United States
To live to die, my decision. – Julian Summer – United States
The book’s spine finally crumbled apart. – Danielle Mikals – United States
Money drove him to his grave! – Tsireledzo Phosa – United Kingdom
Mary had a little lamb. Delicious! – Cindy Belt –
close my eyes, finally I see – jay M. – United States
Today I survived, can I tomorrow? – Alexie Smith – United States
Miss the details, forfeit the gains. – Linda Okpirikhre – Nigeria
Alone and lost, she became strong – Adrian Obejas – philippines
“More” was their safe word – Omri Horesh – Israel
The wind whispers… are you listening? – Maycee Wahl – United States
Dangers are lurking between your ears. – Chris Weber – United States
The feeling of guilt never leaves. – Michael Mills – England
Be the sunlight to my moonlight. – Jelkänen Moira – Switzerland
Fingers intertwined on the piano keys. – Nashat Zaman – Malaysia
The winds still carry his name. – Ananya Lodhi – India
They smiled rotten at beautiful cries. – Gregory Di Filippi – United States
Because you were here, I survived – Dani Em – United States
Black thoughts. Silver blades. Red drops. – Elahe Nassr – Japan
Notification: Wedding cancelled. Dress in black. – Bhavyaa Kumar – India
It was lovely, time would stop. – Katarina Polojaz – Italy
Do you love me? Pause. Silence. – Gene Marais – South Africa
When I win, I’ll be happy. – Sophie Kim – United States
Happiness is the most convincing illusion. – Paula Carbonell Godayol – Spain
The pain of abandonment cut’s deep. – Brian Mino – United States
Which witch watch my stake? Mistake. – Ayah Bar oryan – Israel
He whispered, “Come back to me….” – Reem Hamraz – India
Fate-two roads merged into one. – Nandinee Singh – India
Caught cheating. Divorced. Pleaded and forgiven. – Queen. Edmund. – Nigeria.
The spirit haunted her alcohol adiction. – Morgan Barnett – United Kingdom
new york traffic: only hear you – Michal Cohen – United States
He disappeared in the black woods. – Jihan (Evan) Lim – United States
Please, coffee cup with extra nostalgia. – Cj17 Lion – Spain
What if I can’t find the words – Hannah Shields –
Silent night, holy…guacamole! Santa’s favorite. – Mark linsky – United States
Time caused anguish as he passed by. – Nyashadzashe Makwabarara – Zimbabwe
“Zombies can’t drive! Tell them!” – Torsten Kaltenecker – Austria
To Dust: Mountain erosion; human evolution. – Elizabeth Yingling – United States
Six homes. Six people. Two lives. – Derrick Simmons – United States
Put your self in other everyday – Joshua samuel Ikotinyie – Nigeria
I feel like I failed you. – Amanda Dexter – United States
Survival and scars define us all. – Tahera Janoowalla – United Kingdom
Freedom isn’t trading time for money. – Teodor Darie – Romania
We land. On the forbidden island. – A. I. Wakidjan A. I. Wakidjan – Indonesia
Special relationship, me and my life. – Roi Goldberg – Israel
Photography is harder than you think. – Eliana The Writer – Australia
Sorry dad: I’m not a son – Dakota Jackson – United States
The world must be tired spinning. – Charleszel Martinez – Philippines
Swiped right to become a newlywed. – Pragun Pudukoli –
No one noticed the shapeshifters’ arrival. – Aishwariya Laxmi – India
Cry without air, no one hears – Yasmin Magdy – Egypt
College wasn’t like the real world. – Jill Piantedosi – United States
Tomorrow came, but you never did – Khuyen Nguyen – United States
Nana’s sewing box: full of treasure. – Lesley Mace – U K
Barack Obama killed women and children – Sagar Kumar – Fiji
Night dared me to dream forever. – Kate Figurska – United Kingdom
They closed their ears to reason. – Kristen Moore – United States
Not knowing to love, we loved. – Gisely B. Midding – Brazil
Drowning in the ocean of depression. – Khushi Kanwar – India
We Came, Saw, And Conquered All – Chioma Cynthia Chidobelu (CH O Mmy Chomzy) – Nigeria
Hurricanes ravaged, together, Houston strong. – Vivienne Wynne –
Today he drowns another white-furred collie. – Ben Jazz – Nigeria
Search of relationship that lasts forever. – Rahul Nanda – India
Now we dine, tomorrow we die. – Mirabella Paulcia – Nigeria
Offline exams because teacher knows everything. – Dr. Cookies – India
In love. We live. And lie. – Renita Venketsamy – South Africa
A conscious effort to stop romanticising. – Abigail Preston – United Kingdom
Her shadow used to chase her – Nicole Oraegbu – United States
Footprints have stopped appearing in the sand. – Râna Campbell – Canada
My thoughts are nothing but nightmares. – Samantha Reyes – Philippines
After the stormy rain, a rainbow. – Oluwasegun Oluseyi Adesina – Nigeria
The Russian doll felt small inside. – Hannah Gallacher – Scotland
Night is black in the dark – Mariya Pokoyeva – Казахстан
New language introduced. Actually pretty cool. – R.K. Love – United States
Granddaughters’ antics preserve grandpa’s inner youth. – Charles Bobbish – United States
They waltzed as Earth stopped spinning. – Sabrina Guo – United States
Three triplets. Two murdered. One hanged. – Sim Smailes – United Kingdom
they told me, write six words – kat tadesse – United States
The horizon is way ahead us. – Alish Xaidi – Pakistan
All I want? To find home. – Avami Avami – Nigeria
How long ago the summer seems. – Faith Moore – United States
Smile without a mouth. With nose. – Ari Sugarplum – Croatia
lost and found: train of thought – Thai Su – United States
It’s not broken. It’s just tired – Kevin M – Canada
Reached Mount Everest peak -still there. – Stephanie Daich – United States
Anger consumed her. Only bones remained. – Leena Knell Nox – Australia
I think his pain was karma. – Sakena Washington – United States
white beads floated her heart away – Nicole Aponte – United States
A fragmented family tied by internet. – Maria Sardi – New Zealand
Dear Ocean, chasing horizon. Yours, Sun. – Sanket Vanare – India
The agony was there – in memories – Anuoluwa Soneye – Nigeria
Black dress. Red lipstick. Open casket. – Alyson Faye – UK
The survivors were not the heroes – Cesar Noordewier – Netherlands
That was the moment I knew. – Ariel Walters – United States
Dancing on thorns, death tides up. – Adejumoke Oluwole – Nigeria
“Ain’t no queer! Ain’t no queer!” – Mhembeuter Jeremiah Orhemba – Nigeria
I’m here because I want to. – Nick Alfano – United States
Worry is waste,working is Best. – Shweta Mahapatra – India
Open my heart but dont enter – Beks Rabecca – United States
I need happiness. I need love? – Fatuma Huka – Kenya
Rooting old weeds. Planting new seeds. – Jenny Ruth Angle – United States
Whatever you lose, you’ll find again – Ty Tan – United States
My Love loving money, Leaves me! – Rathin Bhattacharjee – India
come on in, mind the carpet- – Violet Fitz – Australia
Don’t tell me life goes on – Nadav Bonder – Israel
Professional courtesy demands sharks avoid lawyers. – Deanndra Kidd – United Arab Emirates
Hello there! Nice to see you. – Taras Allistone – United Kingdom
Come back, dear. I’m better now. – Daniel Holst – united states
I’m a natural born woman – still. – Beth A Roberts – United States
they looked brittle, they looked lonely. – Alexandra molina –
Her screech amused the car tyres – Suhaani Malik – India
Fearlessly he jumped, his parachute stolen – Sally Manpaul – INDIA
Home to my miserable, morbid memories. – Gray Sinton – Ireland
What remains is only his remains. – Amalie Wad – Norway
Musa drank an ocean in seconds. – Abubakar Yusuf Ado – Nigeria.
I never was who you said – Beckton Simmons –
She said “No.” The End. – Karen Brown – United States
Chances are, the earth won’t float. – Nafeesah B. U – Nigeria
You dance while I fall apart. – Esther Hammett –
Where the wind wandered, she followed. – Louisa Greco – United States
Thunder? I wonder. Or cloudy dragons? – Owen Townend – United Kingdom
I bought four goats. Three died. – Ella Gilmer – New Zealand
bury him beneath our favorite tree – McKenzie Campbell – United States
And I never went home again – Kenya Hall – United States
Who am I without my hope? – KJ Large – United States
Even the pessimist’s password was Fail. – Vaidya Shankar – India
Lost myself between living and lived. – Yaatheshini Ashok – India
To the strongest man I know. – Paula N. – Kenya
The beatings continued until politicians surrendered. – Talulah Plant –
I’m so impressed I’m staying away. – Robert Travitz – United States
Space battle. Worlds collide. Child’s imagination. – Bill Cox – UK
A soul clothed in an image – Liat Or Semel – Israel
Oh look, she’s doing the jive! – Julia M – United States
Back to when fishes still swam. – Megan Luis – Singapore
I look back, I move on. – Ana Tiffany – United States
Six words, less to show my love. – Akif Manzoor – Pakistan
Perhaps I’m becoming bitter, Reality said. – Emily K. Zhao – Canada
Playing dead is a safety drill. – Sushma R Doshi – India
Crucified; three days later, alive. Breathing. – Gracelyn O. Daniels – United States
Pound for pound, he held ground. – R James Hughes – United States
My golf socks, hole in one. – Linda McCauley Freeman – United States
The garden without a just flower – Dakins Akin – Nigeria
Self Aware, Secretive, Creative, Independent ; An Introvert. – Stuti Mathur – India
Wisdom is to be chosen over strength. – Penni Trikon – Ghana
Into the city, into the smoke. – Samantha Gouthro – Canada
Africa has offered me no welcome. – Mduduzi Khumalo – South Africa
She never saw the axe swinging – Amanda Nicholson – United Kingdom
Love can make us criminal innocent – OLVENS LOUISSAINT – Haïti
The team that had no chance – Chip Johnson – United states
Why trust the governments? Just REBEL! – Maar Original – Iran
“Head on a pillow, not sleeping.” – Summer Psalm Enriquez – Philippines
“Beware, the Antichrist!” Grandma warned everybody. – Toni Wade – United Kingdom
A jesters presence removes tyrannical fears – Robert Reese – United States
Smell of hot bread and mom – D Pembe – Romania
Iran is none of your business – Sagar Kumar – Fiji
“That’s salt. Not sugar.” “Too late.” – Safiyah Azad – United Kingdom
He always agreed but remained absent. – Tshewang Norbu – Bhutan
False hopes on sale! Bought plenty. – Ahnaf Ahmed – Canada
I left. Bereft. We parted. Broken-hearted. – Siobhan Murphy – United Kingdom
They were ephemeral. Empty shells. Alone. – Lexi Caroline – United States
I wore masks for you everyday – Testimony Odey – Nigeria
Death reconciles the endpoint of birth. – Jacob Brown – United States
Teachers are gods, Create or Destroy. – Caroline Hegwood – United States
day of the dead, never dead. – kala dunnihoo – United States
The car slides, the water embraces. – Ariana Hagen – United States
Bloodshot eyes lurked; everlasting sleepless nights – Vottey Kong – United States
Sorry, I was washing my lawnmower. – Nick Alfano – United States
One final letter. Returned to sender. – Meredith McKee – United States
A million worlds in a brushstroke – Persephone Muse – Canada
Sadness. When a writer isn’t writing. – Cynthia Baxter – USA
First, last and the distance between. – Gift Ehigiator – Guyana
Knock knock. It’s your dead wife. – AJ Richards – United States
Gone, missing. but yet it is there – Meelah Amason – United States
A shared bed, on lunch hours. – Kay Rae Chomic – United States
He was hear today, gong tomorrow. – Scott Adamson – United States
Darcy’s Dancing Demon Danced till Death – Chirag Mahal – India
Walking the woods with Grandads’s stick. – Liam Thorne – United Kingdom
Like a candle, slowly dying out. – Emma Mai – United States
When two elephants fight, run away – Prisca Muonaka – Nigeria
I don’t teleport to bed anymore. – Maimuna Adamu – Nigeria
Photot taken memory made time passed – Kayleigh Brasher – United States
From a Sunflower to a Dracaena – Sondos Youssef – Egypt
She served with smile and pain – Oluwaseun Wende – Nigeria
Birth, family, affection, care, responsibilities, death. – Prabh jot Kaur – India
Squirrel drops it’s nut. Lost forever. – KB Smith – UNITED STATES
The pain has a bright smile – D Pembe – Romania
Would your love numb my pain? – Krishnanand Boolaky – Mauritius
Never considered you as a friend. – Erine Gon – Philippines
“I did love you,” he lied. – Derek Smith – Guam
I am loved.But heart’s cold. – Black Shadow – Nigeria
Kindling the universe anew. – Arha Saha – India
Silk and lace, blood red wine. – Emerald Storii – India
Gave love but none was returned – Leland Luckcuck – United states
But Sara doesn’t have an uncle?? – Violet Beaufort – United States
It’s my birthday! Nobody showed up. – Khristina Cabrera – United States
No idea. Beethoven who? The dog? – Morla Bux – Spain
Did you hear that? CRACK! Wha… – D.L. Libley – United States
An unaddressed shortcoming no longer leaves – Muyeko Mwenifumbo – Malawi
‘No,’ she said. He wouldn’t stop. – Mollie Steel – United Kingdom
Dust on desk, keys locked inside. – Sophie Rice – United States
Your dinner is in the dog. – Alan Dale – United Kingdom
American Dream Black Reality White Nightmare – Mercedez Gonzalez – United States of America
The birds didn’t sing that morning. – F. H. Morgan – United States
Brilliant light shining fiercely from within. – The Cale Princess Emily DeFalla – United States
We are to be loved, moonlight. – Toby M – United States
Banks full. Empty house. Lonely Hearts. – Ushma Goswami – India
He walked past me! And smiled! – N. Zaty – Malaysia
Watching love leave, never to return. – Saxon H. – United States
… God said, “let there be gays.” – Darlington Nwoke – Nigeria
If You Spit On Me, Run. – M. Nicole Writes – usa
The girl who fades when hurt. – Judith Balumaga – Philippines
A silent scream, a silent rhyme. – Jack Arnold – United States
I inspire to help others succeed – Dartdylan Delosreyes – Philippines
Home working, “You’re on mute Sharon” – Katie Watson – England
My skin doesn’t define my worth – I.A.M I.A.M – United States
He could only picture the headlines. – Gianna C – United States
Mosquito fed. I bled. It’s dead. – Nancy Krier – United States
Love is great, self-love is better – Ankita Raghuvanshi – India
At 500ppm birth dates became redundant. – Anthony Levin – Australia
National Day of Prayer and Remembrance – Sandra Mosaico – Canada
The leaves sharpened, preparing for war. – Court Pendilor – United States
Eyes fixed on the broken condom. – Alyssa Brocker – United States
Good friends embrace each other’s quirks. – Katie G. – UK
Heard the bullet that killed me? – Ricky Franks – United States
Cry alone or cry with me. – Palmer Blakely – United States
For Sale: Father’s feather, Never Better – Chanel Jordan – Philippines
Greeted by light, dismissed by darkness. – Julia Wang – United States
Oh, so that’s how pigs fly. – Nick Alfano – United States
It’s ok, we still love you – Kylie Masterson – United States
Winter came and left with you. – Anna-Marie Lake – United States
In the bubbles, a desperate reflection. – Bertie Pennington – United Kingdom
You’re silence is hurting my ears – RoranDaxMama Johnson – United States
Home is far. Never leave it. – Charlotte Rutter – United States
Horse upstairs. Won bet. Now what? – Mike Scott Thomson – UK
Who taught you to be afraid? – Cheryl Buck – United Kingdom
Through judgment, we whittle our story – Daniel Zeikle – United States
She came. I saw. She conquered. – Adnan Aslam – Pakistan
Ardenter. Nimis. Did someone say McDonalds? – Viv Rustom – United Kingdom
Humans can fly with heavenly wings – Pearl Inci Corlu – Australia
Ranch dressing? Boots bandanas and chaps. – Jenny Harp – United States
Six hands reached for one bread – Joanna Tulo – United States
It all started with a rock – Anastasia Cuniberti – Italy
Their fur reeked of combusting rubber. – Mariella Michael – United Kingdom
Blackholes fill voids in the universe – Shivangi Patel – Kenya
It’s like the noise never existed – Masumi Parmar – Malaysia
He wasn’t allowed to love her – Mary Ann Sidlacan – Philippines
“Where’s Mummy?” mumbled Grandma, eyes blank. – Norman Julian Blair – United Kingdom
Above all else…guard your heart – Cara B – United States
Love is life. Life is love. – Shamila Rafat – India
Days go by, memories build up – M Sera – United States
Become a doctor. Help save lives. – Oghenekevwe Agbadudu –
I’ll learn to live life alone. – Liliana Lawson – United States
Here Lies My hopes, My Dreams – Angel Anderson – United States
Lockdown filled empty streets with despair. – Aditi Kataria – India
She cried. They laughed. She bled. – Monique Strauss – South Africa
For even the moon has left. – Megan Luis – Singapore
Flight: a dream and a death – Aswen Goldwyl –
Loved, divorced. Loved, left. Love alone. – L L Darroch L L Darroch – United States
Nobody knows where time will lead. – Manivannan Vinayagam – India
How can it not be here? – Vera Wright – United States
Life’s going through an endless cycle. – Charleszel Martinez – Philippines
Your eyes brighten my darkest night – Favour Allen – Nigeria
“I beg to differ-” “Then, beg.” – Qwint Illin – United Arab Emirates
Homecoming: calling me back to me. – Matt Dahl –
Six Word Wonder–Entry five–OPTIONAL – A.E.S. Shen – China
My last breath gone, I’m home. – Dalton Smith – United States
Birds visit; grandma’s feeder is empty. – Sy Field – Japan
Always Hope Even When It Hurts – Leah Logic – USA
Tomorrow is yesterday’s beginning. – Michael S. Brown – USA
The fisherman’s wife hits snooze, again. – Angela M – Kenya
“Boo!” ghost said. “This movie sucks.” – Leena Knell Nox – Australia
The grass couldn’t breathe polluted air – Reham Emam – Egypt
Breathing his first, she her last. – Joseph Babalola – Nigeria
3rd of march,something magical happened. -Memoir – Ma.Elaiza Emalyn V.Ibañez (Darkside2427 for pen name) – Philippines
History holds many dark forgotten secrets – Kevin Davidson – United States
We picked mangoes in our farm. – Jevier Obero – Philippines,Bataan, Alasasin, Mariveles
“It’s cold outside” ~A newborn baby. – Nafeesah B. U – Nigeria
A blade is your worst best friend. – Joshua Monares – Philippines
the weeping sky wishes for comfort – Sol Alastair – Germany
Talking never really got me anywhere. – Kay Long – United States
body to hook, soul to keep – Persephone Muse – Canada
I am living, going on dead. – Ella Chauvin – United States
Fridge magnet, that’s what I am. – Guy Harwood – UK
Time spent well , how to know? – Ardale Phell – South Africa
Smile and the world avoids you. – Gus Guess – United States
Job: Slaying Davids, not mere Goliaths – Oluwabukola Olabode – Nigeria
I now embrace my insignificant self – Matar Gev –
Titanic shipwreck optimist: Warming up tomorrow! – Matt Dahl –
Hear thy song and drown below. – Amber Kotwall – United Kingdom
Binary stars—eternally bound—never touching. – Tiara Lewis – United States
North, East, West, South. Gossip borne – Chioma Victoria Iwu – Nigeria
Monarchs fluttering south, quickly dying out – Casie Bazay – United States
Her lilacs flowered only in secret. – Kathryn Borobia – United States
As I laid dying, she laughed. – Jordan Fuentes – United States
Cotton candy, a cloud of sugar. – Jenelle Worme – Canada
thousand thunderstorms; she said it again – qwertyvil ash – india
Does a jigsaw make jigsaw puzzles? – Gwendolyn Mansell – Canada
till death do we part correct – Alexandria Houle – United States
Free: One broken heart — Needs fixin’. – Roy Barnes – United States
Pains gone; but so has she. – Steven Lister – United Kingdom
Mother bleeds. Forests recede. Man concedes. – Merin Jacob – South Africa
Broken Vow. Ashes lay. Phoenix arises. – S.L. Pugh – USA
This business is hit or miss. – Kyle Sorrell – United States
Dew drew dread on the dead. – Welile Ndzimandze – Eswatini
Grandma made pot roast, without meat – Lou Normann – United States
Is there anyone who loves change? – Komal D – India
Two worlds called Terrible and Hope – Christine Ann Ebreo – Philippines
Grief is love with nowhere home. – Sarai Winkler – Lexington
You set fires to bad desires. – Jillian Abshire – United States
Run away. Lungs burning to flee. – Emma Rose – United States
Please mom… come back one day. – E. R. Lyerly – United States
Scintillating Stars Sleeping In Night Skies – Vrinda Sehgal – Malaysia
The snow stole from fall’s masquerade. – B. A. Walter – United States
“…Quit little girl, they’re not coming…” – Peyton Chanley – United States
Later on, she returned the ring. – neverland X – United States
This life is a pewter-bellied cloud – Adetunji Adeogun – Nigeria
Distraction seeks to be honored obsessively. – Daisha Wilson – United States
The aftertaste of surprise was bland – Maria Gustafsson – Sweden
Once upon a time there was… – Kate Melenia – Canada
She laughed her precious head off. – Beck Collett – United Kingdom
A wilted flower on the table – kendy kendy –
and that’s where the world will witness the meaning of a struggle – Wildanita Risna Anggi Aisyifa – Indonesia
Loneliness shadowed me to my grave. – Jay Barrani – Tunisia
Work to get rich. Biggest lie. – Teodor Darie – Romania
What! Surely there must be more? – Malcolm Hill – Wales
Leather jacket. Skinny jeans. Mischievous smile… – Kristina Sokolovic – Serbia
Wish I could be (with) you. – Matthis Degree – France
All I wanted was bumblebee tights. – Nasana Bajracharya – Nepal
Confidence is the first step to success – Chaudhari Pritibala – INDIA
Imagination decreases steadily without people there – Ben Pluck – England
Ever slowly time flows like honey. – John Woolard – United States
helpless, scared we look out for screams, hoping for the best but water took away my hopes and dreams – Eraj Rehman – pakistan
Almost, she had almost made it. – Raja El Aghar – France
Jill walked away. Simon swallowed candy. – David Strugnell – United Kingdom
Heard the empty joke? It goes… – Connor Thornley – United Kingdom
“why” is a word used so often – Anushka Amin – United States
There’s no monster. That’s just me. – Disath Peduruhewa – Australia
I hear voices. Whispers. Laughter. Moans. – Jeffrey Ogochukwu – Nigeria
Planet for sale. Needs repair. – C.W. Jefferies – United States
The doctors cut his arm off. – Katie Farrell – Ireland
Can the whole world shut up? – Vlada Sukhovii – Ukraine
Body’s betrayal hurt more than pain – May Bar-el – Israel
Peaceful deer in morning mist, BAM! – Bengt Haell – Sweden
This was your fault. Cover up. – Chloe Lim – Singapore
Played me. Yesterday, unplugged his ventilator. – Dextiny Show – Nigeria
“6. Straight-A student before. Drug addict now. – Raven Renee – Bangladesh”
… .. -..- / .– — .-. -.. / … – — .-. -.– / .. -. / -.– . .- .-. / .—- —.. —.. —– .-.-.- – Elaina Falconer – United States
After the day, came the night. – Celeste Salazar – Costa Rica
I overslept and missed my flight. – Oghenekevwe Agbadudu –
Harriet Tubman, Moses of her people. – Karen Dillon – United Kingdom
Why Did Nana Have To Go? – Brianna Cross – United States
All they could do was leap. – Nyashadzashe Makwabarara – Zimbabwe
I met my soulmate, she didn’t – Mahbubat Salahudeen – Nigeria
I’m warning you – don’t provoke her. – GTCT GTCT – South Africa
Mirror, mirror, mirror, who am I? – Ada Okopi – Nigeria
Do you hear that ? Found you! – Simone Lopez – United Kingdom
Life is subjective, death is not. – Cerise Malefic – South Africa
A sigh in an empty house – Piper Arington – United States
One two three. Bang. Bang. Bang. – Bella Minyo – United States
I’m not scared of you anymore – S.S.B S.S.B – Brazil
If you don’t eat, you’ll die. – Jelani D’Aguilar – United Kingdom
Life crawls on the dead road – Adhiya Azni – Indonesia
Nice day for a terrible day. – Sean Galbraith – Scotland, United Kingdom
Left for dreams, dead on arrival. – Julian Summer – United States
The President knelt alone to pray – Lewis Rhodes – United States
Handsome boy : whom i had cheated. – Jaya Jangid – India
vacate this body before exiting life – B Beatrice – Zambia
My experience became expensive. Redundancy followed – Christine Reeves – United Kingdom
Remember your childhood! Just grow up! – Neptune Murillo – United States
I love the idea of us. – Kerensa Yarde – Barbados
You can’t see them? I can. – Frederick Barstow – United States
They stayed lost wherever they went. – Carrie Lovett – United States
Politicians argue. Bombs fall. People die – Lucy Smith – New Zealand
I wanted to ask you questions. – Roxane Llanque – Germany
Be thoughtful, sleep peaceful, live joyful – Lola Powell – England
She remember tomorrow, but not yesterday. – Alliah Concepcion – Philippines
Sun, wind, waves, saved at last! – Shining Light – Israel
We all grow old and die. – Patrick Bruskiewich – Canada
By association, not isolation, men died – Anix Anix – Nigeria
Me and my dreadfully desolate routine. – Romilda Rumlow – United Kingdom
Fur smooth. Eyes closed. Asleep forever. – Ed Friedman – United States
I was sane. My reflection winked. – Jane Druzhinina – United States
All her life, the wild wallflower. – Melvin Eapen – India
It was me or the cat. – Christine Heinz – USA
I wish shooting stars were real. – Miriam Tuesday – United States
Let me go to the sea – Mihaela Doschinescu – Italia
Fell in love and got married. – CM Goodtidings – Nigeria
The Sun ran away from Earth. – Sarah Guan – United States
Falling in love, falling to hell – Thuong Tran – Vietnam
Writing stories, I lick subconscious wounds. – Denarii Peters – United Kingdom
‘Oh that? That’s the baby’s grave.’ – Francesca Astraea – United Kingdom
One’s dreams are another person’s grief. – Anna Jose – Philippines
I’ve always asked questions, never again – August Jones – United States
When the world ends, stay here. – Kelly Song – Canada
“Will you publish my story?” “No!” – Paul Stansbury – United States
my reality got confused a bit – Jessie Chiko – Israel
Hannah is hanging upside down where? – Anna Hayes – Australia
“Never” crow said. I asked “More?” – Apple Juice Punch – United States
Supernovas burst, yet I’m still working. – Maddie Logemann – United States
Gunshots. Abandoned villages. A comrade’s death. – Juliet Wilson – United Kingdom
Two lives; Before him and after. – michelle palmer – Wales
Train arriving but destination unknown. Goodbye. – Andrew R. Krey – United Kingdom
the neglected phrase: less is more. – Shirley Zhao –
Palms sweaty, walls closing, death reloaded. – Adejumoke Oluwole – Nigeria
My milk obsession must be satisfied… – Ace McLynn – United States
Her heartbreaking confession revived the curse. – Cait Calder – United States
Proximity search: true love. Results inconclusive. – David O’Keefe – United States
Zombie hunter: Hero. Cure found: Murderer. – Emma Lin – United States
Many are in school without leaning – Joshua samuel Ikotinyie – Nigeria
Pulchritude. Pleasure. Perfidy. Penury. Precipice. Plop. – Sarah Peploe – United Kingdom
Drowning, but no one heard her – Anastasia Broumas – United States
Every tomorrow needs a new sun – Esaie Altime – Haiti
Dad’s mustache bristling. Duck and cover. – Yash Seyedbagheri – United States
It never happens, unless you try. – Ventosa Pluma – Philippines
Such trying times – those rebel years. – Emi F. – United States
Cycle completed. Love has eluded us. – Sarah Serakalala – Spain
No-one chased her to the airport. – Gayane Vardanyan – Germany
Dictator: can’t sleep. Siri: bloody lullaby ???? – Mohammad Zivdar – Iran
Nostalgic sounds take me back, home – Stephanie Burke – Australia
empty house. haunted gaze. echoing silence – Noor ul ain Sheikh – Pakistan
A real one will know one. – Clarissa Cervantes – United States
His eyes asked, “am I human?” – Estelle Byrne – United Kingdom
Upon receiving a promotion: “No thank you”. – M. J. Holmes – United States
Help take care of the trash. – Mykelah brown – united states
Life? Impossible — after you broke me. – Kylah Noelle – Uruguay
Fire, in the black of skin. – Sophia Gabriel – Nigeria
Trees whisper melodies, said the forest. – Shaswat Shivam – INDIA
Boxes packed, moving day, new home. – Michele Jones – United States
Who drank from the specimen cup? – Andrew Rodgers – United States
Nothingness dances hard around you. – Afia Shahid – United Kingdom
Is the rain merely bleeding dreams? – Anushree Sahoo – India
Seven world wonders, this is eight! – Leutrim Beka – United States
Needles won’t bind an agonizing mind – Abby Brounts – United States
So he won’t stop loving you? – DaNi’ Fulmore – United States
Milkshake kisses, honey eyes, saccharine romance – Emmit Arlin – United States
Imagine if I ruled the world – Anastacia OTanez – United States
Never lost or found for me – Teagan Hope – Britain
I was dead at the time. – Jay McKenzie – Australia
The world fell apart within seconds. – Nuha Naleem – KSA
Endless forests ending, our world burns. – Aliyah Safdar-Ahmed – United Kingdom
I love you but you don’t. – Ketaki Datta – India[Calcutta]
Climb up and fall, I’m here. – Zarin Tasnim Zahra – United States
She grabbed his hand and jumped. – Paula Henry-Duru – Canada
She meant everything. I am nothing. – Hansel Gray – India
Janitors… horrifying killers. They’ll clean anything. – Oliver Bisky –
Love always, finds It’s Way Home – Hannah Sado – Hannah
Pizzas Eat Pandas Like Twisted Cans – Adrian So – Canada
Frogs on the window in Alabama. – Jayce Frame – United States
My heart gained her wings tonight. – Ashley Gonzales – United States
I forgive God not your mother. – Anthony Badroe – United States
Dance. Be loud. Have fun. Chill. – Amaliya Dray – United States
Stars are shining in your eyes. – Ulla Saraiva – Canada
Two parties divided; both fighting fear (poem) – bigolb itees – United States
Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that… – Nuha Naleem – KSA
Camaraderie i called, Aloofness i got. – Hansa J – Mauritius
He trains man to man trains. – Poulami Dutta – India
The groom’s cold feet betrayed us. – N.C Sunday –
crowned king caught the corn cart – James Mathias – United States
Voice of reason I should listen – Sadie Fruci – United Kingdom
Her eyes shut as mine widened. – Lisi Slater –
Only the flies loved her body. – Mahdison Desbois – France
Once upon a time, she jumped – Amarachi Igbokwe – Nigeria
No hatred worth killing human for. – N.K. Jeremiah Pelumi – Nigeria
He left and the world dimmed. – Britney Martinez – United States
Vampire hunters needed! Chefs/Priests preferred. – Matthew Homan – United States
My pain ends, but theirs begins. – Gwen Porter – Australia
Six toilets later, she found him. – Z.Z Myers – UK
Heartaches in a chest and drawer. – Miss Onjing – Philippines
Clunky Monkey; Buff Stuff; Wolf… Shoot – Connor Cuthrell – United States
We will be together six-feet under. – Angel Mariah Mondejar – Philippines
He wandered, lost, grasping broken memories. – Brenda Abou Khalil – UK
Too much pain to nurture peace! – Krishnanand Boolaky – Mauritius
These scars? LASER-WIELDING (surgical) ROBOTS! – Julia LaFond – United States
Your hyperbole leads me to paranoia. – Hyacinth Bradbury – United States
Author rewrites life, but memories linger. – K. S. Dearsley – UK
Pain, the purest form of medication. – Ffiona Rose – Canada
Broken glasses, blood stained, not reusable. – Maisha Mahrin – Bangladesh
Were like snowflakes, can’t be saved – Rose Greenwood – England
The trees are listening to us. – Bertie Gibbons – United Kingdom
Always keep your night light on. – Jack Frier – Australia
Nowonder, I wonder, love is wonderful. – Nathan Meleki – Zambia
….said, “It’s called movement, not stealing”… – Celestine, Seyon Reuben – Nigeria
Calories, weight, measurements, but failing math – Kylee S – United States
Party!! Leftovers and regret for breakfast. – Kath Kilburn – UK
Late love called. ‘Yes,’ she said. – Fiona Bernhoeft – United Kingdom
beauty wakens anew every glorious morning – Kevin M – Canada
without navigation in a native nest cute stork they come and go thoughts are recognized – Veselina Bashova – Bulgaria
Will light ever reach my depths? – Adam Weisner – United States
Two dreams and their drenched pillows – Benedict Phillipe –
Every person is born, lives, then… – Boakesey B – Isle of Man
Reductionism. Not true. Not false. Brick. – Your Planet – United States
Your look spread mine with love. – Henry Vinicio Valerio-Madriz – Costa Rica
He went to the market already. – Matthew Pierce – United States
Where does our waste end up? – Ayomide Dehinsilu – United Kingdom
She smiled; who would ever know? – Paula Lucas – New Zealand
They would meet in another life. – Jackie Juno – UK
One day, the letters stopped coming. – C. L. Ayres – United States
Repeat the mistake of meeting me. – Marysol Alape – Puerto Rico
“Rare blood group required!” – Vampires Association. – Vaibhav Gilankar – India
All for love, I would believe. – Charmaine Chia – Singapore
Clarification: eclectic décor means junk. – Gwendolyn Mansell – Canada
Whistling, he shoveled his neighbor’s sidewalk. – Amanda Silverman Kosior – United States
I was being molested at night – Stephanie Silvio – Philippines
I become a wonder to many – Beks Rabecca – United States
he far outshines a million suns – Mare O – United States
To be queen is to die. – Marie Eliotte – Saint Lucia
Looking for a mouse (elephant problem). – T P – United States
Dad never knew that I existed. – Rebecca Christopher – United States
The Message Nobody Had Ever Heard – Shining Light – Israel
I danced till my feet hurt – Tarannum Chowdhury – Bangladesh
Do maths?future dont need it – Kingsun Lim – Malaysia
Masks tossed aside, Covid be gone. – Debbie Patten – South Africa
Move on and forget the past. – Rose Ann Labahan – Philippines
Wealth is not a friend. – Shahnoz Omonova – Uzbekistan
I could fail! You could succeed! – D.L. Libley – United States
Long, narrow corridor, all doors open – Adi Peled-Sarig – Israel
Cops found my gram of hope – AJ Walker – United Kingdom
Scale of Universe Comforts Insignificant Student – Zoe Langer – Germany
Alone to dream someone else’s life – Abigail Barbag – United States of America
The moon crumbled like blue cheese. – Carla Ward – United States
When I feel, I fall again – Noa Berman – Isreal
I loved too much; no more. – Archana Ceraman – Australia
And things, as things do, changed… – Reem Hamraz – India
Promises will echo when they’re empty. – Charlie Hendrix – United States
“You’re crazy,” she said.He was. – Layanthi Tennekoon – Sri Lanka
can go with, walk alone together – By: DuVal: Cannon, Beneficiary – United States
The oceans parted when she sang. – Ahalya Srambical – United States
You departed, I stayed. Fast-forward. – Stefania Grosso – Italia
When she smiled, her face glowed. – Britney Martinez – United States
The world was ate by humans – Michael Coleman – United Kingdom
Two Jews, three opinions, eternal gossip – Noah Hamaoui – Brazil
They bled. I washed my hands. – Sarah Li – United States
Stars twinkle in the dark sky. – Leslie Perez – United States
Ghosts comforted her when humans couldn’t. – Melissa Sarnowski – United States
My cat sleeps on, distinctly unbothered. – Lo Waldorff – Switzerland
Suddenly, 89 pounds wasn’t low enough. – Sofia Chavez-Lujambio – United States
She slept but never woke up. – Juan Miguel – Philippines
Nobody knew when the stones will crack. – Aria Writes –
The battle against killing is what kills – Sofia Kioroglou – Greece
The faith can change ones fate. – Jelly Masinag – Philippines
His mean eyes seared her soul. – Pat Bonner Milone – United States
Aliens switched off sun. Earth died. – Nandakumar Poonthottam – India
Opening that door, stole my innocence. – Elizabeth Ryan – United Kingdom
Russia-Ukraine does not deserve it – Paul Perkins – United States
Musa drank an ocean in seconds. – Abubakar Yusuf Ado – Nigeria.
Still frozen, I watch the flames – Breanna OBryan – United States
The reason the dog can fly…. – TERRY Miller – United States
Charlie. Please don’t open the airlock. – Peter Coleman – United Kingdom
Can’t sleep, you’re not at peace. – Bernie Kay – USA
Lost friends. Changed myself. Gained snakes. – Fathima A – India
I miss you every day, love… – Katarina Jovanovic – Serbia/Canada
My mask slipped, theirs already had. – Martyn Sullivan – United Kingdom
“A writer?” “Yes.” He wrote “unemployed.” – K. Lee – United States
His holiness! You shot me thrice! – Meliritos Meliritos – Trinidad and Tobago
The spell misfired, spectacularly; and fatally. – Peter Coleman – United Kingdom
We Must Await Ere Break Of Day – Abigail Brown – United States
i love you to the moon – Edith Sani – Nigeria
A fallen hero, a victorious villain – Alice Raison – United Kingdom
It’s not fair, you’re too beautiful – Kia Yang – United States
Illuminated by gaslight, she questioned reality. – Stephan Mount – Canada
The Earth rose, and then breathed. – Kaylana Carlton – United States
Fortuitous reprieve: the zombie was vegan! – Dara Naraghi – US
I screamed, but silence greeted me – Anix Anix – Nigeria
December got away from us again. – Rachael Agidee – United Kingdom
Study Math and you’ll have problems. – Anita Limson – Philippines
Expectations ran into arms of anguish. – Ravali Mandavilli – India
In the house, it was warm. – Senate Lerotholi – Lesotho
Under heavy thoughts and what ifs – Praguni Kumar – India
Snow falls, tires skid, sirens wail. – Rosie Baquie – United States
Crying along the freest dark sky… – Marek Cheung – China, Hong Kong
Skyscrapers became the ruins of megalomaniacs. – E.V. Araith – South Africa
The cat purred, quietly, in peace. – Camay Robison – United States
They spat it out with glee. – Gwynevere Hyde – Portugal
Dad why is the mirror smiling – Favour Chibike – Nigeria
Mold grew where hair should have. – Molly Edeburn – United States
Just another you, in other shoes – That Lo (LoLo) – United States
Old legs. I won’t be dancing. – Gopi DJ Elton (Pen name) – Australia
Midnight brownies…mom’s not awake, right?! – Emma Peng – United States
Lies for her, happiness for him. – Lee Serna – United States
Please Read Everything Again. Cheers Homie. – Bryce Easton – United States
“Did I always have three legs?” – Jack Arnold – United States
Empty heart yet so heavy, ironic! – Renie Rastogi – India
Free and just should one be. – Jannel Williams – Jamaica
Observation: one human remains, Conclusion: Kill – Kevin Davidson – United States
You’re my dream. Don’t wake me! – Joanna Hoyt – USA
Moonbeams overhead, star kissed success. Maybe. – Becky Parker – United States
I bade farewells and left forever – De Peculiar – Nigeria
The stench of grief often lingers. – Oluwadamilola Falayi – Nigeria
The mountains call, I answer eagerly. – Shea Jordan – United States
Just left prison. Already killed Joe. – Aylar A –
Fart. Wait. Oh, no. Poop. Shit – Joseph Hegeman – Usa
Autoerotic, /Skimming pre-loved vanity /For vestigia. – Zoe Petersen – Australia
That’s when I really lost it. – Ava Bogard – United States
Did I get blood on you? – Yuzhou Yong – United States
Am a fly and am so fly – DrThembieTanya DrThembieTanya – Zimbabwe
Can’t tell your bones from mine – Allison McCoy – United States
Frolicking in the wildflowers brings peace – E. F. Hurley – United States
Some big toes are surprisingly small. – Katie G. – UK
Being the first born child sucks. – Angela Chinzah – India
Hemorrhage protocol, hormone exodus, postpartum flashbacks. – Crystal Isaacs – United States
Makeshift forts safeguard memories the longest. – Kim . – India
Ocean blue eyes, I was drowning. – Alexandra Rickert – Australia
Elvis is still in the building! – Valerie Fish – United Kingdom
She was taken in September 1977. – Holly Andrew – United States
A fragile heart, hangs by threads – Gareth Gray – United Kingdom
He kissed her, not her sister. – Helen Van Dongen – Canada
A hint is sufficient for the wise. – Fareed Ahmed – pakistan
Last hug; smell of a stranger. – Florit Shoihet – United Kingdom
All these books, but no solace. – Keshav Pathak – India
This too shall pass kidney stones. – Beth Burke – United States
“kill her” my mother begged father – Marissa Lyons – United States
Buried alive, her screams went unheard. – Karen Rymarz – United Kingdom
Sometimes to loose is to gain. – Damilola Olowa – Nigeria
My lies dripped from cowardly lips – Christian Freepartner – United States of America
All she dreads is some red. – Kripa Varghese – India
Success Is Wisdom Born Of Pain – Shalom Alangbo – Nigeria
Hawk swoops. Ecstasy. Rabbit caught. Agony. – Lynn Zeleski – United States
Luckily, misery looked good on him. – Katerina Prokopiou – Cyprus
Here: a rare piece of me. – Guilherme Balarin – Brazil
Lost him, will never love again. – Senate Lerotholi – Lesotho
You died and stole my birthday. – Kelsey Gilbert – Untied States
Your eyes. What a delightful sight. – Celeste Salazar – Costa Rica
Where has my waggy tail gone? – Lucas Hockley – Canada
You are my light in tunnel – Mannu .. – India
A good bird fell from heaven. – Ballpoint Shaheed Rashid – United States
wavy black hair with impeccable taste. – Cassandra Wright – India
Plates on the table; decades-old dinner. – Anoushka Mahajan – India
True love has trials and happiness – J. L. Fril – United States
Lonely. Dying from a heart attack. – Godfrey Luyt – South Africa
Before you there was only sorrow. – Ffiona Rose – Canada
My heart speaks before I act – Ilo Daniel Adeyemi Dilo_Artwright – Nigeria
Still baffled by what went wrong. – RUFA BALBON – Philippines
In the darkness, you were light. – Madeleine Thomas – United States
The world’s gone mad. Send help. – Jelani D’Aguilar – United Kingdom
Unethical? Maybe, if you were human. – Sarah Singh – United States
She sprays perfume. He drops dead. – Keelin McCarthy – Ireland
They can’t stop what’s for you. – Jamila Coleman – United States
The yarn wove memories into blankets – Donna Hinkley – United States
I am dumb it’s not fun. – Sebastian Robinson – United Kingdom
Confessed my love. He ran. Ouch! – Maimuna Adamu – Nigeria
“I am not a liar” she lied. – Bjorn Wall – Canada
Tis what it’s. It’s what tis. – LoveLife LoveLife – United Kingdom
Cold hands. He wept with grief. – Ash Evans – United State
No! How did you find me? – Bettina Karpathian – United States
Heartache, avoid! Lest you, discover liberation! – Charmaine Erasmus – South Africa
Immigrant. Naturalized citizen. Disenfranchised voter. Tragic. – Dara Naraghi – US
People aren’t fed with thoughts & prayers. – Marie Langlois – Canada
Failure isn’t the end; quitting is. – Anna Jose – Philippines
Child, i cried. Now, i try – Psalmuel Benjamin – Nigeria
My life is now slowly ending – Ivanna Contreras – United States
Eyes an ocean. So tears trickled. – Aleena Kuriakose – United States
You’re the snuggle to my trouble. – Ryan Choo – United States
Only you are my best friend, sir. – Ruchita Vasudeva – India
Apart a heart will start anew. – Leah Onosato – United States
cursed brain for making you beautiful – Darcey O’ Hanlon – Canada
Trusting a perfidious is like gambling – Ankita Upreti – India
Just then, I thought you’re mine. – Alle Ella – Philippines
Stop fossil fuels, keep cool man. – Chris Magson – United Kingdom
I conjured you up from stardust – Shiksha Dheda – South Africa
Do you know joe? Joe mama. – Jake Hopfauf – United States
Black and white. These are colours. – Aisha Safarova – Azerbaijan
Peace. The silence in my heart. – Quili Quili – Nigeria
My broken heart had finally healed. – Roxanne Bowser – Canada
“Not guilty!” “Thanks! Next time… disguises.” – C M Prosso – UK
Mum, I’m sorry for my own. – Elijah Lim – Indonesia
She crushed her fairies into magic. – Jennifer Whitener – China
“Press the bloody button…” The end. – DAVID A JONES – ENGLAND
She stole secrets from starlit skies – Emma Peng – United States
Pressure applied, diamonds made, in aging. – Matthew Berg – U.S.A
The rabbit hole was never interesting. – KM Estrella – Philippines
An exit, relief! But nobody leaves. – Daniela Vincelli – Argentina
Carrying our sadness gave me calluses – Emma Boyd – United States
Characterizations of injustice cause ubiquitous agony. – Nahida Hussein – Kenya
The silence makes my ears restless. – Rosie Maddy-P – United Kingdom
Her laugh flutters like butterfly wings. – Jaina Peveto – United States
An idiot, but a lovable fool. – Septna L. – Malaysia
Even in death they would stand. – Alvin E. M. – United States
Once a man, now a skeleton. – Daniel Markov – Hrvatska
Help! I married a sea monster. – Hikmat Quadri – Nigeria
Thinking : “how can i feel?” – Shely Priya – Israel
That monday, the rain fell upwards – Cuisel Peach – Nigeria
Simply cut down that mango tree – Kamili Mlay – Tanzania
Trust God with all your heart – Fisayo Oluokun – Nigeria
Failed economist becomes a fortune teller. – Prachi Raizada – United Kingdom
Love is like a grapefruit: bittersweet. – Amy Mandayaya – United Kingdom
He had a hair trigger – blonde. – Sharyn Grimes – Australia
Keep going, you’ll find the light. – Maimuna Adamu – Nigeria
Let’s love even our hidden sorrows. – Aeviel Yoon – Philippines
Pick your brain, not your nose. – Dianna Woodlands – Australia
At her hands, he will die. – Grace Naylor – United States
Someone’s knocking. But I am outside. – Jaycee Lim – Malaysia
If only, people were transparent being. – Fun tsho – Bhutan
normal is only a dryer setting – Susan Mcclellan – USA
I waited forever. Nothing happened. – Billy Massinger – United States
A snore, a purr, a nap! – Eugenette Morin – Canada
Income inequality. Rising fascism. Greatest country? – Dara Naraghi – US
Did he love me ? Did i … ? – Shely Priya – Israel
Increase Auschwitz tourism remove shoe relics. – Mary McClarey – United Kingdom
Running around without any socks on – Rotem Tamsut – Israel
I blinked and hit middle age. – Markie Doczi – United States
Bible sequel is in production hell. – Daniel Sanchez – United States
Look behind the door, I did. – Fisayo Balogun – Nigeria
little red dream locked dreary blue – Gabriel T – United States
The Universe decided to END everything. – This Person – UK
Look’ owls moon. Shadows Elwood room. – Kathy Bahr – United States
When we met, I’d believed him. – Genevieve Mathis – United States
The men whom I look upto – Shruti Sinha – India
Bought plant. Take home. Water it – Josie Parrelli – Australia
When no sound, thoughts overpowering screams – Preeya-Rose Ahluwalia – Australia
The moon is a close Mars. – Anvil Panow – United States of America
She resembled snow, frigid and numbing. – Leigh Madison – United States
How lonely, watching the universe dance. – Brittany Davis – Canada
Love and Chaos is manipulative kindness. – Halcyon Void – United States
Quiet rustling. Dead of night. Squeek. – Keanna Harris – United Kingdom
Her train of thought was derailed. – Kay Richards – United Kingdom
“Imagine being happy.” Confused. “What’s happy?” – Rayne Nash – United States
yeti in my spaghetti oh my – ROBERT DAVIS – United States
Every moment is a fresh beginning. – Shaquille Ahia – United Kingdom
A short life, legacy of glories. – Na-Yeon Kim – Canada
Jamming blues rock, guitar wails on – Patrick Starr – United States
Memories are sunny days and downpours – Hazel Bateman – United Kingdom
The food is left untouched and cold – Nikitha Bhukya – India
Obsessed with the intricacies of clockwork – Maximus McNeill – United States
Another life was what he wanted. – Debbie Lampi – United States
Aliens speak white noise. I translate. – Rick Davids – Germany
It’s what it’s, I’m what I’m – ESTHER MWAPE – Zambia
Crying. I wish we have met. – Yesmary Paulino – United States
No flowers lay on her grave. – Netanya Brittain – United States
I wish I hadn’t died yesterday. – Jaina Peveto – United States
We gossiped people, our giggles overlapping. – Raheem Omeiza – Nigeria
Snow in spring. A farmer’s nightmare. – Maria Sardi – New Zealand
cower under the covers, a thunderstorm – Francis Hui – United States
Her faithful hound by her side. – Holly Andrew – United States
Tears escape; Like everyone I’ve known – Liyana Zaman – United States
Your voice is the whole world. – Carley FitzGerald – Canada
Stop sign! What’s the meaning again? – Minha Syed – Canada
“Kill him.” “Anything for her medicine.” – Emma Lin – United States
Unfortunately, the gods woke up pissed. – Cuisel Peach – Nigeria
She even cursed in cursive, bitch. – Qwint Illin – United Arab Emirates
Failure builds strength to start again. – Marvin Aga Marvin Aga – Uganda
The barn collapsed on her memories. – JB Jeffries – United States
Losing was hard. Winning? Even worse. – Colm O’Shea – Ireland
My reflection blinked. I had not. – Amalie Wad – Norway
Mechanics’ wallets fatten from brave bucks. – Justin Fellows – United States
Don’t you see? I am you. – Hollie Lemons – United States
Graduated. Flunked out. Job hunting? Shrug. – Adrian Ross – United States
Cupped hands make the thuds echo – Masumi Parmar – Malaysia
He died, I became a wanderer – Abdulmueed Balogun – Nigeria
Wisteria and wishful thinking begin blooming. – Amber Reinhart – United States
Sorry, I’m marrying your mom, Eric – Nik Falco – United States
To be born again, I die. – Katie Nelson – United States
See the moonlight in her eyes. – Alvin E. M. – United States
He hid his tears in canvases – Palisha MKG – Malawi
What is life without your coffee? – Ruby Black – United States
Her first kiss became split lips. – A.R. Hansen – United States
The best blessings bring bright beginnings. – Austyn Ray –
We’re all operating on different frequencies – Talia Throne –
So alone in a crowded room. – Saxon H. – United States
It wasn’t alright on the night. – Ian Hamilton – United Kingdom
frown like you cannot smile down – Gabriel T – United States
She awoke to a screaming moan – Catherine Siegmund – United States
Not everyone has happily ever after’s – Deepti Yadav – India
Love, stars, and other wild things. – Sandra Tsar –
The mountain range crumbled, like teeth. – H. E. Lewis – United Kingdom
Susan swam westwards, never looking back. – Simon Kewin – United Kingdom
From sleep to a place anew – Manasseh Sampana – Ghana
Beyond the translucence of plastic wrap – Bee lily – India
She left her ring behind her. – N. O. S. Naorow – United Kingdom
The ocean floor sings your song. – Icarus Taiyo – Lithuania
Stand by me, my dearly beloved. – Tobi Thewritingrayol – Nigeria
“No” he screamed looking around him – Georgios Gerasimos Mantziokas – Greece
Another accident? Dad! Please stop driving. – Aiona Byuwek – USA
Semi manufacturers fund autobody shops. – Gwendolyn Mansell – Canada
His skin was cinnamon-scented velvet. – S.B. Ward – United States
They never mentioned “none for all”. – Michael Freitas – Canada
Poignancy hides in the prettiest people. – Gregory Di Filippi – United States
Breaths die in lonely moments together. – Éala Cornista –
His presence imposing, ancient and cruel. – Gray Sinton – Ireland
The forest burned as he laughed. – E. R. Lyerly – United States
Just three words, never give up! – D.L. Libley – United States
Single words take shape into poems. – Kerry J Heckman – United States
Whispering walls keep me awake tonight. – Emma David – United States
At times, there were small victories. – Britt van Klaveren – Netherlands
Those we love become the stars. – Alison Paige – United States
Diagon alley kindergarten: “The leaky condom” – Ilana Bogomolny – Israel
He etches religion on my ribs – Deepti Aksharra – India
World shape wasn’t depended on speakers. – Nur Uğurlu – Türkiye
We’d dance in the stars indefintely – Lexi Cook – United States
Had a fish. Then it drowned. – Mr. Kjyakrvaxak – United States
Old wounds reopen, dulled pain resurface. – Alyssa Santos – Philippines
“Love is pain,” the killer declared. – Andrea Perez – United States
Our lives drifted. So did we. – Akita Chettri – India
Rowdy orgy party. “Police! We’re screwed.” – Iris Cross – Trinidad and Tobago
Hearts can be mended or bended – Tiffany Chen – United States
To love others should be easy. – Charlie Jandora – United States
Don’t Give Up Yet, There’s Hope. – Jomarie Shaine C. Macario – Philippines
Henny the heifer hiked slowly uphill. – Kelly Morgan – United States
Love got crushed, why break yourself? – Mahmoodah Oyeleye – Nigeria
The abyss within consumed her whole. – Danielle Guerrero – United States
God is most alive in death. – Alec Stenerson – United States
You’d Rather Die Fair Enough. – Dan Carter – Chile
I count stars on your arm. – Geo Moon – South Korea
Blood on knees, stains on sleeves. – Andrea Perez – United States
I’m vegan, but he loves bacon. – Mayo Li – United States
love misses a stop my heart – geraine calvan – Philippines
7.9 billion people and I’m alone. – Celine Dion Santos – Philippines
A clock can erode your focus – Howard Lee – United States
Just one step ruins an anthill – Kylee S – United States
Favoured by many loved by none. – Dhanyhel Gardener – Jamaica
I think I have a plan… – Mark Blackburn – United Kingdom
Just mind your own thing, baby – Forrest Trenton – Myanmar
Northern lights beckoned his sleigh homewards. – Amanda Brophy – England
Someday I’ll stop embarking sinking ships. – Amanda Battista – United States
Today is a blessing and curse. – Kohila Gengatharan – Malaysia
Colours paint the sky with dusk. – Zoe Shoulak – Canada
Fighting to outrun a neverending escalator. – Medha Chakrapani – India
Strawberries and crawfish, what a morning. – Iris Cinder – United States
Coffee lover – not too much sugar – Rebecca Tarullo – United States
Dyed hair, wasn’t recognized: robbed bank. – Anne Theriault – United States
Dad screw mom only for me. – Hillel Benjamin Rosen – ישראל
Personal growth can also be killing. – Henry Tham – Malaysia
Deep sea adventure, the soul hides. – Cintia Abigail Bonilla – Honduras
Off once more to misery’s end. – Tk Khalemethe Khalemethe – South Africa
I will time traveled next week. – Burak Yildirim – Türkiye
‘Holding rattle, forgetting cigarette, newborn cries’ – Yash Agrawal – India
Bitterness brewed until no trust remained. – Barbara Harvey Carter – United States
Newark castle fortifies the town’s citizens. – Brian Mackinney – United Kingdom
Martian biosphere darkened. Vampires welcomed atmosphere. – Roxanne Barbour – Canada
I tried, I failed. I rise. – Mijares Mary jane – Philippines
Jail cells can’t lock up emotions. – Gracelyn O. Daniels – United States
The relationship is a sailing hardship – Oluwafemi Makanjuola – Nigeria
The sun’s melting the melting icebergs? – Priyakshi Bhattacharyya – India
Our private fears in public places. – Adriana Robinson –
Though patters fade, the echo remains. – Alexie Smith – United States
Simple glances. Taking chances. Found love. – Nygg Borgir – Philippines
She stayed, battered but still. – Janet Marie – Usa
Not dead, here again, and hungry. – D.W. Stein – United States
Writing is easy… unless it’s not! – Sundarae Jomay – United States
We live longer when we die. – Iyanuoluwa The Air Jr. – Nigeria
The secrets were buried there, waiting. – Cindy Ngo – United States
And they said romance was dead. – Sage Gates – United States
Intricately designed— Glowing orange wings fly – Hannah M – United states
Work hard:buy all you want – Axel Ramos – Philippines
Trust the government. They’ve never lied. – Stephanie Daich – United States
Hit my head on the sky. – Eliana The Writer – Australia
I swear the light was green. – Kathy Szaters – Australia
The lid was on the toothpaste – Rich Dunstan – United Kingdom
Soul for sale. Price: Not enough. – JJ Courtney – United Kingdom
One cat. Three mice. Hungry owl. – Andrew Taylor – United Kingdom
Hollowness in my blank heart cage – Gift Abbie – Nigeria
With flooded eyes, he said farewell. – Sarah Seymour – United Kingdom
Betrayed by the most trustworthy eyes – Sadia Shafique – Pakistan
First drink: Milk. Last one: Poison – Vyna Tagal – Philippines
He showed kindness with bad intentions. – Aksa Wani – India
Thick air with words left unsaid – Hailey Smith – United States
I waited, you never came back – Isobella Hopkins – Australia
Voiceless, in an information drenched world. – Patwant Rhodes – South Africa
I will write smarter, not longer. – Laura Aguilera – España
Never saw beauty, until it’s gone – Dossy Bossy – United States
Maybe, just maybe, he loved me. – Jane M – Nigeria
My hairdresser smirked, holding the evidence. – Nandana Rajeev – India
All black. Lightsaber. Khoh-khuhhhr. Vader costume. – Jenn Ferna Hall – United States
Voluminous and lambent, sunset’s falling leaves – Matt Wester – United States
will you have me as I am? – salwa onto – Bangladesh
“The sky wasn’t always gray, child.” – Rachel Cohn – United States
Why l refused my crush’s proposal. – Jaya Jangid – India
Give me your hand and jump – Marina Priorini – Italia
He cut the cord, then fled. – Moira Ashley – UK
Friends don’t lie, but you do – Angela Ebbings – United States
Huge light. Hungry moth. Holey socks. – Keanna Harris – United Kingdom
Only excuse I have; I died. – Muhammad Farhan – Pakistan
No Umbrella? Dance in the rain. – Nicola Esteves – India
I’ll turn this world our kingdom – Jessie Chiko – Israel
Adored, betrayed, discarded; we survived love. – Rabi’a N – Mauritius
Her death made me prettier sister. – Seedratul Muntaha Khandaker –
Hate him. Miss him even more. – Mira Leo – Indonesia
She kept quiet about her silence. – Nashat Zaman – Malaysia
And the night screamed in agony. – Honey Ranking –
Art is just pain wearing make-up. – Mafalda Agante – Portugal
My dog vomited my lost pigeon. – Parisa Mousavi – Iran
Her words echo, till this day. – Athena Amor – India
Post-it curled, yellowed; “Back in five.” – Holly May – United Kingdom
Baby slept, her hand in mine. – Ian Hamilton – United Kingdom
She lied like a sun-warmed cat – Gwen Keller – United States
Should I be afraid of you? – Catherine Comawas – Philipines
A nightingale’s serenade of eternal love – Divya Harshitha Sadanala – India
Apollo5 landed, on the wrong planet. – Johnson Matandi – Kenya
Of all things…the roar within – Ana Contrera – Spain
Why am I questioning myself, again? – Connor Thornley – United Kingdom
When bombs explode, I feel nothing. – C.S. Griffel – United States
Mummy and Daddy are yelling, why? – Caterina Franks – United States
Our end left me in shellshock. – Cait Spratt – Ireland
Farewell Twitter! A new world order. – Juliet Wilson – United Kingdom
I awakened and I couldn’t see. – Raluca – Gabriela Bucsoiu – Romania
God as he walked the stage. – Benedict Phillipe –
Dolls in a Jar: Now Free! – Paul Laughbert – United States
the void will reclaim you soon – Lex Chamberlin – United States
My Mum: best food, always right. – Adrian Mario – Jersey
Wanted maturity. Now yearn for innocence. – Chase Li – United States
I never belonged to beings aware. – Mijah Jay – United States
Singapore: metropolitan city with artificial plants. – Hayoon Joe – Singapore
Maybe Jane should have killed him. – Eve Selway – United States
The fearmongering satan projects his tragedies. – Capricorn – – Malaysia
Still, nothing changed. – Genevieve Mathis – United States
The Mobius Doublet and flat curvature. – Rodney Bartlett – Australia
Grocery list: that one thingy thing – Ace McLynn – United States
Fighting for freedom, whatever that is. – Anthony Sciuto – United States
Me? No, you? Possibly. Astronomically? Perhaps. – Matthew Pierce – United States
Send me a stamp from Neverland. – Maria Stroe – Roumania
And eventually the words stopped coming – Meghana Sankar – United States
Toilet; a soothing place to visit – Oluwatosin Akinmurele – Nigeria
your life isn’t yours to take – Hareem Zehra – Pakistan
We miss goals in quest for greatness – Abdulhakim Jimoh – Nigeria
Kneel Down, Wash Yourself, Arise Shining – Angel Anderson – United States
Even the sky can deceive you. – Cyra Array – Pakistan
Signed. I’m no longer Mrs. Gibbons. – Lycel Lagrada – Philippines
You didn’t break me. I did. – Dawne Monigle – United States
He disrespected her Then, he vanished – Juliana Mae Chumacera – Philippines
Whistling relief as the door slammed. – Zee Mink-Fuller – United States
book had a topic showing dots – Abhishek Kumar – India
The ape, both divine and visceral. – Brynn Lacey – Canada
Freedom, Anxiety, Happiness, Tension, Sickness, Death. – S A Fatmi – Pakistan
Curiosity gave life to the dead. – Katie DaSilva – Canada
He needed Moira to stop breathing – Isabelle Auman – United states
She pulled his sleeve, don’t leave! – Sulekha Rathnam – India
Fake, very common. The real, scarce. – Iyanuoluwa The Air Jr. – Nigeria
Death did not end my suffering. – Taylah Needham – Australia
The empty ocean a gate to hell – Morongwa Colleen – South Africa
I always feel wounded and care. – RUFA BALBON – Philippines
Bandaids do not heal the heart. – Amanda Battista – United States
Trapped within my mind, I wither. – K. A. S. – United States
The cat, couldn’t stand, the mat. – Zoe Arena – United Kingdom
The birds won’t sing here anymore. – Cheryl Buck – United Kingdom
Poor. Boy. In. Love. With. Me. – Jonathan Pett – UK
Rest, breathe. For tomorrow it begins. – Caroline Rowles – England
His red-blooded ambitions strangle weakened bones. – Lydia McCann – United States
Being tested makes me the problem. – Svelte Draconian – Philippines
Do you have kids? Not anymore. – Manuela Stoicescu – Germany
I am spending myself in instalments. – Ankit Raj Ojha – India
Finally, she crossed the finish line – Phoebe Nortey – Ghana
Momentary magic casting a lifelong spell – Kayleigh Fraser – Scotland
Stars strung up in her hair. – Emilia Abbott – United States
The laddered tights won this battle. – Sarah Lowe – United Kingdom
I still miss your ghostly embrace. – Rachel Joyce – United States
I don’t Wanna Live, Also die – Kim Calima – Philippines
Face it,solve it gain it. – Shweta Mahapatra – India
Wanted absolution. Hadn’t got a prayer. – Dan Micklethwaite – United Kingdom
Dinner tastes better than all philosophy. – Ankit Raj Ojha – India
The sky wings are bleeding red. – N.C Sunday –
Love hurts more than death sometimes. – Jessica Portrey – United States
I followed her into the mirror. – Hania Farooq – Pakistan
Today–a day that will pass. – Hana Johnson – United States
Moved by your existence, finally home. – Grace Anndel Santos – Philippines
Walls, absorbing, listening, learning, surrounding. Walls. – Manani Seth – United States
No more bridecake for multiwed diabetic. – Mary McClarey – United Kingdom
You saved him. I killed him. – N.K. Jeremiah Pelumi – Nigeria
By then, the flowers had died. – Marissa Snyder – United States
A wet cloud leaks a liquid – Solomon Guzali – Nigeria
Who knows what another mind thinks. – Karen Richards – United Kingdom
The tooth fairies demanded equal pay. – Anubhuti Jain – India
A game: another body, another name. – Nicolette Scardina – United States
Set the table. No ones home. – Amiel Guyçois – Canada
Doug’s clumsy even with athlete’s foot. – Ann Barker – México
Your smile hid your final “good-bye.” – Vivian Imperiale – United States
With you shall me be reborn – L Aydin – Turkey
Four paws, two hands, one bond – Madeline Dorris – Canada
The pain of leaving me behind. – Fadilah Abubakar – Nigeria
Today, the ocean began to split. – Sarah Guan – United States
Nobody planned to visit the grave. – Catelyn Winona – United States
Husband left but all is right. – Liz Lydic – United States
Heated skin made it sink in. – Medha Chakrapani – India
Surprised. Didn’t know everything was lie. – Vanessa Mabaga – Philippines
The last riddle can’t be unanswered. – Joanna Hoyt – USA
Please confirm your type of conformity. – CL Tucker – United States
Love its sweetness, coffee my life. – Vanessa Mabaga – Philippines
Does stupid know that it’s stupid? – Paul Jackson – England
Squealing outside. Stops. Starts. Stops again. – Leah Mueller – United States
Some things, better left unwritten, unsaid. – E.E. Karn –
two icepoles sheet my Christmas nightcap – Eliza Cuihua – the People’s Republic of China
It’s quiet till people speak. – Helen Hafiak – Ukraine
Boredom makes beanstalks giant, not magic. – Carlos Abainza – Bahrain
Never give up; you’ll lose progress – Ella Musgrove – United States of America
I failed the self embalming course. – Rory Moores – New Zealand
Life all have. None knows what. – Venkateswara Nana Rao Chappidi – India
I was alive but never lived – Mahbubat Salahudeen – Nigeria
Exist,survive,move ahead, achieve, triumph – Hamdalat Yetunde Aremu – Nigeria
Sleep, a free trial of death. – KQ Foster – United States
She hides in the whale’s stomach. – Healy Lior –
Have you read “Unashamed” by Lecrae – Oluwabukola Olabode – Nigeria
This is harder than I thought. – Sam McLane – United States
Have mine, Mummy’s not hungry anyway. – Andrew R. Krey – United Kingdom
Forgoing patricide, I had limited options. – Nathaniel Mellor – Italy
Live like there is no later – Kheanu Jay Argame – Philippines
Heart flamed the mind which burns. – Greta Bonati – United States
She should have been a boy. – Denise Bloomfield – United Kingdom
I’m deaf. Or so I thought. – Aaron Yu – United States
When life gives lemons, just squeeze. – Jenn Passuth – United States
We loved and then we lost – Lara Jade – United Kingdom
Underneath my heart lies his word – Iulia Musat – United states
Love lives in the ocean always. – Theodore Amahle Ndlovu – South Africa
The wind blew down south. Six?! – Rai Ray – Canada
She lives still / In my heart – Veronica Shreve – United States
The Cheetah observed its prey cautiously – Harrison Nkomuwa – Nigeria
I love you, you love that – Atreyee Chattopadhyay – India
It was now or never again. – Ella Chauvin – United States
When sand not fills thy hourglass – Preeya-Rose Ahluwalia – Australia
Make a deal; post the seal. – Angel Strong – United States
Dreams of the Ones Yet Born – MD. Imjamul Hoque Bhuiyan – Bangladesh
Sometimes you have to take risks. – Jihan (Evan) Lim – United States
They never saw the children again – Holly Crawford – United Kingdom
Noses are spread, while it’s untrue. – Beth Burke – United States
Always don’t open a new doors – Joana mae Masungsong – Philippines
Yesterday was tomorrow, tomorrow is tomorrow – D’Righteous ????️ Pen????️ – Nigeria
Skateboards are wooden cars without seatbelts. – Lisi Slater –
Baby. Blink. Toddler. Blink. Blink. College – Melanie Fitzgerald – United States
Silver scales shone in dazzling rays. – Grace Wright – United States
The hero fell before the battle. – Alexis Beittel – United States
Shine like fire but cry softly – Daniel Fernandes – United States
well, a pickle is a pickle – ROBERT DAVIS – United States
Please, stop, I beg! – He didn’t. – Tooly Bloch – Israel
Pinprick of light just bobbing ahead. – Cassie Li –
The waves continued their attack, unbothered. – Cindy Ngo – United States
Discarded shoes. Bloody floor. Police sirens. – Alyson Hilbourne – United Kingdom
They watched memories fade from Grandpa. – Melanie Fitzgerald – United States
Vultures wait; the dead are delivered – Karin Eaton – Canada
Bella’s alone someone said your phone – Princess kimberly Mondejar – Philippines
Life killed three of my brothers. – Oscarine Latoya Malabele – South Africa
Waved the helicopter, the helicopter drops. – Wei Jin Ong – Malaysia
The sword flashed. His cheek trumpeted – manhood! – Albert Katz – Canada
Teaching wisdom to avoid lonely nights – Jyleel Cuthbert – united states
Shattered glass, wet eyes,lonely nights. – Sharon Stone – United Kingdom
Don’t mind me! I’m just lost. – Steven Lee Hann – United Kingdom
Broken beyond repair, smiling for Camera. – Rahul Nanda – India
Are you feeling in foreign language? – Geo Moon – South Korea
One world – keep it that way – Danny Shannon – United States
Wolf wears fleece. Mutton tastes funny. – Daniel Galef – United States
Love killed her in the end. – Almas Baqri – India
Hell: “We have been expecting you.” – Sudha Yadav – India
Simone? Come on, baby, pick up. – Paul Blanksby – Australia
The ocean is cold, suffocating me. – Mayo Li – United States
But they couldn’t find out. – Khadidja Douz – Algeria
Universal sweetest sentence: I love you. – Anisha Dutta – INDIA
Friends,no more.Torment,lifeless,perished. – Asma’u penshusna – Nigeria
Outside, celestial bodies began to gather. – Mark Rhodes – United States
Psychiatrist in search of another psychiatrist – Samara Doumnande – United States
Blind man has visions, new journey. – Alana Russotti – United States
I want to drown this dream. – Moyosolaoluwa Olowokure – Nigeria
You offered me a different end – Allison McCoy – United States
“It’s nice to meet you, Mom.” – Taryn Martinez – United States
I- yes. no. well…perhaps not. – Violet Fitz – Australia
I left three loves in Tokyo. – Jay Wayne – United States
The house is dying, no question. – Christopher Walker – United States
Eyes closed…no the other one – Annette Etim – Nigeria
Nevertheless, she smiled. Happily ever after. – Cailey Tarriane – Philippines
Cheers! Molotov cocktails on the house. – Mark J. Towers – United Kingdom
Earth is not square to orbit. – M Santos – Philippines
My Mouth Confines With The Vines – Daniela Magana – United States
The tree remembers who waters it. – Moira Espinosa – United States
my name was on the headstone – Dakota Jackson – United States
When my heartbeat sounds so unfamiliar – Miss Onjing – Philippines
What’s physically here isn’t here mentally – Lily Johnson – United Kingdom
Heaven. Hell. And those stuck between. – Georgina Woolfe – United Kingdom
We found her, the policeman said. – Elke Wandersee – Germany
Don’t find *a* voice, find *yours* – Sofiya Elsie – United States
‘Tis a simple thing to exist – Megan Osborn – United States
I write stories from the heart. – Oluwabukola Olabode – Nigeria
I used to be very happy. – Alka Yadav – India
Adventures take seven days until another – Tiffany Chen – United States
At the foot of his bed – Gracey Trey – Nigeria
Just enjoy your life before ends – Johnbert Buhay – Philippines
Tears are all I have left. – Kiana farokhnia – Iran
Orange light reflects onion dome gilding. – Kathryn Borobia – United States
Donna chose loneliness; it outlasted love. – Dan Micklethwaite – United Kingdom
Smiles Make More Than Someone’s Day – Vrinda Sehgal – Malaysia
laughter is darkness that hides lies – James Mathias – United States
Lora was always late to work. – Zoey Tew – United States
Slippers and sandals have feelings too – Bee Spillett – United Kingdom
Beyond eyes can’t see, eyes see – Anifa Kanyiginya – Uganda
Once a year, we commit infidelity. – Zack Powell – United States
I see the blue, I dive – J.R.R. Smith – Italy
Backyard roses brighten my lonely days. – Beverly Justice – United States
She greeted darkness with a hug. – Rose Red – United States
I found the reason i smile – Aila Mariz Roda – Philippines
Diamond ring going cheap, good luck! – Jen Sinclair – United Kingdom
Her happiness felt heavy: eight pounds. – Micaela Petrini – United States
There is a flame one cannot tame – Christian Panjaitan – Australia
Mother’s Broken Heart. A Newborn’s Failure. – Hudson Neleman –
For hope cannot materialise without reason. – Szeyuet Chin – Singapore
Newborns cry because their mothers scream – Zayd Sulayman – Kuwait
Whatever is buried; reincarnates in folds. – FadairoH Tesleem – Nigeria
Mortality is the opposite of you – Matar Gev –
Covid on Mars and Moon ? Surprised ? – Rohith Bandaratilaka – Sri Lanka
He loved. He cried. He died. – Godfrey Luyt – South Africa
I won’t fight, I’m too tired – Michelle Hoover – United States
Capture me on a Polaroid, baby. – Ava Andrew –
She let his hand go, forever. – Christopher Bisom – United States
Life is short like my shorts – Alana Zian – Uganda
This hasn’t been done before, right? – Will Rice – Canada
her face was like an angle’s – ava lee – United states
My dream girl is a nightmare. – Austyn Ray –
His first cry, was death’s sigh. – Quincy Ann – United States
Faith took her life. She confessed. – Hania Farooq – Pakistan
“R” lost at friends meeting. Tragedy! – Elke Wandersee – Germany
Something to write, I can’t find – Nuha Riyal – Sri Lanka
Here plain fields spread in barrenness and vanity – Ink Makhosane – Lesotho
Animals Should Rule The World Now – Paigh Riley – United States
Who is that stranger I know? – Tom Cherrie – United Kingdom
Scrubbing removed the blood, not guilt. – Larissa Alexander – United Kingdom
She’s taller, much, I’m shorter, boobs. – Catcher Wright – South Africa
Always Swayed by the deep thoughts – Ayesha Khan – Pakistan
If I could return, I wouldn’t. – Zakariya Kamali – United Kingdom
Dear Apostle Paul, love isn’t senseless – Ana Matola – Mozambique
He texted me his phone number. – Ava Rast – United States
Only blood knows how to hate. – Michael O’dell – Australia
The cold became her only comfort – Samantha DeGennaro – United States
Together, they danced the darkness away. – Ifeoma Enechaziam – United Kingdom
Conquering her past, loving her future. – Anne-Marie Kofoed – Danmark
Their guns faltered. Her bravery lived. – Archisha Singh – India
My soul lives on past flesh – Maya Grunden – United States
You definitely look better in person – Lydia Nickleberry – United States
Her eyes were purple shining fireworks. – Florit Shoihet – United Kingdom
Free sample cupon now on sale – Yuhan Wu – Norway
Time flies even when falling back. – L. Roberts – Canada
Living with pain. No greater courage. – Monica Wenzel – United States
Tide-caught sandal washes ashore in autumn. – Rachel Silvestro – United States
Crib. Cot. Bunk. Divan. Hospital. Grave. – Linda Lewis – United Kingdom
The American Dream: it’s a scam. – Chanelle Lambert – United States
Superbly serenading some sanguine, sassy seductress. – Carrie Lovett – United States
Close your eyes, pull the trigger – Bjorn Wall – Canada
Promise to die with my shadow? – Talia Throne –
COVID soaring, rain pouring, frustration roaring – Kieran Mullins – Australia
Touch my action figures and die. – Sara Manno – United States
I cried when you are gone – Kimberly Insigne – Philippines
He said, she said. We laughed. – Debra Plucknett – UK
Contestant “Wow, Sixteen dollars per word!” – DrThembieTanya DrThembieTanya – Zimbabwe
You’re sure you made the reservation? – Gianna C – United States
Meterologist predicted sun. Now it’s snowing? – Trevor LaRene – United States
Humanity is written on cracked pavements. – sandali wickramasinghe – sri lanka
Dearest Fiona, It fell off. Bruce – Z.Z Myers – UK
I wept, as did the spirit. – Raine Evans – United States
The day we met, a sore – Abdulmueed Balogun – Nigeria
I Found love and treasured it – Juliana Mae Chumacera – Philippines
biggest fight: who gets the aux? – Rina Nissani – United States
Falling sand. Fleeing time. Broken hourglass. – Matthis Degree – France
Pretend I’m not broken. I am. – Ivanna Contreras – United States
I am my father’s child and accomplice. – Sarai Winkler – Lexington
Order is always above literature. – Fareed Ahmed – pakistan
Rewriting history with each lie told. – Lisa Rivers – United States
I was always a background character – Annie Tan – Singapore
It rained like tears from heaven. – Joyce Jacobo – United States
Financial transactions are manmade concepts – Megan Buske – United States
Her anger revelatory. No more self-deceit! – Elzbieta Pik – England
“Magic is nonsense!” said the alpaca. – Torsten Kaltenecker – Austria
Your Honour, my husband is guilty – Rhiann Lour – United Kingdom
Study, tears, eat, sleep then repeat. – Dorothy Justice – United States
Puff! Into thin air, she disappeared. – Victoria Akumute – Nigeria
365 days turning around the sun – Ethan Pefanis – unitedstates
You are light I am shadow. – Sue Gerrard – United Kingdom
I’m in love with a possibility. – Farhah Dhamirah – Malaysia
Devils were killed by a kiss – Grace Costantine – Tanzania
Neverland? Not a place. A person. – Angela Panayotopulos – U.S.
Benches, Adriatic sea and old couples. – Katarina Jovanovic – Serbia/Canada
He won’t be like their father. – Saturn Star – United States
Wally wondered what Wanda really wanted. – Jamilen Johnson – United States
One ripped fart. One ruined funeral. – Oliver Seneca – United States
Your goal is all that matters. – Jannel Williams – Jamaica
The dishwasher broke on my birthday – Lucy Simkins – United Kingdom
The grandeur of cigars and sophistication. – Gray Sinton – Ireland
Mediterranean sun kisses are childhood heirlooms – Candy C – Spain
Hurricane Kay. Thirsty – forgot water jugs – L L Darroch L L Darroch – United States
Tears fall slowly and smiles show. – Xiolante B – United States
Use organic brain conditioners before dying. – Diana Hakobyan – Republic of Armenia
I’m glad to have known you – Lloyd Scarsbrook – United Kingdom
Boy. Man. Old boy. Dead man. – Keith Hoerner – USA
She just kept hanging on the roof. – Seedratul Muntaha Khandaker –
Yesterday it rained and I cried. – S A Fatmi – Pakistan
Stole my heart. Now return it. – Kyly Wright – United States
I was pulled by the tide. – Charlotte Rutter – United States
I’ll love you ’till I leave – Chloe Schaefer – Canada
Love is a drug, I’m addicted – Akshay Manchanda – United States
What is left for me: Death? – Lily Johnson – United Kingdom
May tomorrow be premise of hope – Esaie Altime – Haiti
My enemies look like your friends. – Kay Huggins – USA
As I lie awake, he snores. – Holly Andrew – United States
She wore him in a locket. – Rachael Agidee – United Kingdom
Walking the slow ticking days alone. – Mira Leo – Indonesia
Broken toys. Broken dreams. Deepening regrets. – Renzwer Jane – Philippines
Eternity inhabits the clock, at work. – Amy Magnuson – United States
One day, she stopped being remembered. – Tommie Cotton – United States
”No daughter of mine“, Mother said. – Nadine Hamaekers – Germany
Oh god I’m running out of – Cathy Cao – Canada
You warmed my cold, cold heart. – Elizabeth Kearney – United Kingdom
He pulled, she pushed. He lamented. – Elle Danky – USA
Please rain, so I can grow. – Kayliana Wilson – United States
Keeping secrets leads to kindled sadness. – Emily Phillips – United Kingdom
Nothing but hoping for the best. – Ishrat Jahan – Bangladesh
Footsteps and cries. Don’t turn around. – Navineeta Gunabalan – Malaysia
Push and Pull, tear me apart. – WC Wolfe – United States
We will wage war! Wantonly! WHY? – Daniel Fitzpatrick – Sverige
Welcome aboard United Airlines flight 93. – stuart mcdowall – United Kingdom
She made thunder sound like music. – Shruti Pandey – India
Light turned on, you rescued me. – Angelica Blake-Lawson – United Kingdom
Missing Stock: True Love. Update Soon. – Carmela Ben-Nun Moshe – Israel
Love is not on the moon – Ines Acevedo-Bakx – New Zealand
Believe me or not. Your choice. – Rhiann Lour – United Kingdom
The world needs ME, YOU, EVERYONE – Stephen Coltie – Nigeria
Maybe today won’t be so bad. – Kallae Birhan – Ethiopia
“A miser, with his [fake] compliments!” – Sai Deepak – India
Backyard pool mermaids above sea level. – Kerry J Heckman – United States
My love is a haunted house. – Ida Soot – Czech Republic
Burning, she wailed curses. Nothing happened. – Daniel Galef – United States
That clandestine kiss mended her heart. – Susanna Kiernan – United Kingdom
Warm love, hug me so tight – Jenie Bhabes Muesco – Philippines
Colder and deeper one… Sky? Sea? – Imole Olusanya – Nigeria
Oceans, Forests, Deserts and Mountains. Earth. – Yahir Santamaria – United States
Tried surfing. Met shark. Thanks Bob. – Atlas Xuereb – United Kingdom
Change Schrödinger’s litter box, or not – Ed Higgins – United States
Early brunch or late night rendezvous? – Edwin Krang – United States
Scared to write poems about happiness – Alexis Jade – United States
My lover isn’t herself anymore. – Camay Robison – United States
Every night the oceans wave goodbye – Quintrel Ray – United States
He died but his kindness lived – Misbah Zainab – Pakistan
Choking on regret, drowning in teacups. – T. M Bolton – Canada
Ready the damn parachutes; we’re out! – Palmer Blakely – United States
“Mmmm,” I mumbled while cutting it. – Bella Minyo – United States
This might be solipsism, or not. – Soleil Lopez – United States
My child: my Magnum Opus personified – H.M.Shaikh The Prince of the Pen – Canada
Yesterday’s tomorrow will always be today. – Christina May – United Kingdom
Footsteps falling on frozen forest leaves. – Emma Eastman – United States
Welcome to Hell! No thanks *leaves* – Tooly Bloch – Israel
I reach the summit and fall – Carol Beirne – Ireland
Day 1, Wish for a rewind – Hannah Sonia – Rwanda
The sky cried blue heavely tears – John Riebow – USA
This is the end. No, this. – Peter Watson – United Kingdom
Pouring pieces of me on sidewalks. – Jenny Mena – United States
I cry for all the dead wives – Six Stones – Malaysia
I look tough, yet I’m fragile. – Amy Griffiths – United Kingdom.
We endure the circle of life – Vilasini Madhavan – India
At war with life, she fell. – Andreas Ghilardi – Switzerland
Today I’m awake and wonder, why? – Casey Beck – United States
Kisses stolen soon stole his life. – Eve Selway – United States
Lord your name, call every name. – Chaudhari Pritibala – INDIA
I’m not sorry, you deserved it. – Maryam Nababa – Nigeria
I realized it wasn’t a hat. – Daniel Butler – United States
Daily, I colour scars into rainbow. – Joshua Effiong – Nigeria
Fate is such a funny thing. – AJ Richards – United States
Last woman alive, first birthing machine – Praguni Kumar – India
Diagnosed, medicated, unburdened; Family cycle broken. – Cate McLennan – Canada
You’re around but not for me. – Joyce Raiza Santos – Philippines
Words are as powerful as weapons. – Ella Chauvin – United States
Oh ocean dream, someone dimmed aquarium. – Mohammad Zivdar – Iran
recconected with friend following my funeral – shane cedrick nunez –
Entering Bermuda Triangle. No problems whatsoev– – John Floyd – U.S.
Realists live with fear of disappointment. – Alliah Concepcion – Philippines
She came. She saw. I fled. – Paul Fein – United States
Inside jokes faded. Invitation ‘lost’. Dissolution. – Hannah Ladmore – United Kingdom
Unreasonable depths, mind deep like oceans – Denver Gier – United States of America
You are consistently; Kept a promise – Shiela May Guban – Philippines
My indecisiveness might get me killed – Abby Kinloch – United States
Shut up! I’ll return your wife. – Johnson Matandi – Kenya
Rainbow lorikeets flash across arcus cloud. – Madeline (pen name) Soulier (pen name) – Australia
Black lives matter, do they not? – Gerrit Wood – United States
Geddoud, Steve said. He was drunk. – Sarah Holly Bryant – USA
The crystalline raindrops reflected our tranquility. – Medha Chakrapani – India
All the people chose to believe. – Kristen Moore – United States
These feelings are better than drugs. – Kristina Sokolovic – Serbia
She talked but the phone walked. – Armand Diab – United States
Wings on Wednesday nights with friends – Nyki Greeling – United States
Eyes under the bed are gone. – Mary-Kate Kohnke – United States
Misunderstanding is the grave of love. – Karthika Venugopal – Canada
Have to see everything before blindness. – Eileen Tull – United States
Sometimes, silence’s just pretence of weakness! – F. F. –
Your body, your choice, then help – Ella Correll – United States
You left, I stayed. All alone. – Matan Perlstein – Israel
Unspoken grief built a graveyard inside – tanjila tasnim – Bangladesh
Reincarnation – I’m coming back to myself. – Jillian Calahan – United States
Gender Reveal Party: It’s a girl! – Abbey Smith – United States
My hair ran scared of chemo – David Patten – United States
She already left. Forgive me, dad. – Fernando L R – México
The cigarette’s ignition; a hushed affair. – Tanner Kern – United States
Capture the beauty of your entirety – Van Allen Kaye Daguplo – Philippines
Whispering alluring words, I subdue sin. – Jelkänen Moira – Switzerland
My calendar always skips Father’s Day – Abeer Athar – INDIA
Couldn’t sleep. Counted sheep. Very hungry. – Poorvi Vijay – United States
I screamed “Yes,” I meant No. – Ada Okopi – Nigeria
Everyone knows, but no one acts – Nyx Kay – India
She was haunted. He was hunted. – Liberty Pope – United States
For Sale: Heart. Broken but Strong. – Norman Donquixote – Singapore
Hot chocolate after playing in snow – Savannah Maire – Canada
Friend of my brain. No friend. – Chiawonamokem Ifeakor – Nigeria
I told the moon about you. – Anushka Shukla – India
Joined cat gym. Did 1000 laps. – Sarah Totton – Canada
Stand on the precipice of faith. – Yola Khodja – United Kingdom
Sometimes, the brain doesn’t turn off. – Mary-Kate Kohnke – United States
The worms crawled, coating the ground. – Wynn Lapiana – United States
It’s you. Definitely not me. Goodbye. – Chris Hughes –
Her sweater. Her scent. My tears. – Vishal R. Devi – Nepal
two boys, now men, soon college – Angel M – USA
I should’ve listened to the warnings. – Christian William Alava – Philippines
I ask, terrified of the answer. – Micki Findlay – Canada
I’m crying and don’t know why. – Helene Kratz – Netherlands
Next time you lie, you die. – Yana Fischer – United States
Always a mistress, never a wife. – Reviera Amreen – Bangladesh
I moved forward, we moved back. – Kylie Masterson – United States
Our feet bleed, our heart’s sung. – Nicola O’Hara – Scotland, United Kingdom
He died and the adventure began – Jenny Pay – Canada
Hair is spiked. Rollerblades on. I’m ready. – Kyler Essen – United States
“I love you…” Press one. Repeat. – Teah Te –
One mistake; can cost it all. – Abigail Cheshire – Australia
Pillow feathers fall: what a duel – Alice Raison – United Kingdom
Ascending latticed fencing; grandiosity or malevolence? – Fernie Moore – United States
Six Six Six. Indomitable controversial Six. – Lorelei VettieVenter – South Africa
The heavens are mine to behold. – Darling Angel Darling Angel – Nigeria
Dog will revive others when sad. – Robert Balonzo – Philippines
Too bad your not as smart – Michael Grissom – United States
Pillow; never noticed. Used to sleep. – John D – Taiwan
am i a butterfly. am i pretty? – Beatriz Bayona – Brasil
One life. One love. Broken heart. – Stephen Rebbettes – United Kingdom
For Sale, Baby Shoes, Feet Included – Matthew F. Amati – United States
Never rains, but … my cup overflows. – karen Baker – United Kingdom
Do chains of injustice ever shatter? – Dragos Cojocariu – United States
your hold on me wore off. – Amy Griffiths – United Kingdom.
Words fly around as you read. – Evelyn Rose Van Der Westhuizen – South Africa
Flowers for mom, for her condition. – Nir Strauss – Israel
Nothing purer than a little lie. – Guélan Zaour – France
Education reduces both poverty and crime. – Brian Mino – United States
He never smiled nor laughed again. – Jonathan Pett – UK
Distant flashes revealed bizarre otherworldly shadows. – Al Hawke – Australia
She had the weirdest bump there… – Ava White – United States
From miles away, take my hand. – Leo Bland – United Kingdon
Everything is where you left it. – Anna-Marie Lake – United States
Wishes upon a star create wonders. – Victoria DeNey – United States
He was happy but cancer frowned – Mmachi Offurum – Nigeria
Time, like frosted glass, stood between. – SULOGNA MEHTA – India
feelings are stored chemicals burning within – Rodas Negusse – Eritrea
I fear. I leap. I soar. – Deena Trouten – United States
Russian Embassy caller asks: is Lenin? – Gordon Williams – United Kingdom
Bob Newhart understood. I should stop. – Sam Sharp – United States
I forgot my Alzheimer’s medication again. – Frederick Flynn – Thailand
One slap. Packed bags. I’m gone. – Nikki Little – United States
It was over, I was done – Sarah Brown – United States
Told not human; felt most alive. – Lorraine Murtagh – Portugal
why do you think I smile – Carolina Vlachakou – Greece
Loving others started with loving myself. – Dylan Cervantes – United States
Your precious lies rend human hearts. – Erik Ammon – United States
Deep down in my darkest room. – Brinda Kumar – Germany
Imperceivable is the art of mind. – Hareem Saeed – Pakistan
One became two. A family grew. – Cayden Neystel – United States
American guns: endowed with unalienable rights. – Roxane Llanque – Germany
The illusion of time is life – Sonora Charles – Nigeria
One, zero, ignition. Oh my god! – Alon Tertman – Israel
I believe that we should [REDACTED] – Fabian Christoper Simanjuntak – Indonesia
Her laugh intoxicated even sober minds – Lauren Snodgrass – United States
to love, it is true dream. – Oumarou Sali Bouba – morocoo
Disolved perception returned me to reality. – Kinley Wells – United States
What are we if not human? – Celeste Salazar – Costa Rica
Mistake, a wonderful opportunity to thrive – Paul Lau – United States
You love the sides I hide – Jess Leonard – United States
The world burns in deadly silence – Azrul Hafiz – Malaysia
Approach her? Impossible, in this life. – Vishal R. Devi – Nepal
Campfire wouldn’t light, but spark kindled. – Alison Manning – United Kingdom
I swim then drown. I’m awake. – Kensi A –
This is my life’s story. Done. – Debbie Collins – United States
Beauty in the shadows, strangers dancing – Rebecca Josephine Mendoza – United Kingdom
The clown cries. My laughter dies. – Godfrey Luyt – South Africa
Time heals all wounds – not mine. – Serena Zhang – United States
it’s still you, always will be – Gean Rose Calles – Philippines
Can Only Vacationers Incubate Disease #19? – Alice Cooper – UK
Love is her middle name: Grace. – Senate Lerotholi – Lesotho
Don’t cry, or you’re getting two! – Zack Zagranis – United States
Blackened furniture, two dead. Suspected arson. – Mara Murphy – United States
I trusted too much for you. – Madison Stivers – United States
John climbed mount Everest in flippers. – Nini Tevzadze – Georgia
Have you read the news yet? – Alexandra Netbai – Romania
The hollow bones moved that day. – Jahnava Sibilla – United States
Pen met paper. There was freedom. – hetty mosforth – United Kingdom
Trust: a means to betrayal—mine. – Raya Jishi – United States
She’s gorgeous! Can’t be mine, surely? – Abby Voss – United Kingdom
Words opened me. Actions closed me. – JK Morgan – United States
Eat Drink Sleep for long life – Nanase Kunurugi – India
remains of war never truly fade – Hareem Zehra – Pakistan
Time flies, some flashes never forgotten. – Ronald Clottey – Ghana
Just aquaintances…who spent hours together. – Sharila Surpal – India
Do your life meaningless just like me? – Laputa Carajoo – Indonesia
Back row. Worksheet meets lighter. Gone. – Oskar Leonard – United Kingdom
Attention: “earth.exe” unexpectedly crashed. Please reboot. – Harvey Lam – Australia
Recurring dream. Home on stilts surrounded. – Sam Sharp – United States
Knife to wood, and the artisan. – Nadia Case Nadia Case – Nigeria
I didn’t know. However I wrote. – Tshewang Norbu – Bhutan
Death bursts. Together, they breathe butterflies. – Flo Au – China
I thought i could trust you – Gean Rose Calles – Philippines
Brit ace chase, hit. Hun won! – Joe Cyr – United States
If love is blind, then listen. – Mafalda Agante – Portugal
I can easily forget to remember. – Valerie Stilson – United States
What the heck? I said NO! – Stephen Goll – United States
Eventually, even the lettuce was disappointed. – H. E. Lewis – United Kingdom
Every morning. Unexpected roses.Secret admirer – Dona Mae Magdaug – Philippine
Splashing puddles bring spring’s best smiles. – Maddie Logemann – United States
I’m not alone but I’m lonely. – Tvisha Zatakia – India
Beliefs do not fly, they molder – Gwen Keller – United States
I never put myself first either – Annie Tan – Singapore
Life is a wonderful magical mystery – Keagan Lucke – United States
Nippled baby in love with mother. – N. Flaherty Kimball – United States
One war. A million lights out. – Sarina Hossain – Bangladesh
Witches Are Women With An Attitude. – Midnight Eve – Serbia
Steel walls built keeping us safe. – Eileen Koh –
Little bundle of joy has arrived. – Kelsey Kottapu – United States
Our hands brush – dusk meets dawn. – Carlotta Skerin – Spain
Rings deepening around eyes, need Coke – Yash Seyedbagheri – United States
Stars, despite their brightness, inevitably die – Nicole Valenzuela – Philippines
I’ve heard brevity is the soul – Renee Ricevuto – United States
Hollow groans lurch from my belly. – Micki Findlay – Canada
Believing is only half the struggle – Shamaro Smith – Jamaica
For rent: baby shoes. Competitive rates. – Ejaz Momen – United States
The pompous croissant’s fighting rotten doughs. – Capricorn – – Malaysia
I love him. He loves HER – Blessing Cy – Nigeria
Life is like a book, shut. – Eryn Gibbons – United Kingdom
Ghosts were once human beings too. – Lesego Prudence Maluleke – South Africa
Salsa dancing burning up the table – Jennie Silk – United Kingdom
Her farewell felt like an embrace. – Robyn Lianne Cheng – Philippines
Celestial bodies rendered, Sun’s grand implosion. – Isaac Ting – Singapore
I can never see my face. – Jo Riglar – United Kingdom
Hello? Hello? No way, you’re dead! – Lisa Bittle – United States
Afterwards, there is never anything left. – Virginia Crow – Scotland
Life is wonderland. – Shahnoz Omonova – Uzbekistan
Our experience,are not the same. – Aljon Loreja – Philippines
INTERIOR, PRISON, NIGHT. They kissed goodbye. – Elahe Nassr – Japan
One body. Two minds Who’ll win? – Sunaina Sharma – Canada
I imagine teeth rubbing on cement – Harsimran Kaur – India
Devour fame, treasures unleashes one’s pain. – Grace Anndel Santos – Philippines
A little angel, robed in black. – Sharon Wilkie – Nigeria
I shall immortalize my father’s legacies – Ibrahim Moshood – Nigeria
Like a tumbleweed, I roll untethered. – Valerie Erickson-Husemann – Costa Rica
“the world is ending” I heard a cry – Virgil Shroom – United states
Blessed child. Holy. Lips forever sealed. – Kryschina Fearon – Jamaica
I see you at night grandad – Alberto Lopez – United Kingdom
I struggle to peel from mornings – Amiel Guyçois – Canada
Life. It comes, then it goes. – Aylin Balci – United States
He wrapped me up in lies. – Cosima Anna Cosima Anna –
Its vileness filled me with fear. – Rose Red – United States
Wet socks, daydreams and cloudy days. – Alaunee Johnson – United States
She hated being born as art. – Cailey Tarriane – Philippines
Truss – no support for the economy. – Ken Towl – UK
holding me closer, I’m finally home – Mare O – United States
Swallowed the key to mom’s coffin. – Vaibhav Gilankar – India
Spread my wings. Knocked over things. – E. Clark – Spain
breathe, love will set you free – Abdulmueed Balogun – Nigeria
Admittedly, we all forgot the Alamo. – Andrew Slimp – United States
Looking up…stars reflecting my tears. – Kimberly Karcz – United States
Every tear is an incomplete bleeding. – Julian Nalwoga – Uganda
Battle wounds scarred only his mind. – Allison Dillon – United States
I’m tired, but I continue writing – TheO.G Agboke – Nigeria
write words when can’t write destiny – Anchal Sharma – INDIA
Sprinting through rain— hold my hand. – Katelynn Budzyn – United States
This frog is not royal. Next. – Michelle Jacob – India
A spider web assaults my face. – Kerri Merriam-Buckton – Canada
error – market collapse immanent – arming McNukes – Ben Gerard – United Kingdom
Tall roof with a low ceiling. – Cerise Malefic – South Africa
Crying girl facing her own gravestone. – Jessica Bell – Brasil
Nobody knows where she came from – Nyx Kay – India
Flowers still grow during Humanities Wars – Robert Reese – United States
Break my heart. I cannot follow. – Lauren Curtis – United States
Pages are crisp with words unread. – N. O. S. Naorow – United Kingdom
The dragonflies became her worst nightmare. – Karlie Hall – United States
Taking you with me, boldly free – EVA TORTORA – United States
Eyes say what the heart cannot. – Nikki Lynn Patterson – United States
Much to say. So few words. – Darling LaBelle – Canada
Light is more precious after dark – Kristóf Szabó – Hungary
Perfect for dark and dead places – Alboricah Rathupetsane – South Africa
The rose thorns feel awfully familiar. – Jamothy Dracity – United States
Pages that should have remained unwritten. – Susanna Kiernan – United Kingdom
She was beaten but she survived. – Hazel Nutter –
Words hold power. Ink wields it. – Priti Staab – United States
A triumphant win for the unguarded – Chloe Anderson – Australia
Adjustment aches heart, Acceptance flourishes life. – Shweta Mahapatra – India
“NO WAIT, YOU CAN’T DO IT! YOU—” – Grace Naylor – United States
I lied. I confessed. I died. – Kathleen Doherty – United States
All roads lead to unpredictable paths – Ronnisha Walton – United States
Pretend you love – no difference anyway. – Elaine Midcoh – United States
Rose coloured glasses doesn’t hide grief. – Sheryl Deva – India
Head on a pillow, not sleeping – Dabalos Michelle – Philippines
Sunlight burst her body into flames – David Eastman – United States
The night was eerie and dark – Jacob Chauvin – United States
Night and silence exhibit your embodiment. – Cintia Abigail Bonilla – Honduras
Three six nine damn bitch fine – Bubbah Bubbah – United States
A pandemic. Truth moment. A rebirth. – Chiawonamokem Ifeakor – Nigeria
Long Existed Money Tree. Found Mysteriously – Oluwatobi Gift’s_Pen – Nigeria
DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS’ EGOS. – Margarita Alexandrou –
The wind heard me and moved. – Tara Rowland – United States
The obituary read, she is alive – Sonja Gustafsson – Sweden
Mountains scrambled to reach the moon. – Susanna Kiernan – United Kingdom
‘Forgiveness’ and ‘Happiness’ are mutually exclusive. – Prachi C – India
I went to school on Sunday – Nanase Kunurugi – India
She rewrites the stars of destiny. – Victoria DeNey – United States
His smile didn’t reach his eyes. – Will Sandkvist – Sweden
An atheist prays to be forgotten. – Samson Mark – New Zealand
The same hands that healed, hurt. – Carissa Lukan – Canada
There’s nothing ambiguous about it, Deb. – Clyra Weiss – Germany
My heart broke. It was glass. – Morgan Destera – United States
Take out the trash. She’s frightful. – Isabella Thompson – United Kingdom
“Can we start?” Asked the executioner. – Dhruvang Desai – India
I’m All Alone. longing for you… – Daviana Vazquez-Piazza – United States
Hate: an incurable deadly poison. – Ronni Bish – United States
Ethnicity: Asian. Awareness: Twenty-four seven. – Shirley Zhao –
Alas, the broken woman became healed – Jaymeli Tan – Philippines
Tomorrow? How about right now – Nadia FARACHI – Morocco
He served meat I couldn’t recognize. – Mary Louise Kay – Philippines
Let me love, laugh and live. – RC deWinter – United States
One word can heal a soul. – Karina Colagreco – United States
warm touch Cold eyes That’s pretentious-ness. – Athena Amor – India
At first, we didn’t understand it. – Rose Montgomery – United States
you can get it all back – susanna finn – australia
Hope life could be ctrl +z. – Hansa J – Mauritius
Brackish waters can make heavy bodies. – N. O. S. Naorow – United Kingdom
Facing you, I memorized every detail. – L K –
She’s beautiful. Even in little pieces. – Evelyn Ifunayya – Nigeria
Breathe in, breathe out, focus, jump. – Sarah Henry – United States
The shuttle drifted into infinite darkness. – Matthew Yap – Malaysia
One last breath, he found peace. – Joey Chan – United States
Sky Daddy would not appreciate that – Ocean Karim – United States
Flowers bloom. I want to bloom… – Isabel Ingersoll – United States
Sex is sweet. All the time! – Pat Ashinze – Nigeria
A Penny Dreadful for your thoughts. – Predrag Mirčetić – Serbia
The curtains close. Then, he bows. – Madison Stahl – United States
The sunset snoozed all day long. – Katie G. – UK
Days and years, feel the same. – Anne Elisse – Greece
I want to write a poem. – Adesiyan Oluwapelumi – Nigeria
I did it! Applause. Silence. Repeat. – Reem Elmaghraby – Egypt
Lawyer weds Activist. Disaster follows suit. – Charles JD Ijalana – Nigeria
His teary nails shred violet blood. – Jan Pan – India
Nothing matters, but somehow you did – Rishika Srivastava – India
The intimacy of being understood. – Martha Zarkantzia – Greece
Do not be something, be someone. – Joker Kiu –
The Rain Washed The Sorrows Away – Alizah Khurram – Canada
Can’t Forget To Make You Smile – Romiel Deldacan – Philippines
The fish disappeared into the depths. – E. R. Lyerly – United States
The world’s enormity is crushing you. – Elizabeth Cumner – United Kingdom
Sarcasm like games of hot potato. – Jordan Zuniga – United States
I evermore peep through my eyes – Favour Julius – Nigeria
Lonely, even in a filled room. – Jade Vaz – India
My desk, and an empty husk. – Andrew Zhang – Canada
Table for one. Eating for two. – Angela Malaspina – United States
Richard’s pride made him Proud Prisoner – Chirag Mahal – India
Silence is indeed my favourite music. – A. Louise – Philippines
tell me that you love me – kat tadesse – United States
Wake once more; open the door – Alexis Kyle – United States
Her smile shines like shattered diamonds – Daniel Butler – United States
I loved you, for a time. – Kathy Szaters – Australia
please have mercy, I am new – Carolina Vlachakou – Greece
Pandemic = Powerful Domestic Monkeys’ Idealistic century – Angeline Palumbo – Shanghai
How’s it feel to be loved – Betty James – United States
The wind carries the shade away. – Mohammed Arsalan Ghogari – India
The rain washed away her tears. – Aishwariya Laxmi – India
I live fire in your arms. – Samantha Gouthro – Canada
We finally laughed at eachother stories – Hana Breeze – Croatia
Suddenly, all the people stopped breathing. – Kristen Moore – United States
Study sleepy, fiction lively – Aye Mary – Thailand
Creaky robots conquer Earth for oil. – Larry Hodges – United States
Flowers are mesmerized by her smile. – Manivannan Vinayagam – India
Ill-fated or athletes foot think? – Mary Rosary Serias – Philippines
Visible scars help hide invisible wounds. – Sharwari Challa – India
The gravestone only read my name. – Tamanna Desai – United States
Heaven’s gate is narrow, avoid gluttony. – KM Santos – Philippines
Situation: torn up couch. Explanation: catnip. – David O’Keefe – United States
Craved chocolate. He brought me chocolate. – Maria Magairlin – Bosnia and Herzegovina
I saw friends in their grandchildren. – Nam Raj Khatri – Nepal
He sneezed, and I fell together. – Damon Yeld – South Africa
Signals from space–AIs began translating. – Roxanne Barbour – Canada
Germ: Grew straight through sealed face – Ran Shemen Sasson – Israel
What light I’ve seen can’t compare. – Sebastian E.W. – US
Six feet is keeping us apart – rivers lacy – United States
We are God, I’m a god. – Rodney Bartlett – Australia
A new human! One wag left. – Titania Tempest – Zimbabwe
Sexy husband. Not mine though. Bang! – Isabel Flynn – Australia
Did you mean: painless suicide options? – Tyler Sunday – South Africa
I tested positive before my graduation. – Christina Nordlander – United Kingdom
To some, gunfire is a lullaby – Angela Ebbings – United States
Hating yourself is not humbling yourself. – Alexis Jade – United States
Expecting good things only brought nightmares. – Lauren Back – United States
Humans learnt converting likes to time. – Andreea Meteleciu – Romania
They’re temporary: sunsets, seasons and love. – Alexandra Rickert – Australia
Dear self: cut me some slack! – Nece 784 – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
A letter full of many lies – Dakins Akin – Nigeria
Complicated computer defects, frustrated intellectual hours – Tom Kottackal – India
Tell Mister Shadow to shut up – Beatrice Hearts – Brazil
Sleeping beauty died asphyxiated by roses. – Anahis Mancilla – Chile
The nondescript Pajero parades the patriarch. – Chikezie Onwumere – Nigeria
We can’t say what we want – E. F. Hurley – United States
Don’t you have time? Let’s buy! – Kriti . – India
All my beautiful flowers turned poisonous – Rutika Jadhav – India
I’m alive, but not for long. – Samara Doumnande – United States
She’s forlorn between eigth billion people. – Himanshi N. Gothwal – India
It’s hard to get what I want. – Denise Cepe – United States
Lost wedding ring, still on husband. – Marie Cavanaugh – United States
Please God, let me be wrong. – Haji M. – Ireland
Your Rights: silence, dream, or death. – Ledi Ledi – Israel
I threw away your laptop, jerk! – S.B. Ward – United States
The thriving remains of flowering weeds – Lauren Gonzalez – United States
I couldn’t have missed this party! – Winifred Korankye Amoah – Ghana
Don’t settle for simplicity and stability – Becca Glantz – United States
Who will show me frogs, Dad? – Wardah Madari – South Africa
“Why don’t umbrellas?” I asked him. – Aswen Goldwyl –
He ripped through the screen door – Robert Bratton – United States
You speak there my darling solitude – Rukhsar Ahmad – India
She fell, cried but got healed – Paul Audu – Nigeria
fatter man, dapper Dan, love HANDles – By: DuVal: Cannon, Beneficiary – United States
The arrow flew. I never miss. – Ellie Loescher – United States
Whew! Mum thought I was dead! – Johnson Matandi – Kenya
He leapt she fell, they knew. – Tresha angel queen Guabong – Philippines
Mushrooms. His favorite dish. Her revenge. – Ellen Westphal – Germany
Photograph. Memory was fun. Now, mural – Verity Always –
Red hazy glow of fire and brimstone – Sariah Thompson – United States
My fish got thirsty and drowned. – Abbey Smith – United States
New wife needed. Funeral plus-one. – Nicholas Brown – United Kingdom
Gran always told the same stories. – Steven Lister – United Kingdom
Tears outweigh smiles. Justice is asleep. – Elahe Nassr – Japan
Women get interupted in the middle… – Deiu NoLastName – Romania
My True Love. (The Fire Took.) – Zayna Maria Francis – Trinidad and Tobago
I killed her dreams, I died. – Zion Owolabi – Nigeria
Dying is scary, living is worse. – Candice Colebrooke – The Bahamas
Booking cancelled: she came to me – Stefano Susini – Spagna
Farming is the only real profession. – Campbell Chamberlin – Canada
Your English is too good looking. – Geo Moon – South Korea
It’s just family. It’s always chess. – Oakley Bentley – United States
Be aware: biting troll into garden – Samantha Pinazza – Italy
I got bruised. Now, a fighter. – Justine Bea Bebanot – Philippines
A mother’s kiss fixes all hurts. – Ariana Hagen – United States
Going to the movie theater alone – Jaden Pierce –
Forever never came. It probably overslept. – Sam S – India
Oil, water, never meant to be. – Phoebe Ching – Canada
‘Trust me,’ the anaesthetist said, shaking. – Zoe Arena – United Kingdom
Trees curtsied demurely when breeze blew. – Vaidya Shankar – India
Six, five, four, three, two, one. – Nicholas Entzminger – United States
She fell hard. On her face. – Chloe Lim – Singapore
His red heels crush the cucumber. – Gwynevere Hyde – Portugal
Beautiful damsel marred because of love. – Sylvestina Yeboah – Ghana
In the end, I chose myself – Caitriona Murphy – Ireland
One day we’ll meet the sea. – Catheryn Poe – United States
Crying tears, trembling fears, breaking cheers. – Misbah Tariq – Pakistan
Bittersweet middle school relationships and friendships – Celestia Whittemore – United States
He buys, but doesn’t sell himself – Salwa Talpur – Pakistan
Future depends/Strog belief/Beautiful dreams – Dr. Hirendrakumar Bhagawati – India
Don’t forget why it really matters. – Clarissa Cervantes – United States
Sunflowers swayed atop toppled, dead cities. – Tiffany Cole – United States
As blind as a bat, raging man – Deiu NoLastName – Romania
Tail-less cats. Blind farmer’s wife fail. – Frederick Dahl – United States
The fat lady takes the microphone – Paul Carpenter – Spain
Truth is revealed! To be disappointed. – Jake Hopfauf – United States
coercive containment. sinister shadows. life, death? – ella rose – united kingdom
blood drips, flowing from red slits – natalia-clumsy adkins – united states
Dandelion wishes fairies birth bells ring – Donna Hinkley – United States
Its too late, give up now. – Joyful Mdhluli – South Africa
Gone were all the starry nights. – Aslı Ecem Polater – Turkey
Bat`s belly had dancing dead mice. – Manaswini Rina – India
Sarcasm breeds contempt. Scepticism breeds disdain. – Peace Muchiri – Kenya
Victory is temporary. Battle is permanent. – SUBHADEEP GHOSAL – INDIA
My name’s like the animal. Rawr. – Stephanie Lyn – United States
I hope you notice this, Doug. – Adaora Odogwu – Nigeria
Alone I finally see myself beautiful. – Leah Onosato – United States
My head is a clouded sky – Shiksha Dheda – South Africa
Your ultimatum inspired a better life. – Audrey Rose – Canada
I never was good at Haikus. – Jonathon Manning – United Kingdom
Life’s hard but I should fight – Kimberly Insigne – Philippines
Then… am I your daughter, grandpa? – Raven Renee – Bangladesh
“I didn’t mean to kill you!” – Matt Stone – Ireland
At church, can’t pray it away. – Camellia Goldfinch – United States
He became her most painful lesson – Laila Ritter – United states
“Are you sisters?” their mother asked – Carmel Walker – Ireland
the lake stole the sea glass – Beth drinder – United States
I know love because of you – Wes Ryan – Canada
Five jets over JFK. Night fireflies. – Laury A. Egan – United States
Colorblind, but I paint on anyway. – Mayo Li – United States
Four years widowed today. Still grieving. – Adam Kassner – United States
Should know better yourself than other – Johnbert Buhay – Philippines
“Hi” “how’s life ” “bye”; cycle repeats – Mythili Krishna – India
I love to dream, dream, dream. – Michelle Freeman – Nigeria
Hill Larry! Ohus? No… Ello Elle! – Kadie Emm – United States
Love is a game, she said. – Chiamaka Nwankwo – Nigeria
One kiss is all it took. – Sarah Henry – United States
“Just about there now,” said Sisyphus. – Tanush Kulai – India
Unidentified creatures swam through the stars. – Ashley Gonzales – United States
The plan died with the light. – JB Jeffries – United States
For Sale. Baby Peas. Never corn. – Peggy Gerber – United States
She counted stars and planes alike. – Z Daniel – United States
Can we be something more? Dust. – Věra Jahodová – Česká republika
BREAKING – Elon Musk last human left. – Ben Gerard – United Kingdom
The zoo needed some higher fences – Lily Rekow – United States
The SEC faltered that year – Lewis Rhodes – United States
“I’m always here.” “Please, leave soon.” – natashja maccormick – United States
Her pain ended, therefore mine grew. – Lilla Down – United Kingdom
One flu over the cuckoo’s nest. – Nini Tevzadze – Georgia
He loathed confrontation, and feigned perpetuity. – Josh Isaacson – United States
We always forget how to breathe. – D’Nea Campbell – Canada
Such foolish people finding freedom fancy. – Katarina Polojaz – Italy
You’re my love, you’re my life. – Ana Luna – United States
This hopeless place brought us together. – Inbar Ben Moshe – Israel
Awakened by footsteps; I live alone. – Elmedina Hota – Bosnia & Herzegovina
“I’ll always be 21,” she promised. – Wenda Nyanda – South Africa
Old clock store. Spiderwebs ticking. – Cj17 Lion – Spain
I feel you, I feel nothing – Artemis Cooper – australia
I don’t recognise who I became – S.S.B S.S.B – Brazil
Not your look but your humility. – Ishrat Jahan – Bangladesh
He ran through streets, thunder clapped. – Gia Civerolo – United States
So much could be said but… – Ali Osman – Ghana
After they’re gone, new evolution commences. – Amelia Díaz Ettinger – United States
A justified conscious will overpower vanity – Anna Stahl – united states
You’re a cracked glass holding water. – Emily Rojas – United Ststes
There’s no heaven, He dies too. – Lucky Lamante – South Africa
Sacrifices is what makes the villain. – Marie Eliotte – Saint Lucia
Trusts inner wisdom, forgets to listen. – Elodie Stirling – U.S.
I still stare with lovestruck eyes. – Clio Cao – Singapore
They cut ropes. Dont look down – Kadie Emm – United States
I know I’m wrong. Thanks, dad. – Emily Rojas – United Ststes
You have a new favourite song – Shreya Beas – United Arab Emirates
Always say I love you too. – LongLive CornBeefTaco – United States
Jejune, I see what you see – Ria Descartes – United States
First it hurts, then it’s done. – Clint Foster – United States
Darling, you should have never smiled. – Thazin Win – Myanmar
Married rich. Killed husband. Unexpected will. – Révész Zsuzsa – Hungary
“One ticket to Earth,” she whispered. – Ashwini Gangal – India
Opened envelope. Read ad. Trash bound. – Jonson Craig – United States
‘Blasphemy’, King denounces ‘’Curse of Ham’ – Karen Dillon – United Kingdom
Her wings fell with his dreams. – Benedict Phillipe –
Oh silly Sally, this isn’t heaven. – Sophie Aay – Nigeria
Conceived in moonlight, death was born. – Jillian Abshire – United States
A lifetime alone in four months. – Éala Cornista –
Intangible: three words. You and me. – MC Clare – United States
Nobody told me scintillation conceals malevolence – Megha Gupta – India
The end of the tunnel illuminated. – Helen Aitchison – United Kingdom
Irreversible curses that vanished entire species – ANAGHA GOPAN O G – India
Next level please, this one’s dead – Linda Ajlo – United States
“look up” I look… But inverse. – Vani Orla – India
My final breath was freely given – Arianne Joy Abantao – Philippines
The lie got in the way. – Andy Hamilton – United Kingdom
“Mom died.” “I want the house”. – Kate French – Canada
But the world just kept turning. – Kylie Masterson – United States
Never too tired for bedtime stories. – Kathryn Lewis – United States
Baby fisted mother’s swollen finger joint. – Ruchita Vasudeva – India
You lose. Good game. Well played. – Lucas Hockley – Canada
Sweets, chocolate, a hand to hold. – Zainab Hassan – Pakistan
Part of me but never mine. – michelle palmer – Wales
Hero qualifications aren’t capes, thanks dad – Madison Ede – United States
Crisp, crunch crackle- snowy winter fire – Laura Michaels – United States
She watched how the sun disappeared. – Simona Stoyanova – Bulgaria
Her veins spilled wine and wonder. – Aaryn Pierce – United States
There was no sea, but she – Stefano Susini – Spagna
Coming out. Send heels, dress, lippy. – nikki higgins – United Kingdom
In hell, we shall meet – Bemebeyou 1805 – Mauritius
The sun. The sun. The cancer. – Rohana Chomick – United States
Thankfully, oblivion overtook their heedless ambition. – Heather Bloch – USA
In the pictures, you live forever. – Nathaniel S. Larsson – Danmark
Ah, The Witching Hour! Thanks Insomnia – Parker Eric – United States
Don’t mourn me, I’m still here. – Lisa Bittle – United States
Africa has: Offered me, no welcome. – Mduduzi Khumalo – South Africa
The neighbor’s tree grew human fruits. – Mary Louise Kay – Philippines
Lying back, sighing; living whilst dying. – Alison Manning – United Kingdom
Take chances! Surprised, you may be. – Hannah Fiorella – United States
Take whatever afterlife the universe prescribes – Mars Vance – United States
The hope I still cling to – Tolulope Onayemi –
You can spell asphyxiation without neck. – Shayana Swopna – Nepal
Man survives free-fall, credits alarm clock – Sushritha Adari – United Kingdom
White as a ghost…or sheet – Deiu NoLastName – Romania
Testing every moment, every broken woman – Pakhi Srivastava – India
Brilliant mind gone for gruelling mathematics. – Cintia Abigail Bonilla – Honduras
Stars, and midnight, and we’re entertwined. – MC Clare – United States
Exonerated And Shifted To Hospice Centre. – Raj Kumar – India
He howled at the moon, wolf. – David Eastman – United States
On knighted hands, befell a jewel. – Rachel Cyparski – United Kingdom
This sentence is five words long. – BelaJane Crilly – United States
Why did you say you’d stay? – Ava Kane – United States
Your smile turns time to anticlockwise – Favour Allen – Nigeria
Six words is all it takes. – Zoe Petersen – Australia
Glittering white snow carpets the earth – Sariah Thompson – United States
Time flies when you are procrastinating. – Brynn Jackson – United States
Ashes, nothing the world have left – Ojo Godfrey – Nigeria
A lens, a landscape, and God. – David Golding –
Hope is always there. Grab it. – Malia Hopper – United States
Everything is cells. Everything is conquerable. – Jack Frier – Australia
Breaking me actually fixed me – RoranDaxMama Johnson – United States
Twelve slit wrists…. A brotherhood created – Obianuju Jane Ebubeoha – Nigeria
Dad’s Funeral Zoom Link? Asked Son. – Raj Kumar – India
ravens flock and swirl at command. – Hnubcis Moua – United States
Only for when the time comes – kendy kendy –
Raindrops gathered forces and invaded Earth. – Shaswat Shivam – INDIA
Circle the date. Cross it out. – Jiali Ye – United States
The flower bloomed from craggy ground. – Naomi Adachie – United States
I will not be buried today. – Cora Jeppson – United Stares
Robbed bank. Gets away. I profited. – Leo Choi – United States
We’ll make sanctuaries out of sins. – Samantha Reyes – Philippines
The last Marsian was blind. – Merida H. – Israel
Smirks, the greatest desire or menace. – Miriam Tuesday – United States
Our night stars were Boudicca’s, too. – Roxanne Gregory – Canada
Change. It hurts and it heals. – Hansel Gray – India
Love is sweet but also bitter. – Oana Gheorghita – Romania
Love loud. Wonder quietly. Be unashamed. – C.N. Eddy Foster – United States
She tried to shed her skin. – Michael Mills – England
Fishes water, birds air, humans money. – Helen Olivia – Nigeria
Unseen forces control earths dimensional matrix – Pearl Inci Corlu – Australia
Bought a cow. Feeling somewhat ashamed. – Edwin Krang – United States
She winked, and I cried ecstasy. – Muzammil Haque – India
Hypocrisy: Cheating on God. With Devils. – Pat Ashinze – Nigeria
“Friends forever.” What a beautiful lie. – Alexandra Rickert – Australia
She watched him down another shot. – Emily Fenner – United States
Her beloved dance shoes gathering dust – Barbara Wojcik – England
to describe beauty God created you – yaniv feldman – israel
An isolated insomniac embraces the moon. – Ash Hines – United States
Two glasses. One empty. One body. – N.V. Devlin –
i apologize i tried but failed – shane cedrick nunez –
Goodbye my friend. Hello friend’s beloved. – Kathleen Doherty – United States
Drowned in liquor, six feet under. – Captain Xantos – Turkey
She committed suicide the right way. – Hillel Benjamin Rosen – ישראל
Oh how he makes me sick! – Nathania Smith – United States
At least you will be there – S.S.B S.S.B – Brazil
Sweet moonlight, sing me to sleep – Iliana Grace – United States
I once said I’m fine, dying – Anastasia Broumas – United States
Save a grey hair from falling – Clarissa Dora – Nigeria
Idle pencil aches with writer’s block. – Lisa Marie Lopez – United States
She was far from being done… – Marko Ovčariček – Austria
feel your grandmother’s love by food – Anat Baitman – ISRAEL
All I’have left is a picture. – Levona Tamir – Israel
I came. I saw. I sponsored. – stuart mcdowall – United Kingdom
Optimisim is just believing your dreams. – Kasie Huffman – United States
They chose violence. So did we. – Eric Sabiston – United States
The pants never fit the same. – R.S. Hill – United States
Emerald eyes bulging with evergreen envy. – Ifeoma Enechaziam – United Kingdom
Mom’s eyes tell a thousand stories. – Alimot Salami – Nigeria
I don’t think about my mother. – Alfonso Maravilla – United States
I loved a man who lied – Steffie Lan – USA
Wanted: Your Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. – John Cooper – United Kingdom
Early frost. Itchy scarf. Full price. – Kelly Sargent – United States
When I get angry things explode. – Caterina Franks – United States
A puddle of tears woke her. – Alise Leguizamon – United States
Married a man. Liked girls better. – Karen Evans – United Kingdom
He’s gone. I’ve lost him forever. – Mark J. Towers – United Kingdom
The bees honey is so sweet – Archana Bharathwaj – United States
Cosmos is but a stellar graveyard. – Aditi Kataria – India
Black, white, tan; all the same. – Aiyana African Rose – United States
For better, for worse. Such lies. – Praise-God Ukoh – Nigeria
Where is Superman, we need him – Gregory Buske – United States
Sunlight guides me soaring away free! – EVA TORTORA – United States
The sky is crowned with kiwis – Mykyta Ryzykh – UKRAINE
The hat and I never talked. – Robert Takarautio – Finland
Selene, infinite, eyes full of youth – Ria Descartes – United States
Empty were the hands that fed. – Celine Beige – India
My hands are tired of dancing – Ayomide Dehinsilu – United Kingdom
Send an SOS, drowning from life – Patrick Starr – United States
Ocean blue, just thinking about you. – Libramoon Poetry – United States
Women are big as their dreams. – Ulla Saraiva – Canada
I still make coffee for us. – Angela Mahilom – philippines
He struggled until he didn’t anymore. – Janet Marie – Usa
I’m only ‘None of the above’. – Penny Smith – Australia
Audience gasps: net broken, empty trapeze! – Jacky Jolley – United Kingdom
Went to KFC, it’s pronounced ‘Kafeque.’ – Jabez Crisp – United Kingdom
I’m the only person in America. – Levona Tamir – Israel
In jail, his time finally came. – Catherine Moor – United States
Then they die on the spear. – A. I. Wakidjan A. I. Wakidjan – Indonesia
Laughter fills the air. At me? – T. N.N – Australia
To change fate change your attitude – Thamarai (Sparking Lotus) Selvi – India
The sun emerged where moon vanished. – Muhammad Farhan – Pakistan
Love: flares up symptoms of existence – Aparna Rajan – India
His heart broke, her heart healed. – Debbie Harris – England
Wormhole opened. Point of origin: Terrarium. – R. P. Melo – Brazil
The regret after opening my mouth – Dane Wary Dulnuan – Philippines
A problem shared is half viral. – Anjola Ogunsanwo – Nigeria
I believed him. I shouldn’t have. – Shivali Yadav – India
A child’s imagination creates true magic. – Evan Gillespie – United States
First Kiss. Many happy years. Divorce. – Juliet Wilson – United Kingdom
All pink and plump and luscious. – Beck Collett – United Kingdom
One for each , two for none. – Abi Llama –
There are two babies. One heartbeat. – Katie Farrell – Ireland
“Don’t leave.” “I can’t-,” “Not Again.” – Emilie Stewart – United Kingdom
But aren’t we all beneath us? – Austyn Ray –
Under blanket, I held the knife. – Muzammil Haque – India
Love only. Hate is no option. – Ayomide Omotosho – Nigeria
Wire hanger tasted my womb’s blood. – Silpa Sankar – India
Smiling faces, sparkling eyes, black Friday – Bengt Haell – Sweden
For sale: silver dagger, slightly used. – Francesca Astraea – United Kingdom
Blooming today, withering yesterday, budding tomorrow. – Kit Katriel – United States
I dance and dream in metaphors. – Michael Daniels – United States
“I won’t forget you,” she cried. – Ein Wolf – United States
Hurts, but it’s all we have – Matthew Jones – United States
A decaying corpse eventually becomes normalcy. – Tirza Olivares – United States
Born poor, living sad, finding love – Salim Sulaiman el – Nigeria
Would you be rock or glue – Vincent Brits – South Africa
Moonlight only shines once sunlight disappears – Quinn Bailey – United States
Giant Salmon Risk Trap Going Up – Gianna Faith – United States
Did you enjoy it? He asked – Quili Quili – Nigeria
I can’t imagine all the imagery – Daniel Butler – United States
She had ruled with a meterstick. – Cary Lucas –
One. Two… Ten. Let’s begin again. – K. A. –
“I.. love.. you…” “Mummy? Mummy? MUMMY!!!!” – Paula Lucas – New Zealand
A black girl becomes a demon – Beneeta Benny – India
Every obstacle can always be overcome – Jaymeli Tan – Philippines
Within the light was a lie. – Catherine Comawas – Philipines
Emotions didn’t feel the same anymore. – Brian Mahon – United States
Grandpa died yesterday, went back home. – Fin Steiner Fin Steiner – Finland
Solemnly sworn stutters stole Sarahs senses. – Cosima Anna Cosima Anna –
Protesting fire while rejecting the water. – wimsy miths – United States
The ancient city constructed a cosmodrome – Ikechukwu Okorie – Nigeria
The dinosaur was looking at him. – Diego Moncalián – Spain
Now what, the planet is dead. – C.W. Jefferies – United States
We are all balls of stars. – Aich Shez – Pakistan
“Extinguish belief.” Command authorized by God – Alexandra Netbai – Romania
The tiny coffin felt so heavy. – Taryn Martinez – United States
Dinner is onions. Desert is crackers. – Yash Seyedbagheri – United States
Without looking back, she was gone. – Jeannie Armstrong – United Kingdom
A handful of dirt; I choked. – Bex Havko – United States
Relieved, he peed out the fish – Thomas Diehl – Germany
Today’s yesterday always makes today tomorrow. – Christina May – United Kingdom
Born to live, live to die. – Mayowa Owolabi – Nigeria
I looked at him in horror. – Ava Bogard – United States
We disagreed whose pillow it was. – Steven Lister – United Kingdom
sack of sands, cloth hour glass – By: DuVal: Cannon, Beneficiary – United States
The couch still smelt like sex. – Arantxa Mathapersadh – South Africa
The dying world killed my family. – Jeah Grace – Philippines
Ah, should have shaved her fingerprints. – Megan Luis – Singapore
The universe is big. She’s lonely.” – Dabalos Michelle – Philippines
“What can we do?”Everyone said. – Sumeiya Ali Sheriff – Kenya
My last breath in life coffin. – Lis Youth – Russia
His last burglary was towards pension. – Vaidya Shankar – India
Path to brightness is actually dark – Anannya Tiwary – India
One hug, one kiss, pray. Sleep! – S.L. Pugh – USA
Her eyes narrowed under the sunglasses. – Rimmy S. – India
Mom, you were right about everything. – Mina Amar – Nigeria
Always beside you, never waved again – Ilma Naseem – Oman
Through burning chaos arises beckoning calm. – Shubhankar Reddy Maryada – India
Pandemic weaved death around humanities sleeve. – Ekoja Okewu – Nigeria
The sun melted and earth drowned – Carol Beirne – Ireland
A rout of snails murdered Dad. – Kevin Broccoli – United States
Going crazy, oh just maybe, starbucks – Sara Katherine Lambeth – United States
On top without a net below. – Wil A Emerson – United States
Never forgave her; she never asked. – Laury A. Egan – United States
lake froze ice cracked i burned – alan pattison – United Kingdom
LeDakShiu hated being a Comfort Girl – Lewis Rhodes – United States
She was sweet as cotton candy. – Cacey Harper – United States
I do not mow over ladybugs. – Sharon Black – United States
I smile my scream for cameras. – Pinka PopsicKle – India
Where did I put my soul? – Vera Wright – United States
Accidental judgements turn into tainted reputations. – Mateo Illias – United States
We gathered wounds like wild flowers. – Patwant Rhodes – South Africa
Indulge me like the moon does. – Nel Maria – United States
Promise. We’ll fall in love together. – Jeah Grace – Philippines
Have you met my sacred cow? – Skipping off in search of immortality Roman – United Kingdom
Bronze swords. Nuclear bombs. Never change. – Charlotte Banaszak – United States
Mirror, mirror on the wall. Stall. – Ian Coombe – Australia
Locked eyes, our red string taut. – Ella Lurixe – United States
A mystifying abode is the world. – J.O.O Grafi – Germany
A goodbye more final than death. – Idun Månsson – Sweden
Fear and rage are great allies – E.L Franklin E.L Franklin – United States
Every earthling deserves his own universe. – Odry G – Ukraine
Danger! DO NOT ENTER! Truth inside. – Alex Morne – United Kingdom
The coffin lid close above me. – Szeyuet Chin – Singapore
When it is bright and big – Angelo Alga – Philippines
The kiss tasted of bad decisions. – Elizabeth Ryan – United Kingdom
“I’m afraid that it is terminal.” – Abi Walker – United Kingdom
Lonely as atoms in liminal space. – Belle B. – Australia
All I needed was forever to explain – Moheerah Iftikhar – Pakistan
An abandoned home, I finally belong – Talos ExMachina – Mexico
Fetus craves birth. Adults crave womb. – Elya Atlas – Israel
Freak of nature equals act of God. – Thomas Stewart – United States
So young yet hurting so much – Isobella Hopkins – Australia
Space telescopes !? Now nowhere to hide !! – Rohith Bandaratilaka – Sri Lanka
She cried. He lied. All time. – Godfrey Luyt – South Africa
Disease? But, galaxies, vortexes, don’t malfunction. – Your Planet – United States
Operation done. Door opens. You’ve twins! – Siddharth Paul – Bangladesh.
Unlike others, I’m not passive aggressive… – Eleanor Kraft – United States
Your goal was to break me. – Sondra Cappuccio – United States
Don’t try to laugh, I’m funny. – Eriqu Thomas – Nigeria
His sinister gaze, her cognizant stare – Cyra Array – Pakistan
Forests weep when logged without replacement. – Ekoja Okewu – Nigeria
Darkness was enlightened with the wisdom – Sally Manpaul – INDIA
The investment future is in DVDs – Jane Doe – New Zealand
A stump is all that’s left – Shannon Cummings – United States
My wife’s sick, so much quiet! – Mariana Dynasty – Kenya
A hard head tenderizes the soul – Quintrel Ray – United States
The fog lifted, she was alone. – Alison Manning – United Kingdom
Watching myself lose you in ripples – Angela Yap – Singapore
naughty haiku/ always breaking/ the rules – Vivian Pollak – United States
Deidre didn’t want whipped cream. Prude. – Jay Wayne – United States
I despise you for sparing me. – Taylah Needham – Australia
We all want quick fixes; now. – Zoe Faria – United States
Bell-birds assemble barbed-wire walls of song. – Madeline (pen name) Soulier (pen name) – Australia
His touch elicited rhapsodies of raptures. – Ushma Goswami – India
Wake up. Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. – Hannah Fiorella – United States
‘Work is play’, the child said. – Eremipaghmo Pearlythoughtz – Nigeria
Tattoos don’t hurt, amnesiacs. – Gus Guess – United States
Catastrophe, apostrophe. Both forms of punctuation. – Holly Blade – United States
Here six words you add simply – Rotem Tamsut – Israel
See to persisting, persevering, then failing. – Alexander Young – United States
weird mysterious uncanny supernaturally in love – Lydia Lewis – United States
Lost property contents: sense of direction. – Hannah Gallacher – Scotland
What is for you is yours. – Angela Engnell – United States
looked up to the ocean: blue. – Avalisse Darkanal – UK
Rich in diversity, low in numbers – Jackie Hindmarsh – United Kingdom
“Am I gonna die tonight?” “No.” – A Love – United States
No, stop! The moon is falling! – Swol Swol – Sénégal
What was he? A broken soul. – Kyle He – United Kingdom
And I felt my soul shatter. – Aster Rogers – United States
Dirty laundry makes the soap dirty – Michael Kwesi Mensah – Ghana
How much more can nature endure? – Mariya Pokoyeva – Казахстан
Genteel was nausea inducing for her. – Richard Jenkin – United Kingdom
“Hospital bed free, needs clean sheets.” – Tess Roberts – New Zealand
Time travel is running late again. – Neil McCabe – United States
They arrived at Death’s Door, and knocked. – Natalie Clark – United Kingdom
Pleading with my mind is useless. – Ava Andrew –
Somewhere there’s a goat eating tacos. – Tia Batten – United States
Born with a ‘forever’ defect ; love – Jovitha Joys – India
Everything has it’s season, especially carrots. – Elizabeth Marvin – United States
Visiting the graveyard. Encounter old friends. – Alyson Hilbourne – United Kingdom
The search for her identity resumes. – Hareem Saeed – Pakistan
Grief quietly dissolved between our palms. – Steven O. Young Jr. – United States of America
She slipped off her diamond, forever. – Veronica Murray – Canada
Throwing batteries into the campfire – Matt Wester – United States
I dreaded his next move…Checkmate! – stuart mcdowall – United Kingdom
I am once again, all alone. – Emma Mai – United States
Dear me, you will be fine. – Aksa Wani – India
We hid inside our lies. Forgotten. – Titania Tempest – Zimbabwe
‘I’m all in’ she promised – lies. – Leanne Fuller – united kingdom
Ashes to ashes. And no phoenix. – Amy Mandayaya – United Kingdom
Calm, quiet suburbia calls to me. – Gray Sinton – Ireland
How is it my birthday again? – Kaden Riznyk – United States
I am, when I write Iamb – Howard Osborne – United Kingdom
mom please don’t cook anything please – Beth drinder – United States
Antinous died. Hadrian cried. Sacrificial love. – Aylar A –
I left myself when you left – Abeer Athar – INDIA
Fear my only seven deadly sins – Mohammad said Housni – Algeria
Wanted love, got love…. Feared love – Kalliope Xpress – United States
Birth, family, affection, care, responsibilities, death. – Prabh jot Kaur – India
Footsteps door light knife blood murder – Donna Hinkley – United States
Scared of everything, can’t remember anything. – Neptune Murillo – United States
Reach the horizon and go beyond – Marina Priorini – Italia
Boy’s eyes of blue – and black – Aaron Berger – United States
We know now Martians are real. – BV Lawson – United States
Your gaze trailed down my nape. – Aparna Rajan – India
You are not what you eat – Suhaani Malik – India
we die as we lived, alone – natalia-clumsy adkins – united states
I love him. He loved me. – Ava Rast – United States
Let your flaws, be your strength. – Rashi Gulati – India
Laughing with friends. It’s karaoke night. – Hannah Fiorella – United States
Destiny decides ones fate. – Mohammed Wasif Umair – Qatar
She carries death inside of her. – The streets are always empty now. Vento – United States
The envelope is the actual message. – Ekene Benedict – Nigeria
I only wanted to be good. – Simona Stoyanova – Bulgaria
Yet still they vote him in. – Patsy Collins – United Kingdom
A painted portrait may smile back. – Laurie Doyle – United Kingdom
Aliens have yielded. Horrible! they say. – Muhammad Farhan – Pakistan
Missed call. Mom. No such luck. – Layanthi Tennekoon – Sri Lanka
Ringing my ears, brining forth tears. – Anthony McMillan – United States
When She pulled off the veil – Aishat Elusogbon – Nigeria
Same gender. Love each other. Killed – Corey Garcia – United States
Wish you were here! Not me. – Laure Dorsemaine – United Kingdom
Only love can hurlt like this. – Alliah Jhoy Baronda – Philippines
Write hard, type hard, break crayons. – Ace McLynn – United States
Life is tragedy take as comedy – Noginy Selvakumar – Sri Lanka
I needed six words for success – Aiwera_ Ended – Nigeria
A sound, an odour, a fart – Ese Oscar – Nigeria
“I love you” once was true. – Chase Li – United States
Nightmares are still better than reality. – Amanda Brown – United States
“Finally,” she told the headstone. – Andrea Perez – United States
Taken by clocks to never return. – Patrick Satkunas – United States
Not you, the problem is me. – Gisely B. Midding – Brazil
Dark omens welcome death, unveiling curtains. – Cassandra Wright – India
The Titanic’s orchestra went down well. – Gordon Williams – United Kingdom
Fainted. Not my best moment, really. – Io Carpiso – Philippines
I changed my goals, still changing – Jocelyne Ngwane – Cameroon
She always jumped first; they followed – Samantha DeGennaro – United States
Can’t die but trying REALLY hard. – Tiffany Cole – United States
Thunder left a golden skin scar. – Amelia Díaz Ettinger – United States
Greasy hair is all too welcome. – Edwin Krang – United States
The vampire’s breath smelled of mothballs. – Lee Engdahl – United States
She was last seen in tears. – Hannah Howarth – United Kingdom
Depression is more depressing than depression – Leland Luckcuck – United states
He smiled like a child getting candy. – Raheem Omeiza – Nigeria
I told you this would happen. – Janet Marie – Usa
Crazy, don’t hide, parade down Town – Karen Dillon – United Kingdom
Make Yourself Happy While We’re Young – Romiel Deldacan – Philippines
Manure for sale, prices are crap. – Jackie Hindmarsh – United Kingdom
Bang! Space,time,people, cookies, crunch! – Perry Berline – United states
Romance isn’t dead though humanity is. – Daniela Vincelli – Argentina
He smiled. I melted. Fate sealed. – Valerie Fish – United Kingdom
Cry if you must, but helpfully. – Lee Serna – United States
Walk on water. Swim with fishes. – Janice Egry – United States
“Gather your heart’s pieces, he’s gone.” – Abi Odiase – Nigeria
we will last, memories live on – natalia-clumsy adkins – united states
Mommy, a name she never knew. – KQ Foster – United States
Nanna snuck wax-papered coins into cakes. – Shannon Hare – Canada
Walking away, she never looked back. – Karen Rymarz – United Kingdom
Tomorrow is now today was yesterday. – Audrey N – United States
Filling in the spaces in between – Gabriela Bambin –
They celebrated because they had to. – AN Grace – United Kingdom
Water is life, but drowns people – Michael Kwesi Mensah – Ghana
Yet again, God did not answer. – Emma Mai – United States
The shadow lurked, the mirror reflected. – Kelly Song – Canada
He fits me, oh-so perfectly. – Zoya Annu – India
Stone. Paper. Scissors. Okay, your turn. – Fathima A – India
I left to save your love. – Akif Manzoor – Pakistan
Short labor, long silence, empty cradle. – Netanya Brittain – United States
Psychic paw reading, spill the beans – Manfred Klatt – United States
He left them, never said goodbye. – Aiyana African Rose – United States
Positive presence is a wonderful present – Khushi Rajpurohit – India
Giant Venus flytrap discovered. Horticulturist missing. – Jonathon Manning – United Kingdom
Smelling a rose, stabbed in thorns. – Nathan Meleki – Zambia
Enveloped in pernicious voices, flowering souls. – Livia Pica – Canada
23, an adult, are you sure? – Makala Schnablegger – United States
I was never enough for them. – Bisola Olusomiro – United States
Three dates. Two lives. One soul. – Simryn Chiniwalla – United States
1 across: Produce, crushed. Melancholy(flower) – Hannah Dryden – United Kingdom
People’s hoarse cries were heard clearly – six word joke – Srividya Subramanian – India
Your promise is like a bubble. – Alliah Jhoy Baronda – Philippines
What happened to all the trees? – Hayley Liversidge – UK
It’s guilty until proven innocent here. – Jennifer passionpursuit – United states
Severed ties, misguided flies, many sighs – Alexis Kyle – United States
Only one thing people understand: pain. – Titania Tempest – Zimbabwe
Mirror: your a hoot and a half:) – ofek izraeli – Izrael
“Love you.” “Who are you again?” – Emma Lin – United States
Help wanted Sunday morning, four pallbearers – trisha Tavares – United States
Wander does my mind till death – Maya Grunden – United States
Writing: knotting string, tied in it – Daniel Niv – Israel
You get cosy, then it ends. – Tahera Janoowalla – United Kingdom
The shadows whispered, “Give me flesh!!!” – Giselle Meléndez – United States
Standing lopsided on shore watching boats – Ruchita Vasudeva – India
A one-handed six always seems suspicious. – Kurt Smith – United States
Darkness brings the need of lights – Sima Ben – Isreal
Hope bleeds like a cut wound – Ayushi Chandra – India
She made me live her life. – Muzammil Haque – India
Something for Ripley. Or maybe not. – John RC Potter – Turkey
World peace. Cost 8 billion lives. – Laura K. Ito – US
Cupped our paper shadows, then rip- – Liana Tang – Hong Kong
Flat lines on screen wreck homes. – Yaatheshini Ashok – India
The Horrors were here before us. – Phonsietta Cline-Williams – Sierra Leone
Falling, my hand reaching for yours – Joanne Shin – Albania
I have been diagnosed with ballistophobia – Bint Ridwan – Nigeria
Who are you? asked the mirror. – Rohana Chomick – United States
Life. Don’t go yet. Still attractive. – Aušrinė Tičkaitė – Lithuania
Empath! Heal me with your emotions. – DIVYA SHARMA – India
And last to die was hope. – Orion O’Connell – United States
Healing is a skill practiced eternally – Yuwinn Krau – South Africa
Have an egg-tastic Easter egg hunt – Anna Hayes – Australia
Shattered wounds, alabaster scars, I’m caged – Kilayla Pilon – Canada
I tried my best, I swear. – T Cobb – United States
your soft hands the future me – Abhishek Kumar – India
The engine stopped. The plane tipped. – Rina Olsen – Guam (USA)
It rains failure, condensates into dreamy clouds. – Minha Syed – Canada
He told me, ‘I love you’. – Aksa Wani – India
Meadows. The children danced here once. – Laverna de Plume – India
Bottle infinity, before I do – you – T.M Redding – Israel
“Valentines is for fools.”—the loveless. – Chi Nenye – Nigeria
Plastic rings choke the Earth Mother. – Gia Alistair – United States
My slow descent into irreversible madness. – Liberty Pope – United States
The light ate through the darkness. – Ava Cowden – United States
Joke, reaction, slap. Why the furore? – Diana Burns Burns – New Zealand
Look up at stars. Smiling hard. – Karly Honeycutt – United States
No end to the dirt falling. – Elmedina Hota – Bosnia & Herzegovina
She met her soulmate, I didn’t. – Janphol Sarmiento – Philippines
Her words, lovelier, than sweet honey. – Jordan Zuniga – United States
God’s alchemy transformed science into religion. – Rajkamal Kashyap – India
Eyes, seen, ears, heard, heart, touched – Amber Ray – United States
Moonlight stroll, quiet forest, distant howl. – Peter Kind – Bulgaria
Assumed Black. Assumed White. Neither true. – Kimberly Barrett – United States
The scraping continued inside my skull. – Alex Morne – United Kingdom
Hope is fog that clouds reality – Mug Jacks – United States
The shooter let the baby live. – Lauren Fritsky – United States
Be good or don’t get caught. – Katherine Gray – United Kingdom
Texting, Driving. Swerving, Screaming. Crashing, Dying – Corey Garcia – United States
The midas touch of honey bees – Adele Winston – United Kingdom
Don’t worry, we have pharmaceutical companies – Megan Buske – United States
No one survives a spoken secret – Gage Cole – United States
Fifty-three won’t leave me alone. – Halimah S. Dilazak – England
They danced through the world’s end. – Oshwin Dang – India
Love never ends, relationship may be. – SANKHAJIT BHATTACHARJEE – India
“When can we leave, mom? Mom?” – Jaime de Andruart – Brazil
How did I get here again? – Quili Quili – Nigeria
Dreams Of My Youth Still Dream – Hannah Sado – Hannah
Oceans, women’s rights which go first? – Milton Ceita Da Costa – France
The wind carried songs to me. – Karen Rose Kingsbury – United Kingdom
The wind blew his cap away… – Arthy Muthanna Singh – India
For Sale: AMC Workbook. Never opened. – Irene Bae – United States
Baked beans before interview. Worst regret. – Safiyah Azad – United Kingdom
Are you sure it’s my turn? – Malcolm Hill – Wales
After all, I write to forget. – Srikanth Kundeti – United States
Born Grow Work Marry Old Die – Farhan Qadir – Pakistan
The shouting goose woke David again. – Damon Yeld – South Africa
No best word to raise child. – Francis Edwards – Spain
Trim the moustache not the eyebrows. – Neil Best – Northern Ireland
Life was so easy and hard. – Kevin Oneil – United States
He rushed. Concussion. “A head” of time? – Ines Acevedo-Bakx – New Zealand
Alarm rang. Pressed “Snooze.” Slept again. – Gabriel Marquez – Philippines
Don’t you know? We’re so small! – A.E.S. Shen – China
I can’t forget, I will forgive. – Kayliana Wilson – United States
Only my feet are beneath me – Leslie Hix – United States
Darkness – the beginning and the end. – Refiloe Mathelela – South Africa
The darkness finally ate him alive. – Kim Galovich – United States
I’ve broken six bones. All mine. – Uneeza Rana – Pakistan
Teamwork is vital for scapegoating purposes. – Susmita Ramani – United States
Spice Girls to marry seasoned veterans. – Linda Maxwell – United States
Life is given. Death is hidden. – Onsi H – France
Fictional characters can be morally gray – Kensi A –
Salt and pepper dictate our relationship. – Varsha Vimal – United States
When last did you use it – Bade Fuwa – Nigeria
When coal combusts out, burn diamonds – Tejas Hapani – India
Close To Him, Far From Myself. – Srishti Dubey – India
Just peachy. No need for lemons. – Clove Morgan – United States
Alone and free, crowded and overwhelmed. – Yokel Zephyr – United States
Brains for sale. Only used once. – Praise-God Ukoh – Nigeria
Veni, vidi, amavi! – Roxanne Gregory – Canada
Because adrenaline pumped through my veins. – Greta Bonati – United States
Rich you are! Six feet awaits! – Mai William Bemsii Junior – Cameroon
Everything is always fun and exciting – Aisha Oloriegbe – Saudi Arabia
Who’s the queen of storytelling? Me. – Kate Melenia – Canada
My lover died. He deserved it. – Nick Davies – United Kingdom
Her eyes used to be brown – Kenya Hall – United States
Think That Way And Go Away – Abeeb Mutalib – Nigeria
DIY anaesthetic? Sure, knock yourself out. – C M Prosso – UK
Rarely do needs and wants coalesce. – Petra Fenn – United States
Maladaptive. King explaing his fashion sense. – Syeda Shaheen / Trix(SJ) Jeenat Suhailey / Trix(SJ) – India
Darkness silence cold loud slurp,movies – Meme Winston – United States
The smoke detector celebrates my birthday. – Maryam Raheel – Canada
Nobody could tell I was gone – Ayomide Dehinsilu – United Kingdom
There’s no royal way to success. – Maimuna Adamu – Nigeria
It’s so hard, my eyes tired – Kimberly Insigne – Philippines
Looked both ways, still got hurt – (Simcha ) Joy – United States
Wisteria, front porch jewelry, a choker. – Kay Rae Chomic – United States
Sweetness will end this bitter leaf. – Oluwasegun Oluseyi Adesina – Nigeria
Sunshine came, but it still rained. – Farhah Dhamirah – Malaysia
Screams intensified the louder I spoke. – Avaiyu Rays –
New dish. Epipen forgotten. Ambulance coming. – Roshna Rusiniya – India
Play the part: above all others. – Jemmela Cucuta – United States
Your smile is my sun rise. – Chukwuma Okparaoyibo – Nigeria
Nowhere: no where or now here? – Maria Magairlin – Bosnia and Herzegovina
your lips softly touch my skin – The Night Writer The Night Writer – united states
I am what I make myself – Taylor Heywood – Canada
Singular of body, multiple of mind. – Luna Delvaux – United States
Like Hendrix, booze is Chaima’s kryptonite. – Jay Barrani – Tunisia
Funlaughter was felt held sparkles alsides. – RoseMaryS Makengo – Tanzania
Air of despondency, Call from Hades. – Athena Amor – India
It was utterly rude, yet exciting. – Gwynevere Hyde – Portugal
A happy face, a sad soul – Kimberly Insigne – Philippines
Karma. It’s like a damn swirl. – Tamara Ciric – Serbia
They fell. Off a cliff, love. – Sam S – India
A silent orchestra swelled at dawn. – Helene Kratz – Netherlands
Waved at dad. He beeped back. – Haley Pak – United States
Ready, aim, FIRE. Not the guns! – Bjorn Wall – Canada
“He seems nice,” she thought hopefully. – Nancy Machlis Rechtman – United States
Shame shapes in apprehension to create – Zoey Gard – Sverige
Stars Watching Me, As Guardian Angels – Vrinda Sehgal – Malaysia
“Love you,” whispered the ageing photo. – Jen Sinclair – United Kingdom
Pretty face, No lies, close eyes. – Zarin Tasnim Zahra – United States
Mama, my mind made me malaise. – Miranda Kusi – Ghana
I asked. He did not reply – Ella Sharpe – England
Lipstick or blood on shattered glass? – Diana Burns Burns – New Zealand
She cried at the toilet room – They make a promise, and then life. kreiter – israel
I’m sorry I can’t be perfect. – Adriana Robinson –
AI becomes self-aware. Instantly develops insecurities. – Margarita Alexandrou –
The superstar’s only co-star was starvation. – Sunitha Muralidharan – India
Mother says you can come inside – Bentley Brock – United States
I have a funny joke to tell. – Ambre Vanneste – France
Time cannot heal the dead lovers. – Bhavyaa Kumar – India
Cravings of curse would never cease. – Kripa Varghese – India
Congratulations, your death wish is denied. – Whale Whale – Hong Kong
Just a melancholy whistling of dust. – Connie Carmichael – United States
Out of her mouth came death – Cuisel Peach – Nigeria
Satan knows when you touch yourself. – Enyinna Nnabuihe – Nigeria
I hid. The sky fell again. – Levona Tamir – Israel
She had a story to tell. – Ariel Walters – United States
Those shiny stars are my companion – Srijana Subedi – Nepal
She ate her baby this morning. – Katie Farrell – Ireland
Don’t look up. It will pounce. – Caroline Rowles – England
You’re the pill I swallowed dry. – Cole White – United States
Don’t be so reckless, be smart. – Glenn Mark Ormega – Philippines
Broken self. But not broken life. – Jose Joel Robles – Philippines
Fear. Slashing and Gnashing. Witching. – Chioma Victoria Iwu – Nigeria
So Romeo fell for Juliet, big deal? – Esther Bella – Kenya
I got bit! Run before… BRAAAAAAAAAINS! – Zack Zagranis – United States
Rich? I’d rather have a chihuahua. – Tia Craig – United States
Brimming with contentment until she awakened. – Fernie Moore – United States
Drowned in the ocean of darkness – Samuel Simani – Kenya
Motherhood: an incurable fatal heart condition – Lucille Caspian – United States
words can only hurt or heal – Atreyee Chattopadhyay – India
Sandcastle for sale. Limited time offer. – Shourya Pratap Singh – India
Deadly lies through stories killed her – ANAGHA GOPAN O G – India
The beaten path is never mapped. – Jennifer passionpursuit – United states
Facing your fears requires brave stupidity. – Sylvia Oosthuizen – South Africa
Goldfish that swim, remember the rim – Alexis Kyle – United States
My crying soul, but nothing hears. – Shea Jordan – United States
The tiny hands grasp is firmest. – Jamie Moore – United Kingdom
When muscles tear they mend, stronger. – Cole White – United States
She killed time sharpening her tongue. – Sharyn Grimes – Australia
Mid-life crisis? No no. Mid-life liberation. – Emmett Trouse – England
She rappelled down the crumbling castle. – Julia Starr – United States
A Shakespearean Tragedy titled “You, Me”. – Archana Ceraman – Australia
Peace is better than being right – Loredeen Calapan – Philippines
her father pointed and she died. – Penny Basile – united states of america
The doorbell doesn’t hate the dog. – Kelly Yorck –
Campfire sparks rise, melting into stars. – Debbie Penley – United States
She was Spring in a desert – Rachita Ramya – United States
Stabbed hard, not physically but emotionally – Anastasia Broumas – United States
Shattered vocal cords screaming for help. – Ivy Gilliam – United States
The clumsy dog who eats butterflies – Livie Killion – United States
I can feel you unloving me. – Judith Balumaga – Philippines
Do not pick girls, pick toothpicks. – Diana Hakobyan – Republic of Armenia
Fly, screech, trust me…birds talk – Hannah M – United states
Black isn’t colour. Black is colour. – Anne Wilkins – New Zealand
Welled-up eyes, Silent cries, “Smile please!” – F. F. –
Control anger or it controls you. – Ventosa Pluma – Philippines
Life began by chance; DID IT? – Daniel Fitzpatrick – Sverige
In adolescence aubergines seemed faintly erotic. – J.D. Sparkes. – United Kingdom
I could never be Chris Rock. – Mykelah brown – united states
I need your voice to cope. – Kia Yang – United States
Scars, royal hue of my tapestry – Alisha Kennedy – India
The fear of death under pretexts – Sofia Kioroglou – Greece
Boxed cake: One dollar family breakfast. – Chanelle Lambert – United States
Want a change! But first – breakfast.. – eyal polack – Israel
Break me once, twice, never again! – Abi Odiase – Nigeria
Resolute in drive, steadfast in hope. – Hayley Hutson – United States
I can’t count up to six – Dom Monette – United States
Open your minds. Don’t be sheep. – Tracey Maitland – England
After crashing, I ate meat again. – Sally Curtis – United Kingdom
Don’t shrink yourself to fit space. – Janphol Sarmiento – Philippines
Birth and death, both are unpredicted. – Hadia Farooq – United States
I am building a house of sea – Nikhil Srivastava – United States
Hiding under the bed. Scary kid. – Kallie Hart – United States
Your hug; the last homeland. – Ebrahim Salimikouchi – Iran
Caution: animal hungry. Cage is empty. – Caterina Franks – United States
I don’t need anyone except all y’all. – Gus Guess – United States
Now, I can finally let go – Benedick Lewis – United Kingdom
Sounded much better in my head. – Ronilyn Arsenal – Philippines
Was I considerate, or blatantly rude? – Nicolas Redzimski – United Kingdom
Six words can always be enough – Damilola Olowa – Nigeria
Open the coffin, their nails broken – Cole Camacho – United States
What you feel, what you see – ANA ALADID – SPAIN
This key’s turn will burn everything – Nyx Kay – India
Lone wolf leads herd nitwits, period! – Sarah Serakalala – Spain
When I run, my soul breathes – Micol Baselli – Italy
The drawer opens, “Grandpa,” I ask. – Vanessa Morse – United States
Six word wonders are really creative. – Winifred Korankye Amoah – Ghana
Her kindness is her favorite superpower. – Alliah Concepcion – Philippines
Do you know why killers kill? – Fiona Tay – Brunei
What size was the Oracle? Medium. – Peter Kind – Bulgaria
Flowers bloom in your every smile. – RC deWinter – United States
The Flying Vehicle Was Very Plane – Rebecca Claire Millward – United Kingdom
New persistent cough, old reliable friends – India Hollway – England
“It’s your future.” “It’s my end.” – Emily Phillips – United Kingdom
And now I can’t even breathe – Star Puerum – United States of America
Heavy blankets and thoughts, heavier still. – Samson Mark – New Zealand
Natural deodorant shouldn’t take Sunday off. – Genesis Solis Carrion – United States
Tranquility and obsession manifests true love – Nefarious Naomi – India
“Sorry?” “Nothing!” “Oh. ‘love you.” “Yeaaah.” – BRYAN MCNERNEY – United Kingdom
Unlocked door, misplaced book, not good. – Efe Ikhenaode – Nigeria
Playing that voicemail over and over. – Emilia Rose – United States
The monkey was allergic to bananas. – Irene Bae – United States
With her sequin smile, she struck. – Sheryl Deva – India
He gasped, “save me.” “I’m sorry.” – Almas Baqri – India
She fell in love, then back out. – Brooklyn Anderson – United States
Love still rages, a deepening inferno – Natasha Meagher – United States
Dim room, cloudy skies, movie time. – Kylee Mascroft – United States
Slogans- words far from the product – Irene Amasi – Nigeria
The devil who won many hearts – Sagar Pandya – India
Yes! Clone dinosaurs before humans, please! – Robert Travitz – United States
Simply sit and listen. That’s life – Lily Johnson – United Kingdom
Love misses a stop: my heart. – Jessica Mae Crizaldo – Philippines
One day the trees stopped talking. – Rose Montgomery – United States
I fell in love with Death – Lyx Cordis – United States
ATTENTION: FAIL SAFE HAS FAILED! GET- – Emerson Durham – United States
Alone. Children everywhere. Alone. Adults everywhere. – Halimah S. Dilazak – England
Ever been slapped in the throat? – J. M. Lowery – United States
I am frustrated at being frustrated – Dioca Brown – Jamaica
Storm of darkness, I can’t see. – Cassie Li –
The movie cinemas are always exciting – Mia Davidson-Waters – Australia
“Apocryphal” is superfluous. Just say “lie”. – Joshua Ritter – United States
Hold on, was I just baptized? – Nathaniel Kiehm – United States
I proposed with a candy ring. – Anastasia Grigorieva – Russia
I think of you everyday exceedingly – Mugilesh Shanmugavel – Srilanka
Opened my wallet, moth flew out – Sangay Gyansapa – India
Home for her, cage for him. – Perry Berline – United states
Foul play? Right back at ya. – Maia Karoliina – Finland
Memories are the soul’s little polaroids. – Nikki Lynn Patterson – United States
The Wendigo walked, cold and alone… – Emmanuel Caxton – United States
Can’t stick around; gotta move on. – Dylan Cervantes – United States
The door had enough space, Jack! – Atlas Xuereb – United Kingdom
“I have no words”, she said. – Estelle Byrne – United Kingdom
A train of hope headed west – Barbara Wojcik – England
Pupils cannot lead a teacher’s sight – Ros Kwen – United States
So busy living, life passed on. – Jumoke Salihu – Nigeria
Backwards runs only machine time my. – Stuart McLean – United Kingdom
Fire tripped across the wooden pews. – Catherine Fields – United States
Strange faces surrounded the open casket. – Kathryn Borobia – United States
Dancing to rhythms of your heart – Mary-Ann Aondoakaa – Nigeria
Personality Palette: Tones of your character – Van Allen Kaye Daguplo – Philippines
“But you like owls!” “Only outdoors.” – O Lu O Lu – Nigeria
Too early, too late, I’m awake. – Thomas Wyllie – South Africa
A luring tactic drawing me in. – Michael Freitas – Canada
I scream, plead, let me die. – Debbie Patten – South Africa
The fresh scent of cool wind. – Gray Sinton – Ireland
Both is more than all of two – Eunice Young – Germany
The answer to everything is books. – Josa Keyes – United Kingdom
Shaping the world with unsharped pencils. – Stefania Grosso – Italia
Being lazy is fun… – Lucia Reed – United Kingdom
Enviousness can lead in a goodway – Julius Montibon – Philippines
Betrayal: shocked, humiliated, hurt, sad, ALONE – Gina Wash – United States
“Never do that again.” “Good note.” – Jeff Kennedy – United States
Prom night. Booze and no condom. – Scott E. Ross Jr. – United States
Slap on wrist, stamped with kiss – Artemis No last name for my pen name; just “Artemis” – United States
Dentists- “Let’s steal candy from babies!” – Marlo Brown – United States
He took himself deeper into her. – Queen. Edmund. – Nigeria.
Sometimes, working hard doesn’t pay off. – N.C Sunday –
Dave waved his paycheck: oldschool capitalism. – Charlie Jolley – United Kingdom
Speeding ticket, one used adult diaper. – Ash Hobson – United States
Love is forever. So she believed. – Rabab Zaidi – India
Husband? gone. Child? gone. Me? going. – Abi Odiase – Nigeria
His last meal; liquor and lead. – Thomas Stewart – United States
She was the last one standing – Sana Mahmood – United Kingdom
Dreams were caught on spider web. – Alba Johny G – India
It’s difficult, words are roaming haphazardly – Srijana Subedi – Nepal
Don’t waste time on nothing said. – JD Roberts – United States
Moon landing? Hasnt it landed yet? – Buckweed Stormbroke – South Africa
The monster has always been me. – Kimora Stewart – United States
He’s ‘all in’, but she left – Leanne Fuller – united kingdom
Special you always makes me special. – Hanishree Vichare – India
Every second is lost every second. – Srinvanti Pal – India
A book, a dog, a Paperbark – Elora Canne – Australia
As the bullets rain, she plays. – Madison Stahl – United States
I have a story to tell. – Ada Okopi – Nigeria
Life; more than six words wonder. – Darling Angel Darling Angel – Nigeria
People still have pieces of me. – David Nightingale – United States
Intoxicated by the smell of books – Khushi Rajpurohit – India
The moon, shining down, holds secrets. – Marissa Lyons – United States
Waking up to the lions roar – Clare Mills – Norway
To be loved, or be beloved – Chanel Jordan – Philippines
Two mentalities wet, dripping with intoxication. – Madison Callaway – United States
15. Raped. Never wanted children. Suffers. – Sierra Sophia – United States
You, wishing to be forgiven, erupt. – X Beattie – United Kingdom
The man died not his movement. – Robert Travitz – United States
Nobody saw the girl hid diamonds. – Jan Pan – India
Good teeth, clean nails, he’s mine! – Efe Ikhenaode – Nigeria
Women left home, hair flying free. – Renèe Usherwood – Deutschland
On wings. I fly the world. – Karen Richards – United Kingdom
Unwise words are sometimes the wisest. – Royal Pleasures – United States
Eventually, I forgot to remember them. – Louise O’Hora – Ireland
Vending machines selling words to say – Sara Marzana – Italy
My mother’s pain is not mine – Yona Mahi –
Baby’s arrival sparked chaotic silence. Stillborn. – Veronica Murray – Canada
I swear! Aliens ate my homework. – Adejumoke Oluwole – Nigeria
I’m eye-level with the fallen coconuts. – JaCorey Brown – United States
There’s a hole you fill inside me – Svea Del Amor –
the world will turn tomorrow regardless – Kinley Cline – United States
Quantum resurrection made me feel calm – Cherise De Lambilly – United States
Road distractions recklessly drive lives off-course. – Lolita Beylina – United States
The scars you inflict ground me. – Sue Asupa – Kenya
Together, they celebrated the last sunset. – Tiffany Cole – United States
AHHH, HUUU, BEEE, spoke the mute – Zachary Herman – Poland
“Like this?” he asked before misfiring. – Max Merbaum – United States
She survived. It was cruel kindness. – Sheryl Deva – India
The sustainable zombie munched vegan brains. – Rashmi Sreenivas – United Kingdom.
“The baby’s yours.” She was lying. – Alison Schiller – United States
Tree ribs shiver, a bluish fever. – Charlotte Kim – United States
Lost in woods, coverd in ticks. – Angela Zernzach – United States
In the dark, i see you. – Matan Perlstein – Israel
In your imagination lies your destiny. – Linda Okpirikhre – Nigeria
Her Potrait was his only masterpiece.. – Hushan Verma – India
olive ornament obstinate owl obeisance orchid – Garima Misra – India
I am depressed, not home sick. – Gloria Ochai – Nigeria
Special Military Operation. Stops Millions’ Oil. – Linda Evans – England
librarians stories- often unshelved, never silenced – Susan Mcclellan – USA
Life is more fun with friends. – Shining Pretzel38 – United States
The girl cried because of pain. – Eid Mira Gauuan – Philippines
Grief is the aftertaste of regret. – Nel Maria – United States
Life minus expectations equals immeasurable happiness. – Rebecca McFadden – United States
Lost game. Got mad. smashed keyboard. – Leo Choi – United States
Police were involved. Drugs. Rape. Murder.3️⃣ – Harshita Kori – India
At last the glass has shattered. – Mackenzie Geiger – United States of America
Forgiveness from God, God over everything. – Paloma Arnado – Philippines
Lions Like Food More Than Poop – Adrian So – Canada
Legs skuttled under my bed, shit. – Angelica Blake-Lawson – United Kingdom
The greatest mystery of life? Life. – Hania Farooq – Pakistan
‘Sweetie? You’re bleeding. From your… eyes.’ – Francesca Astraea – United Kingdom
All colours of life vanished with her. – Nam 16 – India
Treated as though invisible to all. – Jade Vaz – India
I am a sheep leading wolves – Rab Shank – Zambia
My confidence is just a mask – janina grace andrade – philippines
Love grows weary, living in silence. – Erik Ammon – United States
She hated breathing – hated needing, really. – Olivia Wells – United States
She laughed, so did the meatworm – Wynn Lapiana – United States
You exist to everyone but me. – Sondra Cappuccio – United States
One guy. 2 girls. A betrayal. – Leen Ben. – Canada
Two young lovebirds sat and smiled – J. L. Fril – United States
Beliefs strong until truth arises – Sam Heiden – United States
Look and watch it look back – Princess Blueberry – United States
Just please don’t feed the wildlife. – Makayla Ray – United States
Rich’s Wealth paintings kill deserving artists – Chirag Mahal – India
The six-fingered man was killed! – eyal polack – Israel
In quest for truths, lies hurt – Chisom Ndukwu – Nigeria
What if we let it go? – Marla Bischoff – Germany
I have ignored the Great commission. – Moyosolaoluwa Olowokure – Nigeria
Imagination swirls in the Cartwheel Galaxy. – Ann Barker – México
Pots and Pans: Pansexual Stoner Dating – Manfred Klatt – United States
SMASH! …I never liked that urn. – Hannah Ladmore – United Kingdom
Finn drowned. Returned to water. Breathed. – James Davies – United States
She became the monster she dreaded – Gurleen Benipal – Canada
We could. We would. We won’t. – Jasmine L – Belgium
He wouldn’t share the oysters shellfish – Dartdylan Delosreyes – Philippines
I held my head in pain. – Katharine Fleetwood – United States
Singing the Blues gilded her spirit. – Pat Bonner Milone – United States
He made hell sound much better – Salwa Talpur – Pakistan
I know I deserve better. Affection. – Ritika Tyagi – India
As the sun dawns people sleep. – Charlie Bureychenko – United Kingdom
Choose love, choose happiness, choose you – Sashia Bell – United States
My mother’s eyes. My father’s mouth. – T. N.N – Australia
I opened my eyes to blackness. – Shruti Pandey – India
What a life I didn’t live. – Kiersten Harvey – United States
Her covetous heart underappreciated its surroundings. – Shirna Jiang – United States
She loved herself when others wouldn’t. – Mark Joseph Dadios – Philippines
The secrets that only pillows know – Misbah Zainab – Pakistan
Stabbed, phone for help. No s… – Caterina Baldi – Italia
Roger Federer – Sardar Ahmed Bilal – Pakistan
I should have risked it all. – Mariel Ogabar – Philippines
All they wanted was to help. – Arthur König – United States
Alien abduction applications, no experience required – Melissa Maize – Hong Kong
Stop lying, you never really cared – Amina Odinaeff – United States
The quickest commute is brillant fiction. – Jamie Moore – United Kingdom
Ghosting someone isn’t the same dead – Liv Strom – Switzerland
I don’t care about your feelings – Kristina Pudlewski – United States
transformation – Cherilyn James – United States
The sun shimmers amongst the dark. – Prajanya Jain – United States
I remember when winters were cold. – Jude Page – Sweden
Mommy: a name she’d lost, again. – KQ Foster – United States
A dented ring, an open fist. – Sarah Peploe – United Kingdom
Risk-acceptance killed the supernovic Universe, immediately. – Halcyon Void – United States
Will someday ever come? Maybe tomorrow. – Joyce Jacobo – United States
Something about your eyes is familiar – Lily Rekow – United States
Unfortunately the lie became the truth – Deena Sefersteine – Israel
All you are, is a passerby. – Mary Louise Kay – Philippines
Crooked smile, Broken lungs, Loving tears. – Abbey Linsley – Australia
Guns cocked. Now ready for war. – Marafaele Mohloboli – Lesotho
Head, Shoulders, Knees, Toes, Hearts, Souls – Jesi Thomas – United States
Don’t destroy what you don’t understand – Randolph Rowe – India
He built students. Now makes walls – Wilfreda Simon – Nigeria
My beautiful Angela, here, there and gone. – Oluwaseun Badejo – Nigeria
They danced, laughing under God’s tears – Sajal Metla – Canada
Lockdown time: Zoom space, pants off. – Brian Chen – China
On Day One, God was lonely. – Reese Neal – United States
No wagging tail greeting: lonely grief – Stephanie Reeder – United Kingdom
black kittens, white alsatians Oop… racism! – Jonah Nasara Tahiru – Ghana
There’s something churning in the water. – Aaron Gold –
The poets lost their tongues’ rhymes. – Carlos Manuel Eusoya – Philippines
I want potting soil as skin – Mackenzie Christie – United States
One, two, buckle your own shoe! – JK Morgan – United States
Sisters by chance.Friends by choice. – Lolo4real Jide – Botswana
Whispering woods kiss the magical goodnight. – Alexia Luna Obbens – Spain
He broke her heart once again – Prisca Muonaka – Nigeria
On champagne bodies, I am drunk – Iliana Grace – United States
Tattoo faded, now I can’t remember. – Ella Gilmer – New Zealand
I Just Wanted To Be Understood – Daviana Vazquez-Piazza – United States
knock knock………… cow………… no cow mooooooo! – Artjom Ignatovs – United Kingdom
Where’s the gravy? It’s sourced without. – Ron Newson – New Zealand
To paint a masterpiece with words… – Carlotta Skerin – Spain
Angela, I miss seeing your smile. – Almira Vera – Philippines
Kissing lips, tongues slip into mystery. – Wes Ryan – Canada
Like the night sky, Aurora danced. – Kali Kuzma – United States
I hated them. They loved me. – Amita Ganeshkumar – United States
Overpopulated rogue planet approaching. Arm yourselves. – R Bromfield – Canada
She seeks scribbling six , still speechless – Gabriel Marquez – Philippines
Tell me how to escape pandemics – Bint Ridwan – Nigeria
Love’s first kiss waited eighteen months. – Elizabeth Beller – United States
When her eyes, flash you burn – Emily Sarez – United States
a presence breathing in your ear – Catherine Fields – United States
If I tried, could I win? – Meghan Franky – USA
Happiness came amid bouts of pain. – Scott Adamson – United States
The doorframe said. ” I adore you”. – Ron Newson – New Zealand
Dark light seeped from his eyes. – Leanne Fuller – united kingdom
Meet me where light becomes summer. – Alex Neets – United States
Is loving you a pay grade? – Janya Arora – India
I know what you are reading, – Christina May – United Kingdom
Things were doomed with the kangaroo – Brielle Leiani – United States
Why ? Why? Why? No really, Why? – Alka Yadav – India
A glass cup filled with others – Kensi A –
Maybe then we’d have made it. – Kyla Elec – Philippines
Wind whistling through stone ruins, forlorn. – Nora Jennings – United Kingdom
The hands of clock, never stops. – Charleszel Martinez – Philippines
Sand between toes, warming my soul. – Erik Ammon – United States
All night, all day, all alone. – Soumya N/A – India
When she died, the nation mourned. – Katie Kent – United Kingdom
Risk is all that separates us. – Ella Lurixe – United States
Missed call. Letters to the dead. – Chloe Lim – Singapore
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly? – Anastacia OTanez – United States
Problems can never finish Try enjoyment – Harrison Nkomuwa – Nigeria
Failed at this; architect, northerner, wife. – Hannah Dryden – United Kingdom
I’m dandelion waiting to bloom – karryshh k – India
Shattered fear. Two pieces. Our peace – Nicole Pereira – New Zealand
He screamed, “where are your legs?” – Nandana Rajeev – India
But they were my children too. – Franca Basta – Italy
“I’d die for you”, he lied. – Iyonmana Adesuwa – Nigeria
Autonomy destroyed me, submission saved me – Dragos Cojocariu – United States
A flatworm landed upright. A fluke! – Alex Humberstone – United Kingdom
The black god of the whites. – Anuma Linus – Nigeria
Poets are fools by following rules – Howard Osborne – United Kingdom
It’s always rainy when the world ends. – Nadav Bonder – Israel
Worlds smolder, we are the fire. – Halcyon Void – United States
Pain, gone. Heart, stopped. Story, over. – Luna Delvaux – United States
You see God, as you’ve assumed – Mahmoodah Oyeleye – Nigeria
Morn hung. Blasted cover, night bed. – Kathy Bahr – United States
Two rivers flows together my tears – Shamya Mukundhan – United States
You’re just like your dad. – Rose Walker – United States
Beautiful things are rotten deep within. – Ema N. – Japan
You want six words? That’s stupid. – Molly Nash – United Kingdom
Kids sleeping, never to wake again. – Fariha Jahan – England
Live, laugh, love in these conditions? – Ash Elysium – Canada
Glue no longer held earth together – R K – Nigeria
Performative activism is just as bad. – Jelani D’Aguilar – United Kingdom
Rain washed away the blood stains. – Judith Owa – Nigeria
Dying everyday just to remain alive. – Nam 16 – India
Heart pumps colour, to paint life. – Chandni Desai – India
Mare: Seeking a splendidly strong stallion… – Patina Malinalli – United States
Their heads popped off like grapes. – Arlo Sharp – United States
She screamed but no one heard. – Mae Lee – Nigeria
Things fell apart when she whistled. – ER Castaneda – United States
Slice knife. The urge sufficed? No. – Halia Hassan – United States
What’s wrong with being a dummy? – Chloe Liang – United States
Hunter became hunted. Then, shortly, extinct. – Dan Micklethwaite – United Kingdom
I’m tiny but I was hefty. – Joice Marie Caramat – Philippines
The first breath, the first regret. – Lis Youth – Russia
Singing songs without knowing the words. – Kerry Wright – Canada
Time never heals, it still hurts. – Yaatheshini Ashok – India
Making myself proud feels currently unattainable – Kinley Cline – United States
Fire, the librarian, licks pages alphabetically. – Pinka PopsicKle – India
Love is a river, always flowing. – Lola Powell – England
She linged for heavdn, it didn’t – Queen Ernest – Nigeria
Time chose me as its victim – Leyla Urmanova – United States
Sacrifice doesn’t always end in pain – Damilola Olowa – Nigeria
An untimely fart compromised his position. – Adam Kassner – United States
Lucy bottle-feeds her mama’s killer. – Aneeta Prem – Canada
Nothing More ADVENTUROUS Than Without MONEY – _ SIOW – Malaysia
He just remembers the door closing. – Miss Valentina – India
The sun is shining, I see – Mariel Belmonte – Philippines
Newsflash: Messiah’s Feet Perfume Sex-Worker’s Hair – Lisa K. Buchanan – US
His ending was her new beginning – susanna finn – australia
Bridge beginners: overbooked. Enthusiasm trumps experience. – Wendy Markel – United Kingdom
It’s not you but me. Heartbreak. – CM Goodtidings – Nigeria
Love what hurts to get love – AJAY . – INDIA
See beauty in eyes of beholder – Johannes Sello Mosomane – South Africa
fighting for the urge to fight – salwa onto – Bangladesh
Green symbolize hope and new beginnings. – Jessica Mae Crizaldo – Philippines
I saw a black cat. Lucky! – DripDripDrop DripDripDrop – Philippines
Tracked methane in our president’s speech. – Martins Deep – Nigeria
She leapt, she pulled, she fell. – Lynne Thomas – United Kingdom
Bakeoff. Bread rises to the occasion. – Janice Egry – United States
kiss me lovely then kill me. – Mohammad Mousavi – Iran
No human being can be you – Victoria Castillo – Spain
Eye right four nun butt Eye – Rotem Tamsut – Israel
I killed myself. I’m still alive. – Mohammad Mousavi – Iran
Like no other, yet part you. – Rachel Cyparski – United Kingdom
“Psychic Found In Lottery Winner’s Basement” – Trouli Myers – United Kingdom
Indigents waste wish on dying star – Zeidan Naqeeb – Malaysia
Will work for ability to photosynthesize. – Herbert Norrins – United States
Planes soared, I jumped, crashing silently. – Alannah Pevensie – England
I’m acting my life. No-one guesses. – Karen Evans – United Kingdom
The infants had tar stained lungs. – Mariella Michael – United Kingdom
Computer hums, watch ticks, screen glares – Yash Seyedbagheri – United States
Gunshot silenced. Wall is painted new. – Nicholas Entzminger – United States
One person has to be indispensable. – Fisayo Balogun – Nigeria
That valid expression? Money cures depression! – Taiwo Queendee – Nigeria
Smiling is our meditation without hesitation – Rose Ann Labahan – Philippines
My dreams, left useless on pillows. – Breanna Campbell – Jamaica
curious questions kill confusion’s conspiring completely – Robert Reese – United States
Firepower for the land and seawater. – Jelly Masinag – Philippines
I knew why, manipulation and lies. – Elle Swin – United States
In his arms, I simply exist. – Kaylee Cadieux – Canada
making mysteries in misty mirror mes – Gabriel T – United States
A mother; the future lies within. – Elizabeth Mendoza – United States
Hatred destroys the miracle of peace – Linda Ajlo – United States
Our friendship could not survive pizza. – Anna Isabella – Philippines
No chains in love, but love – Areesha Khurram – Pakistan
Journeys on parallel dimensions. Me, myself. – Stefania Grosso – Italia
accept that we are no more – Ariane Baronda – Philippines
The Man spoke. The Universe stopped. – Gracey Trey – Nigeria
Fido wants to eat your socks. – Lou Normann – United States
He kick bucket with six feet – Light Penn Light Penn – Nigeria
this is the end of hope – Atreyee Chattopadhyay – India
“I will find you,” said love. – Bob Bobington – United States
The night start between the ocean. – Sepideh Rahmani – Iran
“Are you nervous?” “That you’ll leave.” – Kel Snow – United States
At 30, saw sky first time. – Isha Jain – India
every second, life depends on it – Princess april Bermudez – Philippines
Under their desks, they heard shots. – Zack Zagranis – United States
He couldn’t, but i couldn’t not – Madison Stivers – United States
His smile unlocked my blissful utopia. – Ree Mahnoor – Nigeria
A daughter should never feel orphaned. – Madison Kearns – United States
Donald Duck, don’t laugh, help me. – Hayley Love – United Kingdom
Tardy, I realised I couldn’t breathe. – Michelle Kromhout – The Netherlands
I am a big hairy deal. – Sue Asupa – Kenya
Love is the most beautiful gift – Vesna Todevska – North Macedonia
Time’s a circle a time’s – Melissa Maize – Hong Kong
GO BOLD OR ITALIC. normality’s alright? – Shana Chaile – Canada
They crept into our tired eyes. – Michael Bronson – United States
the magic of wizard breaks wands – Abhishek Kumar – India
Even breathing is too much work. – Ilya Chernykh – United States
I love you. I love you. – Renee Ricevuto – United States
Dreaming is all that I know – Eve Lingers – The Netherlands
No victory comes without loss. – Tabea Elfa Giese – Deutschland
The owner of love is nature – Abinaya K – India
Love is as hades, envy passion. – Daniella Idogho – Nigeria
Is that what is was about? – Malcolm Hill – Wales
Tell me, what is your story? – Lo Waldorff – Switzerland
But – you died … Yeah, sorry. Forgot. – Hibah Shabkhez – Pakistan
You are as complicated as time. – Medeea Maria Drăgan – Romania
My love was true. Yours wasn’t. – Monique Strauss – South Africa
Time travel! Who would you kill? – Elaine Midcoh – United States
funeral parlour requests people die faster – Tessa Knight – Australia
Longing hearts far across the Pacific. – Felicitous Fool – United States
He’s dead. Now dig deep, quietly. – Jeannie Armstrong – United Kingdom
They Were Fighting Shadows With Grenades. – Luciana Baptista – Portugal
Bittersweet memories played with the music. – Hannah Rissler – United States
Graduate. Work. Vacation. Work. Retire. Die. – T. N.N – Australia
Our cries are music to them – Adhiya Azni – Indonesia
Gleeful washing machine, with stolen socks – Jane Doe – New Zealand
Not every one as to be successful – Joshua samuel Ikotinyie – Nigeria
I’m all yours for just today. – Leesha Coleman – United States
“No.” “It’s deformed!” “I said no.” – Penny Smith – Australia
“She Wear Different Types of a Mask” – Ariane Bueno – Philippines
Brothers are just super annoying people. – Mallarie Reed – United States
Destroy a life, feed your ego. – Kanti Smile_kapo – USA
Base your life off your fears. – Jesanya Sinclair – United States
Fatal flaws became loved old quirks – Isha Chauhan – India
She wore yellow to my funeral. – Catheryn Poe – United States
You trace my life line lovingly. – Lo Waldorff – Switzerland
Enamoured beauty. Fueled with disgust. – 18Marg 18Marg – Nigeria
Love can be quantified and sold. – ER Castaneda – United States
Bubbling blue bubble tea choking fish – Imane Raqualuchi –
I’m energy independent: I’m a bean! – Roy Barnes – United States
“Help! My snake at my baby!” – Christian William Alava – Philippines
And in the end, they cried. – Nikki G – United States
Dyed leaves dancing with wondrous winds. – K.L. Flores – United States
The chess player is the coach – Imane Raqualuchi –
I am not who I was… – Kevin Davidson – United States
The AI decreed death to humanity – jake Cosmos Aller – United States
Storms come and go, like people. – Raine Eguico – Philippines
She did it or she didn’t. – Aishat Elusogbon – Nigeria
Happiness Is Never An Option – Shalom Alangbo – Nigeria
When he went,my world stopped – Aila Mariz Roda – Philippines
He loved me, but I didn’t. – J Mello – United States
Compromising yourself leads too losing yourself. – Sylvia Oosthuizen – South Africa
Walk past him, stay dead silent. – Kelly Song – Canada
With one word the ocean parted. – Evelyn Woods – Australia
Teach me how to love you – Fransisca Yulce Sammine – Indonesia
Suburban tomato garden. All yours, Sweetie. – Jennifer Falk – Sverige
Grow up to be a clown. – Marquita Young – United States
In search of someone who understands. – Rebecca McFadden – United States
Your awesome performance hurt someone’s heart. – Tamoghna Dey – India
It’s the march of blind believers – Len Vasilache – Romania
Life. I thought I understood it. – Paula N. – Kenya
She burnt the flame with warmth. – Sharila Surpal – India
HEADLINES: Snow White Assaults Fruit Vendor – Michelle Jacob – India
I’m sorry I hurt you. Bang. – Kadie Emm – United States
They never wondered why he disappeared – Diego Moncalián – Spain
The thing I remember is Alzheimer. – Parisa Mousavi – Iran
Mommy, where is daddy? On Tour. – Moon y/n –
Grandpa’s body made a nice stew. – Hillel Benjamin Rosen – ישראל
The Emperor Caught Thief “SEIZE HER” – Rebecca Claire Millward – United Kingdom
Even our favorite toys get boring. – DaJaun Lomotey – Connecticut
Never give up on your dreams. – Penni Trikon – Ghana
She didn’t know what tomorrow meant. – Hilary Heffron – United States
Mom brought yummy. Dad filled tummy. – Irene Bae – United States
She is petite, gentle, elegant, unavailable. – Daniel Poland – United Kingdom (England)
“Shut up!” The world falls silent. – Keelin McCarthy – Ireland
Only an effluence of an absence. – Chisom Umeh – Nigeria
Davy Crockett caps display: DAVY CROCKETT – David Silver – United Kingdom
How to love six feet apart? – Katie Dasilva – Canada
Gloomy sky. Cold breeze. Dancing trees. – Celine Dion Santos – Philippines
Metamorphosis: grueling, gut-wrenching, irrevesible process. – Debbie Penley – United States
Harry Potter is not dead yet – Flaviana Boricean-Neacșu – România
You rise, to fall, to rise. – Chandni Desai – India
They danced despite gusts of winter. – Salvy Snr –
I don’t know if i can carry on – Bade Fuwa – Nigeria
Doctor, you haven’t mentioned treatment options – Lou Brosna – Ireland
I was a kid, why choose me? – Anushka Amin – United States
Celebrity tears under talk show lights. – Rohana Khattak – Pakistan
You look tame. Your words maim. – Louisa Mackay – South Africa
His love made me hate him. – Indika . – India
Alive but dead,dead but alive. – Helen Olivia – Nigeria
who are you? my dad’s child. – Mohammad Mousavi – Iran
Memories faded her out of existence. – JK Morgan – United States
Elvis impersonator sings; aging matron yearns – gary thomson – Canada
His lips: a prayer / in translation – Nikita Parik – India
Read some poems or binge tonight? – Marina Reza – Germany
Fantasy world fully visualized; trauma escaped. – Rachel L. Tilley – United Kingdom
War scattered us like coloured beads. – Rami Little Shakespeare – Iraq
Make me sure like never before – Red Balloon – Philippines
Honour suggests it, nay, compels it! – John Andre – Portugal
Hearts for disappointment. Clovers for confinement. – Lauren Curtis – United States
COME QUICK! HIS BLOOD’S STILL WARM! – Jamie Steele – United Kingdom
Soulmates that were no longer aligned. – Neha Sharma – UK
Scarlet left between my shaken thighs – Anna Hun – United States
Water rose. Above toes. Covered nose. – Janice Egry – United States
My heart feels heavy, ephemerally so. – MJ Freeman – United States
Music: the plaster to my wounds. – Nece 784 – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Sages, fools fly; to and fro – Imole Olusanya – Nigeria
Uncontrollable dangerous bone rattling that’s love – Atalanta Quinn – United States
The platform was empty. She’d gone. – stuart mcdowall – United Kingdom
Went away to find myself – Noah Hamaoui – Brazil
My favourite luxury brand is Lurpak. – Sofia Bikidou – United Kingdom
Her eyes resembled blank TV screens. – Jim Courter – United States
Cast a spell on what’s yours – Judy Bo – Kenya
Goliath tests positive; David declared winner. – Larry Hodges – United States
Disturbing sounds were coming from downstairs. – Annette Taylor – United States
“You don’t look fat.” I lied. – Libby Lee – United States
A pregnant sentence, litter of words – Andreas Ghilardi – Switzerland
Stumbled thousand times, stood proud millions. – SONNYBOY PACURSA – Philippines
Love people how you love stars – Alberto Lopez – United Kingdom
He drowned as he lived, effortlessly. – Richard Jenkin – United Kingdom
I can be anything,but not anyone – ESTHER MWAPE – Zambia
Soda is not good for you – Mykelah brown – united states
Ad: This book is sponsored by— – Nicole Oraegbu – United States
“You don’t scare me. Promise!” Liar. – Amita Ganeshkumar – United States
Masked, expressionless, we avoid each other. – Larissa Alexander – United Kingdom
I’m here, you don’t even see. – Ana Voicu – Romania
Yesterday John came, tomorrow Nneka births. – Kikachi Memeh – Nigeria
Self taught. Self assessed. Self failed. – Daniel Harwood – United Kingdom
if magic exists, you are magic. – Kay Long – United States
Using dishwasher to cook a steak? – Kensi A –
Classroom: SIT DOWN ! We are not:( – Murat Shaidanov – Kazakhstan
Was once heartbroken, now I’m married. – Roselyn Kaga – Nigeria
When the magic fades away… – Arthy Muthanna Singh – India
Scribbling, she talked and perished online. – Sheena Sarah Winny –
Counted to three. No one’s hiding. – Ivy Tolentino –
Looking through photos, regret stares back. – Edwin Sathrez – United States
So we’re kissing other people now? – Fayette Jutt –
Just one more minute, once more. – Eliza Rodriguez – United States
I know, you’re my only paradise. – Christian Himaya – Philippines
Why? Because, life has more purpose. – Neese Parker – United States
The spring never came for me. – Amanda Dexter – United States
I am you. We are one. – Tatin Bravo – Philippines
Love calls for penance: a soul. – Kryschina Fearon – Jamaica
Want it. Got it. I’m bored. – Disath Peduruhewa – Australia
He told me I was art. – Violet July – United States
Blind date yesterday. Missing posters today. – Karen Rymarz – United Kingdom
Life’s spark fires in Presbyterian choirs. – Christopher Barrett – United States
It started with sharing my dreams. – Dylan Cervantes – United States
She wondered. She wrote. She wandered. – Audrey N – United States
Players paying for pay to play. – Chris Weber – United States
Scientists could never predict this future. – Morgan Barnett – United Kingdom
Hot chocolate by the fire place. – Lou La Walker – United Kingdom
All the good girls die poor – Verity Agbikimi – NIgeria
Eyes can’t tell but heart could – A Lily – Malaysia
Yellow cellos make big happy sounds – Richard Spencer Jr. – United States
I think I’ll miss you forever. – Sherynn Looi – Malaysia
Lose Life + Save Memories = Eternal Melancholy – Ajax n/a – Philippines
I loved and lost. No regrets. – Deanndra Kidd – United Arab Emirates
It’s better if they don’t know. – Ruby Marine – United States
Grief is when memories are unlearnt. – Rahabar Sekandar – Canada
The world falls—idiots will rise – Mitch Edatil – United States
Evolving is bleak. I’ll stop now. – Brooke Hamilton Benjestorf – United States
Cat roars, lions moew… about truth. – Jonah Nasara Tahiru – Ghana
Why do you hide in there? – Writer X – The Netherlands
Failures make the best life lessons. – Elly Echeva – United States
Breaking news: God has finally snapped. – Makayla Gubbay – France
Beyond hope but still within reach. – Buudy Van Buren – United States
Brave little warrior, spread your wings. – Madeleine Thomas – United States
Waking up to hear the sea. – Marla Bischoff – Germany
Finally moving out, thanks to God! – Helen Velikans – Australia
His plastic heart fermented in tears. – Vottey Kong – United States
Founf undying success. Lost herself too. – Fatima Madni – Australia
Blood’s red but his was blue. – Kriss Hash – India
The rain never burned before today – Anna Hun – United States
Pitifully, a lion pats a wasp. – Skylar Gruys – Canada
It’s 5 A.M. Work’s at 9. – Cathy Cao – Canada
Mother is real goddess of world – Mr Reality – India
Don’t let go! Ground closing in. – Peris Wachira – Kenya
Grievously, tears ran down her face. – Cameron Lord – United States
Last words: “Where are the breaks?” – Adrian Mario – Jersey
Be mindful yet tactful and stern. – Asha Gardener – Jamaica
His old derelict heart condemned him. – J.D. Sparkes. – United Kingdom
Conscience was sacrificed easier than comfort. – Hannah Sirgo – United States
What’s the difference between McMansion and McMuffin? – Kyler Essen – United States
The sprout yearned to be taller. – Ash Evans – United State
Broken glass. Heavy heart. No regrets. – Allegra Cooper – United States
Baby growing inside me, like cancer. – Victoria Speziale – United States
Rise my light in the night – Jacinta Fuentes Rocha – Argentina
Cries as the clown’s eyes widen – Wil A Emerson – United States
Scars heal but they hurt too – Josie Parrelli – Australia
The dog was right: mailmen suck. – Palmer Blakely – United States
None are good, no not one. – Haven Beck – United States
Grey smoke, two cars, one gone – Aidan Flener – United States
“4. Aibohphobia (Noun) A fear of palindromes. – Frank Crawshaw – United Kingdom”
This is not forgiveness, not yet. – F.T. Wiltz – United States
They arrested me for incarnating again. – Carl Herstedt – Sweden
Dreamers often lie. Just like smoothies. – Vidula Selvan – UK
Art stands taller when words fail. – Hannah Rissler – United States
That’s not my name. It’s yours. – Tamanna Desai – United States
She came, waiting for her soldier. – Eve Selway – United States
A story in six words. Very …… – Maureen Taylor – United Kingdom
Leaves of gold and red. Fall. – Jorge Figuereo – United States
She enjoyed rollerblading, even in death. – Gladys Strange – United States
Once upon a time, never mind – TERRY Miller – United States
We all drowned in the flood. – Gillian Moran – United Kingdom
The sun rose when it fell. – Nelsine Bisley – Philippines
Wanted to love, with no regrets… – Nikita Sud – India
Every road gazes towards the horizon. – Cadence Murphy – India
Omitting certain facts is considered lying. – Yolanda Calvin – United States
Safari was calling and she answered. – Holly Andrew – United States
Red carpet. Adoring fans. Dining alone. – Katherine Powlett – United Kingdom
Everybody has stories. Not everybody cares. – JJ Courtney – United Kingdom
Mama worry not; all is well. – Shaktal Iddi – Ghana
Huge ants remain very, very small. – Thomas Wyllie – South Africa
Our eyes meet through the keyhole. – Michelle Csergei – United States
A pitcher shaped like a fish. – Kathryn O’Day – United States
How I wish Thomas was here. – Almira Vera – Philippines
Everyday she took her last breath – Fearless pen Gift – Nigeria
Dreams became our pile of memories – Vyna Tagal – Philippines
A demon hunts only the pure. – Morgan Barnett – United Kingdom
“A cry rings out. Life begins.” – Dabalos Michelle – Philippines
“I’ll make it fit!” she insisted. – Nancy Machlis Rechtman – United States
White knight. Dead girl. Bloody hands. – Anastasia Jill – United States
Pollution won’t matter once the world melts – Megan Buske – United States
Wait awhile, let’s laugh and smile! – Sulekha Rathnam – India
Noah completely forgot about the unicorns. – Omer Berkman – Israel
Frail grandma karate chops baby’s head. – Chloe Liang – United States
They came. We lost our home. – Benjamin Kremer – United States
Snowflakes thrusted into eyeballs. Winter wonderland? – Jenn Ferna Hall – United States
When breathing stops, our souls swim. – Lisi Slater –
The bottle took her youth away. – Mary-Kate Kohnke – United States
Swollen belly. Blood. Pictures don’t lie. – Archana Vasisht –
Ribbon on neck, cant pull it – Princess kimberly Mondejar – Philippines
Hope for the best and jump. – Nina Novella – South Africa
Drinking night ended; scientists disavowed creation. – Roxanne Barbour – Canada
Amber is a woman. How lucky – Damian Savage –
Hamsters and birds – a dog’s television – Alyssa Steinfield – Canada
Love, dear. Love is a brushstroke. – Cora Jeppson – United Stares
metaphorfosis. will i become a butterfly? – Beatriz Bayona – Brasil
We never had the right timing. – Nix Bryans –
We didn’t last long, did we? – Janine Anabel – United States
Climate change suffocates even the foetus. – Ekoja Okewu – Nigeria
Dance with me in window light – Olivia Clare – Canada
She resisted. But he gave in. – Dhruvang Desai – India
It was supposed to be simple. – Rabbani Batra – India
Such a bitter-sweet adventure life is – Kim Tennison – UK
Home wasn’t a place, just you. – Ava Kane – United States
Eggs. Sugar. Self-raising flour? Milk. Margarine. – Yvonne Kusiima – Uganda
Weaving strings of aspiration amidst despair. – Kriti Sharma – India
Life is an enormous black dot – Clarissa Dora – Nigeria
Unfortunately, I’ll always be your ‘maybe’. – Alexandra Rickert – Australia
Calling was out of question but… – AL FARES AL JABIR – France
Starts shine bright, for someone remembers. – Carlotta Skerin – Spain
Catch love with your hands open. – Hulda Fahmi – Sweden
Six-toed cat writes a six-word story. – Christina Nordlander – United Kingdom
Dream fisher required, abstain nightmares – Samantha Pinazza – Italy
Their first divorce was more satisfying. – Ray Dyer – United States
hatred poisons the world, I change – J.R.R. Smith – Italy
“You should know that she laughed.” – Kimberly Hernandez Romero – United States
The alien skipped the dying planet – Abbie Barsness – United States
My life is starting to conflict – Danica grace Sanat – Philippines
Better to be alone than trapped. – Amber Kotwall – United Kingdom
Leaving, for better or worse, hurts. – Nahida Hussein – Kenya
In your arms, everywhere is home. – Alyssa Kindred – United States
Things often make us criminal innocent – OLVENS LOUISSAINT – Haïti
The meteor hit earth. Beautiful blackness. – Keith Hoerner – USA
Take deep breaths. I’m still here. – M. J. Holmes – United States
Friday traffic in the rain again. – Catcher Wright – South Africa
Barack O’Bama — First Irish-American President. – Maza Reyes – United States
Cleaning the clutter calming the chaos – Jyleel Cuthbert – united states
She finally thought he loved her. – DaNi’ Fulmore – United States
Kissing her secret place, in a forest. – Charles Bobbish – United States
Wait, was that lump there before? – Lauren O’Connell – Australia
Try; Time never waits for one. – Mina Kim – South Korea
Inasmuch as I please, I write. – Travis Yanes – United States
I could forgive, but I didn’t. – Michael O’dell – Australia
You’ve been ripped off my chest. – limeli limeli – Chile
Light shine afar, still brings peace. – Noriana In The Sky – India
The outer space dwellers have landed. – Ana Luna – United States
His knife slid out like butter – Isabelle Auman – United states
Eat now and die hungry anyway. – E. R. Valenzuela N. – United States
covering your eyes from the sun – Flower Writer – India
Green seedlings sprout from dead ashes – Aaron Yu – United States
Close your eyes, count to ten. – David Thow – Canada
Surviving in a world torn apart (story) – bigolb itees – United States
Weekly budgets from this month’s government. – Rebekah Lawrence – Scotland
Flower perishes, petals slump, seeds remain. – Ella Gilmer – New Zealand
Add ten cups of love. – Fatima Ashraf – Canada
In public, father treated us kindly. – Matthew Yap – Malaysia
We’re all dead trillion years ago. – Almira Vera – Philippines
She took everything. Left only me. – Maza Reyes – United States
Infinite life awaits: Butterfly to caterpillar. – Neethu Krishnan – India
Please God, don’t let me die. – Paul Wilkins – New Zealand
Script writers: lonely, confined and adventurous. – Nurain Nor – Malaysia
“Old dog looking for new home” – ELA M SHMUELY – Israel
I Did The Best I Could. – Dan Carter – Chile
Instead of being less he left – Hana Breeze – Croatia
Tried to pee, lost a finger. – Billy Massinger – United States
“I’m not crying”, she said hoarsely. – Judith Owa – Nigeria
He discovered it by losing it. – Myrna del Carmen Flores – Mexico
Overflowing tears, wellspring of deep sorrow. – Oluwafemi Makanjuola – Nigeria
Ungly wrinkles? No. Just ungly stories. – Révész Zsuzsa – Hungary
“It’s not raining yet!” he shouts. – Hayley Love – United Kingdom
There’s deep dragon footprints, facing home. – Jabez Crisp – United Kingdom
“Oops! Uh-oh,” said the nuclear technician. – Shih Yen Chang – New Zealand
You are my one and only – Mina Star – United states
My childhood traumas have mothered insecurities – Ana Matola – Mozambique
Familiar Soul, reimagined in every life. – Jen Kenning – United States
Love? What is so called love? – Alish Xaidi – Pakistan
He is always like that. Always. – David Mears-Jones – United Kingdon
Go get water,flame will increase. – DIVYA SHARMA – India
Dont be sad, always be happy. – Kurt Russel Capellan – Philippines
All we see are mere illusions. – Sharon Wilkie – Nigeria
He feeds me poison; I eat. – Serena Zhang – United States
Trees keep crying, men keep cutting. – Tobi Thewritingrayol – Nigeria
Getting old is truly a punishment. – Kerry Wright – Canada
One day, I will join them. – Amy Savciuc – Canada
Verona? Ugh, a Capulet. Swipe left. – LC Moran – Japan
Beauty held against you, sours quickly. – Karen G Ridings – US
Twisted life? Gather hope, you’ll shine. – F. F. –
Meditation. Mindfulness. Positive thoughts. Prayer. Hoax? – Aneeta Sundararaj –
Melting icebergs please drown with me. – Michael Daniels – United States
Visit Earth! (Bring your own gravity) – Reb Elkin – UK
And she cried for her soul. – Kaylana Carlton – United States
He asked her out, best decision – Kristóf Szabó – Hungary
What brand of car decays? carrots. – Charleszel Martinez – Philippines
Tunnels: to say goodbye and hello. – Cora Jeppson – United Stares
“Rock, paper, scissors!” “Gun.” Someone screams. – Keelin McCarthy – Ireland
700 Years And My Graveyard’s Full – Eiaa Dev – United States
Strength does not come. It’s seized. – Judy Mahmoud – Egypt
Sale: Bear puppet: Ears not included. – Aimee-Mai Davies – United Kingdom
Our world vanished beneath the sand. – Mark J. Towers – United Kingdom
Older rabbits eventually lose their magic – Judith Wilson – United Kingdom
Arms outstretched, kneeling. Coins spill forth. – Lorraine Murtagh – Portugal
She sat down. Whoopee cushion thhhhhhhhhhhhhD! – Stephen Goll – United States
Was once too dark… not now – (Simcha ) Joy – United States
No scholarships. Janitor for hire. – Archana Vasisht –
He wakes beside her rotting body. – Jamie Steele – United Kingdom
No morning six allowed after nine. – Kurt Smith – United States
I came, saw… begged for mercy. – August Murian – Australia
Nobody knew how she became wonderwoman. – Suresh Pradhan – India
Erase her. She knows. – Kiersten Harvey – United States
THE DRESS! IT HAS POCKETS! – Violet Fitz – Australia
Floating. Lost. Forever? Where was Earth? – Rachel L. Tilley – United Kingdom
He lied, denied and died tonight. – Vedika Behere – India
It’s your fault! Waah! Waah! Marriage. – Kathleen Doherty – United States
Watching stars shine, hoping destinies align. – Elisa Onica – Romania
My brother never loved me until. – Harshita Kori – India
Lawyer and rapist celebrate. He drinks. – Isabella D’Aiuto – Canada
Too late. He screamed. Revenge exacted. – Amanda Nicholson – United Kingdom
I can’t be his friend forever – Princess Ann Beligan – Philippines
Six loves. Six losses. Six feet-under. – Ema N. – Japan
Real in perfumes, flavours in juice. – Rashmi Sreenivas – United Kingdom.
His spirit breathed life into me. – Breanna Campbell – Jamaica
Respect your youth; they all agree. – Suri Yau – United States
Yesterday he’d been fine. Suicide watch. – Sarah Li – United States
Man eating shark, the ladies laughed. – divya kaliprasad – south africa
Squinting, the boy saw his mom wave. – Micaela Petrini – United States
He fell broke, no heathen whispered. – Josh Isaacson – United States
They capitulated; don’t launch those missiles… – James Ryan – United States
Stranded to a tree, feeling free – Noa Berman – Isreal
Slaves flogged. Slaves revolt. Haiti formed. – Trix Niernberger – United States
Jesus could never forgive him – Noa Borstein – Israel
I cut myself cutting you fruits. – Scarlet del Pilar – United States
He could face winter alone now. – Jackie Juno – UK
When we wander into the dark. – Nathaniel S. Larsson – Danmark
Another white wedding cake order canceled. – Sharon Black – United States
Losing, finding, losing again – I’m tired – Tom Shore – Israel
The spark had gone from her. – Jo Ryherd – United States
Guilt engulfs me like the ocean – Victoria Price – Wales
She knits camouflage for her insecurities. – Ashley Mundy – New Zealand
Bloodstained hands; will I ever be clean? – Gin Gillece – United States
At least I am feeling something. – Xin Ye – United States
I tried to miss, but failed. – Ville Nummenpää – Finland
God never spoke, but we thought. – Dham Na Chiang Mai – Thailand
Black woman in a White World – Karen Dillon – United Kingdom
Living in darkness until I trip – Dom Monette – United States
Life goes on. Till it doesn’t. – Meera Rajagopalan – India
On a fast train to fornever – Amarachi Igbokwe – Nigeria
Twisting in agony with smiling eyes – Nikitha Bhukya – India
Romantic evening ended with jammed zipper. – B. C. Nance – United States
Blackout. You sighed. “Scrabble, shall we?” – Tess Roberts – New Zealand
Pain. The child is born. Joy. – Chioma Victoria Iwu – Nigeria
I don’t know I’ll forget now. – Michal Zielinski –
Only the mule remained unchanged, unwinged. – Matthew Wenger – United States
Each yesterday forgotten, tomorrow forever away. – Chloe Wang – Taiwan
Drugs were seductive, but love prevailed. – Joshua Shuh – United States
Mommy, why won’t she wake up? – Celestia Whittemore – United States
You are the beauty I hated. – Tshewang Norbu – Bhutan
the mistakes you make have consequences – Princess april Bermudez – Philippines
Sticky mess that hardens after storms. – Monique Peterson – United States
I’m waiting. They haven’t come yet. – Katie Grant – United States
Duck duck duck duck duck GIRAFFE! – Erik Ross – United States
The pig ate its rightful owner. – Axel Frühmann – Netherlands
I sleep in your empty spot. – Audry Spade – United States
Moronic nurse decently taught the cabinet. – Jenelle Worme – Canada
Hey, funny meeting you up here. – Margaret Wolfzorn – United States
Lost chances, ever wondering “why?” – T. M Bolton – Canada
In your eyes, my world’s demise. – kanimozhi ashokkumar – India
Plants need water to keep growing. – Mia Olympische – United States
Transfer to public school, discovered world – Shaina Sharafat – Uk
“Come back! He’s home. I’m scared.” – Katie Kelly Koppenhofer – Ireland
I loved him once. Before you. – Serena Zhang – United States
FTL required for outer space travel. – R. P. Melo – Brazil
Beginning of everything is the end – Sonora Charles – Nigeria
I waited, but she never came. – Victoria Lưu – Vietnam
Life should be something worth living – Mug Jacks – United States
He gripped the cup and froze – Ava White – United States
Meet me where we started again – Mihaela Doschinescu – Italia
Stay on path, don’t stray away – Ella Correll – United States
The guilty verdict prompted a reconciliation. – Angela Guthrie – United States
Green pastures, babbling brooks—deceptive lies. – Gabriel Lyannas – United States
No one hears my silent sobs. – Liyana Zaman – United States
Insanity all around, for she is. – Sanvi Mehtani – India
Terrible clowns ate elephants with knives. – Frederick Dahl – United States
Dreams are whispers from your soul. – Katie DaSilva – Canada
Unbounding fire, Promitheus was fired , bounded – Poulami Dutta – India
“Heart’s an organ.” Nah, burial ground – Renie Rastogi – India
Lucifer cried once, never stopped since – Talos ExMachina – Mexico
The Gala just raised more questions. – Liz Lydic – United States
Lands ravaged . . . still . . . heads high, *Sunflowers.* – Izumi J.Y. – United States
Do taxi drivers not pay taxes? – Bint Ridwan – Nigeria
I could taste sunrises and stardust. – Jaina Peveto – United States
Maybe he lived sadly ever after. – Untimely Cognition – India
She’s starting her diet on Monday. – Patsy Collins – United Kingdom
Bold like a lion, gentle as a dove – Dammy Sadiq – Nigeria
It wasn’t long before everyone died. – Aidan Kaczynski – United States
Duck and dog silently made friends. – Karen Rose Kingsbury – United Kingdom
Thinking is dull like you think. – Nathan Meleki – Zambia
Does my hair smell like potatoes? – Angela Malaspina – United States
Inside her eyes a story unfolds. – Stephanie Leslie – United States
Think about the future consequences yesterday – Alona Kharina – Ukraine
That rubber boat was our summer. – Roxane Llanque – Germany
Many a silence stem from violence – Beckton Simmons –
She found insanity… and then peace. – Maycee Wahl – United States
The light eventually found the cracks – Jaymeli Tan – Philippines
Your soul love, its so alive. – Alyssa Lua – United States
Double life in reality and dreams. – Sumlina Alam – United States
Before my birth, I killed Dad. – Katie Kent – United Kingdom
Remember, drink, eat, vomit, sleep, repeat. – Edwin Sathrez – United States
Trying hard, smiling wide, never enough – Jakob. T Kearns – United Kingdom
Next up: the unknown, good luck. – Liam Thorne – United Kingdom
six words. too little. oh no – Thai Su – United States
The mirror reflects what you choose. – L. Regnavi – United States
Wouldn’t admit till he beat her. – Maine Man – United States of America
A reddening sky suffocated our hearts – Rebecca Richards – United Kingdom
Once upon a time, loving you. – Mihaela Raileanu – Romania
Flowers are wilting on my grave. – Bertie Gibbons – United Kingdom
you shall have ginger-bread-man christmas – precious makazha – Zimbabwe
“6. I pray there is no God. – Frank Crawshaw – United Kingdom”
Our own cobras eat our own. – Praveen Jayathilake – Sri Lanka
Sit down and speak to me. – Onyinye Ogugua – Nigeria
Dog bite, cat scratch, perfect match – Jackie Hindmarsh – United Kingdom
Maybe one day he will know – Damian Savage – Nigeria
Home never felt the same again. – Sharon Aruparayil – The Netherlands
We breathed the same air, separately. – Julie Hollis – Belgium
One rapid blink, inconsolably you’re gone – Claire Blake – United States
Macbeth’s ambitious heart lost his head. – Stephen Harold Limner – United States
Miss universe, but only earth competes? – Leona Pillay – South Africa
Why the pole star doesn’t fall – Abeer Athar – INDIA
To get downtown, take the lifeboat. – Dilinna Nwabueze – USA
Flashing, sharp, bright, cold, silent, dark. – Vera Wright – United States
Wake up. Live your best life. – Tracey Maitland – England
I just spilled coffee all over. – Atria Lumen – Republic of Korea
My pruned fingers shouldn’t leave prints. – Palmer Blakely – United States
Innocence in a world of ignorance. – Gwen Porter – Australia
They sacrificed us to save you. – Amber Wilhoit – United States
Road a way to walk away. – Venkat Y – India
“Rest in peace…under the floorboards” – Fariha Jahan – England
Words mean things. Words, mean things. – Sai Deepak – India
Dave loved Sarah. Sarah didn’t. Ghosted. – Cindy Belt –
Stand ten feet tall or fall. – KM Estrella – Philippines
His animal creation was his daughter. – Lady Azulina – Dominican Republic
I’ll tell you before I go, – Janine Gonzales – Canada
Here lies Mother. Not for long. – Belle Green – United Kingdom
Crying for tragedies yet to pass – Visruth SK – United States
Punching the time clock once again. – Sharon Black – United States
Nobody knows where this is going. – Atria Lumen – Republic of Korea
Life is just a jumbled mess. – Jenelle Worme – Canada
Water’s magic on your dry lips – Abdulrazaq Salihu – Nigeria
My ‘perfect marriage’ = Lies and Makeup. – Xaria Amoroso – Trinidad and Tobago
It’s my due date, goodbye everyone. – Kaylee Cadieux – Canada
After the accident comes the autopsy – Idongesit Akpan – Nigeria
Glue between fingers – heart pieces stacked – Yazzi KHAN – South africa
From another galaxy. Earth’s turn now. – Vishal R. Devi – Nepal
Snow flurries coating the non-existent grass – Sierra Sierra – United States
Your beauty has left me breathless. – CHARLES FREDERICK – United Kingdom
Fancy seeing you here, coincidence asked – Alice Raison – United Kingdom
Wait…you can see it too? – Shannon Cummings – United States
Structure tends to constrain creative gain – Howard Osborne – United Kingdom
Listen, you are not alone here. – Luna Yin – Canada
Loving smile lending an empathetic ear – Colt Henderson – United States
Inside the box, the heart shuddered. – Abby Harding – United States
Murderer to heaven. Heaven fell down. – Alex Stark – Syria
Anxiety was slowly eating my soul. – Carol Star – United Arab Emirates
Stubbed his toe. End of days. – Elyssa U – United States
Nostalgic blue jays dream of dinosaurs. – Justin Fellows – United States
Gasp,inhale,exhale,dream,awaken,laugh – Kelly Mulery – Kenya
sugar? two teaspoons or one? right. – Violet Fitz – Australia
Worlds crumbled, dirges played, she danced. – Ivavi Lekrel – United States
If only the heart could talk – Jeandre Swanepoel – South Africa
Can’t find entrance. Air tank low. – Lauren O’Connell – Australia
I live from breath to breath. – Madeleine Thomas – United States
Wait! Am I in another world? – Maurício Coelho – Portugal
I went outmanoeuvre for my love – Mugilesh Shanmugavel – Srilanka
You saw him waking from blood. – Marek Cheung – China, Hong Kong
She remained broken and shattered afterwards – De Peculiar – Nigeria
Traveled roads and soared skies alone – Aeren Laqui – Philippines
Philosophical truth fills my esophagus, truly. – Brandon Ashlock – United States
Some garlic, no, lime; she’s dead. – Jane M – Nigeria
Catastrophes happen. Levees burst, hearts stop. – Kathryn O’Day – United States
Someday let’s leave this all behind. – Atria Lumen – Republic of Korea
“Please Stop!” We’d only just began. – M.S. Hill – United States
Winning tickets shouldn’t break up marriages. – Eric Burgess – United States
degree never used dreams never pursued – Parker Mccoy – United States
A poked bruise will heal slow – Albie Gwen – United Kingdom
Cockroaches inevitably manifest…inside the human race – Andy Rice – United States
He fought the cancer. Battle lost. – Linda Juliano – United States
Watching Christmas lights together grew dull. – Rodrigo Ortiz Vinholo – Brazil
Life is simple not for me – Mohammad said Housni – Algeria
Crusted eye. The dog lifts his head. – Sam Sharp – United States
Death didn’t hurt, the knife did. – Isa Forte – United States
Goldfish swim circles, searching for oceans – Jason Gray – United States
Emptied, she dropped the pill bottle. – Melissa Sarnowski – United States
There’s someone knocking, from the mirror. – Princess kimberly Mondejar – Philippines
Did you plug the lights off? – John Cody Gerson Sespeñe – Philippines
A heart was home, pain booked – Yasmin Magdy – Egypt
Manager has sweet tooth; learned baking. – Danielle Mikals – United States
Demanding closure dehumanizes the mighty fight. – Ashley Hardin – United States
Saint? Me? Just someone who loves? – Cora Jeppson – United Stares
Is this Mannequin is your wife!? – Hilla Tzur – Israel
True love… is it ever true? – H. Keinstone – United States
Apparently, humans aren’t built for flight. – Damon Yeld – South Africa
Crossword compiler lost for – Clive Henderson – United Kingdom
Might as well try than not – Celestia Whittemore – United States
Paper machete made famous her; scrapbooking. – Jacquanna Wilson – Uniter states
It is the legacy of Longshot – Henry Shannon – United Kingdom
Lifeless eyes. Pale face. Truly beautiful. – Victoria Lưu – Vietnam
Why must humans destroy, always returning? – Nicolas Redzimski – United Kingdom
You shine brighter than any star. – Carol Star – United Arab Emirates
I was always chosen by default. – Rhea B – United States
Broken heart for sale. Works though. – Chisom Eze – Nigeria
What makes you nude? Nothing. – Marcus Freeman – South Africa
I like being alone, not lonely. – Victoria Lưu – Vietnam
Not fueled by ramen, but Adderall. – Ainsley Bartleby – United States
Silence meant as a tacit agreement – Harsimran Kaur – India
I was lost.Now I’m found. – Micheal pipes – United States
Footprints. He is here once again. – Mayra Bosco – Brazil
On Halloween, bloody murder is camouflage. – Leona Pillay – South Africa
Love you from thousands of kilometers – Fransisca Yulce Sammine – Indonesia
We took turns to use electricity. – Lehlogonolo Thokoane – South Africa
Tingling and burning stung my nose. – Jennifer Young – United States
Splish splash your opinion is trash. – Amaliya Dray – United States
Not always easy,that it ends. – John David Magno – Philippines
Mountains, though high, envy the sky. – Daniel Tamarakro – Nigeria
Crying in the rain hides the pain. – Zoya Annu – India
Buy: Steak, Flowers, Candles, Hatchet, Shovel – Niko Zoltan – Austria
I swear I hit the brakes! – Greg Beatty – US
He confessed, a grave didn’t care – Talos ExMachina – Mexico
Choosing to betray yourself is heartbreaking – Gabriela Bambin –
No i in love. Or u. – Peter Watson – United Kingdom
I can still see. God, no… – Fernando L R – México
I love u. Very unique letter. – Lexi Simpson – Canada
Lost cat: doesn’t answer to Muffin – Kristen Van Kampen – Canada
Knock. Knock. Thud. Creak. Click. Bang. – Peter Kind – Bulgaria
covid came, covid saw, covid conquered. – Rohith Bandaratilaka – Sri Lanka
Lost: Poisonous snake. Reward if lucky. – Adele Winston – United Kingdom
The happiest day we all forgot – Matthew Jones – United States
Laughter shatters the air/I’m alive – Anya Mapromme – United States
These memories stay, but people don’t. – Bidisha Kashyap – India
How do stories go? They entropy – MJ Freeman – United States
Kids: Life’s longings manifested as flesh. – Sheerin Shahab – India
Swept by the oceans, we danced. – Anubhuti Jain – India
Decaying in blue jeans, converses, eyeliner. – Nafisah Tabassum – United Kingdom
Find your joy in Nature’s gifts. – Beverly Justice – United States
Twerker, hip snaker, expert booty shaker. – Caroline Rowles – England
Snowy white world yet pitch black. – Raiden Cool – Iraq
Still not woke as giant insect. – Kevin Owen – United Kingdom
Found missing socks, teenage boys – RoranDaxMama Johnson – United States
She sung into the wind sometimes – Leslie Chrome – New Zealand
Three seconds left. She picked red. – haldissen haldissen – Philippines
All this and heaven too. Hell. – John RC Potter – Turkey
Who am I when not me? – Anne Elisse – Greece
Signing the dots; knotted ever after. – Jumoke Salihu – Nigeria
Demanded Manager for Karen Too Much – Parker Eric – United States
My parents said, it’s for girls. – R.Gomathi Sridevi Radhakrishnan – India
Love and cancer grow without concern – Anthony Badroe – United States
You’re my sail, rudder, and anchor. – Rebekah Lawrence – Scotland
Bread, eggs, milk, eye of newt… – Kaden Riznyk – United States
Dont compare yourself to other people – Johnbert Buhay – Philippines
I burnt more than my toast – J’Naia Stepp – United States
Forecast: rain. “Leana, pack the umbrella!” – C.A. Evans – United Kingdom
Lucrezia learned how yew could kill – Antony Crossley – United Kingdom
Endless pain, heartbroken, I started writing – Ronnie drew spencer – India
The broken star that nobody wants. – Hanishree Vichare – India
caramel — the sweetness of your kiss. – Sodïq Oyèkànmí – Nigeria
A heartbeat wasn’t detected. But two. – Holly Crawford – United Kingdom
Every night steals the light away. – Chukwuma Okparaoyibo – Nigeria
The music was good Not great – Dwayne Deer – United States
Forgive and forget. End of story. – Mira Leo – Indonesia
Soporific white powder. Our baby sleeps. – Viv Rustom – United Kingdom
Garlic tea for vampires blood flu! – Jessica Bell – Brasil
The vinegar made all the difference. – Sheryl Guadania-Rosimo – Philippines
She loved drink; more than living – Eryn Gibbons – United Kingdom
Don’t worry. Lightning never strikes thrice. – Jonathon Manning – United Kingdom
Without a touch you wound me. – RJ Stellou – United States
Paunch! Jowls! Hot Flash! (Menopausal superheroes) – Joshua Ritter – United States
A pen was all she had. – Senate Lerotholi – Lesotho
Best Friends Forever doesn’t mean forever. – Write To Rights @write_to_rights (IG) – United States
The blood dripped into the well – Isabelle Auman – United states
She forgot to remember to forget – E.L Franklin E.L Franklin – United States
“I’m at my limit, so listen…” – M.E. Grant – united states
For sale: middle aged, broken heart – Charlie Leigh – United Kingdom – England
I am angry at the world. – Romilda Rumlow – United Kingdom
Calm your mind, clean the dishes. – Simone Cattivelli – Italy
Acid burnt her face. Not courage. – Vidushi Roy – India
Our love is sweeter than imagination – Morrbinta Khan – The Gambia
I ran away from loving her. – Roy Barnes – United States
Perhaps your guidance might help me. – Gemini twin Gemini twin – Nigeria
She got alienated by skin tone. – R.Gomathi Sridevi Radhakrishnan – India
Humanity is but a temporary blip. – Komal D – India
“Wait – not yet. One last kiss.” – Tom Swifty – United States
Road trip. Full bladder, no bathroom. – Mr. Kjyakrvaxak – United States
Too little, too much – same result. – Diana Burns Burns – New Zealand
Why am I entering contests, lost? – Lily Dragonhart – United States
Prayer: May God and I exist. – Ann Barker – México
“She’s gone,” said the NICU nurse. – Anthony Levin – Australia
Chris farted. His zoom screen lit-up. – Charlie Jolley – United Kingdom
Love wasnt what she wanted, anymore. – Hazel Nutter –
Birthday wish: make it the last – Hanna Lénart – Sweden
Water haunted them even in space. – Hannah Rissler – United States
We were soulmates to the moon. – Charlie Jandora – United States
Fading snow, green new growth–Spring! – Matt Dahl –
I do not like your absent – Abdulshafiu Wando Muhammad – Nigeria
Feed me love, lest I die – Testimony Odey – Nigeria
Hours running errands, forgets one thing. – Elodie Stirling – U.S.
Grief after the call, airplane; funeral. – Katarina Jovanovic – Serbia/Canada
Far from my home feeling alone – Srijana Subedi – Nepal
Lucifer bought me. He regretted it. – L.E. Wraith –
A broken heart can’t be mended. – Patrick Bruskiewich – Canada
Protruding. Bulging. Groin. Ever present. Hernia. – John RC Potter – Turkey
Hearts were not created for sleeves. – Emma Boyd – United States
Each star orbits the sun unique. – Mike Spearz – United States of America
Sprucewood coffin, discount price, condition: used – Sabrina Guo – United States
Coiled into his hair is strength. – N. O. S. Naorow – United Kingdom
Never talk about the cliff house. – C.L. Olsen Olsen – United States
Demanded answers from God. You appeared. – Trevor Pratt – United States
Hear these words: you are enough – Natalie Clark – United Kingdom
Never stood up. Hence, no enemy. – Advait Yadav – India
Boring monotony, same faces, no excitement. – SANKHAJIT BHATTACHARJEE – India
An empty house smells like you – L Aydin – Turkey
I remember what rain was like. – Chase Li – United States
Loving someone is the best thing – Forrest Trenton – Myanmar
Watch love placate pessimism for passion. – Angel Strong – United States
Missed grade, forever changed life’s trajectory. – Hannah Dryden – United Kingdom
In the darkness, they always watch… – Gabriel Lyannas – United States
Definitely will not return after death – Anat Baitman – ISRAEL
Spiteful thoughts are, unfortunately, very human. – Ida Soot – Czech Republic
Track jumps: someone’s song has ended – Ben Pluck – England
Abracadabra .Ow! , my neck just broke – Vykha Nair – India
Sometimes moon is inverted sky cup – Marwa AbuRaida – Palestine
“Hello”, he said. Mind blank. “Uhh.” – Nils Ford – Finland
The moon forgot to say goodnight – Jennie Silk – United Kingdom
Woke up with a shaved head – Rhea B – United States
Starving author. Will lie for food. – Io Carpiso – Philippines
Baby teeth, wisdom teeth, false teeth. – Ambler Lynn – United States
Why Not Put Your Pants On? – Dan Carter – Chile
Get busy living/dying (delete 1) – AJ Walker – United Kingdom
Surrounded by strangers sharing secret smiles. – Katarina Polojaz – Italy
This planet reminds me of home. – Reb Elkin – UK
“What a way to go out.” – Sophie Kim – United States
Wet soles sea a fish shoe – Mr. GoodBye Matias Goncalves borrega 7866311070 text me – USA
…forever. No escaping. This loop lasts… – Laverna de Plume – India
No talking… just the muffled cries – LJ Southgate – United Kingdom
What’s a hospital? Place of misery. – Lauren Fuentes – United States
The pain of not letting go – Samuel Simani – Kenya
The shade of a tree enlivens. – Angela Engnell – United States
I glittered but he looked away. – Lloyd Ericson Rodriguez – Philippines
Took his hand, buried the rest. – Jill Robinson – United States
She possessed us with her dance. – Nicole van Duinen – China
manifesting good grade for the semester – Mark Eacarial – Philippines
Fridays walks to special boba shops – Kaitlyn McGillion-Moore – United States
She arrived disinterested and eventually changed. – Ezekiel Winitsky – United States
I am the love I seek. – Luna Delvaux – United States
Firm, sturdy heart; unmoved by provocations – RosiDreamsToo RosiDreamsToo – Philippines
Money can turn no to yes – Mmachi Offurum – Nigeria
A girl in Cinderella wears red. – Adesiyan Oluwapelumi – Nigeria
He jumped. Everyone screams. Perfect Landing – Gabriel Marquez – Philippines
She planned ahead but death disagreed – Mmachi Offurum – Nigeria
Be you and be only you. – Jannel Williams – Jamaica
Last boy alive: for sale. – Mhembeuter Jeremiah Orhemba – Nigeria
Entangled in my mind’s lamenting vines. – Aleena Kuriakose – United States
Arrogance is the cause of poverty – Teodor Darie – Romania
Her tears represented unspoken hurtful truth – Maisha Mahrin – Bangladesh
Behind enemy lines, there’s a hero – Trisha Martin – Jamaica
The nightmares trapped her that night. – Lady Azulina – Dominican Republic
Broken wings, but still, I fly. – Keonna Nelson – United States
You gotta laugh, or you’ll cry. – Lisa Bittle – United States
Jesus is my perfect holy savior. – Mallarie Reed – United States
She inhaled. Exhaled. Tried. Cried. Died – Archie Balo – South Africa
When the music stops , I drowned. – Letexia Jabasa – Philippines
Trump is not our biggest enemy – Sagar Kumar – Fiji
Face the truth, close the App. – Ari Covert – United States
Red rage, punches thrown, toddler’s tantrum. – Bill Cox – UK
he oozed potential she sought credential – alessa volt – Canada
My heart fluttered. The time had come. – Biskane Thomas –
He was too much to love. – Kaylana Carlton – United States
She was the first, and last. – AN Grace – United Kingdom
Forever a stranger on foreign soil. – Ana Maria – Romania
“Give me your worst” I do. – Emma Boyd – United States
Packed suitcases and a oneway ticket. – Mateo Illias – United States
Sit. Stand. Lay. Rise. Again. Goodbye. – Bree Elizabeth – United States
Am I alone in the dark? – Adrian Mario – Jersey
Weights softly laid still break backs. – Petra Fenn – United States
They embraced, their dragons emerged. Ashes. – Noel Cyraima – Canada
Grief woven strands in her hair. – Faraghta Hossain – Canada
Kissed, married, aged, died – always loved. – Haven Beck – United States
Mouth forever open, she lies still. – Rianneth Summerlin – United States
As our song plays, decades collapse – Matt Glasby – United Kingdom
It’s just a dream. How unfortunate. – Roy Clyde Belleza – Philippines
Nobody is able to escape this. – RUFA BALBON – Philippines
Genesis is the beginning of Revelation. – Alvin Breeden – United States
One arm hugged — the other stabbed. – Kylah Noelle – Uruguay
Off switches are just for quitters – Liyana Iqbal – England
marks left in my mothers womb – Beks Rabecca – United States
Love Always Comes With A Price – Shalom Alangbo – Nigeria
Her hair is starlight and dewdrops. – Kiara Rose – United States
Colors!Where? Exclaimed the Blind Man. – Salman Khan – Pakistan
You still shouldn’t do that naked! – Ricky Franks – United States
Space was empty, save for earth. – R K – Nigeria
Nonexistent is peace for doom lovers. – Hareem Saeed – Pakistan
Hearts cry for love. I cried. – Alannah Pevensie – England
That one vein changed life irreversibly. – Aditi Garg – India
Picnic feast, us on the blanket. – Linda McCauley Freeman – United States
The flames consumed the manuscript’s remains. – Nancy Machlis Rechtman – United States
Snowmen melted, as I broke winter. – Carlos Manuel Eusoya – Philippines
Once thirsty for drama, now hungover – Nicole Pereira – New Zealand
Am I sad or chopping onions? – Alka Yadav – India
The bloody fingerprints didn’t match up. – Debbie Collins – United States
Birth. Childhood. Adulthood. Parenthood. Decrepitude. Death. – Peggy Gerber – United States
Youbhave never been welcome here – Khanya Njoli – South Africa
They laid limp, dead I suppose – chalise large – Australia
These blindless panes, they render me. – Michael Dufresne – United States
Knife goes in too deep. Regret. – Kimberly Karcz – United States
I became victorious through another’s victory – Dragos Cojocariu – United States
I’m Bright. Produce Light. I’m The – Yahir Santamaria – United States
oceans inside you cant hide forever – Georgia Gostelow – Australia
Not Enough. Too Much. And Me. – Angie Pollacchi – Spain
The wolf emerged. The Hunter aimed. – Jo-Anne Marais – South Africa
Find the witch in my attic. – Anna Agaronyan – United Kingdom
God’s fingerprints reminds me of heaven. – Ebunoluwa Oluwaga – Nigeria
Somehow, I’m on the witness list. – Liz Lydic – United States
Out of black it turned white. – Viktorie Berger – Czech Republic
Touch me, feel me, taste me… – Roxanne Gregory – Canada
Always her fall-guy. Never her hero. – Tahera Janoowalla – United Kingdom
Would Death be a villain, truly? – Anna Ryan – United States
Does the stump remember the tree? – Moira Espinosa – United States
The rustling pine disturbs the silence. – Peter Itanka – Nigeria
I’m a jigsaw missing a piece. – Beth Robertson – United Kingdom
gold medal, no winner, only sinner – Paul Fein – United States
Weight of yesterday crashing into tomorrow – Visruth SK – United States
A fire broke out at sea. – Diana Beas – United States
Villainy approved too much to intervene – Thomas Diehl – Germany
Never be overthinker , you will regret – Sondos Youssef – Egypt
He looks at me, such love – Makala Schnablegger – United States
you are the prayer every night – Ariane Baronda – Philippines
But nobody knows the real me. – Tvisha Zatakia – India
Boiled spaghetti… ate a sandwich instead. – Patina Malinalli – United States
“He loved life” said the headstone. – Yael Goldberg – Israel
The floor is hot lava. Forever. – Mark Williamson – United States
Her spade strikes his lie. Jackpot! – Linda Grierson-Irish – UK
Six….help five….me four…write – Buudy Van Buren – United States
Have no fear. Only have faith – Randolph Rowe – India
Flowers, cards, sympathy, but no baby. – Fiona Reynolds – United States
Echoes of our story, forever lost. – Jo-Anne Marais – South Africa
I’m not balding, it’s my part. – Ginearosa Carbone – United States
Dreary rain can bring new life . – Malia Hopper – United States
Hustlers don’t make money, Scammers do. – Tasnia Nizhum – Bangladesh
(Our baby’s feet were absolutely enormous!) – Beverley Haddon – United Kingdom
“Get your hand off!!!” “What hand?” – Dhuha Shareef – Maldives
Drunken rage, bruises, accepted apologies, repeat. – Bex Havko – United States
I’ve written everything I’ll ever write. – Jennie Louise – United Kingdom
His fourth wife was the one. – JJ Courtney – United Kingdom
Roses are red but not always! – Patrick Bruskiewich – Canada
It’s perfect crime for the novelist. – A. I. Wakidjan A. I. Wakidjan – Indonesia
Birthing you, I am born anew. – Angela M – Kenya
The rejections piled up like manure. – Roy Barnes – United States
Don’t worry, you’ll grow another one. – Peter Pool – United Kingdom
Friends? Sure. A silent tear rolled. – Surabhi K – India
I’m the poem you didn’t write. – Reema Hamza Yassin – Iraq
Constellations rage , bursting with lucid reason. – Gia Rose – United States
You have brightened both our lives. – Jennifer J. Coldwater – United States
What makes you so sure, though? – Charlie Hendrix – United States
Removed tie; applied lipstick. Answered door. – Linda Grierson-Irish – UK
Insect TIME: Flies, crawls and spins. – Tonia Kalouria – USA
The waves stopped. The emotions calmed – Wilfreda Simon – Nigeria
swallowed words, sensing joy in air – qwertyvil ash – india
2087 Hok Planet abduct last human – Farhan Qadir – Pakistan
Just around the corner, you’ll see – Leslie Chrome – New Zealand
Blood soaked floor, I loved him. – Ella Jade – Australia
Another knife, another life, another wife. – Tim Burton – Australia
So that’s what flying feels like. – Jane Druzhinina – United States
There remains one unbroken promise, death. – Ferdaws Ashrati – United States
Let us meet, in a dream. – Xin Ye – United States
The flames ignited the forest’s beauty. – Kiara Pauli – United States
You said love; I said no. – Hana Johnson – United States
Hold me tight in your grave – Jess Leonard – United States
She remembered loving work, after quitting. – Amy Magnuson – United States
Unending love: Give to the hateful – Oluwatosin Akinmurele – Nigeria
we exist, but rarely ever live. – Alyssa Lua – United States
Watching the wind dance on trees – Darren Reggie Dulnuan – Philippines
Silence was the storm everyone awaiting. – Quing VC – India
Help us! The kids are coming! – Oluwatodimu Oyinloye – Nigeria
She lived many lives through reading. – Andreea Meteleciu – Romania
Love is a wide open surgery . – Alexandra Roy – United States
I will be my dream someday – Chirayu Writer – India
Spirits hunted life, I accompanied them – Chirag Mahal – India
Springtime: Forget-Me-Nots have forgotten. – Halimah S. Dilazak – England
The warmth that we once knew – Shammel Dhwane Manzano – Philippines
Followed The Sage. He Became Rich – Oluwatobi Gift’s_Pen – Nigeria
This breathable air cannot leave the earth – Harrison Nkomuwa – Nigeria
There is no life, without death. – Malcolm Turner – United Kingdom
The darkness seeps into broken minds. – Jonelle Jones – United States
Six Six Six, the Devil’s advocate! – MonPoin(g)t. MonPoin(g)t. – United Kingdom
muted symphonies sing loudest in silence – Robert Reese – United States
The bruises faded. Time went on. – Ella Whittaker – Canada
I never knew I was murdered – Ava Guillory – United States
Touching my head, the gun misfired. – Roxanne Gregory – Canada
She smiled and I cried inside. – Yoeri Stak – Spain
I was wrong, it got worse. – Sage Gates – United States
Buzzing hum, soldiers numb. Fighting’s done. – Madeline Dorris – Canada
You’ve stolen my heart. Keep it. – Audrianna Schneider – United States
World hunger ends with obesity. – Aaron Clifford – United States
Survived daily torture, but killed themselves. – Drew Rindler – United States
Death can never be a friend. – Asma’u penshusna – Nigeria
Weapons thrown into war’s hungry mouth – Henri Hart –
Mom searches and does not find – Mykyta Ryzykh – UKRAINE
Oval lips and heart eyes open. – Jemmela Cucuta – United States
Make omelets from golden goose eggs? – James Ryan – United States
Laron didn’t steal. He merely acquired. – Hayley Liversidge – UK
Maybe, I wasn’t meant to be. – Georgina Woolfe – United Kingdom
Year : 2084 ; Colour : Green ; Status : Extinct – Vidushi Roy – India
Her heart shattered in his arms. – Emily Fenner – United States
God is dead. Still I pray. – Christopher Bisom – United States
Took off my mask. No mouth! – Charlie Jolley – United Kingdom
Come, infront I will slap you. – Tamoghna Dey – India
The universe jokes. I’m the punchline. – Forest Forest – Zambia
Ginger soup–heals, chases away chills. – Joan Leotta – USA
The garden grew around her corpse – Andy Hamilton – United Kingdom
Turned the pages and got lost – Aeren Laqui – Philippines
Here’s the change we yearned for . – Gemini twin Gemini twin – Nigeria
For Rent: One Slightly Used Condom – Torthell Robinson – United States
Three kisses and a hug goodbye. – Abbey Linsley – Australia
Mice quadrapled the pair of pants – Farihah Maryam – India
Only a child. Just a kid. – Arthur König – United States
Starving, I’ve become a condemned thief – Tamari Lewin –
The smallest coffin is the heaviest. – Alayna Malhotra – India
Without work you are a zero – Balasubramaniyan Venkataramani – India
Leaving our stockings out for Santa. – Racheal Joshua – Nigeria
You heard wrong, whispered the snake. – Renèe Usherwood – Deutschland
Brother fed. Now sister is dead. – R James Hughes – United States
Death is always never an invite. – Bella Bella – Nigeria
I buried him, he came back – Ashleigh Heenan – United Kingdom
Storm is strong, won’t last long. – Whale Whale – Hong Kong
Teeth are cages. Tongues are monsters. – Taylor Jorgensen – United States
My father is dead, not now. – Connor Wood – United States
Centuries passed. Empires fell. Kangaroos remained. – Tom Swifty – United States
It happened. You just don’t remember. – Ellen Baek – United States
Tick…tock…tick… Time, is passing. – stuart mcdowall – United Kingdom
Listening to my unborn child’s heartbeat – Karen Dillon – United Kingdom
He was perfect until he wasn’t. – Alex Morne – United Kingdom
I rather bleed and die alone – Jillian Canoza – Philippines
Pluto, mercury and saturn were replaced – R K – Nigeria
Why arrive when you can glide? – Michael Dufresne – United States
I found death instead of love – Sean Francis – Nigeria
With beauty comes some unforgettable past – Nikitha Bhukya – India
Forelook a road to ring a wheel – Solomon Guzali – Nigeria
The sunlight danced across my skin – Mariah Snow – United States
Extra large diet coke. Two straws. – Moh Afdhaal – Sri Lanka
Cherish gathering of the torn petals. – Sadiya Ansari – India
His smile always inspired the poet. – Shammel Dhwane Manzano – Philippines
Old. Battered. Broken. Still my favourite. – Michelle Kromhout – The Netherlands
Wanted the world and got Tampa. – Jessica Going – United States
Chased my dreams. Found a nightmare. – August Murian – Australia
Her laugh was like liquid joy – Hailey Smith – United States
Martial technique, moving like flowing water – Katelyn Wascavage – United States
“You were screaming,” the nurse said. – Julie Hollis – Belgium
weekends no longer sever day off – Mark Eacarial – Philippines
her life and her windshield shattered. – Alice Keating – United States
There is nothing louder than silence. – Paul Clark – United Kingdom
Speak up – a way to fight – Thuong Tran – Vietnam
You gave me a reason today. – Jerald Topacio – Philippine
Can only smile as you leave. – Stella Neville – United States
Dear legs, just keep moving forward. – Mateus Puttock – United States
His kiss tasted like homemade bread – Iris Martin Gallego – United kingdom
She was stronger than their doubts – Carrie Ellwood – United States
She bends over, plucking cellophane flowers. – Emily Rose Allen – United States
Vexatious sounds -unseen lips weaving accusations. – Paul Goodwin – United Kingdom
Every story ends with a period. – Ghizlane Hammit – Belgium
“Wait a moment, Joseph. It’s breathing.” – Jack Arnold – United States
She lost her shoe last night. – Kait Stubbs – United States
This time, revenge was not enough. – Moira Espinosa – United States
It is silence sheathed in stillness. – Madison Callaway – United States
Love is a beautiful, brutal, condition – KC Maynard – Canada
They loved him, perhaps too much. – Cayden Neystel – United States
Red stained hands on pale skin. – Maddie Rowson – Australia
Reached for stars. Hit the moon – Mick Nash – United States
“Music is my life.” -deaf man. – hc mcnay – United States
She said no, he didn’t stop. – Katie Watson – England
There’s nowhere to go back to – Ahnaf Inan – Bangladesh
Please remember nothing, All high school. – Marcus Freeman – South Africa
Sometimes you learn, sometimes you succeed – Arianne Joy Abantao – Philippines
Anything will do. Anything that burns. – Natalie Tokita – United States
Her scarred face displayed his sins. – Linda Juliano – United States
She rewrote her story with magic. – Anne-Marie Kofoed – Danmark
In my coffin, I found freedom. – Feyikemi Olajide – Nigeria
“No point screaming now,” he giggled. – Karen Evans – England
She travels and discovers she’s black. – Franklyn Onuoha – Nigeria
I didn’t know the gift is death. – N.K. Jeremiah Pelumi – Nigeria
My heart empty yet so full. – Mackenzie Geiger – United States of America
Danced under rain. Head cracked open. – Maria Tria – Philippines
Fields are white and harvest waiting… – Sandra Ogochukwu – Nigeria
What do you want? Your name. – Izzy B – India
Always tired, I can never sleep. – Aidan Hassmer – United States
Oh, I thought you meant it. – Marie Keiding – Danmark
Tears drip unspoken words of reminiscence. – Zoe Shoulak – Canada
I push the blade down harder. – Elizabeth Ryan – United Kingdom
Erebus and Keket embracing; creating Zelda. – Lorraine Murtagh – Portugal
Soar like planes WITHOUT the sound. – Nicole van Duinen – China
Todays water-bodies made my teachers liars. – Ekoja Okewu – Nigeria
Her tongue tasted like his blood. – Jared Johnson – United States
Everyone should have peace and unity – Bailey Merriott – United Kingdom
Nations at war to achieve “peace”? – Cristoti Redulla – Philippines
Life’s more than just a chance – Catherine Comawas – Philipines
For Sale. Doomsday Device. Never Used. – Gregg Chamberlain – Canada
You sold forsaken shipwrecks as hopes. – Luna O’Reilley – Germany
A home to all. The coffin. – Abimbola Writes – Nigeria
Knock knock. Who’s there? No one. – Ella Riley – United States
Congratulations, It’s a boy, I think – trisha Tavares – United States
Things are always changing; will you? – Ella Chauvin – United States
Even doctors can’t mend broken hearts. – Katie Deland – United States
Apple eaten. Coffin locked. Prince preferred. – Angela Panayotopulos – U.S.
Bask in the beauty of nature. – Nadia Case Nadia Case – Nigeria
I love my husband forever always – Khadijah Weaver – United States
Keep your hands to yourself – Randolph Rowe – India
Goodbye. The stars await. Thrusters burst. – Torsten Kaltenecker – Austria
Snow seeping; sun shining; seeds sprouting. – Ambler Lynn – United States
I ordered immortality, God delivered Diseases – Chirag Mahal – India
Only child with two aloof siblings. – Jen Kenning – United States
Hey Siri, call dad; contact deleted. – Kriti Sharma – India
She couldn’t find motivation to pause. – Olivia Koster – United States
Left a boy, returned a martyr – H.M.Shaikh The Prince of the Pen – Canada
The sun, the sand and you. – RC deWinter – United States
“Kiss me,” she said, “I’m hungry.” – Martyn Sullivan – United Kingdom
He finally achieved success. Funeral tomorrow. – Kallie Hart – United States
she saw came and logged off – Mark de Rond – United Kingdom
I’m sorry mom. I never cared. – Colm O’Shea – Ireland
Ask, you might be pleasantly surprised. – Yael Asaf Goldberg – Israel
Not six, just three words, unspoken. – Akif Manzoor – Pakistan
Tomorrow’s an if, today’s a must. – Vic-Junior Da Costa – South Africa
The rich are more troubled. – Shahnoz Omonova – Uzbekistan
You’ll like him, he’s like you – AJ Henry – United Kingdom
Applied. Interviewed. Hired. Promoted. Whistled. Fired. – Karen FitzGerald – United States
Caressed By Providence, Abandoned By Luck. – Ali Osman Uysal – Turkey
Glancing back, the forest swallowed him. – Kathryn Flannery – New Zealand
Childhood. Tethered and scolded. Life unfolded. – Madison Tarlton – United States
This big world felt too small. – Carol Star – United Arab Emirates
What is love, but being seen? – Henry Shannon – United Kingdom
A spoken word, an arrow shot – Sadia Shafique – Pakistan
Love fountain, infuse me with softness – Bat-Hen Shnieder – Israel
A man never shows its emotion. – Kurt Russel Capellan – Philippines
His eyes see all, even you. – Shea Jordan – United States
The first last meeting of us – C. Simpson – United States
Forever or death, which ever is earlier. – Rashmi Sreenivas – United Kingdom.
Wounded deeply with the scars left. – Maimuna Muhammad – Nigeria
The King has been felled. Checkmate. – Katie Grant – United States
My best friend auctions me today. – Camaa Pearl – United States
I wish she was just sleeping. – Sen Masek – Australia
Twinkling eyes. Lingering gaze. Neighbour’s wife. – Bill Cox – UK
My family is my prosperity. – Bhairavi Patil – Canada
The Lost Key To Your Heart – Alizah Khurram – Canada
What word sums up your 2020? – ladygodiva clothed – england
Here lies you. Gone too soon. – Racheal Joshua – Nigeria
Knife in hand, death draws near. – Victoria Akumute – Nigeria
You murdered our love, our trust. – Yesmary Paulino – United States
The artifact was only slightly cursed. – Tommie Cotton – United States
You win this round pickle jar. – Carter Glass – United States
“Two?! … ANTIGEN test. Phew. I mean —” – Antoinette Fung – Hong Kong
Clone support meeting: Breaking The Mold. – Debbie Penley – United States
Sleep. Work. Drive. Stare. Eat. Repeat. – Abbie Barsness – United States
my heart needs more than you – Kay Long – United States
Needed: Equality – Avery Blond – Australia
My fellow conspirators haven’t been caught. – Katie Grant – United States
a lawless poet, a lawless poem – Eliza Cuihua – the People’s Republic of China
Flash alarm, just a stray missile. – Naman Vaid – India
We worshiped the skin we birthed. – Mirabella Paulcia – Nigeria
I cried and tried but retired – Blessing Cy – Nigeria
“Happily ever after”, Rest in Peace – Ilma Naseem – Oman
The universe spun around us – Dalton Smith – United States
He’s here, it can’t be, No! – Titobi Olufosoye – United Kingdom
How original is six words wonder – Esaie Altime – Haiti
Discouragement is worsen than the failure. – Jancy Anandan – India
God yawned, went back to sleep. – David Barry – United States
Only love and death change everything – Svea Del Amor –
Icarus burned away, Daedalus lived on. – Mia Olympische – United States
The Sun fell on cold skin. – Kaylana Carlton – United States
Papaya Johnson. No, that’s my name. – Nathalie Reynolds – United Kingdom
My relationship nonexistent as 30th February – A Lily – Malaysia
Depression is as deep as thoughts. – Bril Peterson – Turkey
He entered the room and vanished. – Teresa Corbett – United Kingdom
A warm breeze, a soft sunset. – Lily Ulrich – Canada
Again, satiated by the fullness of pain. – Priscilla Kim – USA
He became nonplussed with his reality. – Patrick Tackwell – United States
chill up, don’t eat chilly pepper. – Abraham Israely – Israel
Snap, crackle, pop. Cereal flavoured humans. – Tahera Janoowalla – United Kingdom
Bbq, swinging and giggles. Summer arrived! – Angela Moser – United States
“It’s alright”, she said. It wasn’t. – Anushka Shukla – India
Head on a pillow not sleeping. – Dona Mae Magdaug – Philippine
I fell in love with music. – Angelica Agbing – Philippines
He was more threatening in person. – hc mcnay – United States
You wanted love, I wanted survival. – Samir Thapa – Nepal
World championship football. Human rights lose. – Carolien Libbrecht – Belgium
I am trapped on this planet. – Rose Montgomery – United States
In conclusion, children need their mums – Michael Kwesi Mensah – Ghana
Covid came. Covid mutated. Covid conquered. – Peggy Gerber – United States
Books escape trapped realities, broken dreams. – Susan Mcclellan – USA
Newsflash! The environment has given up. – Wayne Summers – Australia
I still recall mom’s sad eyes – Christopher Froat – United States
Sun tanned and full of memories. – Nihara Perera – Sri Lanka
god is running out don’t stop – sarah malul – israel
Autumn camaflouges,greets spring’s cherry blossom – Jovitha Joys – India
I’m tired. Someone please…save me. – Maimuna Adamu – Nigeria
Godel’s theorem undermines the fundamentals of math. – Hagai Perets – Israel
Living thoughtfully, giving freely, dying happily ♥️. – Diana Davison – Australia
my darling, i never loved you. – Robyn Woodward – United Kingdom
Heavy turbulence; I lost my lunch. – Catherine Yeates – United States
Dude this is the secret he opened on me – Eman Ul Eslam Ansari – India
She heard her dead boy’s voice. – Omer Berkman – Israel
I’m learning how to hold light. – Joshua Effiong – Nigeria
Numbers are endless but Days aren’t. – Jayce Frame – United States
Wasting right nows for wrong causes? – Kadie Emm – United States
When reality fails, art always prevails – Madeline Dorris – Canada
Yesterday I died, but not today. – Melpomene Leblanc – United States
He was adamantly right. She left. – Sharyn Grimes – Australia
Death is not good nor evil. – Nandinee Singh – India
The world was big, I’m small. – Miss Onjing – Philippines
You catcalled. I punched. You fell. – Jack Quill – United States
clicks on keyboard have deep holes – karryshh k – India
Life is only word without parenthood – Mr Reality – India
New caretaker needed: 10 Downing Street. – Hannah Howarth – United Kingdom
Shoes by the door; not mine. – Michelle Csergei – United States
Right time to make a move – Balasubramaniyan Venkataramani – India
.backwards going on keeps time, Help – Lisa Breen – United States
Pat the pastries pitty potty patter – Esther Ogundola – Nigeria
Fractured heart, never used nor repaired. – Linda Crate – United States
She watched it burn and laughed. – Ash Evans – United State
Scrolling instead of living. Makes sense. – Morla Bux – Spain
Midnight or dawn? I drank both. – K. Lee – United States
melancholic melody, wish you could understand – sonam pelden norbu – Bhutan
It hurt until it didn’t anymore. – Leesha Coleman – United States
Silence and I make a truce – Taylor Heywood – Canada
In the madness, we forgot why – Shiva Srinivasan – India
I was adopted out of guilt. – Rebecca Christopher – United States
“I’ve been raped,” sobbed her husband. – Norman Julian Blair – United Kingdom
You hate, you love, you live. – Lexi Ng – United States
Ugly truths hide in pretty lies. – Elizabeth Ryan – United Kingdom
Feel sad? There’s probably someone sadder. – Sam S – India
Camouflage over corpses. Please not Dad. – Atlas Uwem – United States
He whistled the sun up everyday. – Z Daniel – United States
Prometheus always falls…, what about Koalemos? – DaJaun Lomotey – Connecticut
Just then, darkness descended____ to feast! – Daphne Ayo – Nigeria
Every night, heavy silence. Same food. – Lexi Caroline – United States
And the sun blinked at him – Nik Falco – United States
You may never go home again – Gabriela Bambin –
What happened to happy ever after? – Lycel Lagrada – Philippines
Millennials bridge digital and analogical worlds. – Shannon Vernieri – United States
We heard the moon labour morning. – Salvy Snr –
Ignorance is bliss against throbbing candor. – Cynthia E. – United States
She is dead. I did it! – Shane McShane – United States
Failing means you haven’t given up. – Maquis Leader – United States
Our love congealed on burnt soup. – Mia Murdock – United States
“Rescue me,” she said. “But later.” – Nini Tevzadze – Georgia
Past tensions ultimately caused history’s abolition. – Sim Smailes – United Kingdom
Darkness permeated through the endless jungle. – Nathaniel Kiehm – United States
I got ninety-nine problems, you’re ninety-eight. – Anya Kanodia – United States
Hockey was invented by bored dentists. – Katie Deland – United States
Having nothing to lose? Gaining everything. – Raya Jishi – United States
Punctuation only finds my lips home – Katherine Kelly – Germany
Lost soul, defunct heart, buzzing mind. – Ree Mahnoor – Nigeria
Waiting for the sun to rise – Bridie Hetherington – Canada
I find you everywhere I look. – Rebecca McFadden – United States
He took things I would miss – Mihaela Doschinescu – Italia
Spider weaves the butterfly a cocoon. – Pitamber Kaushik – India
Shower? Hope! Screams. Smoke. Repeated evil. – Charles Bobbish – United States
Together we rule with iron fists. – Ava Bogard – United States
Crow built ,Sparrow lives,human destroys – Sipra Gupta – India
Grandma’s snake rattles to death’s flute. – Charlotte Kim – United States
That is why I killed her – Ella Sharpe – England
There is always another sunrise waiting. – Annabelle Smith – United States
Outside, crickets sing me to sleep. – Kerri Merriam-Buckton – Canada
Don’t make me do it. Damn! – Marc Brosnan – United Kingdom
For Sale: Return tickets from Paris. – Moon y/n –
A Generation Interrupted. Who are we? – Elizabeth Marvin – United States
Existence is an act of rebellion. – Kaden Riznyk – United States
I dared to cultivate infertile soil – Little Kasule – Zimbabwe
She waits for peace. And waits. – Sarah Al-saad – United Kingdom
Froggy hopped. Froggy met the semi. – Eleanor Kraft – United States
Earth’s died. Space now holds us. – Hayley Liversidge – UK
His pen wove excuses for evil – King – – Malaysia
Writing about my wordlessness, how effortless! – Katherine Kelly – Germany
FOMO. For more? I’m moron. LMFAO! – Nuruliffa Emirah Binti Roslan – Malaysia
Cruelly kind, criticised by his contradiction. – Leanne Fuller – united kingdom
You will get what you deserve. – Kaden Riznyk – United States
Lost myself while searching for you. – Clara Leder – United States
Wax. Torture, Seals, Light, Art, Embalm. – Syeda Shaheen / Trix(SJ) Jeenat Suhailey / Trix(SJ) – India
Twenty days till I’ll lose amnesia. – Amber Pineda – Guam
Their souls danced. Their bodies didn’t. – Karina Han – Kazakhstan
Do we enter the hospital when born? – Laputa Carajoo – Indonesia
Hiding in shadows, moving in light. – Dianna Woodlands – Australia
There was trouble on the way. – Phoebe Timberlane – United States
Cast the first spell. Await results. – C.S. Griffel – United States
I do not usually complete my… – Chukwuebuka Uzochukwu – Nigeria
World so loud, so much sound – Preeya-Rose Ahluwalia – Australia
Had we time, I’d be worse. – Caroline Hegwood – United States
You tried saving me from myself. – Clara Leder – United States
The bully is the victor, maybe – Lisa Dash-Grimes – United States
At last, God became a monster. – Lynette Teo – Singapore
Life gives lemons. Why not lemurs? – Lexi Simpson – Canada
He hugged me, and I farted. – Iyonmana Adesuwa – Nigeria
Beauty queens have the most insecurities. – Kiara Pauli – United States
The last leaf fell on concrete – Jake Findlay – United Kingdom
Like a zipper pulled, heaven opened. – Aleta Nolan – United States
Here lies Emily. Laid at last. – Thomas Martin – Ireland
New Grandma.First Grandchild.Beyond blessed. – Valerie Tyree – United States
Her heart embraced my dying soul – Lexi Cook – United States
Free place, throughout space… Welcome friend – Alexis Kyle – United States
Busy librarian was unavailable. Booked up. – Chloe Lau – Malaysia
Knowing you made me love oranges – C. Simpson – United States
Strawberries. Not seeing beyond my birthmark. – Tracy Davidson – United Kingdom
Inexperienced, he’s oblivious to the cameras. – Shirna Jiang – United States
You live everyday, but die once. – Elizabeth Kearney – United Kingdom
I am phenomenal and always me. – Asha Gardener – Jamaica
Only my shadow stood by me. – Sharila Surpal – India
Immortal man sentenced to life imprisonment. – David O’Keefe – United States
I drew my sword on paper. – Cynja Hill – United States
Melt into me, boil my blood. – Cole White – United States
Wearing the cloak, he became naked. – Darlington Nwoke – Nigeria
1984. One blood test. Certain death. – Sebastian Babatunde – United Kingdom
Be still my dead beating heart – Astrid Birdmann – Canada
She’s here speaking about goodbye – Shay Kol – Israel
Love everything from stone to sky – Vesna Todevska – North Macedonia
Hide the bottles before they arrive! – Martyn Sullivan – United Kingdom
Never first, again my second choice. – Shawna (i only use my first name as pen name) Barré – France
He died before war killed him. – Moh Afdhaal – Sri Lanka
Follow me now into the darkness. – Julian Summer – United States
From nothing to everything. Vice versa. – J Moon – United States
I cant upset the man upstairs. – Amira Mohamoud – United Kingdom
Your name hurts, everytime it’s heard. – Anastaisa Law – Australia
His beautiful blue eyes. Mysterious. Maniacal. – Michelle Kromhout – The Netherlands
Experiment: Fail. Test: Fail. Sleep: Success. – Siddharth Paul – Bangladesh.
“To have someone in your heart” – Genevieve Cabasares – Philippines
Not yet: ominous of hopeful words? – Phoebe Timberlane – United States
Tokyo defeets Godzilla. Boazilla strangles Tokyo. – Larry Hodges – United States
The sorrow behind the sapphire eyes. – Soumya Sadanala – INDIA
Locked cage confirms the worst suspicions. – Naura Fasya Ghassani – Indonesia
You make me feel at home – Ambar Marrero – Puerto Rico
Fireworks in her eyes, explosive lies. – Ifeoma Enechaziam – United Kingdom
Bad memories stay longer in heart. – ZAIMA ZAHEEN HANNA – Bangladesh
Most guys find me too much. – Steven Lee Hann – United Kingdom
Suicide: exhaling life and inhaling death – Maham Mushfiq – Pakistan
Mother held me, like a grudge. – Vincent Worsley – United States
Newborn baby – pudgy pile of potential. – Debbie Penley – United States
I felt nothing when you left. – Bisola Olusomiro – United States
Reminder: Your assignment is due tomorrow. – Emma Picolo – United Kingdom
He clung to life until death. – Angela Guthrie – United States
I’ve killed myself a thousand times. – N.V. Devlin –
Bathroom floor. Locked door. Heart war. – Jenny Ruth Angle – United States
Never ever, assume anything about anyone. – Nuruliffa Emirah Binti Roslan – Malaysia
Once, those claws had bathed her. – Jamie Steele – United Kingdom
Everything about her was a lie. – Anastaisa Law – Australia
Your words don’t hurt me anymore – S.S.B S.S.B – Brazil
Hospital gowns never fit quite right. – Cate Cat – United States
Curiosity killed the cat. Car, too. – Chad Elliott – United Kingdom
Beaten body remembers Moments of love – Shelly Mizrahi – Israel
Where to sleep on windy nights? – Sharon Black – United States
Handcuffs, lightly dented – serious inquiries only. – Steven Antalics – France
I learnt “love is love”, regardless. – Angela Yap – Singapore
She refused to accept she died. – Ella Seers – united states
You were born to move mountains – Evelyn Ifunayya – Nigeria
I only have memories for company. – Aneeta Prem – Canada
We are trees, but that’s ok. – Kallae Birhan – Ethiopia
Coughed once. Google says I’m dying. – Sarina Hossain – Bangladesh
I best dance in absolute terror. – Ballpoint Shaheed Rashid – United States
Werewolf prefers the plant based alternative. – Alison Sidney – United Kingdom
I found love in losing it. – Anna Jose – Philippines
Sleeping in my arms, She died. – Vani Orla – India
There’s a sound. Now it’s dark. – Nicholas Burress – United States
Intentionality brings the healing, not time. – Eriqu Thomas – Nigeria
like lightning, our love crashed down. – Amy Griffiths – United Kingdom.
Overcoming obstacles, an achievement of mankind. – Bentley Lau – Malaysia
To trade: Wedding dress for bullets – Sonja Gustafsson – Sweden
Wingless joy perched on the stump. – Sheena Sarah Winny –
She cared. My wounds started heal – Shelly Mizrahi – Israel
If beauty is pain, I’m gorgeous. – Alexandra Mertes – United States
Shouting and Awakening, Both inspire differently – Chirag Mahal – India
Nothing new, never true, always you. – Cosima Anna Cosima Anna –
From the “Yes”, she was ready. – Alis M – Madagascar
I’m trying to let you go. – J Moon – United States
Shiny. Shimmery. Caught Sleepy – Oh Flimsy! – Ventosa Pluma – Philippines
He wanted to sting the beehive. – Dishita Daga – India
Putting others first is a Quality – Carol Ferguson – New Zealand
She dance there with glittering grsture – Rukhsar Ahmad – India
Nixon taped history, but incriminated himself. – Stephen Harold Limner – United States
We were always one room apart. – Zahra Abbas – Pakistan
I collect / your colorful floppy disks – Loren DeVito – Canada
Hope is based on conscientious faith – Kingstone Murima – Zimbabwe
Wonderful dinner but my purse felt lighter. – Ruchita Vasudeva – India
Today she was yesterday and tomorrow – Katrina Lemaire – Canada
Death is necessary for life beginning – Tomer shterenshis – Israel
Mother’s love is the death them. – Elizabeth McGinty – United Kingdom
Departed lips… had it been real? – Rachel L. Tilley – United Kingdom
“I’m not myself – ” “No, you’re worse.” – Isabella Thompson – United Kingdom
A coconut landed on my chessboard. – Harvey Lam – Australia
Mutt licked Fred’s nose at adoption. – Trix Niernberger – United States
Alzheimer’s ricochets within him, decimating memories. – Richard Jenkin – United Kingdom
I lied. My finance didn’t die. – Nancy Krier – United States
White ink printed on white paper – Aaron Yu – United States
For Hire, Wigs, New And Sealed – Chioma Cynthia Chidobelu (CH O Mmy Chomzy) – Nigeria
A wonder when things went wrong. – Jesimae Roberto – Philippines
Her dress is definitely not red – Favour Chibike – Nigeria
Zombie apocalypse sucks. Especially for ghosts. – Viljoen van Heerden – South Africa
Brok. Stole chicken. Caught with wishbone. – Joanne Helppie – United States
“Uh-oh.” “You’re just playing. Right, Doc?” – Phil Temples – United States
Separated by property. No common ground. – Maria Sardi – New Zealand
I forgot how to miss you. – Hadley Dion – United States
Tears are crude,I’m rude. – Kirandeep Kaur – India
What did Mummy’s voice sound like? – Izzy Searle – United Kingdom
And I wear your shirt underneath. – Nathaniel S. Larsson – Danmark
“Happy anniversary”. Silent remained the stone. – Jérôme Plumier – Belgium
Dirt is hard on the lungs. – Emily Deloach – United states
What I like. Brevity. That’s it. – Daniel Harwood – United Kingdom
Liberator at twenty, tyrant at forty. – Joanna Hoyt – USA
Rather be call cuckoo then fake… – Cara B – United States
A dog was not wanted intially. – Marie Cavanaugh – United States
Beautiful melodies echo in busy street – Azrul Hafiz – Malaysia
From one’s endurance, they’re barely aware! – Black Widow – Pakistan
TRY HARDER … I need a break. – Lisette Morales – United States
Persistent against everything until she revived. – JD Roberts – United States
Beauty was wasted when she died. – Rami Little Shakespeare – Iraq
Atleast he must have to listen. – Jaya Jangid – India
Their words exploded like fatal bombs – Isha Chauhan – India
To Be. Or Not To Bee. – Dan Carter – Chile
Where do dreams take place now? – Ballpoint Shaheed Rashid – United States
Her secrecy is being watched. – Chandni Desai – India
It didn’t make me feel better. – Annie Bashaw – United Kingdom
Oxygen low, cant breathe, You’re next – Neo Thomas – United Kingdom
Thanks for all you didn’t do. – Gloria Ubi – Nigeria
Don’t look back. Oh my god! – Preethi Ganduri – India
God’s greatest blessing is pure love – Vesna Todevska – North Macedonia
At the wake, the coffin spoke. – Leena Knell Nox – Australia
A snake walks into a bar – Stephanie Burke – Australia
Warren Buffet sucked into pyramid scheme. – Elliott Baas – United States
On my grave, don’t wake me – Michael Grissom – United States
Live your life accordingly, go mad. – Pauline Faller – United Kingdom
Why is he always waiting there? – Kait Stubbs – United States
I daydream like a purple flower. – Renzwer Jane – Philippines
Love lived forever but finally died. – Tshewang Norbu – Bhutan
You know yourself better than anyone – Maja Sonnig –
“You’re my past” He said jokingly. – Elizabeth Oluwaga – Nigeria
We were left unhappy ever after. – De Peculiar – Nigeria
Blood dripped. Tears blurred her vision. – Judy Mahmoud – Egypt
Let us walk across the stage. – Aylin Balci – United States
The sounds become shadow at night – Sima Ben – Isreal
Saw fifty giants coming home today. – L. M. Graves – United States
Before the beginning after the end. – Jen Sinclair – United Kingdom
Robin’s nest is a sacred thing. – Jo Riglar – United Kingdom
Ask for help, but I can’t – Ella Correll – United States
Dead stars still shine at night – Shivangi Patel – Kenya
if river drain , we all strain – purna naga sai tejesh – India
You killed me. I didn’t die. – Maimuna Adamu – Nigeria
A diary. These moments never last. – Harshita Kori – India
Caution: Cunning limbs may trick time – Esh Crow – Magyarország
Upside? He saw that whale’s insides. – Sai Deepak – India
Stars taunted me in my sleep – Ava Guillory – United States
Am I home? Darling map me. – Madalena Rossa – Greece
Rejection – Time to start over again. – Ruth Nott – United States
Leave light even when you’re gone – Monicah Michelle – Kenya
Why can’t I know you better? – Jess Carey – Australia
Maybe she had gone too far. – Brooklyn Anderson – United States
Everybody hates Covid.Air loves it. – Anindita Halder – India
Peaceful, these woods. No birds here. – Daniel Harwood – United Kingdom
Childhood, Sweet nostalgia of the past. – Christian Himaya – Philippines
Aren’t pins usually inside the grenade? – Lou Brosna – Ireland
“I do not care.” “Please. Care.” – Rabbani Batra – India
Little comments- little thoughts- little jump! – Lottie Hughes – United Kingdom
World wide versus local spider web. – Viktorija Furnadjiska – North Macedonia
After pedicure I broke my nail – Hana Breeze – Croatia
Boots crushing leaves. Breaths in clouds. – Ava Noe – United States
He says. She says. Who listens? – Shamila Rafat – India
Your secrets are safe with you – Vedika Behere – India
Woke up to take sleeping pills. – Jaycee Lim – Malaysia
Garage sale: don’t have a car – Kristen Van Kampen – Canada
Our love breaths in between words. – Brittany Davis – Canada
Sore throat lose of smell intubated – Meme Winston – United States
Let’s sing, let’s rejoice, let’s go live – Mykyta Ryzykh – UKRAINE
Thunder preceded the lightning’s silent cries. – Carlos Manuel Eusoya – Philippines
I just wanted to feel again. – Gray Fader – United States
Six. Five. Four. Wait. Stop counting! – Darling LaBelle – Canada
Victims buried in thoughts and prayers. – Georgia Jean Lewis – Australia
Childhood made me bird’s nest spy (memoir) – OLVENS LOUISSAINT – Haïti
A death even I laughed at. – Isa Forte – United States
“I love-” The line rings silently – Khuyen Nguyen – United States
Her eyes speaking, what mouth couldn’t. – Nam 16 – India
First and best architect is Noah. – M Santos – Philippines
She stole the devil`s dirty heart. – Jan Pan – India
Paper people -barely feel- flimsy me – Lottie Hughes – United Kingdom
She takes. He makes. She fakes. – Kanika Gupta – United States
Shake it till you break it – Anamarija Gspan – Slovenia
For a moment, bodies were fluorescent. – John Cody Gerson Sespeñe – Philippines
Under the willow lie our memories. – Alba Johny G – India
Our Sunday brunch was getting cold. – Zahra Abbas – Pakistan
“Slap me to save the world!” – Mariama Wurie – United Kingdom
We love our characters, not ourselves. – Nelsine Bisley – Philippines
Set goals high, get halfway there. – Saturn Lee – United States
Suddenly, the plane’s engines fell silent. – Matthew Yap – Malaysia
Blind German’s say, “I Naht Zee” – Giovanni Incaudo – United States
I wish I drowned not breathed – Anna Hun – United States
Baby made red paintings.Never auctioned. – Rivetian Whirlwind –
I’m almost very definitely sure now? – Erin Diment – United Kingdom
God didn’t say: “Let’s end darkness.” – Juley Harvey –
Always go where the fear is. – Sandra Tsar –
No, I meant I was Rich! – Taylah Needham – Australia
Life: a tapestry of interwoven threads – Alyssa Steinfield – Canada
She was kind, even death cried – Talos ExMachina – Mexico
Can’t move, stuck in the mud. – Haseena A Yousaf – United Kingdom
You’d do that to a turtle? – Nathalie Reynolds – United Kingdom
I might as well leave, bye – Jada R – United States
Was broken; now healed and whole – Damilola Olowolayemo – Nigeria
Strong Enough to Surpass My Limits. – Elianne Bondoc – Philippines
Hark, a crack and a cackle – Andreas Ghilardi – Switzerland
Dreams, keep you awake all night. – Creative Writer –
Born into five, now all alone – Abigail Cheshire – Australia
Don’t climb upstream at water parks. – Palmer Blakely – United States
Miniaturization is not a big deal. – Neil McCabe – United States
Endings are really just new beginnings. – Elizabeth Kearney – United Kingdom
Letter to my dearly lover affectionate – Abdulroqeeb The Eminent – Nigeria
We all die in the end. – Marissa Lyons – United States
“Music is sung poetry, he sang” – Ngozi Nwaubani – Nigeria
Heart for sale. One careless owner. – Wendy Markel – United Kingdom
Time speeds up and then it’s gone. – Mary O’Hara – USA
I didn’t need pacifiers until eighteen – Mable L. – Mexico
He read the instructions and failed! – Isadora Mamikunian – United States
Gone, and I never knew why. – Rose Montgomery – United States
Simple isn’t stupid, outsmart the lion. – Eugeni Levin – United States
Puppy love.taken seriously. So hurts – Josephine Quimbo – Philippines
I wonder how they’re doing now. – Nicola D’Angelo – United States
Vlad is Putin on the Ritz! – Frederick Flynn – Thailand
The first snow is the last – Maisy Foster – England
She also was just another dream. – Akita Chettri – India
Moonlight climbs treetops but falls downriver. – Brian Chen – China
The smarter robots seem sadder now. – Matthew Jones – United States
“He misspelled my name!” Caoimhe sobbed. – Kira Wallace – United States
Pain hurts less than loving you. – Alison Paige – United States
Greek? Cypriot. Turkish? Cypriot, just Cypriot. – Katerina Prokopiou – Cyprus
I’m like you, you’re like me. – Cassandra Stinger – United States
Free dog: Never chews or bites – Jacob Chauvin – United States
Marco Polo finally found his friends. – Laura Miller – United States
I look forward to yesterday’s memories. – Natalie Fenoff – United States
Our unspoken conversations hurt my jaw. – Ema D. – United States
Advice to Sysiphus: Just say no. – Jim Courter – United States
She hoped and hoped, then cried. – Anuoluwa Soneye – Nigeria
Justice is not blind – only blindsided. – Elizabeth Yingling – United States
Made of consciousness, dreams, and imagination. – Rajesh Gupta – United States
No asylum: uprooted soles of souls. – Madison Callaway – United States
She said no and screamed yes! – John Riebow – USA
Never Fear Death, Fear Not Living – Ciara Crider – United States
The Speckled Band kissed its owner. – Stephen Harold Limner – United States
She should never have said anything. – Kathryn Flannery – New Zealand
Onward and upward, or wayward be. – Mary McNamara – United States
Pandemic Teaching: “My battery is dead”. – Rosemarie Schaut –
Drowning in grief. Even with armbands. – Elizabeth Kearney – United Kingdom
Tender humans make the tastiest meals. – El Amistad – Philippines
“I’ll make myself count,” said Greta. – Sheerin Shahab – India
Haunted house for sale. Moving furniture. – Kay Lesley REEVES – Spain
“Human remains? Here? …. Is that possible?” – Sarah Singh – United States
Everything’s a sin when you’re holy. – Anya Mapromme – United States
Forty years old , not his brain. – Anto Mario – INDIA
Cooking an alien: recipe recommendations required. – Mariama Wurie – United Kingdom
Dishonest hotdog stand sells cold hotdogs. – Iris Sage – Singapore
Memories are nails in the heart – Marina Priorini – Italia
Why eat? Everything tastes of nothing. – Carol Caffrey – United Kingdom
Maybe fairytales can stop being fantasies – Pavithra CP –
The old clothes retained her smell. – Sharwari Challa – India
She ate wisps in the firelight. – Skylar Gruys – Canada
Your mind, your character reflect you – Yembe Jude – Cameroon
Simple truths are lies of guile . – Alexandra Roy – United States
Brazenly greedy vultures wear surreptitious smiles. – Favour Bariduanen – Nigeria
to stay, or to run away? – summer jacques – australia
Who is scratching at my window? – Michael Bronson – United States
He used his memes to fight. – Precious Adebayo – Nigeria
Go with the wind, my boy. – Ellie Loescher – United States
He killed her, his own daughter! – Yonna Lockhart – United states
‘Pillow Fight!!’ Mum was spitting feathers – Rachael Hales – United Kingdom
Reality is bitter food in taste – Mr Reality – India
If I ate a human head? – Rupam Mahmud – Bangladesh
I pray for your future always – Betty James – United States
Who are you? Whu from China – Moussa Mama – Cameroon
im not free when ur free – Jidgan . – Malaysia
Her bra never fit right again. – Elaine Russell – United States
She was his forget-me-not. – Toby M – United States
Don’t fucking text your math teacher! – Rose Rao – United Kingdom
Jeez. The blood ruined my Gucci. – Fathima A – India
Players, welcome to your Nightmare Game – Jocelyn Doan – United States
Amongst the flames, the flowers bloomed – Kirsten C – United States
Breakfast: egg. Dinner: chicken. Question answered. – Zev Edwards – United States
Beauty woke ugly. Beauty sleep? Scam. – Angela Panayotopulos – U.S.
When will I see your face again? – Herman Brief –
Serious meeting. Boss farted. Awkward silence. – Bisma Nadeem – Pakistan
Could I live without him? Absolutely. – Susan Phillips – New Zealand
I can’t remember your smile anymore. – Anya Kanodia – United States
Why was the sun always black? – Nix Bryans –
He’s hot.I watch him burn. – Roy Clyde Belleza – Philippines
Childs are like black canvas, white tapestries – iqra qayyum – Pakistan
Your life ended. You’d never lived. – Autumn Marcil – United States
The shower, turned red and metallic. – Borlen CHONG – United States
Sunsets never end in diminished hope. – Angela Engnell – United States
he raised the gun and shot – Robert Bratton – United States
I sing songs in silence – Lynn Onywere – Kenya
BRRRRRING! Hello? I’m not interested. SLAM! – Rainie Zenith – Australia
Left crime scenes, wherever you went. – Luna O’Reilley – Germany
I sang, you cried, crowd’s wild – Rhiza Monterubio – Philippines
Diamond ring in stomach of shark – Wendy Calvert – UK
When the war ended, I did. – Axel Frühmann – Netherlands
Leaves Blowing Temps Dropping SADness Rising – Debbi Nelson – United States
audacious!, calling the coffin makers bluff. – Isaac Olaleye – Canada
The cat barked, fearing the owl. – Lucy Rijech – Croatia
what is the moon glistening bright – Ethan Pefanis – unitedstates
You touched my food. We’re done. – Aaya Radi – United Kingdom
I want you , please stay here. – Suzanne Menta – Philippines
When power and time demand work. – Amel Duharkić – Bosnia and Hercegovina
The darkness lingered, dawn shall arise! – Jordan Zuniga – United States
Time never left us. Always there. – Charlotte Rutter – United States
She looked up into the future. – Viktorie Berger – Czech Republic
The sky is shining like you – Rose Ann Labahan – Philippines
Beginning—what a dreadful, wonderful word. – India Johnson – United States
Once again, the sea level rose. – Natalie Tokita – United States
Six Word Wonders require planning and – Peter Watson – United Kingdom
Lies were easier than the truth. – Anastaisa Law – Australia
She peeled away the fifteenth layer – Bee Spillett – United Kingdom
Doomed to be remembered, not known. – T. N.N – Australia
Happily ever after, till the divorce. – ofek izraeli – Izrael
I am 2006 but not born – Jacinta Fuentes Rocha – Argentina
I don’t know where to begin. – KQ Foster – United States
We delegate our dreams to sleep. – Michael Dufresne – United States
All along; You made a promise – Shiela May Guban – Philippines
God of Mayhem, Apocalypse is home! – Sanja Klišanin – Austria
Six word wonders, tougher than expected! – Beth Burke – United States
With one word, her world crumbled. – Melissa Sarnowski – United States
Decades later, his insult still burns. – Carla Ward – United States
A relentless optimist, moved by curiosity. – Adejumoke Oluwole – Nigeria
At the end of the aisle – Carol Bloomfield – United Kingdom
Breakups sometimes add to the story – Hana Breeze – Croatia
Red dress, tangled empathy, astray girls. – Skylar Gruys – Canada
The last seconds were too short. – Zakariya Kamali – United Kingdom
The sun’s up, yaaaay more work! – Mariana Dynasty – Kenya
Magic comes from deep buried potatoes – LoveLife LoveLife – United Kingdom
The door opened. Silence. They hugged. – Siddharth Paul – Bangladesh.
It’s ok, he’s just sleep talking. – Russell Smith – United States
Dancing through life can be rewarding. – Katharine Fleetwood – United States
I’m on oversight, and missed it. – Arran Potts – United Kingdom
I was surrounded, yet so lonesome. – Raine Evans – United States
Life dances with Death, their lover. – Kerensa Yarde – Barbados
You broke my bones and heart. – MC Clare – United States
They grew out of each other. – Crystal Orser – United States
Please, I can’t do this alone. – GTCT GTCT – South Africa
I have a dog named Chewy – Nick Rodriguez – United States
The open door was firmly shut – Carol Bloomfield – United Kingdom
Identity Paradox: Individual in group. Belong! – Shailey Bellamkonda – India
I died a death – seven times. – Debra Plucknett – UK
I bumped into the past today. – Orla Furey – Ireland
Too late for regrets. It’s done. – Dalenna Dang – United States
Custer’s last words: Take no prisoners… – Mark linsky – United States
The fallen moon caresses the sea. – Alexia Luna Obbens – Spain
Back then, we crunched fresh bones. – Jiali Ye – United States
Never trust a toddler with keys. – Apple Juice Punch – United States
The middle is the coward’s choice. – Shining Pretzel38 – United States
Failed math. Is this six words? – Dennis Manut –
I adopted my mother’s role. – Angela Mahilom – philippines
The rain constantly spoke in riddles. – Kayleigh Kitt – United Kingdom
Having Gyokuro tea in grandmother’s kimono. – Gazala Saifi – India
True love devotes all unconciously whole-heartedly. – Fisayo Oluokun – Nigeria
She died happy, her life short. – David Nightingale – United States
To be alive is to fear. – Camellia An – United States
The Dragon lost it treasure… again. – Zoey Tew – United States
Beauty and truth: Cows will fly! – Michelle Freeman – Nigeria
And peace came for a visit. – Lehlogonolo Thokoane – South Africa
Her worst date ever. February 14th – Joseph Jones – United States
Well cultured females seldom make history. – Sylvester Nnoli – Nigeria
Glass half empty? More Prosecco needed. – Elizabeth Mills – United Kingdom
Catching knives is considered high risk – Jaejun Kwon – United States
Drowning in a river called tears. – Jeah Grace – Philippines
They furiously hacked Ukraine to pieces – Benn Udoh – Nigeria
“Don’t listen to others, Be confident” – Genevieve Cabasares – Philippines
Don’t kiss donkeys on the lips. – Jelani D’Aguilar – United Kingdom
Eventually, even the stars will die. – Kathlene Riley – New Zealand
Avoid the light, shadow hides fault. – Emma Boyd – United States
Needed milk. Needed money. Needed peace. – SONNYBOY PACURSA – Philippines
Her eyes opened, I felt love. – Christine McDevitt – United States
Growing deserts separate our fragile hearts. – E.V. Araith – South Africa
Don’t roll your eyes! They’re detachable! – Essdee Dhevan – Australia
Loosening strings, untying knots. A gulp. – Nicolette Scardina – United States
Do two dogs do doo-doo, doo-doo? – Matt Davis – United Kingdom
So far. So near. So soon. – Iyanuoluwa The Air Jr. – Nigeria
Brush my hair; I’ll brush yours. – Alec Stenerson – United States
Lonely terrorist blows up inflatable doll. – Andy Sea – Australia
Pictures hung skewed on the wall. – Maryanne Owiti – Kenya
Human’s memory refreshed, racism exists. – Mohammed Wasif Umair – Qatar
That unsettling feeling when you can’t. – Nathanael Check – United States
Fell In love And Got Hurt – Chioma Cynthia Chidobelu (CH O Mmy Chomzy) – Nigeria
Pray, until the skies bleed raw. – Silpa Sankar – India
“Or for worse.” The forgotten vow. – Zayd Sulayman – Kuwait
I pretend I don’t notice couples – Marina Reza – Germany
Zombies prefer dog brains. Goodbye, Fido. – Cadie Lee – United States
Grief sings me my mother’s tune. – Kallie Hart – United States
2020 China Shutdown Fear Loneliness Vaccine – Angela Moser – United States
To be wealthy, be diligent and pray. – Daniella Idogho – Nigeria
Free. Locked up. Not free. Damn – nareeta martin – New Zealand
Equality could not be achieved by people. – Elph Zales – Philippines
Screaming over the music never worked. – Isabel Rivera – United States
Saying no can’t be any clearer. – Nicole Mbaeri – United Kingdom
He imagined child labor a game. – Kiana farokhnia – Iran
One wish. One dream. One kiss. – Cerulean Celadon – United States
Science loves you more than someone. – Rajkamal Kashyap – India
Out in the blue, she bloom’d. – Sheena Sarah Winny –
She wanted to live but died. – Miacara Agu – Nigeria
Hi, i like…love!!! Cheesy cheese!!! – Danae Beven – Australia
Ten endured battle together. One returned. – Sophie Price – United Kingdom
I called for God, he’s busy. – Nicole Valenzuela – Philippines
Her job was easy: kill suspects. – Brooklyn Anderson – United States
Found: bundled love letters – all unsigned. – Nancy Machlis Rechtman – United States
Wisdom, tshhhhhhhhhhhhhh, shut the fuck up – Diego García – Spain
Yes, No, it’s all the same – Zachary Herman – Poland
It was the right person, wrong time – Ivory Chen – Malaysia
I determine my worth is innate. – Angel Strong – United States
Arched golden wings. Metal gray chains. – Raiha Fatima – Pakistan
I wish I could forget you – Jaysee Jewel – United States
My ankles clenched by my mother. – Sapir Negrea – Israel
Loneliness Sometimes Eats At My Soul. – Brianna Cross – United States
He smiled, life draining, eyes fluttering. – Crystal McNeil – Canada
Jobs almost totally completed. Outstanding work. – Chris Tattersall – United Kingdom
Do not betray yourself for them. – Sergiu Mihai – România
We all wear black for her. – Hannah Morgan – Australia
Red queen died. Alice ran backwards. – Untimely Cognition – India
Autumn rain, summer left. Please stay – Anne Elisse – Greece
Happiness: paychecks, sunsets, music, chocolates, you – Alyssa Santos – Philippines
Weight on feet but pressure in heart – Nikitha Bhukya – India
A beautiful rose, a tragic death – Ambar Marrero – Puerto Rico
“Hello darkness, my old friend.” Aaaaargh! – Peter Craig – United Kingdom
With Diamond tears, demeaning stillness prevailed – Leslee Peñaroyo – PHILIPPINES
Her laugh lines had sharp edges – J. Harington LeMay – United States
If only I had more time. – Anya Kanodia – United States
She travelled abroad to escape herself. – Taylah Needham – Australia
What is life if not kerfuffled – J Flowers – United States
A flower composes its own poetry. – Renee Ricevuto – United States
We fell for each other, empty dreams – Little Kasule – Zimbabwe
Tears fell into her tea cup. – Amelia Harahap – United States
It’s a sin against a remedy – Paschal Obiamalu – Nigeria
Oliver Twist – a dance for orphans – Jon Hunter – United Kingdom
Her lips were curved like branches. – Sebastian E.W. – US
“Betting is very lucrative”, brokers say. – O Lu O Lu – Nigeria
He constantly looking but not understanding – Mark Eacarial – Philippines
Half hugs accompanied by mixed signals. – Connor Donovan – United States
Dreams are lies designed to scar. – Amber Kotwall – United Kingdom
Glued in the streets. Decent scent. – Glad Phory – Italy
what the hell are you reading – Ari Aisha – United Kingdom
Rain in the desert, A miracle. – Divya Harshitha Sadanala – India
I’m in hell, watch me drown – Tina Huang – Hong Kong
Grief of bluebirds. Song of nightingales. – Kaylen Soriano – United States
Fear, her biggest infirmity and strength. – Ree Mahnoor – Nigeria
Son died. Mother survived. – Mhembeuter Jeremiah Orhemba – Nigeria
Songs are the beauty of life – Keagan Lucke – United States
Tadpole tombstone. Birth/death place: plastic bag. – Mohsen Zoka – Iran
Thirst trended, for a while, anyway. – Brian Parisi – United States
reality leaves us empty of dreams – Darcey O’ Hanlon – Canada
Sports is being won not lost – Reminiscence Remydi – Philippines
Spared for a mere second’s fraction. – Kairis Xena – India
You Died! One Life Remains. Respawn? – Tess Rossi –
Prick your fingers on what ifs. – Alexis Jade – United States
dreams are sometimes really nightmares – The Night Writer The Night Writer – united states
Reincarnation Lottery, I am a blobfish. – Sasha May Priest – United Kingdom
Kindergarten teacher wanted. Own sidearm essential. – C M Prosso – UK
Petrol scarce. Car unused. Rusty walker. – (Helena) (McNamara) – Ireland
She died three times this year. – Langley Haftling – United States
Mom doesn’t know. She’d be six. – Alfonso Maravilla – United States
She never saw the note, unfortunately. – Emma David – United States
How did it come to this? – Nico Morales – USA
Blind date, cheap wine, late period – Paul Carpenter – Spain
Snip away pasta with paper steel. – Gia Alistair – United States
Taken not by darkness, but light. – Cailey Tin – Philippines
I just work here. Well, sometimes. – Sofía Kennel – United States
I use silence to express myself – Sira Hoveck – Brazil
I’ve conjured homes in my mind. – Shiksha Dheda – South Africa
911, how may- sorry, inserted what? – Noel Cyraima – Canada
He stopped beating, and she blossomed. – Barbara Harvey Carter – United States
The apple fell and then we. – Rose Rao – United Kingdom
I can fly, but its boring – Gersh Buck – United Kingdom
Her finger ridged: a ring removed. – Simon Kewin – United Kingdom
Queue jumpers + con artists = Identical twins – Hannah Ladmore – United Kingdom
Eyes met. Another day in paradise. – Clyra Weiss – Germany
Tiny fingers. Big trigger. Tiny coffin. – Zack Zagranis – United States
Cobbler dead, killer size 10 wingtips. – rani Jayakumar – United States
Seen she had. Trembling though still. – Glad Phory – Italy
Phantom pain: your caress, my ache. – Oliver Bisky –
The sunshine threw fete hung glee. – Kathy Bahr – United States
Steam troll hidden, stationed, into sauna – Samantha Pinazza – Italy
Is love enough? Not always, sadly. – Fatuma Huka – Kenya
The words flowed from his pen. – Cameron Lord – United States
We can never truly understand beauty. – Alyssa Lua – United States
I see everything. I am homeless. – Gene Marais – South Africa
Excluded implies a dead person walking. – Kanti Smile_kapo – USA
She was kind in her malice – Sonja Gustafsson – Sweden
I saw a flower…. It died – Ty Tan – United States
Nothing matters if you aren’t here. – Ezekiel Winitsky – United States
Young Badger Jumps Up And Down – Adrian So – Canada
Hell? Writer in a pen factory. – Wendi Beck – United States
Anything is possible in your vibration – Josie Parrelli – Australia
Spare the stairs, beware the stares – Vedant Kumar – India
My father was lying: you’re bitch. – Mohsen Zoka – Iran
knock knock – Qwint Illin – United Arab Emirates
The beginning, the middle, the end. – Katrina Love – United Kingdom
Breezes blow bright leaves across fields. – Hannah Ray – United States
You know she is not innocent. – Virginia Crow – Scotland
Far more trusting, then father left. – Ari Covert – United States
Depressive episodes learn to cross seasons. – Erin Diment – United Kingdom
You CAN call, I won’t answer. – Bernie Kay – USA
My demons have my husband’s face. – Kiara Pauli – United States
She let words go, never love – Dossy Bossy – United States
The world can hear their whispers. – Prince Robert Ocampo – Philippines
I swiped right and got Chlamydia. – Joshua Shuh – United States
A granddaughter finally says “Good bye” – Ava Guillory – United States
She wielded lies like a weapon. – Ellie A. Goss – Australia
The ocean waves back to me. – Aimee-Mai Davies – United Kingdom
Morticians know more than the grieving. – Megan Neal – United States
The rain swallowed everything – Jiyul Lee – South Korea
Open the windows a little wider. – Jennie Louise – United Kingdom
In the quiet, she stood loud – Casey Beck – United States
Her destiny etched into his palm. – Ushma Goswami – India
It was April fools in November – Verity Agbikimi – NIgeria
Too old to believe someone’s waiting. – Avaiyu Rays –
Fading with the ticking of clock. – Black Widow – Pakistan
If you’re mine, you’ll turn… Hey! – Ahaa Jan – United Kingdom
Finding friends with papers and pens. – Manfred Klatt – United States
Can the ground swallow me whole? – Maryam Raheel – Canada
Sweet voice in a dark soul. – Angelica Agbing – Philippines
Walking the same pace is love. – Eliza Rodriguez – United States
My spurs gave the python indigestion. – Charmaine Smith – United States
Born arms extended, she had arrived. – Dave Lignell – United States
Their silence spoke volumes to me. – Libby Lee – United States
Science says! Haughtily shouts the fool – Kevin Krahenbuhl – United States
Father without… I missed being one. – Anthony McMillan – United States
McCain served America. Trump served McNuggets. – Jennifer Berger – United States
She buried the key at 4am. – Jackie Juno – UK
They never did hear the thunder. – Kim . – India
I needed you but you left. – Suzanne Menta – Philippines
Tees times are a changin lass (story) – bigolb itees – United States
Traveling during global pandemic. Return guaranteed? – Aneeta Sundararaj –
This is the ladder grandpa used. – Kjetil Jansen – Norway
Everyone forgot that the statue fell. – Sarah Guan – United States
Grown-ups lied to us about adulthood. – N.C Sunday –
She left him, six feet underground – Kendra Hoffman – United States
They were marching to the grave. – Marla Bischoff – Germany
Lonely wolf cries. Full moon listens. – Markie Doczi – United States
The mirror sees me before you. – Gene Marais – South Africa
Homecooked meals; magic only moms wield – Nicole Valenzuela – Philippines
Ocean liner farewells, lovers torn, war – Jill Baggett – Australia
I’m in pain so I can feel – Artemis Cooper – australia
Even the desert hates the sand. – Donia Baioumy – Nederland
A duck’s advice: don’t do quack. – Lexi Simpson – Canada
There’s no heartbeat…. instantly hers shattered. – Kinley Wells – United States
Keep calm! Are bats your mattress? – Jessica Bell – Brasil
Paradise awaited beyond St. Peter’s defenses. – Albert Katz – Canada
The stars will remember our scars – Lara Jade – United Kingdom
What do crackheads do? Crack – Marcus Freeman – South Africa
In the mirror, she saw hope. – Hayley Hutson – United States
I will believe what I see. – Tobi Thewritingrayol – Nigeria
But now, he is sleeping eternally. – Sheanne May Austria – Philippines
Even the ocean envied her eyes. – Bri Tellez – United States
I am afraid. You are too. – Joelle DeVincentis – United States
She looked at him, the future. – Ivy Gilliam – United States
His headstone read “Father to Many.” – Debbie Lampi – United States
The villain can make it rain – Gurleen B – Canada
Taken my heart, the only one. – Jumoke Salihu – Nigeria
The x-ray findings have now disappeared – Maria Gustafsson – Sweden
I finally managed to marry my boyfriend. – Seedratul Muntaha Khandaker –
Spending time at volleyball.Best player – Josephine Quimbo – Philippines
Killing was his hobby, he excelled. – Laura Miller – United States
PetroCorp’s Guide to Profiting During Armageddon – Trouli Myers – United Kingdom
Tears are too loud for silence – Amiel Guyçois – Canada
MANIFESTO: No abortions; just gun violence. – Everest Udochukwu – Nigeria
Tale as old as time, lies – Esther Bella – Kenya
A chicken chop: a fighting chicken – Jayziah Wan Raja – Malaysia
Every good boy, gets tired eventually – Giovanni Incaudo – United States
Me too. She was only five. – Amellia Hunt – United States
I watched my summer burn away. – Christopher B. –
My soul always seems to slip. – Madison Kearns – United States
Naturopath. A trail used by nudists. – Doug Jacquier – Australia
The bag was full of books – Jhollo Ramos – Philippines
We found happiness under the bridge. – Marcelo Medone – Argentina
Repentance only works on the living. – April Clarese Diaz – Philippines
“Hi, my name is–” He left. – Jack Quill – United States
Missing who you used to be. – Kaden Riznyk – United States
Life is individual journey, no competition – Ukamaka Nnenna Ugwu – Nigeria
Dress torn, hands trembling, man departs. – Jen Sinclair – United Kingdom
Six bees sat in a hexagon. – mlemerig lemerig – Азербайджан
You! Whyever am I pathetic? You. – Soleil Lopez – United States
Beaten. Raped. Died. My shuttered life. – Justine Bea Bebanot – Philippines
Overactive, Imaginative, Judgemental, Cluttered ; Her Mind. – Stuti Mathur – India
We make each other feel alive. – Anastaisa Law – Australia
Me, it was all just me – Rabiya Rizwan – Srilanka
Her death was only the start – Ava Kane – United States
They danced while the world burned. – Julia Starr – United States
I renounced my name long ago – Athina Panteli – Greece
Priceless gift, despised, buried in oblivion. – Ready-Writer Emmanuel – Nigeria
Civilizations fall. But bad hair? Eternal. – Julie McNeely-Kirwan – United States
Maybe next time, I’ll be better – Maycee Wahl – United States
Loneliness accompanied me to the mall – Mary Appophia – Kenya
You had never been mine love. – Quing VC – India
Darling boy, motorbike toy, no joy. – Suzie Wilmot – United Kingdom
Time heals. Memories fade. Such lies. – Kelly J. Sullivan – United States
Held, lost, wished, found, despaired, left – Dave Jennings – United Kingdom
Biding time let sweetest fruit grow – Zeidan Naqeeb – Malaysia
My body is a temple, pray. – Caroline Hegwood – United States
Fell like rain; drowned the tulips – J. Grace Jewell – United States
“My turn now”, said the Earth. – Andréa Darini – Brazil
Kiss me with your thristy lips – Chirayu Writer – India
Help yourself! No one else will. – Jovnira Ravnjak – Austria
Kissing goodbye for the last time – Nikitha Bhukya – India
“Welcome to Chernobyl, Population: 14,000. 1986.” – Fiona Vitali – United States
Guns down, my perfect world imperfected. – Tashy Chinos – Zimbabwe
No hunger for power, only humanity. – Aksa Wani – India
Your heartbeat is my favorite song. – Ruby Black – United States
She’d always loved the color red. – M.S. Hill – United States
He wrapped .my heart in velvet – RC deWinter – United States
I said fine.He gave $15 – Pavani Paspunoori – India
palm tree manuscript eaten by insects – Abhishek Kumar – India
Petrichor: Portal to my first kiss. – Sheerin Shahab – India
Looks out window. Yearns for primitivism. – L.E. Wraith –
Have you deactivated the bomb yet? – Harvey Lam – Australia
He smiled, and her heart blossomed. – Raja El Aghar – France
Ignoring that volcanic vent? Your fumarole! – Emily Finhill – United States
The elevator to God is broken. – Douglas Shearer – Canada
Punched, angry, healed myself, healed others – Marc Pollack – United States
The stroke of your touch: charming – Favour Allen – Nigeria
Rain that extinguished the sun today – Rao Vankayala – India
They were doomed for death anyway. – Amielle Tarriane – Philippines
The have inner peace is Serene – Carol Ferguson – New Zealand
12 hours. Three deaths. Tired nurse. – Caitriona Murphy – Ireland
Safe and sound isn’t safe anymore. – Hassie DeMuth – United States
thinking they are happy, I relaxed – Ashutosh Mani – India
Smells of warmth and warning ahead – Iulia Musat – United states
The Tears That Never Came Out – MD. Imjamul Hoque Bhuiyan – Bangladesh
Queue for self-checkout at a mirror – Elizabeth Henderson – UK
She cried. But the world laughed – Kohila Gengatharan – Malaysia
Again I wait, we’re always late. – Robert Bratton – United States
Why does sun correspond with happiness – Howard Lee – United States
A Flat sit make flat butts. – Joe Katemi – The United Republic of Tanzania
Once upon a time, she died. – Gray Fader – United States
December nights, waiting earnestly on spring. – Salvy Snr –
No one knows where time start. – Johnbert Buhay – Philippines
Tied together with a knotted smile. – MC Clare – United States
Freedom held within sight ears – Johannes Sello Mosomane – South Africa
Bee’s Buzz, Birds Bicker, Be Better! – Artjom Ignatovs – United Kingdom
Incredibly fat boy wins eating competition. – Kaylen Soriano – United States
He kissed her lips. She imagined. – Wilfreda Simon – Nigeria
The moonlight shimmered as everything disappeared. – L K –
Game over! I won. You lost. – Gloria Ubi – Nigeria
I tackle the garden, weeds waving. – Linda McCauley Freeman – United States
Reach the summit for ground view – Rao Vankayala – India
My murderer was the investigating officer. – Nasana Bajracharya – Nepal
“It’s just a cold!” They said. – Zach Tarsen – United States
Greyness crawls unstoppably far in doors – Nyre Grainger – Sweden
Personality so sweet, my teeth sting. – Amber Moisescu – United States
Love is a crime never caught – Nathan Meleki – Zambia
“I’m waiting.” – “for what?” – “you.” – Simone Cattivelli – Italy
The queen ends the game. Checkmate – Sajal Metla – Canada
Smile at midday, cry at midnight. – Zulfa Yeekhaday – ไทย
Dare to act, dare to live. – Yael Asaf Goldberg – Israel
Afraid to kill, not to die. – Nora Barkai – Hungary
The naked winter exposed the truth. – Trisha Barr – United States
I’m a cut away from death – Poorvi Vijay – United States
We were books chosen by dust. – Rabbani Batra – India
Please, help me find my melody. – Julia Wang – United States
What I killed. . .now haunts me. – Dextiny Show – Nigeria
I just wanted to scare him. – Teresa Corbett – United Kingdom
Thought it would be the zombies. – Catelyn Winona – United States
Softly spoken, simply thought, never heard – Yuhan Wu – Norway
Still the voices refuse to cease. – Izzy Rutherford – United States
Santa and Satan, anagrams are us. – Alison Sidney – United Kingdom
Little phoneix build your death yourself. – Jesanya Sinclair – United States
Pink blue sky’s, yellow green trees. – Georgia Stubbe – Canada
Two stones, One bird, god damn. – Susannah Stonebraker – United States
“Never again” meant not until today. – Ana Maria – Romania
We’ll catch tides in the rain. – Icarus Taiyo – Lithuania
Being happy happens with right choices. – Sapphire Rose Williams – Trinidad and Tobago
Their memory was not the same. – Samantha Ryan – USA
Snuggle with me, it’s story time. – Mayo Li – United States
No good story without a death. – Grace McCain – United States
Losing game like your crushed fabrics – Lakshmi Vankayala – India
Her laughter sounds like sunny days – Lydia Toal – United States
Hang your stockings, on your suspenders. – Deni Neighbour – United Kingdom
He Cared. I Ignored. I Lost. – Srishti Dubey – India
A blade’s your worst best friend – Jhollo Ramos – Philippines
Everyone knows her, nobody knew her. – Dalton Smith – United States
We made these memories of ourselves. – Jerimie Marcial – Philippines
Poor woman’s orange, poor man’s nectarine. – Tiya Kastiro – Lebanon
The three words I couldn’t say. – Megan Straight – United States
My battle wounds edge me on – Ibrahim Moshood – Nigeria
A dwelling of six endlessly hums. – Terri Fox – United States
Expensive things look rich, they aren’t. – Bhairavi Patil – Canada
Susan’s imaginary friend was murdered yesterday. – Sarah Stook – United Kingdom
The beast laughed, I’m already inside – Talos ExMachina – Mexico
Could we ever be the same? – Cathy Miller – United States
Sexual harassment isn’t only physical alone. – Sam Tembo – Zambia
Closing my eyes makes me tired. – Matan Perlstein – Israel
You never asked about my day. – Hadley Dion – United States
Despair or rejoice, fate is sealed. – Kairis Xena – India
Just a simple yes changed everything. – John Cooper – United Kingdom
Her surfboard spiralled skywards, broken, bitten – Tim Kirton – United Kingdom
Silent tears hold the loudest pain – Rishika Srivastava – India
Shop closed. Stock returned. Dream destroyed. – Wayne Summers – Australia
Crunching leaves, breaking twigs. Pure bliss. – Cynthia Baxter – USA
Please come. I’m alone. Don’t call. – Joshua Ritter – United States
Nostalgia suffocates through olfaction these days. – Maryam Raheel – Canada
Mum kiss forehead, the world bloom. – Dham Na Chiang Mai – Thailand
All I wanted was true love – Prisca Muonaka – Nigeria
On my birthday, gift me death. – Maryam Fatima – Pakistan
Keep trying, you will fail again! – Ashwani Singh – India
i still trust crayons over adults – McKenzie Campbell – United States
We clicked. The clock ticked. Tock. – Katarina Polojaz – Italy
Abandoned restlessness, to delight in stories. – Livia Pica – Canada
The voices never stopped ruining her. – Nyashadzashe Makwabarara – Zimbabwe
The prisoner stilled. The guard grinned. – Liv Strom – Switzerland
Her lilting voice penetrates the pain. – Charles Bobbish – United States
Careful, there’s shrapnel in the cake – Jabez Crisp – United Kingdom
He touched the trumpet, and remembered. – Micaela Petrini – United States
Someday I hope you’ll be back. – Mijares Mary jane – Philippines
Now, what words shall I use? – Andrew Zhang – Canada
Stinking of goat blood, I slept. – Shannon Hare – Canada
Knee-deep in these sheer memories – Praguni Kumar – India
The extermination administration orates on qualification. – Matthew Homan – United States
Remet my friend after my funeral – Jhollo Ramos – Philippines
All books are about other books. – Jill Piantedosi – United States
Life never gave lemons, Only pain. – Kaycee Grant – United States
Old gods still do it better – Cal Scout – United Kingdom
It’s not that difficult. Shut up. – Hannah Howarth – United Kingdom
Lennon said, “Let It Be”. – Yaron Parnes – Israel
A mountain out of a mole-hill. – Soumya Sadanala – INDIA
His textbook flew out the window. – Eleanor Kraft – United States
Vampire donates blood in late-night appointment. – Mike Murphy – United States
Nobody knows where a rainbow goes. – Joshua Liddle – UK
“3. “Dad looks good.” “We embalmed him.” – Frank Crawshaw – United Kingdom”
Misjudged platonic intimacy destroys great friendships. – Maryam Raheel – Canada
Clocks aren’t romantic; they tell death. – Megan Neal – United States
Falling, slipping, until nothing else remains. – Jada Figueora – United States
The freezer? Heads go off, right? – Alan Dale – United Kingdom
The cloud above me smiled. Hallelujah! – Galit Einav – Israel
Piercing blinds . . . moonlight . . . awakened silent sonata. – Izumi J.Y. – United States
Drug dealer, dealing with the dead. – Sira Hoveck – Brazil
Came to destroy earth? Already burning. – Charlie Jolley – United Kingdom
My stomach gurgles — damned airplane shawarma. – Chad Frame – United States
Church Cross fixed. Nails painted over – Dan Keeble –
Chimps look longingly at their reflection – Harshita Lall – United States
Eternal Frustration: “We’re two hours behind!” – Penny Smith – Australia
Easier to judge than be judged. – Avami Avami – Nigeria
Our hearts strummed in beautiful monotony. – Iyonmana Adesuwa – Nigeria
What if kindness was not optional – Ankita Raghuvanshi – India
For rent:apartment good for three – Axel Ramos – Philippines
Endless fantasy land for childhood reality’s. – Brinda Kumar – Germany
All the feels. Turned me numb. – Joy Stephens – United States
Lips slid across sweat-wet skin. – S.B. Ward – United States
One step. Two steps. Repeat again. – Nece 784 – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Fly with hope on your wings. – Asma’u penshusna – Nigeria
Been to a bin. Witnessed talents. – A. Louise – Philippines
Seems nothing is all I get. – Jumoke Salihu – Nigeria
Four pill mornings, late nights dancing. – Elizabeth Cumner – United Kingdom
“There’s no smoke,” laughed mission control. – Bela Erekson – United States
Banging noises outside. Fireworks or gunshots? – Tania Pagés – Spain
The sun rises along with hope. – Vivian Imperiale – United States
The birds in my village sing – Testimony Odey – Nigeria
One cat, One jump, One fail – Forgotten Gem – Ireland
In a hospital, but still smiling. – Aiyana African Rose – United States
Know your place before you waste. – Mohammed Arsalan Ghogari – India
He found a woman he loved. – Queen. Edmund. – Nigeria.
You remain, like a wound unhealed. – K. A. Munn – United States
Mist cascades across the ancient graveyard. – Jillian Abshire – United States
Never sit in pain too long. – Tiffany Harmon – United States
Good days of the good, not. – Elijah Lim – Indonesia
He hid; I sought for years. – Simran Janoo – Mauritius
Her last text. Marry my sister – vaibhav hassija – australia
Mountain hugs clouds, clouds hug sky. – Brian Chen – China
My Way? Absolutely! Every last minute! – K. Darbey – United Kingdom
She even cries without shedding tears. – Pau Santos – Philippines
Slow progress is still being made. – Mijares Mary jane – Philippines
After the bullets came the hunger. – Odochi Ohia – Nigeria
Her tears serenaded his toxic heart. – Srikanth Kundeti – United States
A mothers warm embrace before bed. – Evelyn Rose Van Der Westhuizen – South Africa
Wondering upon your betrayl my dear – Ohgirl Ohgirl – United kingdom
I’m grasping straws. There’s too many! – Thai Su – United States
Threats are scarier when they’re whispered. – Benjamin Hassel – United States
First love. Last love. Only love. – Valerie Fish – United Kingdom
Kites soared skyward, bringing broad smiles. – Hannah Ray – United States
One tree. Memento of the forest. – Emma Libair – Israel
The pulverized heart kept on beating – Sonja Gustafsson – Sweden
Click, click, click; ready to fire – Emma Rose – United States
silly, obsessed and devoted anime fan – Rebecca Tarullo – United States
You left me unread, unseen, uncalled… – Mariya Mavrova – Austria/Bulgaria
Why is the fog so dense – Alberto Lopez – United Kingdom
A picture says six good words – Stephen Rebbettes – United Kingdom
Birth, life, pain, suffering, death, repeat. – Cassius Seybert – United States
He ho! It be a ghost! – Karly Honeycutt – United States
In love, again, really? Thanks brain. – laura hendy – United Kingdom
In the end, the morning came. – Odochi Ohia – Nigeria
“Boys got cooties,”the girls say – Morgan Kim – United States
Best Friends? or Best temporary people? – Vanshika Mittal – India
Even the deaf can hear lies. – Carlos Manuel Eusoya – Philippines
Under the water, the sack writhed. – Derek Smith – Guam
Snap. Crackle. Pop. The last straw. – John RC Potter – Turkey
If only I didnt suffer mentally……. – Cara B – United States
Painting with silver comes out red. – Charlie Bureychenko – United Kingdom
Remind me; were we in love? – John Pearce – Australia
My first “Story Poggers!1!1!” I’m honored – A Love – United States
They came, they saw. they complained. – C A Berry – United Kingdom
The traffic cop sundialing on May-day. – Pitamber Kaushik – India
I am blind. They cannot love. – Iraj Toosy – Pakistan
Hell froze over, back with ex. – Lisa Breen – United States
He’d nothing left, just her letters. – Katie Kelly Koppenhofer – Ireland
Weaving a quilt made from gold – Valerie Robinson – United States
She’s a special kind of tornado. – Nick Alfano – United States
The orange splattered after it fell. – Brooklyn Anderson – United States
Got broken:find love treated well – Axel Ramos – Philippines
“You aren’t real,” the creature mimicked. – Veronica Shreve – United States
Life Insurance: close to death? Great! – Tom Fender – Australia
Black sunglasses. Black hoodie. Stalking time. – Arpita Padhi – India
Guns are more frightening than gays. – Nicolas Gamboa – Philippines
He cried silently. I heard him. – Estelle Byrne – United Kingdom
We won, but did we really? – Timothy Olufosoye – United kingdom
Full moon. She beams for you. – Libramoon Poetry – United States
Stop Weeping, your cries are inconsequential. – Peyton Chanley – United States
Don’t know why I don’t know – Grayson LaGrange – USA
Illusion of happiness: sold. Unhappy customers. – Fausta Noreikaite – Lithuania
The pain that changed, not hurt . – michelle palmer – Wales
He rules with an iron fist. – Ava Bogard – United States
Beneath shallow waves, lie shallow graves. – C. Tindall – United States
Autoerotic /Fingers skimming vanity, /Savouring pastiche. – Zoe Petersen – Australia
Lady makes up; Man makes up – Svelte Draconian – Philippines
I awoke to little smiling stars. – Pen Penny – United States
anxiously waiting for my inescapable doom – Kinley Cline – United States
I weather storms and weather away. – Arran Potts – United Kingdom
She hears God. It’s not Him. – Samara Doumnande – United States
My inner voice is a gulag keeper – Sara Marzana – Italy
Warm glow inside coats the outside – Laura Michaels – United States
Again? I already buried him twice. – LC Moran – Japan
I am the illest and forealest – james stanton – United states
Now , the past stigmatized our future – Athina Panteli – Greece
A story? I know no stories. – Rimmy S. – India
The inescapable maze of the mind – Pohifallie Rautho – Philippines
She unbridled her cares at sunrise. – Rachael Agidee – United Kingdom
You and I are a team – Y G – United States
He smiled. The world burned. – Nuha Naleem – KSA
I didn’t mean to kill them. – Jocelyne Gregory – Canada
““Help! Police!”, he called out, ambiguously. – Barak Friedman – Israel”
She caught his eye. Sooo slippery! – Sharyn Grimes – Australia
Free Travel: Book your imagination now. – Diana Davison – Australia
Melodies everywhere, the memories are clear. – Julian Nalwoga – Uganda
Window shatters. Loud stomping. They’re here. – Emi F. – United States
Life, just like death, is inevitable – Sophia Raines – United States
Endless ocean. Your eyes. No difference. – Holly May – United Kingdom
Me: Bonjour. My friend: Bone jaw – Danae Beven – Australia
I’ve forgotten why we climbed anyways. – Ezekiel Winitsky – United States
I just want to feel anything. – AJ Richards – United States
She deserved love, he couldn’t provide. – Naseeb Sidhu – Canada
With him, I want to sin. – Anastaisa Law – Australia
Break, Pick up yourself, Break again – Mahmoodah Oyeleye – Nigeria
Life is lonely, death is near. – Medeea Maria Drăgan – Romania
You will always have flowers, forever. – Arthur Dusoe – United States
History is like an endless cycle. – Tabea Elfa Giese – Deutschland
Monday morning is teacher quiet time. – Maquis Leader – United States
”That’s so hot!” said the pyromaniac. – Louise Eriksson – Sweden
Congratulations on gaining an old age – Paul Andrew – Unitated Kingdom
Memories are scents; dispersed, never caught. – Isbah Tariq – Pakistan
“Honey, why are you holding a- – Lisa Breen – United States
I write my home in grief. – Lawal Rofiat – Nigeria
You who took pity on me – Iraj Toosy – Pakistan
Free love cost me my career. – Johannah Simon –
They do not know I lied. – Mahdiya Choudhury – Saudi Arabia
Memories; zero to add, few left – Vyna Tagal – Philippines
Were the sparks good or bad? – Pigeon Wilson – United Kingdom
The fallen pacifier, baby eyes watering. – Ivy Gilliam – United States
There’s Netflix, TV, and oh!—Homework. – Aiden Kim – South Korea
Bleeding bonds of expectations and anxiety. – Sneha Bhattacharjee – India
Little lies printed on laughing lips – Jocelyn Doan – United States
Once upon a time, we were. – Tim Wagoner – United States
She stripped him of his tie. – Rosamaria Nagle – United States
Bombs. Then silence. You are welcome. – Laure Dorsemaine – United Kingdom
Eyes closed. Hope daddy doesn’t know. – Jaycee Lim – Malaysia
All I could do is ‘Hope” – R.Gomathi Sridevi Radhakrishnan – India
And then it was too late. – Jonathan Pett – UK
She died happily, knowing she lived. – Alayna Malhotra – India
I lost the weight…and myself. – Jennifer Gent – United States
And I took that very personnally. – Swol Swol – Sénégal
Reality became a really sick joke – Hejhon Arle – Philippines
All that was left was me – Sierra Sierra – United States
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Sounds atrocious. – Maisy Jason – United States
Bloodmoon election day, today or yesterday? – Clinton Siegle – Bolivia
I waited and now I’m gone – Ayomide Dehinsilu – United Kingdom
The light faded between our eyes – Neo Thomas – United Kingdom
“50?” “My birthday—” He turned away. – K. Lee – United States
i lived a thousand lives – bookworm – Beatriz Bayona – Brasil
Frolicking in flower fields waiting alone. – Sebastian E.W. – US
I didn’t know he’d bring that. – S. R. Logan – United States
Do stars ever lose their shine? – Saarah H – Qatar
I raised you, my older brother. – Gin Gillece – United States
The mirror shattered as I looked – Vykha Nair – India
I wasn’t mad; he drugged me. – Ros Weaver – United Kingdom
I recall my toddler peach sized. – M. A. Dubbs – United States
Skyscrapers Scrape Donut Glazing From Windows – Adrian So – Canada
the wave hit with infinite joy – Nicole Aponte – United States
I grew up to look down. – Anthony Sciuto – United States
Afternoon orgasm. Not mine, the neighbor’s. – Lee NASH – France
her giggles held bursts of magic – alessa volt – Canada
I came I saw I conquered – Solomon Oyedokun – Nigeria
Patently clear? The answer was obvious. – Michael O’dell – Australia
He that rises from the ashes. – El Parker – Ghana
to my beloved no refund permitted – geraine calvan – Philippines
Like dried flower between the pages – Pavithra CP –
Your teacher emailed me your grades. – Jia Nan Jeng – United States
You want to make money,work – Jerome Yanson – Philippines bataan mariveles alas asin
Please! Help me! Help never came. – Ellie Loescher – United States
Love? The secret ingredient is coriander. – Hibah Shabkhez – Pakistan
Appearance: A fragment of our imagination – Trisha Martin – Jamaica
Soon enough I comprehended the incomprehensible. – natashja maccormick – United States
Mirror: reflects both beauty and ugliness. – Ada Chien – United States
When did you decide to live? – Piper Arington – United States
Rising for air among surfaced water. – Zoe Shoulak – Canada
Get down lower to jump up higher – Dean Moriarty – United Kingdom
The door was open. Dare she? – Susan Phillips – New Zealand
He ghosted her. Now, he’s haunted! – Beverly Justice – United States
Together, we make time stand still. – Jay McKenzie – Australia
Why are you still here? Leave – InkStainedPaper InkStainedPaper – Australia
So much blood! Good! Still thirsty – Shanan Sabin – United States
Cypriot skies. Sunlight saturated. Steadfast summer. – Kyriakos Efthimiades – Greece
The wind rides my heart tired – Nyre Grainger – Sweden
“Witch!”, the hungry tabby cat exclaimed. – Ginger Tea – Argentina
Angry they lived, laughing they died. – Nelia Tad-o – Philippines
They were stars. She was space. – Bree Elizabeth – United States
She guards her hoard of dragons. – Joanna Hoyt – USA
Hisses, kisses, dripping water: plumber love – Eunice Young – Germany
Will you marry me, once again? – Mayo Li – United States
Khala’s soup. Magic by the spoonful. – M.S. Hill – United States
Won the lottery, sacrifice everything else – KM Estrella – Philippines
Wisdom is easily obtained through pain – Alondra Equihua – United States
Living is learning. – Shahnoz Omonova – Uzbekistan
Japanese eyes are small. Cause: Hiroshima – Luisel Galve – Philippines
Raging river laundered my life clean. – Zee Mink-Fuller – United States
Reading, breathing, talking: One isn’t necessary. – Liberty Pope – United States
Selfie on cliff. Awoke in heaven. – Karishma Krishnan – India
She was priceless. He was worthless. – Jenny Harp – United States
The Fire Within Burns the Brightest! – Caesar CM – Philippines
I am merely a humane marionette – Matar Gev –
Long hand’s on six, middle finger – Chimereucheya Okoroafo – Nigeria
I feel empty, people hates me – Lhea Magpantay – Philippines
The traffic light is red. Again. – Cj17 Lion – Spain
Born a twin graduated an only child – Shaina Sharafat – Uk
Covid Pandemic? A leap year nightmare! – Nicola Esteves – India
I would never do that… purposely. – Margaret Wolfzorn – United States
Someday, somebody somewhere will need me. – Pau Santos – Philippines
We can shine like a star – Joice Marie Caramat – Philippines
For Sale: Toilet Paper. Used once. – Tawny Wilson – England
Smoking kills but blowing dick doesnot – Nanase Kunurugi – India
I’m not free; I am black. – Favour Lawani – Nigeria
Moon fell like the last rain. – Kate Figurska – United Kingdom
Echoing voice that penetrates cowering heart – Claire Blake – United States
Take time for the little things – Danica Abadinas – Philippines
Fingerprints change when you get scarred. – Renzwer Jane – Philippines
It was a dark, stormy life. – Caleb Crumpton – United States
She painted her picket fences black. – Emily K. Zhao – Canada
‘No hurricane forecast’ said Michael Fish – Rachael Hales – United Kingdom
My heart pumped in her hands. – Carl Herstedt – Sweden
No jump, no fly. Just jump. – Judah C – United States
The far shore, was too far. – Alison Manning – United Kingdom
Words pierce my skin penetrating isolation – Lakshmi Vankayala – India
Graduated from college. Became TikTok famous. – Joey Chen – United States
closed casket funeral: missing the body – Dakota Jackson – United States
The sweetest water is that shared. – L. Regnavi – United States
Autumn twilight trails rather than bludgeons. – Amber Reinhart – United States
Beautiful blood boiled in the bowl – Koji Stevens – United States
u gonna bee prezzydant 4 2056. – David Rees – United Kingdom
1000 miles apart , not their love . – Anto Mario – INDIA
There is no cure for insanity. – Yana Fischer – United States
Kill the priest; save the child. – E.E. Hipps – United States
She didn’t know it was goodbye – Katelyn Wascavage – United States
Dispair. Me and myself. Dis pair – Shely Priya – Israel
Sad dog, dead kid, imprisoned dad – Alondra Equihua – United States
A book, breath, and life, lost. – Catherine Moor – United States
The grass is greener but darker. – Debbie Harris – England
Who’s head had my dog fetched – Yvonne Lang – United Kingdom
How? I remember when you died. – Tommie Cotton – United States
Find me you. Me you find. – DrThembieTanya DrThembieTanya – Zimbabwe
Even open lips can hold secrets. – Erin Diment – United Kingdom
Singing show tunes in the shower. – Emma Eastman – United States
Empty cage. Green parrot in tree. – Carolien Libbrecht – Belgium
Want bleeds on wrangled, white sheets. – Kryschina Fearon – Jamaica
Entrepreneurship, undoubtedly risky, unimaginably rewarding. – Mateus Puttock – United States
Memories are fickle, so is life. – Emma Mai – United States
Sorry, her face gives me trypophobia – Astrid King – United Kingdom
Her makeup is only a mask – Ella Musgrove – United States of America
I kissed away all the venom. – E.E. Hipps – United States
Soles never construe just our shoes – Mr. GoodBye Matias Goncalves borrega 7866311070 text me – USA
You leaving is like nature stopping. – Imole Olusanya – Nigeria
Autumn leaves, twittering birds, chilly winds – Gul Bashra Askar – Pakistan
That time of month again, huh? – Safa Omar – United States
Looking around, wondering, “is this it?” – Christopher Walker – United States
Why lie to your heart, dear – Hulda Fahmi – Sweden
Unexpectedly lucid, she recognised his face. – Karen Rymarz – United Kingdom
Why do medicines make him disappear? – Pragun Pudukoli –
I Nearly lost it,with you. – Aljon Loreja – Philippines
We’ll meet back where we started – Arianne Joy Abantao – Philippines
Hostile aliens still know general relativity. – Angela Acosta – US
My tense muscles; these intense emotions. – Jennifer J. Coldwater – United States
Children become our reflection, nurture wisely. – Valerie Erickson-Husemann – Costa Rica
Dancing daises bathe in the sun – Amarachi Igbokwe – Nigeria
When reality knocked us so much. – Tatin Bravo – Philippines
See it? No. Got it? Yes! – Ron Newson – New Zealand
The carpenter made crosses for crucifixions. – Ken Towl – UK
Plummeting, he calmly considered his options. – Jason Lehuquet – United Arab Emirates
Child education can save the world – Yembe Jude – Cameroon
“And that,” she thought, “was goodbye.” – Eloise Horton – United Kingdom
Love mother’s name and father’s surname – iqra qayyum – Pakistan
The devil who won many hearts – Sagar Pandya – India
Happy people are the most emotional. – Lesego Prudence Maluleke – South Africa
Children matter when APV does not. – Jacob Brown – United States
All the roses obey my queen. – Merida H. – Israel
Blueberries be rainin’ like good money. – Fiona Tay – Brunei
I shall never admit it hurts – Jessie Chiko – Israel
I can grammar real good, sir. – Adam Weisner – United States
Hands in my pockets — winter’s cold. – Orion O’Connell – United States
A sunflower never forgets the Sun. – Pavithra CP –
Donate my books: the other me. – Mihaela Raileanu – Romania
Maybe. But- no. But then- Maybe. – MC Clare – United States
I reckon smiling but the feeling. – Henry Onyekachim Dancing Pen – Nigeria
She found someone else, I didn’t. – Jason Gray – United States
Tonight, Beloved feasts on Boyfriend’s flesh. – Olúwatúnmiṣe Akìgbógun – Nigeria
Death strangled the dreams of life. – Alba Johny G – India
I’ve learned to love without limits. – Eric Sabiston – United States
Pretty much cornered.Caged until broken. – Tashy Chinos – Zimbabwe
ERROR: Insufficient fuel. New host needed. – Catelyn Winona – United States
C and y just means Candy – Kingsun Lim – Malaysia
The sun lowered with her coffin. – Tommie Cotton – United States
Write: He died of natural causes. – Nir Strauss – Israel
Christmases marinated in family and friends. – Patrick Makkink – South Africa
work to eat,skip no meals – Kingsun Lim – Malaysia
I didn’t have any other choice! – GTCT GTCT – South Africa
Maybe it’s time I forgive myself. – Nicola D’Angelo – United States
Girl distrusts girl in the mirror. – Dioca Brown – Jamaica
The setting sun promised me light – Mary Appophia – Kenya
My life as a trouser leg – Skipping off in search of immortality Roman – United Kingdom
Nobody realised what they were until… – Maggie McCalliog – United Kingdom
Heaven: Free Entry (conditions may apply) – Charlie Hendrix – United States
surgery both eyes, can see life – kate cozatt – United States
Don’t tell me about my hell. – Jenny Mena – United States
Afghanistan and now Ukraine : World Ending. – Nam 16 – India
“Do I know you?” “You did.” – C. Simpson – United States
Baby ducks fight battles with twigs. – Skylar Gruys – Canada
Left Everything To Become His Shadow. – Srishti Dubey – India
Poverty erode dignity Do against it – Tolera Eticha – Ethiopia
Let me enchant you with audacity. – Purple Nicolette – Nigeria
Clairvoyant wins lottery again – Clive Henderson – United Kingdom
Crystal rain hovers over the box. – Beau Bowen – United States
Life Death Never seen, always there – Atalanta Quinn – United States
Day after day, tomorrow never comes. – Jumoke Salihu – Nigeria
The seasons change without any hesitation – Jacquelyn Luby – United States
If dreams make you happy. Sleep. – Kaycee Grant – United States
On my lips lies a scream – Lynn Onywere – Kenya
You’re the nectar; I’m the bee. – Vanessa Davies – Malawi
Smell that? I recreated Grandma’s kitchen. – Jenn Ferna Hall – United States
Leaves blowing; Water flowing; Universe going. – Paul Laughbert – United States
Every step makes way for you. – A.B. Berry – United States
It’s not that simple bud. – Aiden Kim – South Korea
A child’s life deconstructs dangerous ideas. – Kimberly Barrett – United States
Born. Existing. Searching. Working. Clueless. Dead. – Dipen Jallan – India
Hey Dad, are we there yet? – Kristina Sokolovic – Serbia
Music engulfed the empty concert hall. – Tracey Thornton – United States
I am free. Not quite yet. – jawan aloraifan – Kuwait
Only six words to get across. – Reagan Rehbein – United States
Confident, poor, wealthy, positive, unemployed father – Deiu NoLastName – Romania
Wrinkles are not my thing, ever. – Rohana Chomick – United States
Her mind was a fortress unloved. – Chloe Lim – Singapore
I am happy, It’s my birthday. – He-Benny He-Benny – Nigeria.
Her voice was laced with honey – Mariah Snow – United States
New-born gurgled. Grandfather chuckled. Both toothless – Chandrika R Krishnan – India
Her beauty shone in all hues. – Wei Qi He – United States
History books didn’t tell all truths. – Susannah Hoskins – United States
Salvation with Jesus – my only option. – Patina Malinalli – United States
Tomorrow.Tomorrow.Next time.The procrastinator. – Oteeyho Iro – Nigeria
Ne’er-do-well! Father called me. I excelled. – Abi Odiase – Nigeria
Harry Potter never left the cupboard – Steven Hampton – Canada
The world does not love me. – Farooq Ahmad – Pakistan
Her dark hair, like her past. – Anushka Shukla – India
Freindship. Love. Marriage. Cheating. Divorce. Death. – InkStainedPaper InkStainedPaper – Australia
No plaster could hide this beast. – Sarah Lowe – United Kingdom
Unkind unjustified, uncool unimagined, uncontrolled untouched. – louie (the little lost kid) – South Africa
Two fingers hugged by empty promises – Jessie Azlyn – Canada
Death is inevitable, life is uncertain. – Dhanyhel Gardener – Jamaica
I pushed him. He didn’t fall. – Mark Joseph Dadios – Philippines
he shouted. she spoke. he won. – Robyn Woodward – United Kingdom
Her dreams went back to ashes-poem – Okala Saahinora – India
To start the story, I’m dead. – Evie Wright-Palmer – England
‘Excuse me! Got any spare change?’ – George Aslanidis – Australia
Bad bosses you knight; workers unite – Matt Davis – United Kingdom
A butterfly melted and became gheefly. – Vaidya Shankar – India
Baby here, wild hare, gray hair. – Linda Maxwell – United States
Inside the house, resides only memories. – Cameron Pauken – United States
No makeup, meet crush – Aye Mary – Thailand
Unfortunately, I failed the captcha test. – Alle Ella – Philippines
Pre-, Post-, Epi-, Pan-, Anti-, SICK – Joelle DeVincentis – United States
Never alone. Holding hands. Never die. – Ashley Shiflett – United States
He drew the curtain. Charcoal or cloth? – Janet Marie – Usa
And around him, the sunflowers grew. – Nathaniel Mellor – Italy
Painting on my personality by clarins – Nicole Mcdowell – United Kingdom
Praiseworthy: Soldiers and Doctors protecting ‘borderlines’ – Phanindra Ivatury – Netherlands
I only met my mother once. – Ilana Bogomolny – Israel
goodbyes are for the last page. – Ava Noe – United States
Consciences of my action catching up. – Tasnia Nizhum – Bangladesh
Why do we not celebrate mediocrity? – Iliana Grace – United States
When petal beautiful falls becomes trash. – Misnao(pen name)/ Simona Nyarob (pen name)/ Angelova – Bulgaria
Santa kills Blitzen in sustained frenzy. – Charlie Jolley – United Kingdom
She stared at her own body. – Megan Guthrie – United States
Love me like a fifties song. – Kel Snow – United States
Emotions are liars in my home. – Ivanna Contreras – United States
How life shapes us into ourselves – Madison Cooley – United States
No one knew she’s a twin. – Stephanie Lyn – United States
What if food was a choice? – Katie Farrell – Ireland
Life’s biggest joke is my existence. – Merin Myth – United States
Brothers Launch Toddler Sibling Stitches Inevitable – Debbi Nelson – United States
For years, the bench screeched profanities. – Lauren Gonzalez – United States
Thinking out loud, not worrying me. – Dham Na Chiang Mai – Thailand
My dads met at bible camp. – Shourya Pratap Singh – India
Overcoming is not forgiving, thats next – Madison Ede – United States
“Geranium!” “Wrong! Don’t jump to it.” – David Silver – United Kingdom
little brides posed shoulder to shoulder – Catherine Fields – United States
A crazy dad, a crazy DNA. – Joe Katemi – The United Republic of Tanzania
The cracked egg spilled life unlived. – Linda Crate – United States
The forest came to meet them. – Joyce Jacobo – United States
Wasps love me more than you. – Palmer Blakely – United States
our love is for the ordinary – Mackenzie Christie – United States
Door unlocked. Mustn’t go outside. Ever. – Halimah S. Dilazak – England
Drip. Drip. No sleeping, indefinite torture. – Emily Carlson – United States
The trees speak. You don’t listen. – Kelly Kerr – United States
I Put needs and wants first. – Aljon Loreja – Philippines
No man can do anything alone – Sean Francis – Nigeria
Everything is black. He loved bright. – Helen Hafiak – Ukraine
Was it worth it. Absolutely not. – Sofía Kennel – United States
This contest was quite difficult, thanks! – Sami Portell – United States
Time square billboards, illuminate immortalised dreams. – Neha Sharma – UK
They’re missing? No one will care. – Lara Barnard – South Africa
Nobody knew a woman’s heart well – Mademoisselle Reina – France
Remember, he never left his room. – Marysol Alape – Puerto Rico
I Laughed Then. Now I Cry – Eiaa Dev – United States
Mum, I’m dead. Please stop looking. – Ben Gerard – United Kingdom
Was this all a big mistake – Bridie Hetherington – Canada
Just nerves, we all decided. Eventually. – Sarah Peploe – United Kingdom
Death sums me up ! – Zareen Tasneem Athoi – Bangladesh
A single breath; she stole everyone. – Sher Lim – Singapore
On most nights, I am Lagos. – Akinola Olupayimo – Nigeria
Suffocating darkness expanded, consumed him whole. – Kimberly Karcz – United States
“Propulsion ?” – “GO!” “Navigation ?” – “GO!” “Astronauts ?” .. “Astronauts ?”… – Barak Friedman – Israel
Glass covered holes on the porch. – Bella Silverstone – United States
Musa drank an ocean in seconds. – Abubakar Yusuf Ado – Nigeria.
I’m no one, did you know? – Beckton Simmons –
Crack! Crack! Crack! Cries the World. – Caesar CM – Philippines
Once you love,you can trust – Meluchie Lenciano – Philippines
Nothing ended but arriving your destination. – Xiao An Bing – China
I came here to see you. – Louisa Greco – United States
She’s intelligent, but she’s burned out. – Carissa Lukan – Canada
“I didn’t kill her,” I lied. – Ava Rast – United States
The basket stored the whole rains – Dare Dare – Nigeria
I saw wings that couldn’t fly. – Elizabeth Marvin – United States
Jesus saved, but the devil invested – Pete Goddard – United Kingdom
He could not remember kissing her. – Helen Van Dongen – Canada
Strings of death coiled my heart – Lexi Cook – United States
She sought Love, but attracted Desire. – James Patrick Focarile – United States
Sat on bench, sentenced to life – Dave Jennings – United Kingdom
Rebellions are built based on hope. – Shaquille Ahia – United Kingdom
Who knew infinity became the stars – Nikhil Srivastava – United States
Gravity was just a theory afterall. – Ellie A. Goss – Australia
Do not call this number again. – Akinola Olupayimo – Nigeria
Money is hassle we cannot afford. – Gloria Penaloza – United States
Strangers, the only normal beings worldwide. – Sam Tembo – Zambia
Because her soul was finally liss. – Maimuna Muhammad – Nigeria
Breathe. Never stop. – Joy Stephens – United States
Read stories, see the whole world. – Denarii Peters – United Kingdom
Hold me. Now. Tomorrow. Next week. – Julia Putzke – United States
A gentle touch, a broken heart – Emilia Mart – Romania
Completed novel, Hemmingway editor, short story – Paul Carpenter – Spain
The wonder of life began early – Catherine Siegmund – United States
Life is like this poem, short. – Oluwatosin Olafisoye-Oragbade – Nigeria
Awoke to the crunch of footsteps – Evena Gottschalk – Canada
I can’t escape the hauntings. Help. – Ariana Hagen – United States
My steps makes my traces easier – Nimota Dauda-Ajao – Nigeria
Penguin lifting her wings to fly. – Monique Peterson – United States
Pluto brooded, plotting against eight planets. – Mallory Owens – United States
Then it all turned upside down – A person who writes And doesn’t know why – United States
Kiss: upper persuasion for lower invasion. – Milo Peeta – United States
Character Determines You, Not Your Popularity – Twilight Rose – India
“Finally,” she breathed, “I can live.” – Cooper Callaway – U.S.A.
Memories Will Fade But Stays Forever – NURSYAIDA IWANI AHMAD RASHIDI – Malaysia
Saturday morning cartoons shaped his character. – Dave Lignell – United States
Charmed by her, I hated her – Vedant Kumar – India
She painted her eyes with frost. – Kari Lee – United States
Acting on the Will of Beyond. – Dribble Drip – Nigeria
Ocean of tears wrapped in smiles. – Trish San – Nigeria
Screaming prices skyrocketing. My wallet pickpocketing. – Joanne Helppie – United States
Rescue arrived; survivors stayed on island. – Holly Blade – United States
Take the picture – memories don’t last. – Maryam Raheel – Canada
Owl and pussycat, lost at sea. – Chris Magson – United Kingdom
Kissed a frong. Got royal warts. – Karen FitzGerald – United States
She talked, he failed to hear – Sheelagh Mooney – Ireland
Where the boy went nobody knew. – Jan Pan – India
All weather sport: attend when sunny. – Mariella Michael – United Kingdom
enraptured, she adored his every whisker – susanna finn – australia
My words are obstacles anyway. – Susannah Stonebraker – United States
Screams burgeoned as my despondency grew. – Peyton Chanley – United States
Villian, Queen or something in between? – Elizabeth Ryan – United Kingdom
*Life Reverse Sensor* Beep!!!! Stop. FUCK. – Bat-Hen Shnieder – Israel
I hate hope, because you’re gone – Dani Em – United States
The ostrich flew on other’s wings – Carrie Ellwood – United States
Some frolic. Some toil. Ready graves. – Ann Barker – México
Red-nosed reindeer sky dropped during Christmas. – R. P. Melo – Brazil
Fires raged with nothing to burn – Analia Kaufman – United States
All she could see were oranges. – Denise Athena – United States
Seven. Four. Twelve. One. Repeat again! – 18Marg 18Marg – Nigeria
Our bedroom.Voices.I am knocking. – Lyubov Mosley – USA
To hurt is to love deeply – Jacquelyn Luby – United States
Power is desired for ultimate freedom – Nefarious Naomi – India
Champagne, fruits, eggs, flowers, sex, death. – Enyinna Nnabuihe – Nigeria
Ignorance is bliss; enlightenment is punishment. – Autumn Marcil – United States
What the six is this story? – Johnson Matandi – Kenya
This Me whisper lies to me. – Samuel (Kwesi) Umah – Nigeria
Heart available: To Love or Break – Charmaine Erasmus – South Africa
Once hate can lead to fate. – Kira Meng – China
We needed the dead mans approval. – Yvonne Adams – Barbados
Vampire needed. Historian stranded in past. – Tiffany Cole – United States
Fairfield six grades good and bad. – Shaira mae San juan – Philippines
She persisted to whatever end. – Riley Brown – United States
Pet’s loose again, get the broadsword. – Owen Perry – United States
Suicidal dreams almost reality. I cried. – Atlas Uwem – United States
Cutting onions, I think of you. – Linda McCauley Freeman – United States
Skittish Bear Arrives. Brave Bull Missing. – Steven Hampton – Canada
Name: Lucy. Just for one day. – Chris Jones – United Kingdom
Running alone, Wont stop, towards oblivion – Neo Thomas – United Kingdom
I nearly died no one noticed – Maisy Foster – England
Two lifetimes in only one night – Chinecherem Umeh – Nigeria
Is there a god in you? – Septna L. – Malaysia
What’s the price of an eye? – Liv Strom – Switzerland
Death grabbed her by the hair. – Jeffrey Ogochukwu – Nigeria
“To the showers, now.” Goodbye, father. – Peyton Chanley – United States
And she danced without having legs – Giselle Vilca Sagastegui – United States
Paralyzed like a pair of ice – Naomi Nweke – Nigeria
My car is out of gas – Lou Normann – United States
Boys who just want a home – Chip Johnson – United states
Depravity conversed with liars when reasoning. – Harvey Comer-Heath – United Kingdom
You made me write in tears. – Medeea Maria Drăgan – Romania
Life has a meaning but what? – Robert Bratton – United States
Body shaky- hands flood with tears. – Laura Rodriguez-Tenorio – United States
Behind every success are 1000000 mistakes – Disath Peduruhewa – Australia
The dark holds nothing but everything. – Zainab Hassan – Pakistan
Slammed headlong into myself every corner. – Aparna Rajan – India
The screaming sirens arrive too late. – Abigail Frost – United States
Painter chose red. Landscape is burned. – Mohammad Zivdar – Iran
I manipulated even the smartest man. – E.E. Hipps – United States
Where are you? I am here. – D.L. Libley – United States
Just a bit off the top. – WJ Briden – Canada
Under the midnight sky, sparks fly. – Rose Mary – Nigeria
Check in, Boarding, Take of, Gone – Bengt Haell – Sweden
Eat, Sleep, Read, Play, and Dance – Aisha Oloriegbe – Saudi Arabia
Hiding my despair was my disguise – sonam pelden norbu – Bhutan
She blinked. Her reflection did not. – Hedaya Peterson – Qatar
She didn’t plan. Now they do. – Bertie Pennington – United Kingdom
She always fired relatives before lunch. – Andrew Rodgers – United States
She smiled, I fell in love. – Zion Owolabi – Nigeria
Her empty laughter echoed in wilderness. – Fun tsho – Bhutan
objectivity is an intellectual illusion – Ella Kanegarian – Armenia
Love, not really at first sight. – Kimora Stewart – United States
The operationalized codes contained master narratives. – Halcyon Void – United States
Lilacs grew over her lover’s grave. – Cooper Callaway – U.S.A.
Was that chocolate? No it wasn’t. – Noel Cyraima – Canada
Lost in darkness, light that guides. – Christian Himaya – Philippines
Not every hero needs a sword. – Malia Hopper – United States
The moon nearly replaced the sun. – Roxanne Bowser – Canada
Amnesia to forget to forget you. – Rebeca Maynart – Brazil
Flat-Earthers make the world go round. – Madeline (pen name) Soulier (pen name) – Australia
Forging her path meant forgetting fear. – Amielle Tarriane – Philippines
Cigarette smoke used to bother me. – Cynthia E. – United States
Beaten and silenced, yet continuously fighting. – Xiolante B – United States
The recipe: no sugar, just love. – Nir Strauss – Israel
My soulmate possessed me post mortem – Shanan Sabin – United States
Do your best and no less. – Maquis Leader – United States
I cover my hair, move on! – Nafeesah B. U – Nigeria
Birds build nests hugged by trees. – Jeanne Troncao-Heath – United States
Gardenia. The heady fragrance speaks volumes. – Rook d’Bay – United States
Only so many variations of ninety-five. – Emma Thomas – United States
Forgive me. Thought you shot first. – Zary Fekete – USA
Man seeks large woman for campfire. – Z.Z Myers – UK
Six feet apart versus underground. Fathom! – Aiona Byuwek – USA
She thought she was the one – Howard Lee – United States
“Don’t want to try–OK–Mmm!” – Shilpa K – US
Ying and Yang. But Yang died. – Kaylee Cadieux – Canada
Her whisper devastated like a hurricane. – Danielle Hall – United States
And so, their gluttony consumed them. – Ilya Chernykh – United States
Gaseous air is therapeutic for humans – Oluwatosin Akinmurele – Nigeria
I took the pills, she disappeared – Vedika Behere – India
Under her pillow, A blood bath. – Lyn throne Nantongo – Uganda
Is there equality in this world? – Elph Zales – Philippines
Times New Roman by what number? – Winter Wrote – United States
The tooth fairy’s motives remain unknown. – Kira Wallace – United States
Two days ago tomorrow is yesterday – ER Castaneda – United States
Loving Yourself Means Love Being Yourself – Nirmit Chaurasia – India
You promise kindness with bruised knuckles. – Camellia An – United States
Don’t be afraid, I’ll be here. – Dalenna Dang – United States
The elephant sat on my lap. – Mystic CatDragon – United States
Let’s pretend that reality is a dream – Karin Eaton – Canada
My hard sweat turns out gold – Ogechi Njoku – Nigeria
The sun drowns in the buildings – Beatrice Hearts – Brazil
I never see behind until death – Mugilesh Shanmugavel – Srilanka
I wished for peace. Instead, fries. – Hannah Wu – United States
Patrick, where the hell is Rick? – Oscarine Latoya Malabele – South Africa
For you, a thousand times over! – Naina Mehta – India
Complicated grief. Eventual relief but brief. – Iris Cross – Trinidad and Tobago
Once was never enough for me. – Shivani Mistry – United Kingdom
The stars cannot stay with us. – Luna Yin – Canada
Morning rumors poured over ground instant. – Brian Pilling – United States
We are wasting our time. Agreed. – Aylin Balci – United States
Dew orbs. Whole worlds spiders dreamt – karen Baker – United Kingdom
Phobia’s shadow etching, I will overcome. – Neha Sharma – UK
Saving a marriage cost a life. – Trish San – Nigeria
At least Icarus got to fly. – K. A. S. – United States
Your freckles resemble stars at night. – Shannon Vernieri – United States
Truly a fun contest to enter! – Kurt Smith – United States
If only I had been faster – Gage Cole – United States
If only I had more words. – Felix Tellez – USA
Not every suffering weaves audible elegy – King – – Malaysia
Mother Nature in hospital. Condition critical. – Joan Penn – United States
On summer air floated jasmine, jazz. – Leo Bland – United Kingdon
Hard learned lessons become philosophies instilled. – Owen Townend – United Kingdom
He hid the place nobody went. – Jan Pan – India
My hearts stationary, then he smiles. – Stella Stone – United States
Is the voice the last stolen? – Beckton Simmons –
Vampire Crossed With A Snowman – Frostbite – Rebecca Claire Millward – United Kingdom
Blowing away fears like a dandelion – Divya Harshitha Sadanala – India
Darkness overwhelms, so radiate like stars. – Charmaine Chia – Singapore
Running into the catastrophe of jeopardy – Ayesha Khan – Pakistan
rumpled winter crow: a crooked harpy – Danielle McMahon – United States
Sank everything into yacht. It sank – Simon Rumney – Australia
Newly widowed. Single, ready to mingle. – Amanda Fox – United States
No light. Too dark. Mommy, please? – Gillian Moran – United Kingdom
Porcelain figures, mostly intact. Contact mymothersthings@gmail.com . – Steven Antalics – France
Maybe life was meant to hurt. – Jesimae Roberto – Philippines
Born inside a well. Name: Doug. – James Davies – United States
Take heed from your friends mistakes. – Bilqis Qadir – United Arab Emirates
Mother Mother, where do you hide? – Connor Wood – United States
Mama, Mama, Mama, Further, Farther, Faster. – Oluwaseun Badejo – Nigeria
Why is my reflection not breathing? – Veronica Shreve – United States
Do not envy the emotionally numb. – Nicholas Entzminger – United States
Love the moon to the sun – Chhivyi Tang – Cambodia
She watched her fading face disappear – David Eastman – United States
In what world could I thrive? – Mijah Jay – United States
World in my arms. My son. – Rabab Zaidi – India
Overpriced real estate better get real. – Aiona Byuwek – USA
always the hopes never the fullfillments – Willoughby Kipling – United States
Amazing how the world heals itself – Stephanie Meador – United States
I wish I was there now. – Indika . – India
A poem so good it’s bad. – Miguel Bravo – United States
Your heart breaks, but mine doesn’t. – Holly Jones – United States
Push me down and I rise. – Xiolante B – United States
Even after letting go, I ache. – Jada Figueora – United States
She was dreaming, while someone stared…… – Rashmi Khanna – India
She took the bait, the mouse. – Roger Green – Uk
The true test of cow : cheese – Alondra Equihua – United States
She found her soul-mate . The End. – Rekha Samuel – INDIA
“Where’s the good ax?” she pondered. – Jeff Kennedy – United States
Only the trees listened to her. – Rai Ray – Canada
Is the darkness really that dark? – Amanda Martinez – United States
School=Addition homework=multiplication exam=moon – Kingsun Lim – Malaysia
Fantasy is not real,is it? – Alex Stark – Syria
He gifted me an empty memory. – Connie Neighbour –
Cuddled him, he had grown up – Fatemeh Seidabadi – Iran
The human like light sometimes breaks – Marwa AbuRaida – Palestine
She was broken by the world. – Ava Estevez – Canada
Crushed and broken, but standing again. – Brinda Kumar – Germany
Married to my phone since 2019 – Salman Khan – Pakistan
Poverty only shines on starry nights. – Galit Einav – Israel
Baby boots litter the sleeping room. – Lou La Walker – United Kingdom
All life starts from an idea. – Karen Richards – United Kingdom
Deaf and Mute. They loved silenty – vaibhav hassija – australia
Among the silence where they’re kept – Grayson LaGrange – USA
Sticky blue eyes swim into mine – Allison McCoy – United States
“Is he alive?” “Something like that.” – Alexandra Mertes – United States
I’m scared… Monster: So do I. – Tooly Bloch – Israel
Allow kindness to take the reins. – Lexi Simpson – Canada
Hair Volume Length Product Color all Judged – Ruby Wilkinson – United States
The wind’s whispered secrets froze me. – Lina Jebara – United States
Nothing that the injections couldn’t fix – Abimbola Oyinloye – Nigeria
Those eyes looked into my soul. – Lara Barnard – South Africa
All is well while I’m not – A Lily – Malaysia
He was my friend, the murderer. – Lawrence Kessenich – United States
Thought myself ill. Thought myself better. – Katie G. – UK
Walking through the chain of thoughts – Shahriar Ahmadi – Iran
Almost had, made, achieved, found it. – Suretha Badenhorst – Australia
People I still love are buried – Anastasia Guletskaya – Belarus
Woke up to kisses and coffee. – Elly Echeva – United States
one heart beating speed of light – Lydia Lewis – United States
But I was just a kid. – Tommie Cotton – United States
Heels keep you on your toes. – Phoebe Allen – United Kingdom
My back was your pin cushion. – Ffiona Rose – Canada
Conviction. Impassioned. Infliction. Imprisoned. Desegregation Champion. – Nalini Gobin – Mauritius
Songs are incantations of Mother Earth. – Gloria Penaloza – United States
You want honesty? Ask a child. – Zea Bowman – United States
For freedom the knife cuts flesh – Christine McDevitt – United States
I have always loved to write – Joy Odoyo – Kenya
I hate myself but not you. – Ana Tiffany – United States
Beauty’s in beholders’ eyes, ugliness too – Zayd Sulayman – Kuwait
Cards stack three, fall down four – Matthew Telles – United Kingdom
I unroot my eyes by willingly. – Rupam Mahmud – Bangladesh
remembering is always coldest at night – Darcey O’ Hanlon – Canada
Pure mother’s love becomes everlasting hatred. – Shirna Jiang – United States
The doctors could not save her – De Peculiar – Nigeria
It is cold in the fridge. – Haseena A Yousaf – United Kingdom
Sound danced around me… resounding peace. – Biskane Thomas –
Five armed vampires enter blood bank. – Shourya Pratap Singh – India
Child hidden by birds he killed. – Halimah S. Dilazak – England
A couple thousand miles of road. – Simona Stoyanova – Bulgaria
Sometimes even priests succumb to evil. – Athena Pallas – United States
You will fall. I will rise. – Liliana Lawson – United States
I lost the game, you too. – Joey Chan – United States
Do not laugh at the poor. – Daniel Markov – Hrvatska
If we lag, we will degenerate – Jancy Anandan – India
Love; you are bitter without it. – Everett Sparks – England
I learned where I failed. – Kayleigh Mccarty – United States
Rejoice, my dear! The pizza’s here. – Clarissa Santa – United States
You’re mine and no one else. – DripDripDrop DripDripDrop – Philippines
Enemies to lovers, lovers to memories. – Phoebe Ching – Canada
Am I the Hog or Hen? – Quintrel Ray – United States
The cloud’s tears run over mine – Six Stones – Malaysia
Came home. Smelled the roses. Died. – Jamothy Dracity – United States
Cornered. Overwhelmed. Vaccinated. Intoxicated. Dominated. COVID. – Madison Tarlton – United States
Captives notice new body bags amassing. – Laura Miller – United States
Hands clasp. Beep. Tears stream. Flatline. – Ffiona Rose – Canada
I white-knuckled her nestled heart. – Connor Donovan – United States
The last tribesman has just died. – Leona Smith – United States
i experienced a thousand lives reading. – Beatriz Bayona – Brasil
Terror lead me towards hope – Success – Refiloe Mathelela – South Africa
I conquered but at what cost? – Aditi Garg – India
Chimpanzees swim underwater on Mars – Caitlin Johnston – United Kingdom
To thine own selves be true – Donald Ranard – United States
Six Competitors, Six Challenges, One Champion. – Precious Adebayo – Nigeria
Tooth fairy seeks, a enterprising dentist. – Alison Sidney – United Kingdom
Denial is a step toward toxicity. – Miranda Kusi – Ghana
A summer’s breeze; a lover’s caress – KC Maynard – Canada
And she smiles when I cannot. – John Pearce – Australia
How do celebreties stay cool? becouse they have many fans???????????????? – umme saima – bangladesh
I didn’t want to hurt you – Madison Cooley – United States
Hercules, who runs from battles – Ojo Godfrey – Nigeria
Shaking tests medicine fear finally free – Atalanta Quinn – United States
Beloved dances still, knives in belly. – Olúwatúnmiṣe Akìgbógun – Nigeria
Honey, will you drop the knife? – Izzy B – India
Tomorrow seems to come too early. – Amber Gold – New Zealand
When’s the sequel to the Bible? – Daniel Sanchez – United States
Frosty nestles inside the window pane. – Senora Frost – Canada
Adventure will come to those looking. – Elizabeth Cumner – United Kingdom
Forgeting ones self through pomegrade bites. – Maria Stroe – Roumania
Mother to hundreds. Two motherless children. – Fausta Noreikaite – Lithuania
Come, rest; let Me absolve you. – Cathy Cao – Canada
The Only Failure is Giving Up – Ciara Crider – United States
I do not cry , HE said – Alka Yadav – India
Birth, Prime, Rest. Life and day – Eremipaghmo Pearlythoughtz – Nigeria
I poured water, to be your spring – rona lev – israel
As it is, you’re your wishes. – Marvin Aga Marvin Aga – Uganda
Slytherin, slither out, slither all about – J. M. Lowery – United States
I love you, but I’m done. – Rose Walker – United States
Blues shall shift into meriting rainbows – Duchess Wade Dulnuan – Philippines
I wake from dreams, alone again. – Ariana Hagen – United States
Bitter coffee cruelly twisted my lips. – Kayleigh Kitt – United Kingdom
The gods never really knew anything. – Krisanto Blanco – Philippines
The cost of happiness is happy – Nimota Dauda-Ajao – Nigeria
Lights went out, outside the heart – Giovanni Incaudo – United States
That sunset was her new beginning. – Jo Ryherd – United States
“You snore loudly”, signed your roommate. – Audrey Ifeacho – Nigeria
Capitalism is communism disguised as freedom. – Sylvia Oosthuizen – South Africa
Medium or rare tough on me – Carl Douglas – United Kingdom
Her gun exploded, revenge at last. – Hayley Liversidge – UK
Look at him looking at me. – Pau Santos – Philippines
Eyes are always on the prize – Mannu .. – India
Your smile lit up the sky. – Sarah Henry – United States
Ghostly termites gnaw our tiny town. – Madeline (pen name) Soulier (pen name) – Australia
Permission sought. Ungranted. Did it anyway. – Patricia Leigh Walstad Stankovic – United States
Nameless faces on old forgotten photographs – Barbara Wojcik – England
Fell for mother, before I stood. – Archisha Singh – India
He was right, she left – Joseph Jones – United States
I don’t Wanna Live, Also die – Kim Calima – Philippines
Chocolate and cinnamon. Friends for life. – Jorge Figuereo – United States
Angry Customer, shouting manager, happy unemployment – Selina Borji – United Kingdom
She loved the way summers do. – Salvy Snr –
For to growth, I lost myself. – Sophia Gabriel – Nigeria
The Gods aren’t dead. They’re laughing. – Holly May – United Kingdom
Sun promised to rise while sunset – Thrimali Basnayake – Sri Lanka
Burnt cookies remind me of home – Matt Wester – United States
Dark places have room for light. – Suri Yau – United States
Unimpressed, they rated Earth 1 star. – Erica Fransisca – Indonesia
Happiness is as fleeting as life – Ava Kane – United States
Everyone deserves the right to choose. – Ella Riley – United States
My bedsheets choke me at night. – Penelope Titus – United States
Give life a chance, reap life. – Julian Nalwoga – Uganda
“Nice to meet you, mom”. Again. – Mary Bachman – Russia
But I promise you’ll get far. – Keonna Nelson – United States
The space capsule almost docked correctly. – Andrew Rodgers – United States
Once you feel lost, you’re found! – Moussa Mama – Cameroon
Palms shrivel below the nippled wrists. – N. Flaherty Kimball – United States
Her secret lay beneath the mountain. – T P – United States
Beautiful Contradiction. Yet we’re the same. – Hudson Neleman –
“Roll a d20” said the DM – Yael Goldberg – Israel
Desire me, sire me, supersize me – Jennie Silk – United Kingdom
Letter to my dearly lover affectionate – Abdulroqeeb The Eminent – Nigeria
Choose Choose Choose, Lose Lose Lose – Lilly Rose – United States
Is pain evil or just terrible? – brendan odonnell – United States
I truly loved him; I think. – Emily Fenner – United States
Pain. Heartache. Stepping stones to Divinity. – Rook d’Bay – United States
Bees brush their hair with honeycombs – Solomon Oyedokun – Nigeria
Waiting’s to be continued. The end. – Erisa Goddess – Albania
Leaving prison he hurried back, obliviously – Antony Crossley – United Kingdom
Ended in the middle of a – InkStainedPaper InkStainedPaper – Australia
Acknowledgment she needed, but never got. – Tiffany Harmon – United States
Kevin said you’re banned from thEAAARRGGGGGHHHHH – Ben Gerard – United Kingdom
Go ahead, loot my corpse. Prick. – E.V. Araith – South Africa
Get those sheep out of here! – Sara Manno – United States
So cold in summers without you. – Soumya N/A – India
A girl’s diary entry: First kiss. Disaster. – Kim Galovich – United States
Cursed-spirits show their true colours. – Nuruliffa Emirah Binti Roslan – Malaysia
I wonder what goes on outside. – Zakariya Kamali – United Kingdom
Please stop talking about my mother. – Maria Lazare – United States
I see voices and hear sights – Iyabo Awokoya – Nigeria
I came, I stayed, I left – Birri Sangha – UK
Breathing ceased. No pulse. Forever gone. – Sandra Lassen – United States
I can die; I saw Paris. – Branimir Jednačak – Croatia
Into grave lowered. Freed, gloriously risen. – Nalini Gobin – Mauritius
And the world went black again – Kylie Masterson – United States
Tears taste salty. Blood does not. – Bertie Gibbons – United Kingdom
Classed Invisible.Yet Shadow’s interactions Accepted. – Farumbo . – Ireland
Hairy man mistaken for cryptid sasquatch. – Jamie Shoda – United States
A cigarette. Pristine skin now tainted. – LJ Southgate – United Kingdom
Dope, smile but drop no teeth. – Jonah Nasara Tahiru – Ghana
Tell mother I tried to live. – Abimbola Writes – Nigeria
Spring thawn my frozen heart – Alisha Kennedy – India
Dreams of clean streets, no blood. – Abdulrahman M. Abu-Yaman – Nigeria
Sold without ever knowing she was. – Kathryn Lewis – United States
The truth that caused the end. – michelle palmer – Wales
To heal means you must hurt. – Susan Grant – United States
Surefire danger : licking lampposts in winter – Selina Borji – United Kingdom
I longed for a peaceful life. – Luisel Galve – Philippines
Their minds spiraled out of control. – Ava Estevez – Canada
Come, As we enter The Multiverse. – Kimora Stewart – United States
Don’t Give Up Yet, There’s Hope. – Jomarie Shaine C. Macario – Philippines
I take another pill and cry. – Bisola Olusomiro – United States
The kudzu draped the trees heavily – Catherine Siegmund – United States
You decided. There was no discussion. – Renita Venketsamy – South Africa
A Black Hole promises an escape. – Sam McLane – United States
Epitaph: Here lies an honest man. – Oghenerume Agbegbedia – Nigeria
I had to die to survive. – Fiona Tay – Brunei
She taught the children to survive. – Laura Miller – United States
The black cat guards his cemetery. – Judas Van Halen – United States
I was born foot- in – mouth. – Maimuna Adamu – Nigeria
Peel oranges? You’re taking the pith! – Paul Jackson – England
New roommate wanted: Must be alive – Lisa Breen – United States
The church bell was never there – Sierra Sierra – United States
The cephalopod photographers arranged a squid-go-pro. – BelaJane Crilly – United States
Once upon a time, the end – Kanyion Branning – United States
Immigrant’s children: two passports; all American. – Gail Snyder – United States
Dear diary, please stop writing back. – XY Wang –
Adam in autumn، becomes a poet – Sina Abbasiholasou – Iran
Gentle heart doesn’t mean weak. Beware. – Dalenna Dang – United States
Explosive diarrhea. Help, no toilet paper. – Mustela Erminea – United States
Life is profanity, death is obscenity – Shamaro Smith – Jamaica
Dusty little town with pristine citizens. – Oluwaseun Badejo – Nigeria
Never again will she see beyond. – Judy Mahmoud – Egypt
Opened the door. Should’ve walked through. – Anya Wardhan – United States
Laughter is greater than the silence. – Chanelle Calderon – United States
Love was the shackle binding me. – Ameera Rashid – India
It all went to her head – Patrick Starr – United States
Damn. How old is fifteen, really. – Damian Savage – Nigeria
Authors suffer under words escaping attempts – Words Servant – Morocco
My vessel is a flawed innovation. – Katie Hopwood – United Kingdom
We must move and be moved. – Mary McNamara – United States
Warm grass and daisies under heels. – Demeter Armstrong – United Kingdom
Shrieking mandrakes were the only option. – Kayleigh Kitt – United Kingdom
Tears, what stayed to say bye – Christopher Mbakwe – Nigeria
Wonder where each feeling takes you? – Chinaza Agomuo – Nigeria
Our life = Sum of 6-word stories. – Ahnaf Ahmed – Canada
Dreamed of writing. Now accomplishing dream. – AudraKate Gonzalez – United States
Things occur, but why this way? – Danica grace Sanat – Philippines
Where’s the footprints? Whose? Yours. – Teresa Corbett – United Kingdom
Everything was left behind. – Manuela Lattus – Austria
I am just scars and scrubs. – Sam Williamson – Chile
Water is supposed to be free – Torthell Robinson – United States
illuminating my dress. breathless. breathtaking. applause. – Mare O – United States
I only saw what it wasn’t – Mable L. – Mexico
I found love in your laugh I warned you about my loving me. Her hello changed his life forever. She hit snooze one more time. I wish I could, so I did. Finding you was like coming home. – Verly Jean – Philippines
Our pain never had two hearts – Musa Khalid – Nigeria
Echoing memories played like drifting fog. – Hannah Rissler – United States
Whispered words. Empty promises. Lonely nights. – InkStainedPaper InkStainedPaper – Australia
“I prefer to spit,” she said. – Cindy Hossain – United Kingdom
Grow wild like evergreen vines do – Monicah Michelle – Kenya
You made me; can’t change me. – Dylan Cervantes – United States
Ready for a new beginning. Again. – Ana Voicu – Romania
I’d like to cook with you. – B. C. Nance – United States
Semi-automatic bullets rain on school parade. – Râna Campbell – Canada
Life in perspective, little blue dot. – Kathlene Riley – New Zealand
Mom’s hugs never felt so cold. – Jhoao Hernandez – Honduras
She was sad, he was glad. – Britney Martinez – United States
Rule one, don’t marry a narcissist. – Jen Kenning – United States
Smallest limit brings biggest barriers. – Lucian De Paula – Brazil
Spanish fireflies utilize solar powered maracas. – the T.O.M. McCarthy – United States
The truth entangled within the lie. – Stephanie Lyn – United States
Cry. For what it’s worth. Try. – Kim . – India
Shaken life stirred with a twist – AJ Henry – United Kingdom
Memories are movies about our ghosts. – Lilly Rose – United States
“School pays well!” said the therapist. – Sabrina Guo – United States
Is what we say heard? Nope. – Write To Rights @write_to_rights (IG) – United States
Miners lady stranger to blue water – Jerald Topacio – Philippine
My life: A maze of mazes. – Martin Nyondo – Malawi
Mummy, why’s daddy got a tail? – Lee Estaki – Australia
Dot dot dot. Graveyard of butterflies… – Mohammad Zivdar – Iran
Frantically wrote poems along buried ribs. – R. K. Emerson – United States
She whimpered. He giggled. They ended. – Angie Canonico – United Stated
Somehow, falling felt more like flying. – Christine Heinz – USA
Drowned by everyone’s opinion, she died. – Trish San – Nigeria
His only companion, the walking stick. – Surabhi K – India
Laughing and bleeding, I walked away – Kerry Howington – United States
Dream, think, believe, try, and smile. – Mina Kim – South Korea
With each breath another star fell – Rachael Triglia – United States
I love crying on your shoulders. – Ketaki Datta – India[Calcutta]
She absorbed men like a sponge. – Keith Copeland – United States
Just breathe.. soon it’ll make sense. – Kinley Wells – United States
The painting revealed more than expected. – Z.Z Myers – UK
Not it! Buzz said to Neil. – Max Merbaum – United States
Let me listen without being heard. – Septna L. – Malaysia
Fulfilled fantasies as selfies spin doctor. – Sarah Serakalala – Spain
Fetus refuses to vacate nine-month apartment. – Mike Murphy – United States
Apart, they loved. Together, they were apart. – Wilfreda Simon – Nigeria
Caprice Bar. Aegean sunset. Metaxa. Waiting. – Laury A. Egan – United States
Smiling sweetly, he trashed my culture. – Jonathan Pratt – Canada
Stakeout: cramped inside, cramps in side. – Ian Coombe – Australia
There is no meaning without struggle – Wildanita Risna Anggi Aisyifa – Indonesia
I yell your name in lowercase! – Frederick Flynn – Thailand
For Sale. Used Bike. Seconhand Roads. – Maine Man – United States of America
Lies. Caught up. Sorry, it’s over! – Mira Leo – Indonesia
Sudden Death Overtime. Breakaway. GOAL. Champions! – Steven Hampton – Canada
Stumbling home half-drunk on silver moonlight. – Anne Schultz – United States
Drink up…while you still can. – Annie Bashaw – United Kingdom
Ironically, your hair still feels alive. – Michael Dufresne – United States
We are all made of stars. – Mark Joseph Dadios – Philippines
Reading alone, my second book today. – Miriam Tuesday – United States
First love’s bittersweet, masterful illusory retreat. – Isaac Ting – Singapore
It’s nothing like the last time – Josh Poole – United States
Through window, I see stationary tornado. – Pragun Pudukoli –
“Verdict?” “An accident.” Unnoticed, I smiled. – Katie Whitehead – United Kingdom
Tomorrow came, between bats of eyelashes. – Gia Civerolo – United States
Free from pain, one night only. – Elaine Wedlock – United Kingdom
Long time ago, present was future – Predrag Mirčetić – Serbia
His heart slipped into my posession. – T M – United kingdom
“See you tomorrow!” It never came. – Lauren Gonzalez – United States
She laughed because she couldn’t cry. – Libby Lee – United States
“Help!” he begged. I walked away. – Kerry Howington – United States
We’re alone right? What’s that noise? – Rod Martinez – United States
My heart dances to drumming desires – Eremipaghmo Pearlythoughtz – Nigeria
Just Retired. Who am I now? – Lynn Zeleski – United States
She died after taking a sip. – Raluca – Gabriela Bucsoiu – Romania
Pandemic showcased the nemesis of humankind. – PREETI SHARMA – INDIA
Slammed door, Mom’s walls repainted white – Yash Seyedbagheri – United States
Mortality brings us to the brink. – WC Wolfe – United States
Bottom drawer is a whiskey graveyard. – Mary-Kate Kohnke – United States
passionate false lust is plastic love – Willoughby Kipling – United States
She wore lipstick at his funeral. – Malulani Medeiros – United States
Honeymoon on Kilimanjaro. Downhill ever since. – Ciarán Parkes – Ireland
I sold my diamond ring today. – Aditi Garg – India
Day and night you punished me – Rachael Ibemere – Nigeria
Thinking of anything loved as pain – Chinaza Agomuo – Nigeria
Trusted shovel, shallow grave, problem solved. – Marie Keiding – Danmark
Forest burns, ocean cries, humans laugh. – Silpa Sankar – India
A bar, 10 scars, too far – Seiya Mutreja –
I remember when gas was $3! – Karla Herrera – USA
the ship rolled back and forth – Jacob Chauvin – United States
“I was trained to be miserable.” – Penny Smith – Australia
I know so many last words – Anushka Amin – United States
Six words is five too many – Mug Jacks – United States
After sweet goodbyes, I cried silently. – Jose Joel Robles – Philippines
My music is my unprescribed therapy – Lysa Guerrero – United States
Darkened room, closed door; a memorial. – Brenna Anne – United States
If I could see through you – Clarissa Dora – Nigeria
You: the cause, poison, solution, cure. – Alyssa Santos – Philippines
Leaf fall on dog head. Confused. – Jamie Chim – United Kingdom
Shadows, imcompressible flow in a maze. – Kallae Birhan – Ethiopia
Her heart stopped beating, mine too. – Isabelle Anastasia – Indonesia
Tomorrow might never come to you. – Haley Dawson – United States
Knock knock knock, “Penny”, Sheldon said – Ashleigh Heenan – United Kingdom
We came crying, let’s leave smiling – Favour Chibike – Nigeria
Trust And Love Go Perfectly Together. – Midnight Eve – Serbia
She never unboxed the wedding dress. – Bela Erekson – United States
Ecoanxiety= (Myopic Ignorance+ Convenient Negligence)* Decadence – Shailey Bellamkonda – India
Behind the success, lies unevitable pain. – Misbah Tariq – Pakistan
It’s okay to not know now. – Raine Eguico – Philippines
Sometimes, she tries. Sometimes, she cries. – Kiana farokhnia – Iran
Use their flaws to beat them – Tomisola Akindolu – Nigeria
“1. “Guilty!” The victim’s spinning corpse disagrees. – Frank Crawshaw – United Kingdom”
Go where you most feel alive. – Jennie Louise – United Kingdom
Reality crept in… Like a dream – Adetola Jerry-Adesewo – Nigeria
I wove a web around him. – Noa Pitlik – Israel
Privilege bleeds into the social tapestry. – Prerna S. – United States
Books that open you upon closing – Katherine Kelly – Germany
Skeleton trees, black against blue sky. – Hannah Dryden – United Kingdom
She always cried beneath the rain. – Angela McCann – United Kingdom
Love is temporary , so are we. – Khushi Kanwar – India
Clock like man has two hands. – Cielo Santos – Philippines
Pages unfillable with just one syllable – Howard Osborne – United Kingdom
Mind intrinsic formations imaged outviews leadouts. – RoseMaryS Makengo – Tanzania
Corpse brought to life. Makes tea. – Emma Lin – United States
Several luggage bags. Packed. Waterlogged. Moldy. – Sy Field – Japan
time is running out dot. – sarah malul – israel
No one knows how this happened. – X Beattie – United Kingdom
Remember, your Thoughts decide your Future. – Rashmi Khanna – India
Beach Holiday. Sleep, swim, eat, repeat. – Maria Sardi – New Zealand
“I will never be coming back.” – Hayley Love – United Kingdom
On to the next one, folks. – Rachel Cohn – United States
Phoenix I wish, without her fire. – Shreya Jain – India
Learn to rest not to quit – Bugayong Cedrick – Philippines
Deluding myself to love you, Dad – Anastasia Cuniberti – Italy
Oysters can talk to sunken worlds. – Galit Einav – Israel
What Eats All, Leaving Tired Husks? – Natalie Fenoff – United States
Still here. Or not. That lost. – Anne Elisse – Greece
She always went back to him – Holly Crawford – United Kingdom
The crusade against finitude is demonic – Sofia Kioroglou – Greece
Benevolent meowing. Belly rubs. Biting. Bolting. – Catherine Yeates – United States
Poker’s not the same without Buddy. – David Thow – Canada
Everything’s possible with a clear mind. – Amielle Tarriane – Philippines
Innocent doe running from fiery shadows. – Ivy Gilliam – United States
Chicken or egg who are you? – Mariya Pokoyeva – Казахстан
I Think My Toaster Likes Me – Bella Aldama – Kenya
Got me unfurled , you weren’t there. – Kyla Bearneza – Philippines
Perhaps this joke could be funny. – Kay Long – United States
The bomb-dot-com, like a pom-pom rom-com. – R James Hughes – United States
Don’t be afraid,love is unlimited. – Eid Mira Gauuan – Philippines
An apple cake, baked with pears. – Holly Jones – United States
the stomach acid burnt her tongue – Robert Bratton – United States
Depressed husband: I miss his smile. – Rosemarie Schaut –
She kept a wake for the watchman – Rachita Ramya – United States
its that easy is this six – Seth O’Connell – united states
Where’s the home of unbearable pain? – Maisha Mahrin – Bangladesh
Raising kids is a cashless wealth. – Kanti Smile_kapo – USA
Guilt shines brighter than good intentions. – Anthony Badroe – United States
meet the dark side of goodness. – Ekene Benedict – Nigeria
Happily ever after never happened thereafter. – Steven O. Young Jr. – United States of America
Answers masked by blanket called—Silence – Hannah M – United states
Love. Marriage. Fights. Breakup. Heartbreak. Suicide. – Oluwafemi Onifade – Nigeria
Expectations: pool and tan. Reality: wildfire. – Karina Han – Kazakhstan
6 reasons to be a lawyer – Jocelyne Ngwane – Cameroon
What am I, just an imposter? – Saptashwa Datta – India
Peculiar, her lies never match his. – Patrick Tackwell – United States
“All lives matter” said the poacher – Ugyen Chogyel – Bhutan
My friend locked my heart easily – Balasubramaniyan Venkataramani – India
Tears thundered down from the clouds. – Oshwin Dang – India
“Don’t Shoot! Don’t Hoot! I’m Oot.” – DrThembieTanya DrThembieTanya – Zimbabwe
What I see, reflection’s not me. – Deepshika Rathod – India
Cricket sounds, in need of thoughts – Lyle Jarren Dulnuan – Philippines
A lobster makes a sandwich. – Jordan Fuentes – United States
Finally the mother get rest, RIP. – Kanika Gupta – United States
I would be a millonaire if… – Yurii Borysov – Ukraine
Distance was always meant to be – Jennifer Jegan – Malaysia
Bring an umbrella. It may rain. – Rajesh Gupta – United States
Joy should be shared, not kept. – Soba Noodles – United States
No matter if it rained tomorrow. – Ellie A. Goss – Australia
Snake-bitten boy bites back: TWICE! – Tonia Kalouria – USA
luck follows me, never catches up. – Abraham Israely – Israel
New leaf I’ll keep turning everyday. – Tatenda Chigwanda – Zimbabwe
Love Life For Some Only Survive – Ciara Crider – United States
Trust, once lost, is gone forever – Becca Glantz – United States
Ran for his life. Never found. – Larissa Alexander – United Kingdom
Drawn by the aroma of pain. – Sophia Gabriel – Nigeria
It’s frustrating and can’t say it. – Sheanne May Austria – Philippines
Your starless eyes burn my soul. – Erik Ammon – United States
I’m born out of fairytale parents. – Arabel Bondarenco – Romania
My wife thinks I’m at work – Carter Glass – United States
Autumn came and our love withered. – Diane Young – United Kingdom
A kinder future awaited her now – alessa volt – Canada
Jesus didn’t die for selfie culture. – Shainin Pillay – South Africa
The truth stood in your eyes – Saskia Griffith – Guyana
Weeping lady: Seen my drowned kids? – Dextiny Show – Nigeria
Women are showing hair in public! – Mehraban Aram – Iran
Not all his teeth, but enough. – Anne Schultz – United States
The smallest coffins often the heaviest. – Jake Aleo – United States
Planting forest’s, she’s by my side. – Georgia Stubbe – Canada
Yellow gems dart through azure skies. – Anne Theriault – United States
Human’s existence is Earth’s death – Mohammed Wasif Umair – Qatar
Don’t go. Please…..stay with me – Bernice Tan – Singapore
Lips that can kiss out salvation. – Sam Tembo – Zambia
Her eyes closed, and he wept. – Kim Galovich – United States
It’s all just orbs and orbits. – George Townsend – England
If you were here, I could – Dudas Alexia – Romania
Soul mates ALWAYS choose each other. – Yolanda Calvin – United States
This is my timid son, Genghis. – Max Merbaum – United States
Hidden beneath jocks, lipstick and heels. – Wila Murray – Australia
Silence falls like snows of winter – Steffie Lan – USA
It’s been a long day. And night. – R.K. Love – United States
I want to return to stardust – Alaina Schneider – United States
Storage units. Locked and forgotten treasures. – Aidan Hassmer – United States
The universe is big. She’s lonely. – Alliah Concepcion – Philippines
He forgot to look both ways. – Constance Contraire – Canada
Butter, you need to go home – aelfrun waitherero – Indonesia
Scars of the past.. The Future – Ty Tan – United States
After all that, it seems pointless. – S. R. Logan – United States
She lays buried under the Evergreen. – Regina Davis – United States
Her lips brushed the glass– silence. – Adam Bendel –
Hearts with arrows are really broken – Cindy Valenti – United States
True friends will always be there – Skye Katchers – united stated
The liar was your mother and father. – Kay Huggins – USA
One try one life one time – Bridie Hetherington – Canada
Touching the sea, I remembered her. – Sundarae Jomay – United States
She left because he was abusive – Nyasha Brenton – Zimbabwe currently living in Russia
Dont light the candle…they will come. – Tahera Janoowalla – United Kingdom
Health warning: Failures can be fatal. – Untimely Cognition – India
Chocolate is the soul in me – Nick Rodriguez – United States
I envy clouds, they are free. – Travis Yanes – United States
Will anybody know who I am? – Michael Mills – England
Little fires everywhere, humanity forever ceased. – Megan Luis – Singapore
Be confident because God created you – Jancarl Punay – Philippines
Painstakingly, I aimed the final arrow – Emily Finhill – United States
Eternity ate The End of Eternity – Yaron Parnes – Israel
She wanted desperately to wake up. – Kristen Moore – United States
Another day, knitted in these sorrows. – Zainab A. Jatau – Nigeria
We met, We loved, Suffered, Partitioned – Reminiscence Remydi – Philippines
After the throne, what a relief ! – Rohith Bandaratilaka – Sri Lanka
She heard crying within the walls – Deepti Yadav – India
the mirror shows me my mother – Dakota Jackson – United States
Hey! Hey! That is my sister! – Liliana Lawson – United States
Liway, hero of EDSA. Unchained memoirs. – MC Aydalla – Philippines.
My memories was full of tears. – neverland X – United States
She slid into nothingness that day. – Debbie Lampi – United States
He never got to see it. – Manuela Lattus – Austria
“Love him!” he told the mirror. – James Davies – United States
Be someone’s rock, life’s a river. – Jhoao Hernandez – Honduras
Gummy the bunny hurt his tummy. – Stephanie Leslie – United States
Where did they take my breadsticks – Visruth SK – United States
Thats when the mayhem broke loose. – Ella Seers – united states
What’s the return policy on diapers? – Marlo Brown – United States
You always belong to yourself first. – Alayna Malhotra – India
Blunder. Approbate, ponder, seal the thunder. – Dice K. – United Arab Emirates
For sale: my heart, poor condition. – Sarah Henry – United States
The story begins and ends here. – Joan Penn – United States
Autumn, leaves seem to flower. All? – Ana Voicu – Romania
I don’t think, therefore, I speak. – Louise O’Hora – Ireland
Crouching fathoms down, waiting for me. – Jenny Worstall – United Kingdom
The strongest still got washed away. – Cailey Tin – Philippines
Maybe hurting isn’t a bad thing… – Alice Keating – United States
Wanted to speak, but farted instead. – Martins Deep – Nigeria
Birthed on the day Gandhi died. – Abdulrahman M. Abu-Yaman – Nigeria
Santa Monica: Welcome to Hobo Beach – Lisi Slater –
The babes cut deep, they do. – Beck Collett – United Kingdom
In bed, phone rings, breakfast missed – Charlie Leigh – United Kingdom – England
Lost hope. Met her. Love life. – Paul Goodwin – United Kingdom
Sheared a sheep, found a wolf – Minerva Athena – Singapore
5 Am, yet I couldn’t sleep – D Suiam – India
Her dazzling presence robbed me away – Ayesha Khan – Pakistan
I miss you. The bullet didn’t. – Sterling Grisso – United States
For the first time, he wept. – Hilary Heffron – United States
The class ring imprinted his face. – Isabel Rivera – United States
Never trust someone with bad breath. – Evie Wright-Palmer – England
The last homosapien had finally died. – Christine Heinz – USA
No light meant waiting until tomorrow. – Samantha Ryan – USA
Lungs were formed when gills disappeared. – Ravali Mandavilli – India
New Life Needed: Please Inquire Inside – Natalie Fenoff – United States
Search: how to tie a tie. – David Chousal – Mexico
Your purr is now my heartbeat. – Wardah Madari – South Africa
Listen when the earth mother speak – Silpa Sankar – India
No one heard, but everyone saw. – Owen Perry – United States
In the end, her life started. – Hannah Ladmore – United Kingdom
Thy webs of prudence began dismantling… – Lloyd Ericson Rodriguez – Philippines
You are so beautiful, unreal, imaginary. – Pete Goddard – United Kingdom
Small but thick, hurts a bit – Rhiza Monterubio – Philippines
“I love you, too,” he lied. – Victoria Fearnhead – United Kingdom
My world has lost its colors. – Helen Hafiak – Ukraine
Fell over? Try again. Go rogue. – Jia Lee – United States
A bad seed must never lead – Denise John – South Africa
“I’m late,” said Rabbit. I relate. – Jack Quill – United States
Harrowing (disturbing or stressful) – SHUFF TRAN – Australia
We have a heart, rarely used. – Dafny Angelic – Philippines
Monday afternoon spraying on dad`s shirt. – Jan Pan – India
Is this what you wanted, God? – Cherise De Lambilly – United States
Feeling fine! Tired breast! Baby’s full! – KJ Cutler – United Kingdom
Suddenly, all became clear. Including underwear. – Diana Burns Burns – New Zealand
My kidnapper didn’t want me either! – Sunny Salas – Guam
Open-mouthed coughing into an ipad – Bubbah Bubbah – United States
Empty promises? Oh! The politician’s expertise. – Fun tsho – Bhutan
View clouded by her dismissive laughter. – Wil A Emerson – United States
Working with others to reach goals – Dartdylan Delosreyes – Philippines
Identity rushes feverishly through my veins – Hannah Tracy – United States
Lipstick on cheek. Passion or Parkinson’s? – Cedric Meuse – Belgium
Love had reigned over his sins – Tarannum Chowdhury – Bangladesh
Broken heart pieces on my sleeve. – Yazzi KHAN – South africa
What can you do for love? – Esther Bella – Kenya
I pray for a futureless tomorrow. – Amira Mohamoud – United Kingdom
I don’t wanna write these words. – Denarii Peters – United Kingdom
She wields her words of wonders. – Victoria DeNey – United States
Low key is always the key – Anamarija Gspan – Slovenia
Everytime you answered but never questioned – Sipra Gupta – India
The peak of youth, a tiresome life – Little Kasule – Zimbabwe
I fell in love. So foolish. – Ada Okopi – Nigeria
Once upon a time they roared – Princess Blueberry – United States
Pain searing yet healing at once – Teresa Barber – United States
Accepted your presence, now you leave. – Lorraine Murtagh – Portugal
The soft showers tingle my skin. – Isha Priya – India
Small footsteps turn into leaps someday – Dane Wary Dulnuan – Philippines
Dancing to the tune of love – Alaunee Johnson – United States
Before him there was only silence – ellie ilieva – Bulgaria
Lets go to forever happiness – Beks Rabecca – United States
Wrong password. Wrong password. Wrong password. – Shilpa K – US
Cats Are The Sassy Best Friend. – Midnight Eve – Serbia
Endless history through a dark void – Jyleel Cuthbert – united states
Lie, cheat, kill, and steal….Politicians – Andy Rice – United States
That’s not roadkill in the freezer. – Cary Lucas –
She hid, but not long enough. – Laura Miller – United States
Starry night, staring at the skies – Victoria Feller – United States
The brightest star just burned out. – Cynja Hill – United States
His gait everywhere , but not him. – Vani Orla – India
Beautiful outside; Harrowed on the inside. – Paul Laughbert – United States
Two stars. Because I almost hate you. – Noah Edelman – United States
I Should’ve bought a crucifix. Damn! – Linda Evans – England
Long after that, the mountains hatched. – Aswen Goldwyl –
Three months and she marched heavily. – Rize Kamishiro – Philippines
Elephant ears are summer’s little kisses. – Lydia Nickleberry – United States
does loving guarantee being loved back? – Rodas Negusse – Eritrea
Poems are food with soulful beats – Muadh Tajudeen – Nigeria
Our end is only the beginning – Madison Cooley – United States
Get me out, I’m dying here. – Nafisah Tabassum – United Kingdom
Tapping red nails crack pearly façade – Mary McClarey – United Kingdom
Blood on my white trousers. Fuck. – Misery Businesswoman – Germany
A cat in a sunbeam, peace – Makala Schnablegger – United States
Where lapses loom, Irises may bloom. – Dice K. – United Arab Emirates
Death to self, escape I must – Joy Odoyo – Kenya
Rising and falling like the sun. – Mortem Angelus – United States
And then the world turned dark. – Judy Mahmoud – Egypt
A little bigger A larger smaller – Tolera Eticha – Ethiopia
Greatest gift of life is mother. – Dr. Cookies – India
She sat waiting for the test. – Abbey Smith – United States
Throwing tantrums like used tissues paper – Per Ony – Nigeria
She ran up the stairs. Eternally. – Rachael Hales – United Kingdom
Locked in syndrome misdiagnosed as comatose. – Sangay Gyansapa – India
Clinging to her divorce suitcase, chad. – Pitamber Kaushik – India
Postman at door. Big box. DISASTER. – Jill Baggett – Australia
Only me, transfixed, standing still; waiting. – Lorraine Murtagh – Portugal
Six wishes bought in bulk – Gersh Buck – United Kingdom
Dissociation; Desperate retreat from cold unreality. – Cate McLennan – Canada
such vivid colour, such weak vessels – Tof Meijers – Netherlands
A kind of servitude I desire – Ellis Golden – United States
If smiles paid bills, I’d try. – Rashmi Sreenivas – United Kingdom.
Wonder went and wept with her. – Aaryn Pierce – United States
There are places between my silences. – Cadence Murphy – India
The bride has to wear blue. – Abimbola Oyinloye – Nigeria
I only felt human with you. – Yuwinn Krau – South Africa
Hate, is all that love knows. – Nikki G – United States
Tarzan fights wi’ ma wee brother. – David Cather – United Kingdom
Crown War : Clash of Two Lords – Jerome Jay Legaspi – Philippines
Yellow butterfly, float across the sky – Hannah M – United states
“Breaking news….. the starving artist eats!” – Deanndra Kidd – United Arab Emirates
i tried giving them a chance – Ronilyn Arsenal – Philippines
Every shit gone with a flush – Shay Kol – Israel
Ghosts sing me to sleep, darling. – N.V. Devlin –
The everyday attempt to stay afloat – Tolulope Onayemi –
Not us, them. Only me, myself. – sandali wickramasinghe – sri lanka
The empty hallway wasn’t so empty. – Maco Fern – Canada
Special permit required to join the…….. – Fabian Christoper Simanjuntak – Indonesia
Survive, like a rose’s thorns. – Fatima Ashraf – Canada
The goodbye letter, returned to sender – Eloise Horton – United Kingdom
dating starter pack: laughter, embarrassment, hope – Madison Ede – United States
The sun’s warm when you’re near. – Sterling Grisso – United States
every morning have a new adventure – Princess april Bermudez – Philippines
Our children, remnant whispers on walls. – Kevie Greshon – United Kingdom
Blessed to be born a woman – Divya Harshitha Sadanala – India
Like Icarus, flying into the sun. – Mortem Angelus – United States
The depth is nothing but fear-story – Okala Saahinora – India
Too much love can hurt you. – Suzanne Menta – Philippines
Laughter is not always happiness. – Shahnoz Omonova – Uzbekistan
Fireworks rose overhead. Grief took hold. – Elle Emji – United States
Deemed catastrophic, she beamed with admiration. – Jadyn Schoenberg – United States
Our dreadful love can’t manifest purity – Daniel Fernandes – United States
A story has dreams and heartbreaks. – Rimmy S. – India
Face masks: warmer than a scarf. – Karla Herrera – USA
When a rounding error causes Ragnarök. – Mark Williamson – United States
Human face? Must give love slobbers. – Alex Neets – United States
Everyone will be maggots’ food eventually – Israel Shamay – Israel
He grew fast. And died young. – Leeyannass Leeyannass – Jamaica
To you, bisexuality was my choice. – Madison Kearns – United States
Live everyday like God hates you. – Alexander Young – United States
Time slowed and her heart raced – Gurleen Benipal – Canada
First isn’t always best. Hello, Father? – Kim . – India
One blood test. One black suit. – Sebastian Babatunde – United Kingdom
Loving you was a losing game. – Claudia Lal – United States
“Goodbye.” She shut the door, finally. – Helen Aitchison – United Kingdom
Who did it? Well, he insisted. – Eve Selway – United States
Tremble, despair, terror. Your order sir? – Peter Kind – Bulgaria
Man! you’ve got to be joking – Michelle Hoover – United States
Searching for myself, must go back – Laura Michaels – United States
I pray someone will love you. – Archana Ceraman – Australia
Earth’s magic died without the children. – Nikki Lynn Patterson – United States
My life is not my own. – Silkia Aviles – United States
She never asked for a DNR – Julia LaFond – United States
Hunger! Made a man eat live rats. – Irene Amasi – Nigeria
Once upon a time, there wasn’t. – Shannon Cummings – United States
For the cross i’ll walk across. – Zekpo Destiny – Nigeria
Their love reminded me of ours. – Soba Noodles – United States
The only witness is now dead. – Anastasia Grigorieva – Russia
Died with blood on her hands – Horror Studios Horror Studios – Slovakia
My wedding was my sister’s rehersal – Farihah Maryam – India
His eyes, they lie by candlelight. – Libramoon Poetry – United States
The dead flowers are still bright. – Ritika Tyagi – India
Another tragedy triggers increased ad revenue. – Steven O. Young Jr. – United States of America
To be valued, your worth matter. – Glorious Obaiwi – Nigeria
Forests: Deep; but Oceans? Deadly Deep. – Lily Dragonhart – United States
Reality and dreams are just illusions. – Rajkamal Kashyap – India
Glass shattered, poison’s a lovely taste – Rebecca Richards – United Kingdom
Smelly technological mouths, children disappeared first. – Burak Yildirim – Türkiye
Little boys. Frogs, sticky fingers, hugs. – Sandra Lassen – United States
Excited by fifteen minutes of rest. – Nihara Perera – Sri Lanka
The intrusive thoughts don’t pay rent. – Rose Montgomery – United States
When betrayal occurs, true love dies – Trisha Martin – Jamaica
Did you hear what I said? – Eugenette Morin – Canada
Bargain: odd socks, only one left. – Rob Nisbet – United Kingdom
World’s getting warmer, hearts getting colder – Ankita Raghuvanshi – India
Run hard; Win fast; Love more. – Connor Cuthrell – United States
She had a child. Her mother. – Priti Staab – United States
Psychic’s life flashed AFTER her eyes. – Aerin Bernstein – United States
She never smiled that wide before. – Elyssa U – United States
No amount of apathy is enough – TERRY Miller – United States
I can feel you forgetting me. – sanjana kunder – india
He sipped secrets. Spilled them too. – Z Daniel – United States
They all said, “Stop dreaming, child.” – Susannah Hoskins – United States
“Be a better love you never received” – Tresha angel queen Guabong – Philippines
WHO I AM IS NOT ME. – HERMONY Geral – Nigeria
Deep inside his chest, something ached. – Natalie Tokita – United States
How’d you say beautiful in English? – Erisa Goddess – Albania
My ending. Your beginning. Good luck. – Teah Te –
Blind Sasquatch Crashes Fairy Tea Party – Charmaine Smith – United States
Resignation is the most beautiful emotion. – Audrey Rose – Canada
My pen talks more than me. – Naomi Stamps – United States
I see, i saw, never conquered. – Vannessa Bulan Raja –
Battery dead? Cheers, family time’s alive! – Amna Bajwa – Pakistan
A hero came, its my mom – Jeramil Lomenario – Philippines
Propellor suddenly stops. My first mayday! – Carolien Libbrecht – Belgium
He stole stars for her universe. – El Amistad – Philippines
She danced like fire. Oh, desire. – Lauriel Micheals – Zimbabwe
Life itself is a capital punishment. – Victor Pereira –
Preserve the nature of ancient times – Dane Wary Dulnuan – Philippines
She sat blinking, million drops descended. – Jyoti R Bhatt – India
Her hair always smelled of smoke – A. J. Forget – United States
Young but wet behind the ears – Carla Veltri – United states
Babies that are not are romanticized – Lisa Dash-Grimes – United States
We bolted, lightning in hot pursuit. – Crystal McNeil – Canada
The sky was visible underground – Mable L. – Mexico
Human organs for sale -gently used. – Stephanie Daich – United States
the desire for attention consummed him – alessa volt – Canada
No one really visits me anymore – Leslie Chrome – New Zealand
You’re a treasure that I cherish. – Jessica Mae Crizaldo – Philippines
Whispered slow, like a cat stretching. – Raheem Omeiza – Nigeria
These broken souls on broken shoes. – Connie Carmichael – United States
Don’t you even think about it. – Ambre Vanneste – France
An excuse to hold Isabelle’s hand. – Katelynn Budzyn – United States
Gone were the good ol’ days. – Louisa Greco – United States
Notice – last crumbs of happiness available – SHIRA Ben arzi – Flom – ישראל
Dane’s Mom’s Dad’s most cherished pet. – Rathin Bhattacharjee – India
Challenges are wake up calls disguised, – Amielle Tarriane – Philippines
House For Sale! Issue: Maliciously Infested – Ajax n/a – Philippines
cycle. She only needed breaking the – Jaime de Andruart – Brazil
Purchased at a charity auction – Charming! – A. Gibson – United States
Six word here already my sir – Laputa Carajoo – Indonesia
Harry Potter and the Overrated Movies – C. M. Kai – Myanmar (Burma)
Freedom should be given not bought. – Malia Hopper – United States
I know it wasn’t just bones. – Ruby Marine – United States
she left me shattered in silence. – Sodïq Oyèkànmí – Nigeria
Blinking lights. Blinding rooms. Blazing homes. – April Clarese Diaz – Philippines
I waited, but she never returned… – Aishi Mitra – India
Selling: a pink squirrel, barks sometimes – Danijela Panic – Serbia
Her mind gone, her body present – Nadia Steeby – United States
Summer time running with no shoes. – Margaret Haslam – Australia
“ciao” – it ended as it began – Angie Pollacchi – Spain
Everyone thought that was the end. – Eloise Horton – United Kingdom
Valentine’s day is very expensive day. – Dale Santos – Philippines
Fuzzy face nuzzles. Human is acceptable. – Ellie Kennedy – United States
Held in loving memory, but whose? – Wila Murray – Australia
I love me some smoothie king – Sara Katherine Lambeth – United States
My life turned around. It paused. – Charlotte Rutter – United States
He wanted the truth…She couldn’t. – Grace Naylor – United States
Don’t fall asleep, paper due – Samantha Stillman – United States
I wish to be such beauty. – Neo B. – United States
Tyranny and restraint. Overcoming’s determination. Free. – Vivienne Wynne –
Oceans deep thoughts boundless wisdom questioned – Jyleel Cuthbert – united states
A train rumbles through The Bronx. – Christopher B. –
I begged for forgiveness, not pain. – Rhea B – United States
Only love van hurt like this – Amina Odinaeff – United States
I write to rephrase the world. – Theodore Amahle Ndlovu – South Africa
Emptied the cup, filled it up. – Albian Seo – Malaysia
Pickup Line Sometimes Makes Me Cringe – NURSYAIDA IWANI AHMAD RASHIDI – Malaysia
Haunted, without the ghost to haunt. – T. M Bolton – Canada
Kitties cuddling. Purring bellies, purrrfect harmony. – Perry Berline – United states
The plants spoke truths to me. – Karen Rose Kingsbury – United Kingdom
When the sun rises, I burn. – Camaa Pearl – United States
Money? I’m here for publishing! – Kira Meng – China
Isn’t every day after Labor Day? – Dillan Smith – United States
No lemons? Have a scurvy party! – Amanda Fox – United States
Memories encoded in your mother’s milk. – Doug Jacquier – Australia
And then they were none – Agatha – Elph Zales – Philippines
Pain always testifies that joy exists. – Susan Grant – United States
Loving to live or to leave? – Sneha Bhattacharjee – India
“He died happy, knowing he lived.” – Summer Psalm Enriquez – Philippines
Resistance is furtile. Thought the cow. – David Mears-Jones – United Kingdon
I just wanted to talk, not . . . – C.W. Jefferies – United States
He caressed her soaked crimson cheeks – Sophie Price – United Kingdom
‘Dear therapist, -‘ “What you doing?” “Nothing.” – Anya Wardhan – United States
Come share the silence with me – N. Zaty – Malaysia
six, five, four, three, two, one… – lior harish – Israel
Downtown Houston sparkled with euphoria. – Stephanie Curry – United States
Your love spills through my eyes – Sally Manpaul – INDIA
Seedlings sprouted from several severed statues. – Henrietta Neanderthal – UK
Adventure sans apprehension is intolerably futile – A. S. Raisa –
I don’t have a gender preference! – Steven Lee Hann – United Kingdom
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are dead. – Octavius Tan –
Did i ask for that apple – Mykelah brown – united states
For sale: Old books and Pencils – Damilare Damilare – Nigeria
One man’s cage sets another free. – Megan Osborn – United States
Loves lost. Ever will we be. – Vivienne Wynne –
Yellowed notecard: never forget. You burn. – Alex Neets – United States
You sewed yourself into my wonderland. – Karalynn Kajca – United States
keep swimming, they said, to fairy – Ronnie drew spencer – India
Who knew why people keep people? – Aria Writes –
That which is correct is secondary – Len Vasilache – Romania
The squid is not the killer. – Samantha Gouthro – Canada
The Deadly Dictator who dominated Russia. – Octavius Tan –
Password? Safe under lock and key! – Sarah Serakalala – Spain
A single crayon painted a masterpiece – Alessandra Faith Tan – Philippines
Dreams are thoughts that have life. – Aswen Goldwyl –
Man gaslighted puppies for fighting: monsters! – Mohsen Zoka – Iran
Audrey’s Forgiveness: Audrey forgave her father. – Craig Wilson – United Kingdom
A tree screams out, “I fell!” – Caitlin Pratz – United States
Wish I could count to ten. – Elizabeth Son – Philippines
“Must it be so big, Gustave?” – Jay McKenzie – Australia
Dawn prayer calls; the tides singing. – Renèe Usherwood – Deutschland
My heart: For you; Together Forever – Michael Michael – Nigeria
you’re the irony of the gods – Deepti Aksharra – India
She shot him, her, and it – Bee Spillett – United Kingdom
Torture was not regretting the macabre – Lane Parmley – United States
Her portrait’s ashes brought me peace. – Shreya Jain – India
Best day. Is yet to come. – Aušrinė Tičkaitė – Lithuania
Overthinking gets you everywhere and nowhere. – Nelia Tad-o – Philippines
The socks on your feet really rock – Sophia Nikas – United States
Don’t treat your tomorrow like yesterday. – KC Maynard – Canada
Autumn; Leaves falling, my heart shattering. – Sabina Tampa – Romania
They tried to exorcise me again. – Lisa Breen – United States
Death follows me like a ghost. – Ruby Black – United States
I should have said, “I do.” – Mickaela Leach – Canada
Nature would weep when he laughed. – Raya Jishi – United States
When the world crumbles; Run free. – Becca Glantz – United States
He appeared. He stayed. He faded. – Luisel Galve – Philippines
Nobody matters, but somehow you do. – Zoya Annu – India
No human imprison; their free mind – Rodas Negusse – Eritrea
The street is paved with footsteps – Carol Beirne – Ireland
Three nuns having six is odd. – Kurt Smith – United States
Oh! Jasmine’s hanging in the basement. – Meliritos Meliritos – Trinidad and Tobago
There was a World named War. – Precious Adebayo – Nigeria
My memories are my unique treasure. – Shamim Chowdhury – United Kingdom
The false grievers, first to speak. – Marie Langlois – Canada
Faintly drowned by a silencing song. – Rize Kamishiro – Philippines
She looked past me. Like strangers. – BreadandPepper BreadandPepper – Philippines
I though I escaped your grasp. – Michael Freitas – Canada
Babies that are here are demonized – Lisa Dash-Grimes – United States
I do what others can not. – Steven Stone – United States
He was rare, but a gem? – Pee Amaka – Nigeria
Do not enter! No exit. – R Bromfield – Canada
Why did you lie? – Ahnaf Inan – Bangladesh
When will you accept me, father? – Fayette Jutt –
Nails plated with gold… and blood. – E.G. Simmons – United States
Hands grasped tightly, warmth slipping away. – Cassie Li –
I held back tears for her. – Naomi Adachie – United States
Karma too slow, God too kind – Thomas-John Churchill – United Kingdom
Adulthood: lack of solving algebraic equations. – Oliver Seneca – United States
Photograph. Tears. Lead my way, compass. – Verity Always –
Cigarette erode healthy Smokers enjoy crazy – Tolera Eticha – Ethiopia
Moonlight flashing on blade; forgotten forever. – Connie Neighbour –
Stop! Already broke my mind & body. – Henry Vinicio Valerio-Madriz – Costa Rica
Mama is here. Kiss the roses. – Gopi DJ Elton (Pen name) – Australia
Since you Tuesday isn’t Tuesday anymore. – RJ Stellou – United States
Her tear reflected his waning smile. – Angie Canonico – United Stated
The sinner who made me cry – Sagar Pandya – India
Wanted: Goldilocks for Breaking & Eating. – Kevin Ayre – United Kingdom
I finally found myself. Now what? – Keshav Pathak – India
Love at first sight or salmonella? – Connie Neighbour –
I find it unlikely, yet certain. – Alec Stenerson – United States
“Sit. Eat.” she smiles, all motherly. – Jamie Steele – United Kingdom
If we’re going to do this… – AN Grace – United Kingdom
Crunch. Slurp. Sniff. Fingers enclosed dangerously. – Jennifer Young – United States
Fire is overrated, I’ll prefer ice. – Sannidhi Patil – India
She returned, I wished she left. – AL FARES AL JABIR – France
Bee meets Venus flytrap, bon appetit! – Cait Spratt – Ireland
Success chases and shoots my dream – Minnie Kim – South Korea
Day moon. Blue grass. Dream I? – Paloma Riedel – Chile
The dog farted and everyone died – John Riebow – USA
I’m—I am—um—filming you – Danielle McMahon – United States
I’d squint into the cerulean glare. – Chloe Wang – Taiwan
Their laughter seems to fade away – Linda Ajlo – United States
Your worth more the gold smile – Phoenix White – Usa
Long locks chopped. Get the glue. – Patricia Good – United Kingdom
“Hurt me” -Masochist, “No” replied Sadist – Saturn Lee – United States
Where wisdom sang and nostalgia danced. – Aleena Kuriakose – United States
Friends, family, winter. New year arrives. – Jorge Figuereo – United States
Plumbing leaked, three weeks. Contents reek! – Diane Ginther – United States
laughter echoing musically through my mind – Jakob. T Kearns – United Kingdom
I lived. I travelled. I wrote – David Coulthard – United Kingdon
All work. No play. “Here’s Johnny!” – Kevin Ayre – United Kingdom
His body buzzes with scattered frequencies – Hannah Tracy – United States
Happily ever after does sound lovely. – Maria Magairlin – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Rejection, intimidation all for that humiliation. – Demur Yusane – Nepal
Life turned its nose and blew. – Nancy J. Fagan – United States
He couldn’t leave without saying goodbye. – Mary Azubuike – Nigeria
The world had expired too soon. – Manuela Lattus – Austria
Happiness runs away from everyone, eventually. – Ahalya Srambical – United States
We held hands and touched noses. – Martin Anastasovski – Macedonia
Car parked in bike lane, why? – Chloe Liang – United States
My husband’s late….as in dead. – Astrid King – United Kingdom
Not even I will remember me. – Bryce Easton – United States
The world kills your “skilful” self – Kingsun Lim – Malaysia
“I’m single” “Good, same pinch bro” – Rashmi Khanna – India
A child’s laugh is endless joy. – Sam Bell – United States
FOR SALE: MOTHERS UNDERWEAR, bit worn. – Perry Berline – United States
“There’s something moving beneath his skin!” – Evan Gillespie – United States
When you should be having fun – Wildanita Risna Anggi Aisyifa – Indonesia
When is it ever truly quiet? – Izzy Rutherford – United States
Coffee. Kopi. Kahve. Kofee. Same-same. Delicious. – Aneeta Sundararaj –
The chick peas hummus a tune – Jon Hunter – United Kingdom
Just washed auto, rain, sleet, snow. – Elodie Stirling – U.S.
Laughter erupted as the bomb fell – Jaejun Kwon – United States
Acceptance? Yes. Mature, but very painful. – Tamara Ciric – Serbia
The answer may very well be. – Aaron Clifford – United States
Man was buried because he’s dead. – Anita Limson – Philippines
Parents screaming. Headphones on. Metal screaming. – Emma Lin – United States
Enzyme shortage implicated in Fat escape – Sushritha Adari – United Kingdom
I love visiting my lover’s grave. – Yona Mahi –
Heaven wasn’t as great from below. – Selea McKnight – United States
Violence never gets better with time. – Trish San – Nigeria
My relationship is like a maze. – Plamen Vasilev – Bulgaria
Child laughs on our fearful faces – Rukhsar Ahmad – India
Those words still haunt her dreams. – Kelsey Kottapu – United States
Shook it off. The SHOULDERS laughed. – Glenda Brown – United States
Naturally, her ora went down course. – Elinor Bar Yehuda – israel
placed before me rested my love – summer jacques – australia
Snap. Boom. Crack. Slide. Bury. Avalanche. – Gianna Faith – United States
Understand this truth, you will die. – Guy Harwood – UK
NO thoughts, head empty, where words? – Peter Kind – Bulgaria
When you’re ready, open your eyes – Nisha Amol – India
Frigid air – pushing, freezing, stifling life. – C.N. Eddy Foster – United States
We are like a short giant. – Imole Olusanya – Nigeria
whomst ate my soul yesterday, hmm? – Lex Chamberlin – United States
Rainbows cascaded, forever staining her dress. – SL Moran – United Kingdom
Years yonder still I wonder why! – Sarah Serakalala – Spain
Tears streaming, for something long gone – Hanna Lénart – Sweden
Wailed for life, Begged for death. – Burak Dal – Turkey
Secrets come to light after sunset. – Sidra Hoosen – South Africa
October not octobering like October octobers. – Ali Osman – Ghana
It’s supposed to look like that? – Mae Lee – Nigeria
Doing bad things with good intentions. – F.T. Wiltz – United States
Despite it all, the flowers bloom. – Shivali Yadav – India
Pi Day is going in circles. – Frederick Flynn – Thailand
All of our moments are had. – Jessi Knipp – United States
Dear Mum, I just killed Dad. – Ada Okopi – Nigeria
The best medicine is always laughter. – Amaya Lilith – Nigeria
Friends that support enemies that destroy. – Linda Wallace – United States
Can’t you just smell the hypocracy? – Nik Falco – United States
Your love, where is it now? – Lycel Lagrada – Philippines
Nothing in this life really matters – Acnana Ungureanu – Romania
Readers are paying to stay away. – Chris Weber – United States
I still feel your last breath. – Anna-Marie Lake – United States
Found the art teacher’s secret sketchbook. – Sumlina Alam – United States
This daiquiri stopped my anxiety. Yay! – Emily Rojas – United Ststes
It is halloween , straight to grave – Sreya KG – India
Darkness. Portraits everywhere? They are windows. – Szeyuet Chin – Singapore
If if has its own ifs – Ankita Upreti – India
Snack on ideas, savor the revelations. – Ainsley Bartleby – United States
So boring it woke me up. – T P – United States
You can be afraid, no fear. – Aiyana African Rose – United States
Offer two-faced people the other cheek – Patsy Collins – United Kingdom
Christmas without the family. Thank God. – Lee NASH – France
Mother sleeping, baby no longer breathing. – Rahabar Sekandar – Canada
Peace is now just a concept. – Isabella Bankstahl – United States
Foolishly she forgave his intolerable actions. – Bri Tellez – United States
Shards from broken hearts, cut chains. – Nyashadzashe Makwabarara – Zimbabwe
Explaining depression to six year old. – Jeffrey Ogochukwu – Nigeria
Writing stories, I pick subconscious locks. – Denarii Peters – United Kingdom
See she did. Fear she might. – Glad Phory – Italy
I haven’t smiled in many years – Kristina Pudlewski – United States
The horrors of my past return. – Nico Morales – USA
She was worth a precious gem – Samuel Simani – Kenya
I scream but they don’t come. – miryoma ahamed – United States
The rain never goes up again. – Sylvestina Yeboah – Ghana
say one last “I love you” – Alex Dyregaard – Denmark
Your body is mine to use. – Silpa Sankar – India
Bit the Bullet. Bang! tastes Bad. – Sol Alastair – Germany
I can’t see, so I imagine. – Sarah Bowen – Australia
When the hungry sea turns havoc. – Nalini Gobin – Mauritius
Character assassins worst kind of Sinners – Taiwo Queendee – Nigeria
Stations, so good at stretching patience. – David Cather – United Kingdom
“Eww! How can this be lucky?” – Paula Lucas – New Zealand
We are all made of stars – Catherine Comawas – Philipines
Yes I do I believe – Mark Clein Gelido – Phillippines
there i saw the flood take away my needs, wishing i could go back to that sunny field – Eraj Rehman – pakistan
Love is blind, but not dumb. – Kim Galovich – United States
Grim reaper steals the last breath – Katelyn Wascavage – United States
She has a certain type: Writer. – Karla Herrera – USA
The Woman sits with Sisyphus, Sisterhood – Susannah Stonebraker – United States
The coffin cuddled the cold woman. – Jay Barrani – Tunisia
Truth is both eternal and transcendent – Faith Nantumbwe – United States
Needy people are difficult to define. – PREETI SHARMA – INDIA
I love you…”forwarded many times” – Adetola Jerry-Adesewo – Nigeria
To busy procrastinating to do anything – Lolo4real Jide – Botswana
Thruth dreamer sees all false eyes. – Jake Blank – Poland
Adult: frightened child who pretends otherwise. – Chisom Eze – Nigeria
hello merry christmas from mr gingerbread – precious makazha – Zimbabwe
She envied, she stole, he drove. – Kay Rae Chomic – United States
He left you waiting, didn’t he? – Liliana Lawson – United States
Sidewalk chalk art on permanent display. – Susan L. Lin – United States
A skeleton stared across barren wastes. – Rayne Nash – United States
Ignorant is the birth of judgment. – Alexandra Roy – United States
Let your beatitude Be your truce. – Asha Gardener – Jamaica
Remember me, whilst I forget you – Lara Jade – United Kingdom
Hearts that gash without blood gush. – Sadiya Ansari – India
Windy night, broken glass, sirens blaring. – Elias Barr – Canada
Losing hope, defines lack of determination. – Bentley Lau – Malaysia
Found map. Battery died. Still lost. – Susan L. Lin – United States
Tough times spread faster than epidemics. – Grace Olukoya – Nigeria
Sleeping dog is lying; you’re dying. – Imole Olusanya – Nigeria
Seeking: Rich man with failing health – Sonja Gustafsson – Sweden
Had two guests for dinner. Yummy. – Luciana Patri – Belgium
Shocking cold, jumping into first snow – Christian Freepartner – United States of America
Bowling pins saved again. Gutter ball – Robert Richardson – United States
Intimacy changed before my passion faded – Anthony Badroe – United States
Six words walked into a bar. – Rai Ray – Canada
Sorry she whispered twisting the knife – Sheelagh Mooney – Ireland
There will never be another you! – Ashleigh Campbell – Australia
Hit rock bottom. Damn trap door. – Elke Wandersee – Germany
Met my ex, didn’t have sex. – Kanika Gupta – United States
Sunrise, a wife; sunset, a widow. – Taryn Martinez – United States
Alcohol discarded. Footage destroyed. Resignation accepted. – Kath Kilburn – UK
Undiscovered? How conceited. They know you. – Sarah Singh – United States
Campaigning to end mosquitoes: Vote now ! – Jane Doe – New Zealand
Never ending cycle: home and work – Shadow Moon – Nepal
Honeymoon. Groom overboard. Not plain sailing. – Joanne Bowers – England
He smiled so hard, it cracked. – Kari Lee – United States
I overdosed. Hopefully my baby’s fine… – Jordan Stout – United States
Manage time, before it manages you. – Onsi H – France
Ruoy ytiliba ot daer si sselesu. – N. Flaherty Kimball – United States
Green is the color of gold – Cindy Valenti – United States
The rain, dirty shoes, childhood memories. – Angela Chinzah – India
She swiped right…arterial blood sprayed. – Linda Evans – England
They made sure he never returned. – Leesha Coleman – United States
You are the reason I drink. – Johannah Simon –
Mother blew life into dead weight – Juliet Ikegwuonu – Nigeria
His heart’s bleeding out, but unnoticed. – Maisha Mahrin – Bangladesh
“Religious refugee? Where from?” “Australia.” – Penny Smith – Australia
Fear the light, it creates shadows – Acnana Ungureanu – Romania
We (tend) to remember insults afterwards. – Aiden Kim – South Korea
Never really belonged. Still traveling now. – L L Darroch L L Darroch – United States
I yearned you through drifting clouds. – Miss Valentina – India
Sitting, waiting, wishing, hoping, dreaming, praying. – Candice Colebrooke – The Bahamas
Definitely his fault because he trusted – Sanskar Saini – India
She swiped until nobody was left. – Jia Nan Jeng – United States
Girl, fridge and bulimia. Now dance – yuval sasson – israel
Prison phones always muffled Mom’s voice. – Rebecca Christopher – United States
“Silence: The fluent Language of Her” – Ariane Bueno – Philippines
The monsters aren’t under the bed. – The streets are always empty now. Vento – United States
Ancient Grains. Fresher than you expect – Joseph Jones – United States
Her crimson red lips and knife. – Arielle Lazarus – United States
Tripped, she scraped her tiny knees. – Abbey Smith – United States
Darker the Night. Brighter the Light. – Mohammed Arsalan Ghogari – India
What’s an itch you can’t scratch? – LizaKriss LizaKriss – Nigeria
I remember where my memories went. – Hanna Slams – Sweden
2022 edition of ‘A Christmas Carol’ – Sofia Bikidou – United Kingdom
Road to success passes through failure – Ankita Upreti – India
Dear Mom, the war ended…me. – Uneeza Rana – Pakistan
There must be peace on earth. – Lyubov Mosley – USA
Crossing the border; over and over. – Archana Vasisht –
Begin sipping thoughts here and enjoy – Khadijah Weaver – United States
Inspire yourself to inspire other people – J. L. Fril – United States
Looked in the mirror, saw no reflection – Aich Shez – Pakistan
Fire, gunshots, blood and exit wounds. – Muhammed Olowonjoyin – Nigeria
the person is gone, memories stay – Princess april Bermudez – Philippines
Balloons, Love, Nice POP! Hate, Jealous – Minha Syed – Canada
Quick! – Sharpie obscures the awkward bloodstains. – R. K. Emerson – United States
Her soft brown braid barely moving – C.L. Olsen Olsen – United States
“My true feelings would destroy you.” – Trevor Pratt – United States
News is when man bites dog. – KM Santos – Philippines
Hatred was taught. Love was forgotten. – Neptune Murillo – United States
Mysterious, Complicated, Passionate. Call me chica. – CM Goodtidings – Nigeria
Mum said “I’m your first fan” – Ebunoluwa Oluwaga – Nigeria
Shadows Reflect more than a Mirror. – Caesar CM – Philippines
To speed up time stop looking – Jakob. T Kearns – United Kingdom
I was lonely. I found you. – Bruce Daniel – United States
He kissed me. I tasted lightning. – Gillian Moran – United Kingdom
BREAKING NEWS: Buddy Holly Still Dead – Kira Wallace – United States
“Oh shoot. Are we in love?” – Trevor Pratt – United States
Please Google “burying a body walkthrough.” – Rose Rao – United Kingdom
Beyond the clouds, the sea surged. – Natalie Tokita – United States
A coffee date began their forever. – Darlene Berana – Philipipnes
Windmills in his mind — Trump/Ukraine. – Juley Harvey –
The rain eventually diluted the blood – Caitriona Murphy – Ireland
Exhausted, torn. I’ll do it again. – Stella Stone – United States
a painful story about her past. Slow progress is still being made. In another life, in another time, I tried, I failed. I rise. I would rather die with you. Someday I hope you’ll be back – Mijares Mary jane – Philippines
I dont want to go back – Neo Thomas – United Kingdom
Simple rules make the strongest obsessions. – Rahabar Sekandar – Canada
The eagle flies through the sky – Trisha Martin – Jamaica
Worlds apart, one sleeps, one wakes. – Michelle Csergei – United States
The fog cleared. Something wasn’t right. – Julie Hollis – Belgium
I made lemonade. With yellow onions. – Ray Dyer – United States
Eyes locked, dwelled in magical world – Areesha Khurram – Pakistan
Glowing fireworks dance in the sky. – Kelly Murphy – United States
Closing door. Opening window. New opportunity. – Yvonne Lovejoy – United States
It is a goodbye for now – Dossy Bossy – United States
Destination comes only once, at end – Ashutosh Mani – India
Fireflies carry messages I cannot read. – D’Nea Campbell – Canada
It’ll only hurt a litte bit. – Sumeiya Ali Sheriff – Kenya
If only ever hope could last. – Elijah Enbom – United Kingdom
Mirror – Series of deliberately created coincidences. – Petra Hajdu – Ireland
For Love, Sacrificed Alot, But Lost – Chioma Cynthia Chidobelu (CH O Mmy Chomzy) – Nigeria
Unfortunately, we weren’t enough for us – Ellen Jones – United States
You set my soul on fire. – Gift Ehigiator – Guyana
low breathing. gasping. shaking. existing. disappearing – Noor ul ain Sheikh – Pakistan
Body was sleeping when mind alived – Joanna Tulo – United States
First kiss, best life, last breath – Debbie Patten – South Africa
She grows up around vibrant colors. – Prajanya Jain – United States
Today is not to be wasted. – Elora Canne – Australia
ochre warmth folds into aching growth – Darcey O’ Hanlon – Canada
The pond grew darker still. – Mia Murdock – United States
By sundown, everyone not eaten fled. – Abby Harding – United States
Goodbye! Hope to see you again. – Taras Allistone – United Kingdom
What is life? Family. Food. Football. – Amarachi Blessing Ogbu – Nigeria
Silence never