Gruesome 5 word horror story collection

A 5 word horror story offers you an instant tiny hit of spooky terror. Below, you will find a bunch of examples of creepy stories written in only 5 words.

Short horror stories are often overlooked by readers, but they are still quite effective in their own ways. They are often used to explore a single idea or event in a more intimate way than other genres. This type of writing also allows authors to experiment with different types of horror without necessarily being too explicit or graphic.

What is a 5 word horror story?

Any story using only five words in the horror genre.

The horror genre spans any literature, film, television and video games that is intended to frighten or scare the audience by inducing feelings of horror and terror. In other words, if your skin is creeping, or you feel you’re about to be sick – that’s horror.

But, horror stories are not just meant to be scary – they also give you a thrill and make you feel alive. You can’t help but wonder if there was someone hiding in your closet or under your bed when you’re reading a good horror story at night!

A quick history of horror short form writing

The horror genre can be traced back to the dark tales of Gothic Europe. The word “horror” itself derives from Latin “horrere” meaning to shudder or shake with fear. It is is often divided into sub-genres including slasher films, psychological horror films, supernatural horror films, zombie films and more.

Horror stories are often told in short form. They are usually not more than a few pages long. This is because the reader’s imagination is more active when they read something shorter. They are also able to finish the story in one sitting, which creates a sense of urgency and suspense.

A short horror story is great for readers who want to be scared but don’t have the time to commit to a novel. They provide the perfect escape, and they can be read in one sitting. Horror fiction is a genre that has been around for centuries, but it’s never been more popular than today.

Short horror stories are a great way to get a quick scare. They provide an immediate sense of suspense that is often not present in longer horror stories. The idea of five and six word horror stories is to create an eerie atmosphere through suspenseful sentences that are short and to the point. It became a really popular form of storytelling in the age of Twitter and Instagram because it can be done in 140 characters or less.The idea is to create an eerie atmosphere through suspenseful sentences that are short and to the point.

Examples of a 5 word horror story

Here, you will find a collection of five word horror stories written by Doug Weller for your entertainment.

Trigger warning: If you are especially squeamish or dislike scares and gore, you want to skip these. Even five words of horror can pack a punch for some readers.

So, if you are feeling brave, here they are.

Claw burst through my stomach.

Teenager’s dating. Blade flashed. Slaughtered.

Checked in mirror. No reflection!

Fangs sank into her neck.

Wept, but continued eating Grandma.

Clown offered balloons, then vanished.

Night-time. Walking alone. He’s waiting.

Knocking at door. Death calls.

Shuffling relentlessly towards me – zombie-killers.

Blinding lights. My skin puckers. . .

Five scary word stories to freak you out

Are you scared yet?

If not, here’s a few more 5 word horror stories to get you sweating.

Husband laid beside her, ice-cold.

Valentines drinks. Now, vomiting cockroaches.

The doll’s eyes slowly blinked.

Checked calendar – Friday 13th – AGAIN!

Buried alive, alongside the rats.

Strapped-down, toes reach the Shredder.

Tasted flesh, and liked it.

Part-man, part-fly – trapped in web.

Rage enveloped him. Revenge beckoned.

Guess who just became president…

Gruesome stories told in five words

You’re still reading these five word horror stories? You must think you are pretty tough

The question is, can you cope with another 5 word horror story? Or has it all just got a little too much for your?

The flames melted her dress.

Eggs, in your ears, hatched.

Full-moon. Skin crawling. Fur growing. . .

Your first-born or you. Choose!

Don’t worry, it’s not loaded. . .

Babysitter just blocked your calls.

Found her body in freezer.

Bones bent ’till they broke.

Date night – face has sprouted pimples.

Took weeks to eat her.

Hopefully, one or two of these nuggets of 5 word horror story tickled your fear bones. Some are more lighthearted in tone. Some are true gore.

Want some more downright dark and nasty horror micro-fictions?

If you enjoyed these five word horror stories, you’re going to love six word horror stories!

If you fancy your stories longer than 5 measly words, check out the best horror novels ever written.

A short 5 word horror story is not too difficult to write. A lot of people think that it is more difficult than writing a regular story because it has to be shorter and scarier. But, the main challenge is revising and editing the story down to a perfect 5 words. If you’re interested, why not look at these creepy horror story writing prompts, to help you create your own evil ideas.

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