Tools for authors

I’ve built a couple of simple tools for authors and creative writers that you may find useful.

Six Word Wonder Generator

This tool generates a new Six Word Story every time you run it. Some are gibberish, some though have strange, serendipities to enjoy.

Example stories created by the Six Word Wonder Generator:

“Tame goat successfully relaxed the uncle.”

You’ll have to use your imagination about how the uncle relaxed…

“Misbehaving George casually troubled the tomato.”

Naughty George

I’ve found the best way to use the tool is to accept there will be a lot of nonsense coming through because English grammar is hard for a little bit of code to understand. Eventually, you may find a gem.

Character Creator

This tool generates a headline description of a new character each time you run it. Key descriptors of their personality and physique are captured. Perfect for generating new ideas if you are running out of inspiration for a new character.

Example characters created by the Character Creator

“Known as the dentist, with a hearty personality and rangy body; slate gray-coloured, beady eyes; straggly, platinum hair; flared nose; bearded face, with loose, tawny skin; large hands and straight teeth.”

I love that the dentist has straight teeth but large hands!!!

“Known as the mother, with a gentle personality and ropy body; coal-coloured, fringed with long lashes eyes; lustrous, black hair; button nose; sharp cheekboned face, with tattooed, golden skin; delicate hands and glossy lips.”

This sounds like some crazy mamma.

Eye Description Generator

Want to experiment and be inspired with eye descriptions. Perfect for authors, writers and creators. This tool currently has over 70,000 different eye descriptions for you to discover.

This character has dangerous, sable eyes.

Sounds like they mean trouble…

I’m no master of technology, so the tools are rough and ready. But I find them entertaining, so you might too. Hopefully, over time I’ll build out more author tools when I’m suffering from writer’s block…

Whilst you’re here, you may want to read some tips for writing your first novel.

Until then, why not read some Six Word Wonders?

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