101 Character Creator – Generate fascinating new characters in an instant

Stuck for a character idea? Use this instant character creator to throw out writing prompts and ideas for your character. Not sure about the colour of the eyes, or their personality trait? Need to decide on the shape of their nose, or the texture of their skin? Want to create a new living, breathing personality right before your eyes?

Welcome to the Character Creator

You’ll find an almost unlimited number of new characters right here. Use the character generator to spark new ideas for your creative writing, or give you a fully fledged new character.

How to use this character creator to generate new ideas

All you have to do is click refresh to create a new character for your story, then let your imagination run riot. Don’t feel you need to use the character in its entirety. Maybe you are drawn to the eye colour or body shape. Just steal that element.

Press Refresh for another one

Don’t forget to add the most interesting characters you create in the comments!

How many possible characters could I find?

The number of different possible character combinations using the character creator is currently:

Possible combinations of characters

That’s 51 Sextillion possible characters for you to create. There’s really no excuses not to come up with a original individuals to populate your creative world. Press refresh above to generate a new character.

You can use the character creator to generate all manner of characters. Use it to generate new ideas for your books.

Character creator

Examples from the Character Creator

The creator generates a vast array of characters. You will see they all follow a similar format, but the juxtaposition should be really stimulating. Here’s some examples of what the creator has previously spewed out.

Known as the Lord, with a victorious personality and obese body; glacial blue-coloured, birdlike eyes; luxuriant, steel gray hair; straight nose; elongated face, with silken, fair skin; calloused hands and dry lips.

Known as the programmer, with an artificial personality and coltish body; azure-coloured, deep-set eyes; thinning, coffee brown hair; bulbous nose; broad foreheaded face, with sagging, ivory skin; ink-stained hands and thin lips.

Known as the Brit, with a humorous personality and slim body; Arctic blue-coloured, sunken eyes; buzz cut, bleached hair; turned-up nose; moustached face, with dull, porcelain skin; grimy fingernailed hands and a gap between teeth.

Known as the Albanian, with a reclusive personality and stocky body; gunmetal gray-coloured, bleary eyes; glossy, white hair; turned-up nose; square face, with scratched, florid skin; elegant hands and moist lips.

Known as the lamb, with a salty personality and curvy body; cognac-coloured, round eyes; dry, fair hair; aquiline nose; moustached face, with dimpled, ivory skin; delicate hands and cracked lips.

Known as the Venezuelan, with a sulky personality and ripped body; smoky gray-coloured, wide-set eyes; tangled, fair hair; straight nose; prominent browed face, with wrinkled, honey skin; rough hands and chapped lips.

Known as Anthony, with a different personality and willowy body; lake blue-coloured, bleary eyes; bob, silver gray hair; aquiline nose; craggy face, with uneven, honey skin; ragged nailed hands and Cupid’s bow mouth.

Known as Wayne, with a repulsive personality and thick body; cerulean-coloured, heavy-lidded eyes; stringy, snow-white hair; button nose; sharp cheekboned face, with dry, copper skin; long fingered hands and an underbite.

Known as Stephen, with a spirited personality and muscular body; leaf green-coloured, round eyes; clipped, raven hair; strong nose; square jawed face, with freckled, bronze skin; ink-stained hands and chapped lips.

Known as Brittany, with a guarded personality and brawny body; brandy-coloured, wide eyes; afro, nut brown hair; strong nose; weak chinned face, with fuzzy, pallid skin; stubby fingered hands and an overbite.

Known as Natalie, with a damaged personality and lanky body; dark-coloured, wide eyes; full, ginger hair; button nose; clean-shaven face, with bruised, tawny skin; ragged nailed hands and an underbite.

Known as the Ethiopian, with a filthy personality and chunky body; shark gray-coloured, close-set eyes; shiny, flaxen hair; aquiline nose; catlike face, with dewy, alabaster skin; ink-stained hands and glossy lips.

What is the Character Creator?

The character creator is a tool that writers and authors use to create fictional characters. It can be used as a writing prompt or to develop existing characters.

Character creators are often used to generate ideas for stories or novels. They can also be used by writers who are stuck on how to describe the appearance of their character.

Notes about the Character Creator

Note. This is a beta, so may have glitches. Apologies in advance. It’s just meant to be a bit of fun.

Credit to Chirag Bhansali for the original code I’ve adapted, and to Bryan Donovan for the master list of features for many of the descriptors used here.

Whilst you’re here, why not try out the Eye Description Generator and the Six Word Wonder generator.

5 thoughts on “101 Character Creator – Generate fascinating new characters in an instant”

  1. “Known as the dentist, with a hearty personality and rangy body; slate gray-coloured, beady eyes; straggly, platinum hair; flared nose; bearded face, with loose, tawny skin; large hands and straight teeth.”

  2. “Known as the mother, with a gentle personality and ropy body; coal-coloured, fringed with long lashes eyes; lustrous, black hair; button nose; sharp cheekboned face, with tattooed, golden skin; delicate hands and glossy lips.”

  3. “Known as the lobster, with a tender personality and wiry body; steel blue-coloured, jewel-like eyes; spiky, chocolate brown hair; crooked nose; mutton-chopped face, with poreless, florid skin; small hands and dry lips.”

  4. “Known as Gerald, with a sympathetic personality and slender body; raven-coloured, heavy eyes; thinning, red hair; flared nose; elongated face, with glowing, ivory skin; rough hands and narrow lips.

  5. “Known as the counselor, with a beefy personality and toned body; mocha-coloured, bleary eyes; tangled, steel gray hair; thin nose; pointed chined face, with freckled, fair skin; delicate hands and rosebud lips.”


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