Eye Description Generator – Reveal over 70,000 eye description to make your character fascinating

Eyes are the windows to the soul, or so they say. If you’re looking for fresh ideas for the eye colour, shape, and mood of your character’s eyes, then try this eye description generator. Perfect to give inspiration to creative writers, be it for writing novels, short story or poetry. This tool generates character details to help with your book.

Welcome to the Eye Description Generator

As authors and writers, we’re always looking for new and interesting ways to describe our characters and keep our language fresh. This little tool will give you a jolt of inspiration, to picture your character and their appearance in a variety of different way.

Here you will find over 70,000 eye descriptions. Use these rich words to help discover new characters for your fiction. All you have to do is press refresh to get another description. Why not use these ideas to help write a new flash fiction?

Eyes description generator

Press refresh to get fresh eyes for your character.

With each random roll of the eye description generator, you will find something new. Some eyes descriptions will sound like fantasy, some like hot romance, others like cosy mystery. And yes, some will sound down right bizarre. It’s a computer, not an artist! Just quick Fresh again until you find the perfect pair of eyes.

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What is the eye description generator and how does it work?

The eye description generator takes words that describe a person or characters eyes and mixes them together in random, new ways. This can be the color, shape, mood or emotion seen in their eyes. You get a real sense of the looks of a new character to help with your creative prose. Writing is all about using details to create a world. Each description gives you new detail to help flesh out your character.

The tool has access to a database of eye descriptors and randomly throws them together. As a result, the appearance descriptions will sometimes seem odd or unhelpful. The best way is to keep refreshing the description until you find an eye description that works for your story or character.

Of course, you could just read a long list of adjectives, but this tool helps you look on words with fresh eyes.

If you are more stimulated by images, why not scroll through thousands of interesting eyes?

What examples are there of output from the eye description generator?

Here’s a few examples of descriptions thrown up by the random, artificial intelligence of the eye description generator.

This character has long lashed, elephant grey eyes.

I love the poetic meeting of the long-lashed with elephant grey. Reminds we of Dumbo.

This character has shimmering, ice blue eyes.

What could be a better description of Daniel Craig’s eyes?

This character has sunken, concrete grey eyes.

The imagery of sunken concrete really gets me with this one. This strikes me as a heartless beast of a character.

This character has feline, chocolate brown eyes

Sounds like the lover in a particularly steamy romance

This character has squinty, fog grey eyes.

I immediately picture an old, confused granddad, working on some crazy inventions.

Should I just copy and paste one of these descriptions into my story?

You can take one of these descriptions and add it to your story. But… My recommendation is to look at many descriptions and cherry-pick your favourite elements. And use this to trigger other ideas about the type of character. With those eyes, what would their hair be like, or their personality. What about their age?

Are these descriptions from the eye description generator free to use?

Yes. Go for it. It’s great to receive credit or a link back if you enjoy using the tool. But the tool is completely free for you to enjoy.

Eye description generator
Eye description generator

List of 200 characters from the eye description generator.

To save you the trouble of hitting refresh, I’ve listed out two hundred different characters from the eye description generator and their eye descriptions.

Jaxen Meyers has languid, ice blue eyes.
Angela Prado has electric, gunmetal gray eyes.
Alanna Lyons has blind, bluebird eyes.
Maliyah Brooks has long lashed, pigeon grey eyes.
Rohan Snider has demonic, bottle green eyes.
Leandro Wilde has cloudy, iron grey eyes.
Juelz Herbert has lecherous, tank grey eyes.
Travis Nagle has sunken, Bambi brown eyes.
Vera Kimble has astute, rust eyes.
Jakari Boles has nearsighted, mercury grey eyes.
Augustine Ferreira has ablaze, cookie brown eyes.
Leonard Middleton has protruding, mocha eyes.
Larry Burger has wolf-like, fog gray eyes.
Addison Snowden has round, ginger eyes.
Remy Brinkman has burning, grass green eyes.
Millie Davison has witchy, cork brown eyes.
Brentley Wiley has doe, cornflower blue eyes.
Tami Urbina has sympathetic, grease black eyes.
Colin Mcleod has dizzying, obsidian eyes.
Karson Gentile has melting, shadow grey eyes.
Keenan Carlos has demonic, metal black eyes.
Hadley Millan has rheumy, mink brown eyes.
Hannah Dowdy has jaw-dropping, crystal blue eyes.
Miller Whitworth has love-struck, fire eyes.
Madelyn Beltran has limpid, almond brown eyes.
Madalynn Boland has allergic, sable eyes.
Ian Yun has their mother’s, espresso eyes.
Constance Sullivan has blind, blueberry eyes.
Carson Santamaria has sleepy, taffy eyes.
Kerry Lyons has cold, oil-slick black eyes.
Azrael Maxwell has swollen, lead grey eyes.
Elsie Prather has sharp, black eyes.
Jeremiah Villareal has hateful, mocha eyes.
Everlee Sanderson has oval, lead grey eyes.
Makenna Hite has twinkling, smoky black eyes.
Aliya Carl has dead, laser blue eyes.
Avianna Nugent has magnetic, velvet black eyes.
Sekani Langley has rheumy, desert-sand brown eyes.
Serenity Bowser has dark, taffy eyes.
Milena Fitch has tired, raven black eyes.
Marc Flood has twitching, almond brown eyes.
Blakely Xiong has golf ball, tawny eyes.
Matilda Grogan has pale, nail grey eyes.
Valerie Matthews has dazed, bluebell eyes.
Genesis Owens has steely, crossed eyes.
Colette Wolff has weeping, gravel grey eyes.
Landry Nava has their mother’s, autumn brown eyes.
Felicia Packard has ablaze, tawny brown eyes.
Lia Stewart has squinty, slug grey eyes.
Silas Chapman has blue, shovel grey eyes.
Francesca Horst has spectacled, gravel grey eyes.
Ray Withers has oval, bronze eyes.
Blair Toscano has languid, lobelia blue eyes.
Harlan Christman has lidded, topaz eyes.
Kohen Cottrell has slanted, slate grey eyes.
Jadiel Yazzie has jaundiced, raven black eyes.
Paul Dale has dark, battleship grey eyes.
Jeff Baggett has peering, ravishing eyes.
Yael Mcmahon has their father’s, lake blue eyes.
Milani Muhammad has almond, golden eyes.
Eloise Dodson has beautiful, peanut brown eyes.
Monroe Hiatt has expressionless, crystal blue eyes.
Wesson Ryan has hazel, beige eyes.
Jennifer Albrecht has electric, bruise blue eyes.
Kiera Kirkland has one missing, sky blue eyes.
Hanna Muniz has remorseful, tan eyes.
Belen Schrader has squinty, brandy brown eyes.
Collins Mcrae has hazel, meteor grey eyes.
Kamila Puckett has piercing, camel brown eyes.
Anais Dove has glazed, sable eyes.
Oscar Stovall has large, clover grey eyes.
Arabella Byrd has come-hither, shovel grey eyes.
Halo Holguin has irritated, cement grey eyes.
Monroe Carr has wolf-like, camouflage green eyes.
Ronin Tafoya has dreamy, golden eyes.
Cindy Corrigan has warm, nickel grey eyes.
Cecelia Clinton has warm, lilac blue eyes.
Mathew Lund has jaundiced, whiskey brown eyes.
Nathanael Causey has golf ball, cognac brown eyes.
Oscar Bolton has pink, obsidian eyes.
Amirah Kilgore has oily, shovel grey eyes.
Nicole Bibi has shaded, fern green eyes.
Nyla Jean has unwavering, spider black eyes.
Ashton Justice has expressionless, camel brown eyes.
Finnley Storm has lidded, tan eyes.
Sheryl Ornelas has seductive, ebony eyes.
Gwendolyn Capps has honest, cat’s-eye green eyes.
Kannon Hammond has restless, elephant grey eyes.
Briar Carrier has commanding, nut brown eyes.
Winnie Cahill has filmy, taffy eyes.
Gunner London has wolf-like, ecru eyes.
Valentino Counts has magnetic, chartreuse eyes.
Ameer Burkholder has shark-light, night black eyes.
Callahan Nino has restless, stormy grey eyes.
Arturo Fiore has lash-fringed, jade eyes.
Albert Felix has laughing, camouflage green eyes.
Anya Jin has slitted, maroon eyes.
Quinton Winter has ablaze, kiwi brown eyes.
Yahya Delong has soft, pigskin brown eyes.
Jase Staples has sypathetic, asparagus green eyes.
Eden Marsh has unreadable, charcoal grey eyes.
Rome Son has doey, almond brown eyes.
Braxton Ambriz has european, sable eyes.
Meilani Swain has murky, walnut eyes.
Rodrigo Pinto has compassionate, sooty black eyes.
Lee Ball has oval, brandy brown eyes.
Brycen Corbin has discerning, auburn eyes.
Daniel Starr has sexy, brandy brown eyes.
Zayden Hurst has their mother’s, stone grey eyes.
Bryant Dutton has remorseful, ecru eyes.
Elliot Musser has their uncle’s, leaf green eyes.
Fernanda Coombs has commanding, asparagus green eyes.
Belen David has devil’s, ginger eyes.
Kenna Batson has lusterous, elephant grey eyes.
Belen Briggs has thoughtful, rust eyes.
Kyson Barrientos has rheumy, bottle green eyes.
Andrea Velazquez has their uncle’s, buckeye eyes.
Koda Roman has blue, peanut brown eyes.
Rayan Hartley has lifeless, cement grey eyes.
Davina Cloud has drowsy, wheat brown eyes.
Lilah Silva has innocent, blue green eyes.
Grady Brinkley has guileless, battleship grey eyes.
Braelyn Rhoades has mellow, boulder grey eyes.
Alijah Frederick has shining, pigskin brown eyes.
Rosalyn Dowd has beady, charcoal grey eyes.
Berkley Victor has glistening, steel grey eyes.
Wallace Oswald has flickering, ash eyes.
Melina Godoy has imploring, knife grey eyes.
Kairi Hoff has glittering, charcoal grey eyes.
Chana Franco has intelligent, camouflage green eyes.
Gabriela Mcgee has flashing, slate grey eyes.
Benicio David has unkind, moss green eyes.
Ricky Fisher has glittering, tourmaline eyes.
Estelle Olivo has filmy, battleship grey eyes.
Grayson Rosales has blinking, LED green eyes.
Tatum Kim has frigid, taffy eyes.
Lois Macias has pink, exhaust grey eyes.
Brendan Upton has heart-stopping, leaf green eyes.
Axl Watters has elliptical, walnut eyes.
Gracie Drummond has glowing, mint green eyes.
Kaydence Mackey has gooey, graphite grey eyes.
Maxine Rosa has unreadable, leaf green eyes.
Carolina Dooley has judicious, rat grey eyes.
Bentlee Loveless has shining, rat grey eyes.
Greyson French has mocking, granite grey eyes.
Daniela Broughton has demonic, spring green eyes.
Nicholas Kay has judicious, mercury grey eyes.
Alonzo Owens has pink, electric green eyes.
Stephen Charlton has dancing, slug grey eyes.
Moses Parker has panicked, neon green eyes.
Emmeline Benavides has come-hither, nail grey eyes.
Javion Frantz has quick, lime eyes.
Hendrix Weir has monsterous, moss green eyes.
Vivienne Marshall has hard, pine green eyes.
Marilyn Moran has prominent, gravel grey eyes.
Rey Raines has pink, whiskey brown eyes.
Toni Vidal has riveting, electric green eyes.
Dennis Tejada has monsterous, wax grey eyes.
Ethel Neeley has astigmatic, sword grey eyes.
Priscilla Boudreau has chaotic, nickel grey eyes.
Raiden Farrell has sardonic, sword grey eyes.
Stacey Gordon has panicked, mercury grey eyes.
Apollo House has glinting, lime eyes.
Marc Willey has spectacled, granite grey eyes.
Cade Adam has compassionate, jellyfish green eyes.
Kellan Gossett has shrewd, elephant grey eyes.
Issac Negrete has dull, olive eyes.
Jairo Donnelly has iridescent, pigeon grey eyes.
Daxton Maxwell has flashing, neon green eyes.
Kamden Neville has monsterous, grass green eyes.
Felicity Albertson has their mother’s, pear green eyes.
Kaleb Wilde has dark, stone grey eyes.
Selene Hall has hateful, pewter grey eyes.
Madelynn Berg has sardonic, cat’s-eye green eyes.
Jasper Butcher has chilly, slug grey eyes.
Braden Cadena has imploring, artichoke green eyes.
Alaina Stacy has wicked, shadow grey eyes.
Arlo Short has elliptical, sea green eyes.
Rivka Gallant has panicked, pear green eyes.
Emerie Whiting has discerning, blue green eyes.
Azariah Trujillo has allergic, slug grey eyes.
Rhea Cooney has cold, neon green eyes.
Kora Klinger has opalescent, cyan eyes.
Leonidas Tapia has pink, sword grey eyes.
Zaylee Lanier has ruddy,  silver eyes.
Finley Babcock has disoriented, LED green eyes.
Dilan Ellison has glowing, slug grey eyes.
Dawn Clifton has chaotic, Perrier-bottle green eyes.
Alaiya Bradshaw has round, stormy grey eyes.
Edith Cochran has devil’s, bottle green eyes.
Jeffery Ibarra has dead, jasper green eyes.
Matthew Whitehead has frigid, asparagus green eyes.
Elisabeth Bales has dead, lime eyes.
Drew Gaytan has their uncle’s, pine green eyes.
Aya Corcoran has slitted, fern green eyes.
Aila Quinn has flashing, camouflage green eyes.
Westin Serna has numb, spring green eyes.
Emmeline Schilling has shark-light, mint green eyes.
Javier Whitfield has dull, cat’s-eye green eyes.
Celia Barnard has dispassionate, jasper green eyes.
Ailani Rutledge has oval, shamrock green eyes.

Enough of the eye description generator – what’s next?

If you find an ideal description for you characters eyes, feel free to share it in the comments and what imagery it brings to your mind.

I have built a few other tools to help authors and writers bring new life to their stories. Enjoy them.

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