Six Word Wonder 2023 – Shortlisted Writers Announcement

At last, we’ve made it here!

From over 24,000 entries to the Six Word Wonder 2023 contest, the final shortlist of incredible writers is listed below.

The new book, Six Word Memoirs, will hold all of the short-listed stories in celebration, including the winner of this year’s Six Word Wonder 2023. The book is already up for pre-sale on Amazon. [Note: Some links here have Affiliate codes to help pay for the running of this contest at no cost to you].

Six Word Memoirs will launch on May 2nd, 2023 in E-book, Paperback, and Hardback. Last year’s collection of Six Word Wonders was an Amazon best-seller – outselling Shakespeare for weeks! Who knows if this year’s book will be as popular? It would be great if you chose to support the book and allow this contest to continue into the future.

Here are a few Q&A’s before the main short-list writers are shared. Feel free to scroll down if you want to see if your name floated to the top 1%.

I’ve already forgotten – What is the Six Word Wonder contest?

The Six Word Wonder contest is a FREE-to-enter writing competition to find this year’s best six word memoirs, stories, poems, and jokes.

Now in our third year, the aim of the contest is to encourage people to write just six words that spark an emotion in readers.

The judging is performed blind, with the Wonders selected by the judges being published in an anthology collection – paying tribute to this microfiction creative art-form.

I found my name on the shortlist! What now?

Wow! What an achievement. Only around 1% of all who entered made it to the final book. Well done!

From this group, the overall winner will be announced to you all on May 2nd, 2023. The winner receives $100 and will be crowned Six Word Wonder 2023.

P.S. If you don’t like your name spelling in the short-list, it is taken from your entry, there’s still time to email me to correct it before publication.

My name is not on the shortlist. . . What now?

First, thank you for entering. We recieved an incredible array of awesome stories. Sadly, they couldn’t all make the cut to publication. If we had included every story submitted, the book would have been about six thousand pages long! The judging of so many tiny stories was genuinely so tough and somewhat arbitrary. There’s no rule book to what makes the perfect Six Word Wonder – so the judging had a strong element of instinct to find the right balance.

Dont forget, you are SO amazing for flexing your creative juices in the contest!

As a thank you for entering, I will be making the entire Six Word Wonder e-book back-catalog FREE on Amazon on the launch-date of May 2nd. Grab the free books, have a read, and why not enter next year’s Six Word Wonder contest?

You can check out the whole collection of Six Word Wonder books here.

Where are the Six Word Wonders that didn’t make the shortlist?

If you don’t fancy buying the book and supporting the contest in future years, you can find list of entrants and stories here. Believe me, after seeing the full list, you will get a sense of the blood, sweat, and tears that go into boiling these incredible miniature masterpieces down to a final selection for publication!

I want to buy the paperback or hardback version of Six Word Memoirs – but I can’t find them on sale?

Unlike the Six Word Memoirs e-book, I can’t put the paper versions on sale in advance of publication. They should all be available on May 2nd, 2023. Extended distribution may take longer as different booksellers pick up the book.

How can I support the Six Word Wonder art form?

There are many ways you can help keep this contest and art-form alive.

  • First, keep writing your own six word wonders. That’s what the contest is all about. Write them. Share them. Play with words for the sheer joy of it.
  • Second, you could buy the book. It’s in pre-order. The proceeds go towards the running of the contest.
  • Third, share with your friends and family. Many people are unfamiliar with the six word artform and often are delighted to get involved.
  • Fourth, read all the Six Word Wonder books, and even write a review if you enjoyed them to let me know.
  • Last, enter next year’s Six Word Wonder contest. You know you want to. Details will be coming out soon.
Six Word Memoirs curated by Doug Weller book cover

Here’s the full shortlist of writers for the Six Word Wonder 2023 prize

In alphabetical order, here is the full short-list of writers.

Adam Weisner – United States
Adanna Isiodu – United Kingdom
Adrian Ross – United States
Ahaa Jan – United Kingdom
Aidan Hassmer – United States
Aiden Kim – South Korea
Akinola Olupayimo – Nigeria
Albert Thomson – United Kingdom
Alex Humberstone – United Kingdom
Allison Dillon – United States
Alyson Hilbourne – United Kingdom
Amanda Brophy – England
Ambler Lynn – United States
Ambler Lynn – United States
Amita Ganeshkumar – United States
Amy Mandayaya – United Kingdom
Andrew Osborne – United States
Ankita Upreti – India
Anna Hayes – Australia
Annabelle Smith – United States
Anubhuti Jain – India
April Clarese Diaz – Philippines
Ashwini Gangal – India
Astrid King – United Kingdom
August Jones – United States
Ava Rast – United States
Avaiyu Rays –
Beck Collett – United Kingdom
Becky Walker – United Kingdom
Bela Erekson – United States
Ben Byrum – United States
Beverly Justice – United States
Bill Cox – UK
Bjorn Wall – Canada
Borlen CHONG – United States
Breanna Campbell – Jamaica
brendan odonnell – United States
Brother L. – United States
C. Tindall – United States
C.N. Eddy Foster – United States
Cait Calder – United States
Cait Spratt – Ireland
Cajole Her – Bangladesh
Carmel Walker – Ireland
Caterina Baldi – Italia
Catherine Yeates – United States
Celine Dion Santos – Philippines
Chandrika R Krishnan – India
Charlie Hendrix – United States
Charlie Jolley – United Kingdom
Chengye Lin –
Chloe Chen – United States
Chloe Lau – Malaysia
Chris Magson – United Kingdom
Christopher Froat – United States
Christopher Jacob Canady – United States
Ciarán Parkes – Ireland
Ciarán Parkes – Ireland
Cindy Hossain – United Kingdom
CL Tucker – United States
Connie Neighbour –
D.S. Michelson – United States
Dan Keeble –
Dan Micklethwaite – United Kingdom
Daphne Larner – U.K.
David Barry – United States
David Silver – United Kingdom
Debbi Nelson – United States
Debbie Patten – South Africa
Deiu NoLastName – Romania
Dhuha Shareef – Maldives
Diana Davison – Australia
Dona Mae Magdaug – Philippine
E. Clark – Spain
E.E. Hipps – United States
Ed Friedman – United States
Edwin Ryder – United Kingdom
Elaina Falconer – United States
Eleanor Kraft – United States
Elizabeth Mills – United Kingdom
Ella Gilmer – New Zealand
Ella Jade – Australia
Ella Lurixe – United States
ellie ilieva – Bulgaria
Elliott Baas – United States
Elodie Stirling – U.S.
Emily Rose Allen – United States
Erik Ross – United States
Erin Jamieson – United States
Eugenette Morin – Canada
Evan Gillespie – United States
Fatima Ashraf – Canada
Ffiona Rose – Canada
Frank Nkem – Nigeria
Frederick Barstow – United States
gary thomson – Canada
Genevieve Hong – United States
Gracelyn O. Daniels – United States
Gwynevere Hyde – Portugal
H. E. Lewis – United Kingdom
Haji M. – Ireland
Hana Johnson – United States
Hannah M – United states
Hannah Morgan – Australia
Harrison Nkomuwa – Nigeria
Harvey Lam – Australia
Hassan Kishabi – Tanzania
Haven Beck – United States
Holly Blade – United States
Holly May – United Kingdom
Howard Kay – UK
Hudson Neleman –
Ian Coombe – Australia
Ian Coombe – Australia
Ifunanya Chiedozie – Nigeria
Ilana Bogomolny – Israel
India Hollway – England
InkStainedPaper InkStainedPaper – Australia
Iulia Musat – United states
Iyonmana Adesuwa – Nigeria
Izumi J.Y. – United States
Jackie Hindmarsh – United Kingdom
Jackie Juno – UK
Jacky Jolley – United Kingdom
Jacqueline Rose –
Jacqueline Rose –
James Davies – United States
Jason Gray – United States
Jaycee Lim – Malaysia
Jemma Gettings – United Kingdom
Jen Kenning – United States
Jessica Bell – Brasil
Jessica Going – United States
Jessica Rodebush – United States
Jillian Calahan – United States
John Albertson – United Kingdom
Jonathon Manning – United Kingdom
Jordan Fuentes – United States
Joseph Hegeman – Usa
Joseph Jones – United States
Jovnira Ravnjak – Austria
K. Lee – United States
K. S. Dearsley – UK
Karen Evans – United Kingdom
Karen FitzGerald – United States
Karishma Krishnan – India
Kate Melenia – Canada
Kathleen Doherty – United States
Kathlene Riley – New Zealand
Kathryn Borobia – United States
Katie Whitehead – United Kingdom
Kay Lesley REEVES – Spain
Kay Rae Chomic – United States
Kayla Ling – United States
Kaylee Faulkner – United States
Keanna Harris – United Kingdom
Kelsey Gilbert – Untied States
Kelsey Meddles – United States
Ken Towl – UK
Kevin Ayre – United Kingdom
Kevin Broccoli – United States
Kevin Davidson – United States
Khalouk Shahbander – United States
Khushi Rajpurohit – India
Kieran Mullins – Australia
Kristen Van Kampen – Canada
Kyler Essen – United States
Laura Gene Beck – United States
Leah Mueller – United States
Lee NASH – France
Leena Knell Nox – Australia
Lesette Heath – United States
Lexi Simpson – Canada
Linda Lewis – United Kingdom
Linda McCauley Freeman – United States
Linda Rowland – United States
Liz Lydic – United States
Lloyd Ericson Rodriguez – Philippines
Lloyd Scarsbrook – United Kingdom
Loren DeVito – Canada
Lou Brosna – Ireland
Lou Brosna – Ireland
Louise Eriksson – Sweden
Lynn Zeleski – United States
Lynn Zeleski – United States
Mackenzie Christie – United States
Madison Stahl – United States
Mahni Dare – Uk
Maia Karoliina – Finland
Mallory Owens – United States
Manaswini Rina – India
Manuela Stoicescu – Germany
Margarita Alexandrou –
Maria Stroe – Roumania
Marie Keiding – Danmark
Marina Reza – Germany
Mark J. Towers – United Kingdom
Markie Doczi – United States
Martyn Sullivan – United Kingdom
Martyn Sullivan – United Kingdom
Matt Davis – United Kingdom
Matt Stone – Ireland
Matthis Degree – France
Matthis Degree – France
Medha Chakrapani – India
Meera Rajagopalan – India
Melanie Fitzgerald – United States
Micaela Petrini – United States
Micaela Petrini – United States
Michael Brandon – United Kingdom
Michael O’dell – Australia
Michal Cohen – United States
Michele Lagoy – United States
Michelle Jacob – India
Moira Ashley – UK
Moira Ashley – UK
Muna Fausta – Nigeria
Mystic CatDragon – United States
Nam Raj Khatri – Nepal
Nathaniel Mellor – Italy
Nikitha Bhukya – India
Nikki Lynn Patterson – United States
Noam Noy – Israel
Noel Cyraima – Canada
Norman Julian Blair – United Kingdom
Norman Julian Blair – United Kingdom
Nyxed Rumor – USA
Oluwatosin Olafisoye-Oragbade – Nigeria
Omer Berkman – Israel
Parisa Mousavi – Iran
Patricia Good – United Kingdom
Paul Carpenter – Spain
Paul Goodwin – United Kingdom
Paul Laughbert – United States
Paul Wilkins – New Zealand
Peggy Gerber – United States
Penny Lane –
Perry Berline – United States
Perry Berline – United states
Peter Collins – United Kingdom
Peter Kind – Bulgaria
Peter Pool – United Kingdom
Praise-God Ukoh – Nigeria
Princess kimberly Mondejar – Philippines
R James Hughes – United States
R. P. Melo – Brazil
Rachael Hales – United Kingdom
Rachael Hales – United Kingdom
Rachel L. Tilley – United Kingdom
Rainie Zenith – Australia
Renee Ricevuto – United States
Révész Zsuzsa – Hungary
Rimmy S. – India
Rina Nissani – United States
Robert Henry – United States
Robert Richardson – United States
Robyn Forbes –
Rose Greenwood – England
Rosemarie Schaut –
Roxane Llanque – Germany
Roxanne Bowser – Canada
Roy Clyde Belleza – Philippines
Salma Ahmed – Egypt
Samuel (Kwesi) Umah – Nigeria
Sarah Lowe – United Kingdom
Sarah Seymour – United Kingdom
Savannah Maire – Canada
Saxon H. – United States
Scarlet del Pilar – United States
Serena Zhang – United States
Shannon Hare – Canada
Shaquille Ahia – United Kingdom
Shih Yen Chang – New Zealand
Shourya Pratap Singh – India
Shreyashi Sharma – India
Siddharth Paul – Bangladesh.
Sim Smailes – United Kingdom
Skylar Gruys – Canada
Sofie Devlies – United States
Sofiya Elsie – United States
sonam pelden norbu – Bhutan
Sophia Nikas – United States
Stephanie Reeder – United Kingdom
Stephen Oram – United Kingdom
Steven Hampton – Canada
Stuart McLean – United Kingdom
Sumana Begum – United Kingdom
Sumlina Alam – United States
Sundarae Jomay – United States
Susan Roth – United Kingdom
Susan Wickham – United Kingdom
Susmita Ramani – United States
T. N.N – Australia
Talulah Plant –
Tanush Kulai – India
Taryn Martinez – United States
Tasleem Mulla – India
Teresa Corbett – United Kingdom
Thomas Wyllie – South Africa
Tim Kirton – United Kingdom
Tom Fender – Australia
Tondani Raluswinga – South Africa
Toni Wade – United Kingdom
Tracey Maitland – England
Trevor LaRene – United States
Trisha Barr – United States
vaibhav hassija – australia
Valerie Fish – United Kingdom
Valerie Stilson – United States
Vanessa Morse – United States
Veronica Shreve – United States
Vincent Worsley – United States
Violet Beaufort – United States
Vishal R. Devi – Nepal
Vivian Pollak – United States
Wil A Emerson – United States
XY Wang –
Yana Fischer – United States
Yaron Malka – Israel
Yash Seyedbagheri – United States
Yvonne Kusiima – Uganda
Yvonne Lang – United Kingdom
Zea Bowman – United States
Zoe Arena – United Kingdom

Congratulation to all of you! And good luck with the final judging for the winner of the Six Word Wonder 2023.

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