Six Word Wonder 2024 – most of the entries

This selection captures a spectrum of human emotions and experiences, from the poignant and the profound to the playful and the peculiar, each encapsulated in a compact six words. These entries, spanning romance, loss, discovery, and humor, reflect the contest’s diverse submissions.

Six Word Wonder First Spoken Word Audio

Today, I’ve been experimenting with turning a Six Word Wonder into spoken word audio. I’m not sure whether the Six Word Wonder book will become an audiobook, or whether these short little poems lend themselves to something else, like a podcast. So, consider this first recording a little experiment. It may also be the last… … Read more

Reviews of Six Word Wonder

Here, I link to reviews of Six Word Wonder.5 Stars “Six word wonder is an absorbing, fascinating and unparallel sum of flash fictions / short storieThe title then the blurb immediately caught my attention with this book. It’s a superbly written book that had me mesmerized. Everything is done using 6-word lines and it’s both … Read more

Ten Collections of Six Word Stories

Six Word Wonders are all about surprise, joy, and entertainment in just six words. Here’s a list of ten collections of six word wonders, memoirs, jokes and stories for you to enjoy. The Kelly House – Six Word Memoirs Six Word Stories Noel Maynard – Pintrest The Odyssey Online – 30 Heartbreaking, Humorous Six Word … Read more

Useful links related to Doug Weller

Doug Weller

Here’s a few useful links relating to Doug Weller Amazon Author page Buy Six Word Wonder on Amazon Buy The Forgetting Cycle on Amazon Read or write reviews of Six Word Wonder by Doug Weller on Goodreads. Read or write reviews of The Forgetting Cycle by Doug Weller on Goodreads. Visit @sixwordwonder on Instagram Visit … Read more

Interview with Doug Weller

Six Word Wonder by Doug Weller

We caught up with Doug Weller, the author of Six Word Wonder, a new collection of six word poems, stories and jokes. You can buy it on Amazon. What inspired you to first write Six Word Wonder? I must have heard about the famous Hemmingway story ‘For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never worn.’ about five years … Read more