66 Six Word Horror Stories to Scare the Pants off you

Looking for a creepy, spooky, or downright horrifying read tonight? What follows is a gruesome, grim, creepy, scary set of six word horror stories and memoirs.

What better way than using the mark-of-the-beast for guidance, and writing 6 6 6 word horror stories.

All these scary six word stories are written by Doug Weller by the way. You can read more six word stories by Doug here.

Trigger warning: You may be so spooked tonight by these terrifying six word horror stories that you struggle to sleep. You have been warned!!

What is a Six Word Horror Story?

Horror is the story genre that chills your bones. Dark happenings and things that go bump in the night. Six Word Wonder’s cover all types of fiction is only six words, from stories and memoirs, to poems and jokes. Six word horror stories are a particular passion of mine.

Read these stories for shock, gore, and horror writing prompts.

Where to get inspiration for writing horror stories in six words?

First, think of your favourite gory, scary movies and books. See if you can sum up their essence or a scene into six words. These concepts and ideas can be horrible for the uninitiated, and super fun references for horror-buffs.

Next, seek out horror writing prompts. I took the trouble to write some horror prompts, you can find them here.

Read a whole bunch of other people’s six-word horror memoirs. You can start with the list of examples of scary six word stories below.

Most importantly, just start writing a few stories yourself. Revise and edit them as you go. Don’t be scared, it’s only six words.

Examples of six word horror stories

First batch of scary six word stories

The message in the mirror: REDRUM.

Worms feasted from her insides out.

Doll under the blankets. Baby’s vanished.

Drifted asleep. Woke in wooden box.

He slowly peeled off my fingernails.

…Man… in the walls… is watching…

Sunrise: I don’t have a shadow.

Darling, my tea tastes of almonds.

Each brittle bone broke before bedtime.

The toilet flushed. I’m home alone.

I hear breathing. . . under my bed.

Emptying the syringe, he slumped down.

Last residence of the house? Maggots.

Mommy, Grandad’s at the window again.

Buried pet. Grieving. Outside, there’s scratching.

Remain calm. The engines have stalled.

Second batch of horror six word stories

Her crying only made him hungrier.

Please, run. My dogs prefer hunting.

The virus is already within you.

Head looks back towards the guillotine.

Danced to the cliffs, then jumped.

We couldn’t save your left arm.

And, for the appetiser? Your eyeballs.

Too many people. One fire exit.

Last of the humans went extinct.

Overboard. Hoping for dolphins. Got sharks.

Senile President pressed wrong panic alarm.

That day, the sun didn’t rise.

Found Gingerbread house! Fattened for supper.

Cannibals boiled pot. Gerald felt hot.

Spider laid eggs in your eyeballs.

Third batch of halloween six word stories

Not enough time to say goodbye.

So THAT’s what chloroform smells li…

Werewolf! Where? …wolf, yes. Wearing what?

Plane crash. Sole survivor – satisfied smile.

Tired. Body. Bones. Worms. Earth. Tulips.

Read this? Died six days later.

Found a knife. Ended a life.

Said goodbye from behind a screen.

Answered phone. Stranger’s voice. Upstairs quiet.

Heard her diagnosis. Legs gave way.

Bulletproof glass, but likes a breeze. . .

Found Rachel living in my navel.

Please, just remember, we’ve shared blood.

He slowly blinked. Then everybody died.

Dear diary. He’s outside the door…

Undertaker paused when he heard tapping.

Fourth batch of horrible horror stories in six words

Before the crash, she felt alive.

What’s this? Death certificate? My name?

Your death will save many lives.

Stared down, where legs used to be.

Sleeping in Granny’s bedsheets, the clown.

Wait… was that scarecrow there yesterday???

Palm-reader refused to release your hand.

At midnight, pumpkin turned into Prince.

Mother screamed. Midwife screamed. Rats scattered.

Clyde, just spied, his zombie bride.

Her porcelain skin shattered in pieces.

So, accidentally scared someone to death…

Finished bucket-list, then cleaned my knife.

Beautiful daughter. Devil possession. Exorcism failed.

The severed head was his wife’s.

Pet Sematary. Fido’s covered in mud.

Show true love: share your blood.

Finally heard the chainsaws cutting flesh.

Tried running, but ankle tendons severed.

Don’t blink! That’s when they feast.

Fifth batch of nightmarish horror stories

One kiss, I turned to stone.

Snake-haired, fang-toothed, Medusa slithered towards them. . .

Immortal, she watches her great-grandchildren die.

Piece by piece, each finger salami-sliced.

Husband’s body’s cold. Returned to oven.

Tucked kids into bed, then RAN!

Cinderella swapped glass-slippers for shotgun.

Day of the dead became decade.

“I do not exist,” she whispered.

Astronauts eat popcorn as Earth’s obliterated.

Scales started spreading across her skin.

Turning the tap, the gas flowed.

So okay, I over delivered. There’s 79 six word horror stories here. But honestly, who’s counting?

Want to write your own Six Word Horror Stories?

I’ve put together a handy set of horror writing prompts to get your creative spook-fest juices flowing.

If you like the six word horror stories genre, you’re going to love the two sentence horror story. Even more chances to scare your self to death.

You can learn more at about six word wonders of all kinds, including less scary ones, at the Six Word Wonder portal.

And why not enter the six word wonder contest. It’s a free writing contest, with a chance to get published and win $100.

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