Six Word Wonder 2024 – most of the entries

For full transparency, here are (almost) all the entries to this year’s contest. A few have had to be deleted or otherwise scrubbed, so consider this a selection.

You can find out about the shortlist here.

He hit me with a hammer- Itse Daibo
Learn from advice. Live by adventure.- Diana Davison
Lost, but solace was still found.- Ponagatso Mhlongo
Hammersmith Odeon, 1964.  Saw Beatles.  Groovy.- Sheila Gray
Lost, then found: a new beginning.- Wisdom Mwandoe
All of this has come before.- Mark Rhodes
Smoke from a dead spinster’s cabin- Z Francis
Gained your love, lost my heart.- Julie Ferrell
Love is to give without receiving- Sam Hendrian
Land filled with water, now dry.- Stephanie Samulde
Crossroads. Parchment. Pen. Again and again.- Reynard Warden
The smallest part of Infinity; Everything- Aaron Walder
Frozen tears drip in ecstatic joy- Ojingiri Hannah
Bhampa my cat love her kittens.- Sunshine Sunshine
My heart wrote songs for you.- t c
Her subconscious dream awakened her consciousness- Jill Towell
The eye of the mouth speaks.- Angel Ash
She cried until she had drowned.- Julie Mulligan
We raced. And then we died.- Raeesah Chandlay
This place named heaven is hell- Fay Cath
But my grandmother’s garden lived on.- Melissa Lopez
The devil sings soprano; God weeps.- Kyndra Rune
I loved him. He married her.- Vanessa Wright
In meditation, my mind playing movies.- Kamisah Abdul Karim
I have a very short attention- Jeff Boldt
He swung, but she fought back.- Robin Blasing
“Wasn’t this your dream?” “Not anymore.”- Saskia de Leeuw Kyle
I am indesicive but maybe not- James Gladden
No one cares ‘til they die- Betty Wang
Don’t remember ever drinking… Too drunk.- Lucien Rae Gentil
“It’s ok,” he whispered, “They’re gone.”- Lulu Henault-Bassett
I see red, in your eyes.- Truong Le
Ending my endless love for you- Tobias Grey
Tiny men can move big things.- Sophia Dupee
After beck surgery: never looked back.- Daphne Loads
Mammogram, wait, Biopsy, wait, MRI, wait- Morgan Pletcher
The truth is the cliff edge.- Genevene Goodwin
The cracks in smiles show loathing- Rose Miller
Warning: never rely on six-word advice.- Marcelo Medone
My best friend isn’t coming home.- Sara Barrett
War has no winner only victims.- layla cartwright
The Day I Changed Everything Myself.- Ugo Umeofia
Kiss the past goodbye, my love.- Chloe Liles
I lived to write about it.- Tanja Cilia
The patients expired, his patience recovered.- Zoey Sloane
Wasn’t broke, but fixed it anyway.- Susan Roth
He hoped it would be painless.- Elaine Gardner
Emergency lights flashing. Oxygen masks down.- Claire Smith
Pattern of life: cry and revive.- Olena Voitovych
Three divine places: earth, heaven, womb.- Saaiyannhkka Sripal
Strongly rooted beliefs make us vulnerable.- Lucía Ximena Ubilluz Almagro
Papa died yesterday. Today! Don’t know.- Joseph Ikhenoba
Fossil fuels finished. No future fossils.- Prue King
Breathless kiss, a secret between us.- Pat Saunders
Are you tongue-tied? Goes without saying- Scott Duncan
Always remember. Follow rules; Wait; Run.- Victoria McKeighan
Fighting. Flailing. Fleeing. Falling. Fearing. Finished.- Ian Coombe
Here lies humanity. Gone and Forgotten.- Justus Green
Shattered lives become echoes in time.- Jelena Hrvoj
Surrounded by people, feeling all alone- Cheri Scharff
Leonardo. Smile perfectionist. Mona Lisas invited.- Angel Dyulgerov
Twenty-year old philosophers don’t exist.- Austin Hendrix
My lips recall mistakes, not regrets- Kathryn Deffely
He was a slave to freedom.- Sampada Wagle
Tiny bodies I created with mine- Jessica Gold
No graffiti! Oh, yeah? Says wh— Rudy Vener
Her suitcase contained only her dreams- Trinity Heart
Love: Powerful, bonding, everlasting?- Michael Burford
Peace is a place inside you- Emily Chetwood
There’s Death in the ballroom tonight.- Inanna Carter
All what the eyes can see- Iacob Dalton
What held skin to bone before?- Cameron Edwards
Hogging middle sibling lane: family journey- Jody Cooksley
Missing dog found. Owner long lost.- Justin Dal
The world is with the Ukraine.- Jennifer McCubbin
Never an end to his lies.- Lauretta Hart
Cooking okra sent me to America- Shoba Narayan
Where’s the escape? To limitless voidness,- Ekta Adhikari
Lost key, found love, locked hearts together.- Jasmina Salimova
How long will. . ? My tooth hurts.- Antonio Gomez
Daddy loves me – he said shh!- Carol Beirne
He cooks well; I enjoyed him.- Mr. Nobody Mr. Nobody
He never saw his blind wife.- Lukas Westphal
Victims demanded reconciliation bread not wheat.- Hassan Kishabi
Stay alive until the morning, eh?- mai magdy
The last human boasted, “Finally – peace!”- Dave Rees
vanishes as soon as it begins- Megan Friedman
“I’ll be there forever”, Daddy whispered.- Olaitan Jumoke
The headstone reads The Last Gelada.- Banchiwosen Woldeyesus
I have a very beautiful inside- Keandra Bogan
My dreams became the metal cages.- Rabiah Ahead
Left, without looking, left the despaired.- Sophie Shea
Challenges are higher than all goals- Lauren Brinkley
”Feeling warm in my stomach? Babe.”- s w
Available: young, never married, approaching menopause.- Gift Mbuk
My smile is just a mask.- Sarina Jo Robison
Trees breathe life to the undeserving.- Sarah Mañoza
Picture this: you’re born with aphantasia.- Jasmeet Kaur
Blood everywhere, then he saw feathers.- Johanne Barth
Arthritis flares. The piano stays silent.- Philip Thomas
When hell, saw earth, it laughed- Dima Rashid
“Are you my father?” Chelsey (ten)- Nicola Lamprecht
Devour the stars. Leave nothing left.- Willow Flame
Hospitals: where it begins and ends.- Octavius Tan
Braiding ourselves together like challah, unrisen.- Kelli Johnson
Left at forty. Found my forte.- Holly Hedd
Blood spilled, darkness engulfed, peace shattered.- Jéssica Belchiór de Oliveira
Ravenous young woman. Giant whale impending.- Anthony Bui
Nightmare.  “My sweet angel…”  “Daddy, DON’T!!”- cat frenette
You saw her smiles, not screams.- Sahima Mittal
Standing on feet for first . Matured- Manish Reddy
I love you, said the AI.- Rosemary Thomas
We laughed into the night. Forever.- James Patrick Focarile
Needles clutched in a cold hand.- Amos Campf
I sing softly. The baby knows.- Ginny Celer
There once was a—Never mind.- Ranee Shaw
Everything to everyone, nothing to myself.- Agatha Inwang
Nevermore? Oh, glorious leader, war arrives.- Q.P. Cairo
Stepping back, foot meets open air- Ava Roriston
Cancer Roared. She Fought. It lost.- BRANDON RAGSDALE
then his other leg fell off.- william dawson
Civilised negotiations taking place. Bring chainsaw.- Fatima Abdullahi
I was a hero, too. Once.- Caitlin Illing
Flawless perfection, never seen by reflection.- Gary Clarke
The casket lowers, she is gone.- Annie Cowan
Karma is fact. Justice is ideal.- Vanessa Morse
Vanity’s bonfire smothered by populating selfies.- John D Walther
the screaming girl mirrored is me- Alyssa Beal
The undertaker sighed. “What a waste.”- Kenna Duncan
Daughter attempts to frown through adolescence.- ALICE KINERK
Always broken, never loved, easily forgotten- Anita George
the sentient robot: ‘turn me off’- Dakota Jackson
Low-battery lights and my spirit: dimming.- I tried. I failed. I try. What can I say that’s new?
Heart captures moments, not just moments- Rose Shiby
Falling sakura, time stops, love begins- Midnight Rampersad
She’s the child of the sky.- Aishu Poetry
War still goes, please no more.- Heery Rai
It was finished on day seven- Chris Baum
Wrong in silence. Right in public.- Michel Matthews
Lottery win. Book sale. Chiropractor needed.- Richard Prosch
He blew the lamp up high- Galen Cunningham
Winter came. Tears froze – didn’t stop.- Bogdan Groza
Now retired. Act like a kid!- Cindy Belt
She was pregnant, a miscarriage again.- Ahmed Dodo
“Haunted by unseen thoughts, screaming ghost”.- Hanishree Vichare
Here, at History’s end, questions linger.- Jake Orthwein
Refugee. Cannot weep. Refugee. Here, inexplicably.- Aaran Thakore
To his surprise, the kiss sucked- Sofia Rincon
Mexican priests blessed the holy guacamole- Amanda Cole
Wearing mom’s clothes, I finally bloom.- Asa Page
Steam in silence, boil with shouts- Okparaoyibo Chukwuma paul
We don’t need that chair anymore.- N.T. McQueen
Stunned into silence, the crowd erupts.- Spiritual Sorbet Spiritual Sorbet
Itty-bitty-kitty paws on window…Feed me!- Jeanne Johnson
The field in front of my house.- Prachi Saini
Whatever you do, don’t get stuck.- Mei Chiam
Lonely, God sneezed. Here we are!- Lee Ewing
Fiction to one, reality to another.- Mio J. Lindner
Black, salt and pepper, gray, white.- Remona Winston
97 percent. Seven Years. I joined.- R. Thillairajah
Songs of winter fill the air.- Frank Hillyard
You’ll never see me bloodied, darling.- Maia Brown-Jackson
The story begins after this sentence.- Dusty Jaymes
Faith found from flawless, fluffy fur.- Izah Camille Bragado
Writing pains me but not kills- Jody Shapiro
A chicken walks into a roadhouse.- Devane Clarke
Hired to replace Satan. Job’s hell.- Julie Brydon
To make him happy she pretended.- Rosanne Ehrlich
I came. I saw. I concurred.- Steven Lang
I was born , I will die.- Mireille Uwonkunda
Whimper. Ball suddenly ignored. Heartbroken pooch.- Leli Z
I hope they find my body.- Leah Rose
Dark night, footsteps behind. Run now.- Kay Lesley Reeves
Stammering when speaking solved by singing- Linda Page
Everyone’s dreams paid for someone’s mansion.- Ramon Paolo Alfar
Broken glass can still be beautiful.- Paige Leppanen
The opposite of love is tradition.- Georgiana Costea
Climate changed. We didn’t. The end.- Donald Ranard
Who is she? In the mirror.- Taylor Washington
His star reached its end cycle.- Klaudia Wadecka
Sold. Got paid. Ordered its demolition.- Thandazile Mpofu
People the President of the USA- John Dixon
Mob roared, “Witch!” Mirror deemed ‘Goddess’.- Sharika Nair
I always belong to myself first.- Olivia Fang
War ended peacefully. Thousands now orphan.- Roy Hassija
Talking with strangers, some become friends.- Andy N
Storms raged, she learned to dance.- Brandy Kerrigan
When she smiles, the sun brightens.- Cas Dean
Heart-wrenching: quivering lips, but lost forever- T.NIZZA T.NIZZA
Look, up there! It’s the Earth!- Katherine Gray
Dating event for clairvoyants went unsuccessfully- Eunice Young
No children came home from school.- Elizabeth Spencer Spragins
The lie that never lies nowhere- Secre8 Black
Your silence has deafened my core.- Corvin Ezri
The gods weep. Their temples desecrated.- John Penwielder
“Piccolos can’t kill,” dead diva insisted.- Tina L. Jens
Today they gave the children wings.- Nick Fogg (she/her)
Waltzing with brother. #Hashtag father-daughter dance.- Gina Leigh
Family can hurt you in ways- Elizabeth Corbin
I had fun at the park- Idhant Kompella
Mother found child’s shoes under rubble.- Najifa Tabassum Lira
Pet Pig. Disappeared. Found in Freezer.- Melissa Bravo
A smile hides the agony inside- Lemon Hollowood
Why am I always so invisible?- Josie Romatelli
Gas masks: limit one per family- Genevieve Baumann
Opportunity’s an open window. Glass shatters.- Ana Alonso
You’d always led our paths…(sigh)- Lilitha Boco
Life is dead of dreadful love- Natalie Yeung
He purred, she smiled, they healed.- Sandra Thom-Jones
Here I go again, making mistakes.- Arantxa Mathapersadh
February sun. Heat on my shins.- Evie Wynne
She kissed death. It was sweet.- Onyinyechi Ndukaire
I am my own Collector’s Item- Yomara Moreno
House number 666. Honey, I’m home!- Kami Mugo
Snug as a bug. Good night!- S.E. Reed
Human_ Soul and Passion Not Blood.- Chesed Chesed
I thought I was good enough.- Emma So
Nothing signals death like abundant casseroles.- Jessica Russo
Dreams are vast as the ocean- Tabi George
The future belongs to the old.- Daniel Barshay
Suddenly, the past became the future.- Lilla Down
Dreams dance in the cosmic night.- Ridwan Issa
Peter signed kill. Rachel didn’t notice.- Linda Lewis
Indian casts: Western classes: earth’s shit!- V PITCHAIRAJU
I wish my eyes could speak.- Gourab Saha
they said, everything would be ok.- Sofia McNeill
love is not earned but given- Maia Scher
Everyday, greeting the moon good morning.- Lydia – (Nekotomofu) Waras
Lost, wandering, found my way home- Evah Lethabo
My heart died when his stopped- Lily Jobling
Cat smells smoke, alerts his owner.- Peter Gagliardi
It’s pathetic to ask for flowers.- Tazia Machl
The heart is bound to ache- Porsche Faria James
Dancing lessons. Never late. Prosthetics welcome.- Barry Charman
Eternity said to Soul…”get lost”.- Pearl Inci Corlu
Focus Love! Blossom Life! Celebrate Peace!- Carl Schuler
He sings loudest with headphones on.- Heaven-Leigh Porter
Holly rollers are insects in sects.- Robert Fife
Caught my husband by the fridge.- Asuka Oura
After drunken farewells,she died laughing.- Sarah Heald
Seventy-seven, and a pallbearer at last.- Lara Frankena
The spirit world can shove off.- Sherri Moorer
“Who are you,” she asked herself.- A. M. Conger
“Oh. My. God.” “I know, right?”- Patrick Twomey
one cannot win without experiencing defeat.- Prasanta Bhandari
He didn’t mention the condom broke.- Susan Israel
Life….lost.finding myself.lost again- Uaripfa Mbedzi
I saw a black money mating- Njie Martin Vevanje
Concealed bruises. She’s endeavoring good wife.- Miraj Alam Saifi
Regret is easy, after the fact.- Catherine Lanser
Can I see her?for once?…- Wǒ shì wǒ Lilith
John liked beer. Then he died.- Rook d’Bay
Father’s dreamworld becomes his hospice window- Chen-ou Liu
Another decade lost like a dime.- Jean Harfenist
“Enrollment is ongoing for castaway children.”- April Clarese Diaz
All the wishing stars were taken- Lin Let
You left me, I live anew.- Ren Soduh
The staircase to heaven’s going down.- Ana Maria
“I love you forever,” he lied.- K G
While you breathe, I only sigh.- Amy Williams
He aged. The hill got steeper.- Marian Myers
Emotions sweep her away, not floods.- Megan Boyers
Covid’s finally over. Nah, just kidding.- Peggy Gerber
Newborn wails echo her hollowed autonomy.- A.W. Raven
Realistically, who screams for ice cream?- Lisa H. Owens
Grampa’s time stopped. Watch, now mine.- Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz
Nail in sofa crevice, lone DNA.- Rizul Makkar
Love the candle burning a lamp- Nitin Puri
“What, then? Should I forgive Death?”- LM Costa
Old Age. I am a dinosaur.- Stephen Schwei
I should die before I live- Susan Abel
Our mind travels faster than light- N K
If this journal is found, run.- Joseph Yu
Dandelion seeds are nameless, fearless nomads.- Thames Riviera
He Lived. He Died. He Lived.- Jonathan Khoo
She paid and set him free- S. Barb
For Sale: baby sheep, never shorn- Rob Walton
Girls in basement. Russian troops enter.- Melinda-Judith Vincze
There is no pleasure without pain.- Ronnie Joy
Took mom to daddy daughter dance.- Camila Hernandez
Hottest year of the decade, again.- Bentley Brock
A haven for craven, graven ravens.- Ema Nakano
Achoo, Achoo, Achoo, Achoo, Bless you!- Connie Paul
The cows roam; bells jingle softly.- S. Abdulwasi’h Olaitan
Claudia thought she found a morel.- JP Barretto
Hope! Where is it sold?- Kyle Callam
A starlet waitress recounts daily change.- Jennifer Mills Kerr
Sin Repent Forget – the cycle continues- Nazia Kamali
No fence for the plant cactus- Balasubramaniyan Venkataramani
For Sale: Corn hat, rotten core- Chimel Abia
She fell your honour, I swear- Neil Humphrey
Soil swallows souls, then grows leaves.- Lamya Al Harthy
For all he said, I survived.- Jennifer Bernardini
Her little hand presenting a weed- Kathryn McNelis
Straight line on monitor, it’s over.- Gazala Saifi
Mummy loves you, daddy’s just here.- Lottie Hughes
Until death do us part. R.I.P.- Veronika Mikec
The Bullies cried at her funeral.- Judy Kelleher
You eyes… my way of living.- Henry Vinicio Valerio Madriz
Starting over would be self-sabotage- Judie Jude
Battery low. New message! “I’m at–“- Mia Blixt-Shehan
Gracefully caressed into her unbeknown dotage- Moxie Cronje
After rampaging, they went to church.- Norbert Kovacs
Let tears sings the story strands- Mickeymoore Mickeymoore
Little arms give such big hugs.- Wayne Summers
Can AI win the Wonder Contest?- Michele Lagoy
The word imperfection is I’m perfection- Folasade Ogundeko
Beautiful girl. Great sex. Woke up.- Nick Gallup
Leaving without crying, just bleeding heart.- princess saga
Wanted: Girl, Age 6, wearing nightgown- Genna Weitz
Sprouting Buds of Spring Bring Love!- Richard Walker
Sometimes is almost always too much- John Cooper
There were holes in his umbrella.- Eliana Canfield
hated saying hello, never said goodbye- Emily Diaz
The quiet ghost could not spook.- William Joel
Stranger coming near anxiety attack, introvert- Natalie Newhouse
Maybe skydiving was a bad idea.- Jeff Kennedy
Is spontaneity just inability to plan?- Rina Nissani
Regret, Relapse, Restrict; Unnourished, Uncomfortable, Undesirable- Camille Hiltbrand
Eyes on her…He was lost.- Jannah Hossain
Whispered promises, cherished memories, exchanged vows- GwendalynOphelia Parsons
The blink that saved a life- Geethanjali Bhas
The cemetery was unusually crowded today.- Zora Penn
Six Word Contest: lives’ annual landscapes.- Izumi J.Y.
Sadly, he did deserve it all.- Aloma Davis
Fled to deserts following her mirage.- Jennifer Ruth Jackson
Mother,daughter,sister,friend- Mandisa Mbambo
She kissed me on the nose!- Mike Weaver
Werewolf loves Silversmith; Silver for Coat- DripDripDrop DripDripDrop
Lost in a world of fantasy.- Sinethemba Jilana
Flowers arrive too late to smell.- Cleveland Wall
Emptiness abounds; loneliness surrounding me; intolerable- S.K. Naus
Crucifixion: Black hole on his palms.- Diana Stephanie Erfelua
Jack’s investment utilised Beanstalk Carbon Capture.- Ben Reid
Crawling under her skin. They were.- Quraan Janati
Fido’s still waiting by the door.- Kai Holmwood
Maybe, had she just said yes.- Priscilla Dankwa
The sadness and happiness came back.- Lynn Maul
Dreaming, or testing Reality new mods.- Anthony Boulanger
I ran; my demon followed me.- Seth Coffin
“Please take girls of our kind”- Morgan V
He came, he saw, he drank.- Andrew Wright
Published Her novel, under His name…….- Rashmi Khanna
Trying to find equilibrium in chaos.- Lucy K
Dreamy wedding hall turned mourning land.- Shaina Saifi
Fish in bowl—foot in pond.- Lora Butcher
Lost years. Her perfumed note, unscented.- Brett Brady
This is the songbird’s final note.- Shree M.
I fell, she laughed. Friends forever.- Atticus Black
A grave can not be closed.- Olive Zhong
Death, like living, is a process.- CUBA UKOH
The fear of criticism silence ability- Saadatu Uzairu
In her embrace, I found home.- Aurore Nkaka
Take my advice: stop reading now.- Tom Preston
I’m not home; he’s drunk again.- Cassandra Moritz
5) Make amends: Call. Hang up. Repeat.- Ed Friedman
Hoped I have proved people wrong- Berry Tate
From this husk, I emerge true.- Atlas Lewis
Life has dealt seriously with me.- Rejoice Akpan
Only in prison was he free- Trisha Simone
Coudn’t do it: didn’t rue it.- Daniel Mwandoe
What’s this I’m eating? Snake meat!- Maxine Flam
The scars veiled over her youth.- Daria Moti
Family Inheritance:  No one’s talking anymore- Lois McGillivary
My tears bloomed a beautiful garden.- Alexandra Fuentes
Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt.- Keneth Erfelua
Yesterday’s rain flooded my shining tomorrow- Mark Miscovich
Gun…Checked, Target…Checked, Cheque…Shit!!- Chigozie Ohaka
“Come on,” Death whispered, “Almost there…”- AJ Johnson
She sat weeping, while they laughed- Israe Ouadih
Waves; rising, falling, like my dreams.- Chengyu Jiang
God has forgotten, or simply regrets.- Renara Gray
Will update tomorrow if still alive.- Hibah Shabkhez
This body is no longer home.- Kaitlyn Brogan
Don’t leave your heart wondering why- Solana Jeffries
It was the worst day ever- Nico Ma
Death certificate signed before birth Certificate- Ilhaam Ameen
Blood lay chilling while Razor danced.- Rodi Padron
She didn’t run. But he did.- Alexandra Malki
Habitat domes glittered with obscene wealth.- Michael Fahrbach
“Chicken asked for a photo in the coop.”- aca aca
Hallucinations create this world’s shattered reality- Claire Anastasia Blake
my heart broke when yours stopped- cynthia falzone
Warzone Chronicles: Children screaming in pain.- MJ Ballados
Lost all, embraced death’s tender solace.- Grace Ndlovu
Chaos! Oh nothing just freedoms collided.- Sadia Mou
Don’t call your children “little shits”- Bridget Dixon
God, when will I get home?- Beckton Simmons
Eight billion dreams. One small rock.- Michael Richardson
Flag folded, salute rendered, 21 shots.- Angela Karnes Padron, PhD
I’m not blind. I imagine good.- A. Rose A. Rose
You can delete messages, not memories.- Tamoghna Dey
Time perpetuates, as does space extentuate.- Fredrick Haskins
It hurts because it mattered- Aisha Laiq Najam
SCHOOL CLOSED: leave flowers by gate.- AN Grace
Your wounds are bleeding over others.- Anna Wilkins
Your pain is my news feed- Paul Miroshkin
It always rained when she cried- Aubrey Lombardo
Her fists clenched like her mother’s.- Emily Fenner
My leg wants to kill me.- Erica Steel
The “murder house” is on Airbnb- Caitlin Quinn
Found Missing Person. Several Different Location.- Charles S
Now boarding, the red eye to limbo- Zinhle M Xaba
Two souls cosmically entwined, platonically lovers- h.n.s .
Exploit the moment: Kiss me- E. Ram
I listened. Faint heartbeat. Still alive.- Julie Rule
Echoes of joy in fading light- simplicity simple
Antique axe, sharpened for modern crimes.- Parker Rose
In morgue hearing my heart beat- kathleen gilbert
Fresh tomato sauce, How it’s made- Him Leung
Keep Calm And Hide The Body- Farhana Hussain
Here, I am swan, ladybird, seahorse.- Samiksha Ransom
seven words are all I need- Melissa Frazier
Gently or quickly, are your choices.- Rachel Cyparska
When our pieces awaits to restore- Subekshya Ghimire
She shone brighter than the sun.- Olivia Schwickerath
The view was worth the climb.- Lisa Rivers Kiesling
Wished I could, So I did- Berry Tate
Hey, let’s play with the universe.- Afshan Q
Common sense always beats frequent dollars.- Alyssa Cilento
Smoke the peace pipe for ever- Oussama Benbrahmi
Hangry, I ate, now I’m not!- River Song
Christmas mornings spent packing picnic boxes.- Naomi Hudiyah
Lost in thoughts, waiting for you- eman ozair
The birds sang, the trees danced.- Oliver Sopulu Odo
Dog found. Ignored the reward posters.- Yasmin Goldie
Mother is always the best creature- ANNE NJENGA
I think I’ll never see her.- Magarão de França
What comes next? We must choose.- Franklyn S. Newton
For sale: wedding dress, never worn- Marjolein Rotsteeg
Trees all bare, bring on spring!- Carole Cole
Flowers in vases wilt, gardens bloom.- Candice Abigail Fabriga
786666- zeeshan shahzad
Beyond the corner life beckoned me- Sheena Sarah Winny
The universe cares because I care.- Kat Buescher
My eyes fell to the depths.- Valentina Epifanov
“I wonder if this thing’s loaded…”- Danny Hedges
Love carries words for their heaviness.- Chloe Moore
Alien abduction gone wrong. Abort mission.- Amanda Nicholson
Love ? Everything else makes more sense.- Adam Boržík
Cherished love: distilled, decanted, imbibed, bestowed.- Cate Covert
Recurring dreams. Her every step, closer.- Umi Agawa
A letter to Gerald ford- Carson Loveless
With sorrow, we took separate paths.- William Garrabrant
Accidentally “Replied to All.” Forever disgraced.- Susmita Ramani
Suddenly, everyone floated toward the sky.- Benson Lucero
Friends are selected as humans grow up- Matthew Brody
His life ended, my life began.- Carmine Amaro
Ripcord didn’t work. Still have receipt?- Terence Gallagher
Funny, little creature you are not.- Lorah Kay
She Only Comes Out At Night- Sarah Cline
Then “boom”. It happened so fast.- Stacy Singh
Change or conform. Whatever you prefer.- Taylor Onyinanya
Life moves on. Eat some soup.- M Collins
What does it mean to dream?- Michelle Soul
The bride fled, out the window.- Shih Yen Chang
There, there; their friends, they’re there!- Kai Lee
A star in someone else’s sky- Silence Singer
Life is Eternal; not So Short.- aishwarya gupta
Coffee tastes weird. Check label. Tea.- T. King
Every secret is it’s creator’s enemy.- Leyelle M.G.
Lost keys, found love; never returned.- Brittany Nelson
Coffin opens slowly… She smiles. Again!- Feby Joseph
This is not an erasure poem.- James Penha
Struggling to climb over treacherous hills.- Julia Kalirai
Fear not death, for life’s Terrifying.- Erik Bonthron
The eyes always tell a tale.- Serafina Williams
She wept tears of strange resolve.- Ash K. Gray
At a wedding! Unfortunately, it’s mine.- Nia Docherty
I was young, that wasn’t love.- Dorriann Reid
I had a pizza with pineapple- Justin Ball
Widowed women left after grave mistake- Sara Stampp
Embarrassing to some, it’s quite natural.- Richard Berg
His yogurt had more active culture.- Andrea Santo Felcone
I flatten Imitator’s… Jesus ! My car !- Ali Ruiz Vázquez
Our stars are made of dust- Seunghee Kim
Feathers of freedom, burnt to ashes- Nazdar Ayzit
The other side is now empty.- Raja El Aghar
Please, Granny…   [Granny left]   I’m sorry.- Yan Lam Chan
The Heart Of Gold Also Weeps- Tamani Sale
Please take me back, Doc Brown!- Cornelia Walter
Ash descending. Lava flowing. Extinction imminent.- Nancy Whitecross
Getting old: stories unfold memories untold.- Krishnanand Boolaky
Can’t sleep well. Watched the news.- Stephen Page
Theseus’ thesaurus. New words, same meanings.- JT Delk
The house whispered through creaking floors.- Sadie Erickson
Finding a way without you here.- R.N R.N
His love like a withered flower- Luna Adasha
Whilst a child, mom lost interest- TCC Cameron
Fighting. Gaza. When will it end?- Sally Greeno
She dragged corpses behind her tricycle.- Julia Tilson
What if we had never met?- Clarisa González
You light the fire within me.- Claudia Parker Joel
Ink smears upon my fingertips. Bloodstains.- Jennifer Bell
Hard work overlooked, yet still fighting- Diego Abonce
Sale: Shattered Heart. Dog not included.- Karen Kent
I never cared, why invite me?- Clarine Sies
Something keeps calling my name, daily.- Omofela Omofela
Peace. A foundation of crossed fingers.- Sankara Jayanth S
Everyone knows his happiness, except himself.- Bob Zhu
Parading in circles, lost in thought…- Mary McNamara
And the sword splashed the pen.- Muheez Olawale
Six? Please. Give me a real- Benjamin Hawley
Time spun wonders in her palm.- Christina Dinh
Life is passion, not a path- Reene Nemchek
Mirror argues my notion of youth.- Rikki Santer
I will stay seventeen and naive.- Shellsea Ibarra Carreon
He loved the girl locked downstairs.- Eloisa Bloom
It’s you I live for, you.- Josephine Dankwa
Her ever so silky hair… fell.- Pia Zenelle Hutalla
Learning is crucial to the mind.- Daniel Kim
A stranger calls himself my dad.- Phyllis Nyawira
Please don’t come. I’m not home.- Daniel Shandrin
The school scattered. With empty chairs.- Joy Yin
Day approached slowly and Night retreated.- Rajagopal Kaimal
“Serves 2-3” now lasts a week.- Faid 
Me. You. Us. Ours. Us again.- Philip Wilson
Hate you sometimes, love you always.- Golibe Ezenekwe
“Teleportation almost possible!” claims bloodsoaked scientist.- de Villiers South Africa
All your stars are now artificial.- Jennifer R. Thornton
Ambulance siren dopplering; heart pounding, Stopped.- Sheetal Singh
Windows are doors that understand isolation.- Gerald Smith
Honeymoon tickets: 1 return, 1 single.- Holly Sissons
“Do you refund engagement rings?”   “Yes.”- Garry Engkent
Frowns became smiles when they saw her.- Amanda Ruse
He hardly hit the horrors harder- Malina Gadsden
Lights, camera, action! She’s living dream.- Nida Saifi
Christs supernatural salvation smashes Armageddons annahilation- Graham Byrne
She wore failures on her face.- Jenny Cleland
“Crossed wires!”, claimed the guilty electrician.- Tom Witcomb
It’s not as if. It was!- Kenneth M. Kapp
Grandpa’s fictitious anecdotes about courageous ancestors.- parisa mousavi
Was surely sinking until she surfaced.- Phanindra Ivatury
Yes, it’s me. Not Donald Trump- Larry Lefkowitz
She loathed and loved the same- Cassie Reynolds
Like atlas, I carried our world…- T.K. Harris
For every tear, I had jokes.- Tariro Zinyemba
Five things happened that day, murders- Christopher Frew
It’s been one year off Pornhub- Kenneth Minishi
Tomorrow I will be happy, right?- Selin Avşar
Suddenly, I’m too busy for work.- Dena Bernstein
I thought happiness was just pretending- Cadence Zbin
The Letter            Soft  White  Honeycomb  Overflowing- Divna Vuksanović
Deaf girl couldn’t hear bomb droppings- Aastha Tyagi
Finding joy in life’s abundant offerings.- Michael Muroff
Caught, judged, condemned, strapped in, released.- Rebekah Lawrence
Congrats! A girl! She’ll hurt you.- Kelly Pittman
Color is resistance from light.- Mayookh Barua
Bullets sing, flowers weep, ruins laugh.- Nwajesu Ekpenisi
Believed she can fly, she fell.- Sarah Diniapsari
I am drowning in my tears- Trinidad Arroyo
Windows are doors that understand isolation.- Gerald G Michael Smith
My life was yours, to start.- Emma Picolo
They say Jesus cares. Who cares?- John Adebisi
Starry lake … a firefly touches forever.- Edward Huddleston
crickets hiding away in my office- Chris Langer
I come collecting what you owed- Mika Amador
One word in the end: love.- Adrian Bouter
Her casket closed, perfume left lingering.- Ellie Colagrosso
Omission is no better than lying.- Kira Blake
Hendrix act painted the town purple.- Lisa Marie Lopez
Please believe: you’re worthy of love.- Ai Ai
Hunger can do that to people.- Skye Kennedy
Rose colored glasses. May contain thorns.- Esther Zigman
They bid adieu, but never left.- Stuti Mathur
Russia, like Damocles’ sword above us.- Jennifer Vrielinck
No synanthropy here,  these bitches suck.- Jenifer Red
Visions of loneliness encroach his mind.- ReeLee_365 ReeLee_365
Dog’s devotion transcends death, joyous reunion.- Shivangi Kotadia
The cause was narcolepsy, not narcotics.- Katheryne McMullen
Lost in thought, found in music- Stian Koxvig
When did gossip turn to gospel?- Rhea Brennan
Eden or exile? A migrant story- Sahil Mehta
Child sleeps, world stops, mother breathes.- rani Jayakumar
Unexploded mine. Paddyfield. Small feet splashing.- Juliette Adair
Candles burning. Cabernet breathing. He’s away.- John D. Parker
The unconquerables; the unconquerable kingdom! Dead.- Indika .
Hospice workers took the empty wheelchair.- Jordana Landres
UAP alit upon me. I entered.- David DEMStories
“Please keep breathing, Sarah… don’t leave.”- Jack Arnold
Love, you are that to me.- Ndinoshisho Shilomboleni
A red alert, her heart failed.- John Amoke
Seventeen, rape victim. Eighteen, first-degree murderer.- Sukruethai Khuneiad
Sunday evening, bath time, early night.- Dave Kalcher
Photographers are criminals. They shoot people.- Tijesunimi Adekanmbi
Sad child: “How’s my look, mom?”- Yasir Farooq
Spring rain makes for bouncy sidewalks!- Iliana Grace
The only friend without betraying:Chatgpt- eve lost
Red cardinals remind me of her.- Markie Doczi
I blankly stared, the sun cold.- Nayun Lee
You wet yet? He asked, crying.- Robyn Perros
Amassed sarcasm: Motherhood as baby’s menu.- Isabelle Hoida
I am home alone, freely forgotten.- Rebecca Ahn
I read your obit and smiled.- Elisa Subin
Abandoned. Rescued. Caged. Adopted. Loved. Zoomies!- Zoe Humphreys
Life. An endless circle. Happiness and tears.- Sienna Palmo
Beauty overrated, except in real life.- Claire B
“Where’s our home, papa?” “In heaven.”- Neethu Manikandan
He said. She said. Hidden camera.- Paul Fein
Dreams whispered louder than fears’ echoes.- Hey Nuh
Everything okay? No, but she nodded.- Angela Lam
I’m nothing but a numb silhouette.- Madelyn Bomar
Peace wins! Fascist government overthrown. Unprecedented.- Linda Fernandes
Hope blossoms, conquers darkness, embraces light.- Rutendo Lisa Muzadzi
Will I ever leave this house?- Tov Ross
Sorrowful specters were eating my shadow.- Paschal Ezeokafor
All the Waldos are already circled!- Renee Ricevuto
One knife. One moment. Two lives- alicia dune
Late bloomer but seedlings definitely blooms.- Seedling Blooms
The world starts falling around us.- Jiaa Parikh
Caterpillar forages the autumnal skeleton dewed.- Resoun B Acharya
Even in death,James still cursed- Ayo D Raither Jimoh
Woke up.Dream stayed.Reality shifted- tinuola yusuff
I can’t love you any less.- Zoe Hilton
Uniforms full of their classmates’ autographs.- Arvee Fantilagan
Stop being so sad… its annoying- Jenny Flores
You dreamed our life away, fast- Writer Pilgrim Writer Pilgrim
Brawny, Meaty, Robust, Puny, Feeble, Infirm- Grant Reagan
Sanguine and breathing, the corpse blinked.- Rachelle Novaseen
Shadows crept whispers echoed eyes watched.- Y. Y
Don’t look at me: see me.- Amy Goldmacher
– Inoperative bridge, follow me. Nonexistent bridge.- Prima Hossain
Artificial Intelligence may determine future genuineness.- Phanindra Ivatury
Sun rises, monochrome life, sun sets.- Helen Velikans
Purple people eaters often have cavities.- Tom McCarthy
She cry and laugh the same- Bulya Demelu
The bullet dived, she was water.- Zainab Abubakar
“More time ? Why ? You had enough.”- Matthis Degrée
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary.- Anna Maeve
Knife buried, fingernails cleaned, number seven.- Heather Haigh
I lost myself to find myself.- Mimi King
Not one knew what was ahead.- Marina Yu
Flex your cigarette, I flex breathing.- Brianna Cross
That was her last picture.- Seth Mulligan
I am hated because I love.- Marissa Pohwat
Everyone requires a dragon in Brooklyn.- Kat Coffin
Mum, to a sparkling kitchen, ‘shithole’- Alice Campbell
He arrived, but she was gone.- Eduardo Marques
Reckless evening; morning after regrets, pregnant!- Valerie Fish
Black and white photos. Ghosts everywhere.- Miera Rao
“Collecting clover? It’s a sham, Rock.”- Jay McKenzie
BANG! nothing fell on the floor.- Henrietta Brooks
Man never needed magic to fly- Caroline McCue
“Me or the dog.”  Husband: £50.- Norman Julian Blair
Maple leaves and happiness drifted downriver.- Farah Ali
Pity covered her face in shame.- Stephanie Du Plessis
Don’t regret what life gives you.- Charity Smith
She loved him. I loved her.- Nina Blake
A grandiloquent dog died without ceremony.- Mike Freveletti
Titanic sailed; the rest is history.- MG Elumba
She went in…Tentalces came out!- Lee (Taurus) Davis (Maximus)
Bad husband but good father, how?- Pidari Gayathri
And then I will fade away.- Madeleine Tan
Grandpa enjoyed beach visits. Until D-Day.- David Silver
Falling into step with my mother.- Iris Wang
They all left, but God stayed.- Samyukta Nath
Before we drown: one last hug?- Ria Mavinkurve
Want to fly, people starts commenting.- Tamoghna Dey
Friends, fight, forgive, forget, forgotten-fate.- Hiu Laam Shea
Just sold was one I liked- Samyson Periyasamy
Fools rush where angels feared- Yamela Reuben
Constellation,Milky way,Beast,Planet,Earth- Ruth Ruvella
“Mommy, can I use your potty–puleeaase?”- Armanis Ar-feinial
Free at last, Covid has lost!- Jeck Garcia
But you said, “ I was enough.”- Will Goss
Outside right, sits the slanted light- Linley Crocker
Fear knocked. Courage answered the door.- Sally Deems-Mogyordy
I saw, I loved, I buried.- Pearl Lue
Messy room, broken toys, embracing parenthood.- Azra Saifi
Repress, remember, recoil, reject, realize, rebirth- Christie Santoli

Right on time…wrong address?! Argh.- Mia Blixt-Shehan
Questions always orbit like sad garlands.- mai magdy
Disinfectant burns my nose, “It’s terminal.”- Camille Hiltbrand
missing Father worlds apart … Zoom funeral- Chen-ou Liu
Amazing!  Nascar champion unexpectedly turns right.- Mike Freveletti
Oxygen depleted. I’m in the abyss.- Nancy Whitecross
Day surrenders to twilight’s affectionate kiss- Ridwan Issa
Beautiful beyond words. Bring me down.- Pia Zenelle Hutalla
Faceless internet predator devours adolescent innocence.- cat frenette
Try imagine everything with googly eyes.- Izah Camille Bragado
I weep bitterly but pray faithfully- Zinhle M Xaba
“Leave me to haunt the spiders.”- Morgan V
Her beauty absolutely hated her age- Stephanie Du Plessis
Tiny, golden, dancing gleefully, in flute.- TCC Cameron
Ever tried comedy? It’s no joke.- Kai Lee
Lost key, found love, open door- Stian Koxvig
I knew love, this was not.- Tariro Zinyemba
Gramma still sleeps in Grandpa’s bathrobe.- Elizabeth Spencer Spragins
My fear of death kills me.- Robert Fife
Tracey’s husband disappeared. Vanished without Trace.- Holly Sissons
Economics. What is war good for?!- Adrian Bouter
She rejected the essence off forgiveness- Jill Towell
If he lives, I’ll kill him.- Jeff Kennedy
Slamming the door, you keep walking.- Andy N
He was land, she a bird.- Johanne Barth
Boarding now. Already homesick. Miss you.- Kai Holmwood
The orange juicier than the sun.- Lora Butcher
Agh ! Mike… It… smells horrible… Mike?- Ali Ruiz Vázquez
Breathing…floating..drifting..drowning…breathing again- Silence Singer
Wither by sunshine on the seashore- Ojingiri Hannah
The final slice of pizza, gone- Israe Ouadih
First baby shower on crystal jubilee.- Naomi Hudiyah
A.I. DM’s God for sleeping pills.- Robyn Perros
Almost died–done wallowing. Living now.- Seth Coffin
Her Christmas present had no beau.- William Joel
Hurt, scared, wounded, broken beyond repair- Evah Lethabo
Love me like you love her.- Raja El Aghar
Alive. Shooting. Whimpering. Bleeding. Unmoving. Dead.- Banchiwosen Woldeyesus
Clan dead: Banshee keens via YouTube.- Tina L. Jens
Lost Nigerian child found. A corpse!- Sinethemba Jilana
Ringing. Explosions. Gunfire. I startle awake.- Amos Campf
Bet it all. Couldn’t watch. Damned.- Barry Charman
Faded self-confidence seeks empathy for frolics.- Nick Fogg (she/her)
Ah! Sorry, there was a bug- Kat Buescher
Christmas vacation-Santa Clause is coming.!- Sarina Jo Robison
She wore it till the end- GwendalynOphelia Parsons
Walk past me in the fog.- Writer Pilgrim Writer Pilgrim
Assimilation, that’s what they call it?- Richard Berg
She made broken, look like magic- Dima Rashid
Men only improve what’s already created- Porsche Faria James
Fools happy; wises unhappy; God’s conundrum.- V PITCHAIRAJU
Love blossomed, secrets unveiled, hearts shattered.- Jéssica Belchiór de Oliveira
Suspicion is as contagious as covid- Neil Humphrey
Brush shoulders when we walk, still.- Dena Bernstein
Under the sun he flew quietly.- Rachel Cyparska
The ground approaches fast when falling !- Erik Bonthron
“No post today too,” Petunia sighed.- Sharika Nair
Hate his ignorance.Graduated.Miss him.- eve lost
My black dog dated a cat- Justin Ball
Fighting through my fear of life- Tobias Grey
Unread Text From Mom: Make It?- Dusty Jaymes
I must learn to sit quietly.- Tov Ross
Ever seen a baby pigeon?- Kyle Callam
Lime and salt on margarita pizza?- Alice Campbell
Visitors enter here: Checkouts not permitted.- Benson Lucero
I wouldn’t prevail, yet I endured.- Caitlin Illing
Without love, exist. With love, live.- Annie Cowan
When did I stop being fearless?- Susan Roth
Joy like crab in high tide.- Mayookh Barua
Live it Up, Life Berry! Blooms.- aishwarya gupta
It’s happened again, I can’t escape.- Rose Miller
Human babies for cheap. Customizable options.- Renara Gray
He’s here! My mouth fell open.- Stacy Singh
“Pspsps”… my sweet boy comes running.- Marissa Pohwat
How many hells have you burried?- CUBA UKOH
Going to heaven and feeling cold.- John Adebisi
Just desserts I ordered. Murdered Later.- David DEMStories
Its way harder than I expected.- R.N R.N
Death forgave sexual excess every time.- Norbert Kovacs
A life worth living is adventurous.- Frank Hillyard
“Is this mushroom edible?” “Maybe?” “Helpful.”- Julie Rule
Nothing will ever be the same- Cheri Scharff
and suddenly she began to believe- cynthia falzone
She no longer resembled a lover.- Aloma Davis
Slava Ukraine! We are with you!- Jennifer McCubbin
Even the fireflies have left me.- Eliana Canfield
Dew glinted on petals, red bleeding.- Nayun Lee
She smiled outside, but died inside.- Julie Mulligan
Wrestling an elephant wasn’t the wisest.- Jenny Cleland
“I did nothing!” “You did something.”- Alexandra Malki
Sunlight chased monsters away, for now.- Jenifer Red
Clandestine machinations, secret romances. Gargoyle gossip.- John D. Parker
Death brought me back to life.- Ria Mavinkurve
Her career started with six words.- Nida Saifi
Flowers grew from his vicious words.- Arantxa Mathapersadh
Nests of foam, forever at home- Geethanjali Bhas
Hypercolor red, the rivers once bled- Linley Crocker
The portal flickered, then it spoke.- Lee (Taurus) Davis (Maximus)
Bride chose groom and horse- Sara Stampp
I never meant anything to you.- Ren Soduh
Spot remover accident. My dog’s disappeared.- David Silver
On school supplies list: bulletproof vest.- Donald Ranard
Sunera killed the rapist for revenge- Najifa Tabassum Lira
This sentence may vanish if unread.- Marcelo Medone
You left me as a memory.- Taylor Washington
Together forever under one roof’s rubble.- Hibah Shabkhez
Evening brought peace to the pack.- Skye Kennedy
Lay believer gay together we’ll play- Oussama Benbrahmi
Hope is buried. Fetch the shovels.- Franklyn S. Newton
Clouds fight, heavens cry, I dance.- Shivangi Kotadia
We’re family, but only by blood.- Heaven-Leigh Porter
Nations rise, nations stagnate, nations fall.- Andrew Wright
Moved to Friendsville, Tennessee. Still lonely.- Lisa Marie Lopez
Touch the grass. Breath the world.- A. Rose A. Rose
ALIENS ARRIVE! Appear unimpressed, depart immediately.- de Villiers South Africa
He loved birds. Then he flew.- Rhea Brennan
“Never trust cats.” – Michael, recently deceased- AJ Johnson
His romantic postcard arrived too late.- Sara Barrett
Endless tunnels, alien goals… Poor souls!- Olena Voitovych
Humans are a slave of habit.- Gourab Saha
Read between the lines, she gestured.- Michele Lagoy
Clocks lean backwards – Monkeys chew gum?- Richard Walker
Married at sunrise, widowed by sunset.- Ana Alonso
With mankind gone, Earth flourished again.- Asuka Oura
I swear, I can only lie.- Zoey Sloane
There were no demons. Just us.- Raeesah Chandlay
Spastic time traveler appears. Disappears. Appears.- Terence Gallagher
Candles unlit. Presents unopened. Wishes made.- Candice Abigail Fabriga
Life is a fairytale, Grimms version.- Lydia – (Nekotomofu) Waras
Make sure the music is loud.- Shellsea Ibarra Carreon
Everyone thinks Stars are only Suns.- BRANDON RAGSDALE
Regret is human, forethought is divine.- Catherine Lanser
May thy sorrow blanket the stars- Fatima Abdullahi
Friendships are stronger if one weakens.- Sarah Mañoza
Crunching fresh crisp snow under foot.- Dave Kalcher
Hummingbirds the sudden blur of summers.- Edward Huddleston
Once always hot; now forever cold.- Amanda Ruse
Big black bear. Ate all children.- Daniel Shandrin
A city was once a forest.- Oliver Sopulu Odo
Children shrieking, delight or fear? Santa!- Sally Greeno
Bedroom empty. Apartment blends two lives.- rani Jayakumar
Was hiding, wretched wrinkles found me.- Kamisah Abdul Karim
How do I humanise eventual death?- Octavius Tan
Born a twin. Graduated only child.- Anna Maeve
Refugees drowned, tycoons imploded, spotlight overturned.- Azra Saifi
Found a new home. White coffin.- Muheez Olawale
A bullet? I die this way?- Ginny Celer
Five-four-three-two-one-LIFTOFF- Chris Baum
All artwork starts with a dot.- Sophia Dupee
A truly broken heart fears healing.- Markie Doczi
“I love you,” “Lying is sinful.”- Golibe Ezenekwe
Sleeping breasts swell in my hands.- Gerald Smith
The Allotment Murders; the plot thickens.- Valerie Fish
Terrified with screams, horrified by silence- eman ozair
I switched on my best lover.- Samyukta Nath
Sadly, he lived to experience everything.- Rachelle Novaseen
I will wilt before the flowers.- Amy Williams
Chickens have beef with tender steaks.- Ugo Umeofia
Spite’s a despicable act of love.- Alyssa Cilento
She sold her shadow for love.- Neethu Manikandan
Failed an exam, passed life’s syllabus.- Stuti Mathur
Wished I could, So I did- Berry Tate
Daddy come wash my shit now- Njie Martin Vevanje
When can I be with you?- Will Goss
Compassion, Sentiment, Adrenaline,Passion, Flavor, Scent- Ruth Ruvella
Don’t scream, they will hear us- Priscilla Dankwa
Hero, heroine, villain, crisis, happy ending.- Cindy Belt
Rainbow, the colour of your smile.- Aishu Poetry
Rode mask-free. Free ride to Maker.- Miera Rao
Slept with him and stole it.- Lauretta Hart
Open your eyes, said the sun.- Selin Avşar
Drinking moonshine under the mountain moonlight.- Gina Leigh
Their discovery deepens my profound love- Linda Page
4) On hold forever. Hate Fleetwood Mac.- Ed Friedman
She hops on graves and laughs.- Kelly Pittman
surrounded by sharks! anyone for  tennis?- william dawson
Exchanged meeting family expectations, for self-determination.- Mio J. Lindner
A narrow street in my neighborhood.- Prachi Saini
So many stories in the graveyard.- Jennifer Vrielinck
Childhood best friends. Nemeses as adults.- Lilla Down
Closed eyes, to see you again.- Connie Paul
Inside her grandma, the wolf itched.- Jeck Garcia
He said ‘Nice dress’. She smiled.- Michael Richardson
Death wept as he took her.- Ellie Colagrosso
draw yourself. is there a smile?- Dakota Jackson
Dreams embraced, stumbles faced, victories achieved.- Hey Nuh
Cupid braves bombs, only photos survive.- Sahil Mehta
Lost you like those unfinished erasers.- Indika .
First outfit; chosen but not needed.- Victoria McKeighan
Her humour, like her cooking, dry.- Rebekah Lawrence
Sparkles… diamonds then tears. Groom disappears.- Jennifer Ruth Jackson
Names drop like flies at urinals.- Cleveland Wall
Light snores; giggles on Christmas night.- Emma Picolo
A “shrill” voice cannot be credible- layla cartwright
Hey Reiner, Please have a seat- Him Leung
Shall we swim in fetid waters?- Kat Coffin
Water is a powerful, wandering force.- Brianna Cross
The hope that death brings solace.- Michel Matthews
Magic spell: words that move you- Carmine Amaro
It all started with the pancakes.- Jack Arnold
Her castle was made of tears.- Sarah Diniapsari
Blushing bride, glowing groom– I do.- S.E. Reed
Draw a line, be an original- Clarine Sies
Went out walking, came back aching- Carole Cole
Handyman wanted, discretion and shovel required- Christopher Frew
Still in solitude there is chaos.- Claudia Parker Joel
An anchor in life’s stormy seas- simplicity simple
Wealthy family needed. Must love kittens.- Rudy Vener
Only witnesses: cracked glasses, bloody books- Nazdar Ayzit
Marauding streams swallowed the full moon- Shoba Narayan
His might might be quite overwhelming- Rajagopal Kaimal
I love me, myself, and I.- princess saga
Rustling leaves spoke to the breeze- Sheena Sarah Winny
It was looking right at me.- Nicola Lamprecht
When birds fall and fishes soar!- Jasmeet Kaur
Sun sets easily on our existence.- Diana Davison
The forest recognized the wandering child- Aubrey Lombardo
Winning dish had fingers. Finale rescheduled.- Roy Hassija
Between life and death. One second.- Joy Yin
I have loved you simply never- Susan Abel
Tardis for sale: no time-wasters please- Amanda Cole
Please rise for the Prime Minister.- John Dixon
Procrastination is the theif of time.- Lisa Rivers Kiesling
Got a postcard today, from hell.- Nia Docherty
Death. Frightening and unknown. Never comes easy.- Sienna Palmo
Thanks for inviting us–GOOD bye!- Garry Engkent
Fallen was the city that cried- Galen Cunningham
The locket gleamed with newfound closure.- Diana Stephanie Erfelua
What if the parachute doesn’t open?- Claire Smith
I’d rather die than say goodbye.- Ema Nakano
I only meant to scare her.- Leah Rose
Wind and opportunity. Both simply endless.- Chengyu Jiang
Wife – Professional Globetrotter, Me – Passionate Homemaker- Phanindra Ivatury
Knock, Knock. “Who’s there?”. “Six Words”.- Atticus Black
Follow your lover for the hell.- Afshan Q
Shades of grey, as light illuminates.- Fredrick Haskins
The phone jumped into the pool- Charity Smith
The fool thought condoms were foolproof.- Katheryne McMullen
Loving you was a beautiful pain.- Tamoghna Dey
Mad girls don’t sing quiet songs- Caroline McCue
Goals became ghosts of the past.- Pidari Gayathri
Heart broken, soul taken, smile remains.- Saaiyannhkka Sripal
She kept walking the empty pram- Marjolein Rotsteeg
People are images on the timeline.- Jelena Hrvoj
Grateful heart reconnects lost soul bridges.- Seedling Blooms
Albert loves hypothesizing. He lost it.- Ramon Paolo Alfar
Curiosity killed the rover.- Esther Zigman
Surveillance rose. Privacy fell. Sanity collapsed.- Jordana Landres
Cheeks blush; stares burn my skin- Claire Anastasia Blake
A bed is your comfort friend.- Serafina Williams
Couldn’t learn from history. Changed major.- Nick Gallup
Vampire allergic to garlic, Loves sunlight- DripDripDrop DripDripDrop
Killing Your Ancestral Spirit: Student’s Tutorial- Sarah Cline
Strict parents might raise sneaky kids- Bridget Dixon
Cold is good don’t you think?- Keandra Bogan
The fox hunts, for her children.- Judy Kelleher
Chew a Pen’s ass – find muse- Okparaoyibo Chukwuma paul
“Mercy!” she begged, and was punished.- Seth Mulligan
Sometimes you deserve more, sometimes less- Betty Wang
He filled his boots and drowned- Carol Beirne
She laughed; I tried to smile.- Bentley Brock
Gosh! Northern lights. Wish came true.- Gazala Saifi
Stolen banana rotten in the middle- Mark Miscovich
Against wish, was a king born.- Phyllis Nyawira
Checking: might be you this time.- Olaitan Jumoke
By morning, I want them dead.- Joseph Yu
She’s too good at ‘breaking hearts’…- Wǒ shì wǒ Lilith
Wrists bound together, bodies floating astray.- Ana Maria
“A maze, one fine spring night”.- Hanishree Vichare
“Would you like a biscuit?” “Woof!”- Patrick Twomey
Radio, coffin, chapped lips, honey, mom.- Rebecca Ahn
Vote now! Just $50 down payment!- Benjamin Hawley
Pages whisper in ink, not paper.- LM Costa
Spotted: Non-committal ex carrying backpacked cherub.- Phanindra Ivatury
Love is rich in farts- aca aca
My heart left me for him.- A. M. Conger
Oh! The womb that borne me.- Rejoice Akpan
That breathing sensation, remember it now- Midnight Rampersad
New puppy, happy dog, fresh grave.- Erica Steel
She asked, I accepted. We regret.- Matthis Degrée
Time heals all wounds, even memories.- Brandy Kerrigan
When all else fails, everything burns.- Brittany Nelson
Fear of worrying about fear, anxiety.- Natalie Newhouse
Arms outstretched…lips puckered…Yuck! Run!- Jeanne Johnson
Mission: time-travelling assassination. Destination: Berlin 30.01.1933.- Dave Rees
Cat’s piano recital: audience howled, literally.- Jasmina Salimova
Long ago, when humans were humane.- Shaina Saifi
Parkland was far, now it’s here.- R. Thillairajah
We used to eat ramen together.- Iris Wang
Time and relationship depends each other.- Tamoghna Dey
One door opened. Another closed. Life!- James Patrick Focarile
Garage Sale tomorrow. Everything must go.- Saskia de Leeuw Kyle
After a thunderstorm, fireflies get lit.- Sally Deems-Mogyordy
Look at me…I’m right here.- Agatha Inwang
Jews shot. Budapest. The Danube. Shoes.- Melinda-Judith Vincze
I never wanted any of this.- Madeleine Tan
You thought I wasn’t ever listening- Cadence Zbin
Once alone, will be, now see.- Hiu Laam Shea
White earth glistens, winter like moon.- Rizul Makkar
As time flows, signs signal END.- ReeLee_365 ReeLee_365
One day the sky turned red.- Justus Green
The sun set on their love.- Robin Blasing
Oh, how he loved her silence.- Emily Fenner
my lover, and are you married?- Lucía Ximena Ubilluz Almagro
Is love really love, in Namibia?- Ndinoshisho Shilomboleni
Peppermint: the whisper of the cold- Daria Moti
Hoping for something I don’t want.- Zoe Hilton
Her prayers are answered. I escaped.- Nina Blake
Magic isn’t real , man manipulated it.- Pearl Inci Corlu
Tearstained teddy bear. Laughter in heaven.- Reynard Warden
Love happened, died, if lucky, repeated.- Sukruethai Khuneiad
There’s no seat belt in life- Aastha Tyagi
Augmented ducks texted with prehensile beaks.- Michael Fahrbach
Inside many bellies lies our answer- Mickeymoore Mickeymoore
Fun people die abandoning their yo-yos.- Andrea Santo Felcone
They say they tried, did they- Mary McNamara
Ask my country, she swallows bodies.- Zainab Abubakar
My fluttering heart, a caged canary.- Faid 
When she turned 16, he left- S. Barb
I will hide you within me- Subekshya Ghimire
Believe in yourself to complete tasks.- Daniel Kim
Wishes made above the flower bed.- Keneth Erfelua
Smiling; a simple act, rarely used.- Ai Ai
First language, erased by the second.- Melissa Lopez
Only you could make me laugh- Josephine Dankwa
Quick. Hide! I hear you mind.- Aaran Thakore
Unapologetically yourself is the best you- Yomara Moreno
Finally, her flesh tingled. With maggots.- Ian Coombe
Girl, not a boy. Corpse now.- Antonio Gomez
To exist without LIVING is death- Omofela Omofela
War. She waited. He never returned.- Marian Myers
Soft beds of dried pine needles- Paige Leppanen
Thanksgiving: Man serves family; spares turkey.- Linda Fernandes
He loved the ghost of himself- Cassie Reynolds
Couldn’t write a poem about you.- Evie Wynne
He jumped, Ground turned her back- Chigozie Ohaka
“Have a Great life! Good bye!”- Carl Schuler
Circe texts after your third whiskey.- Jennifer Mills Kerr
She sighed and ended it quickly.- Elaine Gardner
Whats Strrange? A stranger is nicer- Aisha Laiq Najam
Life? An intriguing and wonderful journey.- Henry Vinicio Valerio Madriz
Dispensing modicums of deepest knowledge; obelisk.- Q.P. Cairo
Hope died infront of my house.- Dorriann Reid
Strangers met.Friends forged.Families formed- tinuola yusuff
My delusions became my false reality.- Rabiah Ahead
“Coffee’s hot! I know you’re working.”- M Collins
I didn’t think you’d say no.- Renee Ricevuto
Silent peacocks do not exist anywhere.- Tom McCarthy
Lay these buried thoughts to rest.- Kira Blake
leave it for the next generation- Maia Scher
Bull lunged. I screamed. He died.- Melissa Bravo
After some consternation we embraced bioluminescence.- Farah Ali
To Gaza options: Death And Death.- Sadia Mou
Motherlands’s soil. blood, sweat, tears. Freedom.- Jannah Hossain
Oh how i miss his laugh- Lily Jobling
Her echo fell silent. He grinned.- Holly Hedd
Apocalypse now. Should I be worried?- Paul Fein
Laugh now else you’ll be haunted- Ekta Adhikari
We do not pawn wedding rings.- Seunghee Kim
Frozen Antarctic tears now flowing incessantly.- Sheetal Singh
Wow, where’s the rest of you?- Kenneth Minishi
He was the one all along- Trinidad Arroyo
Possibly not as important as thought- John Cooper
Abandoning her wheelchair, dancing in heaven.- Shih Yen Chang
The curry ruined my damn wedding.- Arvee Fantilagan
Taste fortified water, two oxygen atoms!- Anthony Boulanger
Everything has changed. Why haven’t you?- t c
So, do you still love me?- Leyelle M.G.
No love like laughter, sweet child.- Ronnie Joy
My husband’s cancer nearly killed me.- Rook d’Bay
She Loved Him, He Cooked Her!- Rashmi Khanna
Be yourself but don’t get comfortable- Solana Jeffries
Jonathan is an insomniac. The ceiling!- Stephen Page
my mind thinks, my heart speaks- Trinity Heart
Above all, I wanted my life.- Cameron Edwards
How long have we been falling?- Katherine Gray
All kittens are faur and lovely- Sunshine Sunshine
Flee off air like a bird- Manish Reddy
Radioactive: I’m breathing in the chemicals.- MJ Ballados
I am in awe of myself.- Samiksha Ransom
The terrifying truth, Her limited youth- Fay Cath
The hills told a harrowing tale.- Ash K. Gray
Gripping the last straw with hope- Tabi George
Top waves mind in a page- Resoun B Acharya
Another important event. Another nervous fart.- Willow Flame
“You look tired!” Well, I am.- Lucy K
Found a doll. Why’s it breathing?- Kami Mugo
Walk in my shoes. These stilettos.- Susmita Ramani
The Owl And The Pussycat, Divorced- Farhana Hussain
Human scavengers. Animal blood. Meal, check!- Shree M.
Flirty Fizz, nine months, whose eyes?- Heather Haigh
Become a wolf, throw yourself, elk.- S. Abdulwasi’h Olaitan
Met boyfriend’s parents. Were mine too.- Amanda Nicholson
Your eyes caressed me so softly- h.n.s .
Residence for Sale; Issue: Bloody Sightings- April Clarese Diaz
Screaming words gashed the wound again.- Paschal Ezeokafor
Even Grim Reaper’s door will knock.- Jessica Russo
What’s Life? Except Choices and Exceptions- Chesed Chesed
Send prayers, but also send help.- Gift Mbuk
Out by Christmas. Nowhere. No-one. Nothing.- I tried. I failed. I try. What can I say that’s new?
He orders a margarita, no salt.- Devane Clarke
My suit ripped, out in space.- Mr. Nobody Mr. Nobody
Engulfed in our cocoon of eternity- Moxie Cronje
The stars hold grudge against God.- John Penwielder
Punishment: DEATH. She did it anyways.- Julia Tilson
New England’s autumn, Old England’s fall- Paul Miroshkin
She ate all his unborn Kids.- Lukas Westphal
a dead deer bit my lip- Megan Friedman
Brighter days, like winter nearing spring.- Stephanie Samulde
Toddler reports excitedly: statue of “Liver-tea”.- Leli Z
Sun God temple needs lights- Samyson Periyasamy
Piles of imperfect art held secret.- William Garrabrant
“Who?” “The part one of you.”- Bob Zhu
Warm and long embraces departed too- Lilitha Boco
I want to live my life- Josie Romatelli
No! tapas bar, not topless bar!- Trisha Simone
The coffin lowered.  The pretence ended.- Norman Julian Blair
Warmongering a season of unifying misery.- Sankara Jayanth S
The world is cold, and yet.- Cas Dean
Gladly she rode into the sunset.- Sarah Heald
Unicorns have horns. That’s the point!- Julie Brydon
When you smile I see the light- Natalie Yeung
Beneath my shadow, I discovered me- Luna Adasha
Diagnosis; unteachable. Graduation speech; defying stereotypes.- Sandra Thom-Jones
Peter Litters Babysitter’s Glitter Critter Show- Chimel Abia
He gave her what alone endures.- Jake Orthwein
Wear the heatwave like a skin.- Jennifer R. Thornton
Intertwined souls protested Death’s parting hand.- A.W. Raven
Beneath the scorching sun he strive- Saadatu Uzairu
He looked frightened and ran backwards- Itse Daibo
The Heart Of Gold Also Weeps- Tamani Sale
She wouldn’t be silenced by threats.- Mei Chiam
… searching for her. Gone. His imagination?- Prima Hossain
She whispered, he yelled, they broke.- Jiaa Parikh
Instead of roses, matches and fire.- Adam Boržík
If I seek, I get lost.- Beckton Simmons
Mommy! After-dying, how tie my shoes?- parisa mousavi
Your absence lives in my bones- Clarisa González
As he drank, she cried silently.- Angela Lam
Ever have amnesia? I can’t recall.- Lee Ewing
Painting and lies? Or painting lies.- Anthony Bui
You’re the last one, I whispered.- AN Grace
He hated her and loved her.- Mike Weaver
A yellowed photo – her only memory.- Wayne Summers
Friends are made for specific whens- Sam Hendrian
Love always mean you to me- Secre8 Black
Love, lust; damn the consequences. Regret.- T.NIZZA T.NIZZA
They forgot where he was buried.- Sofia Rincon
The bonds are in your head.- Sherri Moorer
Granted, my obsession heard “penis colada.”- Isabelle Hoida
Stowaway’s backpack, featherlight, becomes wings- Jody Cooksley
Buried in my casket, can’t sleep- kathleen gilbert
I’m naked. Of you. Of us.- Georgiana Costea
Open the door, let me in.- Kay Lesley Reeves
I’m free but I feel trapped.- Michelle Soul
Note: Ask Tom Hanks island directions- Karen Kent
I’m shinning in a purple light- Folasade Ogundeko
Convening maggots vote yes to refuse.- James Penha
Dog seeks new owner. No bells.- Philip Wilson
Nothing more needed to be said- Nico Ma
Miserable people must never feel loved- James Gladden
laughter echoed, memories made, happiness everlasting- Ilhaam Ameen
No bridle for the animal donkey- Balasubramaniyan Venkataramani
Midnight. The elevator travel every floor.- Umi Agawa
How many cats has curiosity skinned?- Asa Page
Belonging is a burr with determination.- Olive Zhong
Whispers are always louder than screams.- Klaudia Wadecka
Our organic failures continue living, growing- Aaron Walder
Belle promises to marry juice seller- Hassan Kishabi
Walking down the aisle without you.- Sahima Mittal
Worries is the present poorer future.- Chloe Moore
We are all of us Lonely.- Iliana Grace
diving in to drown it out- Alyssa Beal
I continued wondering, now I’m insane.- Cornelia Walter
Irony and Insanity such a couple!- Lorah Kay
I should’ve listened to my mother- Mika Amador
Banana went to therapy—too appealing!- Y. Y
Lights dawned upon her eclectic locks- Malina Gadsden
Finding joy in life’s offerings.- Michael Muroff
Rushed. Her cheek kissed my lips.- Pat Saunders
Prayed hard during surgery. Forgot after.- Rosemary Thomas
“No it’s working” her hair plummets- alicia dune
Sense of proportion trumps any truth.- Daniel Barshay
Pretty Face. Blind to see it.- Tijesunimi Adekanmbi
He drove straight through the crowd.- Angela Karnes Padron, PhD
she held light loosely, it flew.- Lamya Al Harthy
From diapers to diapers. Life’s circle- Peggy Gerber
Final fling. Empty bed. Flying solo.- Prue King
Space. Final frontier conquered. McDonalds everywhere.- Bogdan Groza
The dark creature watched her wander.- Marina Yu
Yet their fingers itch to intertwine.- Inanna Carter
Daring to seek the dark wonders.- Julia Kalirai
Limits hinder possibilities. Limitlessness creates impossibilities- Vanessa Morse
today divorce papers, tomorrow murder suicide- Kathryn Deffely
Learnt to fly.  Crashed plane.  Disenchanted.- Sheila Gray
Shattered heart listens to self clearly- Rose Shiby
Does Schrodinger’s Cat owe back taxes?- Ben Reid
Warning: roads lined with silver goop.- Henrietta Brooks
Convict is neither dead or alive.- Rikki Santer
Her laughter rang like a memory.- Lulu Henault-Bassett
Finished novel. Longhand. Smug. House fire.- Richard Prosch
Cheers! To the already adulterous couple- Rina Nissani
The hero returning a neighbor’s barrel- Kathryn McNelis
How’s the weather in heaven, love?- Veronika Mikec
Loved, but trained with iron hands.- John Amoke
Faction fighting, rebel cause, innocence dying.- Helen Velikans
The brakes worked. The airbags didn’t.- Cassandra Moritz
The remote works now , thanks batteries!- River Song
she’s here but she’s not here- Elizabeth Corbin
I dreamt that I was sleeping.- Kenneth M. Kapp
Children were served nukes for breakfast.- MG Elumba
Never walk where you can run.- Megan Boyers
A clown masturbated in the doorway.- Rodi Padron
Why waste time spreading false truths?- Lemon Hollowood
I was simultaneously lost, yet found.- T.K. Harris
She really loved to preface, mid-conversation.- Jeff Boldt
Laughing loudly at my mother’s jokes- Krishnanand Boolaky
Live your dreams if you dare.- Chloe Liles
I had fun at the fair- Idhant Kompella
A book, a person, a life.- Truong Le
Once bitten; twice shy; thrice reckless.- Tanja Cilia
Poured an empty bottle. No glass.- N.T. McQueen
Hoped I have proved people wrong- Berry Tate
Seeking cigarettes, Dad found another wife.- JT Delk
Two blue lines. Recently divorced. Congratulations?- ALICE KINERK
She was poetry, and he, infinity.- Sampada Wagle
In his arms, she found home.- Sadie Erickson
Unraveling limbs beneath a hangnail moon…- Kelli Johnson
She Died To Save His Soul.- Jonathan Khoo
Hot chocolate with warm bread fuzzies.- Valentina Epifanov
Little daughter : ” Breakfast!!! Mobile!!!! ”    Mother : “Okay!!!”- Yasir Farooq
exit is locked, he’s behind me- Emily Diaz
Man: Back again! Moon: Forgotten something?- Eunice Young
The winds doesn’t blow without sigh- Yamela Reuben
Damn it! not enough words!- Jenny Flores
Me, became we, became a family.- Olivia Fang
Books were made to be drunk!- Onyinyechi Ndukaire
How it went or how I remeber- E. Ram
Boredom hits the head from inside- Quraan Janati
Hey, you forgot, it’s my birhday.- Pearl Lue
And then the fucking nazis came.- Maia Brown-Jackson
They came. They saw. They fled.- Ranee Shaw
The dark cloud appeared from nowhere.- Spiritual Sorbet Spiritual Sorbet
Stole a man. Wish I hadn’t.- Yasmin Goldie
Monsters exist they are beautiful lies.- Alexandra Fuentes
Be careful what you phish for.- Lisa H. Owens
Love. Marriage. Familiarity. Dislike. Hate. Murder.- Linda Lewis
“I have told you.” “Oh, really?”- Sophie Shea
Back to prison, they caught him.- Ahmed Dodo
Morning toots together as a family- Emily Chetwood
Six words. A jail? A jailer?- Philip Thomas
Ashes, ashes, but never a flame.- Taylor Onyinanya
Poetry cuts dark clouds in sky- Jody Shapiro
Same old, same old, bored yet?- Morgan Pletcher
Reformation–martyrs’ blood soaking the earth.- Thames Riviera
“Let me in.” Locked the door.- Julie Ferrell
Anagram lover’s knuckles: VOLE and HATE.- Rob Walton
You are entitled to substantial compensation.- Zora Penn
The ocean divides our distant souls- Matthew Brody
Shaking hands clasp the destroyed ballgown- Genna Weitz
His voicemail became her favorite song.- Eloisa Bloom
Fiery friend furious; bellows bellowing below.- Cate Covert
My hands bought future into present.- Anna Wilkins
Cloud nine wasn’t far after all- Lin Let
She laughs, “You do that. Please.”- Rosanne Ehrlich
Hated because you didn’t know yourself- Jessica Gold
Mother cradles son’s corpse; silence falls.- Nwajesu Ekpenisi
Dear life. Oh, our beloved life!- Joseph Ikhenoba
Seeking goodness; greatness not so much.- Claire B
Who said the sky is blue?- Mireille Uwonkunda
I crave what will ruin me.- Kaitlyn Brogan
How could I be so naive.- Lynn Maul
no winners, only losers in war.- Prasanta Bhandari
Autobiography “My Life”: an AI (author).- Izumi J.Y.
My heart’s secret: best friend, unrequited.- Aurore Nkaka
Diamonds couldn’t compare to her beauty.- Olivia Schwickerath
Went to war, returned a box.- Ema Nakano
Embracing the underdog is my jam!- Cheri Scharff
Our love was strongest on film- Iris Wang
We danced because the sun rose.- Sarah Heald
Susan specified how to surprise her- Eunice Young
I love you but you’re you- DripDripDrop DripDripDrop
No,  don’t touch that switch.. Noooooooohhh!- Valerie Fish
People watching is best done alone- James Gladden
Take my life not my joy- Ojingiri Hannah
Broken yet beautiful, my mosaic life- T.K. Harris
Speaking with Spirits, Divine and Undivine.- Rook d’Bay
Light emits at the bottom darkness.- Truong Le
Simply Add Your Six Words Here.- Onyinyechi Ndukaire
My drug addicted wife killed me.- Najifa Tabassum Lira
In between I chose it, none.- Seedling Blooms
Not lost, but still in searching.- Ndinoshisho Shilomboleni
Found him ‘old school’.  Refreshingly ‘new’.- Phanindra Ivatury
Silly fishes can’t see plastic.- alicia dune
Pineapple on pizza: crime against humanity- Kenneth Minishi
Jane waited for someone to run.- Ramon Paolo Alfar
She smile even when tears dripped- Saadatu Uzairu
Piranha petting farms will never exist.- Tom McCarthy
Light switch: the sun began dimming.- Rhea Brennan
To do: write love letter. Later.- Leli Z
Desperate gasp, fearful eyes, slumped forward.- Angela Karnes Padron, PhD
Still. Breathing. Nothing left but bones.- Lydia – (Nekotomofu) Waras
“My strength is…subtraction?” said Death.- Shree M.
Specter creeping near, look not; face- S. Abdulwasi’h Olaitan
The unfortunate outing of Tony Tombolo- Neil Humphrey
“Rare disease.” Rare like bleeding flesh.- LM Costa
Old photo. Their names I forgot.- Umi Agawa
The silent shore, the endless blue.- Krishnanand Boolaky
Windswept curls, sparkling eyes, dangerous smile.- Eliana Canfield
You need a partner in life.- Daniel Kim
Seeking El Dorado, found Hell Dorado.- John Adebisi
How ruthless are the gentle folk.- Fatima Abdullahi
Stuck in traffic, you lose inspiration.- Andy N
A scream of silent pain flows- Silence Singer
The bell rang, he kept drooling.- Mr. Nobody Mr. Nobody
Seated in the dark, she cried.- Caroline McCue
Apple          Cautiously, peel off her skin.- Keneth Erfelua
I yearn for a millennium’s grace- Matthew Brody
The ship sailed with their friendship.- Stephanie Du Plessis
Outlive him purely out of spite.- Cassandra Moritz
She watched him die. Pain over.- Ian Coombe
Time; something you can never stop.- Chengyu Jiang
Excuse the enthuse of my excuse.- Lisa H. Owens
Nothern lights, our favorite fireworks display.- MG Elumba
Smiling with my cheeks in tears- Tabi George
Secrets carried on the gentle breeze- Ridwan Issa
City lights shine for the blind.- Sarah Mañoza
Siri, how to write a six– Nia Docherty
Boisterous boor disturbs, disrupts. Winter housefly.- John D. Parker
Take it away. He’s not coming.- Stacy Singh
Why do I stay in this place?- Sherri Moorer
Endless nightmare: Terror consumes restless souls.- Jéssica Belchiór de Oliveira
Pinching breasts is not Eve Teasing- Shoba Narayan
Killing him twice wasn’t much harder.- Ranee Shaw
Even John Wayne wasn’t John Wayne.- Donald Ranard
Love calls; I don’t pick up.- Kai Lee
Chef was dead yet he’s cooked.- Dorriann Reid
Nostalgia is proof your memory lies.- Jessica Russo
three is really a lucky number- Keandra Bogan
I said I love you, late.- CUBA UKOH
Expect and accept unexpected and unacceptable.- Olivia Fang
Family ghosts wait eagerly for flatline.- Tina L. Jens
Russian Dolls Are Full Of Themselves- Farhana Hussain
In the garden, an empty playhouse.- Jennifer Vrielinck
“Armstrong!  Aldrin!  Moonwalk scene.  Take Two.”- Norman Julian Blair
The flatline machine killed my mom.- River Song
“Okay.” He stated, blank eyes unseeing.- Nayun Lee
I hear silent distress; worlds undiscovered.- Sarah Cline
Within the sky, holds the stars.- Serafina Williams
The Heart Of Gold Also Weeps- Tamani Sale
I am hanging by my fingertips— Maia Brown-Jackson
When I go, remember me. Please.- Madeleine Tan
The paint dried. I saw it!- Ginny Celer
Syndey sickness soared silently sending shivers- Lauretta Hart
Cat wore sunglasses, meowdeling latest purrstyles.- Jasmina Salimova
Ponder.Think. Repeat.Think and stop.- Henrietta Brooks
White noise instilling tranquil black holes.- Fredrick Haskins
Stories spread light across the skies- Linda Page
I chased my dreams, chased you.- Pearl Lue
I fear life more than death- Trisha Simone
Hope chest: junk in the trunk.- Cate Covert
“Violent emotional agitation, he had suffering”.- Hanishree Vichare
Friendship can be what saves me- Josie Romatelli
Yes! the stars twinkle for you.- Priscilla Dankwa
After success suicide attempt, he awakes.- Sukruethai Khuneiad
Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe loud.- Reynard Warden
Live without regret, what a failure- Sophie Shea
Glass hits floor, truth hits me- Quraan Janati
The only air around, hollow surrounds- Linley Crocker
Another star blinked out last night.- Bentley Brock
Power wielded correctly changes entire nations.- Vanessa Morse
Incorrect right shoes for this weather!- Spiritual Sorbet Spiritual Sorbet
You chased until I stopped running.- Heather Haigh
Her ring dropped into his hands.- Eloisa Bloom
“C’mon, let’s dance it out, Papa.”- Sampada Wagle
Sometimes I am an untouchable cactus.- Chloe Liles
Hang ten on a sinking ship.- ALICE KINERK
Freefall is both sinking and floating.- Asa Page
Thirteen’s too young for a DUI.- Jeff Kennedy
He loved Battleship Potemkin. I mutinied.- AN Grace
He turns away, the reflection smiles.- Lilla Down
Heard “good judge of character”? Run!- Paul Miroshkin
He thinks to himself, that’s why.- Devane Clarke
Pigs fly to claim the kingdom- Claire Anastasia Blake
Today’s headlines skipped for comics section.- Jennifer Ruth Jackson
Krishna taught Geetha; Arjuna learnt.- Samyson Periyasamy
Nest lined with love, we wait.- Aloma Davis
His letter drifted, lost at sea.- Sofia Rincon
What do you mean, she lived?- Seunghee Kim
within the chastity existed a villain- Genna Weitz
Hidden behind the lies are secrets.- Jiaa Parikh
Freak Out sweet cheek is chic- Oussama Benbrahmi
The monsters only ate smaller monsters.- Sara Barrett
Verdict. Two words will equal relief.- Marian Myers
How to die, by not living.- John Cooper
I loved it here on Earth.- Raeesah Chandlay
Sweet world, I do not belong.- Samiksha Ransom
Crescent rolls, only eclipsed by donuts.- Patrick Twomey
Do it now or never again.- Ugo Umeofia
Without soul’s we’d all be lost.- Pearl Inci Corlu
Her size 8 dress finally fit.- Rina Nissani
Sumptuous scrumptiousness advertised and published thus.- Benjamin Hawley
The carer who is compassionate left- Jill Towell
Ours was a fairy tale divorce- Jody Cooksley
The unicorn spread wonderful glitter poo- Clarine Sies
My childhood spent in gardens.- Prachi Saini
Don’t be scared. He’s just grown.- Victoria McKeighan
Dream bird incinerated the kitchen walls.- Neethu Manikandan
Schizophrenic cataclysm on aisle unconditional love.- Isabelle Hoida
Woe is me?  I knew love!- Josephine Dankwa
Expelled from school; now its Headmaster.- Tanja Cilia
Chocolate peanut butter pancakes make change- Emily Chetwood
He turned his weapons. And smiled.- Georgiana Costea
Love walked out, never to return.- Rodi Padron
I love you. I hate myself.- Hiu Laam Shea
“I bare you my heart.” “Don’t”- t c
Accusationing me of drunklyness is UNBEMAGINABLE!- de Villiers South Africa
Because the algorithm said it is.- Sankara Jayanth S
How beautiful and terrible we are.- Zoe Hilton
I had fun at the concert- Idhant Kompella
Who casts stoners down? Tar? Ash?- Q.P. Cairo
Succeeded in war but lost humanity.- Nida Saifi
And they lived happily ever after.- Shaina Saifi
Reunited runaway dog, shaking with excitement.- Holly Sissons
Betrayed by kin, murderered for ransom.- Brianna Cross
love goes more then two ways- Maia Scher
Caskets hold more warmth, I’m afraid.- Rachelle Novaseen
As beautiful as a broken promise.- Seth Mulligan
Pro of the Apocalypse? Less people.- Zoey Sloane
A flower blossom like a poet.- Olive Zhong
She finally croaked, the old toad.- Veronika Mikec
That money baby just messed up- Njie Martin Vevanje
Hoped I have proved people wrong- Berry Tate
Shadows can easily slip, and fade.- Evie Wynne
Time stood still … then slipped away.- Thames Riviera
He grab her hands, she slipped forever.- Ahmed Dodo
Two feet standing. Four paws down.- Candice Abigail Fabriga
I am breathing but why not drown- Cadence Zbin
Ai created. 5 humans found dead.- Prasanta Bhandari
Rain kissed, heart danced, love decayed- Stian Koxvig
So busy living; Life passed by.- Olaitan Jumoke
Lost, but they keep finding me.- Ana Alonso
Shadow  Painted woman  vanished  In blues.- Resoun B Acharya
If I must, I will not- Carol Beirne
She smiled. He proposed. She declined.- Anna Maeve
Yakuza sanctioned blood sport; gruesomely entertaining.- JT Delk
Billionaires suddenly all became suspiciously youthful.- Michael Fahrbach
The broken, healed, is more beautiful.- Leyelle M.G.
Brake lights fading as I die.- A. M. Conger
Monarch butterflies carry my soul aloft.- Sally Deems-Mogyordy
difficult times made me to write- Manish Reddy
Words are feelings, memories and stories.- Prima Hossain
By each other’s side they stayed.- Trinidad Arroyo
The sibilant whisper of melting snow.- Farah Ali
Decades still. He awakens. She smiles.- rani Jayakumar
Rather your parents then parents’ evening.- Mio J. Lindner
Ask your parents, while you can.- cat frenette
Wish I could read those eyes…- Wǒ shì wǒ Lilith
We had only stoked the flames.- Julie Ferrell
Paper airplanes fly. Papers fly airplanes.- David DEMStories
Eternity of terror overthrown by laughter.- Jelena Hrvoj
Graves. I watch. There I’ll lay.- ReeLee_365 ReeLee_365
“A boobsman, eh?” “No, little lower…”- Garry Engkent
Snakes outside tent. I can’t pee.- Lee Ewing
My dying wish was death itself.- Secre8 Black
The world is yours to mould- Fay Cath
Unfortunately, when you’re dead you’re dead.- Lisa Rivers Kiesling
I don’t want to write anything- Betty Wang
Moonrise, you wail, then claws emerge.- Nwajesu Ekpenisi
Lost weight, not on my body.- E. Ram
I hope you find your way.- Ronnie Joy
Tears had beaded between his lashes- Lily Jobling
You’ll never see the sun again.- Susan Roth
“I’m not myself,” said Gabby tersely.- Cleveland Wall
A will that conquers fear’s embrace- simplicity simple
The life we live is one big mystery.- Sienna Palmo
Quivering legs walked ahead with valour- Sheena Sarah Winny
Sharp pain in chest.  Spilt coffee.- Sheila Gray
Nostalgia tastes better than reality.- Sahil Mehta
Last eyelash wish, for first love.- Amy Williams
Learning to love starts with me- Yomara Moreno
Drain my heart like a pool.- Taylor Washington
Seeing my parents again on Christmas.- Naomi Hudiyah
The colors were screaming at him.- Justus Green
They label me “crazy.” I disagree.- Julia Tilson
Cut it in half, I’ll choose- Alice Campbell
For sale. Baby shoes. Mermaid daughter.- Ben Reid
Even the sun couldn’t warm us.- James Patrick Focarile
He wouldn’t see his hair again.- William Garrabrant
I’ll write essay on procrastination tomorrow.- Miera Rao
Some windows air; smells – gap tooth- Okparaoyibo Chukwuma paul
I was not made to break- Dima Rashid
Upon sentience it found divine peace.- Jonathan Khoo
The door lead out of dreaming- Kathryn McNelis
The ghosts of possibility haunt me.- Rabiah Ahead
We will all die. The end.- Shih Yen Chang
God is a mirror. Shatter it.- Seth Coffin
I made dinner, I never ate.- Kaitlyn Brogan
My sleeping children, playing in heaven…- Jannah Hossain
Autism diagnosis: Five decades misunderstanding explained.- Sandra Thom-Jones
The seventieth time is the charm.- Arantxa Mathapersadh
The frog song’s gone, elsewhere, elsewhere.- Kelli Johnson
Five female friends fled from Florida.- Tijesunimi Adekanmbi
Glimpsing up towards my bright future.- Julia Kalirai
One gift, unwrapped, deserted at hospital- Nazdar Ayzit
Success is not free. Yours, Struggle.- Muheez Olawale
Rabbits live and die by teeth.- Jennifer R. Thornton
Cinderella slipped on a glass shard.- William Joel
Chronical age: sixty. Cognitive age: twenty- Yasmin Goldie
Those simple feelings were everything, no?- mai magdy
My best dog is buried there.- M Collins
The eyes kept following me, Help!- Lynn Maul
What is freedom to you, friend?- Omofela Omofela
I am living my yesterday’s future.- Azra Saifi
Waiting for you with a dandelion- Folasade Ogundeko
Wondered, where did the wind blow.- John Amoke
Finally she grasps awards before bulls- Hassan Kishabi
Flying is just falling in reverse?- Robyn Perros
She let go–the spiders followed!- Lee (Taurus) Davis (Maximus)
Ends how it began: with light.- Philip Wilson
Every cloud is like silver mining.- Catherine Lanser
Close your eyes, listen to life.- Dave Kalcher
Twinkling dimple awakens my dead heart.- Pat Saunders
Money vultures or capitalists? Same thing.- Anthony Bui
We are late! Breakfast? Drink milk.- S.E. Reed
But like to run after rats.- Sunshine Sunshine
My life stop, black and white- Luna Adasha
Hoping these words turn to bread.- Linda Fernandes
Very angry now…Hey baby!!- Chigozie Ohaka
I’ve run out of words already!- Amanda Cole
My lover died, yet I smiled.- Golibe Ezenekwe
Steaming water. Oolong leaves. Sit. Talk.- Kai Holmwood
She regretted not trusting her instinct.- R.N R.N
Shroud my dead, o night sky.- Hibah Shabkhez
I often wonder, “who would know?”- Mike Weaver
Tomorrow the slugs are in charge.- Nick Fogg (she/her)
Cooter. Went Fishin. Hooked a toe.- TCC Cameron
Paralysed by the fear of you.- Sahima Mittal
Overpopulation. Mob behavior the new norm.- Stephen Page
Now there’s just snowflakes, no tears.- Amanda Ruse
Dead, but alive in my dreams- Carmine Amaro
Heart broke when he came back.- Rosemary Thomas
Never gonna give you up.- Izah Camille Bragado
I find you wherever I go.- Claudia Parker Joel
Blasting! Eternal* Subject of Living Life.- aishwarya gupta
Dewdrops silent, dawn unfolds tales.- aca aca
Sweet, serene sonatas suddenly sounded sinister.- Ria Mavinkurve
You were stolen by the waves.- Paige Leppanen
Mentors don’t use stick, they carrot.- Jasmeet Kaur
A lifetime of joy on paws.- Wayne Summers
Hatred learning how to be pure- Rose Miller
His car was outside the motel.- Rosanne Ehrlich
One gaze can reveal many thoughts.- Stephanie Samulde
in utopia there are no people- Dakota Jackson
Write or eat you pick rainbows- Jody Shapiro
Live and die. Never a story.- Taylor Onyinanya
Dog fight. Intervened. Very bad idea.- Melissa Bravo
Listening to the rain, he forgot.- Norbert Kovacs
She is dead. It is coming.- Marina Yu
6-year-old Minecraft player.18-year-old Minecraft programmer.- eve lost
“Boo” hollered the ghost – I ran!- Bridget Dixon
His heart-melting smile but eye-watering breath…- Jeanne Johnson
Life is the herding of cats.- Cas Dean
Bar hopped, lost ring, found love.- Paul Fein
Took off. Too late to eject.- Nancy Whitecross
The acento is on the á- Clarisa González
Your song surrounds in your absence.- Connie Paul
Cockroach in soup. I want more.- Kami Mugo
6 words. 1000 words. Just words.- Alexandra Malki
Hot workers in sweatshop make address.- Diana Davison
I love books. Not this one.- Benson Lucero
Depression isn’t; a person whose unworthy.- Ai Ai
This isn’t Wonderland; I’m no Alice.- Lucy K
Author suffering, you’ll stick between pages.- Dena Bernstein
Maybe I should’ve closed the door.- Shellsea Ibarra Carreon
She died so I could live.- Nina Blake
You-me, sum greater than whole.- Rizul Makkar
Limit, the sky asked, what’s next?- Chesed Chesed
Dinner’s from the dumpster again tonight.- Kelly Pittman
No matter where you land, welcome.- Skye Kennedy
Icarus resolutely fastened his paragliding harness.- Sharika Nair
Can we start with forever, today?- Shivangi Kotadia
Eureka! daylight at last. we’re saved.- william dawson
Caffeine and poodles, meaning of life.- Rikki Santer
Ten Commandments. One left to break.- Linda Lewis
Heart : Bird in a rib cage.- Anthony Boulanger
Walking alone. Footsteps. Hurry!! Only neighbors.- Cindy Belt
“He loves me,” the petal said.- Jeck Garcia
Delicate surgery, devasting pain, lifetime trauma.- Helen Velikans
Last meal, he ate his words.- Saaiyannhkka Sripal
The river vanished. The land moaned.- Banchiwosen Woldeyesus
The blood spluttering was a first- Lin Let
My name was Stella Marie Aldrich.- Leah Rose
Dinner was served, and it began- Christopher Frew
Richard’s voyage from failure to success.- Rejoice Akpan
Haiku2: billions of children billions of sandcastles- Yasir Farooq
A toast in the pool of regret- Moxie Cronje
“Let’s open the box,” said Pandora.- Jenny Cleland
Making ephemeral moments permanent on paper.- Michael Muroff
I’m no one, did you know?- Beckton Simmons
My Spring Break: pandemic, masks, vaccines- Jenny Flores
I loved her. She never knew.- Julie Brydon
Patience whispered, growth unfolded, grace bloomed.- Hey Nuh
Tomorrow becomes today, no happiness around.- Selin Avşar
Books are the key to life- Charity Smith
Chic Chicks chirp, cheap chiefs cheat!- parisa mousavi
Belatedly wheezed a futile request: vaccine.- A.W. Raven
She fell down; he stood up.- Angela Lam
Which word was in the beginning?- Robert Fife
“Good night.” “Homework’s due at midnight.”- Bob Zhu
Laundry tip: separate whites from bloody.- Terence Gallagher
Monkey fell off the mountain’s back- Lora Butcher
The miraculous moon suspended its glow.- Klaudia Wadecka
Resigned, and started her own business- Aastha Tyagi
Tears, fear and now it’s clear- Jessica Gold
Through hardships, strength was guaranteed- Ilhaam Ameen
Wished I could, So I did- Berry Tate
Spoke. Lost salary. Spoke again–silently.- Claire B
Broken. Words unspoken. Person? No, refugee.- Aaran Thakore
“Oedipus Complex!” Freud cried, mid spank.- Mike Freveletti
She’s straight and a bit slant.- Pidari Gayathri
Bloody hanger bent over the bathtub.- Renee Ricevuto
Impress hard fist; smuggle the hit- Mickeymoore Mickeymoore
What should I wear to my funeral?- Camille Hiltbrand
wonders can be in six words- Emily Diaz
Smiling, he licked her lifeless eyes.- Elaine Gardner
Longed for love. Found self instead.- Brandy Kerrigan
Tiny hands, now Goodbyes and Luggage- Lemon Hollowood
Officer, I backed up intentionally, twice.- Richard Berg
He hid, his shadow was visible.- Oliver Sopulu Odo
harsh_realities.pdf, 100,000,000MB, Consider Deleting- Dave Rees
She said the same heard from her- Natalie Yeung
Frustrated, missed my flight. Plane crashed.- Marjolein Rotsteeg
My inferiority complex isn’t very good.- Susmita Ramani
what if even if you if- Alyssa Beal
I’m okay. You couldn’t hurt me.- Agatha Inwang
Live, love, hope. Learn to cope.- Olena Voitovych
She tantalizingly licked her sultry lips- Chris Baum
Her smile never reached her eyes.- Judy Kelleher
Flood waters rising fill my boots.- Kay Lesley Reeves
Bombs for breakfast here in Gaza.- MJ Ballados
He’s family.  He’s loved.  You’re tolerated.- Nico Ma
But his wife answered the door!- Katheryne McMullen
Duvet dealer exposed as undercover agent.- David Silver
The full sky; Full of roots- Geethanjali Bhas
At least Zuckerberg remembers my birthday.- Asuka Oura
Sought by stars. Guided by moonlight.- Lisa Marie Lopez
My second chance. I’ll win, maybe.- Gazala Saifi
Where’s my shoe? Where’s Fido?…oh.- Mia Blixt-Shehan
Borrowing your light, to illuminate another.- Faid 
space between atoms between walls: mice- Megan Friedman
You remember the soup–too salty.- Andrea Santo Felcone
Circumcision as option. Less is more.- Adrian Bouter
I am like the stars: falling.- Cameron Edwards
Inner voice matters, unheard noise resonates- Rose Shiby
Want to have her, own her.- Pia Zenelle Hutalla
Panda Express: Pandas departed on FedEX.- Michele Lagoy
Arthritis rampant! A reflection of “Earth-itis”?- Izumi J.Y.
In the end, we are all bones.- Ellie Colagrosso
What will you do in doomsday- Him Leung
The squelchy feeling of stepping in dogshit- Mark Miscovich
John’s heart skipped.  Her pupils dilated.- Rob Walton
I awoke— their side was unruffled.- Antonio Gomez
I hope I haunt you forever.- Emily Fenner
The world was swimming in fire.- Paschal Ezeokafor
Try some greens, said the cow.- Marcelo Medone
He proposed. She declined. He jumped.- Peggy Gerber
back-and-forth between bathroom stalls “lazy boss, shitty job”- Chen-ou Liu
Silver spoon. Pampered. Apron string noose.- Richard Prosch
Face at the window. 13th floor.- Amanda Nicholson
Traitors have become our nation representatives…- Henry Vinicio Valerio Madriz
Honeyed lies dripped from her tongue.- Olivia Schwickerath
endless us the space between stars- layla cartwright
The warning was written in blood.- Caitlin Illing
‘Got cigarettes?’ one soldier asked another.- Cornelia Walter
Plunge! Frigid water. Pain or bliss.- Sally Greeno
A terrifying scream. From his home.- Joseph Yu
Whales sing harmonies we cannot hear.- Kat Coffin
American tourist visits the Sixteenth Chapel.- Jeff Boldt
she knew they would meet again- cynthia falzone
From I to Us to None.- Stuti Mathur
The monsters in us are waiting.- Mei Chiam
The birds have left their trees.- Diana Stephanie Erfelua
Dead people can’t move, right? Right?!- Willow Flame
He cried silently- we did it!- Rachel Cyparska
There are flowers in my mind- Aubrey Lombardo
Red rain. Then feathers. Then nothing.- Barry Charman
Burning coals held in patient hands- h.n.s .
Ice she ate, hot she became- Israe Ouadih
Heal the world, live in peace- Annie Cowan
Butcher’s dinner: vegetable soup and bread.- Sheetal Singh
I tried to forget, forgot why- Mary McNamara
Doubt’s the shadow eclipsing your soul- Erik Bonthron
“I used to be a mother.”- Edward Huddleston
Your words have yellowed these walls- Porsche Faria James
The Days draw nearer to Dreams.- BRANDON RAGSDALE
Mississippi sucked blood from his heel- Galen Cunningham
“Promise to die together?” “Of course.”- Rebecca Ahn
Feed the hungry. Donate dead bodies.- Renara Gray
The womb was safe, the bin?- Phyllis Nyawira
Anybody else in here smell gas?- Dusty Jaymes
By hospital bed. Beeping fades away.- Joy Yin
The smell was a dead giveaway- Mika Amador
Suicide. The only true philosophical plague.- Joseph Ikhenoba
“I like you; skip school tomorrow.”- Arvee Fantilagan
Submitted a loser’s story.  Won Competition.- Phanindra Ivatury
Gun shot. Blood splattered. Dropped dead.- T.NIZZA T.NIZZA
You are inconsistent, you have nothing.- Tov Ross
Her papa left; a broken soul.- A. Rose A. Rose
The border divided me in half.- Melissa Lopez
Shoes too tight: bunions too big- Carole Cole
“My name is Atticus. You are?”- Atticus Black
I dreamed. I laboured. Vanity.- John Penwielder
“It is gone,” sighs cancer patient.- Melinda-Judith Vincze
Life’s a movie, mine’s regular show.- Daniel Shandrin
Her face moved like a dancer.- Rebekah Lawrence
Mind your step, Alice. Don’t fall.- Jack Arnold
Work,Hard,Tough,Light,Handy,Break- Ruth Ruvella
The widow pawned her wedding ring.- Elizabeth Spencer Spragins
Patient as priests who’ve heard everything- Sam Hendrian
Her daughter’s laughter healed her heart.- Robin Blasing
A circle ends where it begins.- Carl Schuler
You didn’t deserve my love.- Michelle Soul
Every dead end has an exit.- Markie Doczi
The clock ticks. My body slows.- I tried. I failed. I try. What can I say that’s new?
Pages of life are always turning- Sara Stampp
Shattered glass can’t be glued together.- Julie Mulligan
Heaven, Hell, where are you headed?- Sarina Jo Robison
Tentatively, he finally left the nest.- Julie Rule
Who hurts you? My own expectations!- Aisha Laiq Najam
Indeed, collaborating is better than competing.- Lucía Ximena Ubilluz Almagro
What side are you on? Humanity.- Michael Richardson
Uterus cast vote while brain slept.- Esther Zigman
Leilani, Tell mom I tried. Kaeo.- N.T. McQueen
Everybody looked up and simply disappear.- Sarah Diniapsari
My superstitions are feeding my demons.- Iliana Grace
Please accept my comforter from Jerusalem.- Kenneth M. Kapp
Lost Gucci sandals. Found plastic flipflops.- Rudy Vener
She is inspiring like the sky.- Aishu Poetry
Sheep, wolves-and then there is me.- Jenifer Red
The candle fought but darkness won.- Tariro Zinyemba
“Your heart became a foreign langage…”- Matthis Degrée
Plane’s going down, twin towers ahead.- Ana Maria
Who am I in your dreams?- Ren Soduh
Birds can not fly without feathers- Yamela Reuben
I did it, look! someone? anyone?- princess saga
I dont remember,  what was it?- Anna Wilkins
Penny saved. More clutter on bureau.- Nick Gallup
An exhausted scientist amidst debacle. Cheers…- April Clarese Diaz
Silent night, roaring thoughts. Sleepless again.- Brittany Nelson
No, this isn’t the last hello.- Raja El Aghar
Warriors cry, the end is near.- Frank Hillyard
Gooey smiles at a summer party.- Valentina Epifanov
Parties, flags many; idea one money.- V PITCHAIRAJU
Everyone laughs at her foolish wisdom.- Gourab Saha
My torn heart hurts us both- Tobias Grey
Love is just a pretty excuse.- Nicola Lamprecht
Pounding heartbeat, sweating shaky hands, anxiety- Natalie Newhouse
Love like a desert rose blooms- Richard Walker
A POPsickle implies a CHILDsickle exists.- Ash K. Gray
Have you finished hitting me now?- Prue King
Joined hands can link the universe- Gerald Smith
Donald Trump changed American politics forever.- Andrew Wright
Want to walk the streets, you walked.- Adam Boržík
Strong mind with a weak heart.- Mireille Uwonkunda
Marry hence vow to die accountably- Susan Abel
Heaven itself can not hold me.- Daniel Barshay
Loathe less, love loads, lief life.- Kamisah Abdul Karim
AI is only a half, human.- Chloe Moore
We think nana killed the goat.- Heaven-Leigh Porter
The charm of double standards wins.- Afshan Q
Her tired eyes burn with flames.- Inanna Carter
Fighting for liberty, and unmarked grave.- Erica Steel
When taken care, seeds will bloom.- Sophia Dupee
He knew where the bodies were- S. Barb
Rainbows corner me through the rain- Writer Pilgrim Writer Pilgrim
Everyone’s laughing. So funny, the gas.- Amos Campf
I always think ahead before I– Megan Boyers
This year I…? I merely existed.- Michel Matthews
An observer: never been observed back.- Daria Moti
What is in truth ? Seeking questions- Ekta Adhikari
I refuse to breathe, come back- Lilitha Boco
I hate movies with sad endings- Justin Ball
Her essence transversed time, space, captivity.- Holly Hedd
Wage stagnated, inflation soared, pulverizing prosperity- Jordana Landres
I slipped, we fell, they laughed.- Eduardo Marques
Mr Longbottom’s head is boldly bald- Ayo D Raither Jimoh

Screw the flowers; love the roots.- mai magdy
Land borrows rain: sea repays- Samyson Periyasamy
Anxiety, sweating shaky hands, pounding heartbeat.- Natalie Newhouse
I’m lonely. Wanna hang out? No.- Esther Zigman
They all afraid of street dogs- Sunshine Sunshine
Look at yourself in the mirror.- Iris Wang
Paint the trees, red, yellow, orange.- Valentina Epifanov
The impatient poet, wanking with words.- Pat Saunders
Wounds and ability to run endlessly- Matthew Brody
I gave up Lent, for Lent.- Jeff Boldt
Memories are captured gifts of gratitude- Moxie Cronje
Pappa’s stare–silence. Y’all in trouble!- Jeanne Johnson
Yet, our evolution together never happened.- Anna Wilkins
This will never be my home.- Jiaa Parikh
An insane person doesn’t know shame- Yamela Reuben
I’m the secret you never told.- Aaran Thakore
I can’t write six word story!- parisa mousavi
Procrastination never helps; care for yourself.- Kai Lee
Cracked mirror. teenage girl. One hit- Genna Weitz
Nobody knows just why we’re here.- MG Elumba
Brutality and oppression, love in Namibia?- Ndinoshisho Shilomboleni
Don’t let the numbers change you.- Daria Moti
My heart’s reflected in your eyes.- Caroline McCue
I’ll say something. Just not today.- S. Barb
Natural wine bar kills beloved bodega.- Sahil Mehta
Weeping before the household, she cut onions.- Shaina Saifi
Home-schooled rocket scientist seeking space work.- Nick Gallup
New day dawning. Sun gets set.- David Silver
I will always hunger for you.- Jenifer Red
Everyone is always wearing a mask- Cadence Zbin
Take my art or my ear- Porsche Faria James
Gimme clover, four-leafed: the beloved mutation.- Kelli Johnson
The dead know nothing, but speak- Trisha Simone
I started typing, low on ink.- Dusty Jaymes
She doesn’t remember. He can’t forget.- Caitlin Illing
Laughed at karma. Reincarnated as grandson.- Richard Prosch
How long before I will disappear?- Madeleine Tan
Get out now! They’ve found us.- Stacy Singh
I was captured with a kiss.- Wayne Summers
They took too long to run- Jenny Flores
I’ll never speak of love again.- Cameron Edwards
Live! Love! Laugh! It gets better!- Carl Schuler
Do something good; don’t get caught.- Heaven-Leigh Porter
Regardless, she identified as a virgin.- Julia Tilson
In a cave, lies society’s salvation.- Vanessa Morse
Beer drank. Joint swallowed. “Hello officer.”- ALICE KINERK
Peace ! The only war worth waging- Joseph Ikhenoba
Weathered skin, rocking chair, dimm’d room.- Krishnanand Boolaky
Our pan-american deities ride 16 hooves.- Q.P. Cairo
Waking thoughts stir with morning coffee.- Diana Davison
We danced once, then never again.- Emily Fenner
Really? That doofus is president again?- AN Grace
Alone, she remains above the fray.- Sally Deems-Mogyordy
Knock, knock. Who’s there? Wu. Who?- Kami Mugo
Serenity whispers in the starry night- Ridwan Issa
The waves threw themselves in despair.- Klaudia Wadecka
When shall the earth be soothed?- Omofela Omofela
She couldn’t be blamed for trying.- Skye Kennedy
A world where reality reigns unfinished — Richard Walker
I’m glad his hell has ended- Lily Jobling
Droplets tear babies into  big toes.- Morgan V
I told you I was sick !- Y. Y
Smartphone clicking has robbed serene sightseeing.- Phanindra Ivatury
Traumatic bloody fighting, only innocence dying.- Helen Velikans
Love is a drug, and tranquilizer.- Truong Le
They died after they were buried.- Saaiyannhkka Sripal
Kids and old folk crave routine.- Daniel Barshay
I lent that moment undeserved importance- Mary McNamara
Aliens landed, asked for intergalactic recipes.- Jasmina Salimova
Delicate parts of me carried you- Lilitha Boco
Father’s , disappointment , i’m , challenging , my , limits- Manish Reddy
He was dead when we met.- Rabiah Ahead
Cheap rental. Handyman preferred. Leaky roof.- Rudy Vener
Hate vegetables, so only eat them.- Susmita Ramani
Hoped I have proved people wrong- Berry Tate
Simple rules, difficult to follow though- Clarine Sies
Surrendering to destiny, I relinquished control.- Ria Mavinkurve
Envy told a joke; no laughter.- Hey Nuh
Millennial epitaph: (They/them) regret no children.- Robyn Perros
String came loose, parachute’s still closed.- Ana Maria
Small hills.Enter college.The Everest.- eve lost
New bridesmaids’ dress, fourteenth in closet.- Claire B
A gun. Nowhere to hide. Run.- Nicola Lamprecht
A disaster struck…all pubs closed…- Carole Cole
Each wrinkle is a historical city.- Olive Zhong
Want my footprints all over world.- Azra Saifi
Hate myself, but not my art- Yomara Moreno
I wonder six words is enough- DripDripDrop DripDripDrop
Does thy death come, or wait?- Lydia – (Nekotomofu) Waras
Turned grief into growth. Became Giant.- Yasmin Goldie
The world dieth as it lives- Susan Abel
The cold house was not home.- Saskia de Leeuw Kyle
Fire in rain, fluctuating echoes fade.- Fredrick Haskins
Room for rent, must like banjos- Christopher Frew
Immortality rose from churning the ocean- Shoba Narayan
Red is really my favorite color- Keandra Bogan
Let the pieces stay in serenity- Rose Shiby
Young soldiers died being John Wayne.- Donald Ranard
Two is crowded , perspective’s create distortion.- Pearl Inci Corlu
They gutted the twilight of stars- Galen Cunningham
Footsteps quickened, and my heartbeats too.- Amanda Ruse
I lost him. I lost me- Josie Romatelli
What about this? What about that?- Angela Lam
Smile. The camera can see you.- Taylor Washington
Forbidden castle is open once more.- Marina Yu
The slaves celebrated on master’s death- Aastha Tyagi
Library closed.Book opened.Imagination soared- tinuola yusuff
Children’s laughter stirred her waning heart- Mark Miscovich
We lived hard but loved soft.- James Patrick Focarile
On a blind date! Wait- dad?- Nia Docherty
Apocalypse by CO2. Wanna play again?- Anthony Boulanger
Error — scar. Pitfall — pain. Wisdom gained!- Olena Voitovych
Thunder roar, strangers hug, fear gone- Stian Koxvig
The mouse devours the giant hippopotamus.- Chloe Liles
Cause of death: six-word story attempt.- Candice Abigail Fabriga
Marriage cycle: Blurting, hurting, soothing; reverting.- Sheetal Singh
Autumn ends: winter heals my knees.- Faid 
Redbud trees and fields of wheat- Paige Leppanen
Staring into space, it stares back…- Lee (Taurus) Davis (Maximus)
Bought for nothing, sold for millions.- Holly Sissons
The butler abandoned his usual discretion.- Jake Orthwein
Google search: What does “organized” mean?- Megan Boyers
Heaven? Nah, I like it hot.- S.E. Reed
Don’t wait up. I won’t return.- t c
Closing my eyes … I see you.- Ian Coombe
From charred remains, a house key.- rani Jayakumar
The World has enough for everyone.- Olaitan Jumoke
Dropping soap anywhere, evokes mild panic.- Tom McCarthy
We’re all trying our best here- Lin Let
His body dies, his soul lives.- Oliver Sopulu Odo
Lack of consequences breeds remorseless indifference.- Michel Matthews
She wept during the entire procedure.- Arvee Fantilagan
What a tragedy to be beautiful!- Sampada Wagle
Time killed her. Suspense was gone.- Jessica Russo
Death had come for him. Finally.- Justus Green
When young, he wore her dress.- Rodi Padron
Unemployed comedians perform for a laugh!- Robert Fife
Sat down. Waited patiently. Still waiting.- John Cooper
I bought a twin bed today.- N.T. McQueen
Loving son said,” I hate parents.”- V PITCHAIRAJU
He sips his drink and smiles.- Devane Clarke
Our garbage quietly awaited us downriver.- Norbert Kovacs
For Sale: for sale signs, used.- Terence Gallagher
Her first journey. Crashed. Became last.- Nida Saifi
Another reunion at a classmate’s funeral.- Asuka Oura
Police escort raccoon from her kitchen.- Rosanne Ehrlich
I created ‘Us’,you destroyed ‘Us’…- Wǒ shì wǒ Lilith
Comparing someone to a star is trite.- Anthony Bui
What can the perfect life be- Folasade Ogundeko
Pair of socks; always can’t find- Natalie Yeung
– Pray for them.  – You mean you.- Ali Ruiz Vázquez
A brain is a disguised heart.- Chloe Moore
Is the archivist and hoarder, same?- Mayookh Barua
I don’t miss who I was.- Zoe Hilton
she picked the flower. it died- Emily Diaz
courage found, dreams became actuality- Ilhaam Ameen
My hero – Grandpa. Heroes today – influencers.- Miera Rao
Time passing, please make it slow.- Rose Miller
Awareness lashed chip off the shoulder.- Lora Butcher
Wished I’d not flicked the switch.- Spiritual Sorbet Spiritual Sorbet
My family is my greatest enemy- Ojingiri Hannah
Cafecito and empanadas with my abuela- Clarisa González
Their rival sent a malicious wind- Hassan Kishabi
Found; old lamp.  Lost; one genie.- Linda Lewis
Grinned, and bared her fore teeth.- John Amoke
Every day  feels like fun day.- Mireille Uwonkunda
“I love you.” — Lies like Kit Kats.- Rebecca Ahn
Rejected stars glisten down freckled canvas.- A.W. Raven
Love,Lust,Crush,Feeling, Sadness, Depression- Ruth Ruvella
Don’t just do something, stand there!- Kenneth Minishi
The halls empty, glistening in remembrance- Lemon Hollowood
No degree for the intelligent guy- Balasubramaniyan Venkataramani
He lived, died, and lives again!- Markie Doczi
She slings mud. It flies back.- Claire Smith
Mammogram. Cancer. Chemo. Nausea. Radiotherapy. Recovery.- Sheila Gray
Drenched in rain, I let go- Luna Adasha
September 9, 1909 – May 5, 1991- Garry Engkent
We deeply regretted digging twelve wells.- Asa Page
Lap dog missing. Attention: hates people.- Eunice Young
It snarled and gnashed its teeth- Chris Baum
My dark skinned friend.- Prachi Saini
Here I am, rewriting my future.- Mio J. Lindner
The wrinkled hands held fast forever.- A. M. Conger
I want/want to be you.- Sahima Mittal
It was the seventh goose, really.- Jack Arnold
I buried you and joined you.- Pearl Lue
On time sparrows attacked the blooms- Sheena Sarah Winny
Call before sunrise? He is gone.- Tariro Zinyemba
You are gone, my heart hurts.- Sarina Jo Robison
Do you know you saved me?- Jessica Gold
What’s burdensome? The feeling of vacancy.- Stuti Mathur
Love is eternal, hate is forever.- Onyinyechi Ndukaire
Heart craves you, mind seeks peace.- Secre8 Black
Lifelong roommates never married. Wonder why?- Julie Brydon
Given her past, she said, “No.”- Mike Weaver
She dreamed of light spring perfume.- William Garrabrant
Florida Man Steals Crocodile, Dinner Time!- AJ Johnson
Screens connected hearts, loneliness embraced, hope.- Jéssica Belchiór de Oliveira
“And for entrees, Homo Sapiens soup.”- Amos Campf
Her kiss: A venom to avoid.- John Penwielder
Eyes closed. Mind Erased. Notion Embraced.- Ash K. Gray
Smiling; a simple act, rarely used.- Ai Ai
The grave was dug. I jumped.- Holly Hedd
Passion in fury, Hatred in anger- h.n.s .
He lied, she cried, hearts died- Dima Rashid
Simply striking it rich might help!- Cheri Scharff
They parted ways. It hurt. Both.- Bogdan Groza
Press conference: Beneath masks, shark-tooth smiles.- Jennifer Ruth Jackson
Pleasure is pressure, live with it.- Sophie Shea
Collecting shopping lists abandoned on trollies.- Susan Roth
Red was my stalker’s favorite color.- Rachelle Novaseen
Dark and light; my conjoined siblings.- Sharika Nair
I grieve the lie I believed.- Kaitlyn Brogan
Your tears fall; my heart shatters.- LM Costa
Ain’t that complicated, Earth squandered away.- Rikki Santer
Once a cat tells a rat.- Gourab Saha
Even the plague couldn’t unite us.- Sankara Jayanth S
Swimming rapidly in black murky waters.- Julia Kalirai
I don’t believe in God. Amen!- Cornelia Walter
Short. Sweet. Six words. Petite. Complete.- Philip Thomas
Martian misread invitation: “Martin Open House.”- Cate Covert
New passports can’t heal old scars- Jody Cooksley
The cat was blue, kids hid.- Rachel Cyparska
The tears flowed invisible in the rain- Andy N
Stars are gone. No more fate.- Antonio Gomez
The youth defines uncouth which binds.- Alyssa Cilento
The Moon. My Love. She dances.- BRANDON RAGSDALE
Worth killing him for her sanity.- Jonathan Khoo
The spotlight, the stage, the fear.- Dave Kalcher
You turned this house into home.- Julie Ferrell
Your love still makes me nervous.- Agatha Inwang
Favorite Family Bonding Activity:  Browse Online.- Sarah Mañoza
Looking for life? In here – Grave.- Sadia Mou
Deep in the scar lives memory- Gerald Smith
Find a chance to break free- Tabi George
Ignorance policy words: Busy. In meeting.- Afshan Q
You readin’ me? Taxi Writer asked.- Marcelo Medone
“Missing Family”: Father is Found Alive!- Eloisa Bloom
they said: its impossible, it wasn’t- Maia Scher
Wished I could, So I did- Berry Tate
He kissed me, I tasted blood.- Dorriann Reid
Her class abruptly ended with a.- River Song
Trapped bird. Open cage door. Blink.- Reynard Warden
Those flies are back here.- Njie Martin Vevanje
the trees are begging for help- Dakota Jackson
Unseen and unknown, the ultimate truth- Ekta Adhikari
I love you past my lungs.- M Collins
The sky never looks the same.- Hiu Laam Shea
Fat checks will entice phat chicks.- Lisa H. Owens
Into heaven, as above so below.- Mr. Nobody Mr. Nobody
This story was AI generated. Enjoy.- Peggy Gerber
Let shackles break, imprisoned from self-love.- Prima Hossain
Un-certainties delicate challenge, never worry alone.- Richard Berg
Back to hello with someone new.- Linda Fernandes
“Score of youth, the urged temptation”.- Hanishree Vichare
The Heart Of Gold Also Weeps- Tamani Sale
Flying saucers forcibly entered all sentient consciousness.- Michael Fahrbach
They taste like the Earth. Goodbye.- Raeesah Chandlay
All this time she watched me.- Lynn Maul
I arrived. He didn’t. No wedding.- Marian Myers
One big network in one dot- Geethanjali Bhas
In the darkness something unblinking stinks.- Nick Fogg (she/her)
Two’s company.  Three’s a crowd funder.- Rob Walton
New species found on Amazon. Evolution?- Prasanta Bhandari
Please come home, daddy. You promised.- Eliana Canfield
Heated room. Yoga. Sweat, exertion. Serenity.- Sally Greeno
I branched off to get warmth.- John Adebisi
Her soul mirrored the beautiful sky.- Aishu Poetry
my accusations will never become verdict- layla cartwright
Coronavirus death: a family’s painful goodbye- Octavius Tan
You’re great but.. kind of ominous- Solana Jeffries
My childhood house is crumbling. Finally.- Seth Coffin
Emotions are so hard to understand- Tobias Grey
He flew so like a curlew.- Rajagopal Kaimal
The meaning of life is this:- Evie Wynne
Cruise tickets for sale. Honeymoon cancelled.- Judy Kelleher
Lost: one mind – reward if found.- Brittany Nelson
Advice wanted. Cleaning blood from carpet- Amanda Nicholson
“Trust the government”, read redacted document.- Sukruethai Khuneiad
The cat stalked me. I tripped.- Rook d’Bay
Face like coal; but I’m beautiful- Silence Singer
Introverted, (terrified) wallflower.  “Wanna dance??”  Smiles.- cat frenette
There’s the Seven Eleven. Mask on!- Ginny Celer
The milk soured on the floor.- Jenny Cleland
He only gets flower at funerals.- Rhea Brennan
“Have we met?” Mother asked me.- Shih Yen Chang
Invisible man. Very handsome. Farts loudly.- Ben Reid
“Happy birthday. Have fun!” Thanks, Siri.- Mia Blixt-Shehan
Birthed lifeless clump. Right after, handcuffed.- Banchiwosen Woldeyesus
’tis difficult being present at present.- T.K. Harris
“Drink?”    “Sure! You are…?”    “Name’s Dahmer.”- Dave Rees
From ‘is’ to ‘was’- all alone.- Ema Nakano
Hovering over the thought of you- Rina Nissani
Emotions come and go like weather- Emily Chetwood
What would Lincoln say about Trump?- Paul Fein
Days passed, but not to her- Mika Amador
I’m not here, not alive, numb- Morgan Pletcher
Frenzied like a termite bound nowhere.- CUBA UKOH
She took one step…and flew.- Inanna Carter
Black screen, no fetus is found.- Angela Karnes Padron, PhD
Candidates debate, voters rate, victors elate.- Michele Lagoy
It ended as it began; easily.- Ranee Shaw
Air is ghost, the winds boast- Linley Crocker
Eyes closed, mind full of thoughts.- Selin Avşar
All that is left, is myself.- Marissa Pohwat
The messiah returned but left traumatised.- Norman Julian Blair
Rusty insides of my body screech.- Rizul Makkar
Wonder about words. Not enough lines.- Alexandra Malki
“DO. YOU. LOVE. ME?!”. And cut.- Atticus Black
Is it all worth a try?- Serafina Williams
She drank because life was intolerable.- Sarah Heald
she laughed at the madness within- cynthia falzone
Find it broken, hug it better.Find it broken, hug it better.- Erica Steel
Life is flowers losing its petals- Claire Anastasia Blake
Velcro marriage hooks our spirit threads.- Isabelle Hoida
Life is challenging, but overcome obstacles.- Daniel Kim
A wet floor, probably just mopped- Pia Zenelle Hutalla
A cry rings out. Life begins.- Olivia Fang
She erodes, but still, she stands.- Ronnie Joy
Falling leaves, broken trees, rescue please.- Kay Lesley Reeves
I love the words of silence.- Henry Vinicio Valerio Madriz
Blown out candles and flamy wishes- Chesed Chesed
Today; doomed to be another yesterday.- Claudia Parker Joel
Tealights and tree-lights. Banners and booze.- I tried. I failed. I try. What can I say that’s new?
Wedding. Wear black. Try lasting seconds.- Ramon Paolo Alfar
Money can’t buy happiness, love can- Betty Wang
Hobby: Finding a smirch to use.- April Clarese Diaz
Tinsel, gingerbread, wine, words and blood.- Aloma Davis
Mother. Coulda, shoulda.  Took a valium.- TCC Cameron
Memories will all become hazy dreams.- Shellsea Ibarra Carreon
The sunset kissed their tear-stained faces.- Sadie Erickson
Maybe even beautiful things grow tired.- Leyelle M.G.
Teresa’s insomnia. What’s under the bed?- Stephen Page
Now, gone cold, RIP boiling water.- S. Abdulwasi’h Olaitan
Inside my mother, a child chained.- Iliana Grace
“Freedom,” cheers dead man`s battered wife.- Melinda-Judith Vincze
That flannel is looking very solid.- Ugo Umeofia
Mother’s exhaustion finally comes with elation- Saadatu Uzairu
Life’s a breeze for rabbit breeders- Amanda Cole
Bees black on heavenly flowers: shots!- Resoun B Acharya
“I am God.” says the Devil.- Renara Gray
As an AI model, I exist- Paul Miroshkin
Always waking up. Always falling asleep.- Jennifer R. Thornton
Said “I do,” but lied. Beware.- Barry Charman
All night dancing is my nightmare- James Gladden
She couldn’t walk. Then, couldn’t breath.- Dena Bernstein
Stand your ground, go super saiyan- Linda Page
“MaryAnn or Ginger?” “MaryAnn, for sure.”- Patrick Twomey
Cold, Crackling, Creaking, Creeping, Carrying, Claus- Aaron Walder
Update: missing plane found in cave- Sara Barrett
Living and lasting and loving, yet—- Maia Brown-Jackson
An icy pond whispers of rivers.- Jennifer Mills Kerr
Red or white? Whichever works fastest- alicia dune
dine he does, dash he goes- Israe Ouadih
to live, die and live again- Trinity Heart
“Deep breathe Shannon, ‘conceal don’t feel’.”- Priscilla Dankwa
We built a home. Hurricane came.- Veronika Mikec
Behold! The greatest waste of time!- Lorah Kay
Call me Reznick. Everybody hates me.- Benson Lucero
childhood admiration wrinkled in saccharine laughter- Megan Friedman
The dark clouds on orange horizon.- Jasmeet Kaur
Reclaimed furniture. Let’s bolt it down.- JT Delk
Get rich quick is so poor- Jody Shapiro
I’ll bow after the curtains close- Josephine Dankwa
Draped in mourning her crows gather.- Farah Ali
Trump triumph postponed by Melania’s betrayal.- Prue King
Serendipity. Love. Feelings never told. Parted.- Leli Z
The mirror reflected her deepest thoughts- Jill Towell
The stories maimed my crystal personality.- Paschal Ezeokafor
She slurped coffee; he fell deep.- Kelly Pittman
You thought it was not true…- Adrian Bouter
Having sex is challenge to death- Him Leung
Bee’s knees, firefly’s eyes, nothing mine- Ren Soduh
I’ll dive into a jello pool- Justin Ball
You broke my heart, so cry.- Julie Mulligan
Forgive me — I’ve already forgotten you.- Kai Holmwood
Finally, Pan has grown, and died.- Jeck Garcia
Start now. Prepare hard. Finish strong.- Tijesunimi Adekanmbi
My flower bed has fallen asleep.- William Joel
Distributed food packets, day well spent.- Gazala Saifi
Twich! Bwitch! Live So, the Life.- aishwarya gupta
Ambivalent, light shocked and calmed me.- Emma Picolo
withdraw some stillness from this time- Subekshya Ghimire
From under the azure, none escape.- ReeLee_365 ReeLee_365
Count your chickens before they roost.- Catherine Lanser
tears of helplessness, powerful victories.- Lucía Ximena Ubilluz Almagro
How serious this business of clowning.- Andrea Santo Felcone
Sign said: Free lunch, one dollar.- Lisa Rivers Kiesling
grilling the mackerel, we argue again.- Umi Agawa
run, fly, soar like an eagle- princess saga
Afterlife. Where do we go? Who do we see?- Sienna Palmo
Heaven or Hell. Heads or tails.- Nancy Whitecross
Instead of plastic whistles, yelling; nothing.- Adam Boržík
No I didn’t. It never happened.- Kenneth M. Kapp
“My name ? I don’t use it”- Matthis Degrée
Fought it, failed, chocolate fudge prevailed.- Kamisah Abdul Karim
Called for war: curled in tears.- Lauretta Hart
Bough A Money Tree, False Advertising- Farhana Hussain
Enough to make my systems blow.- MJ Ballados
Soup arrived. The fly was an eye.- David DEMStories
My mother only bore rotted fruit.- Amy Williams
Wrists: A canvas for the miserables.- Camille Hiltbrand
Camping underneath stars surrounded by fireflies.- Gina Leigh
Majestic waves beckoned her, she disappeared.- Brandy Kerrigan
The poor man’s tears are water.- Bob Zhu
Goodbye Twitter! Your X says ‘Hi!’- Jennifer McCubbin
I too am born as Mother.- Keneth Erfelua
Senator’s son and intern: love faltered- Cassie Reynolds
Two broken hearts and coffee cups.- Arantxa Mathapersadh
Out of prison, he slept well.- Ahmed Dodo
The bluebells above her finally bloomed.- de Villiers South Africa
on my cellphone gravestone dripping dew- Chen-ou Liu
Midnight googling about sharks and sleep- Kathryn McNelis
Table for five. But four dined.- Muheez Olawale
Gazing heavenward, bent, blinded. Vultures circle.- John D. Parker
Cars colliding; disaster frozen in time.- Lilla Down
I don’t know why I bother.- Beckton Simmons
“I dont even care”…I do.- R.N R.N
My Country Nigeria still a suckling.- Rejoice Akpan
When the worm turns, it’s dead.- Tanja Cilia
That’s right, Jesus, booking is downstairs.- Mike Freveletti
Rain falls on their old bond.- Joy Yin
Take my hand and say goodbye.- Seth Mulligan
Allergies? Yup. Severe one. My brother.- Shree M.
Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Unstable.- Shivangi Kotadia
The past isn’t gone. It’s resting.- A. Rose A. Rose
Will the darkest moments remain unspoken?- Stephanie Samulde
The last sip is the baby’s.- Hibah Shabkhez
Everything will be okay, I’m here.- Izah Camille Bragado
Won the lottery. Lost the ticket.- Anna Maeve
A beacon in darkness never dimmed- simplicity simple
Five years’ longing. Not one word.- Michael Richardson
Enmity wrecks, war destroys, peace restores.- Nwajesu Ekpenisi
I wish I never met you.- Michelle Soul
She was elegance, tapping feet grace.- Nayun Lee
My mother’s smile, my wedding’s sunshine.- Aurore Nkaka
Women’s jeans fit, but men’s? Pockets.- Lucy K
Forgotten altar, grayed with unanswered prayers- Seunghee Kim
Politicians always lie, lie, lie, lie.- Lee Ewing
We grinned like Cheshires in sync- Malina Gadsden
Book and chocolates finished; left unsatisfied.- Rebekah Lawrence
Her call, unanswered, was the last.- Sofia Rincon
Lovely flowers grow within today’s meal- Mickeymoore Mickeymoore
To wield a shield pierces loneliness- Sam Hendrian
Baby, Child, Teenager, Adult, Mum – Missed- Bridget Dixon
Definitely hundred percent onside, GOAL DISALLOWED- Alice Campbell
She stared at the horizon. “Someday.”- Julie Rule
What if we really are alone?- Cindy Belt
Virus: Unforeseen Calamity.  War: Overseen Catastrophe.- Phanindra Ivatury
Fear engulfed, courage restored, worst: death- T.NIZZA T.NIZZA
Even in Light, The dark remains.- Erik Bonthron
There were no cell phones then.- Katheryne McMullen
Water can cause lifelong cracks- Charity Smith
Maybe tomorrow the bus will come.- Cleveland Wall
The door buzzed. No one answered.- Lulu Henault-Bassett
Owl feathers— the length of midnight.- Edward Huddleston
The cottage always smelled like summer- Aubrey Lombardo
They ridiculed her, she dug graves.- Brianna Cross
Love; to live or to die.- Golibe Ezenekwe
He never even had a chance.- Leah Rose
Without you there is no me- Jannah Hossain
He said that made it okay.- Bentley Brock
“Where’s the good ax?” she wondered.- Jeff Kennedy
I lit the candle. Good morning.- Georgiana Costea
The ghosts are always with me.- Mei Chiam
Run faster, jump higher. Die tomorrow.- Benjamin Hawley
I’m not sorry for being surreal.- Samiksha Ransom
Plant, be it seeds or stems.- Gift Mbuk
Blissfully back to sleep—newly retired.- Izumi J.Y.
Looking for crew: semi-sober preferred- Nazdar Ayzit
Tunnel’s end. Light on other side.- Fatima Abdullahi
They are watching our every move.- Trinidad Arroyo
YOUR meant to care for Me!- Fay Cath
Silence the yawning abyss. Touch me.- Rosemary Thomas
Living with purpose, shirking from fear.- Michael Muroff
All’s well at well’s end- Sara Stampp
Colt kicked. Nose broke. Ambulance ride.- Melissa Bravo
Nothing is cheaper than human stupidity.- Jelena Hrvoj
More than words, less than actions.- Raja El Aghar
He came, he saw, left early.- Elaine Gardner
Dark and cold and brilliant mind- Alyssa Beal
First generation students welcomed. Legacies preferred.- Melissa Lopez
Grand Opening: Pegleg Pete’s Solo Shoes- Tina L. Jens
Numbers and letters. (swirls and messes)- Henrietta Brooks
My pills, your car, together then.- Heather Haigh
Love is Life- Life is Love- Kyle Callam
Ocean breeze brings seals to shore.- Writer Pilgrim Writer Pilgrim
Wishes; shining stars in the sky.- Chengyu Jiang
Such convent nights reconvert Ladies’ ass- Oussama Benbrahmi
Whispers of the wind, leaves dancing.- aca aca
frogs creek, palms sweep, I sleep.- Sophia Dupee
The firefly jar glows no more.- Neethu Manikandan
Thoughts of you still cross my mind.- Kira Blake
The touch of her hand heals.- Cas Dean
Flowers, I thought were mine- Quraan Janati
We all think we deserve better.- Ellie Colagrosso
Stay tight. Be sharp. Don’t fall.- Victoria McKeighan
With open eyes he lacked vision.- Nina Blake
I’m wild for calm is elusive.- Phyllis Nyawira
cold in heart, warm in touch.- Sarah Diniapsari
In the end, love conquered all.- Robin Blasing
Earned the glory,lost my dignity- eman ozair
Superpowers need bucks, bullets, and ideas.- Andrew Wright
Born a blessing, died a curse.- Ana Alonso
He stopped for ducklings, tomorrow funeral- Marjolein Rotsteeg
Seven deadly sins. One ambitious nun.- Zoey Sloane
Gone, inconsolable, she clutched his blanket.- Valerie Fish
Ecstatic he died, alone, needles around.- Samyukta Nath
Package addressed to ‘savior of worlds’.- Zora Penn
School shootings, innocence dies in darkness.- Jennifer Vrielinck
Focus issues? No, I- ooh, squirrel!- Cassandra Moritz
I had fun at the carnival- Idhant Kompella
First great commotion, then deafening silence.- Johanne Barth
Idle pencil. Vacant notebook. Writer’s block.- Lisa Marie Lopez
The hourglass shook the clock’s hand.- Stephanie Du Plessis
Empty shoes on the cliff’s edge.- Renee Ricevuto
Belts tightened. Morality loosened. Order collapsed.- Jordana Landres
She was feral, waiting to pounce- Neil Humphrey
When everything cries, except your eyes- Aisha Laiq Najam
Well that didn’t go too well- John Dixon
Mirrors truth is loved in beauty- Okparaoyibo Chukwuma paul
Cut the headlights, summer’s a knife.- Diana Stephanie Erfelua
“I missed you, my Scenic beauty!”- Rashmi Khanna
Lose once, twice, thrice, get up!- Seedling Blooms
My twin begged for a kidney.- Elizabeth Spencer Spragins
He is too handsome, too rich.- Pidari Gayathri
Goats hide in trees from people.- Annie Cowan
She laughed at her husband’s death.- Najifa Tabassum Lira
Out for shopping, never came back.- Zainab Abubakar
“They”, where is “We” ?- Chigozie Ohaka
Was. Is. Will. All the same.- Taylor Onyinanya
She laughed and the world smiled.- Olivia Schwickerath
Heartbreak. Wedding photos, matches, soothing flames.- Sandra Thom-Jones
Tail wag. Injected skin. Time stops.- Willow Flame
really good but really bad love- Elizabeth Corbin
I am a stranger to myself.- Tov Ross
Haiku1: a friendship request the belated bloom- Yasir Farooq
I don’t know if I can.- Will Goss
Evening heat, nature’s mood is set.- Frank Hillyard
Go out. Stay home. Who cares?- Nico Ma
Helping others is a great wisdom.- Tamoghna Dey
Blood dripped steadily from the diary- Joseph Yu
She died fighting for her life- Carol Beirne
The moon told stories through dad.- Naomi Hudiyah
It can’t leave, but I can.- Sherri Moorer
No ordinary bread when in hunger- E. Ram
He won? He hadn’t meant to.- Thames Riviera
still haunted by my forgotten dreams.- william dawson
RingRing- the name makes her smile.- Connie Paul
Mysterious object, landed on my lawn.- Daniel Shandrin
Moonlight on river, currents chipped neon-silver.- Sarah Cline
ChatGPT, ask me how I am.- Philip Wilson
Girls and gravity: his only downfall- Carmine Amaro
Bit by bit you’ll make it –poem- Ayo D Raither Jimoh
To love you. That’s my wish.- Eduardo Marques

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