Six Word Wonder Generator

Here, you can generate your own six word stories. This is a beta. Just for fun. Some are nonsense, others seem to hold a great truth. Use for inspiration, entertainment or confusion.

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Play around! You can’t break it as far as I know. Copy and paste any insightful, wise, or just plain grammatically correct stories generated by the Six Word Wonder Generator into the comments section below.

Credit to Chirag Bhansali for the original code.

Why not enter the Six Word Wonder contest?

Whilst you’re here, did you know you can enter the Six Word Wonder contest for FREE , to win $100 and get your best six word story, joke, memoir, or poem published? You can even enter the 6 word stories you generated here if you like.

Do some reading of the best of six word stories?

If you’d like to read some Six Word Wonder’s written by a human, try Six Word Wonder by Doug Weller. Or the latest book, Six Word Story?

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  1. “Childlike interpreter systematically smashed the tongue.”
    “Robotic hen exceedingly sabotaged the park.”
    “Snooping giraffe diligently greeted the physician.”


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