What is Six Word Poetry? Discover examples of the power of six.

Of the different types of Six Word Wonder, Six Word Poetry gives us the chance to explore the beauty and power of language.

What is Six Word Poetry?

Six words can be used to use language to create statements of beauty. Use poetry to make a powerful statement through the use of elegant and stimulating words. Try to elicit emotion and ideas. A six word poem is like a painting, the reader should appreciate the craft and message.

Unlike a story, the focus here is less on the narrative and more on the emotion contained within six words.

Like any poem, the mood of six word poetry is often romantic. Use six words to share your feelings of love, trust and honour. Be playful and reach deep inside yourself.

Different possible elements of a Six Word Poem

Try various different techniques of poetry to enhance and create new Six Word Poems. Here’s a few elements for you to try:


Words that imitate the sound they describe


Multiple words with the same opening letter or sound.

Rhythm and meter

An artful series of emphasised and modest words or syllables beats

Visual presentation

Using the words themselves to paint a shape


Words that sound alike, either perfectly rhyme or slanted.

Metaphor and simile

Using one object to describe another


Write six words in a five syllable, seven syllable, five syllable form.

Here’s some examples of Six Word Poetry:

Without you, I am barely me.

Your lips are shaped like kisses.

There was no music until you.

You may also use poetry to expose the darker side of emotion – the sadness and pain.

After fighting, I need you more.

I can no longer remember you.

Only through dying can we live.

You’re trying to touch into humanity. And don’t worry, your poems don’t have to rhyme.

Alongside six word poems, there are five other common varieties of Six Word Wonder to learn about. Stories, Jokes, Memoirs, Advice, and Play. Why not experiment writing all of them?

And if you’d like to read some six word poems, why not check out the books, Six Word Wonder and Six Word Story?

Lastly, if you write some amazing poetry, why not enter it in our free contest. Your poem could get published!

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