What is Six Word Advice?

How can you take just a few words to share wise advice through the ages? This is the form of Six Word Wonder called Six Word Advice.

What is Six Word Advice?

Six Word Advice is a piece of insight, written in only six words. Through a few words, give tips, solutions for big ideas and small.

Six words can impart a great deal of information. Life insights to be passed from one person to the next.

Examples of Six Word Advice:

Always check 

behind closed shower curtains.


Chances are, 

your instincts are wrong.


When someone offers toothpaste. 

Accept it.


Keep calm 

and don’t carry on.



It’s Sunday minus the hope.

What’s next?

Hopefully, those examples illustrated the possibilities offered by Six Word Advice. Now, try writing some Six Word Advice of your own.

And if you’d like to read some more six word wonders, why not check out the books, Six Word Wonder and Six Word

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