Six Word Wonder Contest – Enter here for FREE!

Welcome to the Six Word Wonder Contest for 2022.

This is the place for you to enter your six word stories, memoirs, poems, and jokes, with the chance of winning $100, and being named the Six Word Wonder 2022!

Here’s the entry form – why not enter? It’s free!

Simply compose up to five six word stories, memoirs, poems, or jokes and enter into this form. Simple! Scroll down to read more about the contest, and how to improve your chance of winning.


What is a Six Word Wonder?

A Six Word Wonder is a story, memoir, poem, or joke, told in only six words.

In 2020 we ran a contest to celebrate the launch of the book Six Word Wonder by Doug Weller. The contest was hugely successful. We had over 1000 entries. And the shortlist of best entries were all published in a new book – Six Word Story

This year, we hope to repeat that winning formula to find even more creative stories told in six words.

How do I learn more about Six Word Wonders?

You may have your original six word stories, memoirs, poems, or jokes written already. If not, why not write a few.

If you’d like to see examples of Six Word Wonders, you can find over 1000 stories between the two books Six Word Wonder and Six Word Story.

Here’s a sample of Six Word Wonders to help you get creative.

How do I enter the Six Word Wonder Contest 2022?

You can enter up to five Six Word Wonders, using the form below.

That’s your chance to get published in the next Six Word Wonder collection, plus win up to $100.

Entry is free. All entries will be credited to you if shared or published in future. By entering, you agree to the full terms and conditions.

What does the Six Word Wonder winner win?

The winner will be:

Named Six Word Wonder 2022

Published in a future Six Word Wonder series book.

Win a cash prize of $100

Shortlisted stories will also win the chance to be published in a future Six Word Wonder series book.

What is the latest from the Six Word Wonder 2021 contest?

We had a huge response to our 2021 contest with over 2000 entries to the Six Word Wonder 2021 contest.

The Six Word Wonder 2021 contest closed to new entries on August 31st 2021.

Right now, the judges are sifting through all the entries to choose their favourites. The long list will be published in paperback and e-book available to buy on Amazon.

If you entered look out for updates in your email.

Frequently Asked Question about the Six Word Wonder Contest

Does only the winner get published?

A short-list of the best entries will be drawn up. All the short-list entires will be included in the a Six Word Wonder book.

Can I enter under a pen name?

Yes – feel free to enter under your pen name.

What is the aim of the Six Word Wonder Contest?

We run the contest in order to find more great six word stories, poem, jokes, and memoirs. Of course, we really hope you fall in love with Six Word Wonders and want to read more about them.

Can I enter in a different language?

Unfortunately, all entries must be in English.

If I win, when will my entry be published?

We can’t confirm publishing dates at this stage. It’s too early. But don’t forget that this contest ends on 31st August 2022.

Can I use obscenities in my entry?

Swear words can be powerful language. Unfortunately, we can’t accept entries with very strong language as the winners will be published in a book for all readers.

Can I enter a story I have entered in a previous contest?

Yes. Provided the story is your own original work, you may enter it in this contest, even if its already published or entered elsewhere.

The Six Word Wonder Contest celebrates creators, writers, and poets. They say everybody has a novel in them. But in order to write that novel you need time, energy and motivation.

So why not distill your story into Six Words? Whether you are writing a story, a memoir, a poem or a joke, using six words allows you to write a whole bunch with just a few letters.

If you’re unsure and would like to learn more about Six Word Wonders, visit here.