How to write a hilarious Six Word Jokes?

Six word jokes are a the funny form of Six Word Wonder. Each miniature joke is designed to entertain or amuse in only six words.

What is a Six Word Joke?

In a Six Word Joke, you deliver a set-up and punchline in only six words. No more, no less. Your aim is write something amusing or funny that will tickle people’s ribs.

Jokes, rib-ticklers, quips and witticisms. Six words are surprisingly versatile vehicles for delivering jokes. Some will make you groan. Some will make you nod in appreciation of the construction.  Occasionally, they might even make you laugh!.

Writing a Six Word Joke helps you develop your writing craft. You will learn the structure of common jokes, and make people laugh (or groan).

What are the different types of Six Word Jokes?

There are a number of different structures to writing a Six Word Joke. A few of the most common joke forms are as follows:

Six Word Joke Set-up and Punchline

The standard format for a joke requires a set-up to give the reader an expectation. They read the words and in their head it paints a particular picture. The punchline subverts this expectation. The words are not what you expect, and the new angle or twist breaks you out of your preconceived idea.

There are several set structures for jokes that you can experiment with. They are useful for helping you think about how you structure any six word wonder. Of course, these structures work whether you are writing a six word joke, or any length.

Six Word Joke Double set-up and Punchline

The next is to add in more than one set up, essentially creating a list  of ordinary sounding things, then end with a zinger. Something random or surprising.

This could be: Set up, set up, strange / shocking / unexpected.

Six Word Joke Simile

With as simile, you are using are comparing something to something else, sometimes using a “like” of an “as if.” The simile is generally an odd juxtaposition.

Six Word Joke Familiar phrase twisted

Take a well-known phrase or idiom and twist it somehow. The punchline is the surprise from the twist. This often works best for a local audience who know the phrase from music, television, the news, education or social medial. For example, who doesn’t love this Led Zeppelin song?

Six Word Joke Puns

With puns, the punchline, or somewhere in the set up, has a double meaning. And the twist of meaning is what brings the surprise.Puns, using words with double meanings, homonyms and homophones. 

What are examples of Six Word Jokes?

Here’s a few examples of set-up and punchline to help illustrate how this structure works. (P.s. I can’t promise you will find these funny. But, hopefully, you will appreciate the structure so you can apply it to your own work.)

Sued the airline. Lost my case.

Stole her diary. Got twelve months.

* * *

He wouldn’t share the oysters. Shellfish.

Joined a rubber bank. Check bounced.

The religious fishmongers believed in cod.

Last night, Warren pulled a rabbit.

Busy librarian was unavailable. Booked up.

Unforgettably intense camping trip – in tents.

Typical! Hotel California is fully booked.

Gave that AA meeting full marks.

After the car crash, the autopsy.

His sabre rattled. Damn Jedi technology.

She’s buying a stairlift to heaven.

Time travel is possible…  Just wait!

Without you, there’d be no YouTube.

What next for developing your Six Word Jokes?

You can find many more Six Word Jokes in the Six Word Wonder and Six Word Story books.

And if you’ve written a Six Word Joke, why not share it in the comments? Also, let me know if there are other forms of six word joke out there.

Why not enter you Six Word Jokes to the Six Word Wonder contest?

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