10 tips for writing a Six Word Wonder

1. Use only Six Words Six words is the basic rule of the form! Much of the joy of writing a six word story is trying to fit it into the six word straight-jacket. But it’s surprising how difficult it can be to stick to the rules. I encourage contraction, like saying ‘They’re’ rather than … Read more

Six Word Stories – one more time

Little Titch itched his itchy itch. – He hugged until her bones cracked. – Chemical toilet. No paper. £225 ticket. – Beauty’s skin deep? Let’s find out! – Teachers pet. Uses classroom litter tray. – How cold she became by morning. – No earthly way. But I’ll try. – The face in the mirror smiled … Read more

Six word stories – bundles of joy

In six words, all kinds of worlds and emotions get played out.  Here’s a few of mine… God returns on Sunday. “Everything’s closed!” – Her father’s her half-sister’s son. – Need bigger shed! Dragon egg hatched. – I looked up from basket to guillotine. – Auditioned for lead guitar. Got bass. – Only the king … Read more

Six word stories – another cart load.

There is much wonder and magic in a six word story.  Some are poignant,  some entertaining and some strangely affecting. In my six were stories I draw from all genres from thriller through to romance, humour and everything in between.  Have fun.   Danced to the cliffs. Sighed. Jumped.   Dragon slain. Damsel rescued. Still … Read more

Six word stories – Another hot batch

Six word story are the bonsai trees of fiction. Small, neat and perfectly formed. Below, you’ll find another  collection of six word stories written by Doug Weller for your pleasure.  If you have the time, why not leave your own six word stories in the comments section.   Born and breathed. Drowned and died. — Mum died. Son … Read more

Six Word Stories

Sometimes all it takes is six words to convey a story or an emotion. Here, for your reading pleasure, are some of my favourite six word stories. Six word stories by Doug Weller For sale: Ski boots.  Wanted: wheelchair. Home alone. But toilet just flushed. Finally, her phone’s ringing… Wrong number. Desperate need to scratch amputated … Read more