Six word stories – Alphabet soup kitchen

One of the beauties of the six word story, you can set yourself a challenge and try and fulfil it. At the same time, you will hopefully delight your readers.

Here you will find one such challenge. My constraint? 26 entertaining episodes using each letter of the alphabet and only that letter to tell the story. You’ll get the idea as you read on. Enjoy!


Angry Albert arranged another angling accident.


Boring Bernie bet big – became broke.


Constipated Clara created copious, creamy craps.


Devilish Doug decisively defeated demented Darren.


Enviable Edgar’s eccentric existence elevates earthlings.


Fragrant Felicity’s feminine features failed Frank.


Grim Gertrude given grizzly gynaecological groping.


Hedonistic Henry hallucinated his horrific homicide.


Ignorant Ian invented inconceivably imbecilic irrelevances.


Joyless Jermaine just joined jealous jobless.


Kittenish Kirsty kept kaleidoscopic kinky knowledge.


Lank Lawrence learned lengthy libellous lessons.


Machine-like Michelle’s macabre meanness meant misery.


“Nice” Noah – neglected naive nonbelievers notification.


Obtuse Oprah often obviated obvious options.


Pretty Penelope, predictably, piled on pounds.


Quixotic Quincy queerly quacks, quickly quits.


Rum Rudy’s raw rabid rant = Racist.


Syrupy Stanley spun saucy, selfish stories.


Towering Tatiana – too tall to try.


Unwell Ulysses’ undoing? Urgent unchecked ulcer.


Venereal Vince – virulent, victimised, vaccinated, victorious.


Waggish Wilbur woke women with wink.


Xylophonist Xavier eXamined Xanthie’s X-rated X-rays.


Yonder Yorick yawned; Yeasty, yellowing youth.


Zany Zadie’s zestful zingers zeroed Zelda’s.


I hope you found some of these little adventures into language entertaining.  My biggest takeaway is that there are remarkably few words that begin with X.  See you next time

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