Six word stories – Another hot batch

Six word story are the bonsai trees of fiction. Small, neat and perfectly formed. Below, you’ll find another  collection of six word stories written by Doug Weller for your pleasure.  If you have the time, why not leave your own six word stories in the comments section.


Born and breathed. Drowned and died.

Mum died. Son cried. Dad lied.

‘Tell no one’, she told everyone.

‘Today you live. Tomorrow… you’re choice.’

Wife complained. Husband sharpened his axe.

‘What do you need a gun for?’

They died together, hand in hand.

They walked together, into the sea.

Brother skydives. Ground breaks his fall.

Rides without stabilisers. Walks with crutches.

Ski boots for sale. Used once.

Wrinkle proof skin: Roll your own.

So, heaven? Needed a spring clean.

Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Three, Bluff.

He optimised his keywords. Still lonely.

History repeats. Mistakes made. History repeats.

Undoubted beauty in youth. Bitch inside.

Kicked his head, until he’s dead.

In the tunnel, Princess Di died.

Tasted the apple, then got naked.

Tide rolled out, tsunami rolled in.

Sun to moon: ‘The earth’s mine.’

President couldn’t resist big red button.

Toppled off stage. Drummer played solo.

Attempted sobriety. Little drink. Woke engaged.

Emergency services finally arrived. Left silent.

His final meal was his tongue.

Hearse arrives outside. ‘Your ride, Sir.’

Earth rise. Blackened skies. Everyone dies.

Never knew the mother she killed.

Keep Grandma’s ashes in the ashtray.

yesterday. I’m trapped – the day before…

Unexpected black hole crushed his dreams.

The camera lied… I never cried.

’Tis the season for nuclear winter.

Ted. Underestimated. Elevated. Celebrated. Venerated. Assassinated.

Through broken sands, towards shore, eaten.

The malignant lump grew – greedy son.

Freshly attired, hired, inspired, perspired, retired.

Admired. Desired. Acquired. Sired. Backfired. Retired.

He undressed her, then raised scalpel.

She tried. He tried. Both denied.


I hope you enjoyed these six word stories. Scroll down to find more. And if this is wet your appetite for some full-length fiction, you can find my latest novel The Forgetting Cycle on Amazon.

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