Six Word Stories – more of them by Doug Weller

Some people love 200,000 word epic novels. And others love story you can finish in less time than it takes to order an American hot pizza. Those who like their stories spicy, tangy, and fun, try out these wild six word stories.  And if you like, and your own in the comments stop


Murder, Mike mused, makes men monsters.


Green man. Faulty signal. Red man.


Like E.T., I phoned home. Disconnected.


Half a surfboard, t-shirt on beach.


Same day: born, breathed and died.


My Grandad’s brother was a tramp.


It’s a baby boy, Frau Hitler.


‘Regrets… Not wearing the crash helmet?’


He’s a priest. Not a criminal.


His sabre rattled. Damn Jedi technology!


Regretted bin night kip in skip.


Learned the rules. Obeyed them. Lost.


She ran slower than she walked.


Thanks to one fuck, I’m fucked.


The Phrenologist felt her own head.


My ex? Generation X. Asked why.


Lost cat. Reward if stays lost.


Female, denied justice, seeks caped crusader.


I kissed his lips, then pushed.


Demonic rats everywhere. Life’s work concluded.


Morticia’s victory’s secured – my soufflé sank.


Under my bed, he still waits.


Brontosaurus munched – oblivious to massive asteroid.


‘Left leg?’


The surgeon frowned.



God came to help. Got chatting.


‘Here’s the money…’

‘No excuse then…’



‘So you’re my dead brother?’




Lost his arm. Found his wristwatch.



The closing coffin lid roused her.


‘It came back….’

‘Treatment? Options?’




‘Everything valuable’s gone!’

‘… And the cat.’



First bullied. Now he bullies bullies.



‘I don’t believe it. Tutenchamun.’




Love first. Betrayal second. Revenge forever.



Her hair had just grown back…



‘Roof left down today, Mr Kennedy?’



‘One eyeball. In exchange, your daughter.’



‘Fresh blood? I prefer cherry cola.’



‘I got the part! …Second rock.’



She kissing another man… My brother.



Weightless. Miles from Earth. Still bored.



‘A wizard?’

‘He had a magic wand.’

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