Six word stories – another cart load.

There is much wonder and magic in a six word story.  Some are poignant,  some entertaining and some strangely affecting. In my six were stories I draw from all genres from thriller through to romance, humour and everything in between.  Have fun.


Danced to the cliffs. Sighed. Jumped.


Dragon slain. Damsel rescued. Still unsatisfied.


Her roses died, then her husband.


At work, she blinked – everybody died.


The creepy guy’s stood behind you.


Keeps the box she came in.


‘Virgin no longer,’ the stranger whispered.


Unforgettably stressful camping trip – in tents.


We all watched her arrive home.


When I dream… you never feature.


Believed in ghosts. Died. Stopped believing.


I might love you a little.


Man discovered new species, now extinct.


Goliath beat David in the rematch.


‘I will destroy this planet’



Pretty girls. Witty girls. Shitty girls.


Only her son still remembers her.


Every day I watch you more.


Murder weapon? A sharpened red herring.


The victim realised what she’d done.


Infinity is smaller than my hatred.


His superhuman skill was gargle singing.


I know now I was pregnant.


You’ll live until your alone.


Galactic hyperspace? Nothing compared to you.


Invented Time Machine.  Stayed with you.


In another dimension, we just met.


Suffocating, your breath saved my life.


Rejected night with prince for toad.


He discovered insolvable conundrum.  Married her.


Monday? It’s Friday minus the hope.


Used a rope, heard him choke.


Why wait for disease? Drink anti-freeze.


Her tragic downfall? Replied to all.


No morning aches? You are dead.


Illicit liaison. Nobody followed. Never returned.


Exhausted? Pray for reincarnation as cat.


Errol learned the meaning of defenestration.


“Did you miss me?”

“You are…?”


Eloquence multiplied by ambition minus humanity.


Hook. Catalyst. Complications. Hopelessness. Climax. Denouement.


Three hundred thousand people died yesterday.



“Who did it!”

“We’ll see…”


I hope you are somewhat entertained by this batches mini masterpieces.  If you fancy reading a longer novel, my new one is out.  The Forgetting Cycle by Doug Weller on Amazon.

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