Six Word Stories

Sometimes all it takes is six words to convey a story or an emotion.

Here, for your reading pleasure, are some of my favourite six word stories.

Six word stories by Doug Weller

For sale: Ski boots.  Wanted: wheelchair.

Home alone. But toilet just flushed.

Finally, her phone’s ringing… Wrong number.

Desperate need to scratch amputated leg.

Blood on hands. Mine and yours.

God wakes up. Orders a reboot.

Making love for the last time.

Tried to wake, but not dreaming!

Sleeping cat? Hasn’t moved for days…

The bull disliked my leather trousers.

‘You sister’s DNA’s normal.’ ‘My wife’s?’

‘Not guilty…’ He smirked. ‘Just kidding.’

Valentine card arrived. Recognise my handwriting.

Marooned together. Found water. No food…

Self Driving car… with a grudge.

The card read, ‘Happy Final Birthday.’

‘The tests results’ negative?’ ‘As in bad.’

I kissed her lips. Ice cold.

The giant regretted choosing the bungalow.

‘I recognise that dress.’ ‘It’s yours.’

My mirror. No reflection. At last.

Drunk in car. Dead up tree.

‘Drink?’ ‘No, you.’ ‘One sip left.’

‘You pig!’ ‘A pig with knife.’

Winning lottery numbers he never played.

‘War’s over!’ ‘And… did we win?’

‘Tunnel’s finished…’ ‘…Your cell to mine!’

One clumsy tweet. International condemnation. Suicide.

‘Wish granted!’ ‘Wait! Not my chest!!!’

‘Hell seems okay?’ ‘Furnace is broken.’

‘Hungry?’ ‘Can’t find Flopsy?’ ‘Rabbit stew.’

Blade slices through achilles tendon. ‘Whoops.’

‘What you reading? Life insurance?’ Yours.’

‘You slept together! When?’ ‘After you.’

Elizabeth spread his ashes as fertiliser.

Single. Mingled. Laughed. Loved. Lied. Left.

Arrive. Explore. Adventure. Exotic Encounter. Devoured.

Greedy cat luxuriates. Previous owner’s vanished.

Revelation: I’ve woken in the dolls’ house.

He died before his flowers arrived.

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