Six word stories – mana from heaven.

Six word stories are tiny nuggets of entertaining goodness. They enrich and entertain. Try this selection, and why not add your own six word stories in the comments section.

After sunset, I first tasted blood.

Doug’s smug chin jutted at Gemma.

Became a meme: danced for joy.

My reality is constructed from Lego.

Up for adoption – no belly button.

“I do,” she said to her.

First ideas. Then uniforms. Then guns.

She emptied herself and grew thinner.

His body withered. His brain imprisoned.

Inevitable dark ending to a life.

Disassembled clock. Now reassembled. Not ticking.

The dark ages arrive. Yet again.

“Nice to meet me,” said clone.

Bumped in to nemesis. Nice guy.

Met angel. Understood life. Returned home.

She talked. It took one finger.

Her only memory was her death.

Six words. Complete story. Life sucks.

Understand infinity? You don’t know anything.

The moon gave up on us.

Aliens came and went. Nobody noticed.

Our shared DNA? Do Not Ask.

If granddaddy died, why’s he outside?

Time travel is possible… just wait.

If God exists, he’s a sociopath.

Last thing I finished? My life.

Born a pawn. Died a queen.

Downloaded DNA plug-in. Grew wings.

Night as animal. Morning with police.

Tried to fly before she died.

Chased a rainbow. Caught a munchkin.

Me becomes we becomes a family.

Her final cigarette was the longest.

What’s the meaning of life? Live.

Her final Facebook post: Still here.

Met boy. Slapped boy. Married boy.

Horror? Knowing someone is following you.

Body discovered. Clues gathered. Perpetrator confronted.

World’s much like ours. But tweaked.

Drunk girl’s mistakes made her sober.

The rowdy American dreamed of solitude.

Forgotten celebrity bought gun. Shooting star.

I hope you found these stories entertaining. You can find plenty more tucked away in this blog.

Why not add your own into the comments section?

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