Six Word Stories – one more time

Little Titch itched his itchy itch.

He hugged until her bones cracked.

Chemical toilet. No paper. £225 ticket.

Beauty’s skin deep? Let’s find out!

Teachers pet. Uses classroom litter tray.

How cold she became by morning.

No earthly way. But I’ll try.

The face in the mirror smiled back.

She’s got the look he looks for.

They never returned from their honeymoon.

His bones bent ’till they buckled.

Beneath the stars, they finally kiss.

He learned to love too late.

The teeth sunk into my flesh.

“…The man… in the wall… is watching…”

Forced to cancel her maternity leave.

The killer grinned at the accused.

Final love letter lit the fire.

We became me when you left.

You left, and we became me.

The groom ballooned.  The bride cried.

The wedding resumed without the groom.

The mountain shrank to a hill.

Appeasement failed. Bombs dropped. Justice restored.

The spider’s venom. Paralysis then calmness.

Wrapped in foil,  ready for pot.

Poisoned apple tasted sweet to Amy.

Twins reunited. Both agreed – never again.

Flat share: professionals only. Preferably exorcist.

Busking bagpiper slaughtered – cruel but inevitable…

“Why’s Uncle Graham’s eyes like mine?”

“Call an ambulance… This’ll be quick.”

Left your mark across my heart.

Your words bleed through my keyboard.







The volunteers lined up to die.

Tried annoying wizard. Turned into goat.

His last legs grew last legs.

Burnt skin peeled like an orange.

Emergency services listened to me die.

Because life’s short, she said no.


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