Six Word Wonder 2020 – Awesome examples of six word stories

We had a huge number of brilliant six word stories entered in to the Six Word Wonder 2020 contest.

Here, you’ll find a long list that includes a sample of all the entries we received.

This is a selection of the examples of six word stories that were entered as part of the contest. You can use this list for your own entertainment, or to get inspiration to enter the Six Word Wonder Contest.

You will find a really wide variety of examples of six word stories, jokes, poems and memoirs, written by artists from all over the world.

Note: these stories are presented in a random order, and don’t represent all entries to the Six Word Wonder 2020 contest. No comment is made on the quality of individual entries.

Examples of Six Word Stories entered in the Six Word Wonder 2020 contest

Peace in pieces puzzled together glistens – Kaitlynzq Vaa

Dementia, you say? And you are? – Raylene Hewer

Car overturned in snow. No footprints. – Maggie Lu

Let’s not pretend the emperor’s clothed – RC deWinter

Music… tinny and distorted by time. – Natasha Kafoteka

…landing it at an unknown spot… – Paul Onuh

He was butchered grinding ground meat. – Amy Pacini

But I never wanted the world. – Jordann Diaz

Dog tail wags, human heart smiles. – Sioban Timmer

Shy. Less. Only in her mind. – Kathy Myers

Preconceived, yet, its not to be. – Pamela Bruschi

She falls + He pretends = Both lonely – Sioban Timmer

I dare you, declared the lemming. – Dean Jarvis

Said never mind, minded the most. – Shweta Yadav

Moonlight becomes me. I become moonlight – RC deWinter

The sun went down then tigers. – Jeremy Delgado

A coffin too small to carry. – Alyson Tait

His name is her favourite word… – Shruti Dhakate

She laid down in my coffin. – George Stamps

She loved ,but on his funeral – Sudhanshu Shekhar

All shades of perfect — her blood. – Augusta Omofuma

Death, taxes, and another election cycle. – Andrew Chen

Old cottage scary atmosphere, owners missing. – Eileen Baldwin

He smi!ed. She glanced. Hers forever. – Kathy Myers

Intergalactic sex was the difference apparantly – Patricia Van Dun

Within the fog, people; beyond, others – Jeremy Delgado

Magical moments first drink in months. – Eileen Baldwin

We launder and dye. Help wanted. – Rex Bromfield

Baba’s flesh burnt…the road’s crowded – Suman Roy

Joke: I said poop. Now laugh – Space Puff

“Sleep.” “Not yet.” “Why?” “Exams tomorrow.” – Kudakwashe Chirapa

Palm lines of workers are illegible. – Pitamber Kaushik

We cannot erase history. And shouldn’t. – Donna Boyd

At the shocking sight he knew… – Duane L. Herrmann

My heart. My love. So broken. – Christie Salinas

She was there, he left unaware – Suman Roy

Divisiveness running rampant. Love our country! – TheReal KarenB

Dumpster to pulpit; abandoned then exalted. – Iris Cross

Cut trees, drain rivers. Scorch homes. – Tracy Duffy

She left, taking hope with her. – Sam Muller

Age: 17. Old for a cat. – Alyson Tait

Accidentally met him, mutually got separated. – Shweta Yadav

No barks, empty kennel, empty heart! – Olivia Dey

They wanished, seeing me in need. – Shweta Yadav

“Will you marry me?”. “Surely, no.” – Meghna Chatterjee

George Floyd sparked ultimate history lesson – Morgan Morris

His memories chased ghosts and regrets. – Sharyn Grimes

Sheep Fire unlaid down; duck Elvised. – juley harvey

God sent his draft… To Satan. – Maggie Lu

She smiled then pulled the trigger. – George Stamps

Motherhood was a dream, until now. – Marilyn Harris Smith

Lucky coin under cornerstone. War find. – Daryl Scroggins

What about liars? They have adventures. – Jeremy Delgado

A newborn’s cry pierces the room. – Joanna Loftus

Habsburgs and mold- always in-bread. – Andrew Chen

Speak I can’t, Courage I lack – Esther Achanya

My daughter believes she’s my daughter. – Sam Muller

Rain, chill, pizza, blanket, you, me. – Tv PS

Faulty pool gate. A silent child. – Jenny Lynch

Low tide, the stalker’s footprints gone. – Bob Carlton

The Chihuahua was actually a rat! – George Stamps

Karma Layaway: cheat now, pay later. – Tanya Schmid

Heartbroken, still in love with you. – Shrunal Sk

Not together, still I love her. – Shrunal Sk

Together in heart yet miles apart – Aditi Mahajan

Muzzle flairs and bullets. Cover. Pray. – Adam Miller

Dear doubt, your chase is over. – Alexander Templeton

Abducted by aliens. Life on Mars. – Rainie Zenith

First anniversary. Bali. Second anniversary. Courtroom – vaibhav hassija

She reached out, yet none caught. – Jillian Rae Villa

Optional: Enter another Six Word Wonder – Space Puff

Nature’s nature kisses Human nature lovingly. – Diana Humphrey

His gaze held her devoted heart. – Patricia Rivers

Blood spurted across his birthday cake. – Sharyn Grimes

Her hand, wrinkled. His, young, ashen. – Catherine Truluck

The knight was really a dragon. – Donna Kennedy

Rise-up, not despite, but because of. – Michel Tuger

Everbody meets me in the end. – Rosalie Lian

Played victim. Murdered the real one. – Torché Johnson

“Not her,” relieved mother to forensics. – Evie Groch

Love yourself, u won’t be cheated. – Sudhanshu Shekhar

Nothing now is as it was – Ciara Louw

They come. They use. They leave. – Snover Sanduja

Can’t leave, can’t stop, just move. – Suman A.

More example of Six Word Stories entered in the Six Word Wonder 2020 contest

I still think about you love! – Tv PS

Bitter widow greets salesmen with knife. – Sharilynn La May

Overpowering attraction, abrupt cessation – teenage infatuation. – Iris Cross

Tangled and messy, yet undoubtedly beautiful. – Jillian Rae Villa

“Bye papa” the grave didn’t reply. – Jinny Marietta

Waves erased their footsteps and feelings. – Nethmee Akmeemana

Self-love: the key to break free – Morgan Morris

She loves petrichor, he’s first rain.. – Shruti Dhakate

Through the whispers of a dream – Steve Lodge

Extrapolating from my explanations, she screams. – Bob Carlton

“Why?” She cried. And she ceased. – Jeffrey Lemasters Tahir

Perversion! Repentance! Jesus blood! Eternal salvation! – Carolyn Hanover

Pandemic. Lockdown. Sadness. Vaccine. Freedom. Gladness! – Rainie Zenith

The truth: I was never yours. – Catalina Moldovan

Looking for peace, on the precipice – Megan McClemens

Ishq is a risk,take it. – Sudhanshu Shekhar

He stole the trophy we earned – Grace Deak

Trump lied. Americans died. Voting matters. – Paul Fein

Can the silenced ever be heard? – Sunny Trieu

Sundown. Open the car trunk now. – Bob Carlton

A gentlewoman thief, at your service… – Augusta Omofuma

Watch! I avoid the explosion by… – Art Carey

No Sleep for weary; devil’s awake. – juley harvey

His voice robust, he spoke slowly. – Cassandra Coleman

Mountain air and powder snow. Bliss. – Adam Miller

‘She’ couldn’t escape ‘Him’. Operation Failed. – Pitamber Kaushik

Music…. game changer, mood rearranged.. perfect – Dorothy Morris

You read this story, thank you – Space Puff

Fornication! Abortion! Repentance! Jesus! Eternal salvation! – Carolyn Hanover

“Am I mad?” asks my basketball. – Colin Parfitt

Wedding dress for sale. Never used. – Shih Yen Chang

Text message. Funeral Friday. Mom died. – Deborah Dybowski

The writer died peacefully while writing. – Varsha K

A death rattle emanated from her. – Patricia Rivers

Lost my heart between endless wars – Aman Tariq Javed

You never know the last sentence. – Gavin Croghan

Brain- an infinite GB storage disc… – Shruti Dhakate

She was finished off devouring desserts. – Amy Pacini

He died so I could live. – Lisa Liscoumb

Embracing life in order to live. – Diana Humphrey

I saw shadows in unlit room. – Meghna Chatterjee

Oldage home, eager eyes, No knock! – Olivia Dey

Being is strange, but wonderful too. – Catalina Moldovan

The sun blinked, then went dark. – Christy Hudson

Flowers didn’t work, then he cried. – Marilyn Harris Smith

Intergalactic sex was what she missed – Patricia Van Dun

Pinkies, toes that are furniture grabbers. – Christie Salinas

To bed. Cozy bed, easy slumber. – Erin Boyd

Dogs are poetry, brief and eternal – Sam Muller

It was snowing Lin the house! – George Stamps

Silent breakfast. “I’ll call.” Yeah right. – Jessica Hoard

…stabbed my wife. Killed two lives. – Snover Sanduja

The dead artist found fame empty. – Izan Pumas

She stood, her stance was strong. – Cassandra Coleman

They went everywhere together…true love. – Elizabeth Coby

I missed a hug, Quarantine days – Shweta Jagwani

Can the broken ever be fixed? – Sunny Trieu

Her red lips. His wondering eye. – Jessica Hoard

This is we: an incomplete story – Yashika Mahajan

Baby cries. Robot starts singing lullabies. – Joan Hus

DEPRESSION make initialy low , then glow. – manasa Ameershetty

‘I missed you.’ ‘I… Me too.’ – Héctor Muiños Olivas

She peed on a stick. Uh-oh! – Brentwood Townend

We all seek that inner peace – Esther Achanya

Wife of your husband is pregnant – Meghna Chatterjee

I grew old. You grew wings. – Vivian Imperiale

Wise words whispered; we were warned! – Daniel Fitzpatrick

Diminished…bewildered…baffled…silently, she summoned. – Nadia DabulMontini

She poured her heart on pages. – Suman A.

It’s crowded. Their arms lightly brushed. – Nethmee Akmeemana

Mommy cries, seeing the bloody sidewalk. – Thomas Alberti

Stopped the blender for missing finger. – Thomas Alberti

Only they know how it started. – Elizabeth Coby

Six Word Stories examples from the Six Word Wonder 2020 contest

I looked at her, “Finally together.” – Kudakwashe Chirapa

“Are you sure that’s your wish?” – Maggie Lu

The game. Shots fired. Dinner served. – Anita Omofuma

“Look!” Without looking, I sped off.” – Kudakwashe Chirapa

Rockets in space aliens eat astronauts. – Eileen Baldwin

Like a phoenix ashes remade her. – Kaitlyn Sandberg

Proud trees stand on strong roots. – Nethmee Akmeemana

Sun can only watch the moon. – Rosalie Lian

Dementia separates couple. Death for one. – Sharilynn La May

But she turned away, not listening. – Joseph Palacino

I’ll never get tired of you. – Catalina Moldovan

Hippopotamus, hippopotamus making, six word haikus. Yay – Space Puff

Selfie. “Impossible! Where is my nose?” – Joan Hus

I hadn’t had coffee, not yet. – Cassandra Coleman

“Not the RED button, Mr. President! – Art Carey

Dog’s life: eat, play, sleep, repeat. – Rainie Zenith

Soup defrosting. I’m leaving. Forever. Enjoy. – Héctor Muiños Olivas

I see your tree has blossomed. – Michel Tuger

Between mouners’ cries, mourning doves cry. – Jessica Hoard

Behind the widow’s veil, she grinned. – Sam Muller

School reunion. Her son resembled me. – vaibhav hassija

Secrets and lies, break family ties. – Deborah Dybowski

Met a boy, mental health worsened – Damanpreet Kaur Lang

Solace came, but, alas, too late. – Jeffrey Lemasters Tahir

Galwan valley, newly wed, fallen soldier! – Olivia Dey

I left as you deserve happiness. – Shrunal Sk

Leaves his bacon cooking. Boards bus. – Daryl Scroggins

Vultures picking over broken bones. Thanksgiving. – Tracy Davidson

Night dreams, revelations plenty, wisdom unfolded. – Thomas Kottackal

Feed the fish. Fish feed humans. – Tracy Duffy

Mehendi’s dark like her hidden scars – Shweta Jagwani

Tadpole’s grow into a mighty forest. – Dean Jarvis

[Sentence removed, by the Truth Department] – Gavin Croghan

Accidental death – narcotic taken in vain. – Chris Tattersall

Butterflies, my stomach loves them…greatly. – Christie Salinas

Tim – I had changed Tom completely. – Erin Eldridge

Oftentimes two pennies make a dollar – Anastasiia Kazakova

She loved him, so he left. – Izan Pumas

Babysitter sat on baby. It died. – ALVARO DE ARAUJO

She said “I do” and winked. – Sandra Fischer

She refused. I married her sister – vaibhav hassija

…the ribbons, red. The dye, blood… – Augusta Omofuma

Her lips pursed. So did hers. – Alyson Tait

Tarantula crosses keyboard. Writes its name. – Daryl Scroggins

The beginning had reached its end – Gina Trevino

“Bad day?”. “Yes,” the mirror said. – Meghna Chatterjee

Spending my life preparing to die. – Diana Humphrey

Waiting for the night to recharge – Aman Tariq Javed

” Kill him”. “But he’s my son” – Jinny Marietta

She walked out, never looking back. – Joseph Palacino

I’ll make wings of wax, unbreakable. – Michel Tuger

Mother Earth, how sick are you? – LJ Jamandre

Coarse soap, blunt razor, empty wallet. – Stefan Harich

Even more Six Word Stories examples written for the Six Word Wonder 2020 contest

worried about BIOLOGICALWALLS not BIODEGRADEBALEMASKS – manasa Ameershetty

Truth is only what we see – Sunny Trieu

He kissed her passionately. They applauded. – Kudakwashe Chirapa

The last tree witnessed the apocalypse! – Olivia Dey

Blinded by love, he quickly proposed. – Marilyn Harris Smith

Rushing road , silence silences for me . – Shyama Prajapati

Cold chilly woods. Eerie spectre, appears suddenly. – Eileen Baldwin

Evolution: con man, MAGA, con man. – Paul Fein

Wake up. Same day, once again. – Erin Boyd

Maybe nows are made of maybes – Rhoda Murefu

Regaled with platitudes, his opinion proliferated. – Carl Conrad

Meal time. A feast for one. – Anita Omofuma

Trump calls coronavirus the “Chinese virus”. – Donna Boyd

Father communicates twice yearly by email – Angela Sherman

Awakened suddenly, realizing it was…. – Dorothy Morris

He was home like never before. – Kaitlyn Sandberg

Milky Way’s gone dark. What happened? – Bob Carlton

Him, me, a gun, one bullet. – Colin Parfitt

She longed for her fictional man – Gina Trevino

Fake gold; phony love; genuine goodbye. – Iris Cross

Across The Conscience,Reigns The Truth – Delano Britt

Follow me. We’ll conquer the world. – Rachel LaDuke

Masticating melancholic memories; hurts! Remorse, loneliness. – Daniel Fitzpatrick

Flickering gas lamps behind lovely lies. – Ellison Ralph

You are same as like music – Thrinesh Appu

I’m from the idea of impossible. – Jordann Diaz

Low plane crashed. Pilot was high. – ALVARO DE ARAUJO

Overall, not my worst first time. – Bentley Brock

Watermelon–siblings separated with every bite. – Gourab Hazra

Death steals the camera, photographs remain. – Sioban Timmer

Harmony is within reach for all. – TheReal KarenB

“Help!” He heard from the grave – Zaryab Mohammad

“Where’s your gun?” “Where’s your shovel?!” – Gourab Hazra

Another breath, another day, another opportunity – Dorothy Morris

“Asking for it.” I was seven. – Cynthia Wang

Do all vampires miss the light? – Lisa Liscoumb

Their eternal abode of immortality, home! – SADEEKAH ABDUL-SALAAM

A lone loan made her alone. – Gavin Croghan

Blistering sun. Running anywhere for refuge. – Joanna Loftus

Memories are gone, once I jump. – Thomas Alberti

Canada and hockey; America and incompetence. – Andrew Chen

The artist’s palette echoed her despair. – Lisa Haring

Bar. Drugs. Speed. Crash. DUI. Bars. – ALVARO DE ARAUJO

He never should have said yes – Rob White

Caught on camera; not by police. – Iris Cross

“Perfumed people… they only smell themselves.” – Stefan Harich

He bit me. He’s a vampire. – Rainie Zenith

Nobody loves me, she told him. – priya gupta

My crown, forged from broken saints. – Jordann Diaz

Everything changed when the aliens came. – Lisa Liscoumb

From deep in the corner. Swish! – John Smistad

The less I say the better. – Elizabeth Coby

Masticated morsels of memories, now missing! – Daniel Fitzpatrick

You demanded perfection. So I left. – Jenny Lynch

Under the stars healing the scars – Yashika Mahajan

His character. Our destiny. Raging pandemic. – Paul Fein

If only my mom remembered me. – Alyson Tait

My dog wanted a sex change. – George Stamps

six of one half a dozen – RC deWinter

“HELP WANTED” read the killer’s ad. – Lisa Liscoumb

With a single cough, it spread. – Christy Hudson

The car was perfect, but expensive. – Marilyn Harris Smith

Dressing ambiguously – skinny jeans, size twenty. – Chris Tattersall

He promised he would never. Liar. – Sandra Fischer

You are always mine in dreams – Damanpreet Kaur Lang

She had skin like a dolphin – Steve Lodge

She quit her soul sucking job. – Patricia Rivers

“No! Not THAT Button, Mr. President! – Art Carey

Father: a wolf in sheep’s clothing – Angela Sherman

She lay there like a blancmange – Steve Lodge

I must live, not just exist – Gina Trevino

These are all examples of Six Word Stories entered as part of the Six Word Wonder 2020 contest

If you are inspired, why not enter the Six Word Wonder contest. You can enter you own examples of six word stories, win $100, get published, have fun!

Today we meet. Tomorrow we marry. – Rachel LaDuke

“Harmless,” she thought. She was wrong. – Evie Groch

“Where am I?” I regained consciousness… – Paul Onuh

An empty mind, it feels good. – Pamela Bruschi

Harvest moon illuminates sky, lunar spectacle. – Deborah Dybowski

One more step and she would… – Duane L. Herrmann

What’s happening? Stand up for America! – TheReal KarenB

Raindrops wash away the mysterious fingerprints. – Joanna Loftus

She slipped, He helped, Everyone shipped. – Varsha K

You made me love myself more. – Shrunal Sk

Never felt such an intense love – Morgan Morris

They pressed record; watched him jump. – Torché Johnson

Glass, wine, pour, sip, swallow, ahh. – Donna Kennedy

Capture your words in firefly jars. – Michel Tuger

Condoms. Unopened box. Family forces sale. – Chris Tattersall

Life: bruised knuckles against winter sunlight. – Jessika Suresh

Messy friendships are usually the cleanest. – Beth Beal

Road less travelled. Highway to hell. – Jenny Lynch

Pig puns are very much boaring – SAIT ILHANER

Picture it. Breath deep. Now wish. – Ciara Louw

His chocolate eyes smiled at me. – Lisa Haring

Jesus! Sinless! Cross! Resurrection! Coming again! – Carolyn Hanover

Named for joy, she was uncontainable. – Natasha Kafoteka

Starving, they uploaded selfies for attention. – Torché Johnson

Fuggedaboutit! No mask, No eating lunch! – Art Carey

She watched, breath misting the separating glass. – Jackie Fallis

In one way we have insecurities – Rhoda Murefu

The cuts healed but left scars. – Cynthia Wang

Her soft lips stopped my tears – Thrinesh Appu

Every word you speak kills me. – LJ Jamandre

It is gonna be okay… right? – Vibaa Raghunath

Falling through the cracks left scars. – Sharyn Grimes

Sometimes, money works better than vinigar – Anastasiia Kazakova

The lives he led were legion. – Jeremy Delgado

Ocean breeze…wander through me. – Nadia DabulMontini

Mixed race: many wholes, never halves – Angela Sherman

Base jumping yesterday, the funeral’s tomorrow. – Rex Bromfield

Dreamer here…always alone, stills dream – priya gupta

He loves me but has limitations – Damanpreet Kaur Lang

Time decides a matter, true love! – SADEEKAH ABDUL-SALAAM

We all got blood and brains – Rhoda Murefu

A happy couple…an empty crib. – Jillian Rae Villa

Irreplacable is fortune until they leave. – Tv PS

“Take this money”. “But I’m hungry” – Jinny Marietta

The sloop sliced the icy blue. – Lisa Haring

Value the perfect imperfection of love. – Dorothy Morris

From Casting Couch to Couch Potato … . – Tonia Kalouria

Once her hand had held mine. – Jackie Fallis

She hungrily swallowed his empty promises. – Sharyn Grimes

Ironic, we were wishing you dead. – Rex Bromfield

geese gather overhead, like soldiers marching. – Deborah Dybowski

She swore she was still alive. – Grace Deak

These nightmares, pounding in my brain. – Christie Salinas

Lost at tennis. A set back. – Chris Tattersall

The air I breathe…is you – Dorothy Morris

The noblest art makes others happy – Rhoda Murefu

I painted dreams,got wonerful picture – Thrinesh Appu

Life is a journey … direction forward – Lynn Gotler

Follow my lead…I am lost. – Nadia DabulMontini

She exhaustively expired stalling the engine. – Amy Pacini

My head is full of clouds. – Christie Salinas

trillions of cells, all love you – Vibaa Raghunath

She ran, but he didn’t follow. – Jordan Kalai

A place where you never enter. – Rosalie Lian

His last words: “not a hoax.” – Paul Fein

Earth created. Man created. Earth destroyed. – Tracy Davidson

The last surviving human felt healthy. – Izan Pumas

I ain’t lion — trophyhead drills dentist. – juley harvey

It was poetry that saved her. – Donna Kennedy

Unusually cold winter. No fan needed. – Maggie Lu

A rag doll. An orphan’s treasure. – Nethmee Akmeemana

My wife is addictive as caffeine – SAIT ILHANER

Gasping for air, she said goodbye. – Christy Hudson

Dreams are better than the bruises. – Olivia Dey

“Message him ” , heart said ; mind reviewed . – Shyama Prajapati

…fear the power that you are. – Jordann Diaz

Lights out, pedal down. Podium Won. – Adam Miller

He- Promiscuous ; She – Insecure ; Together – Terrible – Anam Malik

She loved him. He worshiped her. – Rachel LaDuke

one word (you) sings a lifetime – Kaitlynzq Vaa

Want some more examples of Six Word Stories? Here’s a bunch.

She was dark…he loved nights – Suman Roy

We enter alone and leave alone – Sunny Trieu

Montana. To Rice. Touchdown, San Francisco! – John Smistad

Wake, dependent, grow, retire, dependent, wake. – Chris Tattersall

We thought we had time…no. – Vivian Imperiale

Sinner! Repentance! Jesus’ blood! Eternal salvation! – Carolyn Hanover

Scribbled in fish gut, with love. – Augusta Omofuma

Camping weekend. Matching new kayaks, unused. – Jessica Hoard

You bring out my best colors – Tv PS

The corridor and stairs squeaked harmoniously – Steve Lodge

Loved but it didn’t come back – Damanpreet Kaur Lang

She is a beautiful sweet savage. – Rhoda Murefu

Facebook feed, Twitter feed, sheep feed – Angela Sherman

Unlocking deadbolt doors made him nuts. – Amy Pacini

She sporadically morphs, into a creature. – SADEEKAH ABDUL-SALAAM

They lock eyes, then spill drinks. – Stefan Harich

She cut the wrong red wire. – Andrew Maust

Sinner! Unrepentant? Eternal separation from God! – Carolyn Hanover

Light showers. Withered flowers. Grieving mothers. – Augusta Omofuma

Like a dictionary, childhood defines you. – Patricia Rivers

I hugged to forget her pain – Thrinesh Appu

In a flash, everything was crimson. – Cynthia Wang

of fairies and fantasies and flowers… – Vibaa Raghunath

Became slim. Workouts? Nah , Depression – Varsha K

Reshape my origami heart…love art. – Beth Beal

Countdown then ignition. Weightlessness in orbit. – Adam Miller

Giddy girl. Kissed and told. Alone. – Diane Ginther

Hatred to an extend, never mind – Shweta Yadav

Now is the time. And now. – Christina Handle

Say it again before I go. – Sandra Fischer

Close your eyes, feel the skies – Aditi Mahajan

Empty grave. I read my name. – Héctor Muiños Olivas

Only fools need over one bullet – Anastasiia Kazakova

She became a shrew. Unpleasant metamorphosis. – Joan Hus

Baby shoes returned. Opened orphanage instead – vaibhav hassija

She drew blood on the walls. – Jillian Rae Villa

Cooked dinner. Old recipes, good memories. – Erin Boyd

He won, but it didn’t matter. – Andrew Maust

The dog barked, so he ran. – Marilyn Harris Smith

She awoke but did not live – Gina Trevino

Pregnant woman, delivered one, dead child – Thomas Kottackal

“i’m only 13.” Still, he replied. – Torché Johnson

The scratching was louder. Sharper. Closer. – Sharyn Grimes

Her reflection revealed nothing inside herself – Gina Trevino

Live,love,laugh,lying,loathe,lost – Umera Shaikh

Love bloomed in the dead heart… – Shruti Dhakate

Fireflies awake. Human lives at stake. – Anita Omofuma

Little Red murdered the savage wolf. – Aman Tariq Javed

“Pepper spray?” “Plus a pocket knife!” – Gourab Hazra

We tore down the wall, laughing. – Sam Muller

Dawn. Colt practicing big horse moves. – Daryl Scroggins

Killed a monster, remembered a coward. – Pitamber Kaushik

Next time, I will be ready. – Christina Handle

Got up late, not slept even. – Shweta Yadav

I wish we could be forever. – Shrunal Sk

Elderly man suffocates mother. Becomes King. – Tracy Davidson

Go home, he said walking away – Rob White

Gave four children luggage for graduation – Bill Frew

Intergalactic sex was her greatest wish – Patricia Van Dun

Broken locket. My loneliness spills out. – Tracy Davidson

Baby aborted. Marriage annulled. Teen indited. – Sharilynn La May

“You wipe your own tears now.” – Stefan Harich

Nicklaus chips…rolling…rollling…it drops! – John Smistad

“Mmphf,” she exclaimed, taking another bite. – Joseph Palacino

He rose as she said, “Yes”. – Joseph Palacino

Lost lover Googled: RECENT Obit revealed … . – Tonia Kalouria

Overpopulated rogue planet approaching. Arm yourself. – Rex Bromfield

Plant seeds of love.. happiness blooms – Lynn Gotler

Blossoming spring flowers brought blossoming bitterness. – Grace Deak

I trust you, said a dork. – Yashas Agarwal

Actors missing, empty porn shoot, sigh. – Dean Jarvis

“If walls could talk…” “We do.” – Maggie Lu

Amazed!!you hate me soo much – Umera Shaikh

Smile so bright, eyes say otherwise. – LJ Jamandre

This would be her last cigarette. – Andrew Maust

A cataclysmic journey through twisted tunnels. – Joanna Loftus

Money for promised sex. Not good. – Sharilynn La May

Train departs. A new home awaits. – Alexander Templeton

But this time, he did jump. – Cynthia Wang

Don’t tease them. They’re lethal beagles. – Evie Groch

Knew my sins. Saved me anyway. – Kathy Myers

The slap branded the child’s memory. – Lisa Haring

“Read my mind”. I did, screaming. – Colin Parfitt

He was born with pink blood. – Catherine Truluck

psuedo perfectionist dreamed gem , choose – manasa Ameershetty

That blabbering mouth is silent now… – Shruti Dhakate

By writing, I speak the Unspoken – Esther Achanya

Black. White. There is no gray. – Donna Boyd

He eventually forgot even her face. – Andrew Maust

“…never listen,” was all I heard. – Joseph Palacino

I’m ready for our future together. – Catalina Moldovan

The moving car had empy seats. – Meghna Chatterjee

Dog finds flower – pees on it. – Donna Kennedy

You love me I hate you – Umera Shaikh

Resist Raw Ridicule, Remember Real Rapture – Delano Britt

Asleep on couch, bed still unmade. – Bob Carlton

The dog certainly belonged to them. – Cassandra Coleman

Every one of these examples of Six Word Stories were entries in the Six Word Wonder 2020 competition

“Year 2020, what a painful memory” – LJ Jamandre

Here lies Sammi. Laid at last. – Thomas Martin

Love Humanity Daily, Fate Shall Reward – Delano Britt

Hated him, bully her,holding hands. – priya gupta

Luminescent tunnel funnels cerebral nucleus exitus.. – Susan Morritt

Girls or guys? Why not both?! – Jasmine Hobson

Not black enough, a daily reminder – Morgan Morris

“He’s a miller”, the dyslexic warned. – Pitamber Kaushik

Up in The Zone. Home run! – John Smistad

“Watch out! Don’t!” She reached out… – Duane L. Herrmann

Tears. Pain. Blood. The baby arrives. – Anita Omofuma

Traveling, without leaving. Music does that. – Kathy Myers

Cherish tiny hands, holding large fingers. – Sioban Timmer

‘Stability’ is found. A dream dies. – Alexander Templeton

I’m always alone in a crowd. – Donna Boyd

…an ER in a sorry state. – Paul Onuh

No bones found , only cupids arrows . – manasa Ameershetty

Seduces my senses in flirtatious blie – Kaitlynzq Vaa

Yes, its suffocated inside, Cemetery talks – Shweta Jagwani

Here comes the sun without pun – SAIT ILHANER

Sip or gulp. Same ultimate end. – Sandra Fischer

Gay and straight yet a “we.” – Vivian Imperiale

Tears in the eyes, they happily wedded. – Varsha K

There’s a method to my madness – Megan McClemens

Found red signal green and fell . – Shyama Prajapati

Slow down! Deer . . . watch! Oh, dear . . . – ALVARO DE ARAUJO

The smoke cleared…forward I go. – Christina Handle

We were not distant, but apart. – Brentwood Townend

When did her body enter mine? – Jonessa Brittan

Crisp sheets, but such stale air. – Bentley Brock

Lights on. Life. Lights off. Death – Leah Colson

My bibulous brain must not remain! – Daniel Fitzpatrick

I can’t remember my daughter’s face. – Jackie Fallis

For sale: one coffin, previously used. – Lisa Liscoumb

The scar burned…and then disappeared – Jordan Kalai

Nowadays ‘forever’ too has expiry date – Yashika Mahajan

Eyes closed, openly listening: God’s symphony. – Diana Humphrey

Born too early. Died too late. – Diane Ginther

He was an ocean… Dark.. Deep.. – Suman A.

Should have. Could have. Never did. – Donna Kennedy

Without love there is no humanity. – Patricia Rivers

….and the stranger said, “Good bye.” – Nethmee Akmeemana

Nostalgia; fading sunsets and African plains. – Natasha Kafoteka

Started over phonecall , ended with callertune. – Shyama Prajapati

They convinced the monster to chill. – Izan Pumas

“That’s what I tolerate about you.” – Catherine Truluck

Memories of the scar faded brown – Aman Tariq Javed

That night, her soul was lightened. – Suman A.

Memories of the missed future vivid. – Vivian Imperiale

“Nightmare?” “Worse honey, sophomore year memories.” – Gourab Hazra

Even stray dogs love their young. – Jessika Suresh

My unknown child, you I shed. – Emily Bowman

Gretzky squares…fires. Goal, Edmonton Oilers! – John Smistad

Idolize Interesting Intelligentsia, Inhibit Inept Imprudence – Delano Britt

Just friends. No. Loved you more. – Kathy Myers

She jumped skillfully but fell painfully. – Kudakwashe Chirapa

She lose herself, just for him – Pallavi Chaware

Burning jealousy, ruins my comic mind. – Thomas Kottackal

Money offered too late. Daughter self-destructs. – Sharilynn La May

“You’re not a reason to stay.” – Catherine Truluck

Sew her up. No baby today. – Evie Groch

He and I entered. We emerged. – Christina Handle

Sign: Stable geniuses need not apply – Paul Fein

Wedding anniversary. Table booked for one. – Jenny Lynch

He waited for her. She ran. – Rachel LaDuke

Subject infected 9 days. Prognosis… undefinable. – Jessica Fortin

At least her mask was smiling. – Torché Johnson

In the end she became whole. – Kaitlyn Sandberg

My pains, I pen down always – Esther Achanya

All these people with small dreams – Denise Figueroa

Live to die…die to live. – Nadia DabulMontini

Six Word Stories, Memoirs, Poems, and Jokes from the Six Word Wonder 2020 contest

Why? Really? Yes. Unbelievable. Stop! Slam!! – Kay Rowland

“Boy?” “Girl; with cloven hooves though.” – Gourab Hazra

Beautiful stranger. Noticing his self-inflicted scars. – Jessica Hoard

We never knew the full extent. – Christina Handle

Forever ends when you replace me. – Tv PS

Six six six I am devil – Space Puff

Another day has passed, with hope. – Suman A.

First time he stepped into sunshine. – Leah Colson

Proud mother. Heroic son. Folded flag. – Jenny Lynch

Humming birds have a drinking problem. – Dean Jarvis

Bidet in a toilet is etiquette – SAIT ILHANER

Tried his best, but found wanting. – Diane Ginther

Rainbows to grey. The child grows. – Alexander Templeton

An aged tree still hugs Heaven. – Diana Humphrey

Hazel went nuts cracking hard cases. – Amy Pacini

My pet is like a trumpet – SAIT ILHANER

Is waiting better than the ride? – Daniel Fitzpatrick

Dragons in the dungeons awaited teenagers. – Izan Pumas

She cried. Then she saved herself. – Rachel LaDuke

Ball and chain, a Golden anniversary. – Dean Jarvis

ending. Is sometimes easier than beginning – Ciara Louw

In the mirror, a stranger’s face – Ciara Louw

Purple envies neither red nor blue – Angela Sherman

Baby’s stomach hurts when pennies disappear. – Thomas Alberti

She breathed sky and stars fell. – Jackie Fallis

Hot. Visualized a swimming pool. Plunged. – Joan Hus

Save Others From, Archaic, Dry, Negativity – Delano Britt

A raised eyebrow, speaks many words. – Sioban Timmer

He loved food, and being Chef. – Elizabeth Coby

You warned me , i fell again . – Shyama Prajapati

The broken heart only beats itself. – Gavin Croghan

Your heart remembers though u don’t – Chandana C.S

“where are you?” “we’re trapped” “oh…” – Vibaa Raghunath

Glass shattered; Beirut toppled; country devastated. – Andrew Chen

Get dumped, get drunk, get inked. – Stefan Harich

I couldn’t pay attention, too broke – Megan McClemens

Imagine the secrets the moon knows – Ciara Louw

I can’t feel my way around. – Leah Colson

contest time has validity , talent doesnt. – manasa Ameershetty

“Welcome to earth” exclaimed alien G2 – Jinny Marietta

Designated me as a special friend – Damanpreet Kaur Lang

I can’t help myself. So what? – Sandra Fischer

Opened my arms ,waiting for you . – Thrinesh Appu

6 degrees’ distancing — 6-word connecting. – juley harvey

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, echoes more loudly than death. – SADEEKAH ABDUL-SALAAM

stand your ground you’re the target – RC deWinter

did their dreams even matter anymore? – Vibaa Raghunath

Can you see me? Please. Try. – Jessika Suresh

He passed from cradle to grave. – Elizabeth Coby

Lost Boy. Found wife and life. – Diane Ginther

Connected to all, undivided and whole. – SADEEKAH ABDUL-SALAAM

…, a loud blast shook the atmosphere, … – Paul Onuh

Life overcame death, after the burial. – Pitamber Kaushik

She calmly cheated, He angrily killed. – Varsha K

Because I trusted her,,,,,She Cheated – Debi Prasanna Routray

Better times were always a dream. – Alexander Templeton

We went, despite your apathetic, “No”. – Grace Deak

When he saw her… he knew. – Kaitlyn Sandberg

Victories forge futures, victors forge history. – Gavin Croghan

Step over me, not on me. – Nadia DabulMontini

We all want an equal world – Esther Achanya

“No! You can’t do that,” he… – Duane L. Herrmann

I turn my tears into words. – Vivian Imperiale

Both slept cuddling, she lives alone – Shweta Jagwani

He cheated and my heart shattered. – Donna Boyd

Mushrooms are a ladybug’s umbrella. – Lisa Haring

Sample Six Word Stories for your enjoyment and inspiration

Trust the magic of new beginnings. – Catalina Moldovan

Her inbox was empty…convenient pussy. – Beth Beal

At the wastebasket, John got dumped. – Roy Barnes

It’s never easy to spin DEATH … . – Tonia Kalouria

Standing there, looking out, she smiled. – Rosalie Lian

It’s okay mother, time to sleep. – Jordann Diaz

Meteors fall — so do election Eves. – juley harvey

Drain the swamp. Fill with quicksand. – Tracy Duffy

Isolation in Lockdown, no grandchildren cuddles – Eileen Baldwin

He loved all my imperfections perfectly – RC deWinter

Tried Dirty Dancing. Put back out. – Tracy Davidson

She cradled a familiar, cracked mug. – Catherine Truluck

I’m your unpaid prostitute, not wife – Shweta Jagwani

‘No, I didn’t.’ ‘Oh… You… didn’t?’ – Héctor Muiños Olivas

In the undertow were reflections, magnified. – Jeremy Delgado

The blood ran like a river. – Christy Hudson

“Surprise!” written on mirror in blood. – Snover Sanduja

Life, an endless series of miracles. – Deborah Dybowski

The flowers wilted, she did too. – Jordan Kalai

Birdwatchers simultaneously raise binoculars. Owl glares. – Daryl Scroggins

On horseback, saddle sores bloom leech-like. – Christine Payne

Saying and doing are different things. – Rosalie Lian

Instant connection. Fiery affair. Lifelong love. – Rainie Zenith

Mission failed. Hug kids for me. – Héctor Muiños Olivas

She was free. Then, she vanished. – Jillian Rae Villa

You never did like roses anyway. – Cynthia Wang

I believe now he knew everything. – Cassandra Coleman

Famous last words: ‘I can’t breathe!’ – ALVARO DE ARAUJO

Oh… the stories she had lived. – Kaitlyn Sandberg

Summer ended sadly for us all. – Grace Deak

Eyes on you. Yours on me. – Tracy Duffy

He really should have brought rope. – Jackie Fallis

I’m caged in my own thoughts. – Snover Sanduja

When he breathed, one nostril whistled. – Steve Lodge

News:Endless suicides over bottled frustration – Aman Tariq Javed

Pink hair. Dont care. Love yourself. – Alyson Tait

Ark-Tick Air welcomes ALL comfort animals. – Tonia Kalouria

Within thirty minutes, of reaching the… – Paul Onuh

On the Basis of Storytelling: “The… – Brentwood Townend

James Joyce’s mom hoarded cheap soaps. – Tonia Kalouria

Opened his eyes and heart. Soared! – Diane Ginther

Mind racing. Tick Tock. Pencils down. – Adam Miller

Soul like midnight sky; dark… infinite… – Natasha Kafoteka

You told me to leave, remember? – LJ Jamandre

Can the loud ever be silenced? – Sunny Trieu

He dreamed for the last time. – Christy Hudson

“Hello, who is there?” He called. – Duane L. Herrmann

Diggs! Sideline! Touchdown! Vikings Win it! – Andrew Maust

For Rent: Luxury Condo, Often Let – Bentley Brock

Crave for love , made her fat. – priya gupta

Will the hammock be an oasis? – Morgan Morris

Step on. 130. Only dinner today. – Maria Corradini

“A six word story? How limiting.” – Natasha Kafoteka

A lurid melodrama seeks accepting applause. – Joanna Loftus

I dropped. The pain. Too much. – Jeffrey Lemasters Tahir

Shy her changed egoist him…love – priya gupta

Priceless, antique, porcelain vase. Oops. Worthless! – Raylene Hewer

Love bends hearts like origami art. – Beth Beal

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Examples of Six Word Stories
Examples of Six Word Stories

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