Press Release – Winner of Six Word Wonder 2022

Six Word Wonder Writing Contest Announces 2022 Winner

The contest celebrates the most impactful stories, poems, memoirs, or jokes, told in only six words.

Los Angeles, CA – The organizer of the Six Word Wonder writing contest is pleased to announce the winner for its 2021/22 season on February 16th, 2022.  

A Six Word Wonder is a story, poem, memoir, or joke, written in only six words.  Every story is unique, each one intended to entertain, amuse, or surprise, and is a great way for readers to take a break from their busy everyday lives.  The Six Word Wonder contest is an annual celebration of the best six word stories from around the world, with winners and shortlist being included in the new book, Six Word Stories by Doug Weller.

“Six word stories and memoirs are an opportunity for anyone to develop their writing skills and get a chance for recognition by entering a free writing contest,” says Weller.  “The 2022 Six Word Wonder contest had over 3,300 entries from all over the world, with the finalists and shortlist of entries being included in my latest book.” 

The 2022 winning entry for Six Word Wonder contest is: 

Nobody knew where the oceans went. – by Michelle Keeley, Best Six Word Wonder Story

The finalists for the 2022 Six Word Wonder contest were: 

Nobody knew where the oceans went. – by Michelle Keeley, Best Six Word Wonder Story

She wove spells into her sweaters. – by Sebya Gorre-Clancy, Best Six Word Wonder – Poem 

Saturday night dancing on Dad’s feet. – by Julie Bobzien, Best Six Word Wonder – Memoir

Our marriage couldn’t survive the trombone. – by Robert Carroll, Best Six Word Wonder – Joke

For those who missed the opportunity to participate in the 2022 Six Word Wonder contest, the 2023 contest has now been launched to find the best, new six word stories, poems, memoirs, and jokes.  Participation continues to be free and every contestant can submit up to six entries.  The winner will be named Six Word Wonder, win a cash prize of $100, and get published in the next book in the Six Word Wonder series.  Shortlisted stories will also have the opportunity to be published. 

The book, Six Word Stories, can be purchased on Amazon in both paperback and e-book format from February 16th, 2022.

For more information about Six Word Wonder, or to submit entries for the 2022 contest, please visit httsp:// 

About Six Word Stories

Six Word Stories by Doug Weller includes hundreds of new stories, poems, memoirs, and jokes, written in only six words – some funny, some moving, some bizarre.  The book also includes a how-to guide to develop and improve your own six word stories.

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