Tools for authors

I’ve built a couple of simple tools for authors and creative writers that you may find useful. Six Word Wonder Generator This tool generates a new Six Word Story every time you run it. Some are gibberish, some though have strange, serendipities to enjoy. Example stories created by the Six Word Wonder Generator: “Tame goat … Read more

Character Creator

Many people around the world

Stuck for a character idea? Not sure about the colour of the eyes, or their personality trait? Need to decide on the shape of their nose, or the texture of their skin? Want to create a new living, breathing personality right before your eyes? You’ll find an almost unlimited number of new characters right here. … Read more

102 Writing Tips for Writers

  Writing your first novel is a wonderful, incredible journey – taking you on an expedition through your subconscious and out on to the page. Along the way, there are a ton of insights, ah-ha moments and discoveries. Each one will hopefully make you a better writer for your second novel or whatever else you … Read more