Who on earth is Doug Weller?

Doug Weller is a storyteller, and the creator of the Six Word Wonder. His books are available globally in paperback and electronic form.

Who is Doug Weller?
Doug Weller – Author

What books are written by Doug Weller?

Doug Weller has written a number of books for adults, kids, and everyone in between. Doug Weller loves being a storyteller.

The Six Word Wonder series:

Six Word Wonder

Six Word Story

Six Word Wonder Workbook

Six Word Stories

For Adults:

The Forgetting Cycle

For Younger Readers

Calico Rae – The Twisted Towers

Boy In A Box (coming March 2023)

What are Doug Weller’s biggest interests?

Doug grew up in England and now splits his time between London and Los Angeles. As a lad, he loved to act and perform but has got more shy as the years have passed by.

Doug Weller wrote his first full length novel, The Forgetting Cycle, in 2017. Finding time to write a book is never easy. Doug only found the time by having a serious ski accident that nearly robbed him of his left leg. Fortunately, the leg is still functioning and Doug has a book to prove it.

Doug’s next adult novel is currently under development. He has outlined the novel and waiting for the block of time to really start writing. The next book will be a high concept thriller about a penniless artist who accidentally gets access to untold riches. Whilst the story sounds a little close to the truth for Doug Weller, it is actually fiction and will be a real globe-trotting romp filled with action, intrigue and entertainment. The book will be similar in tone Limitless to by Alan Glynn but with money substituting superhuman powers. It could be argued that money is the superpower in the modern world.

What is Doug Weller’s Six Word Wonder?

Doug Weller became obsessed with six word stories a number of years ago. He writes new six word stories, or six word wonders as he sometimes calls them, every day. Some pop into his head. Others have to be prised out. But they just keep on coming. It took him to write a book on the subject before he realised that these little snaps of words were actually poetry.

The book has been critically acclaimed with some incredible reviews in the four and five star range. Doug could not be happier with the reception to the first collection of stories. He is already working on a follow up companion book.

Doug runs the Six Word Wonder contest to celebrate the six word form. He launched the contest in 2020 and it is open to all. You can enter up to 6 six word stories.

Doug’s new collection of Six Word Stories – Six Word Story – is out soon. The book features a wide range of six word vignettes to entertain, surprise and amuse. For the first time, Doug has collaborated with other writers to include their very best six word stories.

What else is Doug Weller doing with his days?

Doug also writes fiction for middle schoolers. His first book for a younger audience, Calico Rae – The Twisted Towers, is out now.

Doug loves cats, singing and playing the piano badly.

Interesting facts about Doug Weller

There are few intriguing nuggets about Doug Weller that you may not know

– Abbreviate Doug’s name and he becomes a dweller.

– His first name is really Douglas. Douglas is a notorious rhyming slang referring to ex-Tory politician Douglas Hurd.

– Doug sometimes has his name misspelt or pronounced. Many people think he is called Duck and Italian spell-checkers call him Dough.

What’s Doug Weller’s favourite joke?

What do you call a man with a spade in his head?


What do you call a man without a spade in his head?


How to contact Doug Weller

In truth, Doug Weller is a pseudonym. This is primarily to help people with spellings. You can get in touch with Doug Weller at contact@dougweller.net

Please don’t spam me!

By the way, if you’re wondering, you can find out all about the meaning of Weller.

That’s all for now. Why not write yourself some six word wonders and enter the Six Word Wonder contest?