Six Word Stories by Doug Weller – the new book in the 6 Word Wonder series

Six Word Stories by Doug Weller is new collection stories, poems, memoirs, and jokes, all written in only 6 words.

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Six Word Stories is a BestSeller across Amazon – hitting the top of the charts for Short Stories, Antholoiges and Poetry.

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Six Word Stories by Doug Weller is the latest collection of stories, poems, memoirs, and jokes, told in only 6 words. Following on from the success of Six Word Wonder and Six Word Story, here you will find an anthology containing hundreds of new stories, poems, memoirs, and jokes shared here for your amusement.

Six Word Stories are bite-sized nuggets of story – some fun, some shocking, some bizarre

  • Perfect for people with busy lives who love a good story.
  • Whether you love language or are studying our language, 6 worders are ideal for you.
  • Stories include memoirs to sum up people’s lives, rapid-fire jokes, puzzling riddles, puns and wordplay, and beautiful poetry.
  • Find horror, romance, thriller, hilarity, and tragedy all bundled up in a few tiny words.

With a canvas of only 6 words, you will find a vast selection of surprising and entertaining reading. Perfect as a novelty gift for the busy professional and for people looking for a quirky new form of poetry.

Includes the winner of the Six Word Wonder contest!

The best from over 3,300 stories competition entries are included as a short-list here. As well as publication in this book, the overall winner received a $100 prize and crowned the Six Word Wonder 2022.

In the book, you will also find details on how to enter the new Six Word Wonder contest.

Plus there is tons of bonus content – including the Six Word Wonder Workbook

Feeling inspired to write your own mini-masterpieces? Six Word Stories by Doug Weller also includes a newly-revised version he Six Word Wonder Workbook – offering fun, practical steps to writing your won six word wonders.

The Six Word Wonder Workbook is for writers at the begining of their journey through to old pros. Young and old, adults and kids, anyone can try writing a Six Word Wonder. Anyone who wants to experiment and get creative with the English language (or American English if you prefer).

Look out for other bonus content hidden within the pages.

What are Six Word Stories?

Wondering if you will enjoy this tiny poetic form? It was first made popular by the classic:

  • For Sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.

Since then, the art form has developed in sorts of directions. Here are a few six word stories to spark your interest:

  • Undertaker paused when he heard tapping
  • Today, I remembered I had dementia.
  • Slowly completed her father’s bucket list.
  • Dear diary, he’s outside the door. . .

These stories and many more are played out over nine movements with an intermission in Six Word Stories.

You can also click Look Inside (top-left on this page) to get a preview of the stories to come.

About the author
Doug Weller is a story-writer and brains beind the Six Word Wonder. His mission is to entertain, educate, and amuse. His new book, Six Word Stories bring stories, jokes and poetry together. Each written in only six words. Six Word Wonder is a social media sensation, with over 10,000 followers on Instagram @sixwordwonder. You can find Doug at

The book also contains contributions from over 100 other writers who were short-listed for the chance to be crowned Six Word Wonder 2022

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Reviews for Six Word Stories by Doug Weller

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