How to Play the Thrilling Six Word Game for 2 to 8 players

The Six Word Game is a fun game for all ages, for two to eight players, inspired by the Six Word Wonder. In the Six Word Game, players must think of famous people and places and describe them in only six words. This game tests your creativity and invention in an entertaining way.

Six Word Game Rules

Objective of the Six Word Game:  

The object of the game is to earn points by guessing the most correct answers to six word clues given by your opponents.

Equipment required:

You do not need any equipment to play other than your general knowledge, although you may need a pen and paper to keep score.

Game Play:

The game consists of four rounds: Celebrity, Historical Figure, Famous Landmarks, Other Players.

In the first round, the first player becomes the Describer. They must think of a Celebrity, then describe it to the other players using only six words. When another player guesses the correct answer both the Describer and the correct player receive five points. If any Describer uses more than six words in their description or accidentally says the name of the Celebrity they are describing, they lose ten points.   If no player is able to guess the correct answer, the Describer must end their turn.

Going clockwise, the next payer now thinks of a different celebrity to describe in six words, and all the other players guess. Again, whoever guesses the correct answer first wins a point. The round ends when every player has described one celebrity.

The winner of the first round starts the second round. The same rules apply, except this time the player must describe an Historical Figure to the other players. 

At the end of the second round, the player who won that round starts the third round, this time on Famous Landmarks. The final round requires every player in turn to think of one of the other players, and then use six words to describe them.  In a two player game, choose a person both players know.

Winner of the Six Word Game: 

At the end of the final round, whoever has earned the most points wins. In the event of a tie between two or more players, whichever player won the most rounds wins.

Bonus rounds:

If you want to keep playing after the four rounds, you can start from the beginning. Alternatively, you might want additional rounds to play. You also play Movies, TV Shows, Books, Politicians and Countries. Forfeits for incorrect guesses are optional.

Six Word Game Playing tips:

Be careful with your choice of words. Remember, you don’t have to be speaking in sentences. Maybe choose the most important features to highlight.

If your friends can’t be trusted to be honest about the answer when they are the Describer, you can have each player write down their answers in advance.

There is an option to play the game in pairs, with the highest scoring pair winning rather than an individual. Ideal for couples or on date when you’re trying to break the ice.

You may want to nominate one player to keep track of all the scores. This again can help if some of your friends can’t be trusted to add up reliably.

Come up with a method to ensure you only say six words, like counting off with your fingers. Saying over six words can be very costly points-wise. But remember, you don’t have to say all six words.

This game is inspired by the Six Word Wonder. Let us know in the comments if you have played the Six Word Game and especially if you have any tips on how to play to win, or alternative rules that you’ve invented.

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