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Daily Archives: May 27, 2017

Six word stories – bundles of joy

In six words, all kinds of worlds and emotions get played out.  Here’s a few of mine…

God returns on Sunday. “Everything’s closed!”

Back then, he called it tickling…

Her father’s her half-sister’s son.

Need bigger shed! Dragon egg hatched.

I looked up from basket to guillotine.

Auditioned for lead guitar. Got bass.

Only the king knew her name.

Wife bet gambling husband he’d stay.

God played dice. Got snake eyes.

The body count increased by one.

“You mean, you’re Granny and Mommy?”

After the implants, she felt deflated.

Exchanged house for tent. No wifi!

Started a brewery. One customer guaranteed.

Procured bicycle. Rode sedately. Died predictably.

Born a princess. Died a slave.

Buying more lizards. I’m scaling up.

Acquired greenhouse. Not green. Not house!

Completed masterpiece. Reader found typo. SHRED!

Demanded rights. Got them. Moved on.

“Address me as THE God” – God.

Maybe next year, I’ll be lucky.

Denied justice. Found clues. Perpetrators punished.

At arrivals. Card in hand. Waiting…

Drunk. Slept with in skip. Woke late.

He clapped way too loud. Awkward.

Set aside and ostracised. Radicalised. Genocide.

Trial began. Defendant overwhelmed. Evidence underwhelming.

Drunk. Slept with in skip. Woke late.

Her coffee?  Strong, black, ice cold.

Magic wand for sale. Barely used.

Skull cracked like a crab shell.

Spider spied the flys open fly.

The maggots arrived before she returned.


“No. Police woman.”



Suddenly wishes wigs were a thing.

Known as terrorist until he won.

Wanted answers. Given truth. Wanted ignorance.

Pressed silk against his face again.

Home-for-life before the bomb.

Strapped down. Blade against exposed throat.

I hoped you enjoyed these little vignettes. There’s more six word stories to read. Follow the links.